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Milford Auto Group, CT

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
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1470 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460, USA

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Visit Milford Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram in Milford, CT | Located near Fairfield and Hamden

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All reviews:

Friendly & knowledgeable sales staff. Great competitive pricing.
Cindy Dillon
Great car buying experience. The salesperson “Rony G. Was very pleasant-not too pushy or aggressive. The negotiating process was much simpler than I’ve experienced in the past. It was an easy process from beginning to end. I introduced myself to the the owner “Joyce “yesterday and let her know how pleased I was with the whole experience at her dealership. Would definitely recommend this dealership to friends. Picking up the vehicle this morning. Very excited. Thank you!!!
Pete Austin
Unethical. Dishonest. I would not trust them
By the way, as another indicator, look every single “5 star reviewer”. All have just a single review to their name. I believe that Milford is creating fake accounts and using them to post reviews. I’m sure that they will change it now that I have called them out on it.
My serpentine belt broke on the highway. I limped it off the road and had it towed to Milford Dodge. I showed the mechanic the belt and we both remarked that it had not burnt, but seemed to have just snapped and how odd it was.
The issue was the water pump that was under warranty. So, in theory, there should have been no charge. Instead they charged me over $200. They charged me $70 for a $40 belt, then charged me $130 for a DIAGNOSIS FEE. For an item under *warranty*. I asked what it was for, they said to diagnose the waterpump. I said ‘warranty’. They said, ‘well, it was really to diagnose the belt’. I said, ‘I handed you the freaking belt – what the hell did you diagnose?!” They said ‘Policy’ and that ended the conversation. By the way, you know how you diagnose a waterpump problem? You reach down – whichever pulley isn’t turning is your problem.
The extra charge was unethical. I would not trust them with your vehicle
Kyle Lavin
There’s a reason why this dealership has been in business for over 60 years. They are a no nonsense dealer, and care about the customer. I purchased a vehicle from Mark, and it couldn’t have been easier. Awesome dealership!
Laurence Pinkus
Just lease a Compass from Milford Auto Group. Great Service. There was a bit of a mix up on spec but they resolved the issue immediately. Very helpful and friendly people. Go seek out Wayne Mullins. Best Salesman. you wont be disappointed. And thank you Joyce.
Eslam Abdelfatah
Best dodge dealership I’ve been too!
Dale Baird
Horrible customer service, spent over 35000 for a car, went to pick it up and the inside was so dirty I could write my name in the dirt! There solution wait while they detailed it, come back another day to have it detailed. My solution give me a car to drive while you clean it! Howard Odom, finance manager said to me- what do you think I am in the business of handing out car? I told him yes, that is your business- they refused! Got my money back but had to Uber home for almost $100. Would not do business with this dealer!
Kimberley Angelini
Stopped in to look at new Jeeps…my fiance was in the market to purchase. And had purchased a vehicle from there in the past. The girl at the desk in the front was friendly enough. Not 5 minutes there an old lady came out holding a baby with a Marlboro voice “what do you want”. Then made a comment to a girl at the desk “never mind today is your last day” A young gentleman came out with a tiny man bun looking like it was his first day. Confusion…disorganization and rudeness cost them a customer today. Certainly will not go back and will tell others of our experience.
Denes Fazekas
Great family run business, a car dealership that still cares about it’s customers. Great group of people, helpful, top quality. Expect the best!!
christa Smith
I never bought a car from these people but they won’t stop emailing me. I have hit the unsubscribe tab many times. This is bordering on harassment. Please take me off your stupid list
Kim Macleod
So many dealerships .. this one so so , everyone has different experiences
David Gianetti
I brought my vehicle in to fix a couple issues under warranty. The staff was courteous and helpful, so I will be coming back.
One complaint, and it’s more for Dodge, is they offer no loaners. I’ve had a Honda, BMW, VW and others. Each dealership offered owners a loaner car while theirs was being serviced under warranty. In this case, I had to take the day off and then get rides to drop off and pick up my vehicle. The other option was to spend money to rent a car nearby. Not a very good way to handle the issue, Dodge.
Even so, this is not the fault of the dealerships. I will be bringing my vehicle back here next time I need service. So far, they have been honest and helpful with me.
Deborah De Loatch Hogan
The BEST Jeep Dealership in the state of CT. Always informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Our 2006 Wrangler needs TLC and Milford Jeep is a perfect match to keep my baby in the road (or off) safe & sound. Thanks guys
Anna Smith
If I could give no stars I would. Worst experience ever. Would not go there. They are lazy and incompetent. They wouldn’t even walk outside to get the vin number. They told me to go get it.
My truck was making a noise and asked them if they could look at it and make sure it was okay to drive until I could get an appointment. They refused to look at it. I went over to Branhaven Dodge and asked the same thing. They gladly pulled it in to take a look. A brake caliper was failing. They said it was unsafe to drive. The part is under powertrain warranty. They set me up with another truck until the part can be acquired and my truck can be fixed.
Furthermore, I endured the rudeness and incompetent parts guy at Milford to price tires. He said what I wanted is no longer available and gave me a price on other tires. Very expensive tires……. Branford Dodge looked the same tires up and said they are in stock but to wait a day because buy 3 get 1 free was starting the next day.
Save yourself the misery of Milford Dodge and don’t Spend your hard earned $$$ there.
Tricia Massucco
Just leased a Compass for my son. Mark was great and the rest of the staff were friendly! I’ve been to many other dealers over the years and this has been my best experience!
Nate P
Dishonest sales staff. First saleswomen I worked with quoted the total cost of the lease at $2,000 less than the actual cost, which resulted in me giving them permission to ding my credit score with a hard pull and taking a $500 deposit, which was refunded. The second salesman, Marc, told me on several calls he would get back to me with the numbers and never did, when I persisted, he told me he would have to pull my credit a second time, without any reason given.
Suzanne Miller
Top notch service and friendly staff
Mark P
I bought 1999 Jeep Cherokee from Rony Gonzalez. Had a good experience and got a good price.
Joshua Kirej
I highly recommend this dealer for an easy stress free purchase , you won’t find any sleezy sales people here , there all kind and upfront about everything , super pleasent to work with , I highly recommend Ileana who was amazing from start to finish and because of how awesome she was to work with I drove almost an hour passing 10 different dealers just to come here and purchase a vehicle , I will most certainly be back ! The owner came out to meet me as well and she is great , as long as the 2 of them are there I’m confident your exsperience will be amazing ! Even the finance manager was great , I’ve purchased 9 cars so far in my life and I was done and out of there in 30min ! This Staff team seriously needs 6 stars !
Daniel Loris
I just finished leasing my 2014 Ram 1500. Due to the professionalism and honest sales representatives I chose to return to them and lease another truck. I had the pleasure of working with Ray who made the process of leasing much less stressful. Ray was quick to answer any questions and I write this to highly recommend him and the dealership. Thank you again to Ray and his co-workers.
Lisa Sanford
Nice place to get your auto fixed.
Ana Jackson
We’ll never bring my car here again. Impersonal and assembly line mentality. The are understaffed and overworked. We were charged $120 and wasted two hours only to be told that they couldn’t fix our problem. On more than one occasion we’ve found that there is a lack of communication between the people at the desk and the mechanics. Consequently things fall through the cracks. You and your car will be happier elsewhere!
Joe Orsini
Absolutely horrible, a major ripoff…I was quoted $65 for a new key fob and was then charged $243. I will never go back to Milford Jeep again .
ArT Ls
Worst service ever my car was there 3 weeks with out been even look I call almost every day and nothing then when they fixed the car they didn’t call me or knew where my car was at and it was done 2 days before I call again
Jonathan Smith
that during my new car search i visited several area jeep dealers. i was able to work a good deal for a 2015 jeep overland with the milford dealership. the sales team, financial point man and the owner herself all worked to locate the desired jeep , prepped it , and completed the paperwork including the registration. it all went smooth. there are numerous jeep dealerships in the area , i found the milford jeep dealership a good choice. i sold my 2001 jeep grand cherokee ( 90k miles) in february – took my time in replacing it, comparing models/ dealerships. i’m a jeep guy. look around, include the milford dealership – it was a good interaction / nothing hidden.
Anthony Deicicchi
Everything went perfect from stat to finish


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