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909 Providence Hwy, Dedham, MA 02026, USA

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Benjamin MacDonald
Quite possibly the worst experience of my life. They’re scam artists and will do and say anything to sell the car.
The car I bought was listed as four-wheel drive online. When I got there to look at the car I noticed there was no four-wheel drive stick. The “Sales” rep told me it was all wheel drive. I stupidly believed him. took it to the shop for other issues and my mechanic told me it wasn’t four or all wheel drive.
The car with a tire light on. the rep assured me that he would get it fixed right away. it didn’t. He told me to take it in the next day, but I could drive it of the lot now. On the drive home from the lot my tire literally tore apart while I was going 70 on the highway. Took it to the tire spot and tire guy told me that this never should have been driven off the lot. Essentially it was a hazard to drive.
Additionally they never mailed me my registration, took me two weeks and a lot of phone calls to finally get it. they told me they would get the car detailed and they didn’t, and the car was in and out of the shop for the first three weeks.
aaron reyes
Please please don’t ever buy a car from this place. They will rip you off in some way. I should have looked this company up before I bought a car from them. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I lost about $6,000 after owning the car for about a year but 3 months of that it was in the shop. Beware the Audi, beware this horrible shop.
Michaela McWain
Awful experience overall. I was treated poorly and the staff was unable to complete any task that they said they would. Massively disappointed.
Camden White
I bought a $30,000 vehicle from Dedham auto mall after finding it on Auto Trader. From the beginning there was communication issues, the vehicle was not reconditioned, and there were major powertrain issues that had to be fixed at my local dealership. I agree with another review, agreements should be in writing to ensure completion. Take a look at Yelp ratings.
Noe Mercado
I wish i could give this no stars, first, the staff is very unprofessional!! i bought a car last year, which has had several problems, i purchased the extended warranty (continental) but they have not covered a single thing so far!! Do not purchase a vehicle from this place or you will definitively regret it.
Vinny Piazza
Not a professional atmosphere.
I was helping someone shop for a vehcile and found one they were interested in at Dedham Auto Mall. It was a Saturday afternoon when we stopped by to look at the specific vehicle. I would not call it a good experience.
When we arrived at Dedham Auto Mall we went inside where it took a minute or two before someone asked us “what are you here for”. Not the friendliest greeting. We mentioned the car and he asked if we had an appointment. We said no, that we found the car online. Not sure if they want appointments and it was tough to figure out who worked there and who didn’t.
He said follow him and proceeded to take us out to the car. Once outside he asked if we wanted to take it for a test drive. We said yes and I provided my license for them to make a copy. Again, a short and close to abrasive tone.
The car drove better than a car we drove earlier in the day but not in the condition one would expect. The radio, backup camera and navigation were deactivated. Not having the backup camera to get out of a tight lot was inconvenient. Cosmetically there were multiple isaues.
When we got back we were once again in the showroom with no one acknowledging us. We eventually found the person we worked with earlier. He asked how it went. We mentioned a couple of our concerns and questions about those concerns. The response was pretty much, we don’t know anything about the car. We started to talk about price which was quick. We had an idea of where we wanted to be and he said they do not negotiate on price.
We bought a better vehcile up the street that day with same list price but lower final sale price.
I would not tell people to not go there but I won’t be back.
kurth dirtlin
I visited their walpole location to check out a specific car. This was my first day car shopping in 9 years, and I was really hesistant to deal with the typical car salesmen antics. Walked in the office and met Dennis Kelly. What a game changer. We spoke casually about what I was looking for, and he made some excellent suggestions. I felt zero pressure, and so comfortable I ended up test driving a beautiful Audi. After the test drive he did some research and found a couple cars at the Dedham location that fit my now refined needs. I worked with the manager Neil who exhibited the same very laid back, pleasant attributes Dennis did. Fast forward 7 days, and my new car is sitting in my driveway. Son Le worked through all the paper work with me, and made it so pleasent even my 1.5 year old daughter remained calm. The only opportunity for improvement I found was it took 6 days for my registration to be switched over, but that was a very minor administrative speed bump that they resolved with out any extra effort on my part. Inventory selection was excellent, my cars pricing was below book value, and my mechanic was impressed with the condition the car is in. Strongly suggest this dealership.
sammy gonzalez
The worst dealer ever…. Bought a 2012 toyota Camry… Cash money…. Camry failed mass inspection…. So now im driving around with a rejection sticker… I been waiting 2 weeks for loaner car because thats all they have is 1 loner car…. But another customer who bought a mini Cooper at Dedham wholesale, has had the loaner for 2 weeks because his mini Cooper pooped the bed just after he bought it… 2 weeks at the service department sounds like a serious mechanical issue with the mini…. Quick place to make a buck outta you, but not quick enough to repair your car…. Thanks Neil, for not keeping your promise…. Your one wack of guy….
Chinmay Mahajan
The agent and manager are very rude and aggressive. I went down to see the car and they were forcing me like a hell to buy the car. The guy named Son called me saying they will give some discount on the price listed on website if I visit the shop and that was a trap to bring me in. I’ve no more words for them but just one ‘horrible’
Siddhartha Nutakki
Wouldn’t recommend it. Watch out for the main branch and sub branch story, especially if you made a deposit at the sub branch.
Greyson Keller
If I could give zero stars, I would. The sales staff are slimy and just want to remove hard earned money from your wallet. I was scammed and lied to, repeatedly. I own a company on Nantucket Island so I spent a few weeks speaking on the phone about a vehicle. When I made the trip up to see the vehicle, the sales staff couldn’t be bothered with me and they made it seem very urgent that I quickly buy the vehicle because someone else wanted to put a deposit on it (which I had already done.) Long story short, I tried to do my due diligence, but had none of my mechanic contacts available as I live on an Island. I bought the vehicle, brought it back to the island and never stopped dumping money into it. Today, I’ve owned it for 18 months and I have to sell it for scrap. Everything went terminally wrong and Dedham didn’t stand by their product 10 days after I bought it, so why would they now. I am someone who has spent well over 6 figures on vehicles for my company in the last 5 years. I am a loyal person, I was a potential lifelong client. Instead, I will spend my car buying career spreading the word of how dishonest, cruel and greedy this company is. In the hopes of saving people the heartache and headache of pouring money into an investment that will never go right.
Antonietta Coviello O’Toole
Do not buy your car from this dealership. They lie to you in every aspect of it. My car was in a pretty bad accident and that was never disclosed. There where are lots of things that need to be fixed on the car they promised after I bought it and never did it I had to chase them and part of the job done was at a hack job…. do not buy from them. Also a lot of their cars have been in accidents and they fix them to look presentable and beautiful to sell you take them home and then you start finding the issues.
Latoria Murdaugh
Too many bad reviews. I guess I will go elsewhere to buy a vehicle 🤔
Barbara Barrett
Great guys..not pushy at all. Was a great experience !!
ashok boora
I had a very satisfying experience purchasing at this Dedham Auto Mall. Good selection of cars with a competitive price point. I dealt with Dennis and he first showed me the car and gave me enough time to test drive and get comfortable with my purchase. He was very helpful in providing the relevant history about the car, quickly responded to all my questions. I bought a Nissan Rouge from the dealership.
tim beaulieu
This place is a giant fraud !!!! Bought a 2010 Tundra less than 8 months ago. Had some issue’s they had me bring in to fix . Brakes rotors changed they said… here I am replacing the half assed work they did. Called the service dept about the warranty on the awful job they did and was told it only applies to customers. So not sure what that made me buying the truck from them . Very unprofessional and would never buy from them again .
Tom Jennette
Liars. Didn’t have the car they listed online. And tried to sell me something else.
Kevin Pavao
Bought a 2011 Suburban from Phil Chancey. The car was a sought after vehicle which I did not hesitate to purchase. There was a minor issue that Phil took care of immediately. Went to see Don Gray in the finance department for the loan. Don knew his finances and gave the the best possible deal. I had dreaded looking for a vehicle since I had my last vehicle for 10 years and did not have an auto payment for the 15 years! But the guys at Dedham Auto Mall made it easy. Would definitely recommend and buy from them again.
Nia Barbosa
Did not get the chance to buy from this dealer as they were too far from my home, but it’s a 5 star effort as a testimonial to how professional and helpful my experience was. They followed up without being intrusive and there was no aggression 🙂
derek lapanne
Wish I could give them a zero haha Trying to sell a car for 1300 more than clean retail that has clearly been crashed, broken bits everywhere its the 2004 r32 for those wondering Then completely insult my car and me with a trade in value thats below low.. Clear scammers here that try to hide vehicle damage on their cars! Buyer beware
arisenApocalypse O_O
Perfect customer service. My salesman, Efe, is a very professional. I like how they give you all the carfax up front, and he answered my questions well.
Joe Manning
I purchased a Chevy Silverado from Dedham Auto Mall. I would say the buying experience was made great by Dennis Kelly. Funny guy who makes your car buying experience really great. I am really satisfied with my purchase.
never gonna sleep
Forget getting any information from them after sale. They have repeatedly ignored my requests for four months. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint against them. Make sure you get any and all information you need if you’re planning on buying from them. Also will not refund my gap coverage.
Colleen McCune
I worked with Marat and had a wonderful experience buying a 2012 Jeep Wrangler with him. Everyone at Dedham Auto Mall was incredibly kind and worked to get me the best deal possible. I left with a smile on my face and I will recommend Marat as a sales associate to anybody looking to buy their next vehicle! He was very personable and maintained contact without being “pushy.” It was a stress-free experience and I am still comfortable to contact him when I have questions about my new vehicle.
Susan Nashawaty
MAKE SURE YOU SEE A TITLE TO THE CAR YOU WANT TO BUY Wasted almost a week on a car they could not come up with a title.
Tai Rasims
I liked this place, I brought my Nissan Altima there a few years ago it has 2500 miles. I drove this cat to Florida twice. I’m planning inn getting another car from them. My only complaint out bcareful after all the sales person are trying to make money and not looking looking for you.
Nimit Patel
Very rude and demeaning service: poor salesmanship and pathetic behavior! (Salesman: Marat)
I went to test drive a used 2016 Honda Civic today, and I was treated pathetically by one of their staff ‘Marat’. He did not greet us even with a smile, during the entire time he seemed uninterested to even engage in any sort of dialogue, and when I tried asking a few questions regarding the car’s history or negotiate a bit with the pricing, his replies were sheer rude and demeaning! In the interest of not creating a scene, I did not speak up at that point, but it was horrible how someone can be so curt, and still make it to a client-facing job. Personally, I loved the car and would have loved to buy it, but looking at how this person treated me, I’d never even step foot into that place again!
Vigen Sarkisov
First let me say that Marat, was excellent and made me feel comfortable over the phone and when I finally got there a day later he expanded on everything. With precise detail and how things can work out. He was very realistic and passionate about everything he said. You could tell he was being honest and wasn’t just trying to sell me something to make a cut. I felt confident, he asked questions of what I wanted and what I could afford. He did an excellent job and I loved my experience at the auto mall. Thank you for the exciting and positive experience!
Michael Wood
I found the car that I purchased as well as the staff …top notch! I would highly recommend their services. I had a great salesman (Marat G.) take me through the process. Got a great deal on my auto that looked brand new (inside/out) even though it was a few years old!
Raman Somayajulu
I had a very satisfying experience purchasing an Audi A3 at this dealership. Good selection of cars with a competitive price point. I dealt with Marat and he first showed me the car and gave me enough time to test drive and get comfortable with my purchase without being too pushy. He was very helpful in providing the relevant history about the car, quickly responded to all my questions and even took care of a third-party appraisal for my bank without any hassle. I also found their finance dept. very efficient in dealing with the trade-in, registration and title transfers. I would definitely suggest checking out this place if you are on the look out for a luxury car. I am sure you will be pleased.
Andy Panda
One of my friend referred me to this place as I was looking for a BMW. I had a chat with Marat and informed him what I was looking for. Marat was very honest and patient and only asked me to stop by once he had the cars. He was not pushy and had me drive few cars there. Once I had decided on what to buy the transaction was very smooth. I highly recommend this place if you are looking to drive a luxury car but don’t want to pay the premium of new. I would like to add that their finance department is also very efficient and nice to deal with.
Ali Yeyinmen
I test drove two cars at the Dedham Automall. Marat Grigoryan was very professional, courteous and accommodating. He made the car buying process easy and pleasant. His handling of the whole process was definitely a deciding factor for me in purchasing one of the cars on the spot. He also put me at ease by giving me his cell phone to call for any issues.
Joe Harding
My experience of buying at Dedham Auto Mall was excellent. It was my first used car purchase so I was really worried but I meet Dennis Kelly(Car Sales Rep.) and I knew I was in safe hands. The prices are great and they have nice stock. I would recommend it to everyone.
Eric Chagas
Marat was very professional and helpful. He did everything a sales person could to be helpful. He made the entire process from start to finish very quick and easy. I will definitely be buying my next car from Dedham Auto mall again thanks to how helpful he was.
Dan Uliel
Fantastic, positive experience – from 3000 miles away!! I was looking for a BMW X1 – I scoured the internet for local and out-of-state deals and came upon Dedham who seemed to have the best deal by far.. almost too good. They had the car, the color and all the options I wanted at a price that was simply unbeatable. I was nervous though – buying the car from California, I couldn’t just take it back to them if there were any problems. I had nothing to worry about. From the initial phone call, Marat and the team at Dedham were up-front, honest, courteous and extremely helpful. At every turn they delivered and accommodated – inspection, finance, registration, even shipping – they did everything for me and at very competitive prices and rates. There were no hidden fees or agendas, nor were they pushy, rude or otherwise. Marat returned my calls/texts almost immediately and was always pleasant to deal with, answering all my questions and concerns. I don’t know why Dedham has received such negative reviews in the past but all I can say is that I am one happy customer. The car is everything they promised it would be and I am delighted with my purchase. Thanks Marat. Thanks Dedham.
Arman Oganesian
I recently purchased a car here from Marat Grigoryan and there’s honestly nothing bad I could say about the entire experience. Marat could not have been any more polite or respectful, and he didn’t pressure me the slightest bit. It was a nice and relaxing change from the usual high stress car buying experience of other salespeople. I gave him an idea of what I was looking for and he worked with me until we found the perfect vehicle for the perfect price.
Ambition Writes
I would DEFINITELY recommend for people to go to this dealership. I was purchasing my first car and had no idea of what I was doing, however Marat was EXTREMELY helpful! He answered all of my questions and made the process very easy and fast. If you ever go there, please ask for Marat. He’s amazing!
Brianna Greene
Very nice showroom and the sales team is very low key. Not all in face and pushy
Jeff Scanlon
I recently purchased a used 2005 Subaru outback from the dedham auto mall. My sales representative was Dutch Winter, a very nice man. Very informative, if I had any questions about the vehicle they were answered right away and he worked very hard to get this vehicle for me in a rough spot. He was also a very personable and professional representative. My purchasing experience with him was great
On the other hand, this having nothing to do with Dutch, I had minor issues with the car when I picked it up and arranged to have them taken care if through their service station. That was a nightmare of jumping around and continuous waiting not just for the service itself but even being acknowledged. The service counter definitely needs a change to put it nicely. Nothing but disrespect towards a customer. I was however pleased with the efforts of Mo the service manager.
Liliana Dj
Just bought a 2012 BMW X5 from Dedham Automall. It’s a great dealership in sales and customer service. I was very pleased with my sales representative Marat G., he did and outstanding job helping me throughout the entire purchasing process. Needles to say I absolutely love my X5 and I can already tell this won’t be my only time buying a vehicle from Dedham Automall. I will be referring all my friends to Marat. Thank you!
Vadim Feygenberg
I recently moved to the Northeast and was in need of a car big time. I was shopping around and came across Dedham Automall where they had the best deal on the car I was looking for. I worked with Marat and the attention and customer service he provided was simply amazing. From the minute I stepped in to the moment I was leaving with my new car purchase I was treated with the same respect. Seriously, one of the best places I have ever purchased a car and no issues with it whatsoever. Highly recommend this place for everyone who is in need of a car purchase and make sure to ask for Marat when you are there!
Max Kudin
My dad and I bought a ’15 VW Jetta from this dealer 3 weeks prior to writing this review. There were several major disappointments with Automall of Dedham that will make me a non-repeat customer and I am suggesting you look elsewhere as well. Their advertising car prices overall are not bad, that is until you add all dealer fees. It’s the lack of basic appreciation and respect towards the customer and non-existent customer service that makes me write this harsh review.
1. As the 4th week of ownership about to start, we still have NOT received actual registration for the car from the dealer. When first week has gone by, we called the dealer. Sales person then texted and emailed a picture of the reg. so that we could get an inspection done (you have 7 days from registering to get this done in MA). It took driving around to find an inspection place who would take a printed picture of a registration. When you call dealer main number and pick registration dept. from menu, it forwards you to finance guy. In return he just promises to tell the sales person to mail Reg.?!?!? It’s really NOT that hard to take a piece of paper, stick in a stamped envelope and put it in outgoing mail bin. In least, give a curtesy call to the customer and find out why it’s still in your possession; NOT that hard.
2. On the first try to get an inspection done, car received an “R” rejection sticker for non-working high beams. Fortunately car is still under warranty and after a 2 hour wait at the dealer, this issue was fixed. On second try, car passed an inspection. On the other hand, we have to go back to the dealer to fix the sunroof, which doesn’t close. We could not test as it was raining when we looked at the car and when we picked it up. Plus, you would think that the dealer checks the car out before listing it for sale. They can’t even do a proper car wash as the glove compartment was full of previous owners’ trash. This makes me question is even do any service at all?
3. Couple of items went missing (STOLEN) from the car. I’m using term stolen, because at the time we test drove the car and were processing purchase documents they were there and weren’t there at the time of pick up. After signing purchasing documents, vehicle is owned by the customer even though it hasn’t been registered or picked up. These items were VW original Roadside Emergency KIT and car lifting jack handle.
4. We only received one keyfob for the car. I guess this was partially our fault for not asking and assuming that if there’s only one, dealer would acquire second one for us as they ask if your car has two. This was our expectation from previous used car purchases; dealer called manufacturer dealership and ordered one. Mind you this is not a $5 dollar item, WV quoted $300 for replacement. Sales person should have been upfront (and they do know if there’s only one key) as it would have affected price negotiations. When sales person was asked about, reply was: “I don’t know why, I’ll Iook for it and call you.” Don’t hold your breath on that.
5. Sales process was Ok overall. Sales person was pleasant and we all know that finance department will try to sell you all sorts of warranty programs as expected in this industry. Their dealer fees are very high as compared to other MA dealers. Expect to pay $478 for documentation; $192 for title, reg, and runners fee; $75+ for bank loan processing. This is compared to pursing car we traded to Automall. Traded car was purchased from an Audi dealership a year and half prior and we paid $289 for everything, including free inspection.
To sum everything up: overall very poor service and questionable cars. We will not be a repeat customer. M.
Elle Michelle
Good selection of vehicles. Prices are “the lowest” so they are not willing to negotiate, lost my sale over pricing.
Chris Cunniff
I entered the dealership, Dedham Auto Mall. My salesman Dennis Kelly. was gracious, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. Not the overly aggressive individual who tries to sell you everything from soup to nuts. I appreciated his honesty, integrity, and down to earth approach. So did I buy the car? Yes, an Audi A4. which, is a pleasure to drive, great ride, accouterments, and that luxury, feel. Dedham Auto Mall should be proud to have a salesperson such as Dennis. He’s a keeper. If you are looking for a organization that cares about its cliental go to Dedham Auto Mall for your next car. You won’t be disappointed.
kriti gaba
5 star service from Dennis Kelly. He made everything so easy for me and my husband for our new vehicle. Recently moved from NY and the experience was well beyond my expectations. Thank you Dennis. Keep up the good work.
Samantha Surprenant
I have nothing but good things to say about this dealership. I dealt with Marat and he made the car buying process smooth and not stressful. I test drove the car few days prior to my decision on buying the car and he stayed in contact with me and responded efficiently to my questions/concerns. He ended up getting me better rates than other banks I’ve used in the past and gave me a fair amount for my trade that I used towards the purchase of my new car, which is a gorgeous 2015 Infiniti Q50. I have his number in case anything goes wrong, which makes me feel safer and happier with my purchase. Highly recommend this dealership.
Biz Benz
I don’t really like the process of buying cars, it always takes all day and you need to fill out 100 forms… but these guys are professional and very friendly. It was quick and easy. The cars are nice, ready for the road and you just can’t beat the price. They gave me really good deal for a nice car. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend them! Thanks! P.S special thanks to Marat Grigoryan, appreciate your help!
Jason Mack
I had a terrible experience here. I usually don’t do reviews but figured I might save someone else from making the same mistake I did. I purchased a car from here a few months back. The car is only two years old and I have had nothing but problems with it, but what’s even worse, is that the Sales team acts like they don’t know you and did not even want to help us once the deal was closed. I don’t think they really care about customer service. They spoke to my wife and I in a very rude and unprofessional manner. They did not want anything to do with us after the deal was closed. Dutch and Eddie the sales manager refused to help us. Jillian at the service center was rude and speaking unprofessionally almost as if she had no manners or education. We were shocked. If they would have at least tried, that would have shown us that they really care about their customers, and I would have recommend them and returned in the future. When I tried to explain all this to Eddie the sales manager he literally shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. While I was speaking he was looking at me with a confused look almost pretending not to understand. Wow we still can’t believe it and were expecting much more from them. They do bad business here. I will never return.
Josh McGhee
Had a fantastic car buying experience here. Doug was an excellent salesman. For someone like myself who was fairly unfamiliar with the car buying process, he made it simple and made sure that I was comfortable with the decision I was making. I have made recommendations to friends about the Dedham Auto Mall and definitely look forward to hopefully do business with them again in the future.
Larry Phy
I’ve just purchased a vehicle from here and let me tell you, Marat was an awesome salesman. He was very kind and walked me though all the process. He’s very knowledgeable and helped made the transaction very smooth with ease. Not to mention, there are wide varieties of cars to choose from, so if your in th area stop by and check them out. Also, the service center is down the street and was very generous when I visited them to get a minor issue fixed. There were no push backs and covered what needed to get done. Overall, I was satisfied with the Automall group and definitely recommend anyone who’s looking to buy a car to go by and check them out.
elliot neale
Quick and Easy, Philip was very knowledgeable about the BMW I was purchasing and they gave me a very fair price for my trade it. overall great experience! will definitely be coming back
Michael Hauser
They don’t keep their promises, make sure you get any promise in writing. They blame anybody but themselves, including their customer if something goes wrong. Not trustworthy and generally a pain to deal with.
Mike M.
Just wanna say, Thank you to Marat! What an amazing experience it was! This guy was very knowledgeable and gave me some good pointers and made the whole transaction nice and smooth. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives. He showed an example to lots of car salesmen out there! Keep up a Great work!
I recently just bought a volkswagen cc 2013 from Marat. The service was excellent, I almost didn’t receive the car when I expected to due to other reasons but Marat made sure everything was taken care of professionally. He and Neal even made sure I got the lowest rate possible. I’m sure all the staff there are great but based off my experience I would strongly suggest seeing Marat.
Dick Foreman
I say “Like” above only because I have no experience in internet buying with any other company, but I can tell you this; Dedham Automall has very competitive pricing, a staff, particularly Marat, that worked with me throughout the deal, and completed a very satisfactory transaction. Plus, their inventory is really amazing. I encourage you to ask for Marat and give them a try before you buy. It won’t hurt, and you might save a few bucks! Thank you, Marat!
Guglielmo Bissetta
I had a great experience from A to Z Marat was great, I had to try multiple vehicle and time to choose. The price that I paid was fare and the service I received was great. After all I will definitely go back for future purchase. Thank you I love my cayenne.
Jim Champoux
I was looking online at a few Porsche Boxters and saw the one at the Dedham Automall. I made an appointment to come in for a test drive. My salesman, Yaw, was very friendly and accommodating in setting up the appointment and responding to my emails.
Once I decided to purchase the car he worked to complete the paperwork. There was a bit of miscommunication regarding my dropping off a check for the vehicle and having the car registered – I assumed it would all be done at the same time but they required the check first and then they would register the car. I can understand the reasons for that but just wish they had made sure we were all on the same page when we were discussing it ahead of time.
The only complaint I had was that I had identified a few issues with the car they said would be fixed – a noisy blower fan notably. They promised this would be repaired but when I picked up the car it had not been done. I communicated that to Yaw, along with a few other minor issues I found while driving it home, which they did address in a timely manner. I just expected that the salesperson / dealer would have verified the issues I noted were repaired before I picked up the car (as well as going over other things to make sure nothing needed to be addressed)- and that if they had not been fixed then those things would have been handled ASAP by them and not require me to work to get them addressed. I would expect this from any car dealership, and more so from one dealing in luxury autos.
Overall, it was a good experience. Great car at a great price, and all issues I noted (minor as well as the blower fan) have been addressed….
Kelly O.
Marat gave me all the information I needed to make a logical decision based on what car was good for me, especially price wise. not only did he give me info on the vehicle I wanted but also gave me a lot on info on other cars and helped me a lot with options for financing my vehicle. he happens to be one of those sales reps. that knows exactly what he is talking about and made it very easy and fast and pain free. I recommend anyone who is interested in buying a car to go and see him because purchasing a car is a big deal and takes time and he will take care of you like you are family!
Stella Krayter
I recently bought my 2012 Lexus RX at your dealership and I’m so happy with it! was very impressed with the gentleman working with me, he made me feel like his only customer that day. Thank you for your courtesy, Marat Grigoryan. He was very patient as I was trying to make a big decision. Marat was friendly and answered all my questions. You are fortunate to have such a great employee. Thank you!!!!
David B
Just purchased last week BMW from Dedham Automall. Had a very special service. Huge thank you to Marat Grigoryan for honest, professional and very pleasant service. On the cutting edge of buying a vehicle where you get the true car price automatically without negotiation. Truly a terrific experience and a 10 for 10 in all aspects. Thank you Marat, I will be back in a few years.
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