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Anderson Ford in Lincoln, NE

Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

2500 Wildcat Dr, Lincoln, NE 68521, USA

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Heather Manns
I just moved here from out of state (I did not buy my car here) and I was looking for a place to bring my car for oil changes/maintenance. After arriving for my appointment (I scheduled online, which was also super easy) I knew I chose the right place! My service advisor, Bruce, was amazing! I had an oil change one visit, then he noticed there was a safety recall on my vehicle (that I had completely forgotten about) and so he helped me schedule the maintenance for a couple days later, where I dropped my car off, and was given a loaner, then came back to pick it up. He said they typically take a couple days so I was planning for two, but my car was done earlier than expected, and only took a day! Bruce was there each time and he was so kind and helpful. The oil change only took about an hour or so, which I think is normal. I will definitely be bringing my car back here because of the awesome job my service advisor and the service team who worked on my car did!!
Dustin Kennard
Recently moved to NE and was looking for a new vehicle, traded my old vehicle in. Got a fair offer on my trade and my sales experience was no pressure or hassle whatsoever. Everyone I worked with from front desk, sales, and finance were all very polite and professional. If looking for a great experience while looking for that New vehicle you want I’d highly suggest giving them the opportunity to earn your business.
Katrina Ozenbaugh
Quick, prompt replies when inquired about a vehicle. Nick Voight is an excellent salesman. Assisted me with all I needed and had me in a new truck within 6 hours of me contacting the dealership. Wonderful experience!
Brian Sanley
This company only sees you as a dollar sign just another number not a valuable customer. They proved it to me second time I went there to buy a car will never return again. Just to give people heads up there are a lot of other great car deales out there that truly will appreciate you as a customer!
Michael Wegher
Awesome sales team! Very helpful & friendly. Not fake or pushy either. Management and service team was also very helpful and friendly. I had an issue come up just a few months after purchasing and they were quick to respond and help get it taken care of. (Thanks Josh & Bruce!) I will definitely be coming back here for my next vehicle purchase. I have also been referring people to Anderson and will continue to do so.
SERVICE DEPARTMENT WARNING! I took a new Ford Transit Connect in for recalls and some warranty issues. I pulled in to the service bay got out and ask who i would talk to about service. I was told it was inside and that was above his pay scale. Anyway i ask the SERVICE MANAGER (Paul) about a tire pressure fault light that was on also.
He NEVER even walked out 10 feet to look at problem and continued on with he would look at it but if it was not under warranty he would charge me for the time to look at it. REALLY this has 7,000 miles on it. At least you would expect a Ford Dealership to treat their new car buyers or anyone better than that. A little concern and kindness goes a long way.
Unfortunately for Anderson Ford the old saying is if someone gets treated badly by a business they intern tell 12 others back in the day……… I am guessing that figure would be much larger in today’s world with Social Media and Internet. Please copy and paste this to any would be customer or consumer group as a warning to take this Service Department in consideration before your new Ford purchase.
As for me i am done with this Anderson Ford Group and will drive the extra 20 or 30 miles to be treated respectfully and like they care about future sales. I will be posting the full complaint to Ford Motor Company ASAP. Have a great day and i hope this post saves someone problems in the future!
——- Update ——-
I called in for the owner Mike Anderson and he was in meetings for the day! I ask to talk to GM and was told the same. I was contacted this morning By Nate the GM with Paul in his office on conference call.
In short seemed like he could care less and just wondered if i was aware of the charge. Nate said he understood i have other choices of dealerships and wanted to know if i was still going to use them or i could think about it. Oh and the guy with the pay scale problem was just a driver or something. WOW REALLY!
Not during the conversation did i once get a apologetic anything. They just do not understand customer service at all. At least you can say and do things in a way that would make a customer feel good about bringing in a new vehicle for service. To me it felt like Paul was having a bad day and could care less.
You would think the GM would have said hey were sorry you had a bad experience and we would like to start over and really take care of you. Remember your slogan we want to EARN YOUR BUSINESS. What happened to that? Mike Anderson
——— Update ——–
Mike Anderson, I appreciate your reply asking if there is anything you could do to make it right at least your more concerned about customer service than your employees. After reading and researching a little further I found the same complaints just a few months ago example quote from Mazda Chemist ”Customer service was as if they did not want my business” and the list goes on and on all similar comments. I understand you personally can’t be there for every move made in your dealership but when you read the same complaints time and time again you would think there might be a problem with your employees and communication skills. You can make any situation a good one with people skills and clearly your service manager is lacking this ability.
Good Lord what would have happened if I would have pulled up and needed a little air in my tire? Would they move from behind the counter to help me or charge me for making sure my tire pressure is correct? Charge me for air? If I have a recall will I be charged to look at it? What happened to the days of free air, wipe off your windows, If you need anything in the future please come back and see us………. Have a great day customer you just needed a little air in that tire. Can we schedule you in for the recall notice at no charge! Were here to help!
John Firestine
Heath treated me fairly and Curt car Manager was great also. There were a few problems with new truck and they took care of them so far. I got a great truck that should work for me for a while.
JoDe Kinnaman
Tim O’Neill was very good to work with. He understood what we were looking for and never pressured us, yet stayed in touch. We was not aware of the benefits of not only purchasing directly from a Ford dealership and even financing there and he made us aware of these benefits and helped us every step of the way. We actually purchased a vehicle from Mr. O’Neill in 2000 in Grand Island and it will be difficult to go elsewhere (other than Ford) in the future. We hope that our kids continue the Ford legacy as we have for three generations.
Was in Lincoln traveling for work took my 2012 F150 here to get fixed. They said they fixed it and charged me $200+ to do so. A few hours later my truck was still having the same issues so I called and was told it would be a few thousand to fix it. Researched myself online and purchased a $20 part GUESS WHAT? it fixed the issue and while I was fixing the issue what they claimed to have done to my truck for the $200+ didn’t look like it was even done! I would think a dealership that sells my truck would know how to fix it. I have no automotive experience yet I was able to
Kirah Ackley
Lee Ackley is the best sales lady there. She can help you find the car you need.
molly p
Drove all the way to Anderson Ford from Kansas City to purchase a used vehicle that we had been in search of. We had a great experience with Scott, even through several hiccups from our bank. All staff was friendly and helpful. Waiting area was great for the kids to stay busy.
Sam Morse
I had to have my car serviced here when I was in Lincoln from out of state. I was in a hurry and had to leave the next day. They had to get a part in from KC, but were still able to get me out in less than 24 hours. They were awesome!
Gary Meinke
Car salesman we work3d with was courteous, professional, and very helpful. Did not pressure us or keep calling us
Patti Kruse
My Escape was in for recall. I had a hard time figuring out how to get the car in for service because of a severe disability. I asked would there be a possibility they could pick my car up (I live only a few blocks away). Paul advised they normally don’t do that. I understood. He called back and said they would make arrangements to pick up my car. I am so grateful. Thank you Anderson Ford-Lincoln for being so kind. I will not forget this.
Ken Bazata
We had a great experience with Chuck. He was good to work with and he knew what was going on. We would gladly work with him again
Debbie Byrne
I used Kelly Blue book to get a quote on a truck I was selling. Kelly Blue book shared this with Anderson Ford and we struck a deal. I signed over the titled and was told I had to wait 10 days for a check to be mailed. I said what? I just handed you my title. I was told that the person who writes the checks was already gone for the day. Okay I will give you that it was around 4pm. I said I will be in tomorrow to pick up my check. Again I was told the only person in the whole company who can write checks did not come in. I have to wait. Apparently you can go in to Anderson ford, buy a new car, have them sign to title over to you and you can tell them the check is in the mail…now remember I am not talking about financing I am talking about any Joe blow can say my personal check is in the mail…hmm mm what do you think?
Keenan Knopp
Called to get some information on a part we ordered, was greeted by a man named Mike with a very annoyed sounding “yeah”. Asked if the part we got was revised or updated or if there was a revised TSB for it because it was different design than what came out of it, and received a we don’t do that and that was it. I’ve ordered parts and dealt with others and have had no problem getting parts information before. Guess I’ll take my business online next time.
Rodney Reffert
Very disappointed with service done to my Focus. Brought it in to have a recall done , to have a transmission leak looked at , headlights aimed , tire pressure sensor replaced and to see if a vibration under the hood could be diagnosed. Recall went fine but then during the transmission repair the brake dust shield was bent and was rubbing on something . I noticed it after pick-up and had to leave it longer for them to repair. Headlights still not aimed properly. Tire pressure sensor fine now. Didn’t find cause of vibration. Not surprised because they didn’t notice brake shield rubbing. I thought somebody there with some knowledge could resolve that with little effort or google it quickly so I did it myself and seems like it could be bad motor mount. This gives me little confidence in their abilities and effort to repair problems properly. Should have done all but the recall myself. Was looking at a used F150 there but will reconsider now.
Rick Horsley
Anderson ford just doesn’t get the concept of giving the customer the best buy the first time. I am of the opinion that you try and support yiur local community and businesses. However, my money is hard earned and I need to watch my budget and save as much as possible on major purchases. I have been to Anderson Ford 4 separate times when I was comparing prices for a new vehicle. Unfortunately I always had to travel outside of Lincoln to my the last four brand-new pickups and cars. They need to sharpen their pencil, make a better price and keep busniess in LINCOLN.
Theodore Walters
Anderson ford is a shady dealer that does not value it customers. Not only will I never return to Anderson, I will never buy another ford car. About a month ago I brought my car in for a recall, when I dropped it off I asked to have my car checked on to make sure nothing was wrong with it since I was already taking it in. They either found nothing or didn’t even take the time to look. Less than a month later I came back in because my AC was blowing hot air, and it was estimated to be less than a half-day before my car was back. Low and behold, this time they actually checked my car to see if anything was wrong and found 6 different problems and told me that they would not be able to have my car fixed for over a week, I wasn’t too concerned because when I purchased my car about a year ago I also invested in the extended warranty which included a rental/loaner car for service exceeding 1 day. However they decided not to honor my extended warranty rental/loaner car because I am a 22-year-old college student, this was the biggest reason for my purchasing of the extended warranty, so that I would not be left stranded without a car and i didnt know that the dealership could pick and choose which parts of the extended warranty they will honor. This was 2 days before I was supposed to leave for a spring break trip where I had already paid non refundable fees. I asked if I could just drive it for my trip and bring it back to be fixed after and they said that they would void my warranty if I did, basically holding my car hostage. I was forced to spend an exorbitant amount on a last minute train ticket as well as Ubers to get to and from my planned trip over spring break. Anderson Ford basically held my car hostage and made it as difficult as possible for me at every turn, I am an out of state college student with only one car, so being without a car for transportation (especially just before an important road trip ) is a big deal. I have now been without a car for over a week and they still have no real idea when they will finish. Allegedly they are waiting on a few bolts to show up, but how do you not have any bolts in the entire dealership? I received very subpar customer service, especially from their manager Paul who was incredibly rude and condescending throughout this entire process to me and my mother who called to try and resolve this issue.
Never again will I go to Anderson Ford, and I will likely never buy another Ford because of this experience, it seemed as if i was taken advantage of at every turn because I am a young college student who doesn’t know any better. I urge every college student to go to a different dealer for any and all service, and also to look outside of ford when buying your next vehicle.
*Update because of response from owner*
It is curious that you state that it is against Nebraska Law to rent to an individual under 25, however after an extensive search, there is nothing to be found in Nebraska Law about age requirements when renting a car, and in fact virtually all rental car companies will rent to individuals between 21 and 25, and I was personally able to rent a car in the state of Nebraska last year by myself, with no other cosigners. What I believe you are referring to is in no way shape or form a Nebraska Law, rather a policy at may rental car companies stating that drivers under 25 have to pay a surcharge. This response from Anderson Ford is an example of this company trying to shift blame to the customer for their shortcomings.
A Woods
Avoid this dealership. I was charged for services covered under factory warranty because, they said, they have an expectation of a car being in “good working condition” when it’s being brought in to be FIXED, as if that makes any sense. Then they bald-faced lied about the charges to the Better Business Bureau. This is the 3rd time I’ve been screwed over by them. The will extort you for hundreds of dollars, nonexistent damages, exorbitant mileage, and made-up fees. Ridiculous, shifty business practices. This is the WORST kind of dealership. Avoid at all costs.
Jim Snader
I live in Missouri, and my daughter goes to school at CUNE, Seward NE. I scheduled a service for my daughter”s Focus on 2/21/18 for 2/24/18. On the day of the appointment there was an ice storm which made life a little tricky to get around. When we arrived we were greeted promptly by your service writer who seemed to really enjoy his job, even though it was horrible outside. He and rest of your staff really made sure that we were comfortable and well taken care of. We enjoyed our experience so much, that I think you cured my daughter’s fear of car service departments. I was really impressed by caring, professional environment that was exhibited during our visit. I will be back. Please inform Mr. Paul Kottman of my gratitude over our experience.
Jeremy Toelle
Great experience here very kind and helpful people. Nick Voigt answered and addressed all my questions and concerns. Thanks again Nick.
Few Ford dealers will touch my F-750. Anderson has the expertise for the larger Fords and I couldn’t be happier with their services. A+++
Alicia Rosno
My car wasn’t working and I was in a dilemma, Anderson Ford staff was AMAZING help wise in getting me a loner car and getting my car in asap to get fixed! I recommend them greatly for anyone who needs service!
Steven Hovland
Just stopped in for an oil change while traveling cross country on I-80. Fast and friendly.
Makessense Traveler
Staff is nice. Shopping for vehicles isn’t something I do on a regular basis I’m just expecting a different level of service making such a large purchase.
Mazda Chemist
I recently brought my car in for body repairs due to a raccoon accident. I’ll be honest I was disappointed in the way the body shop handle it this time around. Customer service was as if they did not want my business. But I ended up leaving my car with them because they did amazing work when I had hit a deer a while back. I get the Okay that my car is finished and that I could pay over the phone and they would leave the key inside the car, but I wanted to do a walk over with them. I get to the body shop and see my car, while walking up I noticed that my front bumper is a bright white compared to the rest of the body. I know my car is older but I felt it really could be “matched” a lot better, like they did before. I also noticed my fog light was not place properly into the bumper. So I go inside to speak to someone, they grabbed the manager from inside the shop and walked outside to my car, while I’m waiting in the lobby still. My friend who dropped me off told me to look outside, here they are trying to shove the fog light into the bumper so it sits flush. I go outside to my car and I was told that the color is the code of the car and that there’s nothing really he can do. They said they would pull the car in to the shop to properly fix the fog light issue, which they did. Not a good visit, felt like my car was rushed to make a quick turn over. Definitely will look for another place of business.
Brian DeSchuiteneer
This place is a joke, they don’t honor your warranty and take no responsibility for their own messes ups. I will never buy here again.
Daren Gillespie
Took their time and made sure I ended up with the vehicle that was best for me.
Christina Paulson
My ford focus had an extended warranty due to transmission issues. They fixed it for free. Thanks!!!
Kevan Dragoo
Very pleasant experience and no pressure to buy which made it even better. Things were explained well. Overall nice experience.
Scott Heaton
After having a different vehicle sold out from underneath me, this dealership went to the extra effort to find a vehicle that would work perfectly for my daughter turning 16 soon. Nathaniel was professional, the paperwork was all ready when I arrived and the process was very smooth.
Be aware that the dealership sells the information of whoever brings their cars in for service. They will sell your car model, VIN, name, and mileage to your insurance company. My insurance premium jumped up because of their reporting. This is a blatant disregard of the privacy of the vehicle owner. I will no longer be taking anything I own to their service department.
Amber Woods
Avoid this dealership. I was charged $115 for services covered under factory warranty because, they said, they “have an expectation of a car being in good working condition” when it’s being brought in to be FIXED, as if that makes any sense. Then they bald-faced lied about talking to me, saying the charges were authorized by my mother, who they *never* spoke to. This is the 3rd encounter I’ve had with Anderson Ford and the 3rd time I’ve been screwed over by them. A few years ago they said we could test drive a vehicle, that we could keep it overnight since it was the weekend and we had a family member that worked there. Next thing we know they’re telling us we have no choice but to lease the vehicle at over $100 more a month than originally quoted because we “kept it” and returning it would cost us “rental car fees” of several hundred dollars. A year later we returned the vehicle and they charged us for nonexistent damages, exorbant mileage, and repainting the car. Ridiculous, shifty business practices. This is the WORST kind of dealership. Avoid at all costs.
Erik Sokol
I can’t say that I am all that impressed with the service side of Anderson Ford. I recently took my Flex in to have the rear view camera replaced and when I picked it up, I noticed part of the plastic covering the lift hatch to be out of position. When I quickly returned and brought it to the service shops attention, they tried to fix it…and then when it couldn’t be fixed, I was informed that it couldn’t have been broken while in their shop and that I could purchase the parts to replace it. I argued that it didn’t look that way when I dropped it off and that I’ve never had that problem prior….so it’s more than a little coincidental to me. I’ve since left a message with the GM to see if he will return my call. Maybe you should take pictures of your vehicle when you drop it off???
Update- I was contacted by the GM of Anderson Ford the day after I left him a voicemail – which I thought was prompt. He was courteous and professional and agreed to resolve the issue we had. A few days later, and I’m now sitting at the dealership while the new part is being installed. Thank you!
Donna Hurtig
Car shopping not one follow up call from sales rep. We did but a car within a week but not from them disappointed in follow thru with sales staff
Scotty Gottula
Very slow response to deal and was totally out of line on price
Carli Rose
Our experience with Anderson Ford was really great! Since Devin knew we were coming, he had everything all lined up for us and we started things very quickly. He was knowledgeable about the car and had answers to the questions we asked. We were pretty nervous since this was our first time buying, but everyone was great about putting our concerns to rest. We didn’t feel from Devin the stereotypical pushiness that most salesmen have a reputation for. Instead, he objectively answers questions and made sure that we found the car that was right for us! We highly recommend Devin and Anderson Ford!
J Beck C
My car buying experience was a pretty simple process.Anderson Ford had a nice selection of the type of car I was considering and Josh made the experience easy! From meeting us at the dealership on his day off to working with us on taking the car for a couple days to answering and resolving any issues we had. Thanks to Josh for being a great salesman!
Sandra Bengtson
This is the 4th vehicle we have purchased from Anderson Auto over the years. I like the no hassle sales people & pricing. We live about 70 miles away, but worth the drive. I was surprised to walk in and find Mark, the same salesman who helped us with our last vehicle in 2014. He is helpful and great to work with. I’m so glad we got to work with Mark again. We will be calling him when we are ready for another vehicle.
Ariana Brant
I would highly recommend this place! Colby helped me and he, as well with the entire staff, was very helpful and friendly. They had stayed over an hour just to help me purchase my dream car. I had to get my car detailed a few days after and when I walked in, they knew exactly who I was and why I was there. Great service all around!!
Carole Ortmeier
Bob Elet was a great salesman. He was nice to work with. I didn’t care for the manager that we met with as I thought he was rude and condescending, but Bob was great!
Rich Woods
Very helpful people but parts are overpriced there
Jeffery Brown
From the moment we stepped on the lot on a Sunday while they were closed, to the moment we drove off with our vehicle a week later, we were impressed. Their inventory was more substantial and diverse for the vehicles we were looking for. Although the cycle is well into the 2016 year models and starting into 2017, we found several, brand new 2015 models with great markdowns. Our salesperson was phenomenal and made us feel very relaxed. I could see a young first-time buyer having a great experience. Since we’ve done this a multitude of times, we expected some pressure. It never materialized. We never felt pressured and we knew we could walk away at any time. We already had financing arranged and still had to wait a bit because the finance folks were very busy. The waiting area was very nice and the staff kept us updated and provided refreshments. Devin took the time to call us after a couple of days to follow-up and we appreciated it. I highly recommend Anderson Ford!
Travis Prochaska
I just got done purchasing my first new truck with Jacob at Anderson Ford of Lincoln. Jacob went above and beyond my expectations as I purchased this truck. To a point, now living in North Dakota, that I couldn’t leave the the truck on the lot. At most places, I feel like the goal is sell the truck rather than earn a repeat customer down the road. That wasn’t the case here – Jacob showed respect and courtesy – just as if I was part of the Anderson Ford family! Couldn’t be happier with the experience!
Steph Chichinsky
Anderson’s parts counter needs some people with more organization and better people skills. Also the need to remember the customer coming to their counter came in to pay for parts.
Jeff Jackson
Awesome service department! We have our company trucks worked on here and their guys are great!
Susie Wilson
Our experience at Anderson ford was fantastic!! Our salesman Tom was great, know his trucks, very friendly, knowledgable and pleasant to work with and answered all our questions. He is an asset to this dealership. Would buy again from him! All the people we worked with from the guy we dealt with on pricing to the credit guy..every step of the way was pleasant.
Benjamin Lynch
I had a very good experience at Anderson Ford. Devin helped me out in finding a vehicle for me. While we were unable to find a vehicle that had a moon roof, I ended up trying something a bit different in Leasing. In doing so I got a beauty of a truck in a Bright Blue Flame Ford F150 brand new. So I’m hoping this all works out well, I’m super excited and love the way it drives. As for Devin’s professionalism and Customer Service I would very much so, recommend him for your next visit.
Steve Swanson
Great to deal with. Ask for Tim O’Neill if looking to buy a car!
Lorna Salter
Brought my truck in to have an internior Ford component installed. No dimples or dents on the passenger side door when I went in, but 8-10 dents with a 1 inch by 2 inch area when I got it back. The service manager’s response was that it didn’t happen when it was there. He suggested that it occurred in a parking lot (driven infrequently, and parked in the far side of a lot when driven), or in my garage (no possible way). The letter writing campaign to Ford is going to start now. I now understand why Anderson has a bad rep.
Sarah Donnelly
I bought my very first car here and it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgable! They went out of their way for me and ensured I had the best possible experience!
Larry Essink
Nick was awesome. He was not pushy in any way. He listened to what we wanted instead of trying just sell something. If I was to write a text book of how a car/truck sales dealership should treat a customer I’d go to Anderson Ford in Lincoln to get my information.
Austin Wiese
Fast service. Expensive as to be expected from any certified dealer.
Christopher Jennings
We had problems with our tow vehicle while camping in Mahoney State Park. They took wonderful care of us and got us on the road again!
Roxi smith
They said that the dash lights were supposed to be dim. My son in law got replacement lights now I can see all the instraments on my dashboard without turning on a overhead light
Aaron H.
Sometimes buying a car is not easy or fun. Anderson Ford made both possible. Josh and Lee made me really comfortable with the car buying process and I felt that I got a great deal on a great car. I’ve also had a very good experience with their service department. They are worth a visit if you need a new car or if you need service for your car.
Jelayna Stauffer
Chuck did an excellent job of listening to our wants, helping us sort through out needs and helping us find the new car that fit both. He was helpful, patient and knowledgeable. He let us take the time we needed to be sure of our decision. It was a pleasure to get to know him and we will recommend him to any of our friends who are looking for a new vehicle. Thanks Chuck..
Jessica Monroe
I have been taking my vehicle here for a few years now. I can’t explain how refreshing and good it feels to trust a car dealership to do honest and solid work on my Ford Edge. After having many bad experiences at other dealerships in town I’m so glad to have found Anderson Ford in Lincoln!
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