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Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat in Downey, CA

Overall Rating 3.1 out of 5
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9655 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241, United States
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Company description

Champion Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, FIAT New & PreOwned vehicles.

Go Champion Dodge is your full service Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM and FIAT dealership in Downey, CA. Offering a massive stock of new 2022, 2021, 2020, used vehicles, we serve Southern California, Los Angeles, Downey and nearby counties.

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All reviews:

Hannah Nabbout
Such a great experience. We worked with Judy, who was so sweet and spent basically the whole day with us looking at and test driving cars. She showed us everything we were interested in and made sure to guide us through our options. The manager, Herbin, was also super helpful and willing to work with us to get our dream car. We definitely recommend getting your Jeep here.
Brenda Rivas
Brought my Challenger in for a concern and the my advisor Isaac B was friendly and updated me along the process. When I came to pick up my vehicle both the sales and service staff were very friendly and attentive with directing me where to go. I’ll definitely be coming back
Morely Santana
We went in looking for a family vehicle and Elsy was able to provide us with amazing customer service, she was able to explain all the features and details. We left with a perfect family vehicle as she gave us a great deal. Thank you so much Elsy. We will definitely refer all of our friends and family with you. Thanks again.
claudias candids
I went in for a Jeep Rubicon and Elsy Ramirez did an amazing job at making the purchase process smooth, simple, easy and great. I am very satisfied with my new car! 🙂
francisco alegria
There’s a new guy in service and this guy tries to sell you services for your car you don’t even need he ask me so many times to get services and kept turning him down and he kept trying. I went in for an oil change and 2 days later my check engine light went on. He just trying to scam! Please be careful with this guy
Fernando Silva
Best service I have gotten in a dealer got help asap was quick and easy got approved really quick David Vasquez and fiance was great 👍 best deal for my 2021 dodge durango come here first don’t waist ur time some where else
Reggie Jackson
I have to say that I was reluctant to have any service done on my vehicle at this location because of a pass experience with the service manager many years ago. But I have to say that things have changed dramatically. As I walked in I noticed the place was very clean and well maintained and I was also greeted with a smile I was not standing around wondering who was going to help me as I did with my past experience. Every person that I may contact with was very pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone who needs service to their Dodge Jeep or Chrysler vehicle to visit champion, because they have won my endorsement
Ana Carranza T.
The sales team is great but it is one person that ruins the whole tribe! Hope you never have to deal with the service department! Zero quality of service! you take the car there with one issue and you get it back with a few more! Make sure to inspect and take a picture of your cars before dropping for service both inside and out! The do not care about these cars whatsoever, put extra damages to your car and deny it at the end! The put scratches on the car and totally denied it!
Zha Zha
I brought a brand new 2020 car with them. On the first day of driving home, driver side sun visor fell off without any reason. Then I texted the sales rep that sold me the car, then he told me I need to make an appointment with service department to get it replaced. So I made a phone call to make appointment the next day. Then they scheduled me for appointment on 9/10/20 at 11 AM. I came on time at 11 AM, but no one helped me just let me stand there for 16 mins. Then someone finally helped me and told me they need to investigate the problem of this fell sun visor and estimate time NEED is 3-4 HOURS. Then I waited for 4 HOURS straight without anyone letting me know any update with my car. So I asked after 4 HOURS wait, then the service advisor told me we don’t have the part and need to order it. Do you want to keep the car here or to take it home until the parts came. I waited for 4 HOURS just for them to find out the part is not available to replace. I know its broken and that’s why I brought here to service. Its just a sun visor, not some complicated mechanic problem that need LOT OF TIME to identity. I will suggest anyone who have any other choice to go to other dealership buying a car or service your car. PLESE GO. In case you have no choice but still going, THE UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE ADVISOR INFO IS HERE( SERVICE ADVISOR#3231, NAME: CARLOS QUINONES)
Ted Hahn
Today ended a 3 week search for my perfect vehicle. I was greeted by Dave and Maggie, who had no problem assisting me in a test drive, and quite honestly my intention was to only test drive and get another quote. This was my second dealership visit of the day, the first dealership wouldn’t let me test drive the car unless I was “going to buy”. The first dealership wouldn’t budge on their first offer. No problem. This was their Covid19 distance policy and I respect their commitment to safety…Fast forward, Dave and Maggie bring me in to work with, I believe her name was Brenda. We were able to negotiate a fair deal which happened to be what I was looking for. At no point did the math or numbers get padded, I double checked all calculations and they were honest. I told Brenda, Dave and Maggy “wash the car, we gotta deal!” Bernie did the finance. He talked slow when I asked, would pause so I could double check his math on license fees, sales tax and all other spots dealerships like to burn you. I felt comfortable with the deal. That’s why they got my money. Dave/Maggy took the time to make sure my truck was detailed, clean and that I understood EVERY FUNCTION the truck had to offer. BUYERS Do your homework…get a couple quotes and then go to champion and compare pricing and experience this long lost art called “Customer Service.” Ask for Dave.. PS. I WAS NOT ASKED TO WRITE THIS. Good luck-
Javier De Jesu
I bought a brand new Jeep Cherokee 2016 four years ago and the car is making a noise in the front wheels since I bought the car. I when to the dealer a lot of times about that problem and they treat me with bad attitude all the time. The worse case they charge me for the car pieces all the time. I speak with the manager and he told me to call Chrysler company if I have any problem with the car. Obviously Chrysler send me back to the dealer. Anyway I still have the problem with my car and I get tired to fight with the people at champion Chrysler Jeep dodge and ram. If you goin to buy a car there I’ll be under your own risk, especially if your seller is goin to be Tony Ayala. He only care about his commission after that he never going to talk you again. I had a lot different problem in that dealer. Seriously don’t waist your time and money at Champion Chrysler Jeep dodge and ram. I’m sure you will find better dealers with better deals and good treatment.
Great experience! Dave was the salesperson that helped me out and he was amazing. He explained everything thoroughly and I did not feel pressured to purchase anything. He did such an amazing job making sure all my concerns were taken care of -that I walked out with a new 2020 challenger. Besides that his sweet personality made it a great over all shopping experience!
Cynthia Ponce
Dave made this experience amazing, he was patient, kind, and attentive. He never made me feel like I was being rushed into something but rather allowed me to take my time and ask all the questions we wanted. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested or going to this dealership. Thank you so very much for all of your assistance!
I. Ortega
Mr. Cuevas treated so we’ll, very attentive, detailed oriented, and always with a smile on his face. We bought a beautiful new car and him and his team made it a very good experience.
Tatiana Curry
I purchased a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee from them on 8/2/2020. The webpage stated that I would have 90 days before my payment was due. They told me that was a misprint and could only offer 60 days. Only to find out that they lied to me and my payment is due 9/1/2020. I would’ve gone to another dealership had I known this would occur. Not trustworthy. Would not recommend to anyone. They aren’t even trying to correct what they messed up.
Mayra rodriguez-navarro
I need an oil change. I am traveling a little past Bakersfield it was a last minute thing that came up that forces me to go out there. So my husband called the Dodge Dealer service in Downey at 1:40pm to see if I was able to come in for an oil change today Saturday the man he spoke to said yes as long as you make it here by 2pm. So I dropped everything I was doing and rushed over there and I made it there at 2pm. When I walked inside Service dept. I spoke to a heavy set man and he said “we don’t take walk ins anymore last walk in is at 12pm” so I told him I was told to be here by 2pm. Then I was told to wait outside by my truck, Im assuming he talked with his partner then came out and said “I don’t know who you spoke to but me and my partner are on the same page and you can leave the truck for Service but if we can’t get to it by today because we leave at 4pm and we’re short handed then we’ll get to it by Monday”. So right off the bat since I got there he was trying to get me to leave then he said I would probably have to leave it there till Monday for an OIL CHANGE! That was outrageous, I’m very upset that they told me to get there by a certain time then they didn’t honor their word. I would’ve understood if when I called they would’ve told me that on the phone then it would’ve been my choice to go or not. I wasn’t the only one who this happened to because when I was there another person came in and said the same thing that he had called after 12 and was told to come in just like me.
Anthony Thompson
I was ripped off by Luis in the finance He forged my documents. I purchased a 2019 jeep Cherokee from Chysler Dodge. I went to refinance the vehicle, and noticed, going through the photo copied documents, handed to me, that my documents were forged at the time of purchase or shortly after while making my photo copies. I was forced to finance through Nuvision Credit union, instead of my own credit union, at 5.99% in order to receive the promotional price, at $20,000, for the Jeep Cherokee. I was was supposed to receive a promotional price of $20,000 amid a free extended warranty as condition of purchasing the vehicle, that night. In a good mood, happy I was receiving a good deal, I purchased a $1,000 oil/tire rotation service agreement. Luis, the finance personnel, lied to me promising free Lojack and Gap coverage to supplement the service agreement, as reward. The trade in value of my 2015 BMW truck with 22,000 miles was agreed upon at $15,000. I was told to agree to the warranties, via John Hancock, because there would be no proof of me having a warranty at all. Reason being, I noticed that there was a charge next to what was promised free. In all, the finance department has stolen most of $10,000 for a vehicle worth $20,000. LOSS DUE TO FORGED DOCUMENT. 1-6 1)changed the purchase agreement price from $20,000 to 23,000 2)changed the trade-in from 15,000 to 12,300 3) did not give me my extended bumper to bumper warranty as promised. 4) charged me $ 2, 999 for the extended warranty upgrade 5) charged me about $900.00 for GAP coverage 6) charged me over $ 400 for lo Jack.
Cook C
This review is solely for the service department. Service writers should have some customer service training before letting them interact with customers. I get the sense the service writers hate their job. I brought my vehicle in for an issue I was having with a new vehicle, after two attempts to fix it they weren’t able to. I then took my vehicle to a different dealership and the issue was fix within two days. Won’t ever be coming back here, such a shame this dealership is in the city of Downey.
Paul Green
Typical bait a switch dealer. Price they advertised was not the price of the truck at all. They try to force you to purchase their “champion package” when I declined, they refused to honor the price we negotiated on the phone and refused to sell me the truck. I told them I was driving over an hour so I wanted to agree on a price before I got there. Everything seemed to be going smooth, we went to check out the truck and when it was time to do business Dave and Marisol were nowhere to be found. Over all just a horrible experience and complete waste of time. These people have absolutely no consideration of your time or money.
Guera Smith
Service Dept are no good. Dealt with Ruti. Came in for a noise when switching gears it makes a loud thump, They say theres nothing wrong when you can literally hear the noise. I took it to another mechanic that have said it was the mounts. Waist of time so you can just pay for the rental and the diagnostic instead of the warranty.
Jose Perez
Worst nightmare at the SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Get ready for a head ache dealing with them. Other than waiting for your car for 2-3 days for a simple oil change. Pure beginners working in the mechanics area. Good Luck
Lydia Sanchez
Thank you so much Champion for making my purchase a smooth one! A special thanks to Darian C. for going out of his way in getting me the best deal possible 🙂 super happy!
Had an amazing experience throughout the whole process, Pedro the salesman and Andrew the finance manager made it a comfortable experience answered any Questions me and my partner had they were very very helpful and really friendly they deserve the recognition and was a pleasure to deal with!!! Thanks Champion Dealer for our new 2020 Dodge Challenger !!!
Daniel Stoner
Tried to make a deal happen but the sales person made it impossible. Dealership is over an hour away and despite submitting an application, and pressing for answers, the salesperson was so slow to reply that I missed my window of opportunity to come in and subsequently missed out on the current sale. Didn’t seem interested in my business in the slightest.
Danny Fregoso
When you get there everyone was wearing their ppe my sales rep was Dominick he was very helpful and informative I was able to get exactly what I wanted and they were able to make it happen. Me and my family are extremely thankful and grateful.
Joseph Otero
I went yesterday as a first time buyer and offered to put down 8K for a down payment they told me that had good credit but because I didn’t have Credit History that If I could put down 11K because didn’t have Credit History and the bank could only approve me at 16% APR for 75 months and a payment of $875 a month which came out to be $65,625 thus was a total robbery I left dissapointed because I couldn’t buy a car and leave a happy first time buyer so now I have to take my business somewhere because Champion Dodge are a bunch crooks over there no one there left with a car when I was there bad costumer service won’t be going there anymore so what I’m gonna do is save 5K more abd drop 15K at another dealership because Champion Dodge can’t close deals right
alicia Rodriguez
Walking in the dealership questioning IF we were going to be able to get a deal that worked for us. Darian Carbajal excited started showing us Durango models and right away took us for a test drive. He kept telling us he wanted to make sure we felt in Love with the truck. All we can think of was if we would get approved or not. Darian enthusiastic kept showing us all the features of the truck. We knew the Durango was a great fit for our family. One of my favorite thing about this experience compare to the one i had with honda was that Darian showed us the truck we came looking for and to not worry about the financial part. “ that was there part of the job to get it done” and they did! We walked out with a 2020 BLACK Durango RT. Im so grateful for this experience. And ADMIRE all the salesperson’s competition to get us all what we came in to get. Come in an ask for Darian Carbajal!
Bertha Aguilar
So me and my husband walk in no one came to greet us so we decided to walk around to look at some cars.probably were there for about 30 min on our own and still no one to help us out.
Elias Sanchez
I had bought a 0 miles charger paid full cash from them 3 years ago, I noticed they wouldn’t add coolant to my vehicle everytime it got maintenence service also when I would check the oil after the maintenence service it was always dark as if it wasn’t changed. I complained and they said nothing. Service representative said “if you pay we do the service”. So I said “well my car has warranty I don’t pay,does that mean it doesn’t get done” he didn’t respond. Overall just a bad place they give you a hard time except when you’re giving them money.
Dominick Jones was a good car salesmen he got the car I wanted and even hook me up with good deal please u must come see him I promise he will get the deal u want
Matthew Stropoli
I came in today to look at Dodge Challenger R/T models and ended up leaving with a Hellraisin 50th Anniversary model! From start to finish David was personable and well versed in all aspects of the sale and information on the car itself. One of the smoothest car buying experiences I have had to date!
Elizabeth Alvarez
Im beyond happy! Thank you Julio for all your help, i saw that you really wanted to help us out with everything and you did we are beyond satisfied! Bernie thank you one more time for the help in purchasing another new car.
Musik Mob
Great place and service the agent julio Gonzales was super honest with the options for the purchase, the whole process cristal clear no hidden clauses or little letters i highly recommend it, the sales agent Julio Gonzales even offer to throw some flor mats that would match the car. Thank you champion Chrysler jeep dodge dealership
Esmeralina Afa
I’m very happy with the service we received today! Shoutout to Dominick Jones for the great service! Such a great Sales Consultant ! Really helped us get the deal we wanted on a great car!
Roger Recinos
Don’t ever buy a car from downey dodge! The worse customers service of all time. Not just one time all the time. They can’t even say good morning or good evening when you walk in the dealership.
Austin P
The absolute best and fastest car buying experience I’ve ever been through, Honestly and truly. From the time I stepped in the building till the time I drove off was 3hrs Max . Norman was my sales man and couldn’t have been more patient and understanding. His manager William was just as awesome. He kept it straight foward and laid out the facts no BS. I’ve already gotten 2 family members asking do they have anymore deals and who do they speak to when they go in. Thanks again Norman and William for helping me purchase my first brand new car.
This place did everything they could to rip me off in every way they possibly could. Save your time, and most importantly save you money. Go on YELP for the real reviews of this place. These google ones are straight scams. Had me waste my weekend, they don’t honor the price they advertise.
edith sanchez villegas
Could totally rate this dealer as my best experience!!!! I’m a first time buyer and I can ensure I felt great with the service I was offered as well help! Can’t describe the excitement of being able to buy my first car 🥳 David Vasquez helped me get the best car that not only looks great! But it also matches all my needs!
Anabella Montano
We showed up at the dealership just to peek at some cars and trucks and ended up driving away in a 2019 Challenger and 2019 Ram 1500!!!🙃 Excellent teamwork not to mention super great assistance from David our salesperson!!! 🤗And now time to put miles on those beauties😉
cali dude
LIERS had me drive 2 hours to not sell the car for the ADVERTISED price. Stay far away if you value your time or money. Scam artists reported to the state for false advertising I recommend yo do the same
Angel Ramirez
great place, perfect customer service, Hector Jacinto is great sales men he help me with the perfect car gave me a great deal on a brand new Dodge challenger 2019, he help me out with a good deal for a first time buyer. I recommend him, if u want a good car go to this dealership they work with you not against you. Good looking out hector!
Arleth F
I’ve been looking to upgrade from my Jeep Patriot to a newer Jeep( I’m a huge Jeep fan ) I was recommended by Adriana P. To come down to the dealership I was helped by David as soon as I arrived great service David explained everything kindly test drove couple cars after a long day of playing with numbers I walked out happily with my new grand Cherokee 2019. Best decision I’ve ever made I’m very happy and pleased that I came here great service awesome location friendly agents.
Shandie Hoskins
Was trying to buy a car at this dealership felt extremely uncomfortable unwelcomed so I took my business elsewhere to Premier Dodge in Buena Park bought a car cash with the negotiations I wanted with no fuss and I am happy this location turn me away forcing me to choose elsewhere and actually being super satisfied with the other locations customer service and willingness to help and to fill what I wanted
Courtney Chaon
I’m only giving 1 star as it didn’t have the option to give 0. FALSE ADVERTISING! Advertising dealer discounts on a vehicle – I agreed to put a deposit down, fly out of town (7 hours away) to purchase, and then told me they don’t need to give the dealer discount “because they don’t have to”. Martin does bad business folks. Then decides not to redeem himself when his salesman reaches out to me again and says “he doesn’t want to sell you a car because you left a bad review”. Once again Bad business Martin. Also – they add a 2,000 package (that NO other Dodge dealers add) and force you to purchase it. Shady.
Frankie Figgs
Don’t believe these google reviews! Go to YELP and read the REAL reviews. HORRIBLE DEALERSHIP. Super shady and rude. Crooks in suits trying to take advantage of people. DON’T GO THERE, THESE FOLKS LIE WITH EVERY BREATH.
Zoltan Fazekas
I did take the car to get a diagnostic to be done. That was 2 days ago. Not a word from them. Call them. Workers not there till monday morning. That’s gonna make it 4 days. Ohh and they ask $170 for it. Others are faster (next day or less) and free. What I was thinking…… I never again going back if new problem emerge.
Mariecruz Sanchez
I truly recommend these guys out here. They went above and beyond helping with helping us get into a new vehicle. Made the process easy this is the second time we purchase a truck here. Keep in mind we come from Downtown L.A. Come down and ask for Jesus Perez sales rep and Martin Villalobos sales manager. Again thanks for all your help and working around our budget.
Jesus A
Today on 1.10.2020 me and my family came in and were greeted by the salesman Martin A. He was very kind and asked if we needed help. Throughout the whole process he explained everything and helped me get a new car. Along with the help of William G. And Martin V., they were all helpful and am leaving today with a brand new jeep compass 2020, after all their hard work.
Nathan Martinez
I highly recommend coming to dodge champion. Julio was so help full and explaining everything on getting my new charger. If you guys in search of purchasing a car I recommend to speak Julio Thanks Julio!!
Luis Gonzalez
I bought a spider from Oscar yesterday in the fiat dept. and I was so impressed with their customer service and deals that I told my brother to come today to buy two commercial vans for work from Maria Bustillo! She also gave us excellent service and the best Deal!!! I would totally recommend to speak with these sales people for their great work ethics 🙏🏼
Marc Breault
The Salesman was great. New to the job but was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and was very accommodating and nice to work with. The Finance guy in the end doing our paperwork was also very good. He was quick and explained everything very well. The problem I have is they had the final price listed in three different sites online and on the vehicle itself. When I told them I want it, let’s run the numbers (and I had a check from my bank for payment) they came back with the cost several thousand dollars more, even after Tax, title fees. Basically they tried to pass off some “Extras” that were already installed in the vehicle that they apparently forgot to include in the cost. I was really upset on how they tried to do it. It was very shady. But in the end after some heavy discussions they agreed to honor the original price.
allen aiken
The salesmen are great but getting timely mechanical service is horrible. Had an appointment at 9 am, was here at 8:30 am for battery replacement. Im still here at 2 pm and they’re getting a rental car because they don’t carry batteries .
Tracey Garcia
Thanks to Jesus Perez, I had the best customer service at this dealership, fast, easy and to the point. The dealership was also nice and clean, everyone was friendly and in good spirits. Purchasing my new 2020 Jeep Rubicon ❤️ was a dream. I highly recommend this dealership. Thank you JESUS PEREZ for your excellent customer service!
Last First
This place did everything they could to try to rip me off. Math stopped to exist as soon as I walked through the door. They offered either a bad loan or tried to push me toward a car I did not want. This place has no moral code or ethics. Stay away like the plague lives here.
Jeff Green
Found a perfect car and had a quick chat with their Internet chat room. I asked not once, not twice but three times if the vehicle I was looking at was available and when I showed up 2 hours later the vehicle was conveniently wholesaled that morning. Classic case of bait and switch. Be careful of this dealer. If they can lie to me to get me to show up, imagine what they can do to you once you purchase a vehicle. Very disappointed with this dealership.
Joseph Anderson
I was in search of a new Jeep and was recommended to check out Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Jason greeted us promptly and was very helpful with our search. He was friendly and was not pressuring at all. He was accommodating and made sure that we were getting what we wanted. Although we did not end up buying the Jeep from him, he was such a great outgoing salesperson. It was pleasant working with someone who was not trying to make a quick buck off us but genuinely cared about us getting the car that we wanted. He went out of his way and bought us water with his own money to make sure we were comfortable. He has a great attitude and is very helpful to everyone.
Ruben Villanueva
Came here to have my car key fobs reprogrammed. Sounds like a simple job of just loading up their “wi-tech” program to do their diagnosis only to find out they needed to order a new key, at least what i’m told (I tend to doubt) Coming to that conclusion included them contacting the wrong owner of the car, I had corrected them at least 3 times that i’m the rightful owner yet they never updated their system. Communication was awful where I experienced several times “we’ll call you back” but never actually do and finally when I came to claim my car back, it had a nice collection of dust like if it had been neglected for a while. Current status, considering I cannot recall how many weeks since my last visit. My key fobs still don’t work and i’m still waiting for that “call back” to receive my new keys.
TrialSite News
Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced by a dealership. Bought a brand new Dodge Journey with them recently. Super long appointment wait times, even booked me an appointment on a Holiday when no one from service was around. When you call, half the time the phone just rings and rings. Will never. Ever. Buy from this outfit again.
Hector jacinto was Avery great sales representative and his manager William got me in my dream car the charger 392. Thank you very much guys for being so patience with me to. Best attitude ever.
Paulo Mercator
More than once, I have brought my vehicle for service and had a poor experience. Service advisor are as detailed and engaged as one would expect. They have the habit of not returning calls. One other small detail, I have experienced various dealer services, Nissan, Audi, Chevrolet and Mazda and all of them would return your car after service washed. For some reason, Champion Dodge doesn’t care about the small details.
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