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Iowa Auto Sales Inc. in Sioux City

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
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804 S Lewis Blvd, Sioux City, IA 51106, USA

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Mud Bud
I was lookin around for a new used yukon for about 6 going on 7 months and i came across this 05 yukon xl it was in pretty nice condition interior/exterior with a affordable price this was my first experience from buying from a dealer n he was upfront and honest answered all my questions n made me feel good about buying it… in the future i will consider buying more cars from him
Andrea Guerrero
My husband and I were looking for a affordable vehicle for my grandson for his graduation gift. And out of other dealerships we found it here! Rudy was super helpful and he was very open honest with his inventory. We are definitely coming back.
Tom Meyer
In and out! No haggle No hassle!
Ryan Thomas
Very disappointed in this dealership. I contacted them about a vehicle I was interested in and asked about it. One thing I was very concerned with was how rusted it was. Rudy, both times I called in regards to the same vehicle, swore to me that it was in amazing shape, NO RUST AT ALL! So, I drive there from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (about one hour drive) to take a look at this vehicle, with every intent to purchase. Upon first glance at the vehicle, was in pretty good shape. However when I looked at the rockers of the truck, the rockers had been completely rusted through and fallen off, the cab was starting to fall apart as well. What was their solution to this? They put very thin sheet metal over the top and spray painted it to match, they also put bondo over the door seams that were rusted and spray painted that as well. The brake lines were so rusted I’m actually very surprised there was enough of them left to hold brake fluid, let alone with any pressure. When I brought the situation up to Rudy, that i was disappointed he lied to me about the rust, he still swore up and down there was no rust on this vehicle, and then stated they professionally fixed the rust and cut out all the bad spots and put new metal on. Which they didn’t, they just put it over top the rust so you can’t see it! Out of curiosity, I did a little looking around at some of the other pickups that were on the lot. THEY WERE ALL THE SAME. ALL RUSTED AND PATCHED TO NOT LOOK LIKE IT. I worn anyone that is contemplating buying a vehicle from this lot to look at the vehicle very well before purchasing! They are rotten, and the salesman are just going to tell you what you want to hear so you buy from them.
Austin Lisle
Sold me an overpriced sedan. I loved it until the timing belt that they, “already fixed” broke after 3 months/ 2k miles. It destroyed the engine. Insurance wouldn’t help and neither did they. They were very rude and didn’t help in the slightest. I lost $4500 out of pocket. They will say anything to sell you a car and definitely fit the sleazy used car salesman stereotype. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! You will be lied to.
Diana DeAnda
The salesmen was very helpful and sold me a car that was reliable and affordable. This is the second vehicle our family buys from this business and we are very pleased.
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