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Suncoast City Auto Sales in Mobile, AL

Overall Rating 3.9 out of 5
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1313 East Interstate 65 Service Rd S, Mobile, AL 36606, USA
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JenJohn JJ
I have never been so totally impressed with any business as I am with Suncoast City Auto Sales. Al and Tommy are amazing, the entire staff is AMAZING. I was treated so kindly, I was in tears, literally. GO THERE IF YOU NEED A CAR!! You’ll never regret it!!!
Darius Wilson
I had a fairly decent experience. Wayne did a good job of taking care of me and my interest. The vehicle I bought needed some minor work and Tony wouldn’t let me buy the vehicle until those needs were met. They even let me take the Tahoe I bought to a mechanic of my choosing for a pre-purchase inspection. I was mostly satisfied. Thank you Wayne, Tony and Keith!
Laura Potts-Hoffman
Tommy is a great sales man and the owner was fabulous with us. Definatley coming back to purchase another car later.
Jermaine Hines
Do not I repeat do not buy any vehicles from this car lot. Just from my last visit there they have car salesmans in the office cousin out loud yelling across the room to one another which this is supposed to be a place of business not the ghetto. Very unprofessional people including the owner. My wife and I purchased a truck from this dealership it had issues that they promised to fix. We brought the truck back as instructed. They didn’t have time to fix everything so the owner told my wife to bring it back but when we try to bring it back he tried to charge us for Diagnostics as if the old problems were already fixed when they were not fixed we did not need another diagnostic considering the old issues were never completed in the first place so he wanted to charge us for Diagnostics and charge us for the work. In the beginning we were told we would only have to pay for the parts. If they tell you they’re going to do something make sure you get them to put it in writing because they will go back on their word I can assure you of that.
Ryan Goble
  I have no complaints. Tommy Marcet thanks for all your help brother. ? You took the time and patience to help me when no other dealership would. I really appreciate everything.
Teri McDuffie
Make you think your approved. Let you drive the car around for about a week until it’s wnough days to take almost your whole down payments. Very big scam artist. Don’t waste your time dealing with these people
Constance Montgomery
Love love love this place!! They all were so nice but Bendolph is the man!!! He got me the vehicle I wanted and I am sooo happy!! Thanks again Bendolph!!!
Brianna Johnson
I love my car!! Salesmen were very professional and helpful! I can call my salesman anytime for any questions or concerns and he’ll help! GREAT business, definitely would recommend others.
Docia Miskov
I came there in a panic to buy a car. Duncan was calm through the whole process and showed me many different options to choose from. In no time I was driving away in my new car!! Highly recommend Suncoast!!!!
Thanks to all the guys here! Especially Wayne for finding out what I needed and facilitating a great deal! Much appreciated
marcus Williams
I love this Honda Accord i got, and the best salesmen Duncan and Bendolph. They hooked me up and gave me a chance, when nobody else would.
Amber Martin
the folks at Sun Coast City are wonderful! so easy to deal with and work to get me the car I wanted. I would highly recommend them! Great selection and many financing options. No need to go anywhere else – they take great care of their customers!!!
Kyle Smith
In March I bought a 2015 Nissan Versa Note my salesman was Stepen he was rude to my wife all he seemed to want was money he didn’t care about us then I met with the owner of the car lot I asked for the carfax 4eport they just kept stalling and changing the subject even though it says in there window that they’re a carfax reputable dealer they acted like there was something they didn’t want me to see. Well I’m wanting to trade it in and a dealer just ran the carfax and told me that the car had been in a rear end collision and the air bags had deployed on it. I wish they would’ve told me this at the car lot so I’m never returing to this lot they don’t care about the customer they only care about the money
Christina Kunde
the folks at Sun Coast City are wonderful! so easy to deal with and work to get me the car I wanted. I would highly recommend them! Great selection and many financing options. No need to go anywhere else – they take great care of their customers!!!
Mac Hall
The people at Sun Coast City Auto Sales will do everything they can to get you into a car for the best deal possible they are very helpful .
Kimberly Hicks
It was horrible I won’t refer anyone there ! I had put money down and the employee told me I could bring $700 back instead of $1000 so when it was all said and done after having the car for a week they took it when I came to pay the $700 and made me and my 1 year old stand In the heat for over a hour I wouldn’t be upset if it would have been just me ! I even asked them to bring me close to home which was 35 minutes away ! Needless to say this company sucks. Oh and also was reading the reviews and someone faked my middle name and gave them a 5 star rating ! Negative rating DEFINITELY ! has been reported.
Timothy Henry
I dont know what the negative comments are about they just must not be able to buy or did not pay there bills but they got me done with no money down with a 3.0 interest rate and they were wonderful to me and my family we go two vehicles and we are very pleased nothing shady just good business…. Thanks sun coast we will be back
Anthony BAZZEL
I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at Suncoast. I still cant understand how they were able to secure my car loan, with the credit issues I brought to the table. I am now the proud owner of a 2013 Nissan Altima and I love it! If you need a vehicle I would definitely go see them.
Blossom Baby
I purchased a vehicle from this place last year and found out the truth behind it after i hit a minor pothole. THE CAR HAD BEEN IN A PREVIOUS WRECK NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. The saleman failed to offer me a carfax up front like most dealer do now. After i found out it was wrecked i told them about it and they it was nothing they could do. I could not trade it in or switch out the car. After they found out about it, they blame the auction where they purchase the car from which was Texas Motors. After been inspected by a collision company they discovered that it had poor body work under the so called “good paint job”. The car looked good, But it was under all that what was hiding. Took it to FORD and they couldn’t even activated the airbags because the control panel was tricked. All Parrish (THE INTERNET GUY) could say was “i dont know anything about the cars someone else does that, I just sale them”. The car suppose to been totled out but wasn’t. I had to surrender it cause no one would take it. But in the end I got a better car, for a price FROM ANOTHER DEALER. Will never bring my love ones here NEVER. I pray god corrects their blindsided ways.
Ivy Evans
Mr. Bendolph helped me to get the perfect vehicle with the least expensive financing. Customer service, friendly and professional at all times! See Mr. Bendolph at Suncoast City Auto Sales for your transportation needs!! He will take great care of you!!!


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