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Mike Castrucci in Alexandria, KY

Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

7400 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001, USA

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Ford Dealership | Alexandria, KY | Mike Castrucci Ford Alexandria Serving Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to Mike Castrucci Ford Alexandria. We take pride in being your local Ford dealership in Alexandria KY. See our expansive Ford inventory today! Serving Cincinnati, OH.

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Lisa Holland
Again, things did not work out as promised. I left my car overnight because it needed a part and it would arrive the next morning and be installed and ready by noon. I finally called after noon and the technician was at lunch so I had to wait which now left me in a position to have to make other arrangements for transportation to be able to keep an appointment. Finally received the call only to find out that they ordered the wrong part. The correct part would take 2 days to get so I had to pick up my car and make another trip back to the dealer in 2 days. On that day, the phones weren’t working so I showed up only to have to wait because the tech was at lunch. I was told it would take a few minutes but it took over an hour. I guess I should have known that based on previous service visits. In conclusion, if you have time to waste, then this is the place for you. It definitely isn’t the place for me.
Jon Houlehan
Purchased our second Lincoln MKZ here and absolutely love it!! My salesman Jason was fantastic. He had all of the paperwork ready for me to sign when i came into purchase. He walked me through all the electronics. Overall the best car buying experience I have ever had. I would recommend them to anyone
J. E.
My wife and I purchased a used car this past Saturday and ran perfectly, however, the next day, it would not start. We understand that we did by an as-is vehicle (as that was within our budget), however, after reading other reviews, it appears this has previously occurred with others. My largest concern is that we have not been able to get in contact with anyone, with the exception of a member of the service department (who was pleasant) and transferred me over to whomever was in charge. I had called multiple times and this was the first instance that I was able to actually speak with someone and eventually leave a voicemail (which was not returned). The other times, there was no inbox in which to leave a message. I also emailed multiple times, to no avail. The only responses I received were two generic emails congratulating me on the purchase and another to leave a review, so it appears either no one actually read my emails or just didn’t care. Our initial experience was great, however, there does not appear to be any service after the sale and I would be hesitant even if I had a brand new vehicle, as it is nearly impossible to get in contact with anyone, let alone get a response. Even a ‘no’ would have sufficed, but this feels like we are just being ghosted by a bad Tinder date. It is very disappointing.
Joseph Rawe
I’ve dealt with a salesman named Tim twice while I was here for test drives and talking price, packages, etc. nice guy. He’s made the experience of shopping for a new truck easier than expected. He still gives me the feeling that I am dealing with a salesman (who is trying to convince me to buy sooner rather than later), which I do not like, but he hasn’t been aggressive or pushy about it at all and understands the time I prefer to take when buying an expensive vehicle. Overall I’ve liked my experiences here and if I decide Ford is the choice for me, I’ll buy from here. I will update my actual buying experience if that becomes the case.
ryan oneal
Do not buy a used vehicle from this dealer, vehicle’s are unsafe and could cause harm to customers and employees. I bought my truck from here thinking that a reputable dealer would sell a better type of truck. I was wrong. The dealership sold me a unsafe truck that could have killed myself or others. Thought the dealership would never sell a unsafe car/truck where anyone could be hurt. I got the truck home (luckily) got it jacked up the take a look and got a surprise. There was a cut tire put in between the leaf spring and the bed of the truck to not make a lot of noise when hitting a bump. The hangers and brackets were gone rusted away. Was not checked out but the dealership before putting it on the lot for safety. The dealership does not care if someone else can be hurt or if cars are safe or to even try to help when you let them know that it is not safe. I will be contacting the BBB and posting this on every site I can find.
Michelle Keyer
I recently purchased a car from Mike Castrucci Used Cars in Alexandria, KY. Customer service was always professional. Questions always answered to the best of their ability. I came to test drive vehicles with my mechanic. Salesman Chris Acree was very pleasant to work with. He did not pressure me into anything. He gave me an idea of what they had available, pointed me in the right direction, and told me to go take a look and let him know when I was ready to test drive. I applied online for credit approval before I went in to test drive which made my decision easier. I had an idea of what I wanted my payment to be and they made it happen. I found a car I fell in love with, safe and comfortable ride for my family. I am very satisfied with the overall process. Thank you so much for helping me along the way. I truly appreciate their kindness. I will always recommend my friends and family to Mike Castrucci Alexandria, KY. Chris Acree is a very easy going salesman. No pressure at all and honest answers to my questions.
Braden Smith
Excellent experience. Greg worked very hard to make my deal happen and I got the truck I’ve always wanted. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, see Greg.
Peter V
Very impressed with the customer service at Mike Castrucci in Alexandria. I had gone and gotten a focus with financing through them and throughout was told that they could beat the financing I had gotten myself. After purchasing I discovered there was a financing charge in their loan which had made my financing a better option. After calling Nathan Kipp (sales rep I had worked with) and explaining the situation he worked with their financing and management to make sure that I was refunded for the difference so that they did match that other offer.
While Nathan was great to work with throughout the car buying process, being direct and straight forward, what impressed me most was how he and the rest of the team went out of their way after the sale was done to honor what they had told me and make sure I got the best deal. I highly recommend going to Mike Castrucci and especially working with Nathan who worked hard to take care of me throughout and after the car buying process.
chuck schoettle
The sales people and the finance manager were incredible! Made my son’s car buying experience great! Can’t thank him enough.
Austin Blythe
Just bought a ford fusion at Mike Castrucci and my experience could not have been better. The sales department is the best in the business. Sales consultant Jeff Cheser was one of he best salesmen I’ve ever met. Thank you Jeff and thank you Mike Castrucci.
Dottie Ostendorf
I always come back. The service is exceptional and everyone is very helpful with whatever you need. Jason has taken care of me for a long time when I come in for service. He is great!
Brian Steffen
I called to make an appointment for warranty work on my 2016 model. Scheduler was great and had no issues there. They had my car for an entire day (I dropped it off a day early to avoid delay) and when I called in the late afternoon to check on it I was bounced around to several different people who knew nothing. It appeared to me that only the “technicians” know the status of the vehicles, and they are never in or available. Finally, someone answered and let me know that they had not even touched my car and that they would get to it sometime the next day. This was fine as I had no real rush to get my car back and they did offer me a loaner. The next day at around 2 pm I called back to check on the status and it was the same run-around on the phone. People were out to lunch and no one knew anything about my car. When I insisted on speaking to the Service Manager is when finally some one got on the phone. My car was ready. When I went in to get the car (warranty work) they confused my car with another person of the same last name and tried to charge me for the work. When I informed them that I had an extended bumper to bumper warranty they then said that it was a diagnostic fee. “Diagnostic fee for what?” was my response, it is warrantied. We went around with the same question and response until someone stepped in and discovered that they were looking at the wrong invoice. The correct invoice showed the warranty work and that there was a zero balance. With the mix up fixed the issue of training still remains for the staff that warranty work does not include “diagnostic fees” and that even though they were looking at the wrong invoice, they still tried to convince me that I still had to pay.
I went to this dealership as a matter of convenience considering that I just moved in the area. I have always gone to Beechmont Ford where the service is always top notch. I will considering very carefully before I go back to Castrucci.
Tom and Joye Smith
Couldn’t be happier with the car and deal we got. The overall experience was great from beginning to end. Our salesman was Jordan who treated us great and was very professional through the whole process!
Devon Hickey
Just bought a new 2018 focus, my sales person was Jordan the dealership was awesome. By far the easiest car purchase I’ve ever had. I highly recommend them.
Doug Carter
Recently went to this Ford dealership and was treated great! Needed a car for work and found what I needed and was treated fair during the hole process. I’ve never liked car shopping but these guys made it extremely easy. I would highly recommend them!
Matt Parke
Had a great experience with buying a new car at this dealer, by far the best Ford Lincoln Dealer in NKY
My sales person was Jordan Smith. recommend him highly. He was knowledgeable about the vehicles and the provided the best value and trade for the money. Answered questions efficiently and sufficiently. If your in the market for a new Escape or other FMC product this would be my first stop.
Jeffery Bbristow
Needed a new truck and had heard good things about this dealership. Went in and Jordan helped me with finding the right truck and appraising my trade. The deal was great and the people were friendly! Couldnt be happier with everything!
billy imholt
I am so grateful to Mike Routt. He got me the car i wanted at an excellent rate that i didn’t think i could get. He is the best and the only guy i will ever buy another car from. Thanks Mike.
Ron Bedford
Mike Castrucci Ford had the best selection of vehicles of the type I was interested in, by far. I checked a dozen websites before choosing Castrucci Ford and found what I was looking for. I then visited the dealership and saw the vehicles in person. Doing the research ahead of time gave me a chance to locate the type of vehicle I needed and where it might be available. I was approached by a salesperson within a minute of entering the door. Very cold day, so spent no time outside looking around. I stated what I was looking for and it was brought to the door, warned up and ready for a test drive. The attention to providing a good customer experience made the final decisions about the vehicle easy to do. Well done, Mike Castrucci Ford staff.
Teri Lawson
Mike Castrucci Ford is the best dealership! The service staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable and look out for the best interest of the customers! I’ll never buy from another Ford dealer again! Kudos!
Stephanie Collins
Mike Routt was extremely helpful in helping me choose a vehicle. He answered all of my questions and gave me sound advice without pressuring me into a purchase. I love my Ford Focus!
Selenea Mudd
Never again will we puchase a ford nothing but problems. Been in shop 4 xs not that they haven’t tried to fix but we are alway taking a lose taking it in and picking it up. Ford Focus bought it brand new. NEVER EVER AGAIN!!
Jennifer Osborne
Told me that traction control wasn’t working correctly. Stated that check engine light is not on. Soon as I purchased the car “as is” check engine light came on. They reset the light! 3 O2 CENSORS needed replaced. They lied to me. Good luck if you decide to purchase a car from here $1500 later.
Timothy Neely
Works service was performed on my F-150. Service personnel were excellent to deal with and kept me informed about any issues as a result of the service.
Mary Ann Jones
We love our new truck. Our salesman Mike Routt is the best!
Alex Christen
Decided to give this dealer a second chance when it came to my transmission. Boy I should of just stayed away. I have NEVER had the worst customer experience in my life. So long story short, I brought my vehicle here with it acting up. I have 6 well documented videos proving the issue with my vehicle. I took it to them with it acting up and emailed the service manger the videos. So I left the vehicle and the next day I get a call saying it’s not acting up. So I drive 30 min to the dealer. Drive for another 20-30 min to get the car to duplicate the issue, and called them on the way back to have the transmission guy come out (they said that’s fine).
When I arrive the service advisor comes out, who is NOT ASE certified and says “it’s ok” just as the manual tramssion is sticking not coming out of gear. I asked to speak to the service manager. And the guy went to get him. When he came back he said he’s stuck in meetings. I said you mean that guy right there who was smoking a cigarette (obviously not in a meeting). When the service manager finished smoking he came over and I asked very nicely if he or the tramssion guy could come look at it and he said NO NOBODY IS GOING TO LOOK AT IT ANYMORE.
So my advice is to stear clear of this Ford dealership as it’s junk and ran by amateurs in their field!
Sold me incorrect parts for my car. Stated they were “OK.” Went to another Ford and they fixed the issue noise went away. I will not be returning here.
Nicole Bach
Mike Routt was awesome! Handled all our needs and followed up with us after our purchase! Great communication and keeps in touch. We buy all our vehicles from Mike!
Ron Kelley
Everyone was very friendly and courteous. My service adviser explained the multipoint inspection. Very happy with the level of service I received. Highly recommend.
Terry Dullaghan
I took vehicle in for a steering wheel bolt recall. The work was completed in less than 20 minutes. Thanks M.C Ford for the GREAT SERVICE.
Elizabeth Findley
We test drove a 2015 Camry on Sunday, May 6th. We had looked at the car online and it was listed for $15,200. We liked the car and asked the salesman, a tall, black gentleman, how much the car was.
He inquired about how much we knew about the car and if we had looked at other Camry’s. He then explained that their online system constantly searches for similar cars in a 500 mile radius and lowers prices to match.
Then, he pulled a paper from his pocket and quoted the price at $18,500. Convinced that I had accidentally looked at the wrong car on their website, we pulled it up on the website and checked the VIN while the salesman went inside to supposedly double check if there were any lower prices in the 500 mile radius.
It was indeed the right car, listed for over $3,000 less on the website. So, seeing the salesman as dishonest and attempting to deal unfairly with us, we left.
The following day, Monday, May 7th, my husband called to speak to the manager about the incident. The manager was not helpful in any way, repeatedly asking my husband why we would ask the price if we had seen it already online rather than asking why his employee would lie. I then participated in an online chat. I asked about the vehicle, the representative verified that it was in the inventory. I then requested a phone call from a manager, providing my phone number. She stopped responding. I waited for 15 minutes, asking twice for a response, but got none. We have pre-approval from our bank and had every intention of purchasing the car. However, the dishonesty and poor customer service changed our minds.
Carl Richardson
Mike Routt our salesman was fantastic. He went well over our expectations when I purchased my new f150. It didn’t hurt that he kind of looks like a fatter Brad Pitt too… 😉
Evan Koller
Amazing customer service. I bought the perfect car for my family and never felt rushed or pressured at any point along the way. Nathan Kipp was our salesman and i would recommend him to anyone.
shauna lafollette
The guys are very helpful. The work is excellent. The parts department is also excellent. A good dealership. Anybody that needs a car new or used or work done I highly recommend.
Emily Nash
We dealt with Greg when we bought our F-150. He was honest and gave us great advice. He took a lot of time with us and made sure we left happy. If you go to Mike Castrucci Ford, see Greg!!
Bonnie Lowe
I am happy with Castrccci ford. I took my car in for a oil change and tire rotation , while they were changing my oil they found a oil leak, they had to keep it for a couple days and took care of what was wrong. My car is still under warranty. Everyone that works there are very nice. Thanks for taking such good care of my car.
Michael Broering
Went there just at the beginning of my car search. Usually this takes me a while to do all my research. Nathan was extremely helpful and took the time to listen to me and what I wanted. He had a vehicle that fit most of my criteria. Going through some negotiations and never feeling pressured I ended up buying then f150. Great experience and would recommend them
Rachel Easybuck
My salesman Mike was just so nice to me I never felt pressured he he just worked and worked until he got me into that beautiful truck and I’m really glad that my daughter Rachel easybuck brought me over there
Sue Glenna Blair
Website listed a price, test drove car, was going to buy. Upon receiving price quote it was $1,000.00 more then website price. Very poor business practice in my opinion. Needless to say, I went to another dealer and bought the car for there advertised price, which was less than Castrucci. I was a very qualified buyer and they lost a sale by their business practices.
Tim Curl
Excellent service, very courteous, and completed the service very quickly. Highly recommend them.
James Faulkner
I recently purchased a used car at Mike Castrucci Ford. Overall I was satisfied with the car and the experience. The one aspect I was displeased with was this: When I first drove the car that I bought, the engine had a noticable miss. The service department looked at it and said it was likely a coil pack, which is an easy and fairly inexpensive item to replace, but the service department couldn’t get to it for some time. I asked if it would be okay if I bought a coil pack and installed it, and the salesman got approval for this from the used car manager on duty that day. The following day I returned with the necessary tools and parts, and spoke to another salesman who was familiar with the situation. He went inside to check with the used car manager again. It was taking a while, so I went inside. Just as I walked in, I heard someone…I assume was the used car managers supervisor, loudly yelling something to the effect “don’t ever do this again” because he had agreed to let me try to fix the car enough so I could buy it. This was totally unnecessary and embarrassing.
This was the best service I have ever received from a dealership. The problems I had were hard to diagnose, but they said they would make it right and they did. I wasn’t inconvenienced, they kept me in the loop, staff were very friendly and professional and made sure I was satisfied before I left the lot. I highly recommend using this dealership for service.
Missy Trauth
Mike Routt went over and above the call of duty to help my step son find a car. Excellent customer service I would highly recommend Mike RouTt to anyone
Lauren Ries
I had recently bought a used Lincoln MKX and when I accidentally jammed the door lock, I was frantic. It couldn’t close at all. I called the closest dealer, ended up talking to Ken in the service department. I explained what I did and that I couldn’t get it to shut and how was I going to even get it there to get it fixed. I’ve never been to this dealership before, he didn’t know me from Adam, but he very calmly and politely explained to me how to easily fix it myself. And I did. This is my way of saying Thank You. I’m pretty darned sure if that had happened on my previous car, a Lexus, I’d be out a couple hundred dollars.
angela brooks
Took car in to get air condition fixed in May. Little over a month had to take car back to get it air condition fixed again. Within that time there was a wire dangling under the ash tray that didn’t get put back on the first go around. The last time I had it in a piece of carpet was not put back in place. Very dissatisfied. This is one way to lose a customer! The one star is not even right it should be a half star. 🙁
Recently took car back for oil change and to get he carpet put back. The manager came and talked with me and made things better. I am glad I gave a second chance. Trust is a hard thing to rebuild but it is a good start. Therefore, I have changed my one star to 3. I am sure with several more maintenance work done the 3 start rating will be better.
This was absolutely the BEST car buying experience I’ve ever had in my 30 plus years of buying cars! I had 2 very bad experiences just 2 weeks prior to going to Mike Castrucci Ford and I wish I had just went there in the beginning! I initially emailed Scott Wright to check the availability of 2 2017 Ford Fusion Sports that were in their inventory. I let him know that I was an A-Plan buyer and already had a preapproval from Capitol One Bank. My wife and I drove over on Wednesday, February 21st and were literally only there for about 45 mins which included a test drive and filling out paperwork! I would like to thank Scott and the finance manager for making this experience very very nice for me! Thank you!
Andrea Price
I am so impressed with Ford. They provided excellent friendly and fast service. Ryan Smith was great, and i couldn’t be more happier with my purchase. After having three used cars within the last year. I am finally stress free and can actually get to work and school without being in a panic!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!
K Prater
Everyone was helpful and courageous. Scott was very personable, friendly, and realistic in dealing with me on my purchase. Would recommend your dealership.
Michael Williams
Everything was completed as ordered. The service personnel was polite and professional.
Elizabeth Boyd
Bad experience. Bought 2 cars and spent 30,000 in a week and since day 1 have had problems out of the first car. We were told they were going to help us out with the problem but yet everytime we call regarding the issue we are passed around and told to call back. It has been almost a month and still can not get the problem resolved. This is ridiculous and unprofessional and we will be sure to inform anyone we know or hear of that is looking to buy a car to prevent them from dealing with the same issues.
Zackery Lewis
Great place to buy buy a car. Our dealer was polite, and unlike a lot of car dealers, he didn’t push us into a decision. They helped us make the best possible decision. They also have great service technicians.
Ryan Sullivan
This is the third vehicle we have purchased here and every experience has been easy and hassle free. The sales staff and finance department are very friendly and transparent. I would highly recommend them.
Ron Mouser
My Escape 2017, I’ve done all maintenance in a timely manner. A now I’ve been told I need new lug nuts for my new car. I thought the service person was pulling my leg. I’ve never had to replace lug nuts on any car in 60 years. If Ford is going to cheapin there product, I’ll move.
John K
Until I get in touch with a Ford Company representative. You will only get 1 star. Once I have discussed the bait and switch and deceptive advertising they (or you) provide, will I change the rating.
P.S. DO NOT respond with your B.S. form letter!
Carolyn Thompson
I bought a car at Mike Castrucci six years ago. They were great then. Last Saturday my husband and I walked in the showroom and the salesman we had bought our car from six years ago called us by name! They are so friendly and great to work with. Jeff Cheser is the best. He helped us find exactly what we wanted. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a car or SUV!!! Thank you Jeff for helping us get our dream car!
David Squibb
By the time your ready to take the keys you will have developed a warm friendship with this funny guy. Mike is a very open, compassionate, humble man. He makes the deal working enjoyable. He works well with his peers and managers and speaks highly of them. He’s no pressure, and he wants to earn your life long business. He is a seasoned professional and truly wants you to be happy with your choice. I know I can be hard to deal with, but Mike listens to what I want and goes after it. This is my second vehicle purchased with Mike. 2011 F150 and now 2017 F350. Both great deals! He always remembers me, my wife, and my kids by name. I took my dad with me this last time who is old school and Mike hugged me as we were leaving! All the small talk over the years paid off! Congrats to you Mike you get it…good business deals are about dollars, but GREAT and SUSTAINABLE business is about striking a deal while building a feel good trusting relationship.
Matt F
In 2016 I bought a brand new Ford Explorer. Scott told me I had free map updates for life! Just found out that was a lie. No surprise though because when I bought the car it had dirt in the paint and glue on the roof. I brought it back 3 days after I bought it . They said they would have it fixed in a week and they were sending it to Ohio to have the work done . A week later they told me they could not find it! It took two additional weeks before they fixed it . 2 more weeks go by I pay my first payment on the SUV, while driving in a rental ford fusion they gave me. The car shows up, and for my trouble I only get a 100 dollar credit to the service center. I bet that if I venture to go get that today they will say it’s not there. Don’t buy from them . I go to airport ford now and the service has been consistently great.
UPDATE 12/30/17:
So as you can see, the owner told me to call them and have a discussion over this review. I called them on the 26th and they had absolutely no idea that I even wrote this review. I talked to the manager and explained why I wrote the review and he stated that he call me back. I’m still waiting… so what I can gather from this is that when a customer writes a review they just put a response to save face.
Dennis Blom
Mike Castrucci Ford Lincoln of Alexandria has the most professional and personable staff I’ve ever experienced in any business. It’s amazing! I know a lot of retail business that could benefit from their way of dealing with the public.
Had an oil change done in an expeditious manner. All the employees that I talked to treated me in a caring way with a cheerful demeanor.
Charla Jones
Very friendly, told them what I wanted, and what I was putting down, and what I wanted my payment to be. Highly recommend this place.
Charlie Hildebrand
Negotiated the purchase over the phone. Great communication, great customer service and fast. Flew into town to buy the truck, did all the paperwork and they got me on the road in about 30 minutes. Very professional and pleasant experience. Tina (sales) was very responsive, honest and easy to work with.
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