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Moyer Ford Sales Inc. in Foley, AL

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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10111 AL-59, Foley, AL 36535, USA
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Ford Dealer in Foley, AL | Used Cars Foley | Moyer Ford Sales Inc

Moyer Ford Sales Inc is your source for new Fords and used cars in Foley, AL. Browse our full inventory online and then come down for a test drive.

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All reviews:

Alison White
I purchased my Ford Taurus in September 2016 from Moyer Ford and absolutely love it in every way. The purchase process was straight forward and any queries were dealt with efficiently. Best of all though, has been my experience with the after sales care and service department. I have felt so well taken care of and as a female on my own, that has been greatly appreciated. Any concerns and worries I have had have been promptly and sympathetically dealt with and I highly recommend Moyer Ford as a great dealership to buy from.
Mark Bohlin
Moyer’s service staff was friendly and efficient. I called several days ahead of taking my truck to be serviced and spoke with Autumn who scheduled me an appointment. Dropped my truck off on my way to work and they called about noon to let me know they were finished. Thank You for taking great care of my truck’s needs.
Typically great service with Moyer Ford. Autumn always has top rate customer service! UPDATE: If you are getting service ask for Autumn specifically. The other lady doesn’t want to be bothered and lacks communication skills. We sat in the waiting area over an hour, when we were supposed to get a ride (supposedly driver was on lunch break, however she never let him know we needed a ride. We ended up walking (in the rain). Came back after an hour, service lady checked on vehicle and said it would be just a few minutes. We sat in the waiting area another hour. It wasn’t until Autumn was walking through the waiting area that she told us we could check out as our vehicle service was complete. How long had it been completed??? I guess the other lady didn’t want to walk over and let us know. There is more, but I’m sure you understand…….. IF Autumn cannot be my service rep, then we will take our vehicle someplace else. I suggest the same to you.
Michael McCarty
I brought my 17 Ford F-150 in because the camera went out. When I first got there I was met by Pat who was a general manager. I told him the problem and he said let his crew look at it and he would call me and let me know what was going on. I then got a call from autumn who is the service advisor and she told me that they did not have the part but they would have it overnighted and it would be fixed the next day. The next day I got a call from the dealership and it was Pat and he told me that they found another problem but they would get it fixed and have my truck back to me that day. My experience with dealing with Pat and Autumn was great they kept me informed and what all was being done with my truck. Thank you for getting my truck fixed and back on the road
Well, since the folks at Moyer sent me an email asking for this review, here goes. If you have a diesel truck, run (don’t walk) away from this dealership as fast as you can. They know very little about diesels and even less about general troubleshooting. Their preferred method of troubleshooting is to replace one expensive part and when that doesn’t work, replace another expensive part. When that also doesn’t work, tell the customer that you can’t be responsible for further repairs. Of course, about $1,500 in repairs could have been avoided if this dealer had done a simple, inexpensive fuel system pressure check, but apparently the service department is unaware of this procedure. So, I went less than two miles down the road to an independent (non-Ford) shop, paid $850 and the problem was solved in less than 24 hours (most of that time waiting to get a part from Ford). This is my experience with Moyer and I would NEVER return to this dealership for so much as an oil change. If you live in the Gulf Shores, AL area and want a Ford, I suggest that you go to Mobile or Pensacola to buy it and also be prepared to drive there to get it serviced.
John Ambrose
This was the best experiences that I’ve had in purchasing a vehicle. Everyone at this dealership was friendly, courteous, and very professional. Being a small dealership, they really know how to take care of their customers. There was no high pressure sales or hassle during the sale process, and I would highly recommend Moyer Ford to anyone. Also, their service department is outstanding, especially their service writer.
Tony Whaley
I just bought a used 2015 Toyota Camry XLE and the buying experience was excellent. The vehicle was priced competitively with the market and I actually was able to speak to the technician in the shop that inspected the vehicle prior to it being put on the lot for sale.
Sylvia Womack
I bought my car in November 2015. Ashley took me on my test ride to try out the car and she was very up on everything about the car. She has been so helpful anytime I had any questions. I recently had my card serviced there and everything was checked out, my car serviced while I sat in the waiting room and enjoyed a cup of coffee. I wanted to purchase a car locally so it would be more convenient to get it serviced. The service is excellent at Moyer Ford!!!!
Edith Bolster
My first step into your door I was greeted by your Sales Consultant, Ms. Turner (Sherelle), she was very informative, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable and introduced to different department heads. I purchased a used Ford Escape and each department head made sure everything was in good working order. I love my new used vehicle, and I purchase the extended warranty, so I feel like I have a new vehicle. I thank all of you @ Moyer Ford for your prompt service and I feel when in need you will be there for me.
kim rockstall
I bought a new Ford Expedition from Moyer Ford 3/17/2018. It was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end. If you are looking for a car I suggest you give Mr. Finn or Mr. Francis a call.
Jackilynn Langley
This is our 4th purchase. I will never go to another dealership. You get great service, individual attention and no red tape, just great management , financing and great sales reps. You don’t have to play silly negotiating games. They serve YOU!
Ron Wainscott
Great buying experience! None of the typical sleazy car salesman stuff. They were completely honest and explained everything to me. In the future, I’ll always do business with Moyer Ford.
Jerry & Terry Ellis
Had an engine alert message. Autumn listened, took the car in at the appointment time, found the problem and replaced the sensor in about an hour.
Jerry Headley
As always your people are great. Right on time and takes care of all my items. Thanks
Terry Moss
Great service department, Autumn is a pleasant and knowledgeable service writer to deal with
Very happy with our purchase of the Ford Fusion. Sherrell can help you find the vehicle you want!
Virginia Holk
Very helpful! Especially sales staff on helping with scheduling repairs. Sometimes it is difficult and the help navigating is extremely helpful!
Charlie Andreasen
Friendly staff! They were able to diagnose and repair the issue in a reasonable amount of time while being extremely personable. I will recommend this dealership to everyone I know!
Paula Angle
We were on vacation in Gulf Shores when the battery in my Ford Fusion went dead. We took the car to the nearest Ford dealership which was Moyer Ford in Foley, AL. We experienced the most efficient, friendly service and would definitely recommend them to anyone! And, would like to thank them for being so kind and helpful to us.
Lon Andersen
I came in without an appointment for an oil change, tire rotation and windshield wipers replacement…they worked me in between their other appointments and in a shorter time than expected. Great service!
Joe H
I’ve always had great service from Moyer Ford and trust them to take very good care of my vehicle. I spend a lot of time on the road traveling and know that I can always get the best service when I return home.
Ali S
We have been happy in the past but was very disappointed that a cap for coolant tank was left off during service recently causing us to be towed in. Moyer has responded in a positive manner
Tom DiMatteo
Best car buying experience ever. Alaina was knowledgeable, accommodating and responsive. The entire Moyer team was friendly, (not Cheesy) open and honest. I would highly recommend Moyer Ford to everyone
Great Buying Experience Hard to find Home Town Crew Matt Barnes isn Great. So was every one else. Nice Quick no BS
Peggy Roy
If I could rate this in the negative I would! Your service department is the absolute worst! I took my new 2014 Escape Titanium to be repaired because not only was it pulling to left (never checked before putting on the lot to sell!) it was making a grinding noise under my left foot indicating that something else was wrong. It was determined that the bearings had to be replaced on the front left side. I made my appointment, dropped my vehicle and was driven to work by my sales person, Ashley Sherell Turner (who is amazing, zero issues with her!) Ashley picked me up from work and drove me back to the dealership. Upon arrival, I had the misfortune to deal with a rude and very unprofessional “woman” by the name of Amanda. She went out to the bay repair area to see about my vehicle and I immediately knew that something was wrong by the way she kept peeping at me through the window and then attempting to avoid my seeing her. She finally came back in and said that my vehicle wasn’t ready yet. I said, you’ve had it for almost eight hours! How much more needs to be done? (thinking if I had to wait an additional 30 minutes I’d go ahead and wait even if I felt it was ridiculous because this was a simple repair job and they’d had it ALL DAY) she then says all of it, we never “got back around to it.” When I asked her what she meant by that she replied, we started to but we had other vehicles come in so we repaired them instead and never got back around to fixing yours! …are you freakn kidding me? This implies that my vehicle was there before the others, that mine was pushed aside and deemed unimportant to whomever was working on it! The very least this idiot could have done was APOLOGIZE to me me, maybe even lie to me and say the wrong parts were delivered …ANYTHING would have been better than her outright rudeness and her response to my question! I went to see Pat, the GM, who agreed this was completely handled in an unprofessional and rude manner. I had to be inconvenienced again by having to drop my car off to be repaired. After it is finally repaired, I mean driving it home and there is this God awful noise and then the smell of hot, burning metal coming through my air vents! I had to take it back the next day (Saturday) and leave it until Monday when their crappy repair department opened again! It was determined that the repair job wasn’t done correctly and it was locking up the calipers causing them to overheat, hence the burning smell. It was repaired AGAIN and at this point, I’m STILL feeling a grinding sensation under my left foot which means I need to take the time (number FOUR!) to have it looked over again! I am throughly disgusted with the way I’ve been treated and the lack of ability in the service department to correctly repair my vehicle! I wish to God I had never purchased my vehicle at Moyer Ford and you can bet that I will shout it from the rooftops about what I have been through and the rudeness by which Amanda handled herself.
Thomas Worshum
Outstanding Dealership! Always provide great service in a timely manner!
stephen m
The service department is always helpful as well as the parts department. Definitely enjoy doing business with them.
james garrett
My service experience was good at Moyer Ford as it always is, from the service writer to the service technicians the service is first rate.
Dave Appler
The service advisor didn’t seem to be a happy person when I scheduled my service or the day I had it done; but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she was just going through a difficult time and was just feeling down. However; if that’s her every day face; she needs some happy pills.
shouldn’t be public
I came here to buy a car and was sold one that was certified pre owned. However it turned out that the power windows and the turbo gauges and the interior lights didn’t work. The dealership did what they could to try and make it right but the shop staffis obviously poorly trained. They couldn’t diagnose it after several hours and my local dealer found it in a few minutes.


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