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Auffenberg Ford North in O’Fallon, IL

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

115 Regency Park, O’Fallon, IL 62269, United States
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Auffenberg Ford North | Ford Dealership in O'Fallon, IL

Whether you're looking for a new Ford vehicle or an affordable used option, be sure to visit Auffenberg Ford North! Rely on our service and parts teams to keep your vehicle running is prime condition for years down the line.

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Mastergreg polar
Rob Rehkopf
I was looking for a specific color combination Ford Expedition and had to expand my search well beyond my local area. In the search for the “Perfect” car I ended up exchanging calls, emails, and texts with nearly 20 dealerships from Florida to Colorado. I feel very fortunate that my search landed me with not just a return call, text, or email… but a return VIDEO directly from Randy with a walk around of the exact Expedition we were looking for and a demo of some of its cool features as well as his contact information to follow up with. Well, not only did Randy have the exact car we wanted at the best price I found after getting many dealer offers… they got me 0% financing and he delivered the car to me on a Sunday with a smile!!! The entire sales process with Randy and Auffenberg Ford was fantastic. If you are the kind of person that usually gets anxiety from the whole car buying experience, do yourself a huge favor and give Randy at Auffenberg a car. He’s the guy that you would feel confident to send your mom to if she needed a car. Thank you Randy and team for everything and I may have to give you a call about a Bronco next year. 😉
Carolyn Smith
If I could give a zero rating I would. I received great service when I purchase my vehicle, all services afterward has been horrible. I purchase the vehicle with the promise of all interior door handles would be replaced and a second key would be made free of cost. After several attempts the door handles was replaced; however;five months later I’m still waiting to get our second key made. Today I had an appointment schedule at 0900 and at 1645 I called to found out my vehicle has not been looked at. I was told they was behind on services and could take weeks before they can service my vehicle. The service manager (Tory) gave me the option to come get my vehicle without being service. Also, I was told they would call me at the end of the day( with no specific time for end of day). I asked to speak to the general manager, he told me the general manager was on vacation and their was no one above him for me to speak with. Although, he was very respectful ;however;the customer service remains the worse I encounter in Illinois. I purchase the vehicle for my son, it’s his primary transportation to school and work. I thought I was purchasing a reliable vehicle from a reputable car dealer obviously I was wrong. Military be aware.
Ronny Rust
Great Experience! From the moment we walked in it was good. We have bought 9 vehicles from Auffenberg over the years and this was by far the best. It was easy and quick (which typically doesn’t happen when buying a vehicle). Ryan was very helpful, listened and found us the exact truck we were looking for, which we absolutely love! Shawn in finance was great too! Got us a better rate than what we originally thought and knocked of $50 a month even after adding a maintenance and protection package. Overall couldn’t have asked for a better car buying experience!
B Johnson
They’re not perfect, but this dealership has done a good job of listening to this customer and responding to my criticisms. They strive to do a great job. And on the few occasions when they do fall short they will do their best to make it right. This is the only place I rely on to do maintenance on my Ford vehicles.
Pierre was a phenomenal salesman, even with him being new on the job. He was extremely polite and tried his best to find the car I was looking for. Made a comfortable, no stress purchase on a 2013 Ford Focus ST the same day. Wonderful experience considering my past disaster at Auffenberg Mazda.
hard tofindagood
The employees don’t wear masks. The ones who do have the mask hanging on their chins. They clearly don’t care about their customers. I will no longer have my vehicle serviced here. If there are rules for customers then associates should be doing the same.
Jamie C
My husband and I just purchased a new Ford Bronco Sport from Mr. Darryl Brown at Auffenberg Ford, and we’d like to recommend Darryl to everyone in the St. Louis Metro area! He was extremely friendly and polite – didn’t apply any pressure to us whatsoever in the transaction. He worked hard to find and retrieve for me the vehicle that I wanted. We couldn’t be happier with our salesman! Also, the trade-in value was appropriate for the amount of care that I invested into my old vehicle – I’m very pleased on how they appreciated and reflected that in the offer. We also dealt with the finance guy, Shaun. He found us an amazing deal – which we just couldn’t pass up – and was able to discuss money/financing with us on laymen terms. In the end, it was a wonderful experience for us! We absolutely recommend this establishment to all! Thanks Again Auffenberg!
Kit Tee
Print the listing out before you test drive! They raised the price $500 after I test drove a vehicle, and thanks to my printed proof of the lower price I was able to dodge their sketchy up-charge. This dealership does NOT negotiate price, so don’t even try. They will keep you in the office for hours, let you talk to the manager, and it will all be for nothing. Do not trust what the salesman says about the details of your warranty. I was told I had 8 oil changes “for the life of me owning the car” when there are actually 2 expiration points (miles and a date, whichever comes first) The service team is also unable to follow basic requests like leaving the keys in the locked vehicle after servicing. I was dropped off to pick up my car and thankfully I brought my second set of keys, anticipating they’d forget. I was unable to even get my keys that day because the keys are locked up after hours so “the mechanics don’t use the vehicles” Awesome!! I cannot believe mechanics used people’s vehicles so much that keys had to be locked up. Unbelievable. I wholeheartedly regret giving this company a dime. Spend your money literally anywhere else.
Lanette Nowak
Jordan did a great job working with us… It was a fun and positive experience and he put on no pressure at all… My son got his first car and he is over the moon! I just wish the paperwork didn’t take so long, Ha ha ha. Would recommend Jordan to anyone! All staff were amazing, One of the managers made me a new pot of coffee because I was freezing! ☺️ (Maybe turn up the heat a little bit.) Finance guy Sean was great too! Good experience all around.
Morgan Brown
Shaun and Darryl were very helpful in finding the right car for the right price! I had faith that they would give me an outcome that I greatly appreciated. I am definitely loving my new car and thankful for these two gentlemen at Auffenberg Ford North.
Abbey Theban
My husband and I had such a great experience at Auffenberg Ford in O’Fallon, IL! Randy and Jon were super helpful since this was our first car-buying experience and they made the process so easy. We went in requesting to drive/look at two cars and Randy helped us make the right decision for us without being pushy at all. I got a call from Randy personally a couple days after we bought our car to make sure everything was okay. Now that’s great customer service! I could not recommend this place more!
Tanner Davis
I recently traded in and purchased a new truck from Auffenberg Ford North. I had a very good experience start to finish. No haggle, I got a fair value for my trade in and a good deal on the new one. I would recommend a friend to Auffenberg Ford North.
I found a truck I was interested in on multiple car sites, it was located at this location. Called to make sure it was still available and to see if I could come and look at it/test drive with a most likely purchase. Was told that it that was okay. Get there which was an hour and a half away and they said the truck can’t pass safety. Why would you list a car on multiple sites and it cant even pass safety. There was nothing stating this on any of the sites or info on the truck. It was an absolute waste of time and never again will I trust any vehicle from this location. Very disappointed.
Lindsey Duvall
Absolutely the best car buying process I’ve ever experienced! I can’t toot their horn enough. Randall is amazing! We arrived early and he was out to greet us before his work day even started. He was very friendly, attentive, and honest and got us the deal we wanted. Not only that but he followed up with us after our purchase to make sure all was well. I truly appreciated all the honesty and genuine care they show their customers.
Tom Doyle
The price of the vehicle was good and Justin was great to work with. However it took my wife and I over an hour and a half just to see someone, another 45 mins to actually get to the vehicle we wanted to test drive and then more hours just to purchase the vehicle. I sent my wife home home because we had children to pick up and a dog to take care of. All in all it was a 6 hour purgatory-like experience and I’m not quite sure why it took so long. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars. My advice would be to go on a weekday, maybe you’ll get more attention.
Cody Brush
I took my 2016 F150 in for service. Primarily a broken sunroof track and warped dash above the glove box. I even told them what was wrong with my sunroof and they came back and said I needed everything but the glass ($3k), an entirely new dash ($3.5k), and $300 (2-hours of labor) to look at it. Total quote was nearly 7k on a vehicle that at the time was 4 years old… I ordered a new sunroof track ($150) and a dash piece ($60) and total time to fix by myself was 1-hour. My total to fix it, even with their labor an hour cost, was $400 roughly. Nearly the amount I paid to just have them look at it. In the end they did nothing for me and quoted me for thousands of dollars of work that I didn’t remotely need. Used to use them for the typical maintenance but after that I’ll never give them anymore of my business.
Alison Coley
Very friendly place, with an amazing staff! They made buying my first vehicle very easy, and didn’t mind taking the time to explain everything throughly to me! Big shout out to Randy for being so helpful and willing to work around my schedule to get me an amazing car!
Martha Rubio
Justin was really amazing. We had certain numbers in mind and he tried ver hard to earn our businesses. It was also the last day of the month and there was a lot of technical difficulties but it worked out in the end. I absolutely recommend this dealer to anyone looking to buy a new car. Also, please ask for Justin; he is great!
Marty Benoit
I went into this dealership because they were one of the only one’s who responded to my request for a trade-in quote. I met Tim, the salesman, who was so patient with me and worked so hard to get all of my questions answered. Then the dealership worked with me on the pricing, and I was sold. Quality people selling quality vehicles.
Dustin K
We started at 9am at a different dealership and it just felt “staged” if that makes sense. Wasn’t a great experience and really tried to rush us into buying a car insisting that if we just drove it again we’d buy it. We ended up leaving and went to another dealership next to Auffenberg Ford but we were ignored plus the inventory of what we wanted was light. Finally we ended up at Auffenberg! We wish we had started here. Not only did they have great pricing and inventory but we were lugging around 3 kids that they were more than accommodating for. They set up the tv area for them, brought out candy and snacks, and made a point to be very personable and playful with them while keeping COVID restrictions in mind. They also made the car selection process a family experience. This was the biggest purchase we’ve done with a vehicle yet and it was my wife’s first new one as well. They made this an A++++ experience. **It’s worth noting that we have never been a Ford Family. This experience may have me looking at switching from my dodge trucks to Ford down the road. My wife switch from a Tahoe to a Ford Expedition. Thank you Auffenberg team! We love the new 2021 Expedition!
Jan Wiggs
We had an absolutely exceptional experience. Jon Garrett was extremely helpful in showing us our various options and answering our questions. He was patient and understanding! Shaun in finance and Andrea in Insurance did an amazing job of getting us the best possible deal and coverage. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.
Bob Bovaconti
Randy Berger is a great salesperson and nice guy all around. He is the one to see here! Easy experience as far as car buying goes, with a trade. Highly recommend!
Will Duvall
Best customer service I have ever experienced. Randall was amazing! We showed up a bit before they opened and he was already there preparing for his work day. Greeted us and we told him exactly what we wanted and he made sure he got it done. Great prices, great customer service, and great experience!!!!!! Will be back for sure.
Jeffrey Jones
I went into the dealership just to ask a question about a 2021 ford ranger thinking i was gonna have to put 4000 or more down. Drove it off the lot for only 2800 down. My salesman john zeller was awesome!!!!
Wil Bryant
New Review as of 3/8/2021…..This is hard because the process was very easy and not time consuming at all till the end. We knew what we wanted to look at, we talked to a salesman (Cody) and the young man did a great job. We went for a drive and were happy. We sat down and did the wheeling and dealing which went fine. Spoke to the sales consultant (Ryan) which was a positive experience as well, except the Raiders mask.. hehe. Then after we did all that, agreed on the numbers, we then had to wait to see the finance guy. (We were already approved through our own bank and told them this) so we waited and we waited and we waited and we waited and we waited, finally I was at my breaking point and then still waited another hour after that. About 4 hours of waiting to give them my money, I finally broke and expressed my aggravation. How do you have only 1 finance person working on your business sales day?? I do not blame the people working, it was not their fault, it was not the finance guys fault he was the only one there that day. As a company why would you let a customer WAIT FOR HOURS to give you their money???? I was minutes from asking for my trade-in keys back and walking out the door. I did not have a great experience when I bought my truck in 2016 and I did not have a great experience when I bought this car and I am a Ford guy, been one my entire life…
Donald Cofer
Kenny Chambers is outstanding even though we were unable to find what we set out to, he was an excellent guide.
Haley Hannah
This place is amazing! I couldn’t find the correct dealership for my oil change at 1pm, not knowing it was at Auffenberg Ford. When I called and asked if it was here they said yes and I asked if I could still come in even though I was 15 minutes late. They said yes thankfully!! When I got here it was fast service and the staff was so nice! Buying my car from here was the best decision ever made!
Debra Goretzke
Very satisfied with the entire process. Salesman Justin was awesome! Very knowledgeable, personable and patient. The business manager/ finance guy was awesome! Everything went extremely smooth. Will definitely refer my friends and family.
Friendly, helpful sales staff! Fast and easy process in car buying
Danielle Schwoebel
Tim Casey was awesome and helped me in everything I wanted in my new car!
Misty Magnusson
Randy was an incredible sales person. He was patient, quick to respond and honest. I appreciated his help and guidance along with the finance team (shout out to Shawn).
Katelyn McKenzie
I just purchased my second vehicle from Auffenberg Ford and they truly are wonderful! Both experiences have been top notch. Sarah was a great person to work with. She listened to what I wanted and was able to make it happen with no pressure.
Nikki Clay
Darryl Brown and the finance manager, Shawn was a pleasure to work with. They both exhibited great professionalism and made my experience a positive one.
Stephanie Bohlen
Love it there, free car washes and the sales associate are always nice and friendly especially Darryl Brown.
Ben Leigh
Good customer service and a good selection. It did take a bit of time to get th paperwork done but there is not much you can do about that. The only comment I will say is please be more direct about the order and process of checkout. We sat for awhile waiting for the salesmen to come back and we had no idea what we were waiting for or how long it would take. After 15 min it became frustrating to not know why we were waiting.
Nicholas Schilf
Everything this dealership did was spectacular. They were informative and generously helpful at every step of the process. They went above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and plan to take my family’s business through them. Thank you!!
oterio seales
John and Justin were my salesman and they did a great job getting me the car I wanted with all the things I needed for a great price
LouAnn Glasco
Friendly and knowledgeable staff, made the transaction a pleasant experience. I highly recommend this Ford dealership! Great selection to choose from. I found a beautiful Escape with the equipment I wanted!
Isaac McDonald
Everybody at Auffenburg was extremely helpful and committed to seeing me leave with the car I’m came for.
John Foster
Excellent experience. Everything by the numbers and made certain you were informed.
Alva Miller
Rob Best is awesome!! He took the time with me explaining anything I didn’t understand. No pressure to purchase anything. Thanks again Rob!
Larry McQueen
Had routine service done on one of my vehicles and they provided outstanding customer service and support. Always take my Fords to them.
Jake Benedick
John is a great person. Car is great! Shift gears to John.
Ted Mitchell
Omg everytime I got to look at used ford edges , it’s at a different store or getting detailed , or getting serviced , I have bought two suv through awful berg , but there are losing my business till somebody can find out what’s going on also sent one of my buddies up there for a truck , called made an appointment, and everything when they got there guess what , ill let you know he bought his ford truck at the chevy dealer
Barbara Berger
The dealership was fabulous to work with. From car selection all the way to financing they took great care of me and kept my needs in mind. I will definitely be recommending Auffenberg and Randy to everyone I know!
Darlene Morgan
I only went in for a few inquiries. I got my questions answered and then I left satisfied.😁💯
Chad Sandler
Grey customer service! They were very friendly and accommodating.
Paul Barnes
Very nice place I just drove to the parking lot I went to the other Auffenberg the one next to them I’ll talk to Alex Pierce he’s the one you want to talk to he’s the man for the job he will definitely get it done for you
Amy Cunningham
Stopped in just to look and left with a purchase. I couldn’t have felt more welcomed and taken care of. I had such a pleasure of working with Aaron M, Ryan W, and Shaun S. I say this with such a strong opinion that anyone looking to buy please stop in and check these guys out you will not be disappointed. I walked out in such awe.
Steven Howell
The whole experience is why people hate buying cars from dealerships. The salesperson was very pushy and non-transparent. So tired of the going back and forth with the manager without ever talking to the manager. Luckily, the one that helped us in the finance department had some redeeming qualities.
Christy Olroyd
The selection of the car and the agreed upon price was great, the financing however was where the low rating comes from. We came back on a separate day to complete the purchase, we advised to call and let them know we were on our way so they would know when we were arriving, had financing already approved ahead of time and needed 5 minutes of the financing departments time to finalize the deal. We we asked to wait for 2 1/2 hours while financing was being done for two new sales to spend 5 minutes signing documents. I could have accepted the wait if we would have needed to go through the credit check and find the financing, this had already been done. If my daughter was not sold on this vehicle we would not have followed through with the purchase.
Erik Byers
Great service. Very polite. Knowledgeable about inventory available. Not pushy and didn’t make you feel rushed. Willing to answer your questions and find the answer if they do not know. Felt respected.
Kent D. Wilson
Eric was great and very down-to-earth. I appreciated his transparency and honesty during the whole transaction. He also sent a short video to my wife when she first inquired about purchasing a new Escape. That really impressed us. Thanks for such a pleasant experience.
David Goodwin
The best experience to date in buying a vehicle. Jordan, Sean and the whole Auffenberg ford team were great. They listened to my requirements and focused on finding me a vehicle to meet them. Professional, courteous and friendly. As with buying a car from anyone the process could be a little quicker but overall an excellent experience. I highly recommend the dealership, Jordan my sales rep and Sean my finance guru. Thanks for the great deal and awesome new F150 Lariat!!!!!!!!!
tim underwood
Very satisfied with the service I received, the product I purchased and the price I paid for it. All in all it was a very positive experience. Thanks to Texas and TJ!
Christi Cowdin
Very informative team focused on the customer experience. Everyone we worked with was extremely helpful and very responsive throughout the process. Jon was fantastic to work with, wish we could buy every car from someone like him. Great dealership and great team.
Ken Phillips
Jeremiah was great…..the finance department was great also…..this is why I always come back
Jaye Gilleland
Positive outcome and very respectful. Enjoyed the process wven if it was a bit long. Thanks
Nick Kanteres
Great dealership and my salesman Tj Chilton was a straightforward guy who loved to talk cars and was honest as could be. Eventually worked out an agreeable deal and smooth quick process afterwards. I would for sure recommend.
I recently purchased a Volkswagen Passat from Auffenberg Ford, or more specifically Ryan Wade. We talked on the phone several times before I made the 3 hour drive to look around. They had more of these cars than I ever would’ve imagined but Ryan got me in one that fit every one of my requirements and actually fell below my budget. For that I will recommend him and this dealership to anyone that’s looking for a good deal and a great experience!
Steven W
Asked if they could accept a certain price and they just quit responding. No counter offer or courtesy to say I’m sorry we can’t do that price.
Ryan Bass
Ryan Wade our sales guy was so personable, helpful and patient with all of my questions and needs. He spent his time with us and was on top of anything we asked or needed. Shaun Stinnett our finance manager was also very personable and friendly. He was honest at to the point answering any questions we had and giving us advice based on his years of experience. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone
rumbamel J
Our 1st salesman on the phone led us to believe he’d be with us the whole way but it turned out better that he wasn’t. The gentleman we ended up with was very knowledgeable, patient to the max and bent over backwards to find us a deal. The 1st guy even seemed to rush us out and dismiss our questions and concerns AFTER we signed for the car! Would have liked to have had a copy of ALL my paperwork, like my warranty details.
Dave Showmaker
I pulled in the parking lot at 1:00 pm and didn’t leave until 7:15 so I was pretty much upset about that! Our salesman Michael Perkins was outstanding. I had to wait 2 hours to speak with the financial advisor to sign about 10 more papers after signing the original 5 to get approved for a loan! I would give Michael 5 out of 5 stars but overall experience I gave it 2 stars! After buying the car Tuesday the engine light came on Friday I took the car back Saturday morning and they gave me a loaner, I picked the car up this past Tuesday morning and tonight when I got in it to come home the engine light was on again. I haven’t even had the car 2 weeks and engine light has come on twice and I have to take it to the shop Tuesday morning again!
Sam Burnett
My first review wasn’t the most positive, however, after seeing my review I was contacted my by salesman (Jon Garrett). He addressed my concerns that were mostly miscommunications about the car and wanted to make things right. Everything was very professional and we came to an agreement that I am very happy with. I am very impressed that they reached out to me even after I purchased to car to make sure that I was happy with the car. Jon Garrett is a very straight forward guy and I would gladly do business with him again in the future. His behavior and how he handled the situation has earned them a 5-star review.
Nathan Rich
“I’ll start by saying that I was sold a 2017 F150 “”new”” with 390mi already on it. (which means it was used for a rental or demo) First red flag. The backup camera has been defective since day one. It’s had the camera, the pcm, and even the wire harness from the cab to tailgate replaced. Nothing fixed the issue and it’s only gotten worse. My original warranty has expired with no resolution and now I’m being told it’s basically my problem. I was referred to ford customer care because auffenberg didn’t want to mess with me, which at least paid for yet another scan and diagnostics test. After multiple trips to auffenberg I was told by Marc in service my truck would be fixed under a recall (while my extended warranty was still usable). That warranty covered the truck to 60,000 but at no point was it mentioned as a viable way to pay for repairs. I was told that we were just waiting on the updated cameras to come in and I would be called to come get one installed. I asked about the camera at my last oil change and was told Marc (the guy who said he would call to get me scheduled) is not even at the ford location for the rest of the month which is when I was supposed to be hearing from him. They also said that my truck isn’t on the list of eligible vehicles for the recall and I’m out of my extended warranty. Ford customer care said they would pay for part of the repairs if I would like to move forward. Why would I pay for repairs on something that FORD made that has been defective since day one and they have failed miserably to fix? Let’s not forget the fact that I purchased an extended warranty that was perfectly usable for all of these repairs but was completely disregarded because of the alleged factory recall. I’m guessing that decision was made to save the service writer some paperwork. I don’t understand why I keep having to ask auffenberg to fix my truck. I shouldn’t be in this position. They clearly just want me to go away and accept the fact that ford made some junk and they sold it to me.  This is ridiculous and it’s about time for some questions to be answered in court”
Steve Fischer
Was looking for a pre owned Mustang GT. Found one online at Auffenburg Ford, in O’Fallon. Made an appointment and went to see J.R. He was very professional, and easy to deal with. No pressure at all. The car sold itself on the test drive, and when we got back J.R. took care of the paperwork right away. I definitely recommend going to see him if you’re looking for a car. I love my Mustang!! 😃
Jill Reagan
We love our 2013 Ford truck. Justin Dungan was an awesome sales representative. He was caring and knowledgeable. He completed the entire process for us. Thank you for the great service and clean and friendly environment. We will recommend you to others in need. Best wishes!
Jason Morrow
Our last purchase at auffenberf Ford North was spectacular. The staff was thorough, kind and courteous. True professionals! I will recommend any friend or acquaintance who is looking for dependable Sales and financing associates. Great job!
Rachel Porter
We recently just bought a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Ryan Wade was an amazing salesman and made sure that we were taken care of! From the moment you meet him he has a smile on his face. He even came in on his day off because I was unable to make it before then! I love our Jeep and love that Auffenberg and Ryan make sure that they are selling good vehicle’s!
Dre Wallace
The total process was quick. Jon Garrett took good care of me and made the process flow really smoothly. Thanks!
Jaime Miron
Great to do business with. They went above and beyond to sell me a car.
Michael Boll
Texas was great to deal with and I would highly recommend her. The finance department was slow as can be. I was approved the day before, it should have been a simple process to show up, sign the paperwork and leave and yet, it took the better part of 2 hours to sign paperwork and get out the door.
Max Grant
Listing was deceiving, deals weren’t reasonable. Definently could find better elsewhere.
Justin Dungan helped us every step of the way! He is fantastic! I would highly recommend going here & requesting him personally! Everyone that we came in contact with has gone out of their way to help us! I will definitely be back as a customer again. Thank you for all you have done for us!
Mary Hobbs
Other than the buying process being long the salesman was.very nice and took care of my husband and I with professionalism
Jolene Norris
Staff attentive and very helpful. Made the experience easy. TJ went above and beyond.
Todd Massie
“Oil change always takes 2hrs plus and they won’t answer their “”check on the status of of your vehicle”” number.”
Greg Knop
Awesome experience buying a car. Was dealing with multiple dealers in Missouri and they had no interest in my trade in. Drove a little further to O’fallen Illinois and they were more than willing to give me the best deal and met all my expectations. I would encourage anyone looking for a fair deal from a great dealer to visit Auffenberg Ford North. And if you want a really awesome salesman ask for Jon Garrett.
Derek Lee Accepting Greatness
The overall experience was pleasant even during these times of so much extra attention on sanitation. Ryan wade was probably the best salesperson I’ve dealt with in my time here and previous purchases. The sale felt quick and to the point. My only negative is that the spare key battery is either dead, broken, or doesn’t belong to that vehicle. I took it back and it’s been going on 2 weeks now and I haven’t heard anything, Ryan hasn’t returned my calls. It’s not that big if a deal I could call his cell but figured I’d wait til he’s at work. But, that’s my only negative, I don’t like feeling that I was a quick sale and now that the sale is done I can’t get a call back. Great team, great experience,
Dawn Bair
We were looking at a car for our son. At no time did we feel pressured or annoyed. Duane and Justin we absolutely fantastic! Great costumer service from start to finish of buying the car! Thanks guys!!
Todd Lercher
Very pushy, made me uncomfortable. Difficult to leave as they kept wanting me to talk to other sales managers. Plus the vehicle had pending recalls & a broken windshield. It was not ready to be sold. Will not go back 101
They where great me and husband was very satisfied with Ms.Texas Crowe and Mr.McCarty Great Job guys👈👈👈
Zack Zack
Very bad service, very bad customer service I went to ford dealer for customer truck calibration front camera after that interior light not working so I talked to service guy He said I have to pay to fix it.
Tom Masters
Everything was great until we got back in Finance. Salesman Eric was transparent and no hassle, let us take the car for the weekend to test drive. No issues at all until……Finance guy is very different. Uneasy feeling the whole time. Tried to insist that the lender says we have to buy gap insurance through the dealer in order to get the 78 months at the lowest interest rate. Several times we could tell he was not being honest and was just trying to make money on the deal. At one point he even turned the camera off when we started questioning him about things. Don’t trust him.
Keri Hensarling
Great service! Quick and easy purchase process!
Janis Rexing
Very friendly and great people! We love our Ford Edge!
Daryl Hancock
Fantastic service and support! This was by far our best experience in buying a new car!
Pamela Phelps
The best car dealership, the best people. Thanks for your help.
Mark Daniels
Auffenberg sold me a great truck at a great price. Erik went above and beyond to assist me in as safe a way as possible. I definitely recommend Auffenberg.
Nick Robitaille
Friendly and informative staff, tory and his team had my vehicle in and out, nice to see a facility with professional service
Isaac Cruthis
Purchased a truck, can’t get someone on the phone with me to get information to pick it up
Amanda Varner
Nicest people iv ever dealt with. Explained everything very well. The agent we had didn’t try to scam us into anything we didn’t want. Everyone went above and beyond to get us the car we wanted at a good price. We will definitely be coming back.
tricia marburger
Excellent salesman! I would recommend Jon Garrett to buy your next car. He was very responsive and honest with our buying options!
Jeff Fawks
They gave us a false recall to get the car there then switched up and said it’s not covered. Now they want to charge us $140.00 for a diagnosis….The old bait and switch.
juaun bean
The absolute WORST vehicle service experience I’ve ever had. I purchased my vehicle three weeks ago and noticed a few days ago one of the vents was not blowing out air. I scheduled an appointment and on my appointment date I took the vehicle in and dropped it off. My appointment was at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. rolls around and I still hadn’t heard anything from them. I call to check the status only to get hung up on. I call back and I was placed on hold 3 times. Since I couldn’t speak to anyone over the phone, I went back to the dealership. When I got there I was told my vehicle hadn’t even been looked at yet and it probably would not be looked at until the next day. FIVE HOURS had gone by and no one looked my vehicle. I fully understand if you’re short staffed, especially with everything that’s going on right now, but a simple phone call to let me know something would have been much appreciated. This was very inconsiderate.
Danielle Hayes
Would recommend to anyone ! Great sales team who work together, and they go above and beyond to help you find exactly what you was wanting!!
Mike Hurst
Very easy to deal with. No high pressure sales. Ask for texas crowe!
Arnulfo Uranga
Online advertising is misleading and prices are too high for vehicle year and condition. Sales person had a good personality, but the manager was hostile.
Jeremy Wall
Double check the paper work in the finance office. Finance added $500 into the deal without my knowing. This is my fault for not checking every line before signing, but I don’t appreciate trying to slip in the extra cost. They did unwind that part of the deal, but it was an unnecessary hassle. The extra line was called SafeRide by the way.
Robert Henderson
Horrible customer service from sales to titling to financing. None of them have any sense of professionalism AT ALL! Buying from them was the worst mistake I ever made!
Sergio delgado
I always take my truck to the O’fallon auffenberg ford dealership sometimes they do good service sometimes not so good but my last one was horrible I took my truck for oil and filter change and I got my engine cover with motor oil cover in oil and some scratches they didn’t change the oil filter my recommendation is check you car or truck before you leave the dealership. They offer me to make it up to me if I can come back, but I don’t know if I can trust them probably y’all lost a good costumer
tyson Hartmann
This place was a joke. Rude people nobody wanted to help ya with anything… ill never go back.
Nicki Pslmer
Very friendly. Worked with me some on price. Overall happy with expierence and vehicle!
Дмитрий Флоридский
I’m a truck driver. This is the second time I come to load cars at this dealership and the second time they tell me that the download is postponed to the next week. what happens every time? on the phone the girl said yes the car is loading today. then she stopped picking up the phone. I’m on a truck for the second time going to this city and the managers come up with something the second time.
Robert Mach
I don’t understand why people deal with Auffenberg. My latest experience of their we don’t care about the customer came in the form of the service department I believed he called himself an analyst. We made an appointmet to have our cars recall done by them we had an appointment 9:30 and was told it would take 2 hours at the most to fix. We got to the service department at 9:30 and was told our car would not be worked on until the next. When asked we the analyst said they are like a doctors office. I’m sure this genius really believes that.
Soraja Pjetrovic
I had an amazing experience with Texas, she was an awesome saleswoman. Highly recommend!! See her next time you decide to buy a vehicle. She will have my future business!
Candis Newsome
Went in already approved with Cap one and with the detailed breakdown of Cap one financing offer. Some man changed the offer and sent it in where he would get $3000 more dollars which had Cap One asking for more money down because he was being greedy and deceitful by not sending it over the correct way. Once I caught on (mind you I was a manager at a finance company for years) I let him know I knew exactly what he had done and left to continue my search. BE AWARE THIS PLACE THINK THEY ARE SLICK!! My title and fees were included I have the print out to post! This place is shady! I had just done the EXACT same thing with Cap One 3 days prior at the Audi Dealer and purchased my vehicle. We were here for my husband a truck. Everything was already set! No need to try to go through anyone else and no reason for the terms to be different.
Brody Carlson
Jordan and the entire Auffenberg team was very helpful in the process of us purchasing a new 2020 Ford Explorer! Jordan was very knowledgeable about the Explorer and worked hard to get us where we needed to be.
George McKown
I went to see a 2016 Chrysler minivan listed on their web page…When I arrived there for my appointment, they said it was actually at Auffenberg Preowned Center. When I arrived there for my appointment they couldn’t show it to me (can’t find it or maybe the key or maybe both, who knows) This was my 3rd visit to Auffenberg dealerships in 3 days. Frankly, what I have found is marginal vehicles (multiple cosmetic defects such as dents, scrapes, and a cracked windshield; and, one I was given to drive had the check engine light on.) The consistent feature I saw at all three seemed to be chaos.
Justin Elmore
Got me in and out just wish I could schedule with someone who knows the logistics of the shop a little better
Heidi Madura
We had a great experience when buying our car! Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly! Everything went smoothly and quickly!
Judson Healy
Take your vehicle somewhere else for service! Had my F-250 7.3 diesel in to diagnose a fuel leak yesterday. Was informed they only had one diesel mechanic on duty and probably wouldn’t get to take a look at it until the following day. An hour and a half later I get a call quoting me $2400 to replace everything in the area where I stated the leak was coming from. I declined service and paid the $145 diagnostics fee. I was able to find another diesel mechanic to get my truck in the following day. After a 20 minutes of diagnosis he found the problem. A damaged wire going to the water in fuel sensor had caused it to short out melting the plastic around the sensor and allowing fuel to leak out. Part cost $55 and labor $250. Service associate at Affenburg Ford also told me my air filter was dirty and needed to be replaced. It had been replaced with a brand new one two weeks ago. When I mentioned this he countered with maybe the mechanic meant the fuel filter. The truck had just been serviced by them two weeks ago for the oil and fuel filter. If you go to the dealer rater website you will see a long list of similar experiences and a 1 out of 5 star review score. UPDATE: After posting this review I was contacted by a manager from Auffenberg and told I would recieve a refund for the diagnosis fee. Over 3 month’s later and still nothing…
Michael Jones
Richard Cannady provided great service and answered every question i had about my vehicle. Truly a great experience.
Lyndsay Beckermann
Very professional. Highly recommend dealing with Lee and Ryan. Love my new vehicle! They listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve the goal of leaving with this vehicle.
Mary Eiteuner
The sales, and finance staff at Auffenberg Ford in O’Fallon, IL are excellent. They are helpful and always willing to take the time to answer questions. They make the vehicle buying experience as stress-free as possible. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new or quality used vehicle.
First time setting an appointment fast professional and overall a great experience!
Tom Ashby
My experience buying this new truck was excellent. Jordan was an excellent salesman and way beyond the normal to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Would recommend Jordan as well as the dealership.
Amber Klear
This is a great place, full of great people. They want to make sure you are informed and happy!
Glenda Boyce
Wonderful experience! The salesman, Lou, was very professional , helpful and knowledgeable . We have bought 15 cars from various dealerships in the area in the past 25 years and this by far was the easiest and most comfortable deal we have made. I cannot emphasize how great Lou was. He has a huge career in car sales ahead of himself. The finance manager was also very professional , helpful and explained all the steps so that we understood them. It was just an overall pleasant experience.
Don Keel
Sales ppl was horrible
Doug Kingsbury
Very helpful and this time covered all the bases they where supposed to.
Chrystal Dienst
I dropped my husband off at a Ford dealer. He came home with a Jeep. Much approved.
Tedra Davis
The place is clean and the people are friendly and professional. The staff kept me informed on the process. Thank you
Joann Barth
Texas Crowe is a great asset to your dealership. She took great care of us and made sure everything was to our satisfaction. I highly recommend her and will recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you Texas !
David Unverferth
Erik was awesome to work with – no pressure to purchase. Went out of way to make sure we were totally happy before we talked price then made every attempt to make sure the process was an enjoyable pressure free experience. We have never been through an easier finance process in our many years of buying vehicles Completely happy
Kimberly Tucker
If you’re a Missouri resident, you’ll have a ton of disclosure info to heAr about regarding the differences between the states’ car selling practices; however, the dealership is fair.
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