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Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Norco, CA

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
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1983 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860, United States
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Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Dealer Norco CA | Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is your source for new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Rams and used cars in Norco, CA. Browse our full inventory online and then come down for a test drive.

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All reviews:

Flor Merlos
I purchased my car here in 2018 and my hubby negotiated so much and gave them a VERY hard time. In the end they did as we asked and we brought home a beautiful white Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now I come for everything all of my oil changes, they change my key fob batteries. They offer great service. Carlos was so kind today and helped me out. I would say always make an appointment so you can be seen on time!
Robert Velasquez
We bought our Ram from Chris at Browning because the customer service was so good. We went to Huntington Beach Dodge first because I had made 2 prior purchases, and I won’t go back. Even the guy at the parts department at Browning treated us with hospitality and respect. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS DEALER!
Angel Ivie-Zerba
I have to say that I’m extremely satisfied with the Browning Team- Keely, Renee, James, Sean and the service team-Carlos. I bought a Jeep in August of 2019, unfortunately this vehicle was totaled in July 2020. The Jeep Grand Cherokee saved my life. I returned to Browning in August of 2020, very emotional and not in a good place. Keely was emphatic and made sure her management team was aware of the events leading to my return. The buying experience was, exceptional. Not only did they take care of the new car buying process, but they reported the total loss to the GAP to start the closure of that coverage. Thank you for caring and providing exceptional service past, present and future.
Steven & Virginia Ulivarri
Went here with no expectations to buy! But, got a great deal in a vehicle and Troy and Ryan were upfront and didn’t bs around. They were amazing in their customer service! MJ was great too!!! They even offered us food while we waited 5 star service for sure! Browning Jeep will definitely take care of you and I recommend your go to peeps to be Troy, Mary Jane, and Ryan!
Betty Favela
I’ve had a great experience ever since I bought my car earlier this year. I recently brought my car in because the window seal was coming off and Daniel was very helpful and made it really easy for me. He let me know when the parts came in and when I came in to get it done he let me know my car would have to go to a body shop for that but i was able to go home with a new loaner car. Overall he made it a quick, easy and hassle free experience.
Jennifer Sharples
Great service department! Thank you Max! I know you make sure I am safe in my car! I am glad your GM James Ramos introduced you to me! 💗
Joe Evans
Jose told me my service would be done in 1hr 20min, and I have to say, he was wrong. It was faster!!! I love this Place for all my Jeep service. Never had a bad time here, and they always make sure the ride is tip top👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Larry Zamora
First time here to get some repairs done on my Ram 3500 service writers are awesome with such great attitudes compared to the other dealer this place just earned my business.
Bobby K
3.6 liter engine on my Chrysler 200 with 95k miles has the famous, known defect, cylinder 2-4 misfire. They replaced the left side head (recall) and it fixed nothing. Called Chrysler Cares and they told me sorry, your issue isn’t covered. This isn’t my issue. It’s Chrysler’s issue. This Dealer wanted $1600 to diagnose further. Not fix the issue, just diagnose. Chrysler said they can’t help, even though the same misfire code came on before I drove the 2 miles home. No more Chrysler or Dodge products for me and my family..
Tony B.
Excellent service in a timely manner. I used to go to Moss in Riverside and didn’t like how they did things. Tried browning and never looked back.
DE Marketing Company
The service department is one of the best dealership experiences! Easy to deal with, awesome communication and on time vehicle finished. Max in the service department has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend you ask for him when you are getting your vehicle serviced or looked at!
Chris Zarp
Mostly pleasant experience. Tom the salesman was good. We are agreed upon a price for the vehicle. Then came the shifty sales manager who was moving agreed upon items around on his new offer sheet including a bunch of dealer items not agreed upon. It took a little while to get back to where we started. Finance manager Jim was great. Just watch out for the sales manager moving things around like a game of bait and switch.
Two days ago we scheduled service for 8:15am today. the service advisor said it would take a couple hours to diagnose and fix our key problem. the service advisor who checked us in this morning said the same thing, about two hours. 2.5 hours later, we call to ask if they’re done yet because we received no call. they said they needed at least a couple more hours to diagnose because they couldn’t find the problem. i told the advisor we had replaced the batteries in our two original keys but they still failed so the problem must be with the device in the van that talks to the keys. we had a locksmith program two new keys for us over the holiday weekend because the dealership was closed for service. but the new keys fail 20% of the time in the past week so we scheduled service. i told the service advisor these things when i scheduled service and when i dropped off the van this morning. the advisor asked to keep all 4 of our keys. almost 4 hours after we dropped off the van, the service center calls to tell me that the problem was dead batteries in our old keys and they aren’t allowed to touch the non-dealership keys. these are the batteries we JUST replaced. i told the advisor over the phone that meant the problem was NOT fixed and that when it failed again tomorrow, they had better find the problem but not charge us a dime to do it. we went to pick up the van but we were directed to two wrong locations to pay for and pick up the van. we finally get our paperwork and the MOMENT we use our key to unlock the van, it fails. we had to wait 20 minutes for our original advisor to meet with us. we showed him the keys he had JUST replaced the battery in were now not working. we asked why they came to the conclusion that the batteries were the issue and he ran through the tests they used in diagnosis. he said the mechanic must not have tested the power doors, only the power lock. he said we’d need completely new dealer keys and he’d need to keep our van longer. they didn’t call us before they closed to pick up the van so now we don’t have our van and car seats to take our kids to school again tomorrow! we are SO mad about this and plan to call the dealership when they open at 7am to ask for the van back with new keys programmed.
Brandy Riggio
Thank you Max. You are Amazing You sooo No what your Doing an 100 Percent Care for Your Customers I Always See Max every time My Truck Needs Service. My Truck i Bought New. Dodge Ram 1500 2019 as I Trust Max every time. Thank you Max. Brandy Riggio
george suarez
Browning dodge did an amazing job on repairing my 2020 Jeep Gladiator rubicon. I had a bad sensor in my rear axle affecting my lockers. The only issue was the whole axle needed to be replaced per Chrysler and no parts were available in the states. Chrysler shipped a whole new axle which did take awhile to receive. That does not reflect on Browning service. They received the axle yesterday and completed the repairs in hours. I now have my JT back in time for my thanksgiving vacation plans. Michelle from service provided excellent service and communication with every step of the process. Thank you Michelle and Browning Jeep!
Richard Mankins
Have had my truck in to 3 dealers for a Uconnect radio issue. All did nothing. Took it to Browning and first time in they found the issue. They replaced the head unit and reprogrammed it. All done in 3.5 hrs where the other dealers had my truck for a day or more and without any success. I’ll recommend and take my truck to them from now on!❤️❤️❤️
Scott Hirschbein
My experience started off very rough. The lady that coordinated my appointment told me I would be able to come in and get a car from enterprise pretty fast and easy in the morning to get me back on the road. Unfortunately when I arrived I was told immediately that there were no rental cars available there and And enterprise was out of cars. Normally it takes 2 and a 1/2 hours but my guy Mr. Garcia the service advisor was amazing. Told me it would be an hour for him rush me thru and to fix the factory recall , check my brakes and change my oil. They were right on time and I’m back on the road and happy. That guy honest and was amazing and deserves 5 stars.. I did this review from voice to text so please excuse any typos
Aundréja Santizo
Carlos really is patient and has been helping me a lot with my Jeep! Thank you for all the help! I’m very satisfied with the costumer service at Browning.
Brad Srutowski
Juan has taken care of me and my truck on several occasions. Never any bad surprises here on their part, just great service!
Russell Johnson
I made an appointment 3 days in advance and was given several options 1/2 hour apart and I chose 9:30 thinking it would be a quick oil change only and I could wait a short time at the service center / upon signing in I’m told it would be 1.5 – 2 hours! Why even make an appointment? I called my wife to pick me up / who wants to wait 2 hours for an oil change? That didn’t meet my expectations.
christopher alerich
This is my third time going to Browning Jeep. I went from Ontario Jeep for years because it was close to home and was always disappointed with the customer service and time it takes to service my vehicle. Since I’ve switched to Browning, I could not be happier. One of the service reps Juan Garcia has been very helpful and informative. I would give Juan Garcia a 5 star review as well. I would definitely recommend using Browning for their service department.
axel tiefenthaler
Luis and Rene in sales were great and did an awesome job getting me the type of deal I was looking for. Everone was helpful and easy to work with. Frank in finance was on point and got us out the door super fast. Will definately be back for the next vehicle.
Laurie Wolsky
Took my moms Jeep to get serviced due to it hesitating to start which worried her and she needed her car. Service advisor Max was amazing, helped me out, kept me updated, and answered all my questions I had and ended up getting the car back to me in the same day. I will definitely be bringing my Jeep back to this dealership for all its service needs, Thank you Max for your wonderful customer service, he even had the Jeep washed for me.
Shelby Kruse
I brought my car here and they kept it for over SIX weeks, they gave me a run around about ordering parts, questioned me if anything was wrong with it (trust me, the tow truck should tell you something is wrong with it). It’s impossible to get a hold of anyone on the phone here, and had to walk in three times to get an update about my car. I ordered the part they needed according to their diagnosis, once they finally had one, brought it in, and they were unable to use the part because of information that was not provided prior to ordering, and then wouldn’t offer service or any help on it due to policy. Ended up towing my car home, wasting money on two tows and an unsusable part I can’t return, and lots of time I could’ve spent doing it myself. The six weeks of insesant sitting and cranking killed my battery as well, so I will absolutely not be returning to such a place. Please take your car literally anywhere else.
Ninive Parga
I have been a customer for plenty of years now! From the customer service to the actual service my vehicle gets, amazing! Juan García has been taking care of mine and my families vehicles in everything and anything needed, always in a great mood and of course his customer service is off the charts! Thank you for all your help!!
DJ Jeremy
It is only recently that I have had the pleasure of working with Browning, and I have to say they are first class all the way! Especially when it comes to the quality of service they provide. Not only do they do an AMAZING job, they do it with a smile on their face that’s so BIG, you can see through their masks! Every single person I’ve dealt with at Browning is like this. I spent years getting my truck serviced at the dealership I purchased it from, which is Ontario, and I thought they had great service. They would constantly make mistakes, but because they always made good on them, I mistakenly felt THAT was “great service”, when in fact, it was HORRIBLE!!! I actually want to thank them for running me off by trying to convince me that Chrysler wouldn’t honor a “Lifetime Warranty” that I purchased from them. A friend of mine referred me to Browning and I now KNOW what “Great and amazing customer service is.” THANK YOU BROWNING!!! YOU are my new dealership!
Ultimate Limo
Called to make an appointment to take our vehicle in took it in 2 days later they called said we dont want to work on your car but when i got there to pickup my car they did some recalls but would not fix my problem with the car but did recalls so they could make some money on the car but refused to work on the original problem dont take your car here
Sydney Kline
Came in on 7/13 to purchase a Jeep. Chris in sales and Fred in finance were fantastic! We had a lot of fun going back and forth on price and terms, it was all in good faith and I left with the Trailhawk I wanted. Those two made the experience so enjoyable and painless. I would ABSOLUTELY send friends and family here as well as purchase another vehicle from them. AMAZING SERVICE!
Eric Johnson
Arrived 20 min early for the appointment, several vehicles were in line prior to my time slot which was expected. Was promptly taken care of within five min. of my arrival. Vehicle was returned back to me within 2 hrs which was a pleasant surprise. I was advised the work could take up to four. The truck was returned in better condition than when delivered. I was not expecting to have the vehicle vacuumed and interior wiped down. To the Browning team thank you. I will be making the hour long drive to your dealership for all my service needs. You have earned my business. Great work and thank you all.
Iam NotBroken
Great dealer, great service area, it is not their fault I share custody of my charger with them. That is all on Chrysler never having the parts for warranty work. Wait til new year and MAYBE I will get the traction control light to work correctly?? But again, service doesnt make the parts and this service department has been wonderful to me since 2008!!
Ashley Kittens
Came in for a recall appointment and to get a few other things checked out on my Jeep & we were helped by Carlos! He and the rest of the team are all very professional and very pleasant to work with!! I usually DREAD having to come in to the dealerships to have any service done & I put off the recall for a while because I just really didn’t want to deal with any of it. Now that I know what to expect at this location, I feel so much better about coming for anything else in the future! To be fair, this is where we bought the Jeep, I shouldn’t be so surprised. They’ve been incredible since day one!
Carlos Loaiza
From the first call inquiring about scheduling a test drive, through my 1st 2500 miles, Browning Dodge has top notch customer service. Great service, pricing and quality. No hesitation in recommending them. Thank you Steve and Kayla for all your help. Best experience I have ever had in purchasing and servicing my new vehicle.
Tiffani Floyd
I love going here the Service Reps are so nice and professional. I have been to other Dodge dealership and none of them can compete with their Customer Service. I won’t go to any other dealership at all even when they are fully booked they have always accommodated me so I could get my car serviced. Some think going to the dealership is very expensive but as a single mother I have been able to afford the prices. They also try there best to get the best pricing for services I was required on my vehicle. Keep up the stellar work, I give you all a 10!!!!!
patricia carrillo
Easy to make an appointment. Service person was at lunch when I got there, dropped the car off with someone else waited for a call. Only call I got was when it was finished. Told me the car was getting washed. Windows were smudged car was not washed. It was a no hassle recall service however the devil was in the details. Cashier was fast and friendly.
Ernesto Cal
Friendly service, knowledgeable, fast, they were able to take out some labor charges which made it even more pleasant, ask them about your warranties, I failed to. ENDED UP WASTING 200$ ON A NEW BATTERY. I didn’t take it to them in fear of getting ripped off, but mr Garcia said. CHECK WITH US ALWAYS, SAD PART is I didn’t. Thank you for the advice, I WILL ALWAYS CHECK WITH THEM BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING MY TRUCK NEEDS. OVERALL MY EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT
Aaron Lee
Haven’t drove my JLU as much due to covid stay home. Car battery dead at 9k miles. Brought Jeep into service department and had Michelle as my advisor. She handle my situation with care and assure me my Jeep will be fixed. Took a day as they replaced both batteries and I drove off the lot in confident my Jeep was taken care in a satisfying way. Keep it up Brownings! I’ll be buying my next Jeep boss from you all when it comes out. Will deal with Richard!
Alfred Gallegos
My wife and I have been looking at Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks. Our last stop was at Browning Dodge and met with Leanna. Sorry If I misspelled her name. She was professional and did not pressure us. Our overall experience was great. Everyone at Browning Dodge is very nice and helpful. We end up purchasing a 2020 RAM 1500 Bighorn. Our great experience did not end there. We added some extras to the truck and our service advisor Kayla has been awesome. The only thing I would add is bottle water for customers other than that we had great time. Thank you everyone at Browning Dodge.
Terry Smith
We had a great experience at Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Norco. Our sales rep Richard and sales manager Sean were great at helping us purchase two vehicles in the same day! They went the extra mile to make it happen and were a pleasure to work with. We will definitely refer them to our family and friends.
Richard Clark
Called on a tuesday to make a service appointment for saturday. When i arrived on sat they said my appointment was for friday so whoever took my call put the wrong day. But they took my car in and got it done for me in a timely manner!
Steve Hahn
I have been coming here for 5 years and they always get me in and out in timely manner. Max is the service rep that usually helps me and he is great.
Sylvia Gonzalez
I’m so glad I took my car to Browning Dodge Chrysler my car was ready the same day and they also washed it for me .Every body there was polite and friendly it was an awesome experience.
Man everyone here are super nice, super helpful, straightforward that will help you find to get what you need or want. They were Honest with themselves and with us. Awesome people you want to call friends by opening up. Thank you all for making things happen and by making dreams come true in getting my new truck. Hope you all enjoyed the pupusas too. Stay safe and healthy
André Torres-Kappitz
I took both of my cars in to be serviced. Both times Juan was the one to help me out. He was friendly from the very beginning to end. He took the time to tell me what was going on with both cars. When I had a question and left a voicemail he always got back to me in a timely manner. Great customer service, and I’m happy with my experience.
Cheryl Lino
Such reliable and friendly service! Everything was explained to me clearly, with no surprises. My car now drives like a dream thanks to your wonderful transmission technician. We will come back to Browning for our vehicle service needs.
Tony DaVanzo
I recently had my 3500 Ram serviced at Browning. I needed to have an oil change and fuel filter replacement. I was able to make an appointment for the next day, which was convenient. When I arrived the service tech was polite and respectful. The work was done within the time frame the quoted. Other than the cost for the new fuel filter, I am completely satisfied with the service done there.
Andrew Hennebelle
Fast, easy appointments. Juan has been of great service that past few visits. Always quick to assist. Very good communication regarding details of service, pickup and making sure I get my truck back clean and timely.
Robert Mauger
Visited Browning to have a recall service performed on my 2014 Jeep. I had called earlier in the week and made an appointment. When I did take it in,, the service writer was pleasent and explained what needed to be done. Service was performed in a reasonable time. Transportation to my home and back was provided. 👍👍👍
abdul Hameed
It was my first time having service done at this location. Everything from making the appointment to pick up was extremely convenient and easy . A big thank you to Juan and the rest of the staff in the service department for the great customer service that they provide. Thank you so much!
James Lozano
The service department at Browning Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is fantastic. My service advisor, Juan Garcia, is knowledgeable, honest and courteous. They always take great care of my Jeep.
James Smith
Gladiator buyers beware if you buy a Gladiator here pre lifted you will be sold a 3rd party warranty on the left and your entire Gladiator will under a 3rd party Warranty (not even a good one) BAD . You will PAY $13,000.00 for lift , tires , wheels TWICE what it should cost . *DIY* Ready lift kits are the answer . Ready lift will warranty your Gladiator for the lift “that is professionally installed” this is the key and AT NO EXTRA CHARGE then get factory Jeep warranty . A lift tires wheels installed even at 4wheel parts is about $5,000 to $6,000 and probably less . DO YOUR RESEARCH this is what I came up with . ALSO give 4wp the VIN you can get a identicle setup or at least the retail cost .
Dale Nunn
I have to say that the GM at Browning Dodge James Ramos is a man of his word. Had my 2017 2500 Laramie in for some extensive repair and James saw to it that my truck not only was fixed properly, BUT also looking much cleaner inside & out when I picked it up earlier today! James Ramos gets 5 Stars!
Bryan Barragan 13
Took my truck in for repair and Max the service advisor checked me in and gave me the details of what will take place. Truck was done the next day and I couldn’t be happier. Truck was clean and done in a timely manner. Max is a total professional and gives awesome customer service. Satisfied customer!
Joann Shealey
On Monday April 27 I called and made an appt for Thursday May 7. Part of the work to be done was check the recall for the charcoal canister. I took time off of work to do this. Oh sorry, fresh out of the canisters. Cant do that right now. It would have been nice to be notified of this before hand to be given the option to reschedule.
Denise Gutierrez
Great customer service, very helpful and attentive. Keely D’Amico is amazing you need to ask for her. She definitely takes care of you! Thank you Keely for going above and beyond. We truly appreciate you!
Purchase my Dodge Daytona here two years ago and have serviced it here twice since then. Of the Dodge dealers this is still by far the best in the area. Kayla and Daniel and service are the best
Ted Lopez
I have owned my Dodge Journey for 5 years and John Has completed all the required service and maintenance on my vehicle without any issues. I will continue to bring in my vehicle to him for as long as it’s needed, John always takes care of us like family. I highly recommend anyone to bring in their vehicle to browning dodge.
Tiger800 XCx
Always make an appointment. This will ensure you are helped immediately and in a timely manner. Juan Garcia is the best Service Writer hands down. Browning always takes care of my Jeep properly.
Jen Sturgeon
Keely did an amazing job helping me pick out my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. She a answered all my questions that I had and it was one of the easiest and fastest time I have ever spent at a dealership
Robert wolf
You give great service ,you get great reviews..people come ,I truly believe in customer service should be highest level ,I to run a business ,my customer service is what built me ..keep up the great service Max was very awesome ..
Mark Wheeler
RIP off dealer. They try to get MSRP, push alarms, warranty and dealer add-ons. I walked out when I realized they were not interested in competing on price. These are the kind of dealer that give dealers bad reps.
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