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CarMax in Riverside, CA

Overall Rating 4 out of 5
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7980 Auto Dr, Riverside, CA 92504, United States
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BEWARE! I bought a used Subaru Forester from Carmax in Riverside and after 6 months the car completely died. The cost to fix it was almost the cost to buy and the mechanic said the problems were most likely there when I bought the car. I bought MaxCare but had to cancel it in February due to no job/covid. I begged Hassan to extend the warranty (which I know they’ve done in the past for people) and they said they couldn’t help me and to try Carmax Financing. I called Carmax financing and they said the only thing I could do was ask for them to extend the Carmax Warranty. She didn’t see a reason why they couldn’t do that due to Covid and everything so she put me on hold and called the Riverside Carmax. She was talking to them for 20 minutes before coming back and saying they wouldn’t budge. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BUSINESS. YOU WILL REGRET IT – LOOK ELSEWHERE!
Diana Morgan
At CarMax it is so fun and simple to find a car! The knowledgeable sales staff are friendly and efficient. All the information about each vehicle is available and at the ready. Social distancing and mask wearing are practiced with great discipline. What I enjoy best is the honesty. No sneaky snake oil salesman here.
Bryan Bennecke
Early to our appointment. They were 30 minutes late calling us in to discuss the car we reserved. He didn’t even know which one. Irritating…. Then Paula stepped in. We test drove the Nissan, provided a few documents, signed the papers and were done! Only 90 minutes! AMAZING! The FASTEST AND FRIENDLIEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE in 20 years of buying cars!
Garth Schultz
Had an excellent experience. Nick, was fantastic to work with. They bought a leased car from me that I had positive equity in and Nick seemed to know exactly what to do. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
Steven Levinson
Appraising my vehicle was quick and easy. I would say maybe fifteen minutes total for that portion. When it came selling my vehicle to Carmax, that’s when it slowed way down. I gave all paperwork necessary, signed all necessary documents. After approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, I was called to complete the sale.
Kenneth Contreras
Absolutely amazing car buying experience here. Came here after Drive Time in Riverside left a sour taste in our mouth. My fiancé and I were in the market for a used vehicle so we decided to try Carmax, afterhearing good things. Marcus was our salesman and he was amazing! We highly recommend you do business with him, he treats you with respect. He is transparent about everything and everything is laid out on a screen for you to follow along while he puts together information for your car loan. The whole experience was so stress free he made us feel comfortable and not rushed. I LOVE that he thoroughly went over financing details for us and asked us if we understood everything before he proceeded. If we didn’t he would explain more in detail to give us a better understanding. In short, Marcus was amazing and we got an amazing deal on a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta with 19,000 miles on it in perfect condition, previously belonging to one owner (a business exec) and well maintained and properly documented. Marcus explained they dont put anything on the lot unless it passes a very strict testing process, and no salvaged or problematic cars are ever sold at their discretion. Basically. They’re not gonna sell you a car that might break down in several months. But of something were to happen, we purchased the extended warranty for anything that goes wrong with the car up to 125,000 miles. Completely covered when we pay a deductible of 500, an amount which we also got to choose. We left Carmax with a brand new car thanks to Marcus, he got us in and out asap with 2 hours left till closing he made it happen! He’s the best, buy a car from Marcus! Thank you!!
James Lee
I’ve being buying and selling used cars from CarMax for many years. Last week I sold another car to CarMax. The whole process was very smooth and pleasant from beginning to end. The price they offered was thousands better than car dealer’s price. Very happy long term customer. I’ll be continue using their service in the future. Great job!
Eva Landa
Jose was the person that helped with our car buying everything ran smoothly. We really are happy with his customer service skills we will absolutely reccomend carmax to friends and family.
David Marshall
Selling my truck through Car Max was fantastic! Quick and easy. They have Covid-19 protocols in place. They were pleasant, quick and professional. This is the second vehicle I’ve sold through CarMax in Riverside, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll be back as soon as I have another car to sell! Thank you.
Mika Pappas
I’ve bought a car from the CarMax in San Diego and they were phenomenal .. the CarMax in Riverside, not so much. The car was completely covered in dust on the inside and when we asked our sales person if someone can clean it she went back to get a guy that came out texting with a rag in his hand and just stood there. I finally told him to give me the rag, which he handed over willingly without looking up from his phone, and I wiped down the seat. It was raining and I just wanted to get out of there. I’m from San Diego but drove out to the Riverside location to look at the car. A day and a half after purchasing the vehicle the rear view mirror fell off! That explains the adhesive that i had to scrape off of my windshield the first day I brought it home. The sensor for rain was missing too! CarMax in San Diego was able to replace my windshield and the sensor. I thought all CarMax’s were created equal but I was wrong!
steven crowder
Took my car for brake repairs didn’t know you needed an appointment so we go to talk to the manager about puttin us in for the same day since the brakes where awful . We get in and go home great the next day the car is making noises, so we take it back to car max and explain the situation to them. They told us the damage was our fault (even though the damaged part can’t be reach by “road hazard “)and that they wouldn’t cover it so yeah personal car insurance claim, 6,000$, two weeks and still don’t have the car back
Teresa Everhart
Buying at CarMax Riverside was really easy and Jose was the perfect salesman. We discussed what I was looking for and we worked together to find the perfect car. I would recommend CarMax to anyone looking for a new car.
Bill Klein
Love the car and Matthew the sales rep was great as was the manager. The only drawback, and it’s a big one, was the paperwork process. I came in pre-approved by my CU for the loan but could not drive off without the check in hand. I had to use their bridge loan process which took about three to four hours. Walked in at 3:00 and didn’t get out until 9:30. Other than the time required to complete the process, it was a nice experience. Will I go back? I dot know at this point.
Angela Vanhorn
Made an appointment for a Tuesday at 10:15. Female Sales associate recommended that so I’d have no wait. After checking in to see the woman with whom I’d made the appt, I waited 40 mins. Called and it took them an additional 10 mins. for them to assign another representative to my appraisal appt. That man said that the woman with whom I’d made appt was not even there working. So I had waited 50 mins to see someone with whom I’d made an appt and she wasn’t even working. The man assured me someone would be out in 5-10 mins to appraise my vehicle. 10 mins later, there’s still no one out. When I asked again about it, I was given the cold shoulder and told I was 2nd on the list…to wait in my car as I’d been doing. 5 mins later, an “expert” finally showed up. He asked me to turn on car. I did. I got out of car. The “expert” asked me again to turn on car. I told him I had turned it on. I communicated that it is a hybrid. He didn’t even know that hybrids don’t make the same noise when turning on car. The “expert” then asked me to pop hood (which I’d already done) and argued with me. He found that he could open hood. When appraisal came in they’d appraised my car for a regular Ford Fusion pricing structure, not a hybrid model. So pricing was 1/3 of what I’d sell it for private party. What a joke of an experience. Stay away from this Car Max. They appear to be disorganized and extremely incompetent. Horrible experience.
Rex Arnold
My wife and I had a great experience from start to finish. From the salesman on the phone to the one on the floor to the financial services lady, everyone was helpful and friendly and exceeded expectations. The after care has been great too.
Lindy Lou Cantu
Be aware that your life could be at risk buying a car from CarMax. My son was sold a car that had an open recall, despite the inspection report stating that there were no open recalls on the vehicle. When we learned on our own about this recall, Mitsubishi changed out the control arm and said it was the worst (most rusted) one they had ever seen. A detached front control arm can result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash. With my son living in the mountains, loss of control could have easily meant plunging off the side of a cliff to his death. In addition, two fluid reservoirs were empty, which should not be the case if the car had been thoroughly inspected. Obviously, their check lists cannot be trusted. There were many other issues with the car as well. When my son went back to complain, after he had completely lost trust in the vehicle and CarMax, they would not let him return the car. Instead he had to sell it back to them at a huge financial loss. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to drive the car, because it was at Mitsubishi for a month for the Recall, while he made car payments and paid insurance premiums. This ill-fated purchase cost him several thousand dollars, with no car to show for it. Go to an actual reputable dealer. Don’t trust your money or your life to CarMax. Thankfully, I am just writing this review and not filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Please be warned for the sake of yourself and your loved ones. We seriously don’t want this happening to anyone else. I think they took advantage of him also because he was young. Now he is broke and without a vehicle. Shame on you CarMax!
Ron Rowe
This was my first time visiting a Car Max dealer. The Sales people were very friendly and helpful. They don’t pressure you into a car like most use car places. They’re there to help and answer all your questions. The car I was interested in was not on the lot, so they’re having it delivered there for me to look at it. Just an awesome experience. Thank you Folks at Car Max.
Andre Macias
The experience was phenomenal! Everyone was so helpful there. Felt right at home! No gimmicks, and they were very knowledgeable of each car I asked about! Highly recommend CarMax!
chris toledo
Overall extremely pleased with the entire process of purchasing my VERY OWN car! After getting declined due to credit issues, CarMax was able to locate a great offer on a GREAT CAR! I couldn’t not be happier! I got my payments exactly where I wanted them to be and I got a car of MY CHOICE in my budget range because of the vast selections of cars they have available. And if they did not have at the store I was at, they shipped it over from another store that did have it available! Scott was the associate I spoke with over the phone and had the vehicle I wanted shipped into the store for me. But Paula was the associate who helped me in store! I could not have asked for a better experience or better service. Next time I’m in the market for another car… I definitely know where I’m going, CARMAX!
Nora Deans
If I could give negative stars, I would. I purchased my vehicle on 12-12-20 and it was easy. It seemed like the best experience ever. But now that the paperwork is all signed, I’m having so many issues with the vehicle. There are 2 big gashes missing from my tire, which have been there and Carmax keeps telling me that it is safe while other dealerships and mechanics are telling me otherwise. The driver’s seat makes a noise while moving back, and while driving, the back rest went all the way back on its own. The back door on the driver’s side will not open and I’ve checked the child lock, but that is not the issue. The speedometer digital screen went off on its own and when it came on, it told me to turn the vehicle on for it to work (I already had the car on and on drive). Highly DO NOT recommend Carmax. It hasn’t even been a month since I purchased a vehicle here and this is my 3rd time going back to them and they keep just blowing me off. The vehicle they gave me is a hazard and they are risking my safety and the safety of other drivers. Both Service Managers Sandy Smith and Robert Lopez have told me since the vehicle is not presenting the issues I am seeing while the car is at their facility, there is nothing they can do for me. I also reached out to headquarters Customer Relations representatives Bri and Eric S and they keep blowing me off too. Everyone at Carmax refuses to help me when they were the ones who sold me a damaged vehicle. I would never recommend their services to anybody.
john doe
First off many go there because of their no-haggle policy on vehicle pricing you can probably get into just about anything as long as it’s not outrageously expensive there  for about $500 even with poor credit however they negotiate with very few lenders not like the dealerships that have a lot of them and or  have their own financing arms as well as dealing with all the major Banks and financial institutions. CarMax only really deals  with about six lenders and they’re all sub Prime I’ve heard horror stories of people with really good credit going there and getting about 17% as an interest rate where they probably would have got around 4 at a dealer even on a car with longer-term loan like 72 months which usually adds a point to the interest rate right there. Regarding the CarMax warranty.  Its pretty much worthless. A lot of people get it because they want peace of mind and the factory one is running out and they don’t want to drive off the lot with nothing; which I understand, but they charge top dollar and you have to realize all the work is done there by non-experts since they do multi makes like a gas station and not a dealership they’re not experts in your make and model plus most the guys are hardly mechanics ,not to denigrate them or anything but they would be considered like Light Line level types at a dealer. They might have one or two employees that know what they’re doing but they have to farm out machine shop work and so forth and they have a reputation for pretty much denying all claims. They’re always backed up to Kingdom Come so if you ever needs to get anything in there and you need it for transportation you’re going to be in a world of hurt. Another thing they don’t tell you is they have the right to use what are  considered Equitable to factory replacement parts or a reasonable facsimile you might say in other words if you need new Pistons or something instead of getting something from a trusted brand they use cheap Chinese Pistons which are poorly machined and you’re just asking for trouble there. Now regarding the one nice thing that they offer is a 7 Days test drive etcetera Etc and you can turn it in with no obligation if you decide you don’t like the car. That’s nice and people do it and they are on the up-and-up about that although they clearly hate it when you do it. The one thing they don’t tell you about that is they fund  the loan iimmediately without waiting for it to be final or after the 7 days to make sure you’re going to keep the car so the minute you take it out they get their money right off the bat and then if for some reason you do turn it in, although you’re off the hook they give the money back to the lender and it still shows on your credit report makes you look like a turkey, no matter what you tell them. Imagine of you did it a couple times. Something they won’t tell you if you do this even once and you try to finance another car because I deal with Sophie lenders I’ll know something went wrong on the first one on your problem child and you’ll be penalized for it even with a similar score your race are going to be higher so if you do have to do this at Carmax after deciding to go to CarMax for some reason over the dealers and so forth I wouldn’t attempt a second car there for that reason. And if you get lucky and for some reason they don’t hit you on the rate soon as you get approved from the same lender and all of a sudden there one more money down and that’s just because they think you burned them on the first Anyway hope this helps for what it’s worth these are just a few tidbits I came up with that I hoped would help somebody considering going there. information is power be seeing you, if anything here helpful, give me a like.
Purchased my first car here earlier today, it was a nice 2014 Ford Mustang and let me just say, it was a fantastic experience. The customer service was amazing and we got in and out quickly because there’s no haggling on prices or anything. You find what you want you go and you get exactly that. Shout out to all the employees there you guys are doing great work. If you’re looking to buy a used car, GO HERE!!
Rachel Rodriguez
Their customer service was great! The sales manager, Robert really looked out for my best interest and Nick Anderson was a helpful salesman. Art in the service department was great with communicating and following up. Thanks guys!
Patricia C
Carla is great with customers, very knowledgeable about each car and has a fantastic personality, very caring and patient. Makes buying a car so easy. Great customer service skills. I definitely give her 10 👍. Thanks a million Carla! I’ll definitely recommend family and friends to shop here!!! Stay safe 😷
Darlene Reynolds
My husband and I recently purchased a 2017 Infiniti QX50 from the Riverside Carmax location. We enjoyed a hassle free experience and would highly recommend to all our friends and family. My husband is a retired Automotive sales manager and he was very impressed
Koko Beauty
A total nightmare, this was the absolute worst car buying experience ever! Carmax doesn’t care about their customers at all. Our car battery failed just after 90 days of the vehicle purchase. We took the car to the dealership’s Burbank store where we purchased it. We met with the general manager “TJ” but our impression of him was blah blah blah 😕 he honestly could care less, he even said he was refusing to replace the $270 battery. I was shocked! I said we would never buy from Carmax he was like oh well! If you are a woman/ female DO NOT BUY HERE alone unless you take a broker with you. Their cars are junk, and they refuse to even take minor action to remedy even small situations like my failed battery, just imagine something worst. You are stuck with a bad deal if you buy from Carmax their customers mean nothing to them!
We love the hassle free negotiating. The customer service is always polite and outstanding. Our family has purchased more than a dozen vehicles from Carmax. We’ve also sold vehicles to Carmax they offer very fair prices. It’d be wonderful if Carmax offered a loyal customer discount.
Big Sinatra
Best experience I’ve had in car buying !! Ana is the best made sure everything was handled and taken care of for me and even explored all the options for me and explained everything with out hesitation thank you so much ! Most definitely coming back
whitney wilson
Carmax was great! I was able to bring the vehicles I wanted to test drive to our local dealership. The experience was so stress free! I was able to do a trade in and walk out with a vehicle I was even more in love with! Also, our salesman, Ramon was great!!!
Christopher Sandoval
Purchased a vehicle from carmax around 2 weeks ago, we were very satisfied with the service kenny provided. I definitely reccomend him! The vehicle we purchased at first had some damage and we brought it back. We had the worst experience with service department and unfortunately we will not be purchasing another vehicle at Carmax due to the worst customer service from service writer Tony. He was very rude and had alot of attitude.
Tim Hulett
Bought a really nice car from them. Easy smooth process. For a really good deal. After 1 week of having the vehicle I had to take it back for them to repair the vehicle. After more then 2 weeks I still dont have my car that I’ve bought and I have had 0 update on when the car will be returned.
Ashley Evans
This review is for (Will Damewood & Jason Corporon) they will go above and beyond for the customers, they will do what ever it takes to make them happy, I am well satisfied with their service! that they had provide to me, they are very kind Young gentleman! Thank you 🙏🏻 😊
richard hamilton
My Carmax experience was excellent. The sales person who sold me my vehicle was highly professional, and knowledgeable about the entire process. The next time I purchase a vehicle it will definitely be from Riverside ca. Preferably from Nick (salesperson). Nick is the perfect fit for the company.
Had a great experience going through this carmax, had alot of doubt because what I’ve read and heard but figured I’d check it out after looking at 4 other dealerships. Me and my family were helped out by Jose, and were extremely pleased with his customer service. He was helping us and another client at the same time and made it very easy to understand what we were signing up for. It worked out so we got the best deal possible and I’m saying it was a decent deal!! Fair apr% since he went the extra mile to work within our budget. We are so grateful that Jose helped us get our new family car. THANK YOU JOSE AND CARMAX!! Sincerely, Calli, Donny, Little Isaiah
Frank Bassoco
Came to Carmax of Riverside where I originally bought my car. I felt that my vehicle had something wrong with it’s brakes. I came in to get it looked at and was turned away as an appointment was needed. Carmax of Riverside really does car about their customers safety. I guess I’ll be looking to move to another Carmax or possibly to Nissan to get work done. Very unsatisfied……not returning to this location.
Christopher Allen
If you’re looking at a car, I recommend checking the value on KBB. CarMax overcharges for some, but you can find a really great deal here on others. We just picked out a new family crossover for almost $10K under fair market value.
Feli Monique
I was happy with the appraisal offer. I just wasn’t happy about the wait time. It seemed kind of slow but I was there for about 4.5 hours. I did the appraisal online ahead of time too.
S. Richelle
Second time using Carmax, both times here. First car I had almost 2 years, got the extended warranty and never needed it. Worst thing was that the car needed an oil change within days of getting the car. This time around I opted out, so far so good, haven’t had any issues beyond electronic malfunctions. The price you pay for buying an older high tech vehicle I guess. What I’m not happy about is that they seemed to have sold my old vehicle because multiple charges started showing up on my toll roads account a few days ago. I haven’t used toll roads in months. That should’ve been removed by them. Not cool. Will be filing a complaint. Also, the vehicle was advertised as being equipped with gps, no mention that I had to specifically request it or that it was an additional $150 for the feature. Because of Covid nobody joined me in checking out the interior and it took a few days for me to become familiar with all the features and settings since it was a top of the line model and has practically everything. I reached out to them about that but never received a response.
Matthew Rundle
Took my car to CarMax I. Riverside, CA. Everybody in this store was very nice, helpful and knew what they were doing. The entire process takes time but it was expedient with each step going faster. The complex was clean and filled with friendly associates. For a simple and efficient and equitable sales process definitely go to CarMax in Riverside…Matthew!
charles yoon
Received an online appraisal. Made an appointment to bring my car in. 30 minutes in and out i had a check in my hand per appraised amount. Very convenient and fast! Very happy!
Bill Ferguson
The purchase of a car is very unique. The website allows me to look at a car that I am searching for and when locate it I can put a “HOLD” on the car until I have the time to view, drive and buy the car. No one can touch the car, it is reserved for me and me only. I really like that feature because it allowed me to purchase the car I have been searching for for months.
Dave Anders
My experience was a first with selling a car to CarMax. I was pleased with the overall experience. The Covid 19 issue may have helped and/or hurt as well, but the end result was positive. Nobody should expect to get rich selling your car to CarMax, as they need to make a profit when it goes back to the market, so don’t let the offer disappoint you. Go in knowing the offer will be on the lower end of bluebook. Do yourself a small favor and clean your car inside and out, and possibly clean the engine compartment too, as a clean car gets a better look and offer.
Kim Russell
Very easy process. Thought well, let’s see if i can get a car, applied, was approved, picked up my car in total of 3 hours. Can’t be more ready than that! Nice ppl, love my car!
Lara Jessen
Everyone was very friendly and helpful and I felt that I got a fair price for the car that I sold. I accidentally left some cash in the car and didn’t realize it until a couple days later. The staff was very helpful in returning it to me.
Kelly HKM
Homer at the Riverside CarMax was amazing! He helped me sort out paperwork for a car I was purchasing online with CarMax. He is an EXCELLENT example of customer service!
Timothy Valdez
Carla was able to get me in and out within no time with the purchase of my vehicle. Very grateful to have her as my Sales Consultant after having trouble at another Carmax I would recommend coming to Riverside Carmax and have Carla and the team give you the best customer service ever and buying experience
Luis Alva
Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Everything was straight forward. The only down side was the wait for a car not in the local inventory. Paying lots of money and waiting several weeks isn’t that fun, but in reality it was overall a good experience.
LD Pardillo
Car shopping here was terrible. The first part of it wasn’t bad but later on it got worse. I applied for a vehicle and submitted all my documents that they had asked for. They kept telling me that it would be okay and that I was able to get a vehicle. Well I wasn’t able to get it and had to wait another 2 weeks for a certain document for me to submit to them after the sales rep told me that I was going to be fine. Finally I was able to provide it to them but it was too late because the vehicle that I applied for was gone. So I had to apply for 3 more vehicles and finally got one but each time I applied for a vehicle they ran my credit which was a downfall for me and I had to have proof of car insurance for each time I applied for a vehicle even though I wasn’t fully approved yet. So for about a month I changed vehicle information on the insurance and had insurance but no vehicle. I did not want to apply anywhere else and have my credit run over and over again so I stuck with Carmax. I was finally approved a few weeks later and bought the car from here on May 2020 and five days later it was making some noises, when I opened the hood, one of the camshaft pulley that the timing belt loops around on was wiggling. I took the vehicle on a test drive before purchasing it and it wasn’t doing that. But after taking it home and finally driving it around, on the 5th day I began to notice the issue. I returned it right away since they have the 7 day return policy. I was glad that it happened because I would’ve ended up keeping the car having to get it fixed and paying the car note and the car insurance and have this whole burden. You would expect that they would make sure that the vehicles are in good running condition because the customer is the one who will suffer making payments and having to worry about getting the car fixed for any issues. Plus their vehicles are over priced and have a lot of miles on it.
Tricia K
My experience with CarMax was nothing less than absolutely AWESOME… Jenny (in Sales) worked with me until I found the EXACT car that I needed – and even with a few bumps in the road, I was BEYOND IMPRESSED with the level of customer service and care that I was given and Art (in Service) took wonderful care of me! I will never buy or sell a car any other way! Thanks again, CarMax!!
cody tell
I took my son in this past weekend to buy his first car. We were treated like Family and everything was smooth sailing. I highly suggest that you ask for R.J. When going in if you haven’t already been speaking to a salesman. He was wonderful and wanted to make sure we were happy more than he needed the sale. He is definitely a great addition to the car max team. Because of him alone we will be back.
Geronimo Rodriguez
Great. Purchased to cars from them in tge past. Sold em one car a few years ago. Went to get a estimate on one of cars. Very stress free. No pressure in sales. Chris was very helpful this time around.
Paul Kroell
Nicholas handled the sale of the 2015 Honda Fit to me. It turned out to be nearly a quart of oil low-he doesn’t know how to read dipsticks. Oil had been changed but too low. I had to add oil when i got it home. The battery in the car looked 5 years old–I asked for a new one but Service Dept. checked it and said it was charging ok. One of the FOBS had a weak battery which they replaced on my next visit. The buying process is a lot easier than Hoehn Honda where I bought my last vehicle.
Conan the Barbarian
First time using CarMax in Riverside, on Auto Dr. Excellent experience, very helpful and cheerful employees. We walked away with a good impression. We sold our car at a better price than a dealer trade-in. We will use them again, for sure!
Christopher Henry
Johanna at Riverside CarMax does wonders. Please ask for her and u won’t be disappointed. Myself, my GF and brother in law each bought a car from her all in the same month. We love Johanna!!!
Lizeth Salgado
I sold my car to CARMAX about 3 days ago. It was such an easy process. They did it all for me and not to mention the great appraisal I got for my vehicle. This will be my go to place to sell my vehicles. They won’t disappoint.
Fernando Ocampo
Purchased my 2013 Audi TT from CarMax Riverside in February 2019. Had a rollercoaster purchasing experience with CarMax buying my first car from them. On the night of my purchase I wasn’t able to drive my car off the lot because the driver side windshield wiper was broken. It was raining that night and you think they would have checked that. The next day when I went to pick up my car I noticed the hood was misaligned pretty bad and had them do some bodywork. Both issues were fixed. Just had to wait two extra days to drive my car home after purchase. When I brought the car home I noticed the CD player didn’t work. At this point I just wanted to keep the car that I didn’t say anything to CarMax. At the end of the day, I’m happy with my purchase and car is running great. But process could have been smoother. The Good No sales pressure. Easy car transfer process. Good communication with sales rep. The Really Good Trade process was fast, easy and fair. 7-day return policy is good peace of mind. The Bad Sales rep was not knowledgeable about cars. Car was slightly overpriced and no wiggle room on price. The Ugly Took two attempts to drive car off lot after purchase. First time windshield wipers were broken on rainy night. Second time care had body work that needed repair. No follow up call from dealer to ask how car was running and if I was satisfied with purchase.
Jr Davila
Jenny was great and very helpful. We had a great experience, if I had to buy another car, I would go to CarMax again before going to dealers (like I was doing before getting this car). I found a great car for a great price.
Christin Kandau
Pleasant experience at CarMax Riverside. I was out of state and did all transactions mostly via email and text messages with Johana Reyes. Amir helped us with the final paperwork and the floor manager Chris helped along with all our detailed questions. They take their time explaining to us and answering all of our questions, no rushing at all and it was 8.30 pm. We appreciate their assistance and awesomeness. We love the quality of the car but moreover we love the quality of their customer service! All thumbs up!
Lucky Luke
Firstly, I have appraised my personal vehicles at other CarMax locations years ago and found them to be accurate for the market at the time. I’m also a stickler when it comes to maintaining my cars, so the prices I got were in the mid range of the KBB ‘very good condition’ category. After today’s visit at the Riverside location, I realized I must’ve hit some dumb luck those few times as business has certainly changed. CarMax staff is always polite and, while their new Coronavirus policies may be slightly awkward, the process of getting to test drive a car and get yours appraised rather quickly is as smooth as I remember. The rude awakening was the appraisal value. If I were to take a stern evaluation of my current car’s condition, it would be in the 80-90% range. The salesperson informed me that they concurred but could only offer me $1000 dollars less than the bottom of the ‘good condition’ KBB price range. That’s aside from the fact that the car I was looking to potentially purchase was listed at $5000 over the top range of its KBB value in ‘excellent condition’, but looked to be in the same 80-90% condition. There were two explanations (read: excuses) made for the poor evaluation which were the conditioning of the car for resale (which my car needed minimally and the one I looked at didn’t benefit much from) and the fact that they offered most of their customers ‘fair condition’ KBB values. I might be reading too much into it, but I’m certain that people will shop around a little bit before letting their cars go for a fair KBB price unless it’s a clunker, and the reason this was said is because they try to group everyone at the bottom of the ‘good condition’ category where I landed and still at at a $1000 loss. I’ve heard of people printing out the CarMax offer and shopping around with it, though I had honestly seen no purpose in that in my prior CarMax experiences as the appraisals were accurate and tough for local dealerships to beat. What I got wasn’t even worth printing out as I know I’ll get a much better deal elsewhere, or the same one once I put another 20k miles on the odometer. Happy hunting out there and don’t get ripped off.
Jon Zepeda
Best sales customer service my family has ever had. Benjamin helped us and he suggested us a better car and with lower mileage that had a better deal altogether. For sure I’d recommend anybody to at least try first before you go to any other used car dealership.
Cindy Zepeda
I was looking for another vehicle for my husband and I decided to go try out car max I didn’t want to go to a lot when you drive up everyone is attacking you and don’t give you your space. I talked with a gentleman Benjamin and he meet me at the door when I arrived and made the experience nice and simple and easy we were in and out and I would defiantly tell people to go there and with him .Thank you Benjamin for making buying a vehicle so easy
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