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Karl Tyler Chevrolet in Missoula, MT

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5
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3663 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 59808, USA

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Company description

Karl Tyler Chevrolet is Missoula's car dealer. We also specialize in GM-certified pre-owned vehicles, parts, auto repair and service. Contact us in Missoula today!

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All reviews:

We have been looking to upgrade our vehicle. I emailed regarding a 2011 Chevy Equinox that we were interested in, Christy in the internet sales department emailed me that the equinox had been sold but gave me a lead on a 2014. Made an appointment to look at the vehicle. Salesman Scott Lake was wonderful and very knowledge. Bottom line we bought the 2014 Chevy Equinox which included a lifetime power train warranty !! Best of all they considered what my budget for a new vehicle and helped us achieve that goal !!!
Edward Schramm
This past week I purchase a new vehicle. I worked with a sales associate named Matt Potter, he was outstanding to work with and allowed me to explore my options without any pressure. I will return in the future to purchase my next vehicle.
WIlliam Reed
Fired me a year and a half ago for taking a Friday off after working 70 hours Monday through Thursday. Today I had an appointment to have my tires mounted and balanced and didn’t receive a phone call letting me know their tire guy called in sick and the work wouldn’t be done today. I wonder if he’ll be fired 🤔
Pei Pei
I have not purchased a Chevy car from this dealer in the past, so I won’t comment on that. I have received a few services from this dealer, I had no problem until today, I found out that they would not honor an offer from Chevy. I received an offer from Chevy via email (oil change offer), and on Chevy’s official website, you can see the same information–$49.95 or less for 6-quart ACDelco dexos1 FULL Synthetic or Mobile 1. I called the dealership to set up an appointment thinking, of course Chevy dealer would honor an offer sent from Chevy, right? I mean, where else do you go to redeem a Chevy offer? Chevy corporate company? Turned out I was wrong, the lady who schedules service appointments consulted with the service manager, and came back to me stating they are certified Chevy service center, but they do not honor offer from Chevy. I will need to pay their price which is $59.95 for 6-quart of ACDelco Dexos1 synthetice BLEND or CONVENTIONAL oil. I asked her that you are telling me you are a Chevy dealer, but refuse to accept an offer sent to me by Chevy, and ask me to pay $10 more and not even give me FULL synthetic oil? She insisted on the they only use synthetic oil at the dealership, when I told her that I’m looking at your website, your website clearly state “synthetic blend or conventional oil” under your service special offer, synthetic blend is not FULL synthetic, again, she said all she heard about was they use synthetic oil for every car. I don’t blame her for not knowing the difference between FULL synthetic oil and synthetic blend, she is not a mechanic, but just because they both have the word “synthetic”, it doesn’t mean they are the same thing. Charging more but giving less, plus do not honor an offer from the corporate company, no kudos to you.
Justin Ludeman
Me and my fiancé were in there the other day looking at buying a SUV. Which would have been our fourth vehicle purchase from Karl Tyler. Our salesman tells us they use Kelley blue book to price out their vehicles so when I’m doing my research that’s what I can go off of. We find an SUV that we are interested in, take it for a drive and we love it. So I go home and I book this thing out. Suggested price to buy from a dealer is $33,500 according to Kelley Blue Book. You guys have a price of $40,000. So I print off the Kelley blue book and bring it into the dealership to Show it to my salesman To see if there was anything I was missing, why there was such a big gap in price. Salesman has nothing to say except well “really this is just a piece of paper” i’m like are you kidding me . You told me to use Kelley blue book when I’m looking at vehicles I’m doing what my salesman told me to do and when I bring him the piece of paper showing their $7000 off on their price he tells me it’s nothing but a piece of paper! this is where it gets really good. So then he goes back to talk to his finance guy…. He comes out with two pieces of paper sets them both in front of me and says “well actually the way we got this one priced out it’s actually an NADA vehicle” But remember what I brought him was just a piece of paper! shows me a Kelley blue book price of $33,000 and a NADA price of $40,000. And says unfortunately this is not a Kelley blue book vehicle it’s a nada vehicle! Lol I asked him if when his finance guy told him that did it sound as stupid as when it came out of his own mouth! He told me many times they use Kelley blue book to price out their vehicles and that’s how I should do my research but when I find one that they are $7000 overpriced on this is the service I get!! Absolute garbage service and i will never buy a vehicle from here again. The ad for the vehicle online even shows that they have it and I quote “under Kelley blue book”
Hannah Metzger
That moment when your battery dies in town. So thankful for the awesome Karl Tyler employee, Kevin Frazier, for coming to the rescue!!! Talk about customer satisfaction!!
Tara Jacobs
My experience with Brennan and the Karl Tyler Chevrolet Team was the best I’ve had on a car lot. My daughter and I weren’t mobbed when we arrived at the lot. I had a couple minutes to look around and locate the vehicle I wanted. Brennan started the conversation like a normal person and didn’t start out with the typical “what can we get you in to today” or “which of these beauties will you be driving home”. I was treated with respect and like a friend or family member, not just another commission. Brennan knew every detail about the vehicle I wanted and never had to go find out an answer. He knows his stuff. Brent was amazing and made sure I understood everything that made up my payment. He went above and beyond to make sure my payment stayed where I needed it. Every team member I dealt with was incredible.
Michael Cassens
Always high quality! If you want an excellent sales person to work with, please visit with Terry Amble. He is professional, knowledge and always trying to do what’s best for the customer. Their service department is fantastic and we have always been pleased with every aspect of their dealership.
Spike Schultze
Excellent, timely and professional has been my experience with the service team at Karl Tyler Chevrolet. They actually do respond to your vehicle problems however large or small they may be. I personally commend Mr Mark Sickles for his attitude and compassion while dealing with the issues I was experiencing with the GPS/media system in my Silverado. Thank you Mark.
Maryann Goss
Karl Tyler Chevrolet is a great place. We have been dealing with Terry Amble, one of their salesman for several years looking at trucks, new and used. We have bought a few through the years from this business. Terry always returns your calls when you have a question or need information. Everyone is very courteous. They give you time to think about the sale and help you with options. Great place to deal with and service department is wonderful.
David Shappee
Their service dept. didn’t have to help me–I don’t own one of their vehicles, and didn’t need repairs–but Service Writer Todd did go to some trouble to advise me on a technical question about Cadillac, which was very helpful and much appreciated.
Ben Rögers
My wife and I drove/walked around for 40 mins, never saw a salesman. Frustrated my wife walked in the showroom, every single salesperson was on their cellphone and didn’t even look up. The keys were in the car we wanted to check out so we drove it around the parking lot and then left. Would not reccommended, will stick with Lithia.
Travis Theel
Great service. While traveling I stopped in without an appointment and they serviced my truck and I still made the 1pm rafting trip.
Leroy Martens
Got my second vehicle from Karl Tyler. Scott lake is a great guy to work with he got me the truck I wanted. The best place to by your car or truck. Everyone down there is great to work with.
Mosher Transportation LLC
Joe Ferkovitch recently sold us a used truck from the Missoula location. We are repeat customer due to the professionalism and care that is shown to us by your staff. Joe is a great asset to your business and your service staff is top notch. We will continue to be customers to this location and recommend Karl Tyler when ever we are asked about competitive prices or some place that has great customer service.
Roger Mcdaniel
life savers not cheap but like hiring a sniper they just dont miss.
I had a great experience at Karl Tyler Chevrolet. Brennan was wonderful to work with, listened to my needs, and gave me time to make the right decision. I am so happy about my purchase and will visit Karl Tyler for future vehicle needs.
Bobby Cruce
Scott Lake was the salesman that helped us purchase our new 2018 Colorado, he was very professional, answered all our questions and foremost, he was not pushy. One thing my husband and I hate are pushy salesmen. He took his time and we never felt rushed, showed us what we asked to see and also helped us order some accessories for the truck. We also told him that we had dealt with Brennan and because he was out hunting he listed his name of the sales as well. A very thoughtful and caring young man shows that he has great character. We would purchase from him again in a heartbeat!
Farrel Ferrin
Tom Miller was a very friendly shuttle driver and I felt very comfortable with his driving.
Justin Cannizzaro
Found a car I thought I would have to go to Seattle for!! Got the deal I needed, and had a great experience!! Thank you Scott and team!! Also see my review of their body shop, 5 stars all they way!! Can’t recommend Karl Tyler enough!!!
Jim Redmond
What I liked best is Brennan Skrutvold, the salesman, asked me what I wanted and then showed me what he had that fit. None of that nonsense you get at some dealership trying to up-sell you, or push you into whatever they’ve had sitting on the lot too long. It was 100% first class customer service. This is my second purchase form Brennan and I’ll strongly recommend him and Karl Tyler to anyone.
Paul Christy
I’m sure that this is one of many five-star ratings that Karl Tyler has. Karl Tyler goes out of his way to contribute to the community. His sales staff and mechanics are top rated and they all seem to love working for the guy.
Anne Jablonski
Extremely Positive. Night and day experience between this dealership and other places in town. From walking onto the lot (and not being accosted) to comfortable knowledgeable explanations of features of vehicles (no bs/made up answers), to pleasant people in all the various departments we interacted with (sales, financing and service). Happy to do business with these folks.
Roberta Woodford
We had an awesome and best experience at Karl Tyler. Our sales guy Mike Stolin was amazing and help us on everything and went above and beyond. I love my new car and feel super happy that I was able to get a nice rig from Karl Tyler. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone.
Jim Duralia
I set up an appointment for service. The gal did not bother to log it. I am glad I sent the twitt an email to confirm the appointment. Lucky the service advisor was more than willing to help me. He and my technician get 5 stars. The twitt, zero.
They suck! They couldn’t even figure out, let alone recognize a Chevy car that They sold my Mother, Brand New, off their own car lot, 8 years ago. Of which, they had to do many Warranty things over the years. But then, If you don’t actually bring the car in to Their Shop for oil changes, rather than their own Xpress Lube, for two years, your records are purged from their system. And buy the way, the Chevrolet car my Mother bought from them? Was made in Korea, and has never been meant to drive in Montana winters. Yet Terry or Jerry Amble sold it to an elderly woman, knowing she had to travel Evaro, and lived in a rural road area, with no ABS also on the car! She also went four years without them being able to figure out what was up with her air pressure light…… without “$1000 extensive testing”. Lol. Les Schaab (in Ronan) figured it out within a half hour of a season switch on tires. They suck!
leeza dubois
terrible customer service. Come in with 3 kids looking to apply for credit card and wanna do it in person so I can get temporary card for services done to my car. Make us wait forever while their drinking their coffee and socializing. We ended up leaving not applying. Their never getting my services ever again and I will never recommend anyone here.
Clear Creek Realty
We have never purchase any vehicle from Karl Tyler in MIssoula but after getting what we wanted, at a great price with no stress professionalism and service we will not buy a truck anywhere else. Brennan Skrutvold went above and beyond to find us our truck with all the features, engine and colors we wanted for our ranching, trailering and hunting adventures. The entire Karl Tyler team made it a pleasure in lightening up our wallet with a great product at a great value. NO more trips to Kellogg, Id for us!!! I will encourage everyone we know in our personal and business networks to buy from Brennan!!!! Thanks everyone at Karl Tyler Chevrolet. From Karen
I have a 2017 GMC Sierra Denali that I brought in for service to Karl Tyler. I had great service from their service department for many years in the past and I’ve always been a Chevy/GM owner.
The truck has less than 5000 miles on it and I’ve owned it for less than a year. It is still covered by all of the manufacturer warranties. I am leasing it and received it brand new from Dave Smith. The truck has a leak at the OnStar antenna causing water damage and staining in the headliner. Karl Tyler did not provide me with any indication of the extent of the water damage, but I can see stains in the headliner and water has leaked through the A pillar and dash into to floorboards. I first noticed the leak when my floors were soaked for several days after heavy rain. Techs at Karl Tyler diagnosed the leak and ordered a new antenna. It was never mentioned what would be done about my headliner water damage, so I contacted GMC customer service to inquire about my warranty coverage. I was told twice by two different customer service associates at GM customer care that the water damage was covered by warranty and the headliner would be replaced as part of the warranty coverage. They stated this was a manufacturer defect with the OnStar antenna leaking which caused the water damage to my headliner. Karl Tyler service refused to cover the replacement of the headliner after GMC customer service associates twice stated it was covered under my warranty. Karl Tyler stated it was required that the headliner be carpet cleaned after the antenna was replaced to remove the stains and this would be sufficient to satisfy the warranty coverage. This does not solve the issue of any possible mold growth in my headliner since Karl Tyler only intends to clean the surface of the stains and nothing will be done about the water damage between the headliner and the body of the truck. This also does not take into account any additional water damage to the electronics inside my dash since the water leaked from the antenna down the A pillar through the dash and onto the floor.
I also noticed while searching for further water damage that the service associate who worked on my truck pulled the carpet on the driver side away from the trim and failed to properly replace it. When I moved the weathertech floor mat to check for water damage in the carpets, I found the laziness of the service associate who had left the carpet hanging out all over the place and hadn’t even properly secured my weathertech floormats to the pegs on the floor.
For a $60,000 truck, I would expect better service from GM and from my authorized warranty dealership. Somewhere there is a disconnect between Karl Tyler and GM since two different customer associates at GM read the warranty coverage and told me that my headliner would be replaced due to water damage and only Karl Tyler is refusing to offer the same assistance that GM says my warranty provides. Karl Tyler wants to use a rug doctor to remove the evidence of water damage so they can later deny it ever existed once the mold forms in the warm weather. Then it will be the same song and dance with me still stuck with a $60,000 moldy truck.
I have been a missoula native all my life and have used Karl Tyler many times for service with great results. I will likely never return to Karl Tyler after this incident.
Bayleigh Thomason
I went into the body shop after my car was hit. Carl Zamora was with me every step of the way and made this whole situation less stressful for me. He handled everything with the persons insurance who hit my car, and gave me the highest quality repair. I have never received better service at a body shop! I will definitely be coming back if I ever need to.
Nancy Damaske
We purchased a truck from Bobby Entzel. This is our 4th vehicle from Karl Tyler and we have always been treated well by our salesmen but Bobby went above and beyond. He was a great salesman. He listened to our concerns and then helped to resolve any issues we had. We will definitely keep Bobby in mind for our next vehicle.
Jenny Keller
Best customer service. They always are nice and helpful.
Martha Weisenburger
Had the BEST experience EVER purchasing a new 2017 Tahoe from Karl Tyler Chevrolet thanks to Steve Edgar! Steve is very product savvy and extremely accommodating. Couldn’t believe how quickly we were in and out!!
Lisa Benzel
We just purchased our 9th or 10th vehicle (counting the kid’s vehicles) from Karl Tyler and I will keep going back. Ricky Stanton was my salesperson and I contacted him several months ago, telling him exactly what I wanted and asked him to keep me in mind as inventory came through. He did just that and was very patient, waiting for the perfect vehicle, never trying to sell me on anything less or different than what I wanted. When he found it, we both knew it, and the process was very smooth and painless. He is knowledgable on discounts available, the vehicle’s amenities, and provides astute advice on extras (like the Simonize glass coat) without any pressure. Coley, in finance, is also very helpful and adept. I know from past experience, that the Maintenance crew is professional and savvy as well, and I have ny first maintenance visit scheduled with them. I could not be more pleased with my newest purchase!
Kristen Dougherty
I’m always greeted immediately upon entering the service area. The staff is professional and knowledgeable. I use the shuttle care service every time I’m in, and the gentleman who is the driver is wonderful… he’s a keeper for sure! Thanks for always providing great service, all the way around!
Richard Zitzka
We have purchased 2 vehicles through Scott Lake at Karl Tyler Chevrolet. Scott is a professional and always available to help us out. Thanks Scott!
Curtis Stoddard
Exceptional. The staff was very nice and not pushy. Bobby took his time to explain the functions very well of the new car. If I am in the area when I am ready for the next car, I will definitely shop here again.
Jay Howard
Karl Tyler has been very positive for me. I’ve delt with them since they were T&W on Broadway. I’ve always been a Chevy man and Karl Tyler has treated me very well. I’ve always dealt with Mike Jenkins. Now that he’s moved up the ladder, I now deal with his son Reed. My first experience with him was very pleasant. I plan on continuing to deal with them until I run out of the need for vehicles. The Tyler group are very down to earth people and make you feel at home whenever you go in.
Alison Walhood
We were beyond happy with the professional, fast and courteous service that we received from Matt Potter @ Karl Tyler Chevrolet. We purchased our truck 1 year ago (from Karl Tyler) and due to an accident our truck was totaled. With all the stress and chaos from the accident Matt made this buying experience as smooth and stress free as one can get. As always they have gone above and beyond our expectations to accommodate us and make sure we received everything we wanted. We also traded in our SUV for another new truck the same week. Coley in finance made all this go smoothly as well. Thank You!!! We love our new trucks!!!
OldDog Roger
Just purchased our third new vehicle (two Silverado’s and an Equinox) from Brennan at KTC. That by itself indicates our feelings. Brennan has always, and I do mean ALWAYS available (of course short delays but he returns any and every contact we’ve had within 48 hours and most within a few hours). The man knows the product and if he has any doubt he will find out and follow up. I have and will continue recommending both Brennan and KTC to friends and family.
Linda Bowles
Easiest dealership we have ever dealt with. We didn’t end up buying a car but they made us an u believable deal. Towing problems got in the way. We will be back when we get it figured out! Bobby and Bill bent over backwards to make a deal and were not pushy at all.
wayne chavez
this is the second vehicle purchase with Terry Amble and again we are completely satisfied with our experience at karl Tyler Chevrolet ..Terry completely covers all basses with us to make this experience enjoyable..He has all the product knowledge to answer our questions and does not hesitate to give us the instructions on the use of the many options on our Colorado ..Susan and I cannot say enough good things about how we are treated at your dealership…You have our business for any future purchased..Thanks again…
Buying an automobile is generally not a great experience. The folks at Karl Tyler (from start to finish) were a pleasure to work with.
Bill Swope
We are more than happy to give a great review to Steve Edgar of Karl Tyler Chevrolet. We contacted Steve via e-mail which led to phone conversations back and forth as we live in another town. He was very quick to to get back to us whenever we had a question or concern, and when we decided to make the trip to possibly purchase the car it was exactly as he had presented it. A few adjustments had to be made before we took it home and Steve was right on it and made sure we did not leave the dealership until everything was exactly as it should be. We would definately return to Karl Tyler Chevrolet and feel confident in dealing with Steve.
Gayle Weber
I want to thank Terry Amble at Karl Tyler Chevrolet for being such a great sales person. Terry helped me with the purchase of my third pickup purchase from Karl Tyler dating back to 2008. I called ahead and let him know the specs of what I was looking for. When I arrived he had gone through their inventory and had it narrowed down to just what I was looking for. And just like that, I was the the owner of a new truck by the end of the day. Terry reached out to all possible rebates and accessory options helping make my decisions much easier and helped me feel like I was making a good decision about. And I am much reassured that he is there to help me with anything I may need help with in the future.
ken madden
Terry Amble is the best salesman i have dealt with on any occasion. He has help me process many vehicles for work and personal use. He is always looking out for what is best for me. I appreciate that a lot!! Thanks Terry, good job!
Ted Childs
Salesman was good. Appraisal was not very professional. Low balled value of trade in. Making excuses as to how hard it is going to be to sale the trade in
Russell Parks
Your service department did an exceptional job. Starting with customer service on the first phone call and ending with the details of the work completed on the receipt; your team took great care of me and my vehicle. Thank you!
Kathy Olson
I cannot say enough about how wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, and fun Matt made doing business with Karl Tyler Chevrolet-Cadillac. I will highly recommend Matt and Karl Tyler Chevrolet-Cadillac to others. I have never had a vehicle purchase go as smoothly as Matt made it go, from the start to the finish Matt was the best!!! I also want to thank Coley in finance, he was professional and fun and had everything ready for me to sign. What a wonderful dealership. Thank you again for making it so easy!!
Tim Richardson
One of the best truck buying experience I have ever had. John Baldwin explained everything to me, with no pressure to buy, and after the purchase, I left feeling that we made a fair deal between us. My family has worked with John buying a couple of new vehicles and he came highly recommended by them. I now know why. I plan on buying all my future vehicles from this dealer and in particular, from John.
Jan Lechner
Always had exceptional service and advice from the whole crew. Today was no exception. Thank you Karl Tyler crew.
Vince Meng
I recently worked with John Baldwin at Karl Tyler and had one of the best car purchasing experiences I have ever had. John was very patient in showing me the options and choices available and did not try to oversell me on my needs for a new truck. There was never any pressure what so ever and I probably surprised John in choosing a vehicle with more amenities than he may have expected. John really worked with my own schedule to make this very seamless. In the short time I spent with John he really impressed me as a Karl Tyler employee and as a person. You have a winner on your team Karl Tyler!
John Miller
Absolutely amazing service from Courtney in the service dept. She kept in contact EVERY step of the way. I braced myself for the absolute worst, but it was the exact opposite. From day one, she took over and I had no worries or concerns about the work being done. I had a complete engine out and new re-installed in 2 days. She was the only one to talk to the extended warranty company, and I was blown away by the speed and communication. I will have ALL my service work handled by Courtney and her team. Thanks for all your help.
Chelsea Shull
John Baldwin made my car buying experience a breeze. He listened to what we were looking for and stayed within the budget that we asked, he did not try to upsell me into something I couldn’t afford or I didn’t like. He was willing to wait for me to make up my mind and really didn’t pressure me. Since this was my first large purchase I was nervous to make a decision, but he explained everything clearly and was very patient. We will be going back to John at Karl Tyler when we are in the market for another car.
Christoffer Sommerfeld
Terrible, brought my car. Didnt diagnose the problem. Problem came back a week later. Wanted to charge me again. Never going here again.
Rosemary Zitzner
My salesman Steve was great, I had looked at their inventory online and asked for more details regarding a car I was interested in. He was quick to respond, had the vehicle ready to go for a test drive when I went to the dealership. He listened to my concerns regarding previous experiences when purchasing vehicles. Straight forward. I love my new Malibu Premiere. A new truck is in our near future and we will definitely be seeing Steve again!
Zach Buhlke
Been a customer since I moved up here, last couple times I’ve been to KT, have been horrible, brought my truck in for a simple oil change at the earliest time slot they have and had to wait till the next day to pick it up… And this has happened twice, and had a simple repair where parts cost about 100$ then turned around to try and charge me 600$ to put it on,(simple 20 min job)… Not going there again… When did this company become highway robbers??
Ryan Cahill
Horrifically horrible. Brought the car in to have them fix the leak in the rack and pinion… they never touched that, but instead changed the oil and then let it just sit there all day before I was ever able to pick it up?! Will never mess with Karl Tyler again, they’ve been trouble since the very start
Gigi Marie
Over the past 20 years, KT has offered consistent and friendly service. They go above and beyond to make your visit a good experience. It is reassuring going to a place where you see familiar faces and know they will take care of your needs.
Jim Kelly
We have dealt with Karl Tyler since he took over the T & W Chevrolet dealership. He, and his service staff are friendly, reputable, reliable, and dependable. Great service we receive at Karl Tyler Chevrolet is one of the reasons we continue to do business there. Karl Tyler knows good service brings customers back!
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