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Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland, FL

Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5
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Nissan Dealer

4401 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33805, United States
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Jenkins Nissan | Your Local New Nissan and Used Car Dealer in Lakeland, FL

Stop in today to visit Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland, FL. We have new and used Nissan vehicles for drivers in Winter Haven, Plant City, Orlando, and Tampa, FL.

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All reviews:

Maritza Ellison
I’ve had one of the most amazing experiences when it comes to buying a car. From the sales person being knowledgeable, not too pushy to make a sale but kind and genuine to the finance person working with my budget and credit. This staff was amazing, test driving the car was the win for me and the welcoming environment you get when entering the building. WELL DONE Jenkins!!!
Kristen Stevenson
We have used Jenkins Nissan several times to buy vehicles best dealership in Polk County. Emil Clark was my salesman when in I purchased my 2021 Nissan rogue a week ago. I received five star service from Emil Clark. If you are looking for a new car stop by Jenkins and ask for Emil Clark.
Danni McGhie
Emil was great. He helped me through all the little details of buying my new car! Really made it easy for me while making a big decision! Very personable and honest. Good work, Emil!
Amparo Rosas-Cotto
I had to go to the Service Dept. Ms. Bailey was great on the phone before I got there and when I got there. Everyone was friendly. The only issue I had & still do is that the diagnostic is taking sooo long. It will be a few more days though.
Great prices less hassle. When I need a Nissan added to my lineup this is the first place I check.
Wayne Hill
I came in to get my tires rotated and my oil changed. The workers were friendly and welcoming. I sat at a table inside and read a book while the work was done. I was informed that my filters needed to be changed, which I allowed. The price was reasonable and the time it took was as expected. I have purchased my last four cars from Jenkins Nissan and due to my satisfaction with this fine establishment, I will continue to do business with them in the future.
Alex Sintow
The worst car buying experience I have ever had. There was too much to write and it exceed the character limit. See photos I had to paste in below should you want an accurate story of what dealing with this dealership is like. It will be worth your time reading the review. Deserves no stars but that’s not an option. It seems my photos of screen caps of what I wrote about this experience are getting removed. I wonder why… Look at my profile for the photos of screen captures that show my experience with this place. Those can’t be tampered with.
Mitch Bishop
I had an appointment to get my car serviced at 2:30pm. Arrived a little early but they took me in immediately. The service rep that helped me was very friendly and helpful. Explained any questions I had to my satisfaction. The wait was around an hour, which was definitely a relief considering how many other people were there getting their vehicle serviced. All in all it was a very good experience.
Mike Duncan
I came in two weeks ago for my 15000 mile service, showed them the passenger taillight had water in it. They ordered a replacement light. They called me to say it came in and to schedule service for it. I made the appointment for 9:00 am. I’m waiting for two hours and I see my car outside. I go to the advisor and he tells me they didn’t replace it because there wasn’t t enough water in it, it was drying out. I did take pictures of it when I first noticed the issue just in case. They did replace it after that but made me wait more even though they got on it right away. . Why after 2 hours didn’t they just replace it to begin with. I’m a loyal customer, bought three cars from them and getting ready to get a fourth one. Don’t treat your customers like that. Brand loyalty is important.
Ronald Fargo
James Thrower was our salesman, what an extremely knowledgeable and personable young man … he walked us through our options and engaged all of our questions with patiences and professionalism… actually made the car buying experience fun and painless
Whitney Sanford
I’ve been a customer for 6 years and have had several issues over the years getting service done on my car. I have had to wait 2 hours for an oil change recently I waited 3 hours to get my oil changed, rotate my tires, and a front end alignment, however, the alignment was not done because after 3 hours they were just going to put my car on the machine and I refused to wait any longer for service. Any other dealership would have had this all done within an hour. I will not ever go back to this dealership unless it’s got to do with my warranty.
marie harrell
I always like the friendliness of Jenkins, i have Shaun as my advisor and he is awesome.He will tell me what i need to get done and is always glad to work with me. There are refreshments and tv as i wait for my car. I hope to keep doing business there!
Melinda Hall
Robin Rocky is amazing. Got my car in serviced and out the quickest since i bought it in 2014
Michelle Browning
Came in to look at a Nissan Rogue available. Rachel helped us out on the lot and everything went very quick and had a pleasant experience to find the perfect family vehicle! Rachel had patience and understanding to make me and my family happy customers! Highly recommend!
Bought my brand new truck from this dealership last year and love it. My Service Advisor Robin is hands down the best advisor I’ve had at any dealership. Keep up the great work.
Joe Galloway
My experience with Nissan, for service on our Murano, was good. Why then the low score overall? We bought the car from the Jenkins Mitsubishi store and when we closed on the deal, we were told that the exterior scratches were covered in the warranty package and we could bring the car back in a few months to get them taken care of. We did take the vehicle back after four months or so to schedule an appointment to take care of the scratches and were told that we did not, in fact, have any coverage to fix these blemishes. I tried emailing the finance manager who handled the closing and told us how to handle the situation and he never got back to me. I then sent an email to one of the managers and never heard back from him. I had bought two vehicles from the Mitsubishi store in one years period and that is the last car I will purchase from them.
Andrea Gregor
Went in with my family to look at a used vehicle we saw advertised on their website for approximately $12,900 we test drove the vehicle and were interested in buying until they came back to us with a price of $18,000 and tried to justify it by telling us we had to cover the cost of reconditioning and repairs that were done. Needless to say we walked and will never go back. Would leave 0 stars if possible.
Had no problems with service took care of my needs and didn’t try to sell me on everything
Diana Mendez
Brought my car in for a small job only to get told that my car needed other things that I had no idea because it was running just perfectly they actually made it worse than what it was… I will never use the service again… very deceptive … horrible service
Brandon Nelson
My experience on Wednesday 3/3 was a good experience. I was able to drop off my vehicle and all the service requested were completed within a timely manner and were reasonably priced. Robin, the service advisor was very polite and very thorough. However, as this is the 2nd time that I have visited this dealership during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I am once again disappointed that NONE of the employees were wearing masks, nor were there any guidance (signage) advising customers of any COVID-19 precautions such as ensuring the customers & employees are wearing masks, social distancing and sanitizing of the hands. While I am personally taking every precaution necessary to avoid contracting the coronavirus, including wearing a mask and sanitizing my hands and frequently touched surfaces, I do not feel that the dealership is doing anything at all in the best interest of public health and safety to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus. As a result of this, I am unsure if I will be returning to this dealership in the future because of the lack of regard for public health.
Art Protocol
This is my 2nd horrible encounter with this service centre the 1st one I brought my car in because i needed parts strictly from Nissan instead of helping they made my car worse than what i brought it in as …the 2nd… same thing happened i drove my car in for something small later they hit me up with a bill for something completely outrageous and after they did a small service…they informed me that the car new longer drives… it makes no sense I brought it in totally drivable and working only to find out that if I did not pay their $2000 bill I would not be able to take my car to another place for a second opinion… no way will I ever use this company again!
Scott Lish
This dealership is all about the sale and money. They don’t care about individuals, and even during a pandemic no masks are worn by ANY employee who comes in contact with customers. I even had one sit next to me and talk at me face to face at a distance of less then 2 feet without wearing a mask. And they don’t have a sign or ask for customers to wear them while waiting and not social distancing. When getting service they seem to always find something that needs addressing, even on new vehicles. I paid for a diagnostic only to have them tell me that it may be this or that! Why did I pay for the test then if you can’t tell me. Another instance was when the tech gave me a doom and gloom diagnosis only to find out that it wasn’t like that at all. They love using tactics to get you to shell out more money. Maybe buy from them, but don’t get hooked by the cheap oil changes and get serviced elsewhere. The service manager Dave seems to be the only one who will tell you straight.
Mike Tidwell
They told us about they could do. they right on the mark for payment. Was a good experiance better than last time.
Nina Booker
Kyle was exceptionally helpful during my car buying experience. He went above and beyond to try and find me the right fit. Unfortunately, due to my own circumstances, it wasn’t the right time however, once I do return, I will be sure to use him in the future!
Tanya Scott
I was very pleased with my recent experience at Jenkins Nissan. I purchased a new Nissan Altima and the entire sales team: Mike S. (Salesman) , Danny (Finance Mgr.) and the Paul (General Mgr.) were very patient, knowledgeable, accommodating and professional. Thank you!
Zebra Mermaid
Naca, our mechanic and service specialist listened to our concerns about the vehicle and told us exactly what we needed to have fixed at the moment without trying to push us to get services we could not afford right now. He was able to fix the breaks and the sensor in the motor that was failing in a timely manner and allowed us to use the rental while he worked on our car. We can definitely notice the improvement driving the car now. He did a great job. 🥰
Brenda Katz
The staff there is friendly and helpful, but none of the staff wear any sort of mask or face covering. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and there is no regard for the health and safety of their customers. I only go here when I have to since their the dealership I got my lease with.
Monique Mitchell
“After having an appointment for 9 AM and did not check out until after 2: 30 PM . (My drive heater side was not working.) Their reason, “”an appointment only ensures you will be seen same day””. I had requested 3 times to make sure a multi point inspection was done on my car since I have it here and for an oil change if one was needed.. Upon checkout there was no multi point inspection done. They had to take it back again. To top this all off, Not One Person Wears a Mask. Not One. Customers I saw did wear them, but no one who worked at the dealership did. I will not be coming back to this Nissian.”
Aaron Scott
Love this place. $6 oil changes best deal around. I’ve bought 3 cars here and was treated awesome Everytime
J Scon
I had a appointment. One and a half hours later, they finally looked at my car. A appointment is a appointment, no matter how big or small the job is, you should honor it. The fella made a comment, it’s just a $6 oil change. That shouldn’t matter, the dealership used that to help sell the vehicle to us. Honor your service, no matter what.
Liberty Saccaro
Rachel Klee was the rudest person I have met in a while. She is the sole reason I will never get a Nissan now. I told her I was there for the Test Drive and gift card and she rolled her eyes at me and when we spoke about how I wasn’t sure if I wanted to trade right at the moment she wouldn’t even let me test drive any of the cars and ushered me out of the store. She told me to take a look at the terms and conditions because she claims it says serious inquiries only. And it doesn’t, it says I have to go through the entire sales demo to get the gift card. Nowhere does it say I have to trade right then and there or anything. She was so unpleasant, unprofessional, and snobby.
Jeff Thor
One of the great reasons for owning a Nissan is not just for the sharp high quality driving machines, but for the great service you get when you bring your car in for their $5 oil change or for any other maintenance needed. Love my 3 Nissans!!!!!
James Morrow
Overall a very good dealership. Sometimes, the salesman is a little pushy (what the salesman isn’t), but overall I would come back. The service department is always clean and customer-friendly, and the staff does a great job of getting you in and out as quickly as possible.
Jill Harvey
Very easy. Very nice, helpful, informative, patient, personable, and professional salesman. Mike Wojtiuk.
Pamela Kay
Jenkins Nissan you made a big mistake! Tim comes from a large family and we will not buy from you and i will continue to post what poor customer service you gave to my brother it will cost Nissan more than 3 thousand dollars in negative publicity.Sunroof exploded while he was driving on highway. Tim purchased vehicle a year ago.Since you are charging him $3,000 to fix it you could have at least gave him a loaner. Bad business shame on you
Rob R
Fernando and Rick were great. I got a fair deal and a great car. Highly recommended!!!!
Ally Robinson
Very generous, working with Mike W.! He made sure he was very helpful with leasing my first car
Kristy Shultz
After dealing w/ the original salesman they sent another guy in to push us into a payment we weren’t comfortable with. He told us the first payment could be pushed out to 3 months & when we got with the finance guy found out that wasn’t true. I advised the original salesman that the guy that was sent in was rude & promised things that the financial advisor said they couldn’t do. I was told that the guy was from a different Nissan dealership. So what!!! A year later the sun roof exploded while being driven on I4 going 70 mph. Nissan, and the Jenkins Nissan manager, knew this is a defect that can happen with them but failed to mention this at time of purchase. There are years worth of complaints & class action suits about this but Jenkins said it’s an insurance issue. Insurance said it’s a manufacture defect. Both push it off on each other & nobody will accept responsibility. We know for a fact that other Nissan dealerships have reimbursed car owners with this problem but the general manager at Jenkins Nissan won’t take care of this $3,000 bill. It had to be fixed & the service manager said they could have it done in a couple days. After having to call after them over & over, finding out the service manager went on vacation and two weeks later they returned the vehicle. It still had glass all over the interior and smudges all over the front windshield. They weren’t going to clean it up. Oh & did I mention that they also refused to loan a car to use in the meantime? Yah that was such a low class move. This car belongs to a father of 3, a good man who drives 1-1/2 hours to work every day, has a mortgage to pay and a job to keep. The treatment he received was absolutely horrible. I WILL NEVER USE JENKINS NISSAN AGAIN and I am hoping that others will heed the warning too. After the sale of the vehicle they could care less about him.
Edward Story
Dakota did absolutely amazing! He made financing my first car a dream come true as well as making it as painless as possible! Words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am about my service, experience and my BRAND NEW 2020 Nissan Sentra 😍
Deb Giffin
My service advisor, Robin makes the difference in where I choose to have my Rogue serviced. She takes the time to explain the car maintenance and why it is needed. I feel like she advocates for me as well as the dealership. Thank you for a positive car service experience every time.
Patrice Whittington
This wasn’t a good experience like it normally is. I went in for my service when the service writer came back she stated the my car ping for someone wanted it and do I want to buy a new car. I told her NO but she kept on so I said I will talk to a sale person. I told him as I told her I only waned to get my car service and was not looking for a new car. By saying all of this it was written on my invoice that I decline other services like air filter, cabin filter and etc. I was never told my car was in need these items because I would got it done while I was there. I do not like this practice.
Ann Jenkins
I took my car in for servicing. There was a clip hanging down from underneath and I asked that it be fixed as well. After 1 1/2 hour wait, they recommended additional maintenance work totaling $400+ which I declined. This morning I noticed the same rattling and when I looked there was the clip still hanging down! NO employee was wearing a mask – including those inside. Luckily customers were wearing them. The “$5” oil change is nice but good customer service means more to me. I’ll go elsewhere in the future!
Matthew Green
Would highly recommend this place if you want your vehicle Service not to go according to manufacturers recommendations for example putting all the bolts back into A manufacturers skid plate after doing a oil change
Linda Zinger
So I make an appointment for a simple oil change. I get there and tell me there is a 2 hour wait to even begin my service. The service always takes at least 1 hour. That means I sit and wait for 3 hours to get a simple oil change. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Why bother with an appointment? The service reflects on the whole buying experience in the future….which I can certainly find another dealer and/or another make of automobile . Toyota is looking better as a wiser choice for me now!
Jenkins Nissan has always been a great experience for me. We have bought 2 vehicles from there, and I get my vehicle serviced regularly at Jenkins. As for my latest experience, Robin was a lovely person to help me out with my vehicle. She was kind enough to offer me a rental vehicle while mine was being taken care of. She was friendly and informative…exactly what I would have hoped for when taking my car in for service.
Harrison Paul
Robin worked with me thoroughly and efficiently, to resolve my issues.
Judith dawson
I already completed a survey..but I will do it again. I bought my car there in July of 2020. Here it is February and I was nit contacted by anyone there for a notice of my 1st oil change. Kinda disappointed that no one followed up with me. I had to go in and the girl at the service desk acted like she had better things to do. I have been getting my services done there for years now. Plus I made an appointment, showed up 15 minutes early and waited 90 minutes! Plus I didn’t receive my next oil change sticker. Very disappointed…
Sharon Ford
Went in on 3/2/21 for my check engine light, went back on 3/3/21 same reason because the issue was not fixed, went again 3rd time on 3/5/21 same reason. My problem was still not resolved so I went back again on 3/8/21 they decided to keep my car overnight so today 3/9/21 I’m still waiting to see if the issue have been resolved. I am not happy having to go back so many times especially after paying almost $500 the first time. I also live about 40 minutes away & the caregiver for my 89 yr old dad no sir I am not very happy.
Paul Pomier
We didn’t have a great experience. They told me battery capacity failed. Took the car back to Pep Boys they told me battery was in great shape. Nissan washed my car I told them please redo because they didn’t do good job. Had to take back the car because car was leaking oil after oil change.
I have been using this dealer for the past 4 years and have bought 3 different cars from them, Today was my LAST VISIT, I went for an oil change that for starters was scheduled with an appointment, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes, (first time that took this long), usually was between 40 minutes to 1 hour tops… I didn’t like that, but it’s ok, that could happened, but what I didn’t like AT ALL and the main reason of my 1 star review, is that NO ONE was wearing a mask from staff to customers, and didn’t bother to maintain a safe distance from each other… Being a health worker my self, saw several instances were spreading was inevitable…Every one is entitled to their own opinion, and I agree with that, but put the life and health of others at risk, is not ACCEPTABLE. STARTING FROM MANAGEMENT!!!!
Troy Seiberling
It took a little bit to find the key at first. But once that was resolved, Shawn took me for a test drive in a 2019 Ram 1500 that I was a little weary on buying at first. Upon pulling out he pointed out his ’15 Ram informing me of the features and upgrades mine had vs his and how much he loved his. The truck was nice, the customer service was great. Shawn addressed my concerns very well, and gave me some good advice on top. I could tell I got the right person (not everyone there was smiling ear to ear like me). Shawn was great, the sales manager was pretty good too. I was out of there with a new truck an hour after the test drive (I came prepared with the proper paperwork). I could see a lot of people working very hard, and a couple others just floating through their day. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you have a positive experience like me. I would definitely ask for Shawn though if I were you.
Lita Cuen
Robin Rockey CARES !! She absolutely went over-and-beyond to make sure my Nissan Rogue received all the service that it needed and I left as a very HAPPY customer Having experienced less than good customer experiences from another Nissan dealer / service center that is closer to where I live, I don’t mind driving the extra 10 miles to have my Nissan serviced at Jenkins Nissan Lakeland, or pay the fair and reasonable cost for a ‘value-added’ experience. The top-notch professional customer service I receive from Robin at Jenkins Nissan is simply another example of why I only trust Jenkins Nissan Lakeland to take care of my car. Lita
Brooke Griffey
Longest wait ever at a Nissan facility. 2 hours just for an oil change and tire rotation with an appointment at that. Charged me an extra $10 this time than last time I was there for the exact same service. Didn’t even refill my wiper fluid like they do at every single Nissan I’ve ever been to for maintenance. One star because the lady was nice for the two times I saw her.
Betsy Butts
I went to the dealership the day before Thanksgiving. Our salesperson, Damian Fernandez, show us different models of the Nissan Rouge, we decided to go with the 2020 Nissan Rouge that had a sales price tag because of Black Friday for $18,999.00 give or take. We test drove the car, when we went ahead and move forward with purchasing the car, he sat us at his desk and he came back with a paper. He told us that we didn’t qualify for the Black Friday sale because we were not a Veterans and that was one of the stipulations. Now our price was over $26,000.00 for the car. I told him, that if that was the case, there was nothing on the Black Friday sales tag that said anything about stipulations. For me that was false advertisement. If there are rules, the should had been printed on the tag. When we started walking away, he told us that he could get us the sales price on the tag. We decided to just leave. I will never go back!!!!
Alyssa Oyen
Had to bring in my pathfinder for service repairs, and worked with Naca. Naca was super helpful and explained what was wrong in ways I could understand! He was great to work with and communicated updates. Problem was discovered and fixed in a timely manner. There also happened to be a manufacture recall on my car and Jenkins Nissan made me aware and repaired it right away while it was in there. Thanks so much!
Brittany Skeels
I contacted Nissan Jenkins THREE times to get my car in for maintenance. I spoke directly through 3 different people through the chat feature and even one put it in as urgent because my check engine light was flashing, I had the code pulled, and my car felt like it was literally going to just fall to pieces from the issue. I was told someone would get back with me ASAP once they were able to look at their schedule and see what they had available. NO ONE EVER CONTACTED ME BACK TO SERVICE MY VEHICLE. I spoke with someone February 4th, 9th and 16th. I also even contacted Jenkins Mitsubishi off 98 because that’s where my car was purchased and I never got a response from them either. It is now March 24th and not a word from anyone. My car has since been totaled, but we replaced it with the same car and now I don’t know where to take it for service because obviously you guys are extremely unreliable.
Cheryl Sellers
Our salesman Damien was very up to date on the vehicles on the lot. He was very nice guy. Was very surprised when he called us a few days after our purchase to check on us & how we were liking our new Rogue. Very genuine guy!
Yvette Lovell-Biggs
Had to wait a few minutes before someone motioned me to drive in. Then Someone came over and got things started. I forgot his name but it was his birthday that day. He was pleasant and professional. I also appreciated having a space to work while I waited for the car to be serviced.
Cheryl Bonnet
My experience here was absolutely incredible. They have great fast, fun and friendly service. From the time you arrive to the time you leave! Then you have people like the advisor Anthony. I always choose hil because he goes over and beyond for the customers. I will come just for an oil change and tire rotation and he will make sure nothing else is needed or wrong with my vehicle. If he find something, he comes or calls me right away to keep me posted on everything. People like him (who clearly love what they do) are hard to find nowadays. Because of all this, I will remain coming to this location and also continue to refer more people to this location. Thanks for all you guys do!!
Zackary Allam
No employees wearing masks. Not one. Clearly this comes from the top and is a clear indication that they don’t value their customers. Not only that but they do not honor their appointment times. It’s basically first come first serve so if you had an appointment and someone came just before you they could potentially steal your appointment. The woman who serviced me was nice but wasn’t wearing a mask so I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Why am I wearing a mask to protect you and your staff but none of you bother to wear one? 🙄
Sam Honors
I was told one price and when the job was done i the price change i will never go back to lakeland nissan there totally unprofessional i was told never take your car to the dealership because its a rip off now i see
carol spence
I was greeted outside by a Sales representative who then took us inside and offered us something to drink. . He further explained to us the process. He was very polite and courteous. This is my second purchase from Jenkins and it won’t be my last. Customer service is “A” plus.😜. I am loving my NISSAN ROUGE.
Ana Otero
Very polite and educated salesman. Answered all my questions, no felt pressured to buy (I liked that a lot). Awesome experience. Will recomend him and Nissan to friends and family.
Jennifer Gunn
Everyone was from the salesman to manager to finance were friendly, helpful, and calm. It made the car buying experience smooth and easy. Thank you!
Lynelle Kolk
So I’ve only dealt with the service dept and have had wonderful experience from them. Although some money was stolen out of my car but no cameras could tell what happened. My loss shouldn’t of left money in there. Still though, had great service. The receptionists however are a whoooooole different story. Unless their job is to put customers on hold and leave them there. Literally took me an hour to speak with someone. Nobody picks up the line to ask if you’ve been helped, the line doesn’t reconnect after a certain wait period so you have to hang up and call back. Even after doing that process for an hour I finally get a manager on the phone who walks out to service dept to find me someone. Told me that the person I’m waiting for is with a client and now I’m holding for another 20 mins….. Once you’re there your good. In person service is great. Over the phone however is not. Completely the opposite of how they treat you in person. Do not recommend calling them, just go up there, better service and you wont be on hold for over a hour now… I originally called at 4:29 and its now 5:40 ive been on hold for a constant 34mins and counting. Typed this whole thing while waiting and ready to just hang up and go to a different Nissan place.
Crystal Throne
If there was an option to give ZERO stars I would. I have almost always owned a Nissan, however this dealership especially the Service Department is HORRIBLE!!! From unpleasant attitudes, unhelpful and unknowledgeable staff, SLOW SLOW SLOW service…oil change took 3.5 hours with an appointment, to a 5 minute warranty repair to put a grommet piece on to close the gas door that is taking over 2 hours!! Also they charged my husband for diagnostics on a warranty repair which is a big NO NO! Spoke to the Service Manager Dave and he promised repair would be quick and not even 1 hour and here we are 2 hours later still waiting! They lie, they do not care about customer service, they have an attitude of they are doing us THE CUSTOMER a favor and not one of thankfulness for giving them our business. We will not be doing business here anymore! Beware anywhere else is better than here!! Here the customer does not matter!
Xavier Prado
I have been coming to this dealer for over 6 years and have purchased a total of 4 vehicles. I have seen this place slowly decline over the years. Our advisor today really showed us how terrible the service has become. We arrived at 9:30am and the advisor was not there yet. We spoke to another advisor who was anything but welcoming who passed us off to someone else. My wife expressed her concerns about the vehicle and the advisor said Have you thought about trading it in? They put us in a rental and said they would call us later today to let us know the diagnosis as they had 12 cars ahead of us at 9:30am. We hadn’t heard anything for hours and decided to give them a call. We spoke to the advisor who said to give them a couple of hours as they only had 3 cars ahead. 6 hours went by no call. We came back to the dealer and asked for the advisor. She passed us off to the manager who kept apologizing and said they dropped the ball over and over again. I do understand things happen, but the advisor never apologized for not getting back with us. We are very disappointed with this dealer. They are quick to sell you a car, but the service is terrible. We will not be returning again. This is not the first incident. We have given them many chances in the past.
Terry Pennington
I got an oil change, tire rotation and warranty work done. They were quick and efficient.
linny sames
I really enjoy Mike W at Jenkins Nissan. He has been my sales person for the last 8 years. Not only is he genuine, he is knowledgeable and very fast at getting me in snd out. Go ask for Mike W at Jenkins Nisssn, you will be pleased with him and the entire staff at Jenkins!
Kenneth Rivera
I’m happy to bring my car here because I know it will be well taken care of! When I drove it out of the lot, it even felt like it had a little extra push! Thank you very much for taking care of my car!
Carla Alamo
I got an a service appointment same day. Robin was great at receiving I love the customer service. Will go back for every service.
Florida Tie Down
I had a very poor experience. I called to try and get an email address for management to provide a detailed list of my concerns and see if we could resolve them. I was not given an email address. I then called back and left messages for management but no one returned my call. I will no longer go here for service or for future car purchases.
Ashley Roddenberry
I had my tire patch because I had a nail in it. The tech scratched my rim with the impact driver he used. The oil was a brown color and when brought to a service members attention I was informed they use two types of oil since I received a $5.00 oil change I received a type that I am not happy with putting into my vehicle. This was never once made known to me when I was told I’d get $5.00 oil changes with a new car purchase. Bring as the car is a 2020 rogue I just bought 6 months ago there should be no contaminates in my oil. Instead the feel smell and color of the oil is awful. We will do our own oils changes from now on and I will continue having any tire services completed at Firestone. . Their solution was to wash the tire. This revealed black marks from the impact driver as well as scratches where it had removed the paint. They also failed to replace the valve stem cover. The tire was to be repaired by the rim repair specialist and I provided my information to the service member. I have yet to receive a call. I will NOT ever buy or use the service department again.
Jess D
The worst experience ever at this dealership! If I could rate no stars, I would. First of all they said my car needed a new transmission. They replaced it with a “refurbished” one. I had to pay out of pocket $2,000. A week after they replaced the transmission, my car had the same issue that it had prior to them replacing the transmission. I took it in to get checked and it sat at the dealership for 3 weeks before they even let me know what it had. And only because I called them, did they tell me that my car needed an ECM update and clean the induction system which will cost me ABOUT $450 (Mario, service dept. manager exact words). I specifically told him on text (which I still have) that there is no way I could afford that. He still went ahead and repaired my vehicle without me authorizing it. I contacted consumer affairs, regional specialist and they advised me to set up an in person meeting with BRIAN FIVECOAT (owner of the dealership) I was unable to get in contact with him. I was told that the GENERAL MANAGER, RASHON CLARK could set up a meeting with Brian for me. I went into the dealership to see if I am able to meet with Rahshon so he may set up the meeting and he avoided it as well as avoided to let the employees do it as well. I’m a customer there and he believed his employee over the texts that he read that were on my phone from his employee. I need a meeting with Brian Fivecoat and everyone wants to avoid it because they know they were wrong. On top of all this, they let my car sit in their parking lot for over a month and neglected to turn it on for me until I paid a bill for the repairs that AGAIN I did NOT authorize. I must have called over 5 times every week. No one returned my calls or even relayed messages. Don’t waste your time or money at this dealership unless they get new staff. Starting with the general manager, Rahshon. Very bad customer service and so unprofessional. They felt comfortable with all of this because they saw me there alone, female with no male figure around. They took advantage to steal my money.
Nicholas Jerry
We made an appointment for the car in which we wanted, a 2020 Leaf, and Justin was our sales person. Everything went very smooth with the test drive and financing. They worked with us until everyone was satisfied.
Lillian D. Miller
Very good experience. Came in for an oil change, tire rotation, and to have brakes checked. Vehicle was detailed but the inside was not done very well. There was still some trash underneath the mats and the sides of the center console and drivers side door was not touched. My overall experience was good! Thank you L. Diane Hail
Kerri Snell
Everyone was very friendly, especially the guy who handled my car in the service department. However, the other employees who were salesman on the floor, were not wearing masks. I counted men in the sales department with no mask on at all. Not fair when the customers are wearing them, but they arent. Other than that, no complaints.
Mina l
Very disappointed in this in this business the customer service agents in the the SERVICE DEPARTMENT were not wearing masks when interacting with customers (no social distance either) in the middle of a PANDEMIC. The MASKS may NOT be REQUIRED IN Lakeland but The customer has a right to be informed before hand so we can make our own decisions as to whether or not to come here. when I asked our service agent he stated that his company did not require it and asked again as to why he advised that was above his current pay grade. Very Disappointed I felt unsafe. I will think twice about coming here in the future for any reason. Obviously our safety in NOT TOP PRIORITY to Jenkins Nissan.
Jay Hodge
This is the second vehicle we have purchased from Jenkins and the fourth in our family. Always a great experience
Lean Maloney
I brought my car into the dealership in perfect working order basic maintenance of a tune-up, spark plugs and an oil change. A spark plug was broken off and dropped into the cylinder head. The dealership took zero responsibility. They claimed it was due to coolant leaking into the cylinder head for a long period of time causing the cylinder head to warp. If this truly was the case there should have been some indications that there was a problem, white smoke from the coolant being in the engine, low coolant indicator, some type or erosion or corrosion on the spark plug thread… there was none of that. The spark plug they provided as “proof” only had the broken ceramic section and scratched/stripped bolt. This would typically indicate that an incorrect tool was used to attempt to remove the spark plug. I contacted Nissan corporate and they did pay for 1/2 of the repairs however I feel the dealership should have done more. In short, there was nothing wrong with my car when I took it into the dealership and they broke it! This is a Nissan car and I brought it into this Nissan dealership as it had a high rating. I feel like I was kept hostage and unable to return home to Vermont for nearly 3 weeks for a simple spark plug change. I sent a detailed letter with my concerns to Brian Fivecoat and he didn’t even have the courtesy of acknowledging me or my concerns. The result of the email/letter was for the service manager calling me to just state that there was no negligence and not their fault. He also finally provided me the date my car would be ready; Monday 12/16. I dropped it off the Tuesday before thanksgiving! It cost me $2,500 for what should have been simple maintenance. I was considering trading my car in for a possible upgrade or other options at this dealership however They never offered any consideration or options after they broke my car. I have no intention on giving this dealership any future business and would not recommend them to anyone. This has been an awful experience and I still intend to proved my feedback on social media and BBB and Florida department of consumer protection.
Silvanna Cozza
Not too long ago, maybe two months now, I paid for a full diagnostic because there was a strange noise coming from under the hood somewhere, they ran the testing and never mentioned the alternator having any issues. I just went in for an oil change and the lady that greeted me immediately pointed the noise out and suggested that ‘my alternator is bad and my car won’t be working for long’ sure enough the next day my car started stalling. Not usually a paranoid person but I think that’s the biggest coincidence, and the $80+ diagnostics was useless and wrong. Otherwise there’s something shady going on in that Nissan dealer. So disappointed in Nissan and will not be buying another one. Never had these issues with my Toyota.
Carlos Navarro
This is the WORST dealership i have ever been too. I would never recommend someone to buy there vehicle. They do $5 oil change and that’s the only advantage they have. I have sat in of the girls that cash out and all they do is talk about the customers complaining , rolling there eyes and laughing like it’s a joke. I have made appointments for example at 2pm and don’t get out until like 3:30-4 tops. honestly if it wasn’t for the $5 oil changes i would never come here.
Courtney Santiago
Went on Saturday to get an oil change. Was told that I needed new tires and agreed to purchase them and new filters for car. I was told 45 minutes for the service. We ended up waiting another 2 hours for my car. Less than 2 hours after leaving a huge bubble formed on my tire. The spare that came with my car was flat, luckily I was at the mall where there was a Sears auto service and they put air in my flat and changed it. Within 4 hours of getting home the spare tire that had never been used was completely flat and the car was sitting on the rim. The dealership did not have the tire and told me they would return my call by 5 with a day to come replace the tire. I did not hear back from them until Monday. I had to purchase a new tire at goodyear to get my car the 40 miles back to the dealership. I was not reimbursed for the tire that I had to purchase to get the car back to replace the damaged tire. My appointment was scheduled for 9am and I ended up being there until 10:30. When I was getting off at the exit home my tire light came back on. I pulled over and discovered all of the caps for my tires were not on the car. I have consistently made the 80 mile round trip for 4 years. We will no longer be returning since we are out an extra $115. I have contacted the dealership and they still have not responded. We were looking to upgrade my car there in the next year but will be taking our business elsewhere unless this is fixed.
Alexis Thomas
It was excellent service, i will definitely be back !
Sarah Goodson
It was a great experience working with Fernando on purchasing my new vehicle really fast and pricing was great definitely recommend
Jilly Reid
Everyone was very personable and easy to work with. They listened to my thoughts on the cars I wanted and was looking at and they made sure that I drove off the lot in one of them!
Kimberly Moreira
My first and last time doing my oil and filter change at this location. After waiting around an hour and a half (which I never bother to wait, since I work with a company as a customer service representative) I ask to speak to a Manager. Since they passed a car that arrived half an hour after me, I ask the person who attended me first, please find a Manager, I ask him why this action, to which he replies that he did not understand what had happened since I I was first but he tried to get past my car as quickly as possible. Mr. MARIO Manager of the Service area at Jenkins Nissan did not have the slightest empathy for me. The first thing she told me was that they told her that I was upset about the waiting time. To which I answer that I was not upset with the waiting time but with the fact that a car had passed that arrived half an hour after me. He tells me that the work on that car was totally different from what had to be done on mine. Instead of looking for solutions, all this happened in front of more employees and their attitude and their way of speaking was not the most appropriate for a client. Mario to the side was a thin white lady, blonde, which continued to talk about why I had asked to speak to a manager, she divulging all other employees as if I was seeing. It is the first and the last time that I return to this place, the customer treatment is terrible and it is sad as people like that have important positions in companies.
joel Malave
Every time the service is excellent but 3 hours for a oil change is a lot of time… They told me the service is back but last time takes me 3 hours too… Considering pay more next time but avoid to wait a lot…
Christian Pasalau
Both Ty (Finance Manager) and Jim (our salesman) were knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and never rushed us to make a decision. We were impress at the way they treated us.
Kaylee Shepard
Jenkins Nissan did everything they could to get me in a new car that day and make sure I found everything I wanted in a car, the salesman Damian was awesome and made sure I left happy!
Josh T
Don’t go there they don’t care about there customers . Don’t use Robin she lies to you and when you try to explain anything she just keeps telling you the same thing. and if something goes missing in your car they didn’t do it. I only went there once and will not go back they lost me and 3 other people as Customer should have looked online first before going they have a lot of number one on there for a reason
Melissa H
They worked with me and my complicated situation and made it happen ! I’m so appreciative!
Mai El
My experience as a customer of Bentley has been absolutely stupendous! His entire sales approach was very straightforward and helpful. He stood by his promises and did what he said he would do for me. This is something you just don’t find everyday in your shopping.
Joe B
I’m seriously trying to understand why people think they have good service. Went in for routine maintenance, no explanation was given to what would be performed and when it was done there was no explanation as to what was done or serviced. Service rep basically gave me the keys and said your car is parked over there. Washer fluid was not topped off and still had a warning light once “service” was complete. I’ve been to other dealers and they are way better in their service than this place.
Daniel Ruck
They fixed it quick, under warranty, no charge. Can’t really ask for more.
Randy Boettcher
It was awesome we are very happy with what we bought…..
Cody Waterfield
Fernando was great to work with very understanding helping me get into my Nissan Sentra easy and made it a great experience thank you fernando!
Francine Rynd
Have leased and bought 5 cars and sent 2 referrals in the past 7 years and as of today I am DONE with Jenkins. As a previous reviewer stated I made an appointment for an oil change. When I got there they said it would be a little over an hour. After waiting an hour and 15 minutes, as I stared at my car sitting in the parking lot went in to ask how much longer. The girl at the desk went out to the shop to find out. Came back in and told me it would be another hour!! That’s crazy! Why do they require appointments for service that isn’t going to be performed for over 2 hours andIf they are behind why don’t they call before you get there. I missed an hour and a half of work for this appointment. So I asked for my keys back and to speak to a manager. Was handed my keys but no manager in site. So I left and called the shop on my way home to ask to speak to a manager. After almost 10 minutes in hold the girl says she doesn’t know where they are. Okay, can you just give me the general manager number? ‘No, I don’t have that number. ‘. Jenkins service has had its ups and downs over the past 7 years but this is beyond the pale. So I’ll go to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and Hill Nissan for my next car.
Felecia Winfield
Nissan is the best when it comes to service. Robin, she’s told exactly what time check back and she would have the information I need to know about my vehicle. Robin told me exactly when my car will be ready and it was ready at that time All the associate’s was great When we walked someone was there to greet us and lead us to the direction we needed to go. Never had to wait on anyone to assist you. I will recommend my friends and family to goo to Nissan for fast service and great assistance. I give my service person Robin Rockey a ten star!
Mruthyunjaya Kaipa
Good service here. Got the vehicle inspected and gave the overall condition of vehicle and suggested what items needs a service and its upto me to go for it or not.
Rev. Jose Javier Hernandez
More than 45 days waiting for a new transmission, and now I found there is a leak on it. Finally, they gave me a super dirty car. Honestly not very nice experience
Lost Inspace
“After purchasing 2 cars here, And having issues in the past, this service took the cake! They over charged for the repairs and then could not explain the repairs on the repair order where they made any sense. The issue my wife took the vehicle in for the third time, was written up as whistle noise from front tires, when in fact my wife told them it was a loud roaring noise from the rear wheels, then the technician cause line stated front bearings worn, then the correction line said pressed in new rear hub bearings. The other line stated Technician found tie rod ends leaking, then cause of leak was broken tie rod ends, correction was replacement and an alignment, and rotation of only two of the 4 tires because he felt two of them did not look like they needed to be rotated. First I must say I am a ASE Master Technician for over 35 years, and if those tie rod ends were “”broken”” the tires would have been worn out and there would have been a pull and the steering wheel would have required holding one way or the other to keep the car straight. The worst part is the car now Does Pull left, will have to take it back to re align the vehicle as the alignment is not right. From the hard sell every time we come in for service to attitudes and the feeling that we are an imposition it is hard to understand that in a business that is about pride in ones work and striving to fix it right the first time and customer satisfaction CSI, I bring my Nissan’s to Nissan for I believe in Factory trained technicians and factory parts to maintain my vehicles. Honesty and integrity and standing behind your quotes and actually completing the work you state your going to do and doing correctly.”
Joe Timmons
Took three hours to get an oil change for which I had a appointment for. Staff leisurely socializing while we sat for hours waiting. And the whole mark ten when you get the survey and we’ll give you a free set of wiper blades on your next visit is in poor taste when your customer service is lacking.
Amanda Myers
I ended up with a bolt in my front right tire during the normal work day. However I also didn’t get out of work until 7 p.m. most places were closed so I called Nissan at 7:20 p.m. since their open until 8 p.m. and spoke to Angel – Service Writer. Asked if I made it there within 15 mins. could they patch it? He was hesitant but said yes. I showed up at 7:35 p m. and was turned away! Because then Angel told the gentleman that came to my car that he told me to make it before 7 p.m. I said how’s that when my call log shows I called at 7:20 p.m. even showed him my call log and was still turned away. After I drove across town in the pouring rain. Called to try and speak to a Service Manger and was placed on hold for 7 min and 45 secs. with no pick up again.
Corrine Dahlke
Excellent service, and thanks for the quick results Jerry
Steve Hatz
Deceptive selling tactics and practices. $2,500 reconditioning fee? Plus $899 dealer fee and your at $3,500 before buying anything. Plus they low ball you on your trade in. All lies and do not believe what is posted on their website or or any car selling website. Deceitful and should make these fees prices shown in plain sight. The old Bait and Switch trick. How can salespeople even work for a company like this and to look the customer in the face. Wow! Stay away!
Keith R Tate
Very unorganized in performance of tracking their paperwork in the service department. As far as the quality of their work, their Tech did not make sure all codes were cleared before saying the vehicle was ready for pickup. A repair that was supposed to take four hours took two days. Not a banner day for Jenkins Nissan.
Mz Jonez
I was charged for a service that was said to be completed but was not, then told I could not get a refund. I feel violated and now I have to question all the other services that I have paid for. I feel as if I could have been lied to about them as well. I wish I could give zero.
Darron Bainbridge
Lied to and sales didnt reapond after the sale about the paperword fhat was a joke . very deceitful and dont trust sales anymore. Second car i bought from jenkins and wont buy another. Hopefully service is better than sales or take all my business elsewhere.
Jennifer Santos
Jean was great and made my first time car buying experience smooth and easy.
E Mail
Special thanks to Bentley Sargeant for taking care of my mother. She really needed additional services not normally affiliated with a car sale. This guy went about and BEYOND what we hoped would take place. Totally exceeded our expectations. 5 Stars all the Way!
Beverly Pope
Happy New year , wHISH I COULD GIVEE 10 🌟
Dijana Belegu
Although I live in St.Pete , I happened to be in Lakeland are this morning when my battery died and had to have my Rogue towed to Jenkins Nissan. From the moment I walked in , I was greeted with smiles by all Service staff. I was desperate to get in an out due to personal emergency, and Angel – Service advisor was extremely kind to understand my concern and expedite the service and get me out of there right on time. Thank you Angel and the rest of Jenkins Nissan Service Staff. 5⭐️
Shawnte Thomas
Service to my car was good I was concerned that 95% of all employees were not wearing masks to protect themselves or valued customers. I felt customers are not as valued as you say. We are living in a pandemic and it seemed as if your company could care less.
I went in there for a check engine light and a wind noise coming from the driver side door. Cars stayed there for 4 days, very slow turnaround time and that was with an appointment. Picked up the car check engine light came back on, took back to the dealership sat there for five more days. Picked up and the wind noise is not fixed. Not sure they did a test drive after replacing the seals in the door, at least the check engine light’s not on at this time.
Shaun Casey
Edit: Dropping my review to two stars. I brought my truck back here a second time after a third-party windshield replacement stopped my rain-sensing wipers from working. Jenkins completely and incorrectly diagnosed the problem. They told me I needed another new windshield and that my truck wouldn’t accept ‘the rain-sensor program because the new glass was wavey’. The company that replaced my windshield (they were great. Professional all around) asked me if they could send a tech out to check things out. That tech found the new rain sensor from Jenkins was installed incorrectly. As soon as he corrected it, the wipers started working again. Jenkins gave me a wrong diagnosis and fed me nonsense. ———- Original: I brought my Titan truck in for an oil change, brake fluid change, and programming new remotes. Due to a missing code, they could not finish the programming that day (this was not their fault). They charged me for the programming service, and told me to come back when I found the code. I returned several days later and they finished programming my remotes……and charged me again for the programming service. When I questioned this second charge I was told they didn’t charge me for programming the first time. I went home and got my paperwork……and found where I was charged twice. I had to return a third day and receive a refund. They did refund my money without issue…..but I had to return and take yet more time out of my day. Was the double charge an accident? Probably. But the service advisors are on commission and a double billing is more money in their pocket. In my mind, it raises unfortunate questions about their honesty.
Quynh Vu
*Scam Alert* One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a Nissan dealership. The first salesman via texting attempted to bait me to come to the dealership but then ghosted me when I wanted him to confirm the price with me so I could have it in writing. When we walked into the dealership, none of the employee wore masks. The staff assisted us wore masks but only because they saw us wearing masks. Horrible public protection and insensitive to the pandemic. The top manager (4th person we dealt with) needs a major attitude adjustment. He came in with an angry face (yes I can tell your facial expression despite the fact that you’re wearing a mask). He tried to explain to me that he cannot take a personal check and would only accept a cashier’s check because a personal check can be stopped but not a cashier’s check. That is false! Personal checks can be stopped and cashier’s checks can be cancelled. He refused to take credit card and the rest on debit card because it was a cash deal (We wanted points for credit card and we know 5k max per law). We just bought another car from another Nissan dealership last month with cash and that’s how we did it, they didn’t have an issue. I told him that’s fine if the dealership doesn’t want to accept personal checks but they should have a legitimate reason. I couldn’t get a cashier’s check the same day prior coming because I work banking hours. He was like you knew you needed the cashier’s check before coming in. I didn’t say I didn’t know. You came to talk to me because I couldn’t get it not because I didn’t know. He then attempted to pitch me to finance after I told him I don’t want an inconvenience dealing with this car after leaving the dealership tonight. He was like financing isn’t going to inconvenience you. How on earth do you think pitching to get more money from an angry customer that your staff managed to cool me already is good customer service? Applying for a loan would only going to inconvenient me more because I have to deal with it later and take a toll on my credit score. He then got angry at me and called me rude. Why was I rude? Because I called out your nonsense policy? Because I declined your sale pitch? I did get loud with him don’t get me wrong. I even apologized to him because I wanted the conversation to be done. That was one poor customer service experience and the company should reevaluate if he deserves to be in that position. He walked in made me feel like I was bothering him. I went out to check out my car, and he was just playing on his phone in his office on his reclined chair. The manager Al Miller (2nd person) contacted me via phone prior me coming to the dealership. I was frustrated with them already because of the scam attempt. He explained to me it was a miscommunication. He was very polite on the phone. He kept his cool the whole time on the phone and in person. He was very friendly when we got there even though it was late. Finance guy (fourth person). He was friendly. However, he wanted to rush me out of office. It could have been because he knew I was already upset. He had me sign the lemon law without explaining to me (I know what lemon law is but he didn’t know that). And he didn’t offer me finance package and maintenance plans. I didn’t need either one to be explained to me but according to the previous Nissan dealership, it was required by law for them to explain to me. So one of them was in the wrong, I just don’t know which one.
Tammy Robbins
Robin was amazing! She was friendly and knowledgeable. She explained everything to me and showed me all the features on my new vehicle.
Carlos Echeverry
Best price in town, hastle-free, and fast. The whole experience was totally outstanding. Mike W. is very knowledgeable about the vehicles, he takes the time to show and explain the features, benefits, and advantages you get when you buy a Nissan vehicle. Finance was phenomenal. I would not think of another place besides Jenkins when buying a New Nissan.
drew murphy
Great people, great place! Jim took care of me in outstanding fashion!
Mick B
TERRIBLE SERVICE DEPARTMENT! Went for simple maintenance of oil change and tire rotation. Fluids were not topped off and alerts were still showing on the dash so I went back right after leaving. I asked them to make sure my tires were rotated as well because I was sure it had not been done. The service advisor assured me it was but would “check the tapes” . He came back and apologized and said the tech must have forgot or got side tracked. I sat there another hour for them to get it done totaling many hours for the day for a “simple” oil change and tire rotation. The service advisor told me this is not something that usually happens but as I go back and read these reviews this is absolutely something that usually happens and for it to be continuing to happen shows that the service management is not taking action ensure their customers are protected properly and provided the best customer service experience. It can be seen that through these continued occurrences that the service management does not take pride in their work. Needless to say I will not be returning to this service department regardless if the oil change is only 5 dollars and I was offered a free car wash “next time”. Imagine all the people that paid for a service and probably left thinking it was completed but it never was even touched. If you go to this place that person could be you….
Cassandra Davis
Everything went well. I always have a good experience. There was a slight issue that we ask for a total price when an additional service was needed the service manager only gave the amount for the additional service and not the total, so at checkout we did have a $500 sticker shock, but the service was 100% needed and we’re glad to have had it recommended.
Dariel Ferrer Fabregas
Best experience I have in years, the staff was Supper friendly. Mike Sevigny the sales associate was amazing. I recommend Jenkins Nissan 💯 % , especial Mike S (sales associate)
Joseph Bravo
Terrible location. Slow in service and when they changed my battery it resulted a check engine light that they didn’t want to check. They also don’t wear mask at all! They don’t require employees or customers to wear any type of mask. This place is garbage and should not be given your business.
Damian Hatter
Excellent the service advertiser was great Naca Rivera Thanks
Alan Connole
Arrived 20 minutes before appointment time, checked in vehicle with service coordinator. Roughly just over an hour later and vehicle was ready. very happy with the service and the vehicle.
Brittany Hunter
My service man was great it didnt take as long as is usually does I was in and out with in about 30 min!!!
Jasmin Sosa
It was overall a great experience. The workers were all so kind and offered many support such as giving us drinks, food, and making sure we were okay with every decision!
Alberto Quintana
Service was good. Didn’t like nobody was wearing a mask. Not acceptable.
Desean Henderson
Great experience every time I go.
Jennifer Kansco
BE VERY CAUTIOUS of the “OUT THE DOOR PRICE” I looked at a vehicle on line. One that was in my price range. Had money down, plus a trade. By the time I left the on line price went up $5,000… with my trade and money down- I ended up paying more then the on line price. (Basically gave them my car and money down)All they do with the numbers is move them from box to box.. to look like a good deal. Charge a “recon” price..I paid 2400 for the car I bought , to be fixed up before they sold it. I work in sales, and I would never try to cheat people out of their money. I feel this place is the exact reason car salesman/ dealerships have bad names. In the end I have a warranty on the vehicle, a newer car. I wouldn’t recommend this dealership unless you can call them on their BS BEFORE you sign the papers!
Bella Boo
Made an appointment just to be told upon arriving it would be an hour and a half wait..i asked for my tires to be rotated, they were not. First place I’ve gone to that doesn’t tell you what they found, a simple you’re all set was all I got..need to learn customer service skills from Allen Jay Nissan
Kay Cross
We had car fixed and that was great. In showroom your people not wearing mask and social distancing. Being older a little dis appointed. Hope you all do better in future!
delia mata
My experience was awesome , from the moment I walked in i was greeted right away, my sales person was awesome , he wasn’t pushy at all and helped and informed me in every way possible, he was truly amazing, made me feel comfortable and worked with me as much as possible, his manager was also very friendly, and not exaggerating even the finance person was very nice and answered all my questions , I just feel like they are a awesome team and most important to me was there connection they made And attempt to interact, it is my second vehicle purchased with them and I would definitely go back for my next vehicle. Thank you for making my car shopping experience the best.
Alisha Augustine
My husband and I had a good car buying experience from a salesman named Bentley. I also liked our finance guy named Danny. I gave four stars instead of five due to the amount of time we had to wait before seeing Danny and sealing the deal.
Great friendly service ! Shawn service manager kept us informed of what we need to do great service thank you !!
Bryan M
I offered a cash deal on a vehicle they have listed in the Facebook market place ad and no one responded. Even after multiple attempts. I then followed up with a chat on their website. I was able to resubmit my cash offer and they informed me that they will have someone reach out to me. I received an automated text from them asking if it was okay to receive messages, which I confirmed. Still no follow up. Today is my second day of no follow up. I now decided to call the dealership direct. I asked to speak to a sales manager and was placed on hold for over 10mins. I have the screen shot. I called again and the sales department told me to try again later. What a joke customer service is here at Jenkins Nissan. I was a cash buyer that no one had time for. Taking my business elsewhere and suggest you do the same.
Ariosto Rodriguez
It is always a pleasure to come to Jenkins Nissan. Service is top notch and the sales associate are the best in town. Justin Rodriguez is on his A game with his superb knowledge of of Nissan cars and trucks.
Gabriel Flores
The service was good, the employees so friendly, but nobody of the employees was using face cover to protect the customers.
Naomi Williams
I loved it! And got an oil change for $6!
patrick gibbons
730 am appointment for tire rotation and oil change. Very first 5000 mile service. I was told at 9 am they hadnt even touched it yet. Finally finished it 2 hrs later at 11 after I had left in a loner. Also I honestly dont think they took more than a cursory look at other concerns I had. The notes simply said all systems function as normal but I still have my doubts.
Karen St. Clair
I went there today with our 2020 Nissan rogue for it’s first oil change. My appointment was at 9:20 and I left a little before 11. For a oil change? That is crazy. We have used this service department for years and never had a issue. Actually that is why we went back there to get this new vehicle because of the service department. Not sure what has happened but looking at other reviews I see I am not the only one. One more big thing is not one employee wore a mask. I did not see one. The only people who were wearing masks were those waiting for their vehicles. Not impressed.
Breanna Oliver
Anthony provided excellent customer service and was very thorough in explaining my next service
Catherine Kohn
Great experience! Trey was our salesman. He is AMAZING! I would not hesitate to tell anyone to go and deal with him!
Carolin Rodriguez
The girl who helped me was very helpful and nice she was really on track informing me of everything that was going on and my different options that were for my repair.
Luis Rivera
It was nice good service ,fast , very friendly
Kimmy B
Good service even though I didn’t get a car
Carla Alamo
Great service by the dealer employees. We have an extraordinarily experience with Robin at the service counter. Will go again without doubts. Love the waiting room and snacks.
Chad Sund
Spoke to someone in the internet sales department for the better part of 24 hours. Was very clear about the vehicle I was looking for, that the current rebates were extremely important to me. I was also very clear and upfront about negative equity issues with my current vehicle and any credit hurdles I would have to overcome. I was an encouraged to come out under the assumption and believe that they would be able to acquire the vehicle that I wanted and they had a good possibility of being able to get the deal done in the payment range I wanted to be in. When I arrived at the dealership I met the person I have been speaking to over the phone the day prior but then was handed off to another salesperson. After well over an hour of being at the dealership it was clear that they did not have and could not acquire the vehicle that I wanted. Instead they attempted to sell me something different that did not have the rebates that I had been clear would be necessary to overcome my negative equity. Long story short more than 5 hours of my day were wasted two of them just in drive time to get to and from the dealership, for something that could have been disclosed is not being possible the day before over the phone. The staff was friendly but again I did not appreciate the bait and switch nor the dishonesty and sales tactics of trying to get me in the door as my time is valuable.
Ashley Carroll
Loved this place! Was very friendly and fast and attentive to my needs. The gentlemen who assisted me was very efficient as well. Great place.
Robert Connors
I made several trips, and hours in waiting room trying to get my cell phone to work with new car, they couldn’t fix it, but I finally did. Customers are generally wearing masks but not employees. I did notice, while waiting that several customers were told that their car need an alignment. They do offer a $6 oil change according to their posted price schedule.
Inelda Hernandez
Angel was truly exceptional! I called last minute and to be assisted so quickly and efficiently really makes me feel like Nissan understands my needs as if it were there own.
Nick TheSecurityGuy
Had me in and out for oil change in less than an our. Great staff and prices. Highly recommend them to everybody.
Cephas Robinson
Very smooth process and Robin was very knowledgeable and helpful with my service needs. She also scheduled me for service Saturday. I’m grateful for her ,and wish for her to be my service advisor from now on.
Serenity Janae
I loved everything about my experience at Nissan Jenkins the staff and salesman are phenomenal. They went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted
Wendy Whitaker
Pro Tip: Make your service reservations early for the quickest turn around.
Eli A. Mrg22
Bailey was an amazing help and if definitely recommend hey
Jennifer Shepherd
Fernando is great. Very down to earth and understanding. Would recommend every time.
Jenni Zielinski
Kyle is great. Excellent experience.
Kenol Pierre
Friendly service and enjoyable experience.
My experience has ALWAYS been great at Jenkins Nissan. I have bought 3 vehicles from them and will continue to do business with them. Mark Lopez in service is amazing!
Adrian Griffin
Had a painfree experience with Adrian Griffin as our sales consultant. Would recommend him as a go-to at Jenkins!
Kimberly York
Shaun Wren was our service advisor when we came in for service, and as always he was extremely friendly, thorough, and a pleasure to work with! Everything was great and finished before our expected time of completion!
annabeth and alison
The waiting area was not being cleaned as customers were leaving. The floor didn’t look like it had been cleaned in a very long time. It took an extremely long time do complete my service appointment. Appointments should be staggered in a way to complete the work in a timely manner and not have the waiting are full of customers. This is a time to be more careful with these things.
Doyle Eldridge
I took my vehicle in for a oil change and tire rotation but my service writer Shaun found a couple of issues on my vehicle through inspection and took care of it. That I appreciate very much.
Emily Melgoza
Very disappointed in this place. When they tell you you will receive an incentive for doing their “surveys” they do not stand behind it. On my end, I know I completed all surveys to receive “free windshield wipers.” I called back several times and was told someone would get back with me and no one ever did. I reached out to them more than they called me. When I did get a hold of someone… I was told I “didn’t complete” the survey and that I skipped questions. I am highly disappointed because after leaving several good reviews on this dealership and getting a confirmation email that I submitted the survey they wanted… they didn’t fulfill their promises.
William Guilfu
I am writing this review because I am thrilled with Nissan Jenkins service. Spanish is my first language so I always have my daughter to translate what I don’t know. Thankfully Mike Sevigny spoke Spanish and did a terrific job explaining the process. The service he gave us was great, he knew everything top to bottom. He didn’t hesitate or give up. I admire that type of motivation and patience because of him my daughter left with her dream car. Nathan and Mike make an excellent team both very thoughtful, honest and to the point. Didn’t spend unnecessary time there and left with a nice ride for my daughter.
David Aponte
Battery died and managed to get my vehicle jumped. They took my in with no issue and replaced the battery and did a full check up. Only charged me the battery. Really great service if you buy your vehicle there.
Jason Justus
Salesman was very nice, courteous, and understanding… Dakota, was a really good salesman who listened to my cares, and understanding as did the Sales Manager!
Miguel Ángel Camacho
Mr.300 Help me get my 2018 sentra car, I recommen Carmart good pricing!
mark zemp
Got there before appointment time and they started work early. Had problem with vending machine Manager I think ending up buying item for me. That was nice.
Ruth Greene
The service was great. I called in on a Friday and spoke with Sean whom I informed of an issue i had. He told me I could bring my car same day. I left my car overnight (no biggie as he explained if i needed to leave for longer they would assist with a loaner). They did preliminary work up and i was able to pick up next day. I was asked to return within a week so they can pull codes. When i returned they hooked up my car. Found that my fear (transmission issue) was a reality. Sean explained everything in detail, got me set up with a loaner (with sunpass at no charge to me). We got my transmission replaced and he helped me get assistance with the bill under Nissan’s Good Will program. I am grateful for Sean’s patience and determination to help me find a solution that would keep me on the road as i work out of town. Hands down this has been an amazing experience with Jenkins Nissan and I definitely recommend Sean and his team!!!!!
Haley Frazier
Bought my first car at Jenkins back in March this year and have had nothing but wonderful experiences every time I go back to have my vehicle serviced. Would absolutely recommend this place to anybody!!!
Brittany Norris
Originally had an appointment two weeks ago for my service but was told it was 2 hour wait just for oil change and they wouldn’t even be able to look at my drivers seat. That I would need to bring that back another day, so my husband did. He then had to bring it back twice since then and was told it would only take 30 minutes which turned into 2.5 hours. Seriously annoying and no one updated him, he had to go ask why it was taken so long to change the bolts on the seat. Another thing that upsets me is they let him leave with a seat with broken bolts, could that have been a safety issue if my car was involved in an accident? I’m not happy.
Joree Walton
Stay Away! I took my husband Nissan Titan here for a diagnosis on the rear signal light, BIG MISTAKE! They said that the chassis harness wire was bad and they couldn’t replace it because the part had been discontinued, that Nissan no longer make this part for a 2006(A lie). They said they can run a wire from the front to the signal light but it will take 8 hour to do lol ikr 😆 and they will charge a thousand dollars, of course I said no thank you and my hubby left in the truck and when he got to his 1st stop and turned on the signal light the one that did work, it didn’t work anymore, after leaving Nissan neither signal lights worked so I called and asked them what happened to the passenger signal light it worked when I bought it in to them so they said bring it back and they will see what happened. My husband took it back and they checked it and said it’s the chassis harness wire to, Big Lie! And that it’s nothing they can do. So my husband checked behind them and they didn’t put everything back in place so he did it and it started back working. Do not carry your vehicle here because these people are incompetent. And the part is sold online on nissan website so they lied, so they can rip me out of a $1,000 for a turn signal light, Really! Who does that, I’ll tell you who, Jenkins Nissan @ 4401 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33805. That’s right, you’ve been warned! 🤡 shame on you Jenkins Nissan!
Heather Gottardo
I came in to get my car serviced and Mark Lopez was my advisor. He had a great personality and my car was done quickly. Thank you for a great experience.
Ashlie Harmon
Last time I was there which was this past weekend for and oil change. The service wasn’t that great. I actually waited around for my car that was already done for an extra 45 mins almost an hour. I had to look for my service tech, ask another service tech if they could find him before going to the service desk and finding my car keys dropped off there. Long story short his review wasn’t good either. I will say this was my first bad experience and that is why I did give it a three stars.
Samer Fidy
Robin is amazing! She helped me with getting my car everything it needed. Her customer service is impeccable.
Kathleen Mcanistan
The person I dealt with was very nice and explained all that was done. Didn’t seem to take as long as she said. Was great.
Tin Martin
I work with Bentley Sargeant on buying two 2017 Nissan for my company. I have to tell you he was the best experience I ever had in buying a vehicle. I recommend if you are looking for a vehicle go see Bentley at Jenkins Nissan in Lakeland Florida. You will be very satisfied!!
Shermain robinson
Went in and left with a car that I liked Mike was patient with me and we got the deal done
Stephen Collins
Oil change and tire rotation all good as expected. Paid $30 for wash and wax. Truck returned to me still pretty much as dirty. After complaining it was re cleaned to a good standard the second time, took another 45 mins but that was ok. Just dissatisfied that it was not done correctly the first time. Did nobody check the quality of the clean before returning it.
Eric Molina-ramirez
Got a new spear key after losing my old 1, the worker’s their went above and beyond to help me with paper work on it and get me a new spear key as quickly as possible
Thanh Nguyen
The service advisor was great and very knowledgeable in her role of duties.
Kristie Tesoro
Julian (salesmen) & Danny (finance) was so helpful with what I was looking for in a 2020 Altima. They went above and beyond to take care of my needs.
Jamie Sisco
Standard oil change. Bit of a mix up while checking out otherwise it was good.
Flora Murphy
Bought a truck today and Bentley took care of us. It was an easy experience. And he sincerely seemed more interested in finding the right vehicle for us than just making a sale. I would recommend asking for him.
Kim Troyer
Everyone is always so nice and now that there is a carwash also I will be back more often.
jaima delgado
I really appreciate all that Damian and Ty did to make sure I had the car I wanted at the price I was looking for. They made sure I was taken care of!
Drake Pelham
Danny did a awesome job getting me into the New Kicks! Chelsea helped as well with getting me to Danny Thanks GD Pelham
Bryan Mann
Scheduled an airbag replacement per recall on my 2004 pathfinder. Got there a little early and was taken right in. Was told it would take about 2 hrs to complete. Was completed in less than 1.5 hrs. Great service, Thanks
Suzzane Husband
Marcus Norvell
The staff and my particular associate were amazing!!! Plus, I was able to get my car washed, THANK YOU!!!
Maria Hernandez
Staff is super friendly. And everything done in a timely manner. Very happy with their service!!
Diana Álvarez
I cannot discourage folks enough from purchasing or leasing a vehicle from Jenkins Nissan. If you take a look at the reviews you will see that they have higher reviews due to the mechanical services they provide (such as oil changes, etc.). But as far as purchasing or leasing a vehicle from them goes, I would absolutely not recommend. My husband and I have spent hours on the phone with them and the company they lease their cars through trying to right wrongs that Jenkins Nissan has committed. They never informed the company they do their leasing through that we returned our lease and bought a vehicle with them. Therefore that leasing company just has us listed as if we stopped paying our monthly payments instead of that we traded the leased vehicle in and purchased a new one with them. Lots of little underhanded and backhanded things like this with Jenkins Nissan. As Lakelanders, we wanted to support a local car dealership but this experience has left us with a terrible taste in our mouth and hours upon hours on phones and on hold and asking for a representative. Please heed this advice and save yourself and your family the stress. Look elsewhere.
Terri Chambers
My experience has always been above and beyond my sales guy Mike always makes it easy he goes above and beyond not just to sell a car but treats you as a person goes above and beyond to ensure things move smoothly and is so helpful and kind I would highly recommend him to all my friends actually I have
TrinityKrista Girls
Everything was very professional. Jim Thrower did a great job and made us feel safe while purchasing a vehicle during this time
Chris Clark
I love the atmosphere here. No high pressure sales!!! The salesman listened to what we wanted and could afford and found it!!
John Shea
“Al Miller was our sales person. He is EXCELLENT. He knows his product really well and takes the time to explain the alternatives. We were also helped by Robin. She is also very knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately, that’s where the good experience ended. Al had to leave and asked others to take over for him. After 20 minutes in Al’s office I asked a man in the shared office what was happening. He told me there were 2 closings ahead of us, one was done and the other almost. He had our folder on his desk”” After waiting an hour and a half, we were finally processed out. During the extended wait another man told us there were 2 ahead of us but they had not been started yet? This was a black eye on what otherwise was an excellent experience. John and Dottie Shea .”
Medina Speaks
Quick and Easy! Had my part on hand and we were ready for a safe road trip!
James Dirmeyer
Not good. Made reservation for tire rotate and oil change. Only oil change was done. Was blown off about tire rotate with comment that they only do the jobs they are told about. Also disappointed that the service personnel inside store not wearing masks as mandated by city ordinance. Do you care about your customers? It doesn’t appear so!
Lisa Weyers
The service here was fast but not even half of the service people were wearing masks. Everyone who drove up to have service done was wearing a mask but not having the people waiting on us wear one was very disconcerting and made me feel very uncomfortable.
Dyer Cory
Car I wanted had too many issues like the battery being bad and scratches all over. Take better care of thier vehicles then 4 stars
Christine FL
Saddened to see not one regard for COVID safety. No employees were wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Nissan as a large corporation should care more about their employees and customers.
Jasmine Nance
The staff was very nice and explained al the services in detail I needed. They have a more family oriented approach and I love it ! Plus I’m always services very quickly! I highly recommend jenkins Nissan !
Dorothy Burnham
The salesman did not want us to have our mechanic check out the vehiclle we were interested. The vehicle had a AS IS sign on the windshield. He was obviously not wantinng us to find the problems with the vehicle. He stated the vehicle was certified and his mechanics was certified. We asked for his best deal and he would not even talk to us. I will not do business with this company.
Megan Chambers
I typically hate the car buying experience but I can honestly say this was the best experience I have ever had. From the first time I contacted Jenkins through email to my visit to the dealership, our salesperson and finance person were exceptional. I’m a customer for life.
K Murray
Pleasure working with Fernando! Extremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy!
Mary Fengler
My service guy was very nice. I am terrible with names but he goes by his last name. Very nice to work with.
bruce matthews
Eddie Hernandez
To everyone who reads this comment, be careful with Jenkins Nissan Lakeland, I take my pick-up truck there and they gave me a bad diagnosis, they told me first the battery did not work after that the gasoline pump did not work and last the transmission did not work and that is why the engine did not start I took it out of there I took it to another workshop and know that what I had was the negative terminal of the battery was damaged they did not fix the problem but charge me $ 155 for nothing because they did not solve the problem.
none ya business Horn
I put 15,000 down and just realized they only gave me 13,000 for my car but also my vehicle that comes with the standard equipment i was charged as if was extra
Carmen Figueroa
AMAZING TEAM! If you’re looking for a place with great affordable sales and people Nissan Jenkins is it. Mike Sevigny is the guy to talk to at Nissan along with Nathan Higgins both of them combine truly made my sale flow easier and without complications! Definitely go by or call in and ask for them. These guys are awesome, great to talk to and willing to work with you 100%. They’ve been so patient with me and never forced me to buy anything. I made a purchase and they made sure I understood everything before I pulled off. Thank you guys!! Y’all are awesome.
Vessy Lipton
I needed emergency car service. It ended up being very expensive -$3100. However the price I was given over the phone was different when arrived to pick my car. I found every one in the building being very rude, including the manager that came to talk to me. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye when addressing my concerns. Nobody in the building wore a face mask and they were all very close to customers, no social distancing at all. I was very uncomfortable and will never go back to Jenkins Nissan.
Jean Pelegrin
Mike, my sales rep was amazing
Cito Gonzalez
Go to bentley sargent he is a great salesman and will work with you.
Carlos Silverio
Very helpful friendly
Val moore
My husband & I will definitely recommend Jenkins Nissan, Inc… I must say each & everyone there was extremely friendly & very helpful. I would also like to say Thank You too Fernando for assisting us in purchasing our new vehicle.
Darrell Burnham
We asked to take the vehicle we were interested in to our mechanic to check it out for us. It was quite apparent the salesman did not want us to. He insisted their mechanics were certified and we told him so was ours. He got his supervisor and he did the same thing. We explained it would be a cash deal if we could deal. The car had an AS IS sticker. We immediately left. We purchased a 2015 Nissan at Red Hoagland for cash.
A A Ron Ay Ay Ron
Anthony always takes care of me when i come in. He says is the best
Gabrielly Rodriguez
I made my appointment for an oil change and tire rotation. They told me was going to be 1 hr wait, ok fine I waited. None of the employees had mask but I had mine and other customers had theirs. Everything went well but 2 days later I realized they didn’t rotate my tires. How do I know? well I have a tire that needs air every couple of days. And guess what, it was in the same places. I’m not going back. Maybe because I’m a woman think I won’t notice. I can’t trust them for a simple maintenance definitely not with something bigger either. Going back to my old nissa that’s 1 hr away from me.
Bobbi Dewitt
Was awesome! Our sales person, Bentley was great. Very helpful, listened to what we needed, was honest and did not pressure us. I would highly recommend this dealer if you are looking to buy or lease.
Derek Clark
“Updated… Staff is a joke. No answers to any questions… Had my car for “”recalls”” this was 14 days ago. Answer i kept getting was well were paying your rental your fine. Uhm thats not what i asked. Call again today ZERO communication my cars in the body shop. Call the body shop who states oh yeah your cars been sitting here for almost a week were not touching it until you contact nissan. ( Nissan corporate already approved the work to be done TWICE ) Will never ever take my car to jenkins ever again.”
mary herbert
I worked with Bentley and he was a wonderful help! He was patient and thorough in caring for me and my family, very thankful for his work ethic
Silvia G
Great customer service and the staff was very helpful
William Garcia
Sales person went on and beyond his job to make us feel comfortable while buying this vehicle.No pressure and make the envoroment very friendly. Specially since this purchase happened after hours. Amazing job and thanks for his help from the Garcia family.
Well when I got there I waited by my car for ten minutes until I walked over to the ladies that were talking to each other the whole time to help me with my car. I was not happy about that
Tangela Terry
Came in to get oil changed and additional services were received. Customer service is always on point and speedy, I will continue to come back for more services.
James Didden
Just an oil change so they were quicker than quoted and service guys were friendly
Bella Hainlin
Went in for service to leave with it as an unfinished service, unknowingly. My car was great before this service. Always got it serviced in my home town, Miami. After this service my car literally broke down on the highway. I had to cruise to a stop on the side and wait for a tow truck for four hours because of their mistake. Turns out they left the engine filter open and exposed. On top of this, my car has grease stains on the door. Never going back to the service in Lakeland.
Diana Ross
This is the worst place,waited 2and a half hours,for a oil change that I had an appointment for,then they go an change my car vin number, and name to someone else, with no apologies, never going there again
Tina Wilson
Judy Dawson
Amazing! Everyone from the Greeter in the Service Center to the Sales Reps to the Finance Team. Everyone is always friendly, professional and goes above and beyond to make you feel safe, comfortable and 100% satisfied!
Gary Harris
Great place to purchase a new or preowned vehicle.
Kim Wagner
Angel was awesome with helping me.
Ana Vega
Good customer service.
Nicole Ashmead
Great service for an oil change & tire rotation.
Lisa Wojdyla
Great service, timely. My only concern was that my brake fluid was low and they didn’t know why just paid to have it flushed out. Since I get my car serviced regularly there I asked, would not the decrease in fluid been noticed last time it was serviced? If this isn’t an issue. Response was, we will get you the best price. Question never was answered.
Vincent Mount
Vince was a great service guy, brought my vehicle in to have two new keys reprogrammed and while I was there he said there were several recalls on my vehicle and took care of them at the same time. In addition he came out to me after an hour and let me know the status and how much longer it was going to be. Well worth my drive from Orlando to have my vehicle serviced by the same great dealership that sold me my truck. Couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and service I always get here at Jenkins Nissan of Lakeland..
Damian was very helpful with my purchase,he is a very good Product specialist,super friendly and knew what i wanted,i would recommend him for all your future purchases.
Jonathan Nieves
I when to do my Oil, filter and tires rotation. When I get to my house I noticed that they never rotate my tires. Not even a fingerprint in the wheel. And I noticed because one of the rims got the spot water and still in the same place of the truck. Bad service there not doing there job!
I had a 5pm appointment for oil change and rotate tires. I didn’t leave there till 7pm. They marked that my windshield wipers were in great condition when they are falling apart. That lets me know they didn’t even check them. Something that simple was overlooked, what else was overlooked? There are no finger marks on my tires which are very dirty so I have doubts my tires were even rotated. Every time I go there, the service is getting worse and worse. We live in a city were masks are mandated yet not own single employee was wearing one. Very sad and careless during a pandemic.
JJL Tactical Solutions
This is the second car I have purchased from a Jenkins dealer. As usual the sales person was excellent, courteous and professional. The entire process was without any roadblocks and I was very happy with the 2020 Nissan. The sales person should be commended for his knowledge of the vehicle that I purchased. I give the entire process a score of 10 and it definitely surpassed my expectations.
Mary Barnett
The service was adequate, but it took over 2 and 1/2 hours to change the oil and change the brake fluid.
Shannon Gardella
I had the pleasure of working with Justin and Rick during my visit. As a first time buyer it was scary but they made it so easy and enjoyable
Dave Hina
5 star service. Kendall and Al were Fantastic! They listened and delivered. I’ll be back and I’m definitely telling all my friends.
John Kenney
My family has bought all our cars there for the last 10 plus years. Excellent pricing and service
Darrell Franklin
Very happy the sever
Holden Wright
Oil Change was only $6 and no high pressure sales. Dropped off car, sat in comfortable waiting area for about an hour, and then got my car back. Would recommend.
Brandon Mckittrick
Ive been a customer at Nissan for many years and have always had a great experience. The service was great, very friendly staff, and very clean place. I will continue to do business here at Nissan.
Christopher Morrison
Fernando and the rest of the Nissan team were great with getting me into a New Altima. This is my third time buying a car from Jenkins Nissan and again was not disappointed in service and pricing.
J McNeil
They are always helpful and polite. They always treat me with respect
Lynne Reynolds
Tire Rotation & Oil Change, purchased all weather trunk liner. Fast & Friendly Service
Carmen Sanabria
Since the beggining this turn into a nightmare. Called my daughter names in the office during the process of getting documents done. After that mess up her payment, first was one amount few days later another amount without any reason. Then called them to find out the payment day because they mess up the days also and tell her that it was another day then call her that she was late. Daughter pass away and with all the pain in my heart send the death certificate and call today to asked about a payment and they said they don’t have it or ever received it aftet it was confirmed to me that they did received it. It is the worse place to get a car. Lakeland Nissan is the worse.
Joyce Augustyn
I love my service representative Dillon. He is exceptional. I met a couple that I was not impressed with. Dillon goes above and beyond to make sure his customer are satisfied.
Jose Pomales
Fernando and Julio are awesome! Walked out with the car I wanted and for the right price. Patient guys for sure. Def recommended!
Rachel Spade
My service advisor was super friendly and professional. He kept me up to date on the status of my vehicle while I was waiting. He also ordered to part to remedy the recall that is on my 2018 Murano. I am always taken care of at this dealership, and I highly recommend them
Javier Jaramillo
Jenkins Nissan it’s awesome they work with me and my budget also Damian it’s incredible took care of me all the time and make me feel like home.
Natalie Huegel
I appreciate being able to schedule service using the on-line option, however, when I arrived for my appointment, rather than being scheduled for 40,000 mi maint, I was simply scheduled for an oil change. Other than the scheduling glitch, my experience was a good one. Employees were cordial and transparent regarding cost and services recommended.
Rusty Parsons
Mo our salesperson, was very professional, knowledgeable. He made our deal a very pleasant experience. He went out of his way to look out for us. Everyone at dealership was great.
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