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Lyberger’s Car & Truck Sales in Anchorage, AK

Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5
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9530 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515, USA

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+1 907-349-3343

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All reviews:

Jerry Kung
From the moment you arrive in their dealership to the time you depart, you will receive great customer service here. They also have 2 freezer full of ice cream. This was my first visit and it was obvious that everyone truly strives for customer satisfaction. Their prices are fair and cars of good quality. A special shout out to Robert for making the transaction a breeze and for serving our nation.
James Farmer Jr
Fantastic Service! Everyone there was very nice, they never tried to sell me on a vehicle but when I found one they made sure the deal met my criteria. There’s was even a small mixup and I had to come back the next day to sign something that was missed during the sale and they compensated me with really nice rubber floormats as a gesture of thanks. Thanks Lyberger’s! You can bet our family will be back.
Ben Olier
Horrible experience at this lot. First day was good. Wife and I got there shortly before close and talked to a really nice salesman. Told him we were interested in a truck they had and we would be back tomorrow to see if we could make a deal. Came back the next day with my own approved financing through navy federal and my 2013 Dodge Durango with 50k miles. Books in good condition trade in at around 18k and I only owed 6k. They waste about an hour of my time doing an appraisal and come back inside and say “well the good news is you have a couple grand in equity”. I thought he was saying it sarcastically but he sat down and proceeded to tell me my car was only worth 8k because it was hard to sell. I knew I would take a hit from blue book value but 10k less come on that’s just trying to rip someone off. I went down to affordable used cars an hour later and got 15k on my trade. The manager or owner I guess got wind of us walking out and called my wife the next day and apologized and asked if we would come back down to work something out. So I appreciated him trying to make it right just just be careful who you deal with down there. Seems like they are just waiting for someone who is impatient or just not very savvy to take advantage of.
Jacob Pollard
Lyberger’s did an amazing job! They were very committed to making sure that we had a great experience! We bought a car there and they held onto it for us for two weeks while we finished moving from the lower 48. When we flew back into town they drove our car out to the airport for us and picked us up. They even had their own ride back so that we didn’t need to run them back to their dealership! They are very small town values and all about taking care of their customers! I would recommend them to anyone!
Michael Venning
We did our research online and after arriving at the dealership, there wasn’t any pressure to look at another vehicle or add options. The price was exactly as advertised. The staff was friendly. They had free ice cream and apples for the kids. We have no complaints at all and would definitely return for our next purchase.
Josh Gholston
Amazing deals and friendly environment. Also free ice cream
Elvis Thomas
Great Friendly place to buy a vehicle from
Wendi Castellon
Very disappointed! I had already agreed with Jason to come in on Monday to trade in my vehicle he informed me he was going to pass all the information to someone else because Monday is his off day. I called the office to see what would be a good time to drop off my vehicle and finish off the paperwork. First off, the lady on the phone was extremely rude, I even told her I could come in Tuesday since Jason knew what the agreement was. Anyways, she continued giving me attitude over the phone I hung up. Look lady I’m not stupid! I was actually trying to be considerate and give you all a heads up. Now, I am looking into another dealer because your over the phone skills suck. (I didn’t get her name I was extremely frustrated by her tone)
Blue Berry
Stop putting lyberber sticker on the actual vehicle! Hard to talke off!!
Megan Gast
Hands down, best dealer interaction I’ve ever had. They are honest, genuine, sincere people who aren’t working to steal your money & talk you into something for their own benefit. They found something that fit my family perfectly and were able to ensure we left with everything we needed. All done with a warm, welcoming smile! Thank you for the GREAT experience!
Jerrad Anderson
Great to deal with. Follow-on service gains much loyalty IMO. Great experience. Probably my go-to place for vehicles now.
David Murphy
Martin was very nice and did a good job of trying to be as helpful as possible without being pushy.
Barbara Eaton
OUTSTANDING!!! We arrived on their lot to browse their inventory just before closing time. We were quickly approached by a very friendly salesman, Jake. He asked us a few questions about what we were looking for and immediately showed us two trucks that fit our parameters. He told us the good, the bad, and the ugly about both vehicles and offered to have us test drive both of them. At this point, we were past closing and that didn’t seem to bother him at all. There was NO pressure to sign, buy, nothing like that at all. We told him we would be using our own financing and he immediately gave us the paperwork necessary to proceed. The next day we showed up to take delivery and the truck had been detailed and was ready for us to go. We were in and out in no time. SUCCESS!!!
Explore Alaska RVs
We purchased a Dodge Pick-up Truck in the Spring of 2015. We have absolutely loved it since the day we took it home. It was obvious that the vehicle was very well maintained before we purchased it, and we have not had any issues with it since the day we bought it. We still have our Lyberger’s sticker on our truck and people have stopped me on several occasions telling me that they have also purchased a car from Lyberger’s and that’s the only place they buy cars now. We couldn’t agree more. We worked with Martyn who took great care of us along the way, and even afterwards whenever we have popped in to look at new vehicles on their lot. We are in search of a 2nd vehicle now and do not intend on going anywhere else. Lyberger’s is an excellent company to do business with if you are in need of a new vehicle of your own. I highly recommend them.
Quaker Oats
The service here is excellent. They have a great staff willing to help anyone at a moments notice. This is not a lemon lot like other delearships in town that seem to be. If I could I would buy a car here again I recommend this place. You won’t spend hours here stuck trying to buy a car only to realized you bought a lemon. In this place you will get a nice car for a decent price not too high or too low. This place certainly beats the major dealerships in town that seem to jack up prices or even try and sell you lemons.
josh bearden
will never go to a big dealership again. lybergers has a great selection of vehicles at fair prices with friendly service. highly recommend!!!
Kimberly Anne
We were thrilled with the personal attention we received upon arrival. The sales department was so incredibly friendly we forgot to be on guard. Be aware should you visit, friendship is a lie. Vehicles sticker prices are right within Kelly Blue book. You feel right off no-one is trying to take advantage. Most their stock are commercial or fleet rentals. They have brilliant talking points why rental cars are fantastic savings. We have rented for years from Hertz, Thrifty. The spin rental agencies perform frequent meaningful maintenance is not true. Rentals are ridden hard. Rarely are they fine tuned after each reservation. Most attention they get on average is an oil change. We were paying cash. Due to distractions we paid $3,000 more than agreed upon price. We had to return following day for our overpayment.. That $3,000 though the dealer offered to keep to retain for a truck we had also shown interest in. No thank you. There were no apologies for their accounting error or our inconveniences. We were also not given a $500 credit promised. Nor was the $500 rebated with overcharge return. Although they had the can on their lot for over a week along with 2 plus hours after we stayed we would purchase, the can was poorly detailed. One reason may be there wete three chips in front windshield. They had been filled yet sneaky practice to have kept tape over them until after they received payment…over payment. At least three people overseen our contract. None caught the ridiculous math, the lackey workmenship. We our a family with a severly disabled child. We were purchasing a 2014 can to modify for his wheelchair. If Lybergers will take advantage of our distractions to sell like they did imagine how you will be treated. Not one person I believe was honest at Lybergers. To many issues with this transaction to be reccommend others to do business here. To Lybergers, you have our address to send out the $500 family discount you failed to deduct on the $27,770 charged. Or in sincerity $1,000 as we were promised $500 discount off of $3,000 extended warranty too. Edited after reading response from owner. We were contacted the owner telephonically after she read this review. When I explained the above she never returned contact. I have the original business card of John Palmer where he wrote the amount of $27,770.00 for cashiers check total. We were never given a discount from sticker price (We have the original in our possession too). Had there been a misunderstanding I would not have returned to comment. Lyber gers outright lied in their response here. I would not trust them whatsoever to purchase from. Consumers are better off trusting someone off of Craigslist. At least there is a chance they might not be liars. And, aso you have admitted a refund plus discount was due to us you have ten days to forward or we will contact BBB. Your lies just caught up with you.
Mike Allen
I saw a truck real similar to a truck I bought from Lybergers about 11 or 12 years ago. The truck was a great truck, but what was the most memorable to me was Mr. Lyberger himself. For one, I was buying the truck because the vehicle I had brought to Alaska wasn’t cutting it in the winter. I was a young airmen at the time and I was asking Mr. Lyberger to really basically do me a favor as far as price for the truck and what he was giving me for my car. My son was about 3 or so at the time, and Mr. Lyberger had free ice cream sandwiches and stuff, and I just remember the kick he seemed to be getting watching as my son went from bored and tired to happy as can be; both of them were smiling as big as can be. Mr. Lyberger just turned, asked what I was offering for the truck and wanted for my car, nodded, then went back to smiling as my son finished his ice cream. If I remember correctly, I think he might have even said something about the deal being okay as long as my son could have another ice cream (by that time it was probably 10 pm or so). Easily the best car-buying experience I’ve ever had.


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