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Mullinax Ford in Mobile, AL

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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7311 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608, USA
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Mullinax Ford of Mobile, AL - New Ford and Used Car Dealership

Visit the Mullinax Ford Dealership in Mobile, Alabama for New Ford vehicles and Used Cars. We make buying easy with Up Front® Pricing and No Dealer Fees!

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All reviews:

Derek Crow
Don’t trust their vehicles. Have them checked by your own mechanic. I found a 2012 Jeep online that I liked. Called them, put a $500.00 deposit on it to hold it till I could drive from New Orleans to Mobile the next morning. When I got there, the vehicle looked perfect. The top of the engine was spotless and the only thing wrong was a small cut in one of the rear leather seats.
Then we test drove it. While stopped at a red light it died twice. This made me more curious about the vehicles condition so I looked under it. Sure enough, the undercarriage had built up and fresh oil on it. We went back to the dealership and they put it on a rack so we could see under it with one of their mechanics that was very smart and knew what he was talking about. He told them it needed a new oil pan gasket because it was leaking all the way around, and the rear transmission seal was also leaking. The salesman came back and advised me they could “Take a couple hundred dollars off” to offset the repairs. I had already called a friend at the Dodge Dealership in New Orleans. The minimum cost to do both of those repairs was $1800.00. We told them to take $2,000.00 off and they said they couldn’t do that. It also had an open Safety Recall on it. Bottom line…. Scary part is that Monday Morning, It was already back on their webpage as being for sale again. Stock: 162454
VIN: 1C4RJEAT6CC162454
Joseph Bateman
Without a doubt I can say I have never had a better car buying experience than at Mullinax Ford! No other dealership has come close to the ease of buying, the prompt and thorough responses to email and text, and getting an “out the door price” that was better than I expected without all the hidden fees from other dealers. The sale was done completely by email and text as I live 3 hours from Mobile. But Shannon Moore made the price and ease of buying well worth the drive. Love my F-150 from Mullinax Ford!! Thanks, Shannon!!
Shonah Monique
I have bought at least 8 cars from Mullinax Ford and as always I’m very satisfied. They are the best! A Big thanks to my salesman James Stallworth, the sales managers and the finance team, I really appreciate your patience and flexibility. This team will explore all options to help you get you into a vehicle. I only buy my cars from Mullinax. The quality of service keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work Mullinax Ford!!!
Doug Johnson
If you want the lowest price without the fuss then Mullinax is perfect for you. I bought a 2014 F150 a few years back and it was the best price I could find within 200 miles of Mobile. My salesman Nick went out of his way to take care of me and met all of my concerns. Upfront pricing is not a lie. I paid the advertised price for my new truck. In fact my last two truck purchases have been from this same dealership. A couple months ago I bought a Fusion Hybrid from them. Still a great car and I’m happy with the purchase process at their dealership.
John Dunlap
Derek helped us find a great vehicle without being pushy or forceful. He was polite and respectful and did not harass us like other dealerships. We were at a difficult pass in our lives and he was kind and understanding. Thanks Derek and Terrance for all of your help.
Robert Giles
We went in today with a blank check from the bank for $22,300. The total on the van came to 23k and change. Due their “up front pricing” they were unwilling to move on the price. The salesman tried to act like he was doing us a favor with this type of pricing. Wow! I’ve never seen a dealership less willing to work for business. They must not like selling vehicles. In the end, it all worked out. We found a better vehicle at Southern Chevrolet. They worked with us and were very accommodating.
Jesse Hoffmann
This dealership is a “no haggle dealership” they say the price on the vehicle is the price you pay and thats their lowest price. However, in comparison to other dealerships in the area. Mullinax ford consistently has their vehicles listed significantly higher. They will argue that they sell 400+ cars a month this way. But, that doesn’t change the fact that they expect the consumer to pay more money.
Jackie Clark
This by far was the easiest vehicle purchase ever. Jerry went above and beyond. He handled almost everything by phone. Car was ready as promised. Paperwork was ready to sign. We did not spend “hours at the dealership”. Our next purchase will definitely be handled by Jerry again!
Kenzie Morgan
I am not normally one to complain, but the Latest experience I’ve had is worthy of one. To start, I have a 2 year old mustang who’s AC went out and needed serviced. It’s under Warranty, so I called and scheduled to have it dropped off and looked at Thursday. Told me at the time of drop off I should hear something around that afternoon. 2:45 rolls around and I didn’t hear anything, so I called. When getting an updated I was asked if I was told when making the drop off appointment that they are running 24 hours behind, so the chances of my car being looked at and worked on that day were slim and that it will probably be Friday before anything was done to the vehicle. (If you’re 24 hours behind then don’t keep scheduling people to come and drop their car off??!!) I told them no that no one mentioned that to me, and if that was the case I would be needing a rental because being late for work again to take care of this was no longer an option or acceptable. They agreed and gave me a rental and said I should know something by that Friday afternoon. Friday rolls around, and I didn’t hear anything by the time I went to lunch. So I called…. 3x and NO ONE would answer. Finally I received a call back saying it was ready.. I get there to pick up my car, and when the gentlemen brought it back to me, it was filthy. I didn’t say anything at that point because I was just ready to leave. I did however call after I left wanting to speak to a manger, NOT to complain, but rather let someone know that the communication between the service department and costumers needs work… never received a call back. Today(now Monday) when going into my console i noticed everything in it was missing. (Credit cards, prescriptions, GPS , etc) so I called in a panic trying to figure out where on earth they either placed it or put it. Again, NO call back. Luckily, they did end up putting all of my missing belongings in a small box that was left in my back seat that apparently had fallen underneath my driver side seat. So I called.. AGAIN. This time to let someone know to disregard the voicemail, but again, NO ANSWER. By now I’m furious. Thank GOD I found those items but they sure as hell wouldn’t have known i found them because I NEVER got a call back. So now I’m calling to just complain, but shocker, NO ANSWER. I have called them about 6 times and have left a total of 3 voicemails. NOT ONCE have I received a call back. They claim to value their costumers opinions, but won’t take 5 minutes to listen to feed back, which is all I wanted to give the first few times I called. Now I’m calling to complain. But trust me when I say I won’t be back and they definitely lost a “valued” customer and over what? Lack of simple communication?? Ridiculous.
Jessica Hunter
My experience from the dealership was wonderful from the beginning. Everyone was very helpful and kind. I never felt pressure to purchasing anything, and they were always very upfront and honest about the vehicles and pricing. This was my first time buying a new vehicle, so they made sure to take extra time to explain everything so there were no questions. And the upfront price they offered was great, never had to haggle or negotiate.
Alabama Lucey
I mean it’s an auto dealership so you expect the employees to be nice and they really are. They gave me some advice on a couple of things I could do to my truck but recommended I wait until the warranty expires so I don’t void it. They have a very good selection of vehicles. And AJ McCarron is their spokesperson. What more could you ask for? ROLL TIDE!
Dick Terpstra
Love these folks. My relationship with them has been a couple of service stops while traveling in the area. I’ve also visited the other Ford dealer in town and they were okay. However… Mullinax Ford really has a great approach to customer service, and I’m hooked. They’ve provided great service experiences at a fair price along with a personal touch.
Brenda Nash
The employees are wonderful. I was helped every step of the way. I went to a lot of different dealers in Florida and Alabama, and Mullinax Ford of Mobile was the best deal of the two States. It was worth driving about 140 miles to save a lot of money. And special thanks to my salesman.
Ann Hale
Derek Montalvo provided incredible customer service. He is very knowledgeable, was awesome following up, and made us feel as though we had known him forever. Love the Ford Pass app that came with my new Ford Explorer….can’t wait to learn all about everything it has to offer. Love, love, love the no-haggle, up-front pricing Mullinax offers! Makes buying a car so easy!
john irwin
Haven’t had a lot of good help here. Just to fix factory recalls and simple fluid service took 2 days. Not knowledgeable at all. Had to call 7 times in one day to find out status on service. Still didn’t complete, have to return for rest
Bobby Grace
I’ve been looking at a new truck for months. I’m not into all of the new technology so I wanted a basic truck with a couple of options. That’s what Derek provided me, without a lot of pressure to sell me options that I did not want. Thanks!
Sam R
bought my first new car here, cute little Ford Fiesta. the salesman Bobby was super sweet, and even sent us a personal thank-you letter the next day. i look forward to doing business with them through the years!
Stephanie Busby
I purchased my vehicle today and Derek Montalvo was my great salesman. Derek was very nice, patient, attentive, and very helpful through out the entire process. He communicated with me from the day I called him inquiring about the vehicle all the way up until I completed the process. I went to look a one car and he remained focused on that car only and he did not try to pressure me into changing my mind about anything. The process was smooth and did not take all day like some dealerships do. Derek is a great salesman and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I give him 5 stars and two thumbs up. He is the best salesman that I have ever dealt with. Thanks Derek, Keep up the great work.
Bought a used F150 while wintering in the South. Traveled from Pensacola to Mobile because of their online upfront pricing. My salesman, Blayde Gardner, was first class. No pressure, helpful, etc. Received more for my trade in than expected. I would deal here again.
Karen Goldsmith
What started out as a poor experience, ended well. My college student’s 2012 Ford Focus wouldn’t start and we don’t live in Mobile. Googled Ford dealerships and Mullinax was close to campus. I contacted them to see about having the vehicle towed. I was given the name of a towing company and told that I would be called when my car arrived. I was not. I called twice Friday afternoon, twice on Saturday and several times on Monday, today. On Saturday, the operator found someone in the parts department who went out and verified that my car was in fact there. I called Monday morning at 7:50 and was told that the technician was looking at it , who my service advisor would be and that I would get a call soon. 2 hours later, I called them again. Had to leave a message. Called 30 minutes later and asked for the service manager Kristy after some extensive pleading, I got them to find her. She was going right out to the technician and would call me back. In the meantime, I started reading the reviews. While the overall review was good, the service department was a constant source of problem. I emailed the general manager. After this, the GM emailed me back, the service manager was calling me and last person I heard from was the service advisor telling me the car would be finished shortly. It was an extended warranty issue and was in fact finished and picked up by my son this afternoon. Communication is the problem that needs work for Mullinax. Will give them another chance should we need to.
Blake Grizzle
Excellent service from Shannon Moore during the purchase of both my father’s and my new F150s. Shannon went above and beyond to ensure we were taken care of. Mike Rhodes in finance was awesome to deal with as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a new or used car.
Alexander Uria
Jeremy Muniz aka the dream weaver, alongside his team of wizards have done the lords work yet again. And I’m not a religious man, though I just may be now that I’ve visited Mullinax Ford of Mobile. The only place to buy a Ford in the southeast, seriously. Their price outperformed two other dealers, one of which was maybe 10 miles away from them. Friendly staff along with a quick and painless car buying experience. I drove two hours to get my new 2017 Fiesta ST and I was not disappointed. No bait and switch. No hidden fees when I showed up. I got there. Saw my quote, which was the same quote I saw over text. Got an extended bumper to bumper warranty. And left. All in all it took probably an hour and a half, but I spent quite a bit of time just bs’ing with the finance guy. Realistically I could have been out of there at probably an hour tops. Save yourself the hassle and come here. SERIOUSLY. Look at my reviews of another dealership and know that I don’t say all of this lightly. This place is forreal.
Mark Cummings
Excellent experience, our salesman Nelson Easterling is very curtious, knowledgeable and professional. This is the third vehicle we have purchased from him, and all of them went very smoothly.
C John
Good vehicles at great prices. Salespeople are fantastic. One of my best experiences purchasing a vehicle.
David Lenoir
I found a vehicle on line, and inquired via email. I got a response in minutes. Michael Stieber was very polite and friendly as he shared information about the vehicle with me. I made an appointment to view and drive the vehicle. His co-worker, Blayde Gardner assisted me when I arrived. Exactly 2.5 hours later, I was leaving in my new vehicle. The price was fixed, with no hidden fees. No back and forth. No games. They even installed a new battery and topped off the tank–at no additional charge. Of all the vehicle buying experiences I have had over the past 40 years, NONE was as simple, pleasant and stress-free as this transaction. As a financial professional, I deal with dozens of dealerships and auto sales companies. Mullinax Mobile tops them all–without exception. Shop here with confidence!
Kyle Sweetser
Excellent service! Made the switch from a Mercedes to a 2018 NAVIGATOR. I preordered this back in November 2017 for my wife and it has just arrived. My salesman ,JERRY, did an OUTSTANDING job. He kept me informed the whole way through it, and never complained about my frequent pestering! The finance manager was excellent… he wasn’t pushy on extra services. I even had a few conservations with the GM there. Very polite, professional and to the point! GREAT JOB MULLINAX FORD/LINCOLN OF MOBILE!!!!
Eric Dekle
Brandon Dana was excellent salesperson. Huge selection! Will definitely buy from them in the future.
andy weed
I was looking for 1 specific vehicle at the dealership. Patrick was terrific – totally professional, easy to deal with, no pressure at all. He handled everything efficiently and pleasantly. A truly nice guy. On the business side, Doc took care of all the paperwork easily – also professional and friendly. If these 2 are typical of the employees at the dealership it is one I would definitely visit again.
Felisha McKee
I give Mullinax Ford of Mobile more than five stars! I have been trying to get approved for a car and everywhere I went, I was turned down and felt judged. But, when I put in for information about a 2017 Ford Fusion SE online, Michael was very quick to get in touch with me. I got there and he was tied up so he let Bennie Howard help! Must I say, Bennie made sure I had a 100% hassle free experience!!! I’m now the happy owner of a very nice and affordable car! I recommend Mullinax Ford of Mobile and Bennie Howard to anyone looking for a great car buying experience. Bennie was very knowledgeable and just overall great!!! Thank you Mullinax and thank you even more Bennie!!!! Doc was awesome as well. Very generous and caring people. They care about the WHOLE situation, not just what your credit score is!
Albert Cheatham
They are Doing a lot of construction in the parking lot area which made it confusing to drive around to the service department. There’s no clear cut guidance to drive around in the parking lot so there are people driving the wrong way in certain areas where the cars are parked. This makes it confusing for someone to pull in and find help when needing service. This does does not appear to be a covert attempt to throw the consumer off it’s just an inconvenience. Plan ahead if you’re going to visit the service department. Also be aware that if you are shopping for a car there while they’re working on the parking lot that you may have to be creative in your parking.
Sara Huff
I had a wonderful experience on my first visit to Mullinax Ford of Mobile. The associates we’re knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. They handled business with me in a professional way, and I left there completely satisfied with the service.
roger pitts
Enjoyed our experience treated professionally from everyone Jeremy did an outstanding job could not ask anything less
Karen Sims
Our buying experience was a total joy. We did not have to waste time going back and forth about the price. John Walls was our sales guy and he was very non pressure. Every one we dealt with was very knowledgeable and respectful. The Ford Fusion Titanium package is a total dream to drive. I feel special when I drive and the drive is so smooth.
Lewis Armstrong
Its not very professional for a company to have a couple workin togethor and being huged up in a cornor infront of customers. I was in lookin at trucks today and my salesperson walked me threw the service department and I seen 2 works sitin in each others laps thats just not comon courtesey to the customers or the company they work for
tom purvis
Bought a new 2017 Lincoln MKZ It has been in the shop to repair built in defects a total of six weeks and is still there. This dealer has had my car in its shop longer than it took to build it. Use caution if you are are shopping this dealer.
Joey Emde
Worst experience buying a vehicle ever! First I drove two hours to find out the vehicle wasn’t there after contacting the salesman three times letting him know I was on my way. That night I put a $500 deposit down on the vehicle so it wouldn’t be sold to someone else the next day. I bought the truck over three weeks ago and still have yet to receive my money back! Also I called all day to find out when the truck would be back didn’t get a time until 4:00 knowing I was 2 hours away & needed a second person to get the vehicle home. I was promised the tag would be at the DMV at 12:00 yesterday surprise surprise it wasn’t! At the final purchase price I was told by the salesman it was tax tag title out the door only to spend almost two hours at the DMV & $285. They did not pay tag & title! I wouldn’t buy another vehicle from the dealership ever.
Mika H
My car runs worse than it was before I took it there. I believe in my heart they’re taking people’s money and not doing the work. I’m really considering getting an attorney
AC Mosley III
Love the service. People who work there have great attitudes.
Aj Hughes
The staff is always the friendliest of people and the salesmen never push you to look at vehicles you don’t want to. Their prices are always the lowest around, so no need to work those magic negotiating skills needed at other dealers. From the time you arrive in the lot to driving off your new toy, you will not be disappointed!
BOSS Green Ninja 5
Worst place ever I would rate lower but I cannot. my buddy bought a Fix or repair daily with a warranty. did him no good seeing how when y’all got it it needed new rear seals in transmission but y’all didn’t fix it before y’all sold it to him
Ramona Litton
This was the most pleasant car buying experience I’ve had. Cudos to Blayde Gardner.
Farther twin 2
Tracey Howard took care of my complaint well. Thanks. They have serviced our F-150 for a while and we are happy so far. We bought it at Mullinax.
BC White
Mullinax Ford in Mobile, AL had the best price on my new 2017 King Ranch. Michael Stieber arranged shipping from South Florida and has been very quick to follow up, very professional and courteous! I would highly recommend Mullinax for pricing and no dealer doc fees – as well as Michael and Shannon for great service.
Nicole D. Evans
Just purchased a 2017 Ford Edge and it was a wonderful experience. Brandon, my sale rep, was very knowledgeable and truly helped me find the best deal and fit for my family. Excellent customer service!
Jerry with Mullinax Ford in Mobile, AL was easy to deal with, answered any questions I had about our new fleet purchase, and wasn’t in any way pushy. We will definitely be getting our next vehicles from him as well.
Dallas Schmidt
I felt like part of the family here! I felt like everyone took their time and walked me though the entire process. I will definitely use them again in the future!! Great experience as a first time buyer!!
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