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Mercedes-Benz Dealer

1705 Boggs Rd NW, Duluth, GA 30096, USA

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Rajesh Pandit
Great Experience and staff is awesome! Went for a passanger side mirror replacement for my Benz E350. The job was done efficiently and service advisor Bobby was very nice and he actually repaired it for less then originally quoted amount. Very honest and efficient. I was very impressed and will visit them again for all my service needs.
Michael Shvarts
Tried to order and buy a car and was not impressed with the sales people response and willingness to satisfy the customer. Finished up cancelling the order because of MB production issues and after that couldnt even reach anybody at the dealership to get my deposit back. Suddenly they are all busy and you can only leave a voice message. Not a service I expect from MB dealer. update: Sales Manager posted nice response to call him and they will ‘help’. Guess what ? He wouldn’t pick up a phone and he wouldn’t return voice mail too. Nice customer service at the dealership. Total ignorance of customers. I reduced my rating to one star and strongly advise to shop at another dealerships – we have choices as a customers and deserve better service!
Gregory Chaffin
This place is so unprofessional as i said before in my previous message and my complaint with the BBB someone called my phone in defense of the dealership stating that he was a manager ask for my side of the story didn’t allow me to talk and kept defending the fact that they don’t have RUDE, and RACIST employees as stated before in my previous review. My message in response to the owner of the dealership the professional way for you to have handled this situation was to have called me personally via phone or ask that i come to the dealership because i called and ask to speak with you but couldn’t reach you, but you want to take the time out and reply to a google review because you don’t want your dealership to look bad I’m sorry but Scott the guy that you have working in the Loaner Car Department is very unprofessional and you missed the point so let me get you on track, i originally had a Mercedes C300 to begin with which normally when you get a loaner vehicle they ask what is your preference car or size car at least when i take my car in for service that’s how it goes i just said nothing small but still was given a C300 i just wanted a larger vehicle in my size my Preference was a E Class but was informed that you all don’t carry those, i NEVER stated that i “Should be in a nicer car first off” you didn’t hear me say that because you wasn’t present so please don’t get on here and try to make your company look good. You all don’t do your best to accommodate your guest because if that’s the case you all would not have been reported to the BBB and i would be a happy customer but I’m not so let me address something else you said that you all reserve cars for future guest wow because i was just told by a Supervisor (Scott Sabia) and my past Service advisor (Lionel Ledlum) that you all don’t reserve cars for guest it’s a first come serve. You all never disagreed with me on a policy it’s more so you all lied to me in the beginning first off by saying that we don’t carry cars larger than the C300 but the day before i came to do my exchange i complained about being in this car for a week and have been trying to swap out, was told to come in because you all had a few E Class (White and Red) to be specific so the very next morning i came in at 7:30 am when u all first open the doors Scott told me you all didn’t have anything larger than a C Class to put me in and i told him what was told to me and the cars were rite outside the door he then said what kind of car do you drive cause we don’t loan those cars out to customers that don’t drive a S CLASS or Larger i was very much so racially profiled because I’m a young Black African American Male and know my rights I’m not saying the entire dealership is racist but you all do have racist employees (Scott) sad to say don’t know his last name but gave me a Mercedes GLC300 which was very dirty inside and out i have an employee at the dealership that can vouch for me on this so when it got down to this i took it as if i was being treated any kind of way he was very rude and disrespectful so then i contacted my service advisor and Scott Sabia. Which he was very rude to him as well the way that the situation was handled and is still being handled is very unprofessional.
UPDATE: Went here and got my car serviced was provided with a loaner vehicle which was a Mercedes C300 keep in mind i drive a Mercedes CLS4 Matic I’ve been in this vehicle for a week now I’ve called the dealership numerous amounts of times to inquire about getting into a larger size vehicle but had been told they didn’t have anything to put me in larger i called the dealership on yesterday Thursday June 14 to check to see if they had anything bigger in size to put me in and was informed they had a couple of E Class sedans i went into the dealership as early as Friday morning at 7:30 as soon as doors where open i was the first customer to enter the courtesy department i spoke with Scott that is a Courtesy vehicle employee which was very rude and racist i felt as if he was racial profiling me because from the very first day i stepped foot into the dealership he was looking at me up and down and making weird faces, i told him that i had spoke with someone and they had informed me that they had E Class available and he proceeded with asking me what type of car did i have in service and i told him a CLS he then said to me oh you can’t get a E Class there RESERVED for S Class Customers which was a COMPLETE LIE i went to speak with my service advisor Lionel Ledlum and he informed me that he never heard of this and they don’t Reserve cars for customers i then spoke with the Service Supervisor Scott Sabia and informed him of the matter and also let him know that i was then given a Dirty SUV which was a MERCEDES GLC300 he took me to the rental counter and asked the other Scott did they have any ECLASS he said yes but he’s Loaning it out attitude was very nasty and rude Mr.Sabia didn’t address why did he inform me that they reserved certain class vehicles or anything just allowed him to think that this was ok.Im sorry but i will never IN LIFE GO BACK TO THIS DEALERSHIP they are unprofessional and to allow a customer to be treated this way is just unacceptable.
Great dealership ! Clean and ritzy. The interior is nice. There is some comfy chairs and some tv on. Snacks , hot chocolate, juice, and coffee are here, and it makes you feel comfortable . Mr. Tsang is a wonderful dealer who is very nice and negociable ! I got my SUV here for a good price and this is a comfortable car ! I am happy with my decision to buy from Atlanta classic cars !
These guys are great, always exceeded my expectations at the service center or the sales. I usually go to Bobby at service and Kim for the purchase. Both are great and very pleasant to deal with.
Caroline Hahn
Oh my goodness! I cannot believe the level and amount of disrespect that I witnessed and received today. My parents have been looking into a car at your location and I went with them today to take a look at the car. I first met Danny Kim and he was very kind and professional. He treated myself and my parents well and with respect. I had some doubts about a used car, but he eased my concerns with thorough explanations. He even took us to the body shop so that we could inspect the car further. I was more than satisfied so, we decided to go through with the transaction. We went to the finance office and met Phillip Black. I cannot believe the way he spoke to Danny Kim. He made comments such as, “Now, you run along up the hill and get the emissions test done.” “You need to get a receipt from Becky (Betsy?). It’s 4:07pm, you need to make sure that she’s there. Do you know where her office is? Well…of course you do.” All of this was said in such a condescending voice. Mr. Black even put his hand up to Danny’s face and told him, “Danny, stop talking and start over again.” While my parents and I were figuring out the balance, we had a different balance than Mr. Black. He kept saying that he was right. I pulled out my calculator and showed him that he was off by $1000. Meaning his balance that he was showing us was $1000 over than what we had!!! He’s the finance personnel for your company! He didn’t even apologize for that mathematical error. Then at the end of the transaction, he never thanked us for our business. Never welcomed us to the Atlanta Classic Cars family. Never shook our hands or congratulated us. He said, “Now, you can go on ahead and sit in Danny’s office and wait for him there.” I was in such shock! Never in 43 years have I ever seen such a lack of professionalism, disrespect, and degrading to coworkers at a car dealership. I was embarrassed for Danny Kim and felt bad that he was the one that had to work with Mr. Black on a daily basis. Danny is the only reason that we completed the transaction today. If we had dealt with Mr. Black first, I would have walked out the door immediately. I had actually found the same exact car with 5000 less miles on it for a similar price, but decided to purchase the car from your company because of Danny. That is the only reason. However, due to the horrible experience that I had with Mr. Black, I will not be purchasing any other cars from your company as long as he is employeed there. I do expect that he will be re-trained on his customer service skills. You may contact me if you have any questions.
Steve Graves
I would like to take the opportunity share my extreme pleasure working with David Phillips at Atlanta Classic Cars. Purchasing / leasing a new car can often be a very stressful event for me. My prior experiences have always been time consuming with lots of confusing decisions to make. David took the worry out of the experience and made it a very pleasant wonderful experience, making me super excited to drive away with my new car. I absolutely love my car. David shepherded me through the process every step of the way. Also, I was very pleased with my experience with Phil the manager I met at Atlanta Classic Cars. Mercedes Benz should be very proud to have such a wonderful dealership located so closely to their US headquarters here in Atlanta. Kudos to David and the enter team.
Giuliano Tornusciolo
DO NOT BUY PRE-OWNED CARS FROM THEM . I bought a 2011 R350 Disel, the engine sized within 3 years of owning it. They took no responsibilities neither tried to help. To change the engine costed me over 20 thousand dollars. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING
Dale Wade
Purchasing my new Mercedes has been my best car-buying experience yet! John Swinwood was incredible to work with throughout the entire process. This was my first Mercedes purchase, so I had a lot of questions; John was so informative and confident in his product that I knew I was making the right decision immediately.
Conner and Ben were also key in my purchasing experience. They both are so knowledgeable of the features of the car and their delivery of the instructions came with great care and patience. I feel comfortable to stop by any time I have a new question!
Logan T
Absolutely wonderful dealership full of courteous & kind employees, JCW is of the best there from what I think. Definitely the place to go for your Mercedes needs whether it’s parts, service, or to buy a car.
Garth Johnson
Customer service friendly. Cater to your every needs.
Chris Beasley
This was my first time stopping in. I will admit I was a little apprehensive about going to this location for service ,seeing some of the reviews. But I was pleasantly surprised? by our service advisor and the level of customer service at this location. Maybe something has changed as far as management. I can only speak to mine and my wife’s experience. We’ll definitely be returning for future service. Also, their facility was in excellent condition.
I would have given it 5 stars but that’s just something I rarely so 4 stars should be considered fairly close to perfection. But who on earth is perfect?
Kevin Link
Our family has purchased over 5 cars from Atlanta Classic Cars for a reason – you won’t find a better experience and service. Truly professional and service focused. David Phillips has been a gem to work with and understands how 5 star service should be delivered. He cares about his customers and treats you like family. He protects your investment and delivers on his word. The service staff of Atlanta Classic Cars backs up the sales experience with better than any dealer I know.
Tiffany Loughery
Working with John Swinwood at ACC was such a memorable experience. This was my first car purchase and he was always quick to respond to any questions I may had and was very helpful throughout the whole process. ACC makes you feel like you are part of their family and I am so fortunate that I was able to work with John – I love my car!
carolin fan
Great sales team there. Impressed!
Ardeen Shuriah
Great service I even got a complimentary massage while waiting for a loaner vehicle. Can’t beat that.
Kay Reese
Dont plan on getting in and out fast even to just drop off the car.
Letitia Owens
Once you drive Mercedes, you truly never go back to any other make of vehicle. Ask for Greg Rabideaux! I have purchased 4 Mercedes-Benz from Atlanta Classic Cars in 4 years for our family. ACA best in class and best in Atlanta!!
Simple Finds for the home
Great dealership and service team….Kim is the best. They are currently working on customizing our classic 560SEC and have done so on other cars including an E55, S600, SL500 and a ML63! The job gets done right and fairly. Kudos
LaTai Grant Brown
Wonderful first experience! Will be back
Josh Lower
I dealt with Nick in the Sprinter Van division. This was one of the easiest buying experiences for me ever. I have bought many vehicles and these guys have their stuff together. I called, right away I received pictures and window sticker. I gave them my info and the deal was done. It took me longer to move my personal items than it did to purchase. Nick had everything ready to go. I walked in, signed my papers, got keys and demo and was out the door. Great experience. Would highly recommend this group for any of your Commercial needs.
peter harrell
My service experience exceeded all expectations. Everyone was prompt, courteous and extremely customer focused. I was provided a status of my maintenance / service every step of the way. Lionel Ledlum in particular is a “gem” and consummate professional!
Jim Marsik
I have been treated GREAT in both Pre and Post service you won’t find this in most other dealerships.
Iqbal Malani
Atlanta Clasic cars. The worst service for the most prestigious car. I own S550 2015. I had to come 6 to 8 times for the tier issues. Bukhead Benz has an excellent service compare to this location. They really have to work on it. Service advisor John Kim is the only one who goes an extra mile for the customers. Everybody needs to Leann this. My lease is getting over I may not get Benz again.
SDA General
Awesome service. Check these guys out before you invest in a Mercedes. I know Buckhead is convenient – but these guys pickup and deliver. With Atlanta Classic Cars – you only visit them once. With everybody else in Atlanta you go every year – Why? These guys have service nailed.
Abby Johnson
Talk about a low pressure sales experience! I always take my time when I plan on purchasing a vehicle and do quite a bit of research. My sales representative, Alvin Downer, had all the patience in the world. He checked in with me a few times to make sure I had all my questions answered and that I was sure of all the features I wanted in my C300, but never pressured me into the sale. When I need to schedule service, Michelle D is always there to work with my schedule and let me know what service interval I need. Thank you Atlanta Classic Cars for your outstanding customer service!
Adam Merlin
Great people and great service. Highly Recommend
Anita Conley
Always a great experience each time I go there and the staff are great, especially service advisor Lionel! He really knows how to take care of his customers.
MiHae Long
This by far the best Mercedes-Benz dealership ever. The appointment desk did a good job of explaining the service to me, and how much it was going to cost. The appointment desk representative Angela listened to the problems I had, and when I wasn’t understanding some things, she explained it the best way possible. She was also helpful, explaining the service to my mother who only spoke Korean. Wonderful place. I will be coming back.
Craig Tepker
Wow! Nathan Day was incredible. He answered every question we asked with understanding, knowledge and patience. We test drove with him several times as we worked through our decision. His product knowledge is second to none. Nathan is excellent at his job, a genuine person and a great example of the professional you want helping with this type of decision.
Michelle Hopewell
Abby Dixon works in customer service for the service department. She was super helpful offering alternatives to utilize their shuttle or wait in the lobby when scheduling my Service A. Explaining how their Express Service works. I didn’t have to tie up a courtesy vehicle & i was able to work with Jackson Barron “Clark Kent”. Who was also very informative. Knowledge is power !!! I really love this place!
Day A
The service is the best, especially in the wholesale parts department.The team is very friendly and helpful. I usually talk with TJ, very nice guy he even takes the time to send pictures of parts via email, to make sure it is the right item, which is a plus for me. A lot of dealerships in the area are rude, and have no interest in helping,but when it comes to Atlanta Classic Cars it is the complete opposite.Everyone here are willing to help, are patience and well-mannered. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Keep up the good work.
Mike R.
What a great experience! Planned a surprise Christmas/Birthday present for my mother back in December and was told by a family member to visit Atlanta Classic Cars M-B. I’m glad I took that advice!
Nathan Day was my salesperson, and I certainly plan on dealing with him again in the future. No stress whatsoever! All of my questions and concerns were addressed. He spent the better part of the day going over the vehicle and making sure I was getting the right car. Mr. Day truly made the entire experience a pleasurable non-event.
Eric Palmsteen assisted with the paperwork and explained much of the money side of things. His help was greatly appreciated. He even offered up one of the dealership’s Christmas bows to borrow for the surprise!
I could not have been happier with the level of service I received from Atlanta Classic Cars and look forward to another Mercedes purchase for my family in the future!
Wes Duffey
Another great experience at Atlanta Classic Cars. I took my car in for routine maintenance and was very happy with the experience from beginning to end. I was greeted as soon as I pulled into the service area and was kept up to date on how the repairs were progressing. Sean the Service Advisor was excellent! He fully explained the work that was performed on my vehicle and covered items that I may need to address during my next maintenance appointment Great job Atlanta Classic Cars!
Tracy Jacob
Atlanta Classic Cars has a great group of guys running their wholesale parts dept. Not only are they knowledgeable, but TJ, Jim, Cody and John always go the extra step to make sure our orders are complete and make ordering an easy process! We’ve dealt with other dealerships in the area and they can not touch the professionalism and courtesy these guys give out on a daily basis.
Atlanta Classic Cars has an amazing team to accommodate and fulfill our needs. From ordering until the delivery with Jay, who makes sure we get our delivery’s in a timely fashion, makes sure we get everything we ordered and puts a smile on our face from day to day, we love Atlanta Classic Cars!
Nick Despo
The absolute best place to purchase a vehicle. Complete professionalism, sophistication, and dignity, it’s like stepping back in time to an Era where people actually cared and made an effort, that happens about 15% of the time these days, SMH, Kudos Atlanta Classic Cars Mercedes-Benz, a shining example to the rest of your industry
Malinda Bonner
Our experience with Atlanta Classic Cars and Ben Ajani was AMAZING! Both my husband and I were overly impressed by the professionalism, courteousness and personal attention we received from Ben and the entire staff at Atlanta Classic Cars. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, including the manager. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive at the thought of doing business at Atlanta Classic Cars since they sell luxury cars. I assumed they would either pressure us into a purchase we didn’t want or they would ignore us since we weren’t already driving a luxury car, but oh, to my surprise! This was the best buying experience I have ever had. Ben went above and beyond to ensure we found just the right car at just the right price. He was very knowledgeable, attentive, friendly and honest. He didn’t push us into anything we didn’t want! The complete application process was a breeze; we actually completed a test drive, paperwork and financing during my lunch break! I didn’t expect to drive off the lot with a top of the line Mercedes Benz but that’s exactly what happened! And let me just say, I absolutely LOVE MY CAR! I recommend Atlanta Classic Cars and Ben Ajani to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle! We will definitely be back!
Jacquelin Twiss
Rude, arrogant, Rude very arrogant. When we moved to the area, I contacted them to take over the service of my car, BUT they said they don’t work on cars they didn’t sell. When my car was totalled by some DUI driver, I once again found myself in their dealership. The salesman was so rude. NOT interested in helping me find what I wanted…. why try to find me a black car when he said the same one I wanted in “Polar White…….. Any way, purchased a used car (MB E class) to use until I could get a new one, but it needed the fuel pump replaced (warranty work). Once again found myself at their dealership and once again rude, arrogant people. Their idea of an appointment is time to “chat” with the service rep NOT getting your car looked at. That will take an additional week or two… or when they can fit a “used” car into their “backed up” schedule.
Robert Manolache
I would highly recommend any Mercedes Benz car owners to only use Atlanta Classic Cars Mercedes-Benz in Duluth in finding any service or parts needed. Alex C would be the go to person due to his professionalism, knowledge and experience in Mercedes car parts. I have been going to Alex for over a year and he was always pleasant to help my needs.
Angela Yeo
The best dealership you can find. Service desk rep Linda is very helpful and informative. She listened to my concerns, and answered any questions I had. Service adviser John Kim is the best you can find. I would give them more stars if I could. 🙂
Javier zardoya
My go too for any parts needed on my Mercedes. Timothy , John, Jim and Cody are all very knowledgeable and make it easy for me to order parts from this location. Always a great experience. Thanks a ton Atlanta Classic!! Best Mercedes dealership in the area!!
Marco Darby
Very unprofessional… They were guessing what was going on with my car terrible experience. I have a S550 . Managers have no heart they couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem on the car. I will never refer my worst enemy to them. Instead of saying you know we don’t no what is wrong with the car you guess…not professional for the money I dish out. This company doesn’t call back they want your opinion but wont follow up. They try to cover things up
Ken M
We have been working with Kim Harvard- Cates since Atlanta Classic Cars was located in Decatur. She is very knowledgeable of Mercedes Benz and has always been a pleasure to work with. If you have a Mercedes, and you are looking for a place to have service completed or repairs to your Mercedes, be sure to go see Kim at Atlanta Classic Cars.
Jason Salgado
I love the service by Mr. Cody Moore! He was polite, knowledgeable, and helped me get the information I needed to buy the right part for my car. I definitely recommend you come in and find him if you’re looking for experienced help when buying a part for your car. Five stars!
Mark Jacobson
PARTS PARTS PARTS!!! Alex Cretu is the best!! Always willing to help. Does his research and if it’s out there he will find it. I receive emails when parts arrive. Parts come in in a timely fashion. Can’t say enough about Alex and the excellent customer service he provides. Atlanta Classic Cars is fortunate to have such an individual.
Zach craig
Nathan Day made my visit here beyond excellent! He was very friendly and answered all of my questions. Best customer service I have received throughout my new vehicle shopping experience thus far. I highly recommend shopping at ATL Classic Cars and talking to Mr.Day!
I never knew buying a car would lend to such blessings! Curtis Caldwell is amazing! Definitely glad to have crossed paths with him to hear his wisdom as a young couple and first car buyers. He truly allowed us to fall in love with the MB Experience. Please check him out at Atlanta Classic Cars. He is so much more than a salesman! Thank you so much Curtis! I am just so happy with my new car!
Patti Reeves
I got a new Mercedes as a surprise gift from my wonderful husband, but when I got it I couldn’t even figure out how to back it our of the garage! Ben Guerry was the BEST! He came to my home and programmed my garage door openers, showed me the basics, and made me feel so comfortable with the car. And he loves horse racing too!
Terri Benson
Purchasing my Mercedes E30 Convertible from Atlanta Classic Cars was a great experience! My sales person David Phillips is amazing! I have known him and bought cars from him for 20 years and when it comes to making delighted customers, he is #1. His professionalism, knowledge and overall courtesy is outstanding. If you are thinking of buying a Mercedes, please go to Atlanta Classic and ask for David!
Also, their Concierge person, Ben Guerry, was outstanding! He showed me how to work all of the functions of the car and even drove over to our house to set up the home link garage door capability! He answered my questions on all of the cool functions on the dash and made sure I was comfortable with everything before he left! He is terrific!!! A great service provided by ACC! Go check them out!!! You will be glad you did!
Jessica Beituni
They provide over the top excellent service. Jeremy Taylor is the best. He and my service coordinator Jackson always take excellent care of my Barbie Car. I would not trust her with anyone else.
devon lally
Great service from the moment I walked in. The people were efficient and helpful. Cody Moore assisted me and was knowledgeable about the part(s) I needed. I had great customer service with him and would definitely go back to ACC in the future.
Megan Grove
Atlanta Classic Cars is amazing!! But mostly because of TJ Grove. I needed some parts and he worked to get me exactly what I need. Amazing customer service!! He is without a doubt one of the best things about the company. Thank you for making what could have been very frustrating so easy!!! Ask for TJ!!
Beancca Sainvil
I had the best experience a couple of days ago! Atlanta classic cars has definitely done a great and incredible job! From the people that work there and the job that gets done there! I had someone of the name of Demond I believe and he goes by the name of DJ. He was really sweet, and very professional and wanted to make sure what I was there for, would get done. Thank you so much Demond! And thank you Atlanta classic cars!
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