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Arlington Toyota in Palatine, IL

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
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Toyota Dealer

2095 N Rand Rd, Palatine, IL 60074, United States
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Toyota Dealership Palatine IL | Used Cars Arlington Toyota

Arlington Toyota is a dealership located near Palatine IL. We're here to help with any automotive needs you may have. Don't forget to check out our used cars.

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All reviews:


Paul Vara
I came in today for my 9:45am appointment and I was extremely satisfied with superb customer service I received from Paul S. I am on a cross country road trip and I was overdue on my oil change. I really liked the video the service technician sent of him inspecting the under carriage. You’re a Dip Stick if you go anywhere else for an oil change 🙂
Ryan William
Had my 2013 4Runner serviced here. It had no valve stem caps when I dropped it off, but I just noticed Conrad put four new ones on. They didn’t even mention it, I just happened to look later on. That’s excellent service when someone sweats the details and doesn’t make a big deal about it. Marco was easy to deal with and didn’t pressure me at all. Five Stars!
Patricia Brock
Cassie was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable about all 3 cars my husband and myself were interested in seeing. I couldn’t be happier with my new highlander!!! 20/10 will recommend to my friends and family
Veronika Lukashuk
Ilya did amazing job! First class service, as always! He is knowledgeable, friendly and fast. I would never consider going anywhere else, such a pleasure to work with him. Keep up the good work! Highly recommend use his service. 💙
Adam Czachor
So I went for regular maintenance check and oil replacement, and they didn’t put cap on my car engine. I notice smell of motor oil wen I get back to my garage, I put the hood up and there it is oil all over engine compartment they make mistake and now I have mess. Another failure Arlington Toyota.
Tiffany Ann
Very poor customer service and little to no negotiation on used cars. They were not willing to work with me at all to be satisfied with my purchase, and I would never recommend them to anyone. I test drove the car that I was ready to purchase and as soon as we came back to the lot, I was told someone had already purchased it. Not sure why I would be able to test drive when someone was seriously interested. Then I test drove two other cars and settled on one of those. I brought the car back 3 days later and was told by the service department that the car was in good condition despite significant vibration in idle and poor acceleration. They explained that the car is just made like that and the price I paid is what I get. They tried to hand me the keys and send me on my way without a second thought. They weren’t willing to negotiate financing on a different car or offer a refund when I clearly indicated how unhappy I was. I purchased the warranty on the car and was told by sales that it wasn’t valid for 30 days when financing told me it was immediate. I cancelled the warranty but was told if I am going to keep the car to let them know immediately so they can reinstate the warranty. I cancelled the warranty for a reason and am not interested in taking the car in for them to tell me it’s in great condition. Now I have to take the car to my own mechanic and pay to have the car inspected to figure out what the issue is with the car.
Susan Nordberg
Such a great experience at this dealership. Competent, honest, and nice people throughout our buying experience. Melanie Ross did a great job. Her understated approach was appreciated. Highly recommend!
Judy O’Brien
The Arlington team, from first online contact to driving out of the lot in my new car, was truly excellent! I dread buying a car (I would much rather purchase a house.), but everyone was tremendous. Doris answered all my email/phone questions until my appointment, and Olga is wonderful! She’s very knowledgeable about the vehicles and extremely easy to work with. I also have to compliment Augie in finance for making the numbers work. It was a very easy transaction, and I am so pleased with my 2017 RAV4 Hybrid — thank you Arlington Toyota!
Ontavus Thomas
My purchase of my newest vehicle finished with me feeling on top of the world given the fantastic deal and service from the staff/Mike, and the head finance manager/Matthew. Matthew in-particular treated me like family and ensured I was totally satisfied with my car purchase which included the extended warrant plan I wanted, which I am; that my follow-up appointment for my owed-services included a rental car, and making himself available if I forgot something in the traded-in vehicle that I might need to retrieve – Like I said, a great guy who treated me like family!! I definitely will be doing business with Matthew and his team for any future transportation needs and I would strongly encourage anyone else looking for a good deal, professional service, and family like service to stop in at Arlington Toyota, you won’t be disappointed!
Oleksandra Kosenko
Ilya G did great job! Very professional, patient and honest. Definitely recommend ask him for help
Stephen Gibbons
AT did a great job except the interior of my car smells terribly of gas. The technician worked on a recall that I believe involved my gas pump. If the technician spills gas on himself or his hands he should clean himself thoroughly before getting back in my car. I’m hoping the smell of gas dissipates over time but so far it hasn’t. Other than the gas smell I have been very happy with the service I get at Arlington Toyota.
rajesh b
Very well trained and informed staff. They sent me a video of the service before delivering the car. Also in the budget and great services
Erik Bernert
I had a great experience there this weekend. I got myself a 2021 sienna and I love it. Olga was super friendly and knowledgeable. And Mike in finance helped make it happen
Rachel Pankow
My 2010 Prius with 250K miles has been maintained in great running order at Arlington Toyota since we purchased. Because we’ve been religious about following the maintenance guide for oil changes etc, this car has been fabulously dependable due to the quality, professional care given by the service dept. We appreciate the suggested maintenance recommendations but no pressure if we decided not to do it or postpone it until later if it’s not emergency in nature. At this stage of the life of the car we might want to spend a ton of money on repairs that may not be efficient use of funds. Basically, they do what they say their going to do and deliver when they say they will. That’s a pretty simple expectation but not what you get from other service providers these days.
Chinmaya Sahoo
Great Customer experience. I like most the video they shared about my car after doing multi part inspection. The video talks about what they inspect in my car.
Vitalina Olevych
I dropped off my vehicle at the collision center to have my rear bumper replaced and other repairs done and had such a great experience. John was my point of contact while my vehicle was being serviced. I had some questions and concerns, all which John was able to help me out with. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in a stressful situation. Additionally, all of my mats were soiled from the winter, and they were all clean when I got my vehicle back- such a nice treat! A big thank you to John and Arlington Toyota!
Dan Greising
Excellent customer service on many levels. Timely, professional, responsive. Shannon in the service department did a great job helping us with service of our Rav4 and communicating with us on the needs of our vehicle. The facilities are clean, the workmanship is great, and the ownership puts customers first with honesty and fairness! Highly recommend this dealership.
Mike Weber
Salesman was helpful, not pushy. Finance office was painless too. Just upset that I brought a Certified Pre Owned vehicle and the day I bought it the remote start doesn’t work, and they need a whole day to fix them… it shouldn’t have left the lot without it working. What is the point of the 160 point inspection? Now I have to take time off work to drop it off at 8am and get it fixed. Apparently, it takes all day. Bummer. This should have been a 5 star review for you. Update: they fixed my remote start for free and gave me a courtesy car for the day. I’m happy they fixed my problem, but I wish i could have spoken to the technician that fixed it (I had to google instructions on how to use the remote start) Unfortunately it is a 3rd party so that did not happen. All that matters now is that my car works properly! Thank you
Mayuri Patel
I needed to install remote starter for my car and Paul assisted me so well from beginning to end. He explained me how to use my remote starter and made sure it works well and I am comfortable using it. The driver who dropped me and picked me up was very nice and professional too. Highly recommend this place and Paul’s services. Thanks 😊
John Bellizzi
The service manager, Chris Stone is the best. My vehicle is always repaired properly and on time. He also keeps me informed about service that needs to be performed in the future.
Alexandra Raszyk
I had a great experience shopping and working with Cassidy. She was very genuine, kind and most importantly educated. Without her, my daughter and I would have had trouble finding the perfect first car. I strongly recommend asking for her for your car buying needs.
Dina Madiyeva
We did a huge mistake when applied online to other Toyota centre than this. In a different salon they didn’t helped us at all even if I had a good credit score, I did not get approval and even more, they were sending requests to other salons without me knowing, so I got more than 5 hard inquiries! However, here Olga was very professional. She helped us a lot, she explained to the bank the whole situation and we finally got approval. Moreover, she knows how to speak Russian too, so it was much easier to us to explain what we want. Again, thanks to Olga and the team.
javier ruiz
Great service! Last year in May, Marco helped us out with our Rav4 and we recently went back to get another car. Definitely recommend, great experience and he is very helpful.
Kevin Durian
Wanted to give a 0 star rating . Do not buy a used vehicle from this dealership. We bought the currently listed 2013 white Chrysler Town and Country. We were lied to from the start. We were purchasing the vehicle for cash and they lied and said they had to do a soft pull to verify our identify per the Patriot act, the Patriot act states a 10k purchase or more which this was not. They also did a hard pull, completely illegal as we did not consent to them trying to size us for financing. We drove back to WI and the check engine light came on. After multiple failed attempts to get a call back filed a complaint with the attorney general they finally called back. After going back and forth we scheduled to take the van back down to be repaired, the code that pulled was the torque converter clutch. We left the vehicle down to be repaired. The following week we messaged the manager to confirm the vehicle would be ready on Wed as they advised because she was taking the train down with our 5 kids to pick it up. They confirmed it would. She arrived at the dealership and checked in with the service manager whom handed her 2 sheets of paper and told her the vehicle was complete and where it was parked. She asked him to confirm the check engine light was off and it was repaired. He quickly responded yes. She started the vehicle and the check engine light was still on. She went back in and talked to a manager who apologized, said they would provide funds for the inconvenience and get the vehicle checked and repaired. They called her back and said the vehicle was now ready. I drove down there to ensure her and my kids were not stranded again. Luckily I did as she went back and they tried making her sign a new delivery confirmation and release form. She knew the IL used car law, the dealership had to repair anything powertrain up to the purchase price. She advised she would not sign, after that they threatened her to not work on the vehicle anymore, she said fine and then they told her they would not give her our vehicle back unless she signed them. She had to call the cops. The manager then bullied her into taking a refund and told her he didn’t care what the law said, she wither sign which releases them from liability according to the IL law. He also said if the engine blew up they wouldn’t care or fix it. Legally we still own the vehicle according to the title. This company knows this vehicle has a transmission problem and don’t want to fix it. They are trying to sell even though they don’t have the title. Don’t trust this company. Toyota also has a class action lawsuits against them for illegally pulling people’s credit. Buyers beware.
Chester Maxwell
“I generally dislike going to car dealerships but today was easily the worst experience I’ve ever had. I wanted to test drive a vehicle but was almost instantly told no by “”sales”” representative “”Bob””. The reason cited for not being able to test drive the vehicle is because “”I was not ready to purchase the vehicle today””. How are customers supposed to know they want to purchase a vehicle if they have never driven it? The job of the sales representative is to show the vehicle to the customer, let them drive it and sell them on the vehicle. All this shows to me is that the salesman is lazy and simply had no qualifications to sell anything. In all my other experiences with buying vehicles, I have always been allowed a test drive. This dealership essentially slammed the door in my face and told me to get lost. Clearly this dealership does not want to sell vehicles. I will never give this establishment any business and urge others not to as well.”
Tani Shabani
We had an amazing experience with Tony & Bujar. Everything was quick and easy. I drove 4hrs and it was well worth it. Thank you guys!!
Raj Sharma
I am greatly appreciated for the service I received, Paul Shergill service advisor was highly professional and friendly, lowest service quote in the area, shuttle service was on time.. for drop off and pick up. I had great experience and I am very grateful. Arlington Toyota will be my service place for now on.
Tomasz Kedzior
After searching for a upgrade for my wife, I went to Arlington Toyota to check out a ’21 Rav4 Hybrid. They had a few in stock. I was greeted immediately when walking through the door. I told the young salesman. Nikita, what I was looking for and we were looking at the car within a few minutes. After the test drive, I went back home to discuss the purchase with my family and was back a week later to do the deal on a Saturday. When I returned that day, they still had the car I wanted even though I did not put a deposit down but made it very clear that I’m a serious buyer. This Dealership has a couple of Polish-Speaking salesman so we were introduced to Mr. Bob Bejda to make the buying process easier. Bob didn’t try to sell us on something we didn’t need, he told us how it is, and more importantly he is very friendly. The dealership is/was very busy on Saturday as any dealer but the overall process was reasonable and smooth. This was my first Toyota vehicle and the first BRAND-NEW car I have purchased. Very satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to servicing my car at this dealership. If you are looking for a new or used Toyota, there might be better deals out there, but you WILL NOT beat the attitude and personality of the staff working at this Dealership.
Eric Kaplan
Kevin V was the sales rep that helped me and my mom find her next car and did an incredible job. He went out of his to ensure everything would be in great condition before we took the car home. My family has bought well over 3 cars through this dealership and they never disappoint. They are truly loyal to reoccurring customers and will do anything to help us secure a good deal. I will highly recommend this place for a new/used reliable car with Toyota.
Momo Pap
Made last minute appointment for a simple routine maintenance and the Service Department got me in right away. While I waited in the lounge, I got a text showing the deficiencies on my car along with an explanation. Followed by a written estimate. This is top notch and appreciated. Good job raising the bar.
Kerry Richardson
Friendly and Courteous! Zeroed in on what I wanted on vehicle, features and price without pressure. Olga was great!
Linda Shehadeh
I loved my service at Arlington. I couldn’t get into the dealership right away and Adam did a nice job sending over videos of the vehicles I was interested in. With that Mike the manager sent a video over just saying hi and excited for me to be a part of Toyota family. Unfortunately I did not work with Adam because my schedule did not a line with his. I than met Bob! He was so wonderful, had patience, answered all my questions, and if he didn’t have the answer he found it. The process was very smooth for me. The car I wanted this dealership did not have it. Within 24 hours they located one and brought it in. I totally recommend Bob every time. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars because they do not have lifetime car washes. I think this should be a standard. I believe they are in the process of potentially building on. I hope I get that benefit when it’s done. The day I wanted to buy the car it took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. A lot faster than I thought. Along the way everyone was very welcoming, easy to talk to and relaxed. We were able to connect with both gentleman that did all the power work. I didn’t get the names, but we enjoyed them. Thank you Toyota Arlington!!!
Bernard Beckwith
I have bought and leased many cars from Arlington Toyota, I always have an excellent experience. Alex has helped me with all of my car purchases and leases throughout the years, and always provides outstanding service and support. Thank you!
Best Roofing and Siding
I just bought a vehicle from Akash B. He was extremely professional and accommodating. Having bought numerous cars in the past and admit being a difficult buyer, I must highly recommend him for his patience & treating me in a first class manner. He is outstanding!!
Linda Baker
Technician met me immediately as I pulled into service garage, confirmed I had an appointment, reason, and directed me to Service Technician inside to specific numbered desk, then began to sanitize the car. Service Technician met me, pulled up car record, advised maintenance due and confirmed my acceptance and time required. He explained new system by which I’d receive a text and video confirming services completed which would require my response. Received text at confirmed time and located Service Technician who displayed repair notes, reviewed additional recommended services and estimated time. I decided to delay for another time. He noted on my record, had me sign confirmation and retrieved car. Very smoothly handled and courteous friendly service. 👌
Mc Cuyuca
I came here because my guy from my previous shop wasn’t working there anymore. I was impressed with their service here. Paul was the one who took care of me and he did a good job. my only downside was they didn’t wash my car. but it’s not really a big deal. I’m going to come here for service from now on.
Samantha Lisberg
My entire family has bought cars here! I just bought my first new car and I cannot say how much I enjoyed working with all the staff. Would highly recommend especially for college grads like myself they definitely work and help us!
Danica R
We came just to change oil in our Toyota but guys did complete check and found couple more stuff that had to be done. They are very professional and efficient . We are driving Toyota since 2015 and we always come here. We will definitely keep coming back. I had one bad experience ,at this location,when I came with two kids and had an appointment for oil change , I waited for 2 hours for an oil change. I hope that this will not happen again.
Eduardo Velasquez
Arlington Toyota is a team of people you can trust. The service and quality stand by a legacy of excellence. Most of us think that servicing a car at the dealership is very expensive, but at Arlington Toyota you don’t think about price because from the moment you step in it feels like a family. And the quality of people and service cannot be find anywhere near at any other dealership. You’ll be glad you chose Arlington Toyota. And you will enjoy the confidence of a great service.
Penny DeJohn
Came in for a scheduled 24,000 mile oil change and check up. Wonderful service. Polite and kind employees. Waiting area is clean. They had me on my way in 45 minutes. I especially like the video that was emailed to me about my vehicle. I will definitely come back.
Carlos P
Great place to buy a car. Our salesman Daniel Cuevas was able to answer all our questions and make every step of the way very easy. He went way beyond out of his way to make everything possible. Thank you! 😊
Jack Notzen
Over the past decade I have owned several Toyota automobiles purchased from Arlington Toyota. I have chosen to have them all maintained by the Service Department at Arlington Toyota because of the superior job they have done maintaining my cars. This past Tuesday I brought my 2016 Rav4 in for an oil change. During their inspection of my car they found that my break pads needed replacement. Rather than just telling me they actually showed me a video of their inspection and based on this and their past performance I had them replaced. When you trust your dealer because of years of experience with them this becomes quite an easy decision. Thank you Arlington Toyota for once again taking excellent care of my car.
Kos R
I would recommend for sure this location and also Dasha as a sales person. It was great deal and definitely best experience ever. She fought for us as customers for every dollar, exceptional customer service. So excited with my new Rav4.
Jennifer Clements
Very pleased with this Dealership. I’ve had dealings with Sales, Service and the Body shop. All have exceeded my expectations. On my most recent Service apt, the Technician even text me a video rundown on what work he did. Love that!
Went in for service expecting the usual and was delighted by Shannon’s smile. Aside from being knowledgeable, she was quick to extend her help with the tech and made the experience much more pleasant. Thank you for your help. I will recommend this department over most of the tech shops in the area. Prices are very reasonable and competitive. Waiting area is comfy.
Susan Kang
Paul was the Toyota associate that helped me make an appointment to have my brake pads replaced. He was extremely courteous and nice on the phone. After dropping off the car he called to let me know that I actually didn’t need them replaced. He was very nice and it left a great impression of the Toyota Palatine dealership for me. I will return here if I need anything in the future.
Carli Kander
This should be ZERO stars for the sales at this dealership. I saw a few different used cars that I made appointments to go see. The first time, I waited to about a half hour for them to finally pull up a car that was not at all what was advertised. They had the wrong picture associated with the vehicle so it was not the color I was expecting. They also had it advertised as certified and it was not. Shame on them. Then shame on me for going back a second time, when i finally found a car I really liked that I actually walked away from because of the awful customer service a second time. I again asked if the car was certified at least twice to two different people and they confirmed it was. I was about to make a deal on a car and asked another time to learn the car was pre-certified, and would be another $950 to have it certified. Other Toyota dealerships were either willing to throw it in or charged $750 to certify it. I of course was very frustrated and showed that to the sales manager and he gave me attitude back. They would not budge on the price one penny after all that so I walked out on a car I wanted BECAUSE of the absolute awful, misleading customer service. I will never go back there or refer anyone else there.
Nesli Gacek
Paul in the service department was highly recommended through social media and so I was happy when I went to get my car serviced and he was helping us out. I’m happy with all the assistance he provided for me. He went above and beyond by providing a shuttle for me to appointments that I had while my car was being serviced. Hands down he’s extremely knowledgeable and friendly and I would gladly go back to him for any car repair needs
Okeksii Kulibaba
The most professional place I have even been to when purchasing a car! I would recommend for sure this location and also Olga Rusnikova as a sales person. It was a great deal and best experience ever.
Great experience! Steve is always courteous and advises what work needs to be done. The mechanics are spot on!
Cody Cowan
Came in today to service my Highlander. Paul S. In the service department was very helpful kind and courteous. Took the time to explain everything I needed for my vehicle. I highly recommend this place. A
Ramin Ghanbari
I called to see if the Sienna I wanted was in stock and was told yes. I sold my cars over the weekend so I had to get a ride to this dealership. When I get there they told me it sold this morning. Oh yeah that’s nice because I hung up with you guys an hour ago and you said it was here. Thanks for the waste of time
Vicki Liberman
I did not purchase my car here but I have taken my car to Arlington Toyota for all oil changes and most repairs . I have had my car for 18 years and I have over 200,000 miles! I still own a 2003 Camry XLE. .
Adam Bohojlo
Hello I would like to file a complaint against the Arlington Toyota Palatine IL, Toyota Service Center. On Monday 03/15/21 I called to schedule and appointment for an oil change and tire rotation with a 5000 miles maintenance Toyota 4 runner Limited 2020. After an hour, the car was returned back to me. I was told the oil change and the rotation have been completed. I have however noticed that the tire rotation has not been done. I specifically marked my tires to make sure that the rotation gets done. I had this happen to me in this location few years ago so I marked the tires. I told the advisor and service manager that the tire rotation was not completed and they insisted it did. After a conversation they did tire rotations. This is unacceptable behavior for the Toyota staff. They are not trained to service their customers. I will not be going back to that Toyota dealer in the future and will not recommend it to anyone.
Di Bart
Purchased a car for my son here. Ricky was extremely helpful and very informative. Nice, clean place. Thanks to all.
Pam Heiss
Honest, reliable and friendly. They sent a video of my car where the technician walked me thru the suggested services needed as well as my showed me things that were in good shape and didn’t need service (brake pads).
Dianna Montesinos
I came in knowing what car I wanted and we were lucky enough to have Olga to help us. She was straightforward and very helpfully. Being a younger buyer it was tough not being pushed into getting a car by dealers but Olga did the exact opposite. She answered all question and more. I felt confident in buying the car and not pressured at all. She has a great sense of humor never a dull moment. Ask for Olga if you go to Toyota in palatine!!!
Izabella Sloutski
We have bought two Toyota’s from this dealership in a span of a year. Our latest sales manager was Cristian and our finance manager was Mike. They both did a fantastic job making sure we were happy with our purchase. They made sure to answer any questions we had and give us their fullest attention. Both were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Furthermore, they never pressured us into making a decision. We were able to take our time and ask questions. The whole process was extremely delightful and we will definitely be coming back in the future. I would and have recommended Cristian and Mike to others. Amazing job!
Jason Tumba
One of the Nicest easiest and welcoming places to get a car. I usually hate buying cars, but Mike B made it a wonderful experience. I was able to get a Toyota Camry with all the features and the price I wanted with no push back. If you want to get a car hassle free come here and ask for Mike B!
Jonathan Clyde Daarol
I went there last Friday with my parent. They were very informative and gave me a good deal with the car I chose. Olga was my agent, she was very fun to talk too and very informative. Only reason I gave them 4 star is because they forgot to put the car tools in the trunk. When we were looking at the car, I noticed that the car tools were not there. They told me they were going to put it when I decide to purchase the car. Which I did. Fast forward. Monday, I was cleaning the car and I checked the trunk again and the tools weren’t there still.
Jon Yelenick
Very professional and took proper steps to make a smooth experience including having Ashley take the appointment and assigning Bujar to assist. He took the time we needed to explain and demonstrate what we wanted to see and know. The purchase was exactly what we wanted. Looks and drives great and the price excellent.
I got to work with Melanie Ross, and the whole process from start to finish was great! It was the best experience I’ve had with a car sale. She was very patient with me and explained to me the process every step of the way. I will definitely recommend her to my family and friends!
Joe Cook
Excellent service and experience for complete vehicle care. Highly recommended for both service and sales.
Ana Vargas
Sales person was cold as ice and acted as if we were inconveniencing her the whole time. First couldn’t find the truck then when the truck was pulled up she did not know a single thing about it!! I understand if you r new and still learning but at least ask someone and pretend to be happy doing ur job. We should hav asked for a different sales person so that’s on us. The worst part of this whole experience was hearing our salesperson talk about our money. Weather U are making a lot of a little you should not be talking about ur customers in ears distance. Other people seemed nice and happy. I will give u the benefit of the doubt and say maybe she was having a bad day. The sales manager Augustine was very nice and helpful. He was probably the only positive part of this experience.
Zain Jafri
Bought a 2020 Corolla from this dealership. Very disappointed in buying a $15,000 car and not receiving mats and only receiving ONE key fob. On top of all this once car was clean before I left I saw pretty deep scratches on the car and also they get you in the door by saying you’ll get 1.9 APR and 2 free tear maintenance but its false because they need you to certify the vehicle first for $1500 then have you put down 30% to get that but then it’s like you paid for it. I buy a lot of cars and I am very very disappointed mainly not receiving mats and only one key fob as well as the scratches. Will never go back to buy any car next time. They also play around with the pricing while you are there and get you confused to try to have you agree on a number higher than what you came in for but you don’t notice so I would say avoid this dealership.
Will Robinson
I bought a new car here 8-9 years ago. Coming back for a used car they had for sale. After seeing how multiple dealerships are engaging in shady sales practices, I was prepared for the worst. While the other dealerships were listing cars at an unrealistically low price and tacking on questionably priced add-ons, Arlington did NONE of that. I was shocked. The process took about 2 hours from start to finish. The pricing was transparent. Finance took a little while, but that seems normal. They earned my business by being transparent. We should all demand that. Tesla, Carvana, and Carmax are doing a better job at this.
Elena Flyagina
Dear Olga R. ! this is the best service I’ve seen! thanks for the incredible help in choosing my first car! Great work Olga! I will only recommend you because you are a true professional…
Megan Moritz
Chris Stone (in service) is my guy! Have been having my 2000 Celica serviced at Arlington Toyota since 2001. Have also brought in other cars. Highly recommend!
Tanya Durant
Great Customer Service! I love that they text me a video of what the Tech did to my car & what he suggested I should have done in the near future.
Abdullah Mahmoud
Please be sure to get a bill of sale before purchasing a vehicle at this location. They tried to charge me an additional $696.11. -Pro Pack fee $299.00 -Vin Etch fee $397.11 When I caught the extra fees this dealership tried to charge me I explain that I did not want those additional “options” and sales managers (Amin Lakhani and Bujar Terzija) told me this wasn’t optional for the customer to have it removed and that it’s a fee that this dealership (Arlington Toyota) charges. Owners (Gary, Scott, and Tracey Vicari) should be a shamed of themselves for trying to force customers to pay for extra options that they don’t want. They even refuse to let me take the bill of sale stating that it has my information on there and it’s legally against the law for me to take it. So, I took a picture to show the extra charges.
Was immediately greeted by a staff member named Eric & he made us feel welcomed with no pressure. My husband & I were helped instantly, staff members answered all of our lingering questions & helped us find a car that fit all our needs. I have received the most respect & help from all staff. This dealership went above & beyond to help us get our dream car. I would most definitely recommend Arlington Toyota to anyone interested in looking for a car.
Валерий Трус
Had a great experience with Arlington Toyota. Very professional staff, special thank you for Olga! She did an amazing job: I bought my fist Toyota and for sure will come more for the next purchase for my family.
Julie Bond
Nice people. Many car choices. Nothing took too long. Friendly.
“Its been a while, but I still get upset when I think about our experience here. Our salesperson was very nice, no issues other than the fact you could tell she was uncomfortable with how we were being treated by Ricky, the manager. My daughter needed a car right away. Our fault for letting him know that, and going shopping with a 3 year old…Ricky told us he “”had someone coming in a few hours to buy the car”” so he could not give us any discount. He finally agreed to replace the tires that were bad. He said he had to order them. When they finally came in there were some issues. The letter stating they were in was sent to her email, she didnt’t contact them for a while and was told the tires were no longer in stock. They finally agreed to order them again, honestly he was so rude on the phone my daughter was uncomfortable even gong back. When I called to question when they would be available I was told a message as left, the tires were no longer in stock and I was out of luck. We paid FULL price for a car and after all was signed were treated horribly. 3 people I talked to were condescending and rude. These were managers!! I even asked if I could just have a front brake repair in lieu of the tires that were so hard to come by…We gave up and just console ourselves telling anyone that will listen how bad this dealership is…there are a lot more dealers out there…stay away from this one!!!”
Inas Assad
We went there this past weekend and Michael Bejda found us the car we wanted, a Chrysler Pacifica. He was extremely helpful and nice, I highly recommend him if you’re going to purchase a car! We also spoke with Michael in financing he worked hard to get us a low rate on the car! I highly recommend both of these gentlemen, they truly work to give their customers the best deals on a car. Great customer service!
Todd Fink
Akash was the best sales rep I’ve worked with. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle I purchased and was able to answer all my questions. He was also very understanding and supportive with the time I needed to decide. And I love the car and am very happy I bought from this dealership.
Hanna Trus
Five stars to Olga R.! She helped us with our thousands of questions, very professional, patient and responsible. Will come to buy another car only from her. Olga, thank you so much!
Joyce Koralik
I have a leased vehicle from Arlington Toyota. This is my second least vehicle from them. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences dealing with everyone here. Last week I had my first service appointment. Due to Covid I needed to ask for an extra accommodation. As usual they came through for me no problem. This is why I continue to lease my vehicles from them. No matter who you deal with they are more than pleasant and helpful.
Kyle Brynelsen
After owning my Toyota for over 20 years, it might be time to see what else is available. Melanie from the sales team went above and beyond with her knowledge of the vehicles and really providing me with valuable suggestions to help me understand what would be a good selection for me. A very positive experience and I will definitely recommend anyone to consult with Mel on their next vehicle purchase at Arlington Toyota
William Rajski
Superb service and particularly outstanding Service Advisor – Ashour Barcham. Ashour was extremely courteous, focused, through and communicated in a timely manner. What impressed me was how proud he was of his service department, particularly the recent customer service feature of taking a video of the vehicle which highlights the safety check and work performed. His enthusiasm is contagious- you would think he owned part of the place. In fact Gary the last time I encountered someone so enthusiastic it was your son Alex who sold me the vehicle prior to him attending law school. Bill
Rob B
I was ready to buy a used car talk about old time bait and switch. Sold cars for 15 years would never go back to this place. Toyota certified means add $2400 to the price. Welcome to the 80s at this place. Sales person was more interested in texting then knowing anything about the deal. 1.9 financing said 20% down and 800 went to 30% down and not going to get it. I am a 850 credit score this store is ran like a buy here pay here lot stay away.
armando popoca
Excellent car buying experience … From the sales guy to the financing guy.. Great service … Would recommend Arlington Toyota no doubt… If you’re in the market for a new or used Toyota go see (Kash) the sales guy.. Good guy, he’ll take of you…
Mark Ross
I have purchased several cars from this dealership and always have a pleasant experience. Melanie is a very knowledgeable and friendly salesperson. Would recommend all my friends and family to see her for a low pressure experience
Cănățui Tatiana
Awesome place. Olga from Arlington Toyota did an awesome job. I recommend asking for her when it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle. She is the best at what she does and I guarantee you will be satisfied 100%.❤
Tommy Santos
This is my first time I recommended good service good personal
Sreetapa Biswas
Employee’s were very helpful. Amazing customer service.. I will be going back to them for my car’s future needs.
Fatemeh Hassoun
Dani was very polite and spent time in helping us choose the right vehicle for us. He was understanding and patient throughout the day. I appreciate all in what he was able to do.
Sebastian Wollert
I was helped by Melanie and she was great! She spent so much time with me and really made me feel confident in my choice of car. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a car and not entirely sure what they want.
Howard Paterson
I brought my Camry in because of a recall and the attendants were cordial and polite. They even topped off my window washer fluid while I waited in the car. I am pleased with their service and am waiting for a call to set up a time to fix the problem since they didn’t have a fix to correct the recall problem.
ramesh oad
Customer service was great. They took time and we drove few cars, different models and finally they helped us to buy our car with in our budget and make this deal possible.
Jennifer R
Kamila, Matthew, and Mike are all wonderful! They were very helpful and made the entire process super easy for me! This was my first time buying a car and I was very nervous but they made me feel safe and welcome, almost as though I was family to them. Kamila greeted me with enthusiasm and she has a fantastic sense of humor. Matthew explained all the paperwork I was signing and was very warm and kind. Mike was very kind and gentle and made me feel at home. This dealership is amazing and I appreciate everyone that works there.
Chinedu Ibe
Very prompt and courteous service, they even had a video of what was wrong with my car. Will be going there always for service.
Josh Derenfeld
Got me in during a car emergency and were nothing but quick professional and courteous
Chase Pevitz
I worked with Bujar in sales who was super knowledgeable and helpful ! He was patient and took the time the explain the various car models in depth. He made my customer experience a stellar one. I would highly recommend coming here!
Muhammad Daniyal Rashid
My wife bought a Toyota Corolla 2019 from Dallas. She moved to Chicago after we got married, she was worried about not having to get her car serviced from her primary dealership in Dallas. We were recommended by a friend to visit this dealership. I have nothing but great things to say about dealership’s rep. Fred. For one, he does a great job when it comes to transparency of service needed, very honest and upfront about charges. Services we have received over the months from the location are second to none. I’d highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for car’s sale/purchase and service needs. Way to go Freddie… Regards, Daniyal
Brandy Sanchez
It was an absolute hell experience trying to buy my first car and it was so disappointed. And then i came here. I was just looking and didn’t make an appointment but saw a car i liked and asked the salesman for. Help. Marco did an absolutely fantastic job! He helped me with everything and was an amazing person to work with! Thank you so much for your help! I love my new car
Kenia R.
I had such a smooth and great experience at Arlington Toyota! I was able to make an appointment, see the SUV I wanted, negotiate, sign all the paperwork and walk out the the door with my Jeep Compass with no issues. 😊 And it was all such a pleasant process!! Casper did a great job! We did not feel pressured and every question or accommodation we asked for he would bring. I really appreciate the fact that he brought someone in that spoke Spanish when he saw my father struggling to communicate with him. It goes without saying that it is not so much the car you are buying rather the person who is selling it to you. It was because of Casper and Team Arlington Toyota that we chose to purchase there, thank you for the help and the great service!
Cary Rosenbloom
Considering they were busy, everything went smoothly. The work performed on my car was completed before the ETA without any surprises. Very good experience.
Wyatt Kron
I loved my experience at Arlington Toyota everyone is so friendly. I talked to a sales man named Ilya he was very nice. Didn’t pressure me into buying, and answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable next time you are looking to buy a car head over and talk to him
Michael Mattera
I wanted to check out the new cars. Melanie was very enthusiastic and very helpful. She provided an excellent experience, helpful, professional and trustworthy. The dealership has a great ambiance. Nice job.
Ivan Lamberini
They advertised 1.9% financing and 2 years free maintenance for a specific used car on their website. I helped my son purchase this car and co-signed for loan on a $4k balance. By the time we left we did get the car but at 6% and NO free maintenance. My wife and I have a credit score over 750 so there is no excuse. Since we were only going to finance for a year to establish credit I still wen through with the purchase, but it was REALLY shady advertising. We will be purchasing a new Toyota for my wife soon, we will NOT be going here.
McKenzie Czabaj
Melanie is so helpful! She really listens to your wants and needs to make sure you find the best car for you! Highly recommend asking for her when you visit Arlington Toyota. Would give ten stars if I could!!
Cody Romano
Best car buying experience I have had. My family has been buying our cars here for years and we keep coming back. The service area is great as well. It was quick easy and simple and the car was great and the price I wanted. Bought my Rav4 in March and loving it!
Natalie Saldana
Rita was excellent! At first I felt pushed to buy a car by an associate, but Rita took the time to show me the car and help me with everything. Thank you so much for your help ! I’m so excited for my new 2021 car 💙
Eileen Justmann
I continue to drive from six suburbs away because Arlington Toyota is such a fabulous dealership.
Todd Ankney
Chris and Steve in service are amazing!! Always interested in helping out with my issuses. They are always professional, prompt, great communication, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.
Patience Sarah
Danny Cuevas and the team at Arlington Toyota got us a great deal on a beautiful Highlander! This is my third car from Arlington Toyota. Why go any place else?
Elena Grigoryan
Had a great experience at this location with Ilya !It was my first time in the market for a car, which he was very understanding of and answer all of my questions thoroughly. He was very polite and friendly, didn’t feel pressured into buying a car at all. Highly recommend!
Lyubov Moskalyk
Professional stuff that willing to help with anything. Thank you everyone and thank you Shannon!
“I appreciate that appointments can be made online. Website, text alerts, all very current and convenient. Service Advisors get you in and out without a lot of the confusing “”up-selling”” often found at other repair shops and dealerships. All very much appreciated. Thanks”
Bosnian Aj
My go to for my Toyota and the new tech video the send you I absolutely love
Dean Tewksbury
Had a great experience with Toni N. He was very transparent and understanding to my needs. He kept me updated on every step of the way. This is how you want to feel when buying a vehicle. I have very much found a guy I can continue working with for years to come.
Rosalind Cox
I always make a point to work with Steve B. in service. He always gives me great service is always welcoming with a smile and lets me know what service should be completed now and what can wait which helps me financially to plan for big ticket items. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was for the valet when picking up my vehicle. The passenger seat was reclined all down, for what purpose I do not know, and they left the steering wheel cover in my cup holder.
Pundarik Bhat
Usually I stay in dealership during small services such Oil Change, which should not take more than 30 minutes. But this time, it took more than 2 hours just for Oil Change and inspection! Later, I was told it was due to holiday rush! If they had told me earlier, I could have dropped the vehicle for service and waited at home ! So, poor planning and communication from dealership! They should not make too many people wait inside the building during this Covid-19 pandemic!
Uriel Cruz
Thanks to Paul I was able to buy four tires for my 2010 Jeep. He was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. His professionalism was on point. Keep it up, Paul!
David Rhum
I want to give a massive shout out to Mike Krause and the new car manager at Arlington Toyota. I am a fellow Toyota salesman of 8 years in Muncie Indiana and was in dire need of a vehicle for a customer. (Only 2 of these particular vehicles within 500 miles) What a lot of the public doesn’t know is that we are all individually owned and operated and by no means obligated to take care of one another. A big thank you to Mike and his team for being gracious enough to help someone three hours away they’ve never met!
Carmella Lowth
I was very pleased with my recent service at my Toyota dealer. They did what I asked them to do. They did recommend some service that was needed but I was not pressured into getting the service. I appreciated the fact that they were honest with me and I knew being where I had a 7 year old car that I might need additional service. The amount for the additional service was very reasonable and I am glad I had it done. I know that my vehicle is now up to date with everything and I will always go back to the dealer for service as I know I can trust them.
Juergen Butt
Service department was excellent! Stephen Thomas extremely helpful and every time I go I receive the same great service. Great group of people!
Natalia Konarkowska
I was in the process of purchasing a vehicle. Knowing I had to trade in my old car and still have negative equity left over I was going to also put down a few thousand more to pay off the difference. I had spent 4 hours there with my paremts and my kids which one of them is 2 years old being told by the salesman that I only have one car option a 17 Camry that costs over $19k. I was told that they will work with me to keep my payments under $400 a month and that it was final and for sure I was going to get approved with my mom cosigning with excellent credit score. After waiting around for 4 hours and going thru the process of calling my current finance company to get a payoff quote and already starting the paperwork all of a sudden they come back saying I wasnt approved even with a good cosigner. When I asked why I wasnt approved even with my cosigner the salesman couldnt give me a straight answer and didn’t even know himself since a manager was doing all the financing and paperwork. Besides the wasted time. I couldnt believe that after all the money I was offering to put down and having an excellent credit score cosigner they were only able to give me a one option of a car and they brought it from the back lot where there wasnt no price tag on it. And after looking at the other vehicles in the lot, the price they gave me for a 2017 Toyota Camry was more then some of the newer 2019 vehicles. I felt like I was being scammed and after all they lied about being able to work with me and approve me for a car. I wouldnt waste my time at that dealership.
James Weah
We had a great understanding of the purchasing of my new car before agreeing to the contract. Every one we interacted with was very helpful and friendly. Thanks to the sale agent Rita.
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