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Kunes Country Ford in Antioch, IL

Overall Rating 4 out of 5
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104 IL-173, Antioch, IL 60002, United States
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New and Used Cars | Car Dealership in Antioch, IL | Kunes Country Ford of Antioch

Looking for a new or used car? Come on down to Kunes Country Ford of Antioch. Our sales team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have!

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Patrick Draves
I spoke with Ken. I highly commend the overall service of Kunes Country Ford. Their efforts and ability they went through, to take care of me was something special and not often seen in today’s society. Thank you for making the seemingly impossible, possible. Their efforts were genuine and the service comfortable and relaxed. NO high pressure or urgency to sell you a car/truck or SUV. Thank you for a very pleasant visit to Kunes Country Ford, Patrick
Beverly Garrison
Nick Kretsch & the Kunes Country Ford team are friendly, easy to work with and make the process enjoyable. Hands down, the BEST EXPERIENCE my husband and I have had shopping for a new vehicle. Nick has patience, is likeable, a down-to-earth personality and does not pressure nor hide any details from you. He is straight forward throughout the process, but puts his heart in ensuring your needs are the priority while respecting your budget. Nick will be who I go to see in the next few years when I trade to upgrade, and will be someone that I will gladly refer my friends and family to. Thank you Nick for being a stellar Sales Professional who represents the brand, Ford, exceptionally well!
David Weiss
I live in Colorado and had been looking for a Ford 450 Super Duty with specific options on it. I found the one I wanted at Kunes Country Ford of Antioch. I contacted them and worked with a great sales guy, Sean Lane. Sean was able to answer all my questions on the truck. When I decided I wanted to purchase it, we were able to negotiate a great price for the truck. I was able to handle all the financing issues over the phone with Jesse and make sure it was all set before I flew out to pick up the truck. Sean graciously picked me up at the airport and took me to the dealership. Again he was very good about going over the trucks features. Even got my phone paired and all set up with the Ford app. I was able to sign paperwork quickly and get on my way back to Colorado.
Lorrie Wihtelich
“Very satisfied with service, fast efficient and very friendly. Only exception, when (I a female) stand in service with 3 people on phone or not, not one looked up to say “” be right with you”” I was not invisible for 5 minutes. I do love your service dept.i will be basck”
Hi-5’s and props to the Kunes Country team in Antioch. It was not my usual car-dealer experience. Adrienne (thanks for the communication!), Bob (!! You ROCK, great communication, excellent product knowledge and outstanding customer care!), Teddy (nice work young man!), Finance and Desk Jockeys (Thumbs UP! that was fun < how is that possible?) I felt respected, listened-to AND My Time (!!!) was valued. I believe I got a good value for my trade and a fair sale price for the vehicle I was interested in. I was in-and-out with paperwork complete in a completely reasonable amount of time (THANK YOU!). AND – when I got the keys, it was unexpected, silly, fun and laughed – you’ll just have to find out yourself. As a side note: I get why there are on-line no haggle car sellers. As a woman, typically the car buying process is annoying at best, salespeople usually don’t listen, patronize and direct you to to things your don’t care about, and at the end of the day, you feel like you just cant get those 3-4-5 (!) hours of your life back. The next time I’m in the market for a vehicle, I will drive an hour out of my way and start here at Kunes. KAPOW! I love my little escape and the buying process is a big part of that. HI-FIVE and thanks for playing Lemmy! – Victoria
Devin McGillivray
I wouldn’t go anywhere else… they have been great every step of the way. Russ was awesome and made the process simple, and was very helpful. The service so far has been fantastic as well, if you like Ford, check out Kunes.
Susan Roman
I have used a few different Ford dealerships for servicing my Explorer. Kunes’ employees are amazing! Dave T in service department, did awesome! He was able to work with my schedule to get me a service appointment that fit my needs. Ken was equally accommodating. He was there to answer all my questions. Sometimes being a women, dealerships try to take advantage of a person’s lack of knowledge. Not at Kunes! They treated all the clients equally! I witnessed all types on people in the waiting room, each interaction was personal, honest and professional. GREAT WORK KUNES! I will definitely return for all my service needs… and for my next vehicle.
soni dumelle
I had my oil changed with Greg Becker, he is the best technician around. Greg is professional, honest, dependable and does exceptional work. I will not have anyone else work on my vehicles. I highly recommend him for all your vehicle needs. Kunes is very lucky to have such an exceptional employee.
Elena Kelsh
I had a fabulous experience with Kunes Ford in Antioch!!! Russell was AWESOME and really the whole team couldn’t have been kinder. I came in wanting to test drive a Bronco Sport just to see if it was a vehicle I would consider, and Russell put me in the Area 51 blue/grey color which totally fit me to a T. Obviously it drove like a dream and is super sporty/trendy. They gave me to space to think about it and I was back the next day to purchase because I felt really confident about my decision to purchase from Kunes. I will 100% be making all of my future vehicle purchases from Kunes.
Robert Zielinski Zielinski
Alexia rosebush was awesome. Got my wife in the vehicle she wanted and the fiance team was just super I would definitely recommend them great team there
Niecy B
Drove 1hr to look and buy a car when we get there the car was price $4k more than the price that they had online, so we experience false advertising and the finance manager was rude and “stated we didn’t have to buy a car from there”… it may have something to do with our race. I wouldn’t recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a Ford.
Stephen Hermes
Called about a truck advertised online. Went back and forth in discussions with the sales guy all day. When I was ready to move forward with the purchase, I was informed that they were increasing the price by $5000 over the advertised asking price. Epic waste of time and shady dealing by these folks.
Haley Latona
Nick is an absolute pleasure to deal with. There is no pressure and he does his very best to get you exactly what you’re looking for. He is very straight forward and knowledgeable. He is nothing like any salesperson I have dealt with in the past. I would surely seek his whereabouts in the future when buying a new vehicle. Thanks for finding me the perfect truck!!!
RJ Fisher
I drove a very long distance to purchase a vehicle from this dealership, as I liked the salesman. In the end, the nice guy finished last. They slipped in a $950 fee for a “150 point safety inspection.” I later discovered, it takes about 15 minutes to perform this state mandated safety review. Pulled into my driveway only to be teased by my neighbor that a break Lamp was burned out. Some inspection! Used toothpicks in a storage compartment and, ready…toenail clippings in the glove box! All this for only 35 thousand dollars! I complained to management. Two weeks later I started getting unwanted magazine subscriptions in the mail. The dealership manager had such a bruised ego, the SOB filled out magazine subscription cards in my name. This company can kiss my, well, you know the rest.
Amy Madison
This was by far and easiest truck shopping we ever have done! Russell was awesome! He didn’t push, was very honest about everything, and this is how people in sales should be! This is one of the best experiences my husband and I have had in buying a vehicle.
Zach Peschman
Great customer service. Katrina was quick to respond, friendly and helpful! Thank you! The reasoning behind my low review is the fact that in SUB ZERO temperatures, you’d think that the tech adding fluids, would have put in windshield fluid rated for SUB ZERO temperature. Typically in winter, The roads are covered in salt, which means your windshield is covered in salt. That’s what windshield washer fluid is for! My windshield washer fluid is currently the consistency of a slushy that’s too hard to drink out of a straw.. really????? We live in Illinois.. THANKS, For putting my family and myself in jeopardy. Now I’m sitting outside, with a hair dryer, trying to thaw this block of ice in -5 degrees.. To top it off, the 2 tires I purchased, don’t match my current tires. Very possible they don’t make the white text Michelin tire anymore, but that would have been nice to know, prior to spending $500. I said this before, after dealing with the shady salesman Russel- I will not be returning to Kunes Ford in Antioch.
Justin Snodgrass
Car Listed 5800$ went in told me me 8,800 also lied about the car being rust free did not even bother to Atleast clean it car smelled moldy and had water stains all over it not to mention the manager has no respect simply stated I did not understand how the price was so drastically different manger got real aggressive about my knowledge of car buying all I wanted was a daily have no idea how my 40,000 car had 4000 in sales tax and plate renewal but a 5800$ car has almost 4,000 dollars in plate transfer and sales tax not to mention a 1000 accessory fee maybe that was the filth and rust offered on the vehicle I’m a very down to earth person when the manager showed me the price and started getting aggressive about fees and car buying and claiming I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just said no thanks and left thank you Jess the sales person for being kind and your honesty you deserve to have a better workplace
Jim Letsos
I went to Kunes Country Ford to look at an F150 they had for sale. I had the pleasure of being helped by Jessica who made the entire experience a blast. Super energetic and people friendly! She took the time to make sure the truck was everything I wanted. Would definitely buy from them again! 10/10
Brittany Dile
Awesome experience! Russell did everything he could to make a deal happen! We left there extremely happy
Elizabeth Blake
I Truly wish I could give this establishment a higher rating. Alexia is an amazing finance person and their sales team is impeccable. I got into a very serious car crash on Saturday and they had me and my husband in a new vehicle with 3 hours after the incident. They are truly amazing people. I will continue to buy vehicles from them. They care about their customers.
george pierson
Nick Kretsch set me up in a beautiful Ford F-150 in record time!! Him and Mark got me back on the road!! Thanks guys!
maria zorzano
5/7/21 – Took my car back after the great service I received last time I was there. See review below! Kat helped me again and just like last time my car was diagnosed and taken care of quickly! The price of the service was explained to me upfront so no surprises. Kat mentioned they had onsite detailing and had that done while my car was getting fixed! I’m extremely happy with my service and detail! Thank you once again! Brought my car in for service. Kat greeted me and took care of all of my questions and explained my service and the cost for the work. Their were no hidden fees and what she stated was exactly what I paid. Kat was professional and took the time to walk me through the process. Great work!!
Elena Kelsh
Russell was FABULOUS in helping to get me in one of the new Bronco Sports. Honestly nothing but rave reviews for him and the rest of the Kunes Ford team. I came in wanting to just test drive one to see if it was a vehicle I would consider, and he immediate showed me the trim (big Bend) and color (Area 51) that fit me to a T. He let me drive it around town and was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and features. I knew it was the right vehicle for me, but wanted to give myself the 24-hour rule and he completely gave me the space I needed to feel comfortable about my decision. He wasn’t pushy in the slightest, but was there to answer any and all of my questions, which made me feel secure in my decision to purchase through Kunes and to purchase the Bronco Sport. I purchased the next day and couldn’t be more thrilled about my purchase. I will 100% be purchasing all of my future vehicles through Kunes! And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my Mom goes in in the next couple of weeks to buy one too haha.
Robert Rosario
The sales staff went out of their way to find the exact vehicle. Our salesperson Russell Coulter ensured our buying experience went as smooth as possible and kept us updated at each step of the way. We highly recommend them.
Matt Riege
Nick was great. Swift but thorough. Would recommend.
Jessica Karasek
FABULOUS experience from start to finish! Ask for Russell Coulter! I recommend calling ahead with what you are specifically looking to buy and they will be ready for you when you walk in! Fantastic customer service!
Glenn Hofeldt
I went in for an oil change and rotation. I had a coupon on my phone for a $60.00 synthetic blend change and a free tire rotation. I asked if I could upgrade to full synthetic oil and pay the extra cost (which I have done for the last two oil changes) and was told that was no problem so I was expecting to pay $15 to $20 over the coupon price for the synthetic upgrade.. When I picked up the car my bill was over $100 because I got charged for not just the upgrade but also for the tire rotation that was supposed to be free with the coupon I was told I could use. Luckily there was a manager there to adjust it back to the correct $75 price but I might not have received that if no one was around later in the day. On top of all this, I didn’t even get a car wash which I was told I would receive every time I came in because I had bought the expensive Explorer Premium from the dealer. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best service experience I have had.
Van Mathews
Great new car / truck deals. Great fast service on oil changes.
Jerold Wojcik
I was looking at a vehicle on there website and negotiated a rate w sean so asked for a offer sheet And low and behold It had additional fees that they tried to sneak in such as A $1700 destination fee and A $900 gap premium fee just to name a few.So then I called and asked to speak with Tony the new car sales manager and He took those two chargers off after arguing a few minutes back-and-forth as I stated that a lot of the other dealerships I was looking at trucks charged those fees and other dealerships on there respected sites had the final Internet price and no tact on fees. Also in addition to that I said that I had 800+ credit and would require 2.9% or better financing and point-blank asked him if he was able to do that and he said yes I want to come out find out later that they would offer me a mediocre 4.9% interest rate even though the information that they gave them was accurate and I was true to my word with 800+ credit.So fast forward to last Saturday and when I came to look at the truck it turns out the truck that I was looking at according to the stock number was a completely different truck. The truck that was listed online had numerous features such as running boards heated seats Power sliding rear window Etc.Bottom line is this dealership it’s all about making promises that they do not plan on honoring and I would steer clear of this dealership
Charles Grim
“I brought our car in to have a problem with the seat belts, we were charged $180 for the 15-20 minutes it took to diagnose the problem. The estimate was for over $1000 which we declined and decided to see if the dealership was interested in buying it. Initially they offered a fair price but the General Manager had to approve the deal. It took them 3 days and several phone calls from me to find out they no longer wanted to purchase the car. When I went to pick it up I was able to get the cost down to $150 & paid the bill. The car was brought around with only the windshield cleared of snow and one of the side windows had been left partially open during the snowstorm which occurred during the time they had the car. I hope these circumstances encourage you not to do any business with these people especially if you are planning on spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new car…UPDATED I contacted them per the “”owners”” request and got shuffled around to John the manager who I first worked with. After his apology I shared we had all the repairs done for less than $250 at a local repair facility vs $1000+ @Kunes. He was then interested in buying the vehicle again but Alex the GM had to approve it. He guaranteed me Alex would personally call to discuss. After 3 days of waiting to hear back from the GM, we went to another dealership who bought the car on the spot paying us $1000 more than Kunes offered originally . Two more examples of why not to do business with either their sales or service departments.”
Nick Kretsch & the Kunes Country Ford team are friendly, easy to work with and make the process enjoyable. Hands down, the BEST EXPERIENCE my wife and I have had shopping for a new vehicle. You will NOT face games and frustrating add-ons that dealers try to force on you at Kunes. Nick has patience, is likeable, a down-to-earth personality and does not pressure nor hide any details from you. He is straight forward throughout the process, but puts his heart in ensuring your needs are the priority while respecting your budget. Simply put, Nick is the salesman that you can trust and will not play games with you or your money. Nick will be who I go to see in the next few years when I trade to upgrade, and will be someone that I will gladly refer my friends and family to. Thank you Nick for being a stellar Sales Professional who represents the brand, Ford, exceptionally well!
Bob Hanna
A pleasant visit as always with your service depth. My service tech (Greg Becker) does a great job in finding the problem and repairing it the first time. My service advisor (Ken C.) Is very helpful as well.
Maria Fontanez
“ Nancy made sure my car was serviced ASAP thank you Nancy . The day of service I was in and out in 20 minutes.. Love the Kunes Ford family. God Bless
Damon Jackson
Very positive experience from Kunes country Ford, went in saturday and worked with Cody to find the right truck for me. Cody was very easy to work with, not pushy like most salesmen I have worked with in the past. The whole process was seamless and positive start to finish, if you are in the market for a new car go see Cody. Had one issue with the truck and the sales manager Ray took care of it right away. I am very pleased with my truck and with the whole team at Kunes.
jorge ortiz
On the comercial vehicles section we just try to buy a box truck and the guy offers the vehicle for less then $9,000 and then he try to pull one those greedy games and ask for almost $14,000 and even the the manager was nice the sales person was really rude and pushing what a bad experience. Nice vehicles and everything but I won’t buy a vehicle here at all
Manny Mercado
I bought a 2018 Ford F150 like 3 weeks ago on the second day the splash cover under engine fell off, I the dealership, They said bring it in and they would fix it. 3 day later it fell of again, this time I went under the truck to fix it, the dealer fixed it with zip ties I couldn’t believe it. I called the dealer back and they said bring it in and we will fix it the correct way. Took it in on a Saturday at 11 and they fixed it in like 10min. Looked under and they fixed it again with zip ties I went back in to talk to service advisor and he said that all they can do. Since I didn’t want to go back to dealer in week I told them just take it off. I cant believe that’s the training FORD mechanics get. Not so FORD TOUGH after all. Very disappointed in the service department. I wonder what else they fix with zip ties.
Dustin Hanson
Sean Lane is an amazing sales person. He helped me find the perfect Expedition EL then he put delivering my vehicle first above everything else. This is the second car I have bought from him. He made trading in my Transit Conversion by Explorer easy as could be. Especially being from NC, and he makes buying a car in IL feel like I am local! He is great!
Scott Kantenwein
Really good experience. Knowledgeable and friendly sales rep. Made the buying experience as good as can be expected when buying a car.
John Robichaud
Nancy and the service team addressed my service needs quickly and correctly. When I showed up for my vehicle it was washed and ready to go! Looking forward to continued service at Kunes.
Beau Sullivan
Cody Schoen and staff at Kunes was great! Customer focused and attentive to details. Highly recommend!
Jim De Caro
Easy to work with, everyone moved quick, no lagging or sitting around. Todd Thommes was excellent and so was the rest of the staff!!
Matt Dawg
Jessica was very helpful with finding me a new vehicle. When the car I wanted got sold earlier that day, she was quick to search the inventory and find me exactly what I was looking for. Jesse in financing was a pleasure to work with, and I can’t forget Bob Heath. Im a customer for life!
Kurt Schlicher
I would have like little bit more details on the final bill of what was done but other than that not a bad place
Christella Baertsch
I love working with the staff in the Kunes Service Department. Great people who do excellent work! Thanks for all that you do!
Steven Stiglic
Worked very hard with parts and other dealers to find and receive a part. Had truck ready when I was told.Great customers service. Kudos to parts department.
Jim Moran
Couldn’t have ask fir a better service advisor than Ken Cavanaugh at Kunes Country Ford in Antioch. Got my new Ford Edge in and a rental car for me for the service that it needed. My car was done earlier than expected. Again thanks Ken for the great service.
Chris Latoz
Bob was a great salesman and easy to work with! Left feeling like I received a very fair trade-in towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Thank You!
Mike B
Called and got a Same day appointment. Was in and out in less than an hour. The service representative made sure I knew that my business was appreciated. They go above and beyond to meet the customers satisfaction. Thank you
Jamie Smith
I was lucky enough to find my perfect vehicle from Kunes. They were AMAZING!! MY sales person Jon Castleman kept on top of everything and was there to answer all my questions and made the experience perfect. They definitely know how to take care of their customers and make them happy. Thank you Kunes!!!
Mike Ferraro
My sales girl was the best ….Have my cars sales forever .and anybody I can tell about the experience. To only go to that lot in Antioch
Anna Castillo
Give a shout out to Cody awesome sales guy !! When u go there ask for Cody !
Sandra bruett
Andrew Pelote sales professional was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable of the vehicles and helped us through the whole process! We have purchased numerous cars from Kunes Ford and would do it again!
Justin Babcock
I had a very decent experience with these guys. Couldn’t be more pleased with the work Cody did in working with me on the deal he got me on my car. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because I had been told that the used cars from kunes comes with a one year warranty from a couple different sales reps…. well they were wrong apparently. I guess tho….. the car I got is a big step up from what I was driving yesterday…….I just hope it turns out I don’t have to do any repairs on this new one anytime soon. Thanks kunes!!!!!!!!!
Gina Lubecke
Worked with Cody S. Who is a fantastic salesman! I officially made my first big girl purchase through him and LOVE my Ford Edge SEL. Highly recommend this dealership. They have lots of different options to choose from as well.
Every time I come here they make me feel like I’m inconveniencing them. Plus I came in for maintenence and they didn’t top up fluids and after my tires were rotated 2 of the stem caps were missing… and I don’t know if they didn’t tighten the tires all the way or what because my car use to ride a heck of a lot smoother before I came in… not coming back.
I had service done on my vehicle and was very satisfied! Our mechanic Greg Becker did a great job 😊
Collin Sewell
I had a great experience buying a new truck from Luke Higler. He was very professional and made it a very easy and simple process for me. He made it effortless for me and gave me a great price. I would not hesitate to purchase through him again.
Jason Flade
Sean Lane is knowledgable and personable salesman to work with. There was no pressure. Great experience!
Andy B
This place is the best place to purchase a vehicle they go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase
Mike Kanabay
Very satisfied with the prompt service and attention to detail. Highly recommend this dealership.
Jamie Brown
Never got my sales ladies name. We drove a different car than the one we wanted to look at. We told them what we were willing to put down on the purchase. They came back with something way different. Then when we asked for our keys back on our trade the guy called me a jerk!. Nice salesmanship! Avoid this dealer at all cost!
allen mcallister
Always cordial and informative, very important to me being a new truck owner, piece of mind is everything. Always a pleasure to bring it in to antioch Kunes Ford
Christine Hartley
Service/Sales staff is wonderful!!! We’ve been customers for 22 years, and today’s unplanned visit was a true reminder of why we keep coming back❤
Kelly Mottl
Today I had the best car buying experience of my life. Bob and Eric made it stress-free and are very knowledgeable and fair. I am not from that area but will take the drive again for my next vehicle purchase, knowing that I will be well taken care of.
mark jones
Note: Sales rep Jessica Zendejas saved this review from being 1 star. Early this morning I was walking off the Kunes Antioch lot unpleasantly surprised and very disappointed – the specific vehicle my gf and I drove an hour to see had “not been removed from inventory” despite me being contacted by Tanner 2x Friday to remind me of my appointment. Jessica followed us to our car and apologized for the error. She next urged me to consider different options, one of which I later drove home. I was quite pleased with the sales process and finance manager Mark Biscotti was very knowledgeable and helpful. All in all I rate the Antioch team top notch. On the other hand I give low marks to the Delavan marketing crew. I spoke to three of them over the course of a week, each time about a specific F150 that I’d seen on the Kunes web site; we discussed me coming in to see it and agreed to a day/time. Marketing had all day to make sure that vehicle was available or not; they had an obligation to let me know my first choice was gone. They did neither – I was catfished. I suggest Kelsey straighten out her team’s communication’s with the sales elements and/or review the lessons on ethics in marketing because I’m certain this isn’t a one off. Finally, big kudos to Jessica Zendejas for addressing my need for a great CPO truck. Honorable mention to Mark Biscotti – both of them made Kunes Country look good. Mark Jones
Andy Byrnes
Alexia was extremely helpful, and took care of us. We had a great experience with Alexia, and hope to see her again when we return for another vehicle purchase.
Ron Garbett
Maureen Vittas , Cody and Eric were amazing. Made my experience quick and easy. Been working with Eric to get a vehicle for sometime, finally we did it! Thanks Kunes Country Ford for a great experience.
Chris Hmielewski
AJ was an AMAZING salesman, did everything I would have never expected and more to make it the best experience to purchase a truck! Jesse in finance was beyond helpful! Made sure that I was able to get the best deal at the best rate with multiple offers! The team at Kunes was absolutely amazing, the second best part besides leaving with my new truck was being able to ring the bell in front of everyone and having confetti falling from the ceilings, truly made me feel like I choose the right dealership to buy from. If anyone is looking to buy a new or used vehicle I HIGHLY recommend the folks at Kunes! Thank you again for making my truck buying experience better then I thought it was going to be!
Alice at New Look Landscape
I’ve never had a bad experience here and this is my go-to Ford dealer. The atmosphere is great and the employees are wonderful! The process for me was smooth and painless every time! I will be coming back when it’s my time to upgrade again!
barbara b
Recently purchased a vehicle here. Miguel was able to find the perfect vehicle for me that met all my wants. Jesse in the financial office also made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. Had a great experience.
Justin Morelock
Luke Hilger was awesome. No pressure. Just an honest guy. Made everything real easy.
David Thomas
Katrina Service Manager at Kunes Ford in Antioch iL is a true professional with excellent customer service focused on the customer for large and small request, and has always been very helpful for our family car needs.
Sonjia Neff
Great experience. Went for an oil change, and they filled all the fluids and my tires too. Was in and out in an hour. The gentleman who assisted me was very nice and courteous.
Richard Compian
I had a fantastic experience with this dealership! When I called in they were helpful. The manager Frank, answered all my questions and gave me the info I needed. The Salesperson Jon, was friendly had a wealth of knowledge about the truck and all its functions and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Let me test drive the truck by myself. And of course the truck itself is amazing!! Very happy. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you! Richard
Dynamic Group
Terrible customer service! If I could I will give 0 stars! I bought pick up truck in May 2020 close to a 100k. There is nothing but problems with this car since the beginning. I left my car for the repair in December 2020.After 3 weeks I got my truck back and after one day all the problems were back. They didn’t fix one single problem in my car saying there is no codes for it. Car is a danger to drive, I’m loosing power while driving and I hear lots of loud nocking etc. They told my I will get loaner car within a week. It is March 2nd and I’m still waiting for the loaner since January. I keep emailing and calling them and they still didn’t resolve my issue. Beware of this location and their service. I already called to FORD USA and reported my problems .If I don’t hear from I will report IT to appropriate agency and will consider taking further legal action.
Debbie Moore
We have been using this Ford for well over 5 years for all family car repairs, oil changes, maintenance, etc with full trust towards their employees. We have never had a problem until recently. My sons 2015 f150 engine light turned on, we took it here to get diagnosed. Left the truck with the service center for 2 days with little updates from the employees, finally got the issue resolved and fixed a filter for over $700. My son picked up his truck only to find things in his backseat had been rearranged and his airpods missing. Spoke with Todd Thomas in the service center and he has informed us that they will not replace what was stolen. The excuse was that we should not leave anything of value in our cars when bringing them in for service. This leads me to believe the managers at Kunes Ford think it is okay for their employees to steal if no one finds out, because the customer “shouldn’t have left it there”. Our family will no longer be using this Ford for all our needs.
Tianna McClain
I got my car in March of this year. I purposely waited to write my review because I know how used cars can have issues after driving them for a couple months. I am impressed with this dealership for a few reasons, they worked with me as far as time, down payment and being responsive. The finance guy, I think his name is Ryan, was very professional and understanding. I driven my vehicle to 3 different states Arkansas, Georgia and Louisiana. No issues with my vehicle, the only thing I had to do is get an oil change. The only reason why they got 4 stars is because I requested for a different salesman and didn’t get it. Since I worked off commission before I sorta understand why I didn’t get a different person. A customer request as simple as that should be made regardless of what they need to do to address the numbers. My overall experience with my shopping, service and my vehicle are all satisfactory.
Connie Johnston
I knew I wanted to buy a 2016 or newer Ford Edge and they had a good inventory but not s competitive pricing as another dealership in Waukegan. They agreed to match the price before I went in and we found a car which allowed them to give me the discounting I was looking for to meet my budget. Overall, it was a great experience, and Raymond Edwards worked really hard to earn my business. I will definitely shop there again.
Kathy Wagner
Brought my car in for some warranty work. Took a few days to find the problem and also found something else they are keeping an eye on. Had some recall work done also. Was my first visit to Kunes Country Ford. Jeff in the service dept went above and beyond in assisting us. We can’t thank him enough! Highly recommend dealing with him! We did go quite a few days without a loaner and my car wasn’t washed when I got it back (It was dirty when I brought it) Other than that was a good experience over all.
Stewart J Holcomb Jr
Nick Kretsch is a great salesman for Kunes and showed me how to work all the new controls on my new 2021 F250 Platinum Tremor 4×4 , he really is dedicated to his job, ask for Nick when u shop for a new car or truck !
Julie Magruder
The salesperson was very helpful and curtios.The manager was also helpful and has a good sense of humor! The cashier,who’s new in the position,is very ftiendly.i wished her well on her new job.i have never been a patient person.but the team was very professional in dealing with my anciety.
Karli Tomsyck
Buyer beware! We purchased a vehicle from Kunes Country Ford of Antioch in October – they didn’t have the title when they sold us the SUV (unknown to us until our bank notified us a few weeks after), and still don’t have it now 4 months later. We currently have a 45k vehicle sitting in the garage because the license plate is expired and we can’t renew it and our insurance won’t cover any accidents since we legally (without the title) do not own the vehicle. After months of trying to get the title from the dealership with no luck, I can only assume it is because of either disorganization or dishonesty. Either way, we’re the ones paying the price for this issue. I’m writing this review in hopes to save someone else this headache. Please beware if you’re purchasing from Kunes Country Ford of Antioch.
Jesus Cruz
Alexia was very professional and polite and worked hard to help me. Greatly appreciated. 👍👍
Wren Ewing
Polite but not enforcing safety measures at all. I didn’t see anything being cleaned. Several guests and employees were not wearing masks. Social distancing doesn’t exist here. Husband wanted to go in for the chance at $25k. Left with knockoff earpods.
John Klein
Jeff and the service team took ownership of my 2014 Escape issues. They resolved the issues without excuses, kept me informed of progress at every step, and provided me with a loaner. Jeff was a man of his word and for that Kunes has gained my trust and business.
Tammy Bailey
“DO NOT trust this dealership! Called about a truck. Stated that I was 1200 miles away and needed further information, pictures and an inspection done. Needed to leave asap pending this information. The communication was one of the worst and it was the manager! 6 hours later… Asked about the inspection, any issues, accidents or rust and was told “Inspection went well. It is perfect and in great condition with no issues””. Drove 16 hours with 2 hours to spare before they closed for 2 days. Drove 16 hours back and had it taken in for what I thought was minor repair work. The outside had rust spots that were spray painted to cover it up. There was a large piece by the rear left door that had a new piece welded on and then spray painted. The two paints didn’t match. There were also drip marks left from the spray paint. Underneath, is full of rust and some work was refused because it is so severe. I was told the rear shocks are broken, and the struts need replacing at the very least. And because of the severity of the rust, it will cost at least double. Kunes service department must not know what they are doing and/or lies. It looks like someone spray also painted it underneath, over the rust (was told it was rust proofed) to cover up the rust along with possible damage of some kind. This paint will only accelerate this rust problem. I trusted this dealership and instead they sold me a truck that has already cost 5k for repairs. For a dealership, I am extremely disappointed! Do not use this dealership unless you like poor communication and complete dishonesty, then this is the perfect one for you!”
Brit Hunsicker
Frank, Bob & Jesse were great to work with. Spoke with Frank on a Wednesday and closed a deal on a Lincoln Nautilus. Made the trip up from Kansas that Saturday. Bob very promptly greeted us with keys and a test drive of the vehicle 5 minutes after arriving. We signed the papers with Jesse and headed back to Kansas. Great dealership and very friendly.
C Brown
The staff did a great job of fixing something that didn’t need fixed. Also, due to there being no loaner vehicles (covered in my warranty) I incurred over $500 in rental fees. Picked up my vehicle after hours. When I looked at the invoice, and checked my car…found the issue wasn’t resolved. Upon talking to the service rep, found they hadn’t listened to what I had said and simply assumed what the issue was. I will now wait till there a a loaner and make another appointment to have it fixed properly. Hopefully this time they’ll listen.
Dale Chumbley
Greta Beck
We made an appointment last night to see a vehicle at 9:20am today. Knowing we had drove 3 hours from Indiana, when we arrived they were doing the paperwork for the same vehicle with another couple. This was complete BS! Since we had an appointment they should NOT have even shown it to someone else this morning! They at least could have called and told us before wasting all of our time and gas. Horrible customer service for that!
Ken Tonne
Great service and information from the dealership. Sean Lane was awesome and helped us with everything.
fred stamer
Nothing like having a noise that’s difficult to explain and hard to diagnose. That was my problem and reason for bringing my F150 back to where I purchased it, Kunes of Antioch. Service Advisor, Jeff, diligently pursued a solution without just throwing parts at it. I’m more than pleased with the service and attention I received. Thanks Kunes of Antioch!
Ken Cashmore
My salesman was Ray and I had the pleasure of being the first sale of his career. Ray’s lack of experience didn’t affect our work together because John & Mark, fellow salesman, were there assisting Ray and assuring that everything went well. Bought my first vehicle from this dealership in 1972, different owner, but same customer service. Always treated like family. Even though we moved to Florida we still travel back to Antioch for service and obviously new purchases, on both our vehicles.
Zach Brainer
I worked with Jon Castleman on a purchase of my 2016 F150. John was above and beyond what I expected walking through the door. He was not pushy, he wanted to make sure my needs were met from the first point of contact. Give this guy a raise! Great guy, great dealership. No hidden fees, everything was straight forward and too the point. I was in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks Jon! Would highly recommend this dealership.
Mark Handlos
Clean, quiet, efficient. I was able to log onto the wifi network and work from a desk in the office while waiting for my car to be serviced. the sales staff that arrived while I was sitting there were friendly and cordial.
Philip Ferrell
Fast friendly top notch people amazing service always in-and-out
Michael Weiss
Service was very good. Got an appointment quickly and the job was done well.
Marcos Hernandez
Julian P
I was getting ready to buy a vehicle in another dealership, but decided to come to Kunes to see an identical Mustang before I bought.. They showed me that they wanted my business more than the other dealership. I struck a great deal on my car ,( last month) and was happy to get a great product at a sensational price. The customer service really good through out the whole ordeal. Special thanks to Jessie Jaramillo on helping me get the financing terms to perfect shape. I do plan on keeping Kunes in mind in the future and I’m pleased to have chosen them.
Chuck Davis
The service team at Kunes Ford diagnosed the electrical problem we were having on our older Expedition in just a few hours, and got the vehicle back to us the same day. Very professional and courteous service.
Skylar Cymerman
I waited over two hours to get an oil change and new battery. After being talked out of getting a recall done because it was going to be three hour, if I’d known it was going to be a 2+ hour wait I would have just had the recall done as well. Also one employee walked away from me midsentence. Very rude..
David S. Lewis
I’m very satisfied with the service here. The people were all fantastic to me and the the repair was done fast and right. David S. Lewis. -Antioch, Illinois-
Dan Bockrath
Very disappointing, My daughter’s Boyfriend brought a truck here recently. There was a bed cover on the truck but they took it off when we were in the dealership and tried to sell us a new one. Pieces of the seal were still left on the bed and the key is still on the key chain.
Scott Szczech
Good service, kept me informed of what my truck needed, done quickly and efficiently. Only problem they charged a surcharge because I used a credit card and never told me.
Robert Lopez
Ken provided amazing customer service!! I brought my truck in without an appointment and he had the problem diagnosed and repaired within 10 minutes! His appreciation for a customers valuable time will not be forgotten. You have a great team and Ken leads the way!! Thanks again
Marie McLean
Alexia was great!! She was very friendly and helpful!! I would definitely recommend anyone to buy a car here!!
Trey prassel
Had a truck towed in that was in there service department for electrical issues before it’s first oil change, then was towed in and I was told a fuse box cover wasn’t on underneath the truck, when I wanted to inspect they told me the fuse box was covered in snow and ice, but before truck was towed the cover was there, and a truck with 9800 miles is reported with corrosion on wires and Ford won’t warranty it, the service department was last ones looking at electrical, and the cover they said that was missing I had my cell phone sitting on that cover before it was towed to dealership, so Ford is saying no way to prove anything, the experience has me to realize no more fords and no more kunes for service
Shane Thomas
Kat and the rest of the service department were amazing. Kat was able to accommodate my last minute request and unexpected problems with my vehicle. It was fantastic working with her
David Minjares
Was in today for oil change and tire rotation. Doug Adams in the service department took care of me. He was very friendly n professional all in one. Took his time to explain certain options I had with my car. Service was quick and I was very pleased. Also the rest of the staff was great.
JIll Peterson
I went in for an oil change & tire rotation. The staff was friendly & helpful. They were also very speedy – my car was done in a 1/2 hour so that was appreciated.
Terry S.
I bought a 2012 Escape and the experience could not have been easier. Bob Heath was our sales person and was very knowledgeable about the vehicles and everything that went with it. We want to thank the whole Kunes sales and finance teams for making our experience a great one.
Gregg Caya
Kunes Country Ford is a great place to buy a car. Jim Novack was the perfect salesman – Knowledgeable, professional, attentive, friendly, and fun to talk to. He was very efficient with our time and made the experience, which was very positive, even better by his involvement.
Anthos Lykos
“Their mail sweepstakes they have going on is actually a scam and tricks people into coming into the dealership thinking they’ve won something, when really they just want your information and to try to sell you something. If you get that sweepstakes in the mail and you see “”3 matching symbols””, just toss it. You dont actually win anything, in fact I’m sure everyone gets a “”winning”” piece just to trick as many people into coming into the store. If the employees have to specifically state “”this is not a scam”” then it just might be a scam, and just looking up the complaints for this event it’s definitely a scam. It’s a really predatory marketing technique that just gives false hope to people during a struggling time, and makes them possibly expose themselves to covid in their small crowded show room where many employees and customers were not wearing a mask.”
lupe montoya
Dropped off my 2017 f-150 on a Monday for them to check out some oil leaks. Didn’t hear anything from the dealer for a few days called them on Friday. They told me that they haven’t even looked at the truck yet. What! You’ve had the truck for 4 days! Never got a phone call for a update. I said never mind I’m going to pick it up. When I got to the dealership the truck was parked in the same spot, never even moved. If management sees this post please contact me. That is the worst service I ever had a a dealership.
Richard Black
I would highly recommend Kunes Country Ford. Organized, efficient, and friendly people.
Teri Crispino
Been a customer of Kunes Ford in Antioch for quite sometime. Excellent Service Dept. My service tech is Katrina. She is the most conscientious, thorough, knowledgeable person that I enjoy speaking with and discussing my Taurus vehicle service needs. The entire service staff at Kune’s Ford in Antioch are always welcoming and helpful.
We had an excellent experience buying our new Explorer ST. We were able to get a very fair trade in offer on our Mustang as well as a good deal on the ST. There was not any pressure buying the ST nor was there upselling pressure (which I dislike immensely)in the finance office. It was a super refreshing experience and worth the almost 10 hours of travel time. We started working with Frank online and when we got there we were directed to Bob Heath. Bob is a great guy; extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. The finance guy was super nice, too. We have purchased 15 vehicles from dealerships in 3 different states and this was one of the very best experiences. When we buy another vehicle in the future we will definitely make the drive to Kunes in Antioch again!
Ken Wnek
On time, reasonable cost and delivered the services I asked for. Free car wash was a nice touch too
Chip Douglass
“I purchased a used Chevrolet truck from this dealership approximately 1 month ago and I love my new truck, so in that regards I would rate my experience a 4/5 stars due to the fact that the vehicle was not as advertised in a very minor way. It was advertised as having heated mirrors which in fact this vehicle was not equipped with that option so I was mildly disappointed when I discovered that. On the other hand if I could I would rate the service of this dealership with negative stars. The service on site was never better than average to good. I was told that the vehicle had no spare keys, and that the salesperson would try to get the original spare set from the previous owner to which I said that was ok (BIG MISTAKE). To help put this in context I did not have the title or spare keys for the vehicle that I was trading in on me and was asked to return with them at my earliest convenience at a later date. I received 4 phone call spaced in the span of 5 days starting 1 day after taking home the vehicle in regards to my title and spare keys (which I have since turned over to the dealership). I have reached out 5 times so far to try to find out if the dealership had received my spare keys, and every time I was told the salesperson would try to reach out to the previous owner. When I inquired if the dealership would be able to get me just a spare key the person on the phone scoffed at me and replied, “”we don’t do that here”” in the most sarcastic and condescending way possible. You would think after just paying sizeable amount for a 3 year old pickup truck the dealership would be able to help out and cut a key for me and not speak to me on the phone as if I am a piece of trash now that they have been payed for the truck. It is for this reason I would give Kunes Country Ford review of 0/5 stars”
Theresa Moore
Katrina is the best. She is truly a people person and she makes you feel comfortable. God bless her🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Em Mc
I came here with my elderly father to buy him a new truck. He knew exactly what he wanted and saw the truck online, so we called ahead and were told it would be pulled in front and at what time to come. Arrived at time asked of us and were advised that the truck we were interested in had been taken by a salesman, another person said it had been hit by a plow, and after sitting in the car for 45 minutes waiting for another comparable truck to be pulled, around we finally left. Also to note, we are at the height of a pandemic, and I know not everyone believes in the severity of this or thinks it’s not much more than a flu, but when your salesroom is full of masked customers and none of your salesman have masks on, it’s time to get a clue. Masked customers seated at desks with salesmen unmasked. Even if they did have the truck I’m not sure I would have brought my elderly father inside due to the lack of concern for their customers health. Between that and zero organization and communication we took our business elsewhere and signed papers within 15 minutes of arriving.
David F
We recently purchased a new F-150, Jim Novack was the sales person. Jim read us well and could tell we knew what we were there for, he did not pressure us and was ready with answers to questions we had. Some difficulties arose that Jim and dealership management worked out for us. Jim even followed up afterwards to ensure I was satisfied with the outcome. All things considered, I’d recommend seeing Jim for purchase of a new vehicle, and will return to Kunes Country Ford for our next Ford purchase.
Rebecca Adcock
Kunes Ford delivers amazing customer service. They provide timely updates and let you know immediately if something unexpected comes up. Love this place!!
Jim N
“I have bought from Kunes in the past, they have a friendly staff and show they do care about you. I would go there again. Only reason gave 4 stars is I was quoted a “”all in”” price over the phone and when I got to dealership to make purchase the price was an additional $2,100. They also added a $2,400 option without asking me first so had to wait more time for them to revise paper work. Outside of that I enjoy the atmosphere here and they are very attentive and not pushy.”
Noel Ray
Doug was amazing! I was in and out in no time. He really took care of me from start to finish. I even had my truck washed! That was a first, I’ve had my vehicle serviced multiple time but never had a wash? Is this something new? I would say Doug is an asset to your company! Thank you, Noel Ray
Rob Bueno
Worked with Stuart on a beautiful 2019 Ford Raptor for a few days and came to a successful closing. Can’t say enough about the professional approach the dealership took to get this deal done. Super happy with the outcome and walked away feeling like a got a great price on the new truck and a fair price on my trade-in. Thanks to the Kunes team of Antioch for working with me to get a deal done in record time.
Kaleb Spencer
Drove all the way from Chicago to look at the car, no pictures of interior because of course the interior was destroyed by a dog, lots of oxidation on the undercarriage, the sales person Frank was very abrasive and passively rude. Told me I didn’t know what I talked about was told the rear brakes were done and they most certainly were not done had a lip on the rotors and tons of rust on the rotors. Definitely do not recommend this dealership at all. The person that test drove with us Bob was very pleasant and couldn’t have been more help but the salesperson was very off putting.
Sara Glashagel
We had the best experience at the Antioch Ford dealership. Everyone was so helpful, so friendly, and not once did we feel like anyone was pushy or trying to sell us. We will definitely be back!
Ed F
I dealt with Jon. He made the process seamless. Great price, down to earth people. Worth the ride.
Wayne Morris
Excellent sales staff. Nick was very helpful and we got the new truck we wanted. We will recommend him to any of our friends who need a car. We are giving him and the dealership 5 stars for their service and the atmosphere there. Wayne & Jan Morris
Scott Johnson
Was in the process of making a decision on a vehicle and they sold it out from under me despite the fact that I was in the dealership first (key was literally sitting on the table I was discussing prices at). Then they lied to me to try and cover it up. Typical car salesman, I suppose.
Willy M
Everything went smoothly! Katrina kept me informed on the progress and even had the truck washed! She also offered to have someone come and pick me up when the work was completed. I am glad I chose Kunis to do the work on my truck.
Diana Geiman
They were very professional. This was an excellent experience.
Marty Nelson
Ken gave me a Type 1 Exceptional Customer Service Experience professionally servicing my vehicle with a timely return back into service. His automobile experience and knowledge is second to none! Thank you so much, Ken!
Michael Richardson
This place is a mess. 20 days in a loaner waiting to purchase a vehicle. Called a number of times and was told tomorrow it be here tomorrow it be here. Called and asked for updates. I gave my number and never called. I literally felt like I was the one should been working there as much as I had to contact them. Hell even wrote to speak to the general manager to figure this all out. Got no reply. I recently gave the a good review thinking this would be the best car buying experience. As days passed I found out was just a nightmare. It got to the point I gave up and called to get my refund back on the down payment as it should not take that long to purchase much less have a vehicle shipped there. I don’t care what anyone says I researched and asked other how long it would take. The only good news I went next door and was treated like a customer my opinion actually matter. In few days at the place next door had a vehicle. This places has such a turn over ratio for it’s employees as well. In the matter of 20 day I know two ppl who left. My suggestion shop around makes this place the last place on earth to go if you really have to.
John Brown
Very unprofessional service. They don’t follow covid guidelines. They also run multiple scams each year trying to get people in with false prizes. I have been there twice with cards they sent out saying I have won a prize but when I get there they just try to sell me a car I don’t need and never give me my price. They have been reported to cdc for covid guidelines but nothing seems to have changed. Avoid at all cost
Brian Thompson
Serviced my recall on my truck no problems, but then told me i have to replace my spark plugs for $505.00 WHEN I JUST DID IT 1 MONTH BEFORE. DO NOT GO TO THE DEALERSHIP FOR WORK UNLESS IT’S UNDER WARRANTY THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF
Joshua Nicke
Bought a 2012 Ford F-150 in February . Not being one who knows a lot about cars put my business in their hands . The only thing I asked for in a truck was something dependable 8 months later the motor blew up completely. When I had it towed there they told me to bad let the bank take it, and they tried selling me another motor for $12,000 which is twice what it will cost me to fix. Nice job guys. Anyone looking for a truck should go somewhere else. Especially if your livelihood depends on it. Also I did contact them as they asked below. I spoke with another salesman that said he would call me back and never did. This truck at a hundred thousand miles on it. My older Chevy that I still have has 275000 on it and still starts and runs every day.
Cam V
Great experience from start to finish, finally bought my first new Ford and have gotten so many compliments on it. We feel much better having a new reliable car before winter hits. Highly recommend this dealership for service as well.
Andrew Curzon
“Salesmen were awesome, but dealership didn’t live up to their promise. I received an email from the dealership stating they’d get me 125% over KBB value for my truck which, after calculation, would have actually netted me some equity in my vehicle. Like anyone reading this, I figured that offer was too good to be true, but I was going to hold them to it anyway. This is the sole reason I came into the store. I was going to “”trade up,”” as they were calling the event, into a Ford Bronco Sport. The first offer I received was $5,000 under KBB value and the payments on the new vehicle were pretty outrageous (close to $900/month for a $26k vehicle). I then provided the KBB value that I had gotten for my truck and requested that the store honor the 125%-over-KBB-value deal. The sales guys were awesome and went back and worked the deal with numbers guy. They mixed the numbers around on paper a few times to make it look as if I was getting 125% for my truck. Unfortunately, after doing some simple math, it was pretty clear the any “”extra”” money they were “”giving”” me for my truck had just moved into the cost of the lease. The total cost of the lease, along with payoff, came out to a whopping $39,000, for a vehicle that originally cost $26,500. So, while I know that dealerships need to make their money, and that they probably have a whole bunch of reasons as to why this number was what it was, the fact remains that the dealership didn’t live up to their end of the deal and were trying to sell me a vehicle that would’ve netted me a $15,000 (between overpaying and immediate depreciation) loss as soon as I drove it off the lot. Bottom line: I feel as though the event was falsely advertised. With that said, give those sales guys a bonus because they made the whole experience fantastic. Regardless of the dealership trying to rake me over the coals, I will be a return customer for those guys alone. Just hoping we can get the numbers right next time.”
S Randolph
Nice friendly people, the salesman Anthony was very patient with us. He let us test drive several vehicles. Christian agency, was not pushy. I would go there again!
Conan Angus
Gave me a loaner. Worked with me on repair costs. Fixed my vehicle the same day.
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