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M & F Auto Sales in Albuquerque, NM

Overall Rating 3.4 out of 5
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2922 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, USA

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+1 505-839-2299

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Used Car Dealership Albuquerque NM | Used Car Dealer | M&F Auto Sales

At M&F Auto Sales, we provide the best used cars in Albuquerque, excellent customer service, competitive financing rates & more! Check out our website now!

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All reviews:

Marie Stinnett
Thank you, Tom! We have already recommended M&F to several people and will continue to do so. We came in to ‘look’ at a car that they brought over for us from another location. We weren’t ‘sold’ on it and Tom took the time to really figure out what we were looking for. (And we took so much time!) Now I have a ‘dream’ car! We’re so grateful! Don’t hesitate to stop in if you are looking for impressive service in the sale and beyond.
Chad Petty
Beware of this dealer! They asked me to sign blank purchase documents under the guise of ‘incase they make a mistake.’. I had to sign docs three times and wait over two weeks for the bank they selected to have all the correct documents to finalize my loan. During these multiple do overs I requested to return the car since they could not get the paperwork right. They refused. I negotiated my contract including the top or the line auto warranty. After return to sign the purchase agreement for the third time they failed to disclose the had dropped the premium warranty to a lesser warranty without dropping the price. It was only when I took the car in for a water pump and was refused coverage under the lesser warranty that I discovered their deception. In December they contacted me after a bad review only to tell me they would get back to me. They never did until I updated my review. The owner contacted me asking me to take down the review. I requested a solution of trade in towards a different car but he had already negotiated a deal with the warranty company president that benefits him by not making me whole. I strongly recommend you look elsewhere. If you are intent on a car they have write down all they promise during negotiations, verify the final contact matches their promises and be sure to record them as they are recording you. Yes, they’re recording You during the finance portion and not for your benefit. Now that I want to trade it in or sell it I find that reputable dealers won’t take it because it has had too many owners. This is something I asked the manager about at the time and he assured me that it was normal for this time frame. This explains why the car lot won’t even take the car back itself even though they sold it to me. If all that wasn’t bad enough I found out that there were 10 credit pulls on the same day I bought the car when I was only told about One and now I have needed credit repair to remove all of the credit pulls. Again go anywhere else
Isaac Saiz
Worst experience I’ve ever had with any place I’ll never ever shop here or have any of my friends co workers and family shop here. Got a jeep and was making nosies and they kept my jeep over 2 weeks and gave it back to me said cant fix noises after I was promised they would be fixed and would do a trade or let me walk away from the deal. Will never come back and will make sure anyone I know does not shop at m&f!!
jaqueline Gutierrez
After being very upset about miscommunication regarding the cleanliness of my recently purchased vehicle, the owner took the time to speak to me over a phone call and make sure he did everything he can to make it right. He was very professional and seemed to genuinely care that I was not happy at the time! THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH for turning my frown upside down I will send as much business as I can your way! Oh yeah and big thanks to salesman Eric for going out of your way as well!
Shawn Henderson
Thanks to Jude Laris me and the boys love the truck thanks for all the work you guys did to get us in the truck, we will recommend M&F to our freinds and families
Micah Stevenson
They sell cars that look nice. Definitely won’t last but atleast they make sales off people who don’t know what to look for. Don’t buy here and expect to get a long lasting car. There’s a reason that their warrenty is a complete joke. I was looking at an Altima that looked beautiful but once I inspected it a lot closer I noticed it was badly bottomed out and had been lowered about 4″ from the stock height, it had bad frame damage and broken hubcaps, broken headlights, small crack in windshield, “bad battery” which allegedly caused the start-up trouble. It sounded like it wanted to rumble after about 30 minutes of driving and they refused to fix any of that and told me to live with it because that’s why they priced it low except it wasn’t a low price it was the state average. Very sleazy salesman that just want to sell the car no matter what it takes…..unless of course it required them to adjust the price or fix dangerous issues on the car. Oh and last thing is they thought because I’m young they could get away with trying to give me 29% Apr and told me not to pay off my car early because that “won’t help build my un-established credit” DON’T BUY HERE!!!
Worst experience ever. These guys are shisty, I offered them 9k cash for a car they had for 11,500 the Sells rep went on a test drive with me and when I explained to him my offer he kinda just looked at me stayed quiet. He then took me in his office asked me for my license, he then wrote some sort of proposal behind his desk and I’m sitting there asking like why would he need my license again if we already drove the car if I wasn’t test driving it again. without saying much he handed the propasal of some sort thinking I guess that I was some dumb ass excited for a car and would just sign. When I read the propasal it said 11500 when we had never even agreed to that price and when I clearly stated how much I had and was willing to pay 9k when We first drove it. I then read the contract and refused to sign it. I then asked for the sells rep manager I believed the sells reps name is jeremey and the manager was some chubby white dude anyways I ended up speaking to the manager and I explained to him what The sells rep had done he responded rudely to me don’t remember his exact words but he then asked how much I offered I said 9k he responded like oh no way like I was out of my mind super rude horrible customer service way over priced these dude don’t deserve your hard earned money
We just bought a car from M&F, and this was not a typical used car lot experience. I would highly recommend them. Bryce, the finance manager, was extremely nice and helpful. No long winded back and forth haggle. They gave us a fair deal for our trade and a great deal for the car we bought. We were not there for the better part of day like most places. Because we were from out of town and not able to take the car home the day we bought it, Bryce made arrangements to have the car delivered to us a few days later. Rare experience! In the future, when we look for our next car we are definitely going back.
Jonathan Valenzuela
If I can give 10 starts I would. Amazing is an understatement. The level of profesionalist and honesty from these people Is on another level. You feel like family. Tom is a great counselor and will tell you everything you need to know. The general manager greets you and they work their butt off to get you what you need and the price you need. I work a a dealer but I won’t do business anywhere else. If your all about honesty and want to get the best deal in a vehicle go see Tom. My family and friends and decendants will buy from m and f because trust and word of mouth plays a huge factor in customer service. Out if all the credentials in these peoples arsenal. Honesty, integrity, initiative, tact and dependability is their strongest factors. Down to earth people. Thank you guys so much for your kindness.
Jean-Marie Bridge
Great car buying experience. I went to look and get an idea of what’s available and Jude and John were so helpful I drove off in a great new vehicle. Jude is NOT your typical pushy used cars salesman. GO see him if your looking for a great deal!
Danielle Griego
They totally sold me a lemon!!! Buyer beware!!! A day after I purchased a vehicle from them it began acting up. Not only did I have to replace the battery THREE DAYS after I bought it, but I lost all power TWICE on the freeway!! I took it in several times and they swore there was nothing wrong with it, but magically found something after my service warranty was up! The manager is very pushy and they totally took advantage of my inexperience in car buying. They sold me a lemon far above market value. And even worse they make you log in to your social media accounts so they can review themselves for you!! I’m still going through and editing and removing inaccurate review they posted for me!! Buyer beware!!
Tor Linn
I find it funny how they only respond to positive reviews. Was considering to go look at a 30k car that they have but after seeing as they don’t address their bad reviews and only address the positive this is not someone I would want to do business with.
Lisa Schaedel
I am still in love with my used car no problems great running and top of the line service department for oil change and ex.. Great customer service on coors…
Katie Fewox
I will NEVER EVER EVER buy from here again, not even if they were the last dealership on earth. I would ride a bike or rollerblade first. First I will say our salesman, Derek was FANTASTIC!!!! He was such a pleasure to work with! Hinest, helpful, everything a salesman should be. Unfortunately this company doesnt measure up to him. The owner and mangers were jerks, and completely ridciculous! Refused to give me even bad trade in on my 2015 murano (which was in pristine condition and way under mileage.) They wanted US as the buyer to jump through hoops to get the vehicle we were looking at (which was overpriced to begin with, trust me Ive done extensive research and I know how all the numbers work in a deal.) We finally came to a deal reluctantly, and while waiting on our bank to get back to us on a decision, they offered another banks % which wasn’t far off from what we thought we were going to get at our own bank, so we went went with it. After we signed we basically got left out in the cold. Our bank came back with a 1% cheaper rate so we decided to just run it as a refi at that point. Once we told the finance guy Matt this his demeanor and service plummeted dramatically!!!! He wuldnt answer calls or texts to get stuff done so we could refi to our bank. It took them almost 4 weeks and 2 angry phone calls to even get them to send the check to pay off the murano which incurred extra interest so even when they do pay it there will be a balance left, all this in which we still never got a call back to explain or give an apology. Getting anyone (with the exception of Derek who answered every call) to call us back was like pulling teeth. We are still waiting on calls back as of today for issues that are not being taken care of with the finances. Not only that, when the finance guy, Matt redid the paperwork because we needed to remove the gap from the original HE CHANGED THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT!!!! This change in rate and months caused US to incur a couple hundred extra in interest that will have to be paid off and rolled into the next loan. SNAKELIKE AS HELL!!!!! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!
Jon-Paul Momchin
Ran my credit 3 times without my permission. Salesmen are flaky. No transparency.
Daniel Griego
Did not find the right vehicle, but Tom was awesome and very helpful.
Dustin McDowell
I’d give infinitive amount of stars if I could. Bo went above and beyond to ensure that we got into the vehicle we wanted with a great price! Also he is highly advised when it comes to sales and the product. Totally blown away with the service I received. I will only buy here. Will be back for my wife’s car. I highly recommend the coors Location. Thanks Bo, you are one of a kind. So go see these guys and ask for Bo, tell them Dustin McDowell sent you.
Michael Knowles
this place is great. I went in to check out a car featured in the Autopress, ran into Jude who was an awesome and respectful salesman and never too pushy. without any full intentions on buying, we ran through the numbers. Needless to say we worked out a good deal and I would definitely recommend M&F and highly recommend talking to Jude.
John Marriott
I went over to look at a particular car and met George. I was in pretty impressed with the whole organization over there especially the car. I told him if they total my car I’ll be back and hopefully the car that I’m looking at will be there thank you very much for that experience and I enjoyed being there and I’ll come again.
Paul Otero
Getting a car from here was good even though I got less for my car than it was worth and paid more than the other one was worth. The thing that kills me is when I canceled my extended warranty I now feel like an enemy of this company treated the opposite of when I bought the car. I feel ripped off that I will never be able to buy a car from here again.
Frances Trujillo
This was the worst auto buying experience I have ever had. We entered this place only looking at vehicles because we were still shopping around. The second we showed an interest in a Ford Excursion, the salesman, Jude immediately took us inside to fill out the application to see if we would even be approved. He repeatedly said this is just an application, you are not obligated to purchase. Once we were approved it felt like we were being pushed to purchase this vehicle because Jude was able to negotiate the payments to what we needed. At one point we had told him that we still wanted to shop around and his response was to repeatedly show us the numbers and remind us that we would have payments right where we needed them. I truly felt backed into a corner because Jude kept pushing the issue about the payments and how good the vehicle was. Ultimately, we ended up signing the contract without test driving this truck and without being told about all the minor issues, basically going in blind. What’s worse is Jude did not even offer a test drive. We were immediately ushered into the office to sign papers. The sunroof in the vehicle ended up not working and when it was brought to Jude’s attention, we were told that they do not have anyone who could look or fix it so basically the minute the truck left their possession they wanted nothing to do with it. These guys are slick and will con an old woman out of her life savings if they had the opportunity. I have huge regrets about ever stopping at this dealership and I warn others not to go there if they can help it. If Jude would have respected our choice to continue shopping instead of pushing this truck on us, we would not be in this situation. I will never go to any M&F Auto ever again.
Lenny Lopez
Love visiting M&F! They always have the best inventory, and Lenny Lopez is the best salesman you could ever work with!
Janice Garcia
Sold me a car and although i knew the brakes needed to be fixed i decided to buy it anyway since its an easy fix. Few weeks later my car locks started acting up and now i have to repair a cord in my power steering being very pricey and feel the car should have been cheaper now that i think about it and how old it is. I bought from tony. I feel this is stuff that i should have been told and they promised me a car dashboard since the dash reflects badly on the window and never got one!! Will never recommend this place to anyone.
Jeremiah lavery
Found a great truck for a great price. Talk to George he’s a good man
Brian Halona
Sales man Jude is top notch and provides outstanding customer service, above and beyond even after the sale, many thanks to you.
Alex Gomez
Jude laris was really helpful and really nice.! Deal done quick and smooth. Really happy.
jacob alas
Car buying experience was great. When it came to fixing the things wrong with the car I was told that they had factored the pricing for the damage. After a month of waiting on my plates I called to check on the progress. They had not sent the paper work to mvd yet!. So fill out the financing at the bank or credit union.
seth gant
Jude Lazis is a fantastic sales man, I rate him 5 stars or more, he was extremely helpful, cuturous, and customer friendly, he also has excellent customer service skills, I recommend you go to him for advice and to purchase a vehicle, you will not be disappointed ?
Naithan Gurule
Highly recommend M&F Auto, we worked with Henry and had the best experience! We’ve bought several vehicles from him and it’s always been a pleasure working with Him and his team! He works extremely hard to get us the best deals! Very professional! I’ve recommended many family and friends to M&F Auto and they always deliver the best service! When I hear of someone needing a new vehicle the first words out of my mouth are “Go to Henry, I gaurentee he will take of you” Thank you Henry and M&F Auto for your hard work, honesty and all you have done for us, we appreciate It! We showed up as customers for Henry and left as friends!
ErnesTina Burke
I had an absolutely fantastic experience. Henry went out of his way to help me with this sale from the first time I spoke with him on the phone, through the trade in of my jeep and the purchase of my new vehicle. They did not have to work with me as much as they did to make this sale happen, the vehicle I bought would have sold quickly regardless and probably with more profit on their end, but I really appreciate their time and effort. The vehicle I bought was clean and the atmosphere of the dealership was comfortable. No pressure. When I walked onto the lot, I did not feel like I was walking into a buzzard’s lair. This will be my dealership of choice if I ever find myself in the market again. While I was at the dealership on Lomas I overheard other salesmen on the phone with other prospective customers and they were taking the time to help them in a very professional manner just as Henry had helped me, although I already knew what I wanted.
Today, I went with my father who wanted a used truck that he can pay 250 or less. Our sales person was Kelly. Long story short, the lady was RUDE, talked down to my father, and said we cannot help you because his credit score was 736 and didnt have a vehicle for him after inquiring about a DENALI that was in the 250$ RANGE and specifically said “Yes come on down we will get you that truck NO PROBLEM”. After being treated like a 2nd class dirt bag, we headed over to NISSAN on lomas and they got him a NEWER truck with LESS miles for the SAME PRICE! Good riddance to M&F, come here if you want to buy cheap lemons with out rageous sticker prices. Side note: the denali was wrecked (which my dad was still okay with for some reason), the toyota tocama was wrecked but it was “just a ding”, if you want wrecked “barley dinged ” vehicles. Come here, this is your place
Amber Railey
We got helped by Bo he is the best sales person ever if you go here ask for boo he’s super helpful and super sweet! Great prices on cars! They really care about you as a individual or a family….we had our 4 yr old with us and they treated her like an little adult! She loved it and was super good the entire time because they knew how to treat her! Thanks m and f!
Keifer B
Bought my vehicle and months later started having issues with the transmission. Paperwork and everything went smooth and they have a nice staff. I’m just a little butt hurt that I’ve had my car for approximately a year and I’m now having to replace the tranny. Maybe better vehicle inspections on their part may avoid trouble in the future.
John Cruz
About to wrap up an awesome deal that Jude helped us with. He went to bat for us to work out good payments. He was very personable and was comfortable to work with. NOT AT ALL the experience I have had in the past with hawk-like dealers. Jude was charismatic and made this the best birthday present I could give myself. I highly recommend M&F auto for their transparent and reasonable prices. More importantly…. I recommend you work with Jude!!!!
Eddie Moore
Typical used car lot. Doesn’t fulfill their warranty obligation. Better deals can be had elsewhere.
Paul Sanchez
Don’t bother shopping here very rude customer service.
John Silva
I purchased a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium with 96000 miles 14.5 k the moment I got it home I was peeking in the engine bay and I remove the Plastics and the entire engine is covered in sticks dirt and weeds and leaves and m&f was said that they did engine maintenance when yet there is still old debris from the previous owner on the engine as well as Casino tickets in the backseat from the previous owner and now my transmission is slipping and my battery is completely dead the past week I’ve had to jump start my car every time I turn it on and I haven’t even made my third payment I will be making my 3rd payment this week and I can’t even drive my car thank you M&ffor doing Shady work and getting me good might have a repo this year thanks to you!!
I updated this review which was not a good review. Mike from M&F called me and took the time to listen to my compliant. He was professional and apologized for the problems I was having with my truck. He also explained their inspection policy and let me know that my vehicle should not have left their lot in the condition that it did. I do believe Mike never would have sold this truck had he known the brakes were in poor condition. Mike has taken care of the problem and really changed my opinion of his business. It is refreshing to know that good honest business’ practices are not extinct. Thank you for making things right.
Glenn Baker
Great experience! Jude was very helpful in our search for a nice vehicle for my wife. We found the car we wanted, told him what I was willing to pay, and they accepted. I told him I had an appointment and was short on time, he and Afif in finance were able to get us out of there on time. We are very pleased with the car, and the sales team at M & F.


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