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Sunland Ford in Victorville, CA

Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

15330 Palmdale Rd, Victorville, CA 92392, United States
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Ford Dealer in Victorville, CA | Used Cars Victorville | Sunland Ford

Sunland Ford is your source for new Fords and used cars in Victorville, CA. Browse our full inventory online and then come down for a test drive.

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All reviews:

Carlos Campos
One day my steering went out. Had the car towed to Sunland Ford for service. Was told that the electronics in my rack and pinion assembly went out- a $2100 dollar fix. Add to that $400 for bearing replacement (this one actually made sense). I couldn’t afford that, so I decided to sell my car to Pick a Part for $900. When Pick a Part came to take the car I had to start it to make sure it ran. Lo and behold, the steering worked too. I asked my service rep why did it work and they said they reset the electronics but the underlying problem still exists. With the pandemic, I don’t use my car much (work from home). If I had known it was working, I could have taken the car home and then brought it back the next paycheck I had. So then I ask for the bill from the service rep. I was charged $150 not for a multi-point inspection or use of the computer to find the problem, but for “Re-inspection of prior safety recall.” I would have paid for the inspection without any qualms, but found it odd they had to dress it up as a re-inspection of a recall (to the best of my knowledge, there are no recalls for the rack and pinion systems for a 2012 Ford Focus). The service team was quick and polite every member of the team was courteous and helpful. That is why I didn’t give it a one star rating.
steven legleiter
Traded in my 2004 F-150 and had a great shopping experience Fernando Melendez got me rolling. I didn’t have the best of credit but the ford team at Sunland worked with what I had. I look forward to future business with Fernando and the people at Sunland Ford.
maricel santos
Just traded in my 2017 Ford Escape last night and had a great shopping experience! I’m in love with my new 2020 Ford Fusion hybrid titanium 😀 Michael Townsend, who helped us with everything during the car shopping was really an excellent sales rep. He’s very knowledgeable with his job. Also very courteous and patient. He was also the same sales rep who assisted us when husband got his Ford Expedition 2 years ago. I’d also like to give a shout out to the guy at the finance dept (I think his name is Brent) He was nice and efficient. Very satisfied customers here! I highly recommend this dealer to everyone.
J. Hinojosa
Helpful and friendly. Ordered a truck, they held onto it while waiting for my home purchase to close. Easy in and easy out. Highly recommend
Austin Marshall
Buying a F-150 from Sunland Ford was a simple process. It took 2.5 hours form the time we entered the dealership until we had keys in hand and were eon our way to dinner. We had the vehicle picked out well before arriving and did have an appointment which made the process much easier. Our salesman was helpful and the financing was expedient as well. Overall, it was a painless process and if you have a good credit rating and know ahead of time what you’re looking for it will go smoothly.
Terrell Porter
We gave Sunland a Two Star rating 5 days ago based on our leasing a new 2020 Platinum Explorer. I feel good giving them Five Stars now. They reached out to use, listened, thanked us for sharing and convinced us that they would do some better training to insure future customers would have a Five Stars experience. They also worked hard to help find a way make us feel better and they did. They made it right, we’ll be coming back. Thank you.
Shannon Ramirez
I have purchased 2 beautiful vehicles from Sunland Ford. The customer service is amazing and they are there to help you get into something no matter what. Thank you guys for a great experience looking forward to another easy fast transaction soon
Rob Altomari
I have purchased multiple vehicles from Sunland Ford and every time I have, I have received a very fair deal for my trade and a very fair price for my new vehicle. Now with that being said I take my vehicles there as well to be serviced, the wait may be a little bit longer than taking it to some small oil change place but its worth it to have all my records in one place, especially if its still under warranty and they check for any recalls. They also replace any parts with genuine Ford parts. Now I looked into why the wait times are a bit longer and found out the Ford Dealer in Barstow closed so they are the only Ford Dealer in the High Desert, so I recommend making an appointment to cut down on the wait. I do recommend them and enjoy the lightheartedness of some of the salesman and service writers.
Amy Gaddis
We had a great experience at Sunland. No pushy sales people. They were very helpful & we were able to get everything we wanted at the best price. Recommend them to anyone in the market for a new Ford!
Brandon Smith
Recently I had taken my 2017 F350 service truck in for some warranty work because the ford dealer in Barstow was not able to get it in for a month or so. VV ford said we can get you in right away,so I brought my truck in on a Tuesday(August 25th). The next day came I received a call and they said they found the problem but wouldn’t be able to get parts until the following Monday(August 31st) but, advised me if I just left the truck they could get started on it right away and when the parts arrived they would start getting the truck back together. Well the following Tuesday(September 1st) came and the truck hadn’t been touched. After talking with them they said we apologize we will have it done by Friday (September 4th). Friday came and no one called and said anything so I was finally able to get ahlod of the service advisor Sheri and once again said it wasn’t done and still hasn’t been touched but it will be done Tuesday(September 8th) end of day well here we are 2 weeks later and the truck still hasn’t been fixed or even started. The only thing they did was put 2 new tires on it but did not repair the truck so by this point for being off work and not making money for 2 weeks they charge me full price for the tires! I picked the truck up and was able to get it to another dealer. I cannot believe a Ford dealership can get away with this. This is joke and they have cost me thousands of dollars being off work. I do not recommend this dealer for anything.
Brian Ewing
Salesman Brandon “BC” Chambers was very friendly and very knowledgeable. The finance manager behind the desk, Michael seemed cool and was nice as well. The dealership was very clean and well kept. Unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement on price, so no Expedition for us!
Vanessa Orell
My husband and I needed a bigger car for our new family, and Sunland Ford was so generous to us! They are all professional, helpful, honest and trustworthy. If you need a vehicle go to Sunland Ford. They will do your family RIGHT!! We are in love with our new vehicle!
Allan Villalobos
I bought my new Ford Fusion at Sunland Ford last week and it was the best experience. Kind, professional and willing to help me thank you very much Jessica, thank you very much James, thank you very much Josh and thank you very much to all the people who were involved in my purchase. I have no doubt that I will buy my next car at Sunland Ford
Felipe D. Koenig Gonzalez
Sunland Ford. Getting parts for old 2002 Explorer. Good service, to the point, had some parts, others ordered. Stated will get there in 3 days. All smooth. Side note: Mgmt needs to do a better job at displaying Ford merchandise in Parts “showroom.” You’re wasting good and available space. Show some Ford pride…or at least, fake it.
Keith Locklear
Sunland Ford’s service department was outstanding! Jennifer was excellent at both communicating with me throughout the day and finding ways to save me money for repairs to my F150. This is not only the place to buy a vehicle in the High Desert, but definitely get all your service done here!
Laurie Porter
The day after this review when management became aware they reached out to us immediately. Wes listen, had already researched the event, did not try to excuse, but did explain. Our experience would be used to insure other customers’ experience would be the best. He worked hard with us to make it right. That is why they get Five Stars and we will be returning. Thank you. Jessica at Sunland Ford found our Ford Explorer when 7 other dealers could not. We had been shopping on the computer for over a week using Ford dot com, Kelly Blue Book and TruCar when Jessica emailed us. After getting all the specifics she found our car at another dealers, notified us on a Sunday, Internet manager Scott called to confirm the sale & pick up of the car on Monday and that afternoon we arrived at Sunland. The Explorer was prepared, clean, fueled up and ready to go. Andrew showed us all the features and helped us connect our phones of our new Platinum 4 Wheel Drive Red Explorer. Our credit was great, the deal was very straight forward, easy to come to terms and with guidance we decided to lease. Then some disappointment as we sat for almost two hours by ourselves with no offer of interaction, drink and/or food in a very stark cubicle until the finance person came to get us. We knew they were busy and it was evening, but we were spending our dinner time just waiting and still had a sixty mile drive home. I spent my own $2 on a Diet Pepsi from their machine and it was WARM. It was a big fail for taking the best care possible for good customers. Jessica and Andrew get 5 Stars, the dealership 2. Bring your own food and drink.
Timothy Visosky
This was an excellent experience. Isaac was very informative and showed honest enthusiasm during our interaction. One of the most important qualities was that he did not over sell the truck and was not pushy. He was straight forward and I felt I received the best deal. Josh did not not try to oversell extras and was looking out for my best interest. I will definitely refer my friends and colleagues to Isaac and Josh. Thank you for the hospitality.
SKT Productions
Great deals and great people. Got our 2019 kia Optima in great condition for only $19,000 with a great warranty deal. The people there are very kind and do their best to work around your budget. When we needed work done on the car they fixed it as fast as they could. They’re very on top of things!
David M
After going to 6 dealerships this was the first one to ask if i need help James Campbell was awsome . i have been researching hightop cargo vans for two weeks online my 2 choices are ford transit 250 lwb and ram promaster 2500 they are very close in price but the ram is almost a foot longer which i like but after the horrible service at Victorville ram motors they made the choice easy if im going to spend 40k at least i want good service
Joey Guevara
Best dealership around the county and desert. Salesman was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient in telling me everything I needed to know about my F-150 purchase. I left the lot with no hanging questions and all information necessary. Best experience I have ever had at a dealership. Finance manager was efficient and calculated in executing my agreement and closing of purchase. Was in and out in a jiffy with all the information I needed to know.
Bud Hawes
Work done on vehicle was excellent….customer service experience was exceptionally poor….i had to call repeatedly to get an update……no answer or …someone will call you back…..vehicle was in shop for 9 days….
Keith Holland
Tried to give Sunland my business as I have lived here in the desert for over 30 years. My first experience trying to buy a truck was a very long time ago. I was on the lot looking at trucks and I a salesman comes out of the show room and yells out…..Do you need help or not? That was enough for me. I continued to make my vehicle purchases from a VERY large Ford dealer in San Fernando Valley. I’ve purchased 13 cars/Trucks from them over 20 years. This past weekend I felt I should give Sunland a try. It really was a big waste of my time. They had no interest in trying to make a deal happen as if they were the only Ford dealership on earth. There is no negotiation to try to close a deal. The dealership in the San Fernando Valley won’t let you leave unless you pretty much get what you want which is why I’ve purchased 14 vehicles from them. The salesman at Sunland pretty much challenged me to go and get a better deal. (If I could). I’m done with Sunland and will continue to give the dealership in the San Fernando Valley my business as will my family and friends.
Reader List
Definitely had a 5 star experience here! I usually hate car shopping but everything at Sunland was quick and painless. I even went in with an exhausted, foggy brain but had zero issues. Everything I was told was very direct, easy to understand information, which turned what could have been a bumpy process into a super smooth one. It was the best experience I’ve had at a dealership (thanks to the salesperson, and the finance guy, Travis). And I love my little new-to-me car.
Louis Fazzi
Sunland Ford is my go to dealership. They have taken great care of my 2015 Fusion Titanium Energi from the time of its very first service until now, a little more than 5 years and 90,000 great miles later. This car is a typical Ford, even though it was my first plug-in hybrid. Practically indestructible. I wish I could say that I’m a typical “old man” driver, but the truth is far from it. I punish all my cars, not intentionally, mind you, but it just happens that way. Sure, I can be gentle and gentlemanly in it, and then I can thrash it about like it was a rally car. It is a really great car, and I have proudly driven it since day one. And it delivers great mileage. For over 90,000 miles, I’m averaging about 43.4 miles per gallon, even the way I drive. I could get more leaves if I drove more sensibly.
Velvet Yvette Victorian
Not bad, Everytime I have been to Sunland Ford it was an Emergency! Ford in Victorville handles Emergencies well. They only get four stars because they did not show me the parts they took off. My car froze in the parking lot at grocery.
Jeffrey Reel
Love everything about the car! The way the seats feel to the way it drives smoothly. Also how the sound system is crisp and clean, and same goes for the A/C. Also love the space the car has to offer!
Michael Glennie
Terrible place to shop for cars there service is awful i got my car and i kept breaking i brought it to their shop and its been 5 days and they havent even looked at my car 10/10 dont recommended buying from here
Michael Wynn
Sunland Ford is an excellent Company they have reliable vehicles and Customer service is on point. They Can be a little on the rush rush side but they will slow down and explain everything if you have any doubts. My 1st impressions did not meet my standards I had come to expect but after a good sit down between the Company and Consumer were able to reach an agreement that met both needs and price. Thank You Sunland Ford for my New Truck and look forward to do future business with you.
People are friendly and knowledgeable about vehicles. Parts development is fast and knowledgeable about your vehicles. The sales people are not pushy and unprofessional about your needs. Selecting a vehicle that is right for you was easy. My experience here was great.
Michael Tracey
My wife ashley and I went in to buy a car, and the customer service was terrible to say the least, brandon made absolutely no effort to put my wife in any car let alone the we were looking for. Ive bought vehicles from this dealer. I was told 4000 down on a Chevy spark that is 9000???? Really? On top of that Brandon just didn’t seem interested in helping at all. Very discouraging. Brandon also said that sunland does not have in house financing. Just seemed like he didnt care. He basically challenged to go find a better deal as if to say their the only ford dealer on the planet. I wont recommend anyone to buy a car here.
John Hawley
The only negative I have is the paperwork. I do understand that Sunland Ford has to go by regulations so it probably can’t be helped. Andrew was very professional and helpful for our circumstance. (Wife in wheelchair) Jeff waded thru the paperwork as fast as he could on a very hot day so the experience went as well as it could.
Rita Wilson
So far I’m very happy with my new purchase, I’ll have a true opinion when it time for service that’ll be the true test. Most of the time you’re treated really good when you’re making a big purchase, then when you need service or follow up that’s when it matters.
Heather Kindel
Tony Hayes at Sunland Ford was so awesome. He helped me out of a bad situation. He made the process fun and would recommend him to anyone. The finance manager Jeff was also awesome. They both went above and beyond to help me . I truly appreciate them. Thanks you guys!
Shonda Jackson
Nothing but the BEST! JC was my wonderful helping hand in the process. I didn’t feel beat, I didn’t feel forced, I felt genuinely and greatly helped. I would recommend EVERYONE to visit the Sunland Ford dealership and ask for JC.
Dwight Evans
The service at Sunland ford was above and beyond great customer service. I had a pleasant buying experience and I would highly recommend buying at Sunland ford. Sunland is clean and following all the covid rules. Thanks for the wonderful buying experience
Lila Pompa
We had the best experience at Sunland Ford thanks to Frank Torres . My husband and had to leave out of town ASAP . Our truck was making a unusual noise we were very concerned didn’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere. we had no other option but to take it to the dealer at the last minute. We were so grateful for Frank Torres He made an exception due to our circumstance and agreed to inspect our truck. we were so grateful they took care of the problem The whole time we were there Frank kept us updated making sure we were okay and understand everything that was going on . No doubt best customer service ever once again thank you Frank Torres
Great team. Through this pandemic the team at Sunland Ford went above and beyond to make my needs met and help me purchase a new vehicle through constraints. Highly recommend working with Jessica Diaz and Scott Boyd.
Laramie Cosek
Great experience, hassle free and tremendous Staff. Tony Hayes was our sales rep and he was the consummate professional. Would recommend dealership/sales associate to anyone interested in a new vehicle.
Antionette Summerville
What went particularly well, everything! From the time my husband and I arrived, which was near the time for the shop to close. They still give me 100 % of their time! They covered and explained everything from the necessary inquiries of the desire for a new car, the performance of the vehicle, to understanding the state of the country’s economy, explaining the different types of programs available. Time-efficient with a successful negotiation period, which allowed me to drive off the car lot with my 1st brand new vehicle at the age of 51. I am very much appreciated by the superb teamwork that I received at Sunland Ford Car Dealership, located in Victorville, California. I might return in 7 years to purchase another car, but then again. I think I will keep the blessing that I received and spread the word of their excellent customer service!
Mellie Roak
All good. Sunland is the best Sharon is great. Always helpful and very professional I would refer anyone to Sunland. Everyone is very kind. Only thing I would recommend is to see is a kids area or corner to play while parents are busy with paper work cause it usually takes a while and that would help parents knowing they are safe and busy. Maybe a tv with chairs or books. Thank You Sunland Ford
Lauren Hernandez
We just purchased our second vehicle from them. Our first experience was fantastic and this last even better with the help from Brian in sales and Jeff from financing. Both of them were amazing and down to earth, got us deals on our vehicle and worked with us. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Which is why we ended back up at Sunland Ford.
Cheryl Bowers
Very disappointed. I had a 10:00 a.m. appointment for an oil change at the Quick Lane. I arrived 10 min early and was told my wait was approx 2 hrs WHAT???? According to the service writer there had been a lot of “walk-ins” that morning. The Quick Lane advertises no appt. required. I did demand that my APPOINTMENT be honored and my car be taken care of . The service writer did try to get my car taken care of…needless to say 1 1/2 hours later I was on my way. Not right!!! Just not right!!
Cherie Granillo
Thank you to all of Sunland Ford again, my son purchased a new 5.0 Mustang, I was so impressed with Steven and Tony in sales I traded in my 2015 F-150 for a 2020 FX4, and the detail department did such an awesome job it looked like it had been in the showroom. This is the 7th vehicle my family have purchased in the last 35 years, I have always had a wonderful easy experience with Sunland Ford.
Lauren Aparicio
Sunland Ford was very helpful from the very beginning. The greeted us immediately and helped every way possible. Allowed me to get inside every car I was looking at and even jump started a car to allow me to test drive it. After test driving 4 cars and figuring it the perfect match for me we found a car and I drove away extremely happy. Thank you for being patient with me and helping me find the right car for me!
Jusrin green
I traded a car in a few months back to get my new f150. I am now getting bills for the car being on toll roads and iv called multiple people there over this and never get a call back so once you get your vehicle they could care less to help you after
Timothy Grondwalski
Was very pleased with my purchase at Sunland Ford. Everyone here are nice and friendly. They didn’t push me into something I didn’t want. Very helpful and had me and my family out with a great deal. Thanks Sunland Ford.
justin green
Just bought a brand new f150 and I would suggest you use Russell schoenfeldt he was super helpful and can answer any questions you have a will get you the best deal he can . The finance manager Joshua hmura was good to work with he made the paperwork quick and was super helpful and together these guy made a great team I would recommend using them you won’t be disappointed
Tony B
Hands down the best dealership I ever been too! They will work with you and go out of there way to make sure your satisfied. West and the whole sales group as well as the service the department the best ever!
Patricia Marquez
Russell Moss was very Thorough and answering all my questions, and got my car in and out in a timely manner. He was professional and friendly. Yes I will take my car back to Ford
Clifton Warren
Best description I can give is a great experience, Wes the manager, Scott, Jeff, and Isac were all very helpful and made the experience actually fun and enjoyable. Thanks for a wonderful day!!!!
Lisa Maki
Such a great car buying experience. My sales guy Stephen was awesome. Such a great attitude and sense of humor without being high pressure. He even tried to fix my glasses when the fell off my face! I highly recommend Sunland Ford to anyone.
Jeff Lewis
We’ve been to a number of ford dealers because we travel the country full time with our f150 and travel trailer. Sunland is definitely one of the better dealers. Time is important to me and they give you a realistic time frame for the work and they deliver. The staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Can’t for more, though elsewhere I have received a lot less.
jean berresford
We Always get great customer service in the service department and the parts guy is very nice and helpful. Larry and sherry are amazing and helpful. We had our Truck serviced a couple weeks ago and so far their repairs worked only down fall was several parts being left under our hood 2 bolts a cap and a gasket/oring
Shelly Mattazaro
We purchased a 2020 Ford Expedition Limited Max 4×4 and there were a few minor issues with the vehicle that we were unhappy with. The General Manager, Wes Canfield, of Sunland Ford called us to talk about the issues and said bring it in and we will resolve all the issues with the vehicle and also clean/detail it and fill it with gas. Upon delivering it the gave us a brand new F150 with no miles on it to drive while they had our vehicle. They completed the repairs in a timely manner and there service advisors were very helpful with keeping us updated. Wes Canfield and his team did a good job and we were extremely happy with the purchase.
Beth Grant
Spoke with Jessica twice and made an appointment to see a car. She assured me that she would be there. I told her I was coming from Murrieta, an hour an 30 minutes away. Texted her and called to give her my arrival update and received nothing back. I tried to pull up the vehicle on their website to look up a spec and could not find it. When I called to check on it, was transferred to Jessica’s voicemail. Received a call from Michelle who explained that the car was sold. Michelle called back to apologize and then told me car was wholesaled and off the lot. Either way, this is horrible customer service! I can understand selling it, but would expect a call letting me know. I don’t understand “wholesaling” it when you have a customer coming to look at it.
MIchael Doucette
Scheduling my appointment online we quick and easy. I received email and text alerts with all the information to check in or change my appointment as needed. My vehicle was possibly going to have to stay overnight but the service team was able to complete the work the same day. The courtesy shuttle allowed me to return home while I waited for my car. If I have any other recall items or Ford specific service I would use Sunland Ford again.
justin fultz
Bought a new F-150 from Shane in 2016 (still have) now I returned to purchase a 2020 Explorer also from Shane and just like my first purchase it went seamlessly. Remember to buy local and Sunland Ford is the place to go!
dave pillow
Fantastic buying experience! Brian the sales guy was easygoing, and I felt no pressure. Financing was a breeze thanks to Josh, and Jessica was instrumental in making the process smooth and seamless- persistent yet, not intrusive. I value that in a car dealership. Thanks for the great car!
Ry C
Traded in my old f250 for a new 2019 ranger and had a really good experience. I got a good trade in value and they got my payment where I wanted it to be. On top of that Valryie in their service department is actually really helpful, but yeah so far I’m loving the new Ranger.
Scott Garrison
Great place to shop for a used or new. We have purchased a used car and a new truck in the last 5 months. It was extremely fast service in and out within 2 hours each time including the test drive. With the new truck they beat everyone else’s pricing.
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