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ARC Auto Store in North Kansas City, MO

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5
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95 Design Dr, North Kansas City, MO 64116, USA

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Mario Mora
Brian was a consummate and friendly professional from explaining the very transparent and forthright interactions on purchasing our new vehicle. Any initial reluctance I had in enduring car shopping quickly disapated once we were in the door. The dealership as a whole immediately set me at ease and were accommodating in all the best ways. I’m certain any future car purchases will be from them, and I highly recommend them if you are searching for an affordable and more than reasonable car selection.
Andrew Figueroa
Jason and the staff were top notch salesmen. As a former salesman myself I immediately felt welcomed, valued, and treated courteously from walking in with my wife and daughters to driving out with my purchased vehicle. These guys are knowledgeable and honest, respectful and inviting to my wife and daughters. This whole process truly seemed painless. Jason was an excellent salesman and we were lucky to have him. When the time comes again to make another purchase, this will be the dealership and Jason will be our salesman.
Katee McLean
Miles made my experience quick, relaxed and painless. This was my first car purchase experience. Arc was professional and never pushy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle. Perfect location in north kc. Financing was a breeze and prices were fair. I’m so crazy about my new car. 🙂
James Edward
Update for 2018: Bought a Tundra. Worked with Miles this time. He was helpful and got us taken care of quickly. As always the price was right in line with fair market value and we had little in the way of hassle during purchase. There were a couple minor snafus with the truck after we took possession and ARC could have made our lives difficult based on the paperwork signed. They didn’t. Instead they honored their verbal promise to treat us right and we were happy with the way they took care of us. If ARC is selling the next car I need the way they did the last two I’ll be buying from them again. They’ve earned my respect.
Bought a Toyota Sienna with Todd. The price reflected fair market value and the sales process was delightfully absent the gimmicks and pranks associated with car sales. My wife and I had already walked out of a car dealership to avoid such nonsense the same day. These folks come across as honest and serious about selling cars. No haggling needed when the markup isn’t $3000 over Kelly Blue Book fair price! Todd was respectful of our time, courteous, and I hope to work with him again when I buy my next vehicle.
Mark Nuetzmann
My wife and I have been looking for a car for our daughter for about 2 months and have looked at many cars on many lots… Anyone who has shopped for cars knows how frustrating this can be. We were very pleased to have found ARC Auto. Most lots either have 1 maybe two cars in the price range we were looking. ARC had several to choose from. Our partner in this quest: JASON! was amazing and quite patient as we asked to test drive each one. It was obvious from the way he worked with us that he was interested in making sure we found the car the was best for us and not just out to sell another car. Thank you for that Jason. We ended up going with something completely different than we through we were going to do but it turned out to be the best option of all: new car for my wife as a gift for our 26th anniversary! We bought a 2011 Mercedes ML350 and it is absolutely beautiful. Next time we have a need for a vehicle we will START at ARC! Again, thank you Jason for all your help and patience as we worked through the decision.
Ashley Corbello
We had a great experience here with Brian. He offered us a fair price on a Toyota Sienna and our trade in. He was also very patient while I collected all the documentation they needed. Not pushy at all. They offer an excellent extended warranty as well. Highly recommended!
Smith’s Auto Detail
Searched for a CL63 for years and finally came across my dream car at Arc Auto Store in Kansas City, MO! Justin Maldonado helped me through the entire process. He made everything very easy and explained everything thoroughly. I am beyond happy & excited about my new vehicle. I appreciate them for going above and beyond to make my experience fast & easy! Highly recommend Arc Auto Store. Thank you Justin Maldonado & team!
Mom Andcori
We just bought a car from ARC on Friday. It was kind of a forced thing (old car died) and we were woefully unprepared to buy a car that day. Michael Cummings, our sales person, was an absolute saint. He was so patient and helpful.
This was our second purchase from ARC and we will be seeing them again when we trade in our other car next year or so.
Jordan Watson
ARC gave me a great deal on a 2002 Porsche. The car was super clean and had extensive service records. Brian Cobb was friendly and didn’t try to pressure me into buying the car. Overall, it was a great experience and I love the car.
Justin Jobbins
Jason, the sales associate, was very helpful and friendly. He took the time to meet me close to my work place so I could test drive the vehicle. He is still helping me with a couple minor details on the vehicle. I would recommend him to a friend. Thanks
Cedric Stevens
I just bought a new car with ARC, Miles Liles in particular. The entire process was extremely friendly and easy. They got me a deal, at the number I wanted, and gave me a great value on my trade. I would recommend working with Miles, and ARC overall.
Margaret Cameron
I just purchased my first ” Adult” car from Arc Auto. I worked with Brian and he was great. He was professional and very pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with them in the future for all my servicing needs.
Shelby ChaosWolf
I was highly interested in a vehicle which I was going to pay for half price with cash so I wanted to know what the interest rate and monthly payments would be after. I was given an extremely high interest rate and I’m not going to pay over $5,000 extra on top of asking price for a used car. So I declined and thought that was the end. I get multiple texts the next day saying I was accepted for a lower interest rate but higher monthly payments. I still politely declined. Next day I get another text mentioning the interest rate and they assume I’m buying the car even though I’ve said no. Which in every text they ended it with, “so when are you coming to get the car.” A few hours later I’m taunted with a picture of the same vehicle I was interested in buying was bought by someone else with the amount they bought the car for. Which by the way, I’m sure the family wouldn’t appreciate the fact you took their picture without their permission let alone not knowing about it and sending it to a stranger. Extremely unprofessional, very pushy and pressuring. I wouldn’t recommend this dealership. Go to a real, big dealership.
Vonda Williams
I bought my car from Miles. Let start off by saying I hate car shopping. I don’t like the gimmicks, games or tricks they play. I must say this was NOT the case here. Miles was honest, straight forward, sincere, and professional. He answered all my questions, was easy to deal with and it was a pleasure to buy a car from him. This was a great car buying experience-I will be back for the next one, Miles!!! Thank you for the great service!!!!
Brian Mitchell
I just wanted to spend a few moments and a little write something about my experience with ARC Auto Store. This might be a bit lengthy so bear with me. I have been considering a BMW X5 for quite some time now and after doing some looking through the various auto websites I came across this little gem. Now there are plenty of BMW X5’s out there but finding one that has the Diesel is not so easy. When I came across this one, WOW! was I impressed. It had the right colors, trim, packages and even my favorite wheels! I contacted the store via email and got in touch with Jason Hesler. Now I should tell you that I hate dealing with buying a car. After being married for 17 years with a wife that worked in the car sales industry and hearing about all the “deals” that go down every day, I cringed at the thought of buying a car. So being the OCD person I am, I did my homework. I researched the vehicle, the average selling price as equipped, and what other similar vehicles in the area were going for. I also had a trade in and fully researched that as well. To my chagrin, I also realized that I would be a bit upside down on my trade. (no fault of the dealership). Jason then set an appointment for me and met me the moment I walked in. Jason was very nice, professional, and offered me a beverage. (it was a high of 93 that day). After getting acquainted, Jason took me out to a shaded are where he had already had the vehicle sitting and allowed me to look at the vehicle at my own pace. The vehicle had a few minor flaws but then again, it IS a used vehicle so I don’t expect it to be perfect. He then allowed me to take it for a test drive and remained very pleasant during the drive. he didn’t try to “tell” me where to go, he simply let me drive. I should also mention than before we left for the test drive he had my vehicle appraised and evaluated. After getting back and being very satisfied with the ride, Jason again offered me a drink. After a few moments, Jason came back to his desk and had everything ready to present. Now to be honest I had a figure in my head already and already had my own financing through my Credit Union and I had notified them of that so they didn’t try to get me to switch to their financing. As I mentioned, I already had my ducks in a row before I walked in. Jason then went over the deal and explained what they could give me for my trade and even discounted the BMW $500 because of the Memorial Day Sale they were having. To be frank, the total out the door was a little higher than what I had in mind and of course I asked them if they can come down a little bit more to get closer to what I was thinking. In the end, I knew I was already approved through my credit union but I wasn’t sure they would carry the small inequity I had carried over on my old vehicle so with one phone call and about 15-20 minutes wait time, I had my answer from the credit union and I was approved as expected. (I had bought my last 5 vehicles through the same credit union). After spending a few last moment contemplating what I was about to commit to, I agreed to do the deal. The process from there on out was smooth and efficient. In summary, the experience I had with Jason and the finance manager was very pleasant and hassle free. They clearly explained everything and even why they gave me what they did for my trade. (as I mentioned, I knew I was a little upside down on it). I felt they did give me a fair amount for my trade and the price on the BMW was below market value. In total, this was a very nice experience. The salesman and manager were both respectful and professional and not pushy. I would like to thanks Jason and his manager for a wonderful experience and I couldn’t happier with my purchase! I have had a few co-workers pay me several compliments on the new vehicle already. I even had a good friend and colleague get angry and jealous because she had bought a 2014 Lexus RX350 and she liked mine better. (poor gal)
Juan Velasquez
Great dealership. Brian at ARC was a great help in helping me get the car I wanted, securing a loan and top notch help from the Service department. A+
Mario Lopez
Mike was a great guy to deal with. Actually everybody were. Mike got me a good deal, he was willing to work with me on the price, when some Grandview dealers were not willing to do it. I can’t wait for my business to grow so I can go back to get another one.
Vincent Hall
Had great service at ARC. Staff (Brian C.) was very informative, friendly, and patient. Didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Ended up getting a good deal on a well maintained truck. Definitely recommend.
Miguel Solano
Impeccable experience from start to finish with ARC Auto. Justin worked with me from first phone call to key transfer. He made sure I was happy with was I was getting, and went out of his way to provide amazing customer service. 10/10 would buy from and recommend
Steven Bender
Went to ARC after our car was totaled. After going all over town looking for a vehicle in our budget we found this. Miles greeted us in the parking lot and showed us around right away. After working with the bank we were able to get the payment under our intended monthly budget, which I greatly appreciated. I would recommend anyone check out ARC if they are in the hunt for a car.
Went to ARC after our car was totaled. After going all over town looking for a vehicle in our budget we found this. Miles greeted us in the parking lot and showed us around right away. After working with the bank we were able to get the payment under our intended monthly budget, which I greatly appreciated. I would recommend anyone check out ARC if they are in the hunt for a car.
Kale Ford
My experience with Arc Autos was definitely a good one. Brian helped me get into the car I wanted and we shared a lot of laughs along the way. Thanks Brian!
Mike Liles was great, made the car buying process easy. Mike helped with any issue that came up and set me up for success. I appreciate the great service!
Deana Manning
Jason Hessler was my salesman and earned my trust even 1100 miles away! I never met him in person but purchased vehicle all over the phone & internet . He was super responsive and a straight shooter for sure. I’m so thankful to have found the vehicle I needed and was able to work with a trustworthy salesman!! Other staff at Arc were also helpful!
Sandy Hall
New to me purchase of 2012 Chevy Cruze Silver on June 20, 2018 from Miles at ARC, NKC. My brother and I drove from Nevada after locating the car online and Miles was waiting outside to greet us and to basically indulge our every question or request to make a smooth transaction. He was the best.
Nick Luna
We had been car shopping for a new vehicle for several weeks with not so good experiences. Went to ARC and was greeted with a smile and someone who was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the cars on the lot. No pressure, answered all of our questions and certainly changed our mind about car salesmen…lol. Justin was awesome to work with and so was the finance officer. Will recommend ARC to anyone and everyone I know. Thanks so much. Carolyn & Nick
Christina Maslow
I had a really good experience at this dealership I am a repeat customer and it’s the second car I have purchased from them the salesman Brian Cobb was excellent took time with me and didn’t just want to rush me into any kind of vehicle. I will definitely be a lifetime customer!
Applied for financing on sunday and left the lot on my new vette the next saturday. Michael and Darren were top quality. Definitely going back for future car purchases.
Katherine Templeton
Jason Hesler dd an a great job of helping me with the long-distance purchase of a very nice vehicle. I would highly recommend Jason and ARC Auto Store.
Debby Wolgast
The 1-star rating is not for the salesman who helped me, but for everything else. First, as with any car dealer, do your research and check the facts before buying the car. First, I love the car I bought. Issues were: 1. The actual mileage at the time of sale was 300+ miles MORE than the advertised mileage (i.e., I paid for miles than I thought). Check the Carfax for miles when dealership took ownership and compare when you test drive. 2. Don’t assume the dealership has done all of the maintenance/repairs when they took ownership. I discovered after I brought the car home that piece was broken and the oil hadn’t been changed (i.e., dip stick looked like melted chocolate). This was admitted by the sales manager. 3. Check the day of your appt. for any servicing to make sure a mechanic is there! I was told to bring in the car I just bought to have a couple minor things fixed and the oil changed. Sat there for 45 min. or so and was finally told no mechanics were coming in. So they had (maybe a mechanic) who was doing concrete work out front do it. After I left the car didn’t drive right, like something was left or caught under the carriage or lodged in the wheel well. Never found out what happened but I KNOW it didn’t drive that way when I brought it in. 4. Make sure EVERYTHING works before you pay the money. The cruise worked now and then when I bought it. Sales manager said to take to my local Volkswagen dealership to have diagnostics done to find the issue. I did that (another long day and story) only to discover diagnostics couldn’t read my car’s computer for some reason. Was told I would have to leave it for a day for them to figure out why. To his credit, I assume the sales manager paid for that one visit, but was never contacted by Volkswagen or the sales manager as to whether the dealership will pay to fix/replace it, so I am guessing they won’t. Keep in mind that once you pay, you will probably get what you left with. Now it doesn’t work at all. My final tip would be to DO YOUR HOMEWORK and check everything with a fine-toothed comb. I for one will never go back there.
Rah will
Very Very nice dealership with really nice cars ! I bought a 2008 Land Rover LR3 that looks inmacullate ! The detail team is fabulous ! The service team is excellent too ! But most of all my salesman “Justin” was GREAT. There wasn’t any haggling back and forth. We simply agreed on a negotiated price. It took all of 30 mins to wrap up ! Even the finance department was quick and hospitable . Great place. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future ! Thanks Justin
Sherry Case
I was very pleased with the service Brain Cobb gave me and a fair price on the car I bought
Anthony Newton
Sales team was very friendly and helpful. Would happily buy another car from here and recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a newer used car.
Kristi Kirk
Justin helped me with purchasing my 2006 Ford Explorer and was great! Good communication from initial inquiry to Bill of sale. Finance manager was extremely nice as well. I have purchased many used vehicles and this was by far my most pleasant, no nonsense experience.
C White
Nice selection of quality new and used vehicle. Good service dept
Aaron Kerr-Schlueter
Had Jason as our salesman and he was very polite and was very transparent with any questions or concerns we had, even let us put the car up on the lift to take a look under it.
Kristen Moore
My husband and I went in to look at cars. When we got there Mike Liles sat down with me and asked what my budget was. He was very helpful. We did notice a cosmetic problem which he fixed right away for us! Ended up walking out the vehicle I wanted with a great price.
Carlie Kent
I bought my car from Michael Cummings, we arrived on the lot and within a minute or two he was asking if he could assist. They don’t have the prices on the cars so we got help with finding 2 cars in our price range. He didn’t hover and was honest and quick to point out any quirks about the car.
We told him we had a few other places to look and we didn’t feel pressured. I did some research and felt the price of the car was reasonable. We bought a 2008 Toyota corella.
They provided a full tank of gas and had the paperwork ready when we came back in. He also gave as an option of putting down a deposit to hold the car once we wanted it, just in case we didn’t want to complete the sell that day.
Also, he did follow up with a courtesy phone call to make sure everything was going as planned. The experience was a positive one and I would consider going there again.
Adam Johnson
Had a great experience buying my new car Jason was extremely helpful during this first time process for me.
Brent C
I cannot say enough great things about the quality, pricing and condition of the vehicles as well as the ethics and responsiveness of Mike Liles and Darren (owner) at ARC auto store. They were professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and walked me through any issues I had. Mike and I developed a good friendship along the way as his honesty and willingness to go above and beyond was a welcome change from those other dealers I had talked to for this specialty vehicle. The bottom line was, thanks to Mike and his organizational skills, persistence, and great attitude, and Darren, who is as good as they come as far as dealer owners go, I wound up with a great car and no regrets. Thank you gentlemen.
shea kent
Had a great experience at ARC, Michael Cummings sold us an 08 Toyota corolla and it was a great purchase. Very satisfied and would definitely recommend these guys for a good deal and no pressure sales attitude. Thank you ARC!
Liberty Belle 4 Freedom
Miles, at ARC was very helpful when we purchased a car this month. He was informed about the car. He plainly and openly spoke about the pluses and minuses of the vehicle we purchased. He was an honest person and did what he said he would do for us.
josee perezz
i went today with intention of buying car(mike miles) but they said that first I need a loan approval in order to test drive the car , are they trying to secure a sale whether you like the car or not? this place is a joke I am going back to legends Honda.
Dalila Perry
Brian C was extremely helpful, he even came in on his day off to assist me! Arc had a great selection and great prices! If you’re looking for something >10k, they have the best quality cars in this price range.
Debbie Marrs
My experince at Arc was very smooth. Todd walked me through the experience and the paperwork explaining everything clearly and never making me feel pressured. I am so happy with my new car! And the mechanics who did the inspection on my new car were very nice and fast.
Was told one thing thru their messaging, then when going into look at the car was told something completely different. The guy who “helped” us acted like he didn’t even want to be there. Wouldn’t recommend them on their customer service skills alone.
Sarah Miller
Working with Todd on finding and buying a car couldn’t have been easier! He is straight forward and doesn’t have a bunch of gimmicks up his sleeve. What I liked most about working with Todd was his fast response time. I had emailed him at 730pm one evening and wasn’t expecting a response until the next day but he replied within minutes! He and Tim took care of all the work which made everything fast and painless. Thank you Todd and Tim for your friendly, outstanding service!
Julie Woodman
We were not really planning on buying a car that day, but wanted to look at an extra car that can get around better in the snow. Mike made buying the car fast and easy. I will definitely be going back next time I am in the market for a used vehicle
Keerstin Loomis
I had been in the market shopping for a car for about three weeks, always ending up empty handed. Whether it was from the car not being up to par, or the salesmen making me uncomfortable, I was starting to give up hope. The whole process was becoming monotonous and exhausting.. all up until the day I walked into ARC. There was pressure and stress, but when buying a car when is it not? Brian and Tim somehow made this a semi – pleasant experience, and seemed like they tried to make it as painless as possible. I really appreciate all of their help and and hospitality. Great service!
Shelli Evans
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Its a all around family environment. They treat you as if they’ve know you forever.
Justin went out of his way to make sure we had a pleasant buying experience. And after Gary crossley taking advantage of my wife and her mother. It is nice to see there are still honest and trust worthy dealerships out there. Reccomend them to anyone. Ask for justin. Great guy and he is honest and up front about everything. No hidden fees. Complete car fax. He even made our one year old daughter feel welcome with a coloring book and crayola so she could color and sign paper work. Great experience!
Heather Zacharias
Sales staff was phenomenal ! As buyers, we were a pain in the keister…indecisive, bullheaded, and on a budget. Justin was more than happy to sit and work with us until we were satisfied. Thank you ARC Auto !!
Judy Brenner
Mike Liles approached us with a smile right as we parked. It was almost quitting time for him, but he still stayed with us and made it as painless and easy as possible. We were in and out in less than 2 hours and I was able to drive away in my new (to me) Prius. A huge thanks to Mike for all the help! Sorry we cut into your Saturday!
Daphne DeHaven
I had the pleasure of working with Todd today on the purchase of my new Mini Cooper that i absolutely love! He replied to my email that i sent checking the status of a car first thing this morning and i made an appointment to see him this afternoon. He was very professional and patient as i inquired and test drove several cars. I ended up coming back later this evening anticipating purchasing a particular car and ended up changing my mind at the last minute and he was so accommodating. He even let me borrow his cellphone charger! ARC is lucky to have Todd on there team!! I would not hesitate to purchase all of my future cars there.
Gladys London
The sales guys are ok but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy anything from this car dealership they finance guys are rude and there cars are no good! I bought a 2009 Jeep Patriot from them in within one year it broke down not only did they not try to fix but they going to talk about the miles a put on it which was 150000 in one year we’ll i bought to drive it thought it would last me at least 3-5 years! Anyway they did try to trade with another vechile that they couldn’t sell and wanted us to settled with NO NOT THIS TIME BUDDY YOU CAN HAVE NO MORE OF MY BUSINESS OR MY FAMILY AND FREINDS! I need to apologize to the two people that I sent to them as they are having problems with their vechiles too. So it wouldn’t be right if I did not warn you guys before you even think about buying from them. Well I did my part by letting you guys know the rest is up to you! DONT DO IT! If there was a Negative Rating it would -10 for me and my friends that I referred.
Samantha Thomas
This was my first car buying experience and I have no complaints. Todd sold me the car and he did a great job. He went out of his way to make sure I had all the papers and everything was in order. When I had a million questions, he patiently answered them and did not pressure me into buying the car. Everyone was very friendly and it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be. Overall, it was great.
I found a truck on their website the night prior and called them as soon as they opened the following morning to see if they still had it in stock and they did. I told the salesman that I would be down early in the afternoon and he said no problem. I left work early to go look at this truck and text the salesman on my way down and he text me a picture of the truck and told me it is sitting out front when u get here to take it on a test drive. I get down there and follow a couple into the building and I tell the salesman that I was the one coming to look at the tundra and he said well I have another couple coming to look at the same truck and the couple standing next to me said, “that’s us!” I asked the salesman why he didn’t tell me anyone else was coming to look at the truck because I would have left work earlier to get down here sooner and his was response was, “ I didn’t know if they would show up or not”. Then they tried to sell me a different truck just to keep me to stay. Very unprofessional. Just another used car dealer, I shouldn’t have expected anything less. Wasted my time by leaving work early and money to drive down that far.
Fran Fry
Brian Cobb was very professional and helped to find a truck. Prices very reasonable. Showed us a Carfax in detail and answered all our questions. If you want to buy a vehicle ask for him.
Frank Long
We finally found what we were searching for at Arc. The salesman, Justin, was helpful and professional which made the process easy. Thanks to everyone!
Mike Osborne
My experience was positively outstanding! Cody was extremely helpful and the finance dept made every effort to keep me in my price range. 👍
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