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North Hollywood Toyota, CA

Overall Rating 2.9 out of 5
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Toyota Dealer

4606 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91602, United States
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New & Used Toyota Vehicles in North Hollywood | North Hollywood Toyota

Make your way to North Hollywood Toyota in North Hollywood today for quality vehicles, a friendly team, and professional service at every step of the way.

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All reviews:

Susan Visokey
Everyone I dealt with was professional and extremely friendly. I went into the dealership expecting to need a cosigner for a loan on a car but they worked really hard to make it possible for me to get a loan on my own and keep the monthly payments at what I said was personally affordable. There was no need for negotiating or getting multiple quotes, which is what I’ve dealt with at other dealerships. The first offer they came to me with was what I needed. I was able to get the car I really wanted, (which has never been an option for me for multiple reasons) at a price I could afford, without a cosigner, which also I never thought would be possible. They helped me accomplish a personal goal. I never post reviews (horrible I know) but I cannot express enough how amazing my experience here was and if someone thinks the way I did about trying to get a new car hopefully this will encourage them to try! (shoutout to Steve who helped me from the phone call before I went in all the way through me driving the car off the lot. There were so many other people who made this experience great and really helped me but I can’t remember your names! I’m so sorry, but thank you all!)
Scott Neitzke
The employees there are extremely friendly even though they’re extremely busy. Really courteous, seems as though they really like to help people not just make a profit. They are connected and concerned with the community that surrounds them. They also have a huge service department ( mechanic ) there who are always busy and get things done in an agreeable time frame. Thumbs up to North Hollywood Toyota 🤣.
Henry Hostetler
You guys should have a better place to load and unload vehicles for transporters or try to meet the transporter at a safe location elsewhere’s rather than park on the street
Leonard Hinzo
We had the very best experience here. Car buying can be a grueling expirience but the guys at North Hollywood Toyota. Guapo and Brian were amazing. The entire process was seemless. We saw the car we wanted online and they made sure we got it. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking for a new or used car.
Adam Carl
Can’t speak for the whole team – But the salesman I worked with was pushy, and refused to negotiate. Left the place with an icky feeling. Went elsewhere and got more for my trade in right off the bat, and was able to negotiate for the final price. Give your money to people who treat you with respect.
Sarah Chalek
Came here a few years ago to buy a used car and the salesman insisted on only showing me new cars. I walked out of there, saw a bike shop across the street, bought a bike, and have been car-free ever since.
Eusebio Santiago
Toyota product is excellent, but with this dealership I had a bad experience. if you are planing to purchase a preowned car, be little meticulous and check every single part. after two weeks I’d driven my truck its tail light star falling when it got air pressure by driving it.the bracket the hold it was broken and they never got responsibility over it.
Thomas Christopher Ty
Been buying most of parts and accessories on this dealership via their online storefront; pickup at dealership. So far so good. A convenient location since there are food places nearby; walking distance.
Kyle Winn
Highly un impressed. I called to speak with Walt twice and was very rudely hung up on with little to no reasoning. I was in the middle of a sentence, he cut me off, then before I could stop to listen he rudely said “oh you’re just going to talk over me?” and immediately hung up on me. I called back and said sorry for the miscommunication, he rudely said “for what, talking over me?”. He then proceeded to very rudely turn down my offer for business and again hung up on me. I had no prior engagement with Walt in any way, I was calling on an initial out reach and was blown away by Walt’s poor conduct. Very unprofessional and definitely not someone I would want to work with for anything. 0 star.
Ray Galvez
I usually dont take the time to write reviews, but in this case i made an exception. The customer service at this place is horrible. I went to get serviced as i pay for insurance through them. I had a nail stuck in my tire, my air conditioning needed repair and my miles were past a couple thousand for an oil change. they immediately said they only were going to cover the air conditioning and nothing else and that i had to pay $150 for inspection as well even tho my insurance plan covered this. I always go to this place for my oil changes and this time the guy “ronnie” i believe his name was told me i didnt need an oil change when it clearly stated i did on the sticker and the cars dash indication. They didnt want to help with the nail in my tire either. They were extremely rude and dismissive. I had to go inside and explain to them their own policy! The only staff member that was of any help was willy. Please do not pay for their insurance plan it is a money scheme and they will refuse to help replace anything unless your car is at the point of being beyond repair apparently. Please save yourself time and money
Katie Slivovsky
The day after I took my car in, I got a text from Toyota asking about my experience. I wrote the following, they never replied. Here’s the story: I needed a headlight bulb replaced and the man who took down the order said the bulb would cost $25ish and the labor would be $150ish because it takes time to remove the (he named a car part) in order to access the bulb. He said it would be a couple of hours. Since I know nothing about cars–my expertise lies elsewhere–I said OK. While waiting, I called my husband to chat. I mentioned the car situation and he was immediately upset. He had recently presented the other headlight bulb to a mechanic who replaced it so quickly he didn’t even charge my husband. So, I called NOHO Valvoline and asked how much they charge to replace a headlight bulb. They said $29.00. At this point, I walked back to the Toyota service dept and the same man met me. Though it had only been one hour, he said the job was done and presented me with a list of other issues with my car that he said they could work on right now. I declined and inquired about the labor charge, telling him about my call to my husband and Valvoline. At that point he said, “are you looking for a discount?” I was surprised. Obviously I was upset because I felt lied to. The truth would have been to quote the cost of the bulb and say we have to charge a minimum of one hour labor–if indeed that’s the case. Instead I heard how complicated the job was which of course wasn’t true at all. Offering the discount–which I did accept–was a gesture in the right direction but honestly, it also made the whole deal even more shady. Now he can miraculously charge me half price for the labor? Just because I now had more information and was challenging him? What about the next customer? The whole thing was very shady and left me with a very sour taste about your policies and your company. UPDATE Feb 8 2021: Per the note below, I called the service department but there was no further follow up. They just post that to make it look like they’ve followed up on the complaint. Notice there’s no name or number. The woman who answered the phone when I called said she’d leave a message but again, no follow up. Toyota: stop asking for feedback and pretending you care about it!
Chantelle Sawa
My Prius C notified me there was some kind of cooling issue and that I needed to see my dealer. I picked this place and came in for my appointment and was told the work I needed done would cost me about $260. That’s a lot of money so I told the guy helping me I wanted to think about it, and he laughed in my face. Yeah… glad I now know what kind of place this is. Then to top it off, I got a call several hours later asking why I never showed up to my appointment. Happily took my business elsewhere with employees who treat people respectfully.
R Manalo
Met with high standards, did everything by the book as I expected, great job Willy Moreno, another customer here satisfied and delivered completion date as promised nicely done on service!
Bought a certified used car from out of state and they failed to mention that one of the back speakers is broken, the seats of the car were filthy, and there was a dent in the bumper. Unfortunately, I was not able to inspect the vehicle in person prior to purchase. Pictured are towels covered in the dirt that I scrubbed off the seats. Edit: After speaking in the phone with Albert, the person who sold me my car, he told me to email him photos of the car’s damage. I’ve yet to receive a response.
Albert Levitt
The bad experience, that I have had. On the dashboard of the car, the Check Engine light lit up, and the Dealer says that this is from m spilled coffee. They show me (Attached Photos), but it was completely out of the way and not spoil the electrics. The guys just don’t want to work and are looking for a reason to refuse a car warranty.
Mandy Mayer
ad great experience here, buying my first-ever car at the age of 54! I didn’t have high expectations after an awful experience at SF Honda! I did check out SF Toyota’s website, and there were some good reviews online, so I made an online inquiry. To my surprise, I got follow-up! My experience here, starting with Russell, was phenomenal! Once I got my husband in line with the Prius C, I knew I wanted to buy the car! It was just that simple! They have a great product, and there was no pressure to purchase! As I went through the process I met more awesome staff: Phil, Christian, and Gil, and even Christina were all equally great, and truly nice people, not slick, sleazy sales people.
Daniela Castillo
Please don’t go to this dealership! I wish I read the reviews here before going. It is all true! They totally deceived you. They pretend to be so nice with you, very pushy and when you sign the contract digitally they changed numbers and increase the price! I caught it the next day and went back to claim and oh boy, the manager was so rude, he started the conversation with “I used to be a police “ I guess to intimidate me? He made me go two more times before changing the contract to what I first agree. I have papers as proof that everything that I am saying is true. They changed the contract to use my down payment to pay off my car and I have proof that my old car was worth exactly what I agree (but they changed later in the contract) from the own Toyota!. They increased the price of the car I bought by $6,000!!! This is insane! I mean it when I say don’t go to this dealership. It is been an absolute nightmare dealing with this. It is been over a month since I signed the second contract with the correct payment and several phone calls and they still haven’t changed my payment. I tried speaking with another manager and he absolutely ignored everything that I said and just transferred me back with the manager who is been rude and unprofessional. He called me and said his day is not going well because I complained about him, oh really? Tried being on my shoes, get treated like that by a bunch of men and get stolen a bunch of money from a multimillionaire company that doesn’t care about customers. Also I got these emails from Toyota to rate my experience and when I fill it with what happened, they erased it and send me a new one. I am going to make sure on my social media and among my friends that nobody goes to this place. They ripped you off on these very difficult times and they absolutely don’t care about you.
Ana Ruiz
Awesome customer service there specially salesman Fred Yadkar he is great ! Special thanks to Fred and Arnold they made it happen ! I have a new 2021 Highlander! I would recommend it in a heartbeat!!! I had a bad experience at 2 other locations Vannuys and mission hills Toyota dealers I lastly went to north Hollywood and I loved Fred’s service and team.
Michelle Gano
Internet sales person here are rude. They said they are too busy to help. He also said that all highlander hybrid are AWD and that they dont make a FWD available. This is NOT TRUE. I have the V specs and you can google it that this IS NOT TRUE. They have no idea what they are selling! But the icing on the cake is that the are RUDE!!!
Luis De Roman
A bit expensive but worth it, when it is spent on replacement parts and oils for the truck that has taken me to where ever i need to go. Most important of all i don’t mind the cost. Quite the opposite happens, i leave the place knowing that i will replace the Nave’s (truck) oil and filters with genuine Toyota parts.
Luis Macias
In this dealer they are totally liers. They promised me that they would of help me pay-off my Nissan Rogue they totally lied to me I felt really disappointed with this place. How sad 😔 They said that I would have to pay it off myself. How sad….😔😔😡
Vince Caldera
Stopped by the North Hollywood Toyota dealership today (8/19/20) and was severely disappointed by the honesty of the staff. Went in for required maintenance and was suggested I pay $260 for a non-essential fuel injection service based on a “recommendation”. I agreed. I’m not very well rounded within the realm of cars, so I trusted them. But after doing some quick research I learned fuel injections are usually $80. Soon after, within 5 minutes, I changed my mind. I told the service advisor about this change and he said “It’s too late. Your car has already been serviced.” I saw my car sitting idle in the parking lot. I literally saw them drive it away into the parking lot designated for cars that are due for service. Far from any maintenance workers. This guy blatantly lied to my face. The only reason I was able to cancel was because he was caught in his own lie. I was really disappointed. This place is a joke. Don’t come here. I know I’m not coming back. 0/100.
Karen Renly
They are very nice. Had car serviced. Was told to have engine cleaned, car washes are open. Even before I can find a place that does that the Service engine light came on and car starts beeping at me. I wonder why I paid so much too. It’s under warranty that I paid extra for. I asked for car fax report and never got it. I should have insisted.
jeffrey lopez
Sales and finance i want to say i have had nothing but great experience. but Service dept has been nothing but a disappointment. from having advisors tell me “well they do not make them like the use to” to having an appointment and having other people get help before me. to my personal favorite of having a problems with my locking system and for the advisor just to tell me “well if its not doing it right now there is nothing i can do” i have kids and when the rear doors do not lock that is a safety concern for me and to not make an effort to even have a technician look at it after i have previous locking problems was the last straw for me. i will NEVER return and i will make sure i will tell all my friend and family And co workers to never come back to this dealership.
Criminales del Olimpo Podcast
If you can have the luxury to spend 600-800 dollar per service every time you need a check up THIS IS YOUR BEST SPOT. An official Toyota place… Well well, well. Other than the logo, I don’t really feel that, because first of: They “sweetie-me” without knowing me at all (more than once BTW)… But alright, not a biggie. Moving on! So I have been there twice, and both times they charged me fares that were far higher than what they should be (ethically and legally speaking). You know why? I’ll give you an example: Today I left my car at 11am, then at 2pm I get a call, they tell me that they’ve just finished the maintenance check, but they found out 3 things I needed to keep up to date. They assure me that these issues are something you take care of every 5 years aprox. (same thing they told me in the last visit BTW), so they let me know the price and I say oh well… Pricey as hell, but, it’s alright go ahead if it needs to be done. The car was ready for pickup around 3:30pm. So I go there, I pick up my car, I get a price breakdown AFTER I PAY (I thought you should get that BEFORE YOU PAY)… And my surprise is: – INSPECTION+REGULAR MAINTENANCE 129 DOLLARS – THE OTHER 3 THINGS (the transmission and the two coolers needed the fluid exchange): LABOR $130 (X3)+ THE PRICES OF THE LIQUIDS (WHICH WERE RIDICULOUS). Total: $650 So… Yes, they charge you $130 dollars’ worth of labor per activity (which the law says- per hour)… When they actually call you at 2pm to ask for permission to work on it and give you the car an hour and a half later. This is ridiculous, incongruent, weird, I have no words to describe it. I don’t doubt of the quality of their services, I do doubt of their work ethics and pricing… Every time I go there they don’t treat me badly, sure, but I feel ripped off at the same time. They use the brand as a shield to assure you that “it’s all for the health of your car”. Basically, they are salesmen first, mechanic second. This is the last time I am taking the car here. I AM NOT COMING BACK… And you shouldn’t go either, look for something else.
En La Luna Photography
Unfortunately a credit card application was processed and a credit card was opened without my consent. Though the representative apologized and was personable and kind, these practices are evidently condoned by the company as I never received an apology from management. I expressed my concerns and was not satisfied with the response I got. I was mislead and I’m sure many other people have been as well. My credit score has dropped 15 points as a result until the credit bureaus are informed that it was opened in error. I am still not finished with this process. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Meghann Hernandez
Price gougers!i We went in to see about upgrading our current Toyota, which we bought here. They were very nice at first and treated us like “family”. We were clear about what we wanted and asked questions about price. Then, after paperwork was filled out the prices suddenly changed by $10,000! They basically told us our 2 year old trade in that we bought with them, which is in perfect condition, was a piece of junk and tried to talk us into taking on $300 more a month in payments. No way! Complete bait and switch! We won’t be “family” there ever again!! Watch out for Symon… Typical fast-talking salesman that will try to take you for what he can.
Nita Lee Marquez
Excellent customer relationship energy and efforts from sales, Fernando and Guapo… Finance Dept is AMAZING!!! There is a complete lack of continuity in the service department however, their customer service and their ethics suck in service dept bs with up sells — I definitely don’t send one of your high school or college age kids there because they will totally take it vantage of them. Instead- by a car there and never use the service department
Susana Medina
NOT TRUST WORTHY…Sales people gave a price, then change it later. Jeremiah, the person closing the deal and getting all the signatures was not truthful. We asked for the most inexpensive warranty and instead I come to find out after everything was sign that he gave us the most expensive one. The following day, I called him and asked him to remove it. He said, I will do it tomorrow. I called the following day and asked him if it was done. He told me it was too late that the paperwork was sent to the bank. I called his supervisor. The supervisor and told him about Jeremiahs lies. The supervisor said I could remove it. Jeremiah flat out lied, when I got to the dealer, they had my paperwork. I sat with a different person. I asked if it had been submitted to the bank. He said NO it takes a few days before they submitted to process. This place had too many shady people and I didn’t feel like I could trust anyone. I will Never Again give them my business.
Tony Bernheim
Hello North Hollywood Toyota….Purchased 2014 rav4 limited from pre owned department John Rodis. Here’s the real problem…John Rodis and pre owned management dept did not do the safety check and oil change interval before the purchase…I personally had to service and safety inspect this vehicle assisted by a independent certified technician…Luckily..this car passed with a B+ rating…# Hello Prescott Honda trade in department…CR-V..yeah…..
Janet Wentz
Professional, quick, great smiling, handsome salesman service. Worked with & my credit to get the car I wanted. I was so happy when I was approved too, the same day I went in.
laurel briggs
Absolutely wonderful experience all the way around! Tim Bland gave me the utmost respect and worked with me to secure a car beyond my wildest dreams!!! Thank you!!!!!
A huge thank you to Arthur in finance and Carlos in sales for a great 2020 deal! I am so grateful for the personal attention and patience they had for all my questions. They really take the time to make sure you are selecting the best vehicle for your needs and take the pressure off such a big purchase. They are knowledgable, patient and professional folks go to the extra mile to make sure their customers leave informed. Thanks guys! I am so happy with my new purchase!
Jose Cardenas
North Hollywood Toyota was awesome Andre was very helpful and got me what I deserved thank you much do recommend and Tim was also very helpful give them a try
Shela Vishtak
Today we visited your dealership. And having lived in America for 30 years, I haven’t seen the worst service. Everything is fine until it comes to the “financial manager”. Your dealers are reluctant and are not able to work with the client. And if YOU don’t control them, your rating will never rise. Offer Raf4 lease 10`000 down payment + 36 months for 375 monthly (total 13,500) and the balance for buying a car 20500. With the cost of the car 32,000 + max, it will cost me 44,000. For 30 years, it is difficult for me to count the number of lease and purchased cars by my family. Of course we have a huge selection of dealerships and we will not be left without a car. Against the backdrop of such a huge market and such a small demand, you are unlikely to stand!
Jose Carlos Uscamayta Pino
They will forget you as a customer. I went there to see financial service. A sales associate send me to the waiting area. I waited 2 hours and plus. 6pm i see the financial service rep was leaving. He didnt know . No one knew why i was sitting in the chair for 2h and plus. Andre baghdasarian finance manager was good. His sale associate bad.
Chad Johnson
My wife bought a car here and it was not a good experience. She traded in a 2013 Prius that had $6,730 left to pay on it, but only had 77,000 miles on it. They told her that her Prius would be “taken care of,” so she thought that they had given her the money that was owed on the Prius. Instead they only gave her $5,000 for the Prius and took the rest out of her down payment for the new car. Yes she did sign but they didn’t tell her this at the point of sale. It is pretty tough to find a 2013 Prius for $5,000; normally it would have to have over 200,000 miles to be that cheap. We had to go back to the store and argue our case with a few employees in order to reach the deal that my wife had thought was the case when signing. All dealerships tend to swing low when buying cars, but be careful at North Hollywood Toyota before signing any papers with your purchase.
Alex Kang
First I would like to thank and credit John, Albert, and Sedrick for the exceptional service and attention they had provided me; they are excellent people and are second to none. I bought a used 2018 Toyota CH-R and the process was relatively smooth and painless. I would have given a 5-star rating if it wasn’t for the fact that I was sold a car with a dead battery and missing radio knob, and the service department was surprisingly unhelpful telling me that I would have to leave the car overnight over a simple warranty job for a battery – something I cannot do because of my constantly changing schedule. As an automotive technician that does this kind of work for a living, testing a battery and charging circuit is literally a 5-minute job with a proper tester, and replacing a battery doesn’t take more than 10. While I understand how busy the place can get and that there was no time slot available for me, I was turned away and given no solution to something that was an oversight by the dealership. In the end, I took my car back to my workplace and tested the battery and charging circuit myself with the proper test equipment and found unsurprisingly that the battery would no longer hold a charge and was completely dead. Now it seems that I will have to pay out of pocket for something that should have been dealt with prior to the sale of the vehicle. I want to leave a 5-star review because John, Albert, and Sedrick are such great people, but the lack of interest to help a customer at the service department over something as mundane as a battery has left a bad taste in my mouth.
cherry frias
this place is the worst ..i suggest you dont go this place especially laarni ocampo ..has bad manners ..she destroy peoples lives from gossiping telling and lies to other people i suggest dont go to this place ..i heard from people who bought thier car here .. was dissapointed ..and got angry …i thought she was a true friend ..shes a back stabber …she cant stop gossiping about me with all lies ..and she cant mind her own business…
Jesse Licardo
Very unprofessional finance manager. Try to pressure us into agreeing to their propose loan that only benefited them. Disrespectful unprofessional finance guy the bold headed one. I wouldn’t recommend them at all. Worst dealership experience. Their sales lady was very professional but when we went to finance we were serve a greedy unprofessional jerk who tried to intimidate us. To all my friends, this is not a dealer to go to. Go where you will be treated fairly.
MelOrIn Ali
What a bad experience. We went there for lease buyout. Told them that our credit is above 720 (760 to be exact) and we got approved with Bank of America with interest rate of 3.96, but they want us to put both of our names on contact as joint owners. Can you give us better rate with only one name on contact? And the guy “Jimi “ showed us the sign , said yes!!!we have to run the credit any we could get even better rate from what it shows on the sign! But when he run the credit his boss came with the rate of 5.99%!!!! saying that this rate is only for new cars!!!! What a bad service , what a shame!!!!
Timothy Jones
Because this morning was overcast and a bit sprinkly, there are less people everywhere, including Toyota. So the service was quick and easy (I had an appointment, but was 1/2 hour early). As always, this dealership is very comfortable to wait in, with great individual grind coffee, donuts, TV, soft couches all around, and lots to read, and lots to look at. Would be 5 stars but their parts are pricey.
Nick Hutchings
Beware of after purchase customer care. My purchasing experience was great, but the dealership is lacking in after sale customer care. I have a total loss claim (AKA totaled car) with Toyota Financial. In order for me to use the GAP insurance I purchased at North Hollywood Toyota (NHT) (Toyota GAP), Toyota must receive a refund of the extended warranty I purchased from NHT. Toyota told me that NHT had 30 days to issue a refund of the extended warranty. My total loss claim was on 3/13/19, and NHT was notified by 3/16/19 of the total loss. According to Toyota, NHT requested an additional 8 days to issue the refund after the 30 days had already passed. I was then told on 4/29/19 that the dealer had not issued the refund yet and “their account will be debited”. As of 5/2/19, I have been instructed to wait another week to follow up as they can finally see a refund is in process. As of writing this, I have had to make 2 payments on a car I no longer have because of NHT. My Prime was broken into on the street and over $25,000 worth of parts were stolen.
Ismail Ramadan
Do not recommend purchasing a new or used vehicle here. They use, if not illegal, then definitely unethical, sales tactics. Better to do your business elsewhere. I have reported their tactics to appropriate governmental authorities.
Jennifer Loza
Great experience shopping at North Hollywood Toyota. Shams was great in helping to get a deal that fit me without having to sacrifice. Eric was a great help without being pushy like other car salesmen. Mark was very helpful in the finance area and helped to explain the added options and which might be best for me. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family looking for a new car to give this location a shot
Bad Toro99
Another great experience at Toyota of North hollywood. Went in to take care of something regarding my new car and Elvis took care of me in a second! This guy is sharp, friendly and ready to take care of you! Amazing experience! Thanks Elvis and Toyota!
Albert karapetyan
A huge thank you to Armani Minasyan for a fantastic car buying experience. I highly recommend doing business with Armani. I bought a 2019 Toyota and Armani gave the best price and straightforward with no pressure transaction.
Jake Rosener
North Hollywood Toyota is my go to dealership for oil changes and other normal maintenance work. They are quick and great to deal with over the phone to set up an appointment and in person for the payment and drop off of my vehicle. They also have very nice coffee machines on their main floor and donuts in the morning.
Stacy Banh
The dealership is awesome on all level, customers service, professional and will do what it takes to earn your business. Salesman Thong( Tommy) Dam and his bro Sedrick in finance are a great team. They bend over anything to help get a better rate, better price, and even after the deal was done. Tommy was terrific with after the sale help and support whenever however questions arise. Help with clean air rebate, how to apply for carpool sticker. I would recommend anyone to see Tommy for any car you need.
Angelo Agustin
Russel was pleasant, straight to the point, and very efficient. Unfortunately, I waited for my car for about 15 minutes after they said it was ready and two people who came after me received their car first. Russel noticed and told the attendees. Thank you Russel. I would recommend Russel to my friends and family.
Joshua Lago
Service department has wonderful front desk people, but their main attendants include a few dismissive individuals who will put in minimal effort to resolve your questions, if any at all. Then there’s the shameless price-gouging. Parts here cost more than they do even on the official Toyota web site, and conveniently their policy doesn’t allow you to source them yourself. I learned this last bit when I needed a battery replaced – NoHo Toyota wanted $450 for the whole process, so I bought one for $118 elsewhere. When I called in, their mechanic said he could install it, but I was turned away when I arrived. This was a blessing in disguise because literally everywhere will do it faster and cheaper. Another time, I received a call that my car was ready for pickup about 30 minutes before closing. I asked if they’d still be there, explaining I was 15 minutes away. They said they would be, but I arrived to a closed office a few minutes before official closing time, and wasn’t able to get my car until the next morning. As someone who uses their car for work and travels for meetings, this resulted in a cascade of cancelled plans. The used sales division talked up how useful the extended warranty I paid for would be, but so far everything I’ve needed done has conveniently fallen outside of the terms. I’ve met some genuinely nice people here, but the overall vibe I get from the service experience is “Go elsewhere if you want, we don’t care.” Shout out to TP though, he’s legitimately cool.
sarah hoover
Had a terrible experience with Arnold and Symon. It was your stereotypical car salesman in every way, would never go back here. Got a way better deal and stellar customer service elsewhere. Don’t give this place your business.
Cathleen M
This review is about the lobby/cashier. We finished at the service desk to drop off our car at 8:30. They offered us a free shuttle, which we were grateful for. We waited about 20 mins and then asked for an update. “Ohhh sorry Lyft keeps cancelling”. I overheard one of the employees speaking on the phone about a shuttle. So 10 mins later I asked for a shuttle. She said the mechanic had to repark a car and then could drive a shuttle. We waited a few more minutes before giving up and calling our own Lyft because the lobby’s Lyft account is clearly a problem and doesn’t work. Drivers kept cancelling. Some drivers showed up and had no idea who to pick up. Just offer a shuttle or don’t at all, but don’t waste 45 minutes of my time. Our Lyft that we had to call ourselves took 2 minutes to arrive. The lobby took over 45 minutes to sort out any ride. Not trustworthy. Will he handling my own transportation next time.
Imani L
Yoshi was a wonderful and knowledgeable salesperson. Her genuine attitude made me feel extraordinarily comfortable with my purchasing decision and my overall experience couldn’t have been better. She never failed to answer any of my numerous questions and was a pleasure to work with.
Ney Samson
Personally I haven’t had a chance to actually go & look around and shop for a new car…yet! I’ve only walked by the dealership & window shop so I can’t say anything bad Big dealership! I’ve ever seen 👍
Marc Valbuena
Thanks Toyota of North Hollywood ! One of the Best Floor Manager, Enrique Domonguez, salesperson Rahim. Highly Professionals,personable,extremely Helpful,most of All Very Kind. I was well taken care off. I couldn’t ask for a Better Service than that. I Highly recommend this dealership. They really work with you. Thanks again Enrique & Rahim ! Job Well Done. 5 Stars Rating. Everybody at that dealership are nice & very Friendly.👍✌
Giovanie Medina
This dealership is very dishonest I financed a 2018 Toyota ia msrp was 17,000 and ended up paying 30,000 my credit was decent they ended up switching the price of the vehicle don’t not recommend this dealership thank you
Lupe Sanchez
Armani was amazing! Armani and his staff made car buying such an easy process! He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. They took such great care of me. If you are thinking of purchasing a car, you MUST ask for ARMANI! I truly can not say enough about him!
Burak Şahinoğlu
I have purchased a car here about 1.5 months ago. I’ll expand on it but with a single word, my experience at this dealership has been EXCELLENT! My special thanks to Jerry who helped me a lot during this process, and big applause for Jerry and Shawn for explaining various things from general to specifics to address my questions and concerns. This was my first car purchase experience, so I was extremely picky about every detail. I lost the count but it’s likely that I have contacted and visited over 10 dealerships, while I was deciding which brand and model of car to buy, which trim to choose etc. Some of my visits were walk-ins and some were scheduled appointments. I have experienced some very aggressive salesmen tactics during the process and that’s partly why I became more and more picky during the process. I’d say NoHo Toyota is one of the best in terms of their sales department, especially because they let me think for an extended amount, and always responded with solutions and clear answers that I asked for. In terms of pricing, only a very few other dealerships gave me a price close to what they offered, on top of that the attitude and treatment I got at this dealership made it a no-brainer for me. In addition to many phone calls I have had with them, mainly Jerry assisted me through this process who was very kind and always honest with my detailed questions and extremely patient during the day I purchased the car (the last test drive and all the paperwork), and during one of my visits Shawn assisted me with a test-drive and answered all my questions at that time with total clarity. I’ve also went through the finance department eventually. Since I brought my own finance through my bank, it was the routine procedures at the end which I’d describe very smooth. I can’t really give a detailed review since I haven’t financed through Toyota or other banks that they are in contact with. It worked well in my case. Overall, this was one of the friendliest dealership experience I had. On top of that their honesty and pricing were the main factors that made me choose them.
Manuel Altamirano
Best customer service I have seen and been through. If you ever want to buy a car. And need assistance on buying a car, Just go to or ask for Yoshi, she will help you get a car, no matter the situation, she is an amazing young lady that will give you the best positive attitude ever. She will make you feel comfortable . So if you are ever around north Hollywood Toyota, or want a car or want a Toyota, come here, you won’t regret it. If you are reading this. Just come down right now !! To come out with a brand new car!! Get people attention. *Thumbs Up*
Iam totaly happy! Thank you for nice service!
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