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Kunes Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat in Belvidere, IL

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5
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1615 N State St, Belvidere, IL 61008, United States
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Kunes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Belvidere, Illinois

Our Jeep dealer in Belvidere, IL, has Ram lease and Chrysler financing options for everyone. Browse used cars for sale near me or schedule Dodge service today.

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All reviews:


Everett Schulter
Best experience at a dealership so far. They negotiate in good faith and answer questions honestly. Kolby helped me attain my dream truck.
Adeja Lambert
I am a professional volleyball player from Rockford, Illinois and I just purchased a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited and I am extremelhy happy with my purchase thanks to Mr. Leonard Spates. Mr. Spates was so helpful in the process of getting me the car that I wanted. His professionalism and eagerness in making sure I was satisfied with the quality of the car that I purchased was unmatched. He made me feel very comfortable and listened to my wants and needs. Again, I would like to say a quick thank you to Mr. Spates for his dedication in going above and beyond his job title. He met all my expectations. I will for sure be a returning customer and I highly recommend that everyone see Mr. Spates to get you the best car deal in town!
Tara Riedesel
I have worked with Robert McMillan twice now. Once back in 2019 for a Jeep Compass and again during their trade in special this past April for a Jeep Cherokee. He took my income into consideration, told me what would be available for my price range and we went from there. No run around, told me what to expect and took me step by step in the process. I DEFINITELY recommend Mr.McMillan when it comes to buying a vehicle. With him it’s not all about making the sales, he makes is about you, your wants/needs and what you can afford. Again DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
Rachel Jackson
I recently had the privilege of purchasing a vehicle with Mr. Leonard Spates at Kunes Country. Being a single mother of 4 little kids finding a reliable, safe family friendly car and a trustworthy sale person was a must for me. I am always very skeptical and hesitant when dealing with a car purchase. Mr. Leonard not only had taken the time to get to know my wants and need personally he also when above and beyond to make sure I was getting the best value for the money I was spending. Mr. Leonard was patience, kind and understanding. I never felt rushed or pressured into to something that did not fit the need of my family. I also had the pleasure of working with Mr. Alex Gomez when it came time for the finance part. Mr. Alex was extremely kind in answering all of my question and had taken extra time to thoroughly explain how it all worked in a manner I could clearly understand. In an industry where women/single mother can be so easily taken advantage of, Kunes Country not only stands behind their vehicles but made sure I did not have to pay or deal with more then what was necessary. They will forever have a customer with me and I highly recommend this dealership!!
stephanie Owens
Got my first Jeep for Christmas from hubby. Jack Wolf has been nothing but good to me . I recommend you go at least test drive one .careful your going to love it. All employees are very professional on a friendly level. Lucus gets 5 gold stars from us . Atmosphere is upbeat. Complementary refreshments also.
Mandie Garcia
They worked with me to help me find the best car for my fit, financially and for me. I left very happy and didn’t have the difficult decision to decide what I really wanted. Overall a great experience!!
Michael Smith
It’s a good dealership with good vehicles, but sales people need to not put so much pressure on people. Came in to look at a truck and get a price on it, because website said check with dealership. Went to check price and the sales person told me that if I have excellent credit that they could get me into a truck for around 235 to 250. Wouldn’t give me exact price of vehicle I was looking at, also would tell me how much they were going to give me if I traded my vehicle in.
Donald Angell
Outstanding service from the fine people at Kunes. I brought my 2017 Grand Caravan to them because I had trouble with the passenger door lock. They diagnosed and replaced the actuator while I waited. While there I called to their attention a few places around the edge of the hood where the paint was bubbling from corrosion . They informed me that it would be covered under the 5 year corrosion warranty. They repaired and repainted the hood at no charge. They did a beautiful job and gave me a new Dodge Journey to drive while it was in the body shop.
Mark Larson
I worked with Shane at Kunes Jeep/Ram store in Belvidere and he was a class act. He did a bunch of leg work and is the definition of professionalism. I highly recommended Kunes and Shane if you are in the market for a new ride.
Theanna Rose
“I don’t even know where to begin. I contacted the dealership about a vehicle that was almost an exact match to what I was looking for. I was told that the vehicle was actually ON the lot at this location (I questioned the location because I did a search on the VIN and saw it pop up on another dealership website). I pack up my child and head down to Belvidere which is about 30 min away (widowed). I get there and find out that the vehicle is NOT on the lot and it is located in Woodstock. All of their vehicles are listed on both Woodstock and Belvidere website which is very misleading. Anyway, they try to make the situation right which I thought was awesome….at first anyway. They told me they would go get the vehicle from Woodstock and deliver it to my home for me to test drive. Cool, great! except not…they brought me the wrong vehicle. Seriously?! how incompetent can you be? I decide I want the vehicle but the one that was actually supposed to be delivered to my home. They tell me ok we will get that one delivered to Belvidere. Meanwhile I need to go to the DMV to get some things taken care of but decide not to renew my plates since I am buying a new vehicle. As I am leaving the DMV after being there for 6 hours, I am told that the car I was promised is not available. How does it take 7 or 8 hours to figure out that the car isn’t available?! So now I say ok, lets find a different one or I will order the one that I want (feeling I owe some loyalty to this dealership now that they have delivered a vehicle to my home and tried to make things right). I find one at another dealership and show it to the salesman (which he should have found! why am I doing the work??). We come to an agreement on price and trade in value, sign the purchase agreement, and the salesman tells me that they should have it in that night or the following day (a Saturday). I anticipate the call all day Saturday only to find out they couldn’t line up a driver, ok fine, Monday it is….Monday rolls around and once again i get the run around. I was told the driver was on their way to the other dealership but 3+ hours later I still hadn’t heard that the car was in Belvidere so I was getting upset. I arranged for someone to be with my child that day so that I could take care of the paperwork, I got all of the finance in order (TWICE) which means my credit was hit 2 times! One for the first vehicle promised and one for the second one that was being delivered. I even asked the salesman if I was in the clear to begin the finance side of things (since the first one fell through) and since I was getting my own financing and he said “”Yeah, lets go ahead!”” I texted the salesman in the evening upset that once again I waited around all day and I didn’t have the car and said that I wouldn’t recommend Kunes to anyone. He showed that text to his manager and his manager called me to argue with me. He said that he would talk to the GM and get back to me in the morning. He called me in the morning and I was busy working, he didn’t leave a VM so I had no idea he called. I was getting ready to head over there and text the salesman and he mentioned that Kerry had called me so I gave him a call and to my surprise he told me that they will not do business with me. After all of that, their response to my being upset was not to fix things, talk about it, figure out the discrepancies, but rather refuse to sell me the vehicle I spent all of that time and effort trying to get. Is this really how your business treats disabled Veterans?! or is it because I am a female? Or because I used TrueCar pricing that you had to honor and you decided you didn’t want to honor it? I wish I would have trusted my instincts and walked away after I saw that the first vehicle was not on the lot. I put my trust in the salesman and this dealership only to be let down multiple times. Also, 95% of the staff does not adhere to the mask mandate and are walking around without a mask inside of the building (on the sales floor!)”
Doreen Peterson
I have always been pleased with our service. Ryan was wonderful in explaining what needed to be done and about how long it would take. He was very polite and finished our vehicle in a timely manner. We have bought all our cars from here and get them serviced here. I like to feel confident and safe when I’m on the road.
Kitty Sanders
We came in and were served by a gentlemen called Noah Sharp. He was very helpful kind and Had patience’s with all my questions. He was very descriptive with how to go through the process of purchasing a car. He was very Courteous and a lot of fun. I like this dealership.
Chelsea Marie
Ken was awesome, I would HIGHLY recommend him and would 100% work with him again. He was great at talking with us and not being pushy. He made the whole process smooth. We also got to chat with Kerry and he was a magician as well. customer for life!
Kathy Schultz
First place to NOT give me the run around. I have a fixed income and not do good credit but they were able to help me get a vehicle that I am happy with at a price that I can deal with. Super happy that I left with a new used car! I was worried that it would be a wasted drive but now I am glad I went. Highly recommend Kunes!
Maggie Slankard
We had absolutely no plans to buy a new vehicle today. We came in and were promptly greeted and offered help. It was a super busy Saturday and everyone was spinning plates. Still, we were helped by Josh and he was fantastic. Listened to what we wanted, made a genuine effort to make the deal work for our budget. Didn’t bother to bug us or push us in any direction. Josh also treated us with respect and didn’t assume our budget by the way we looked or what we drove. We were able to get the exact Pacifica we came to see. Alex in finance was great. Informative and honest, not pushy or aggressive. Truly couldn’t have had a better experience. Highly recommend.
Kaitlyn Brown
My first time buying a car, and the process was unbelievably smooth. Robert McMillan helped me today with my purchase I will definitely be recommended him to family and friends looking to purchase a vehicle. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely being using Kunes again, thank you!
Sonia Mendoza
I recently purchase a vehicle with Alex Gomez and Abel Díaz at Kunes Country. I’m skeptical and hesitant when dealing with a car purchase, but Alex when above and beyond to make sure I was getting the best value for the money I was spending. Abel was patience, kind and understanding. I never felt rushed or pressured into to something that did not fit the need of my family. Alex Gomez the manager was extremely kind in answering all of my question and had taken extra time to thoroughly explain how it all worked. Kunes Country not only stands behind their vehicles but made sure I did not have to pay or deal with more then what was necessary. They will forever have a customer with me and I highly recommend this dealership!! -Thank you Alex Gomez and Abel Diaz
Daniella D
I’m very happy with my new 2020 Jeep Renegade from Kunes of Belvidere. I haven’t bought a new car in ten years because I hate the whole process. Kunes of Belvidere made it super easy. They got me exactly what i was looking for at the price I wanted. Kolby my sales rep made it stress free & I really appreciated that. Love that I was able to keep it local so that they can manage all the service. The bonus power train warranty from Kunes is a great perk. Very happy. Highly recommend Kunes. Already looking for another vehicle from them.
Corrine Janisch
Bought my very first car yesterday from Kunes. We have always gone with private owners. Steve Preissler was able to help me. He took time on his day off and was so patient with how nervous I was about buying a new car. He went through every car option there was for my family. Highly recommend to ask for Steve!
Shayleigh Nelson
Leonard was very nice and personable. We felt like we were in good hands with him and the entire Kunes dealership. Leonard spoke to us like we were old friends and not just customers. He has a no pressure way about him that we greatly appreciated. He made sure we got the car we fell in love with at the price that we could afford. Leonard has reached out by phone and message to check in and make sure that we are still loving our new vehicle. He said we can call him at any time and I am comfortable doing so if I need to. I will 10/10 recommend Leonard, Kerry Boettcher (sales manager) and Kunes in Belvidere, IL to any friends looking for a new vehicle.
Erica Cabrera
Robert was absolutely amazing! He helped me get a brand new Jeep. No hassle. Super quick. No pressure. So easy. Absolutely go to him if you need a new car. He’s the best!
Blake S
“While waiting to be checked in for service, one of the service techs picked up what looked like a brand new tailgate, painted in destroyer grey, from a mopar parts box and heaved it across the shop while cussing. This prompted another tech to also start cussing and he then started throwing tires across the shop as well. I’ve waited over a month for this “”repair shop”” to receive the parts to make the warranty repairs to my vehicle, needless to say, my vehicle wasn’t left for these animals to throw things at or around. Totally unprofessional here, and I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone for any reason. I sent an email to the general manager and never heard a response, so apparently this behavior is tolerated at Kunes.”
Michael Brechon
I had an amazing experience at Kunes Country in Belvidere. The sales professional Kolby Soltow was great from start to finish. Incredibly helpful, efficient, and professional. Got me just what I wanted. I just picked up my 2021 Jeep Gladiator today and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The sales manager Kerry Boettcher is a great asset as well. I have dealt with him many times over the years and he is top notch. Highly recommend.
Catherine Mastrodonato
Went to see Mr. Gavin Johnson and he was very helpful! Gave him our info and he got us the best deal for our family and our money! Highly recommend him and his company if your in need of a new car!
Marissa Williams
Major shout out to JOSH CREMEENS!!!!! Go see him!! Couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me with my purchase!! You are the MAN!! Lol great service all around. Very friendly. Highly recommend! Thank you! Marissa Williams, now a new proud owner of a 2019 Chevy Cruze (:
Courtney Griffis
Leonard was an awesome salesman he did everything to get me in the car I wanted and at the price I want ! Very satisfied thank you
Alfonzo Lambert
I appreciate mr Leonard Spates for salesmanship and his professionalism and going above and beyond his job title what a great person as well he even came to work on his day off to help me with my purchase this man is well deserving of an raise i advise everyone to seek out Mr Leonard spates /// when purchasing a vehicle thanks alot sir God Bless
roland smith
I drove from tenn too acquire a ram 2500 power wagon i spoke many times with the sales team to go over details about the truck. I was happy with my purchase except they added 900 too my total with a paint protection plan that i did not ask for or was informed about prior.
carrie hopkins
Had a great time purchasing a 2018 nissan sentra! My daughter and i got in and left with a nissan! Special thanks to jose marquettei. Mariah is so happy and excited to be driving it around!
Tyler Mccoy
Just had a semisynthetic oil change done and the service department did not want to honor the coupon they advertise on their website. I was given a line about how the labor allocation was incorrect for the semi synthetic oil change. I laughed and asked how the labor for any other oil change would be any different. They said I wouldn’t understand because its a billing thing. I informed them that this is the same coupons currently advertised for every ram dealership in the country and this is false advertising on their part. I was then told they would honor the coupon price instead of arguing. Well duh, they have no argument. This service department is shady to say the least.
Jefin Stephen
Kolby was very professional, he explained the Vehicle spec in detail. He gave the break up for the price and was always ready to answer our questions and concerns. Moreover he helped to find another Vehicle for my Cousin too. I would definitely recommend Kolby and Kunes to my Family and Friends.
Josh K
I had a great experience here. I reached out through the website and was contacted quickly. I provided details of what I was looking for to the sales guy Josh Cremeens and after a couple calls back and forth we had a deal worked out. It took less than 4 hours from my initial contact for me to drive off in the vehicle I wanted. I highly suggest giving them a shot if you’re looking around.
Michelle Mascheri
I was in desperate need of a vehicle and working at a dealership myself still wasn’t good enough for them to help me because of my credit so I filled out an application online and within seconds Kolby called me and came to the rescue. It was a pretty quick and easy process. Kolby found and got me in vehicle that my daughter and I love!! I highly recommend Kolby and Kunes for your next vehicle 100%!!!
Kourtney Peterson
I LOVED working with Kunes in Belvidere! After dealing with another dealership who has left me disappointed, this experience was a breath of fresh air! They got my Pacifica in for tires in a timely manner, the staff was friendly and answered all of my questions! I got my car back in perfect shape & washed! Very impressed with how I was treated and the quality of care I and my Van received at Kunes! 👏👍🏻😁 ~Kourtney/2017 Chrysler Pacifica
Brandon Meyer
Easy to work with. Great customer service! Thank you Josh cremeens.!
Felicia Gracia
We worked with Leonard at Kunes and let me tell you, I have never worked with someone who was so dedicated and excited to get us into the vehicle we wanted!!! We will definitely send everyone we know his way 😀
Larry Gainey
Ok….where do i begin,They had mercy on my credit…Good people!!I would recommend going there for a good quality vehicle,they will work with you..Shout out to all who were involved for getting my whip!!These guys are awesome!!!!As soon as i start my new job i am coming back for that police vehicle,by the way,is it for sale?Yall deserve a pay raise!!!
Elle Schadewaldt
Freaking love this place! Did exactly what they said they would and tried hard to do it… wasn’t a wasted trip like some places. Josh Cremeens was amazing and friendly… totally coming back to get our truck when we are ready
Susan Allen
“Went in for an oil change and check engine light. “”Big Chad”” diagnosed and quoted me right on the spot. Fit me in for all services to be completed same day. Dropped me off at work and had his service tech deliver my car back to me at work. Always a quick and courteous experience…and that is what brings me back.”
Nancy Neilsson
We had a wonderful salesperson who helped us decide on a Jeep. Dan Miethke was very knowledgeable about all our unanswered questions. He knew his Jeep’s and cost for add ons. We had been to four other dealerships and we had the best service from Dan and the Kunes dealership.
Christine Gilmore
I purchased my first car in years today. Leonard was amazing!!! I will definitely be back for my next car. Go see Leonard and tell him Chris sent ya!
Mark Seal
Was quoted a good price on a Jeep Cherokee. They sold it but told us they could do a dealer trade for another one and their quoted price wouldn’t change. We gave them a downpayment. When the Jeep finally came in (a week later) the price was suddenly $1000 more than the price they initially gave us in writing before we gave them the downpayment. After getting a lot of back peddling and lies about what they offered us we ended up getting our downpayment back and left. A very frustrating and stressful ordeal. They were very deceptive and outright lied about what they initially told us and we were very clear with them about the price before we wrote them a check for the downpayment. Worst car buying experience I’ve ever had and I’ve bought a lot of cars. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO TO ANOTHER DEALERSHIP!
Kyle Grenlund
I have brought my vehicle in for maintenance and warranty repairs, and everytime they have been awesome and super nice. Best customer service i have recieved from any dealership i have been too.
kyle garand
Josh was amazing helping me find and finance my very first new car. He was able to help me get a 2020 Dodge Journey when I was only expecting to be able to get another used car. They are great and would definitely recommend to others
Joe Pasternak
This dealership may be nice for a vehicle yet didn’t like to be lured in by a flyer stating that I won $10,000.00 cash little did I know it was a gimmick instead of cash they gave me a Bluetooth speaker. Wow that’s quite a lot.
Steve Jones
Chad is outstanding and took great care of us. We prefer to go to our hometown businesses, Chad & the other staff make it all work while.
Shannon McElhatton
Veronica and Russ are amazing. Lauren definitely not. I recently purchased a vehicle had a few discrepencies. Went back blindsided after being assured something would be figured out. They had my vehicle i traded in knowing it was broke down. I was very mislead. Spoke with the lending company and they were not happy with how i was treated on 4/3/2021 i was offered an uber home to Wisconsin. Yet i didnt take an uber there. Left unhappy and crying because she didnt say anything about the rest of the agreed down payment until i got there. I called back after i left walking home stating i would bring the money right back. And the other document Monday. She stated no and honestly i dont think you are happy with our services. No i was not happy with how i was blindsided and misinformed on the real reason i was coming back out there. Also the fact that i havent had the vehicle a full week and already have to replace brakes and rotors, cuz the test drive is around the block. Again Veronica and Russ fixed it i have my vehicle back yet still have to fix it.
Kenneth Pinson
The service writers are very professional and kept me aware of the progress while working on my vehicle. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of repair on there vehicle
Michael Smith
So far they have been excellent to work with but today 3 days after getting the vehicle the service engine light came on and I hope they will at least tell me why it is on.
jerrin kurian
Me and my cousin were looking for ram trucks and we both checked almost all showrooms in illinois finally we went to kunes belvidere location and they were able to give us a good deal on both trucks kolby is one of the best salesman i met he helps a lot and ready to provide information about the trucks.
Kristine Vicari
Had an amazing experience with Robert McMillian, I came in looking for an SUV got approved and left with my Jeep. Very happy with how everything turned out. He was very helpful and honest with me about everything. Would recommend Kunes Country any day.
Kent Martin
great people – Kolby Soltow was great to work with. I’d recommend him!
Raven Kilgore
I got my new Jeep here, and honestly love it!! Its a better vehical then I thought I’d be able to get!! They worked with me and Steve Preisler was an absolute wonderful salesman to work with!! I told him I needed a safer vehical for my kids and me since I do a lot of traveling for my job, and he was able to find the perfect vehical for my needs. Thank you Steve!!
Christal Pierce-Morgan
Dan the car selling man is amazing!! Worked with where we wanted our payments to be and got my wife into an amazing vehicle. Josh the finance guy was also great. Every one we met was great.
Rocio Ocampo
The salesman Steve was great. Had a lot of patience with me as I was indecisive. Would definitely recommend him.
Had a great sales man, Mr. Josh Clemens. He was very professional and was understanding on my purchasing situation. Would highly recommend asking for him if you are interested in buying from Kunes Country!
Keith Rogers
I recommend Kunes to everyone. Abel was professional and got the deal done. Very pleased!
Quake n Bake 9.9
Just had a major brake problem in the car we just purchased both rear rotors were severely rotted just got the car back and runs horrible. Did you guys drag it out of the river? What a terrible place and done with it. As far we are concerned they can take this train wreck LEMON back. I was just informed after talking with someone there they never even made sure this car was road worthy. After looking at some reviews it appears the owner only replies to the good reviews they bought .. What a joke
Mary Garbulinski
Just got a 2021 Jeep from Leonard Spates, great salesman! He kept me informed of everything that was happening. This was one of the best car buying experiences I have had. From Leonard to everyone with the financing. Will be back in a few years when it’s time to get a new one.
David Lindon
Great service. Chad at Chrysler service department is always focused on customer service.
Crystal Vasquez
Leonard Spates was great to work with! Highly recommend. 🙂
Rafael Martinez
Purchased my first vehicle this Saturday From Kunes in Bevidere. I worked with Rigo Lopez he was very pleasant and friendly to work with! Made my purchase easy and helped me in every way possible. He was patient and not pushy he wanted to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Their financing team was also as good making sure I was able to obtain a reasonable loan within my budget. I definitely recommend Kunes they have great customer service.
Larissa Du Melle
Chad at Kunes was great to work with. I had been having some trouble with my Dodge Journey and brought it in for service. They looked at it thoroughly to diagnose what was going on. Dodge engineers couldn’t even figure it out.. After they fixed the issue Chad even kept it another day and drove it to make sure my car would be safe for me to drive! Thank you!
Amber Terhaar
Great people in the service center. They have been fairly accommodating with all things considered!!
Ruth Vogel
Salesman Steve Preissler was very nice and professional to work with and the finance team was able to get us a nicer vehicle than we were looking for at a price we could afford. All of our questions were answered promptly and Steve really knew his stuff. We would highly recommend this dealership location for all your needs. Everything worked out great in the end for us. We are very satisfied and pleased. Thanks Steve and thanks Kunes Country of Belvidere, IL.
Lawrence Stahr
Great experience. Great people. Josh was a ball of fire! Very smooth transaction! Couldn’t be happier!
Mike Burrell
Great experience – Kolby was great. Treated well with a friendly staff, fair price and fair trade in value for my old Jeep. Highly recommend doing business here!
vivian Lukes
service was awesome. I loved everything
Fr. Moises Navarro
Had a wonderful experience purchasing my 2nd car. I felt respected and had all my questions answered. The hardest part of any purchase is understanding the hidden figures and why prices are the way they are. There was patience and understanding and I greatly appreciated there respect of my time and financial responsibility. Our sales professional, Mr. Robert McMillan, was courteous and respectful. I appreciate this professionalism is listening to what I was looking for and did not push a particular inventory item but took the time to listen to what I needed in a vehicle. I’m happy with the process. The money is a secondary thing, a person’s experience in purchasing a vehicle will determine if I walk away satisfied or feeling taken advantage of. I will be returning and recommending this dealership and Mr. Robert McMillan to friends and family. Sometimes the best experiences are a little further out of reach, 1.5 hour drive, but worth it. God bless.
Greg Maurer
My second vehicle from Kunes! Great service from the sales staff. Worked with me not on me! Steve Preissler was awesome as was Kerry Boettcher. The F& I lady Jackie was very knowledgeable and speedy. In addition Id like to mention Chad in the service department. They took care of my previous vehicle and their service department is second to none.
sonny jones
Never again watch your paperwork try to sneak in Hidden fees wouldn’t recommend to no one
Kris Norman
Was a great buying process, steve was a great guy to deal with. Proud jeep owner now thanks kunes country!
Virginia Salisbury
Just bought a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Kunes Country. The whole experience was just great. Our salesman was Robert McMillan and he was wonderful to work with. He answered every question we had (and we had a lot) and he was very knowledgeable. Go on out and see Robert! You will not be disappointed. We will return to Kunes Country the next time we need a vehicle!
Timothy Winter
Service department was very friendly and on time when I brought my Renegade in for a recall. It took less time than was quoted and my Jeep also left much cleaner. I will continue to use Kunes for any future needs!
Tyson Butts
Come in and see Josh. He worked hard and treated me great. He to get me into the vehicle I was looking at
Crystal Barrientos
The customer service is great, everyone was very attentive from the moment I walked in. Thank you for a great experience
Cheryl Feuerstein
Walked in not knowing if we qualify walked out with a car!! Yay Dan the car man!!!
jase holdcroft
Great offers, and most definitely fair pricing for your trade in. Worth having them take a look if you are planning on trading your old vehicle in. Ask for Leonard.
rodrigo perez
Came to Kunes Country in Belvidere looking for a Ram truck. Abel showed us what we were looking for and made us a good deal. We had a very good experience and got the truck we were looking for.
Robert has been by far one of the most patient salesmen I’ve dealt with. Shopped around several dealers but swung in during one of their employee pricing events. Financially it was a big hardball getting the payments where I needed them to be but with some health finagling they hit the mark. Additionally Robert took the time to explain the truck I asked for basically was a joke, I was mixing up dealer features and more or less had a special order truck that didn’t really exist. The other dealers I talked to didn’t tell me that, just spit out some numbers. I’ve been here coming up on 4 hours, it wasn’t a quick process but from discussing vehicles to test driving and negotiating I would say I’m beyond satisfied. Could I have done better? Honestly not worth the work that would have been involved to find out. They have been taken over by new management around 1-2 months before writing this review and I would buy here again
William Acton
My wife and I was given great service and patience from Car man Dan . He gave us great information and customer service. Kunes is the place if you need a ride.
Nancy Coeto
I got my first car here and the service was amazing! Thanks to Leonard Spades, I got a great car suited to my needs.
Bart Hickman
We enjoyed our experience with Kolby. Not pushy and we came up with a deal we were comfortable with. We have bought cars at other dealers and thought we had a deal with the sales person, only to meet the finance person and get hit with additional dealer fees and transport fees which we had to walk away from. He wore a mask and so did we, no uncomfortable issues there. I monitored my credit and I could see the finance lady was shopping for the best rate for us from multiple lenders. Thanks again!
Rochelle Marie
Abel and Leonard were amazing! They answered all my questions, had patience and made the overall experience smooth! I highly recommend this place if you’re looking especially during these horrible times.
Adriane Foy
Joe in Service is always so good to us!! Won’t go anywhere but here!!!
Paul Avalos
Had a great experience at Kunes thank you josh cremeen best service ever had at a car dealership answered every question i had! Awesome service thank you so much.
Veronica Lawson
Very friendly and helpful sales associates. Josh was extraordinary at helping my husband find and finance his 2020 Dodge Journey ☺️☺️
Dawn Grimm
Awesome service, our guy Leonard, was great. He made it a very pleasant experience. And I love my truck!!!
Unknown Unknown
I had a great experience at Kunes Counyry in Belvidere.i was greeted immediately upon arriving and leaving. The sales associate, Veronica was amazing. She wasn’t pushy, she was helpful and pleasant…it was like I was shopping with a friend. They did what they said they were going to do…get me in a vehicle. Amazing!!
Jaden Carpenter
A bait and switch…First of all, Kunes website is broken. It doesn’t let you look at what they have. I found 2 loaner vehicles on CARFAX and I called to verify if they were for sale. They told me yes multiple times and proceeded to talk about it. I asked if there will be any pictures uploaded soon. They said yes. I asked if I can be sent some pictures to see. They told me they’ll do it when someone is free. Then, A couple days later I kept on being told they were being used and would be in soon to take the pictures.That’s not true. I’ve been dismissed on the vehicles I asked about on email after bringing them up multiple times. The salesman that was emailing me was trying to offer other vehicles in the meantime. Mind you, I kept saying I wasn’t interested on anything else. I called today, and find out that they aren’t available to sell. The woman on the phone seemed to laugh when I asked. Horrible service, I am very disappointed.
Nicolas Thornton
Kolby and Kerry helped me get into the vehicle I’ve dreamed of having. Fun easy process with no pressure to buy and no typical “salesman” games. Highly recommended if looking for a product.
Vanessa Magdaleno
Best dealership I’ve been to so far Danny Miethke & Shane Gillenwater were a BIG help on purchasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021 80th anniversary. Highly recommend!
Yulisa Mendoza
I had the best time shopping with Josh Cremeens! He found me the Jeep of my dreams at an awesome price!
ellie bocker
I’ve never had an easier time buying a car…. I love my Durango! Josh Cremeens was my sales savior! I sent my brother in to buy a new car and he gave me $100! I didn’t even ask for it!
Robert McMillan
Best service and sales staff in the business. Always professional each time I visit. Last time for an oil change, didn’t even need an appointment! Got me in quick, kept me informed and got me driving away even quicker.
Don Tyler
Great people that work here. Great to work and deal with.
Sal Krischke
Absolutely phenomenal. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and result.
Eric Hyser
Kolby was gr8. He helped us find exactly what we were looking for! Treated our family well from interacting with our kids, helping with our car seats and even bought us dinner as we waited (it seemed the whole community was buying vehicles with the amazing deals Kunes Belvidere had going) Kolby is a great representative of Kunes exceptional customer service and the Belvidere community. Made switching dealer groups easy and fun. Would recommend to anyone looking for the right fit. Thank you Kolby, Merry Christmas!!!
Emmanuel Chacon
We were in a vehicle that was not big enough for our family. Came here and Kolby Soltow and Alex Gomez helped us and we were able to get into a bigger vehicle with enough space for our family. Thanks.
Daniel Wright
I got off work and drove over to get my oil changed on my 2020 Journey. The staff was very kind they said there was a wait for an hour but they got it done sooner. The waiting area was nice and orderly go back again for sure.
Jessica Rodriguez
Thank you Cobin for your awesome service
Vickie Pridie
Got oil change. Very nice employee working for them
Dan Banks
Shane and Noah were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Edward Lang
Brink was really great to work with and catered to our schedule, not his. We texted back and forth and he had all the paperwork ready to go when we got there. And the car looked great, too! It took longer to share stories than it did for the transaction but we really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Brink. He’ll take excellent care of you! Thanks again Brink!
The service department and staff in the department are very friendly and helpful… they are a dealership so you’re going to pay a few extra bucks for service but you can rely on it being trustworthy… I don’t hesitate to trust them with the tough jobs
Edward and Gretschen Soble
Very Happy with the way you helped us
Michael Giger
I have came into the dealership and Steve helped me as best as he could. He then introduced me to Josh Clemens. Josh took care of my wife and I very well. We are both very happy with the service both Steve and Josh did for us.
Jean Gordon
We’ve dealt with this dealership for 20 yrs. If there’s a problem, they will help you, And make sure your happy. Very nice people to deal with.
Lisa G
Ordered a part for my son for Christmas, he had just purchased his first Ram. Very nice to work with .
Angela Powell
They have a great service department. Recently purchased a Pacifica Hybird and LOVE IT! Abel was awesome answering my questions and walking me through the process!
dale steinke
Ok a rough start looking for a car suv but after all were on same page with what we needed we drove away with a 2020 and got a great deal ok to work with up front with cost and suxh
Joe C
My mom bought a new car from them and they are great to deal with
Wendy W
Went to look for a truck and no prices on vehicles, asked for the price, the salesman didn’t know, but said if we went inside and sat down and talked he could find the price. Pretty sad they don’t give their salespeople updated price sheets every day so they can assist someone looking at vehicles. Will never go back there.
Dawn Harris
I made an appointment online with an offer I received in the mail, Mike called me yesterday around noon confirming my appointment, he was very nice & friendly and I liked that. I went in at 3pm and Mike welcomed me as I came in the door and got me paired up with a Sales Associate within 2 minutes, Eric was my sales associate, very friendly, helpful, attentive and knowledgeable of exactly what I wanted to purchase and got me in a Chevy Trax to test drive and before I knew it I was the owner of a 2019 Chevy Trax!! Awesome everything for this car dealership and its employees! Thankyou!!
The reason for this 1 star is because I took my car today for an oil change. My car is a manual and they stalled it 2 times and that shouldn’t be acceptable when dealing with customer cars.
Tammie Hada
Josh Cremeens was sent from heaven! My beautiful new suv is absolutely perfect!
Anonymous Cookie
I recommend Veronica for your sales needs! So sweet ! I got my 2019 Kia from here and Veronica was fine but I should’ve looked more into it. They had sold me the car for $17,000 but in the website it was advertised as $14,000. My fault I guess. So I buy the car (first time buyer, didn’t know what I was looking for) and I love it. However, it was not ready for me. They never detailed it… I found stale chips and coins under the seats and stains on the seats. I needed an oil change 3 weeks after buying… they sent me home with low gas which was odd to me because every time I’ve gone with my parents to Gary Lang, they’d always clean the car, fill the gas, do the oil changes, etc before we left. So my boyfriend finally talked me in to going back to kunes to get that all worked out. They gave me one free oil change for my contract with them but That shouldn’t have counted for this one because it was on them. I shouldn’t have needed an oil change 3 weeks into my new car. We go to pick up the car and realize they still didn’t detail it like we had asked. So they did. All they did however was vacuum. There’s still dust on the dash, fingerprints on my mirrors and windows which I’m not sure where those came from, the windows had streaks everywhere, and they never put any gas in. For making me pay an extra $3,000 for the $14,000 car they sure didn’t wanna work with me. But I’m stuck with them for a long time. Long story short, make sure you’re vocal about what you want. I’ve learned my lesson for sure.
Jessica Carter
Josh is the MAN at kunes country in belvidere, il!!! Definitely ask for him when you stop in for a new car at an amazing price, they’ve got your back on kunes in belvidere. Went to the kunes country in elkhorn wi and they weren’t very accommodating or helpful like Josh was at the belvidere location! Love my new jeep wrangler unlimited!
Barb Anderson
Great service on purchasing a new Cherokee! Stephanie Whitted and Josh were awesome to work with!
steve tallacksen
Great to do business with. Richard helped out a lot.
Kai Johnson
Had the best experience ever! Our salesman Steve was phenomenal! I have been to numerous dealerships over the years and I’ve never had to experience as pleasurable as this one! Steve met every need we had and made sure we left with what we wanted!
George Kasten
Bought a used vehicle today and it was a great experience. The wait time was a little overwhelming but our sales person Veronica was super nice and made it worth our wait.
Brad Brubaker
I highly recommend Kolby , great guy, made the car buying process very painless.
Tracy Leutik
Went in today not thinking any thing or just seeing my options, and Rigo made it all work out. Today i bought My first real car ! Thank youuuuu Kunes country!
Nicole Weatherford
My parents are buying a certified Cadillac today and the experience has been wonderful! Robert “Brinck” Brinckerhoff has helped us so much through this process and made it super smooth! We will be coming back to Brinck for all of our car needs! Thank you so much!
Joseph Murphy
Wouldn’t suggest had a rude sales person not to mention he was looking out for himself with the sale. We told him what our credit scores where and kolby knowing we wouldn’t get approved for a 2020 showed us the 2020. He made it sound like we were getting the loan and then turns to find out that we needed a co signer. When we told him we don’t have one we said we would go look at jb Bryden and he said good go buy a car from them. Smh worse dealership ever
Heidi Sanders
We just bought a brand new Dodge Ram with Steve Preissler. He made it a very comfortable experience, no hassle. And we got the truck we were looking for! We couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much to him and all of the staff there. Very friendly!
Alison L
We had a great experience and would buy from Jack Wolf again in the future. They were very accommodating. We had to leave before getting approved but they called shortly after we left and said we could come back and pick up our new vehicle
Kristan Freeman
Colby Soltow was by far amazing! He was not pushy and totally worked my budget into getting the vehicle I wanted! Highly satisfied!
Chuck Sanders
I had a great experience working with Eric that salesperson, and Kerry the sales manager.They both worked hard on getting the vehicle that I wanted.I would recommend them and Kunes Dodge to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. Thanks agian.
Rich Yohn
Service Department is excellent. Highly recommend them to anyone. Chad is an outstanding Service Manager. They solved an issue in two hours that another dealership messed around with for three weeks. I’ll use them again.
Roger Zimmerman
Overall experience was amazing. Our salesman Steve Preissler was professional, courteous, and informative. He helped us through every step of the way. We had to have a car delivered from another dealership, and Steve went above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible. Will definitely recommend him and Make further purchases with him and Kunes.
James Lewis
I was going in honestly not expecting to come out with a vehicle but Rigo made sure he got a really good deal and every way possible to get me financed. It was definitely my best experience at a dealership and I look forward to buying from here again in the future.
Terry Gerber
This place is a joke, the completely ruined the legacy and service Jack Wolf spent his life building…just sad
Jonathan Mitchell
Very good car buying experience. Got a 2020 Jeep Cherokee!
ray slivka
Brought my Grand Cherokee in for brakes and an oil change. With no appointment Chad was able to squeeze me in and get my vehicle fixed very quickly. Highly recommend the service at Kunes Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram!
Joe L
“To start off, currently this dealership does not wear masks even went interacting with the public. In the current health crisis, I would avoid this dealership as they don’t believe it’s an issue. I watched the Porter just hop in the car, no protective items placed on the steering wheels in the car like other dealerships and even fire stone does to help with the spread of the current crisis. They will also charge you a so called “”convenience fee”” to use any type of credit card even one that comes from Chrysler Dodge Jeep You can make your own decision, but I did call around and will be heading to another Chrysler dealership who takes covid19 seriously and does not charge customers to use credit cards.”
Lourdes Flores Esquivel
Thanks Rigo for showing me around and helping me find a vehicle that fits my needs. Definitely will recommend and share my great experience with friends and family!
Carri Blades
Robert was our salesman, he was so patient with me and my indecisiveness lol He did everything to make the deal happen and keep the payments where we wanted them. We are driving away with a 2019 Chevy Trax!!! I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking to buy a new or used vehicle!!!
Tom Windelborn
Bought my previous car at the big car lot group in Rockford, and had a terrible experience. After the bad purchasing experience, I started driving 25 minutes to get my car serviced at Jack Wolf instead. They’ve done right by me for the past 6 years in their service department, so when it came time to get a new car, the choice was easy. Josh and Scott did a great job getting me into my new car quickly and easily, and took care of all the paperwork with transferring my license plates seemingly instantly. Great experience with this business both on the sales department side, as well as the service department side.
Mary Parsons
Love love, Jack Wolf. Just purchased my second vehicle. Honest, trustworthy and treat their customers well. They worked hard to get the right vehicle for me at a great price. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Jose and John!
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