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Rick Case Audi Gwinnett

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3180 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096, USA
Located in: Rick Case Automotive Group

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Andy Nguyen
Go see Davon if you are looking for an Audi! Great and fast sale! Straight to the point and will give you the best deal and beat any Audi dealers!
Nicole Clinton
Went in for an oil change and brakes, quoted for oil change, brakes, tires, alignment….okay, not a problem. I was told they’d have my car all day, so I requested an appointment to come back when I’d have more time for tires, brakes, and alignment. Tech recommends that I don’t drive at all until I get all new tires, I’m thinking, my tires were fine until I came in here, normal wear and tear, I should be fine until my appointment next week….. wrong. As soon as I leave, less than 10 miles down the road, my entire tire conveniently rolls off my car (mind you, that particular tire is one of the two tires replaced last year….. I’m not saying that they did something, but I am a bit suspicious. Went back to my normal Audi dealer in Marietta the next morning and because I have tire warranty and the tire tread was still good, it was replaced for free.
One of the service guys was very nice though. Not a totally bad experience, but I recommend being aware. I will not ever visit this location again.
Kendra Haywood
I would give a 0 if I could, but customer service after purchasing a vehicle is beyond terrible. They screen your calls and when you finally get in touch with someone they lie to you and your local Audi dealership about sending a part that should of been on my certified Audi prior to leaving… like how do you forget to put rotors on a certified car. I should had known I was been shammed by the way everyone I came in contact with was acting the day of purchase. Will not recommend this dealership. It’s been almost a month and my car is still not drivable long distance.
Nina Abdul
Went to the service dept because of a problem with my car, the staff immediately came to my aid!! They were very helpful and curtious even although l had no appt l wasn’t made to feel like l was imposing on their time!! A big thumbs up!! Thank you very much guys!!
Abhishek Reddy Basani
My experience working with Audi Gwinnett has been exceptional. They were always responsive and were able to take care of all my requests. Even though I purchased from out of state, I never had any issues. The team, esp. Aziz and Johnathan were very polite, professional yet friendly. I will certainly recommend Audi Gwinnett and I look forward to possibly working with them again in the future for my future purchases.
Andy Thomas
Needed the A6 serviced. Great staff and very professional.
David Yuan
I recently bought a 2018 Audi Q5 from them and my experience is wonderful. When we walked in for a test drive, the sales person Shawn Samuda greeted us right away and ended up selling us the perfect car on the same day. He located the exact color and options we were looking for, and worked extra hard to get the contract completed by staying one hour after the dealership was closed. Next day, he waited there to deliver the car even though he was suppose to take time off. I truly enjoyed my car shopping at Audi Gwinnett, and Shawn is the best of best!
Brenda Helie
Great dealer ship, Devon and Collin are very good at what they do.
JC Walker
If you ever need a great Service Advisor, David Rodriguez is your guy!
Karen King
Love the car, but didn’t have a good experience with the salespeople at Rick Case. I was largely ignored in the showroom by the salesman. After I got the car I made an appointment for a follow-up visit for him to show some of the car features. Even though we had a scheduled day and time, he didn’t show up at the dealership that day and never called me to let me know. Not a good experience.
T Isaac
This is the WORST dealership to do business with! The is the second auto that I bought from a Rick Case dealership and after the first experience I swore I would never go back. Long story short…I should have trusted my instincts.
I bought a used car there 3 months ago, when I got home I noticed it was missing some floor mats (there was only 1) I made phone calls to pick up some, no response. I ran out of washer fluid, which is no big deal but since I was told the car had been through a “thorough inspection” I thought I would go ahead and check the oil. There was none on the dipstick! I took it to have the oil changed at another dealership and it had NEVER had an oil change!! It had 10,000+ miles on it when I purchased it. I called Audi Gwinnett to request a reimbursement of $79…no response as of yet. I am to get a refund on my gap insurance and extended warranty on my previous car. Nothing has been received and when I called the company, Audi Gwinnett has not even filed for it yet. I have called and emailed everyone from the General Manager to the sales person to the service department…no answer, no response. My only recourse is to go to the dealership in person which means taking off work and driving 30 miles.
If you have other options to buy, run somewhere else. I NEVER write poor reviews and as a personal policy I always wait for a follow up from a merchant before I write anything. Rick Case Audi is the exception to that rule since I can not get a response!
Roger Knowles
Rick Case Audi in Gwinnett gets a 5 star from me For the exceptional service department thanks for taking care of my car and give it back nice and clean
Andy Shin
Technician explained to me very well and fast service on time!
O m
Took forever for someone to greet us. Kept being told about less expensive options. Felt like my business wasn’t wanted.
Drew Bottalico
Mounir and Luca were top notch in my buying experience. It was a no hassle negotiation that took all of 10 minutes. They weren’t pushy or rude, like other car dealers I have dealt with in the past. They had their price and respected mine. We were able to meet in the middle, which was much better than going back and forth for hours, days, weeks.
These guys know their cars and I enjoyed speaking with them about Audi models of the past and future. Mounir picked me up from the airport and offered me breakfast, which was a nice touch.
These guys are true gentlemen and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another car from them.
I had a very pleasant experience at Rick Case Audi. Sean Dale Mitchell is an outstanding salesman. He’s very knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. He’s a great representation of Rick Case. Ask for Sean Dale Mitchell when you go to Rick Case Audi he will take care of you.
Jason Hammond
Had an excellent time buying my car at this Dealership. Julia was a huge help making sure that I got the best deal for the car I wanted. I’d definitely recommend coming here if you’re looking into getting a new car!
Audri Jones
I brought my 2013 A4 in for a 35,000 mile service. As a young female I was very anxious about the prospects of an important service for my beloved car. Glen greeted me right away and I was assured and was fully delivered satisfaction with the entire experience. I was also introduced to the service manager, John or Josh was his name, to also ensure everything was to my satisfaction. My car is great and so is the service at Audi Gwinnett Service. Will return for sure.
I purchased a CPO vehicle from this dealership long-distance, and Jason Winter made the experience as quick and easy as possible when I came to pick up the vehicle from two states away. The dealer even put me up in a nice hotel for the night. Before the purchase, Jason answered all of my questions about the transaction and car forthrightly, especially about my trade-in vehicle. I had arranged my own financing, and they had even found a lender to beat my rate, even though I stayed with my own lender. Overall I was very pleased with the experience and would deal with them again.
Robert Wicks
Good service, clean area, and a fair price, given the expertise.
Went in with a price “negotiated” over the phone and ended up with something $5k different. The Sales manager Luka didn’t even try to work with me and didn’t ask if I had a trade in which I had , that could have made the difference. The sales person wasn’t knowledgeable at all, just read the specs off the sticker. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Jill Story
THIS IS A MUST READ!!! I do not even know where to begin. The most incompetent dealership ever! I paid cash for a new Audi Q5. The service department is a joke. This dealership needs to be closed down by Audi. It is giving the brand a horrible name. Had my car less than a year. Had a tire blow out. Took 3 Towing conmpanies that Audi assist called to have the lay finally decide toneven touch a vehicle going to Rick Case Audi. And this one took pics all the way. 1st clue! Being less than 10,000 miles, under warranty though the best thing to do was have it towed to RC dealership. That’s when my true NIGHTMARE began!! Had to have my insurance company intervene because I was getting no where with the dealership. The insurance adjuster went out, called me while at the dealership with the service dept guy with him. Was told it could not be taken by my COLLISION CENTER of my choice (1st law broken) bc RC was going to order the part. It would take 4 weeks to come in. Did not want to order the part and then have my collision center but elsewhere. (Should have suspected then something fishy. ). Ok so I wait 4 weeks and call. The service guy was mean, rude and incompetent! He raised his voice and acted crazy! Said he had my car towed for ABANDONMENT!!! Note here I bought this brand new vehicle less than a year before and paid cash! He stated he first searched my title. I responded by saying I have my title bc I walked in and paid RC CASH! Btw hey guys ever thought of checking the VIN#. The answer is no bc they are true idiots!!! 2nd called the police. The idiot proceeded to tell me the police ask him what he wanted them to do. He said and I quote ” man go take care of your customer”. 3rd he said so I had it towed 3 days ago. Mind you the car was locked behind their gate for 4 weeks with no issue. I called the Towing co. They immediately knew the case. Said it was a strange situation from the get go. Was later told they no longer do business with them. Between my insurance company and Premier Collision Center on Abbott’s Bridge and the cooperation of the Towing co they finally got my car in the place it should have been 4/5 weeks earlier. Oh and let me add. RC lost my car, literally for 1 full day in the beginning, then for another week later. I still do not know the details of that outlandish avoidable deal. Premier ordered the part. RC service lied. It only takes the part 1 1/2 weeks to be delivered! I was used and ABUSED BY RICK CASE AUDI SERVICE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!! This NIGHTMARE began the end of Oct. today is Jan 11 and I’m hoping to have my vehicle back next week thanks to Premier, my insurance company. My rental car allowance was used up during the RC holding, lying faze!! I have had to pay for a rental for over 5/6 weeks out of my pocket at $50 a day!!! I bought the scam of a deal warranty 6 years/60,000 miles from the Suit that Hoodooed me during the purchase. Tow bill was $500. So far RC’s incompetent idiots have cost me over $3000 for a new vehicle PURCHASED from them. I have documentation to backup everything here! It’s not over YET! Jeff in service who slammed the phone down on me!! They very well knew who the owner is bc I bought an extra FOB, and have had my vehicle serviced by them. Have a fuse that blows every time I charge my phone. They did not even fix that when I asked during my service. I have been a very good customer. I do not deserve this treatment and you definitely do not want to experience any thing close. I have literally been physically ill from this. It’s still not over!
Phong Do
The best Audi service in town. Thank you!
Lauren Vickers
Biggest mistake of my life…… My Experience started out great with a wonderful sales person whom i will still say did no harm to me but he should consider working for a better company rick case Audi is a messy terrible place with disrespectful and careless people and he would do well somewhere else. My bad experience started out with my finance person asking me if my husband was going to come and pay the down payment on my car… because i guess women don’t carry money i guess? He even switched his name to be first on the title even though i was present and first on all the paper work. I chose to look past this as maybe an error or habit. I later found out my tag paper work was sent to an old address which was NO WHERE on anything i gave him. When i came to see him to correct it he refused to see me and had a receptionist carry a sticky note back and forth to correspond with me while he looked at me through the glass of his office. This was only the surface of what was to come. My 2016 a3 etron was having issues starting switching into hybrid mode and was getting ridiculously low gas millage so i brought it in for service they kept it over night and the next day i was informed in a joking manner that one of the mechanics had taken my car overnight to his home and that he lived past the air port and had videotaped something while driving (i didn’t give anyone permission to take my car to their home over night) i believe thats considered theft…..they also let me know that the issues i had with my car were all due to the way i must of been driving the and that i needed to come pick it up. When i arrived i was pretty flustered i unloaded all of my carseats and belongings so they could take the loaner and then i was informed they could not locate my key i later found out someone had dropped it down something in the shop…. this went on for an hour. I finally begged them to let me leave back into the loaner because i was late for work. its insane i had to suggest this. The next day I returned and they were surprised to see me because they thought my car had been dropped at my home and this process AGAIN took an hour to locate my CAR and AGAIN my key. In this process I had a service advisor put his hand up in my face while he was on a phone call and tell me to hold on then proceed to help other gentleman customers before me even after all of this had happened. NEVER ONCE did a member of management apologize to me or even speak to me. Two times on different days i stood in the cold with my belongings outside for a considerable amount of time while these serve advisors helped other people before me and couldn’t find my keys all while telling me it was my fault i was having these issues. I called the GM of audi gwinnett and i expressed all of my concerns even though i did see him while all of this was happening to me and he never stepped in. we spoke and he promised me a return call and some answers and that i would have some sort of solution. I never did get that call back but he did have his service manager call me back and leave a very uncomfortable voicemail again making me feel at fault. I finally felt that it was time to call audi corporate when no one would treat me with the respect that i witnessed the employees and management treating other customers (mainly men) at rick case audi and it took them over two weeks to even give me any sort of response and their solution was to have the service manager call me again. The conversation with their service manager josh was that he would like to have them again look at my car BUT i needed to come back once he was back from vacation. because i haven’t waited long enough. I need to fit my life around rick case audi again. So i feel i have made the biggest mistake of my life i am trapped in a car that i can’t get serviced locally. I am disgusted by the treatment I’ve received both by rick case audi and audi cooperate after 6 years with bmw i never expected this level of customer service from any luxury car company. This is not a company i want to be associated with.
Norm Leafe
Top notch Audi dealer… excellent Audi sales support and a world class service department !
Jennifer Tiedemann
Absolutely the worst experience buying car I’ve ever had. These guys will lie to you, will not provide assistance when needed and they do not care once they’ve made their sale. Currently going into a legal battle over the way I was treated, how I was lied to and absolutely humiliated. I wouldn’t recommend this dealership to my own worst enemy. They will not stay in business as they don’t know the words “honest or “customer service”.
deborah firew
I had a great experience with Audi Gwinnett.
Adam Price
Great service and in a timely manner. Thanks David.
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