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Dana Ford in Staten Island, NY

Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

 266 West Service Road Suite A, Staten Island, NY 10314, United States
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Dana Ford Lincoln | Ford Dealership in Staten Island NY

Visit Dana Ford Lincoln in Staten Island for a variety of new & used cars cars, parts, service, and financing. We are a full service dealership, ready to meet you and earn your business.

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Matthew Taylor
I paid $10,800 – the very top of KBB range for a 2013 Escape – over $1000 more than kbb “fair market”. Dana refused to move on the price but I got them to agree to include mudflaps. Three days after delivery it exhibited engine problems. It’s now been six months, I’ve spent the better part of $10,000 fixing this vehicle they sold me, and I still don’t have my $50 rear mudflaps. First, Dana Ford has a nice, clean facility. The sales rep Abdul Azeez was as helpful as he could be – most of my issues were beyond his control. I took delivery of the vehicle with just over 94k miles on 9/30/20. When I purchased the vehicle I requested Ford molded mudflaps and it was noted on the invoice. Only front mudflaps were installed when I picked it up. There were no rear mudflaps (PN: DJ5Z-16A550-BA) in stock but I was assured they’d send the rear ones to me. I trailered it home. The second time I drove it (10/3) the check engine illuminated (#2 misfire) with 94,140 on the odometer. Vehicle also had a rough idle. I noted that the coolant level was down near MIN but still in the normal range. Contacted Dana. Dana wanted me to bring it in. I live over 200 miles from Staten Island and wasn’t going to drive it that far with an issue. I offered to take it to a local Ford dealer for diagnosis on my dollar ($125). They found a leaking valve cover gasket and oil on the ignition coil boots. Local dealer advised replacing valve cover gasket, spark plugs, and coils for $1165. My local Ford dealer also made it clear that the vehicle may have bigger problems and that the quoted repair may not fix it but it would be the first step. I sent this estimate to Dana and they refused but said they would cover half this amount. I made it clear that I was agreeing to half the Ford dealer’s estimate, not half of the repair bill. In late Oct. I had a local independent licensed repair shop replace the valve cover gasket, plugs, and coils with all genuine Ford parts at a cost of $745. I submitted this to Dana and they sent me a check for $373 “per Mr. Sauber” with “releases all claims” on the back. I had agreed to $582, half the local Ford dealer estimate, not $373 which is less than half of what I spent ($870 incl. diagnosis). Not only can they not honor the mandatory 30 day warranty, then can’t even honor their own lowball offer. The check engine light was gone but the rough idle remained. The vehicle was consuming coolant. I had to top the reservoir every other tank of gas. After consulting local Ford technicians I learned that it’s a common problem in the Ecoboost 1.6 engine. The solution is a new engine. At this point I was past the 30 day warranty period. I drove the vehicle as little as possible for two months. In Jan., 2900 miles after purchasing the vehicle, the engine problems were remedied with a $3300 Ford replacement engine. At that time it was discovered that the vehicle also needed a $3000 transmission and a PTU (there is no way I or Dana could have anticipated the trans or PTU troubles). Inspection of the cylinder head on the original engine revealed a very clean valve on cylinder #2. This is indicative of coolant leaking into the #2 cylinder. It’s plausible that this engine was in this condition when I bought the vehicle and was the cause of the check engine light on 10/3/20. I texted Mr. Azeez 4/1 re the the mudflaps since Dana hadn’t responded to multiple emails about the mudflaps over this period. Yesterday, 4/6/21, I received notice from Mr. Azeez that the mudflaps were overnighted the day after we spoke about them which was 10/5. It’s possible it was a shipping issue so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on it for now. I trust Abdul/Dana will provide tracking information to initiate a claim with the parcel carrier. As of today I’m still waiting for my rear mudflaps.
It was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. We went in looking for 2020-21 Lincoln Navigator and they actually had in stock (So many dealers don’t have in stock or just 1 and it’s sold) They had different models to show us and it was nice to choose. Once me and my husband decided on the model, the procedure was very fast and we got the keys to our new car within 2 hours (paperwork included). Definitely go to Dana dealership if you don’t want any tricks or surprises in the end. Again Thank you for pleasant and easy experience. I will definitely recommend Dana Ford and Lincoln to anyone.
Brenda Schnur
I was pleasantly surprised by the service I received at Dana Ford. I originally went there just to test drive the Explorer. I had no intentions of actually leasing the vehicle from them due to a couple of bad experiences there. Ryan Peters was my sales person and he was great. His knowledge of the vehicle was perfect. The best of all is that he did not pressure me to lease the vehicle. The sales manager was also very professional and again, he did not pressure me. I didn’t get the famous line “ I can’t give you a price unless you buy the car today”. They met me at the price I could afford to pay. When I picked up the truck, EVERY person I encountered was friendly and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better leasing experience.
Zhen Li
Had a very pleasant purchasing experience recently. The Salesperson (Mr. Nick Russo) and other staffs are friendly, knowledgeable, straight forward, and honest. The overall communication throughout the entire purchasing process is great. Highly recommended.
Tristan Oliva
The whole experience went just as we hoped for. I was able to find a truck that I personally love for a good price. I was also able to have this deal done in a matter of 2 days so the process was quick and that is something I hoped for. I would definitely recommend coming here when looking for a new vehicle. Everyone there is very friendly and always looking to help. Jorge worked with me while I was there and he did a great job in the process.
Ally Coppa
My sales person was Ryan. He was fantastic!! He was patient and very thorough. Not pushy at all. I normally can’t stand looking for a car when my lease is up Ryan made it easy and non stressful. If you are looking for a Ford or Lincoln definitely ask for him. He knew everything about the Lincoln Corsair that I was interested in and am now leasing.
Get a good car dealership! Surprisingly pleasant and responsive staff. We helped you get a car very quickly. I work as a Transporter driver (distiller), pick up from the client and drive cars where I tell them. That is why it is important for me to get cars as quickly as possible for my clients. I deliver cars by driving them myself.
Nick S
I purchased a certified vehicle from out of state, in the middle of winter and worked with Mike Sauber here. He was very kind and responsive with updates and accommodations. We had been searching for a specific certified model that Dana Ford had, purchased it without a test drive and had it shipped to OH. We had a couple mechanical issues that were not covered under the certified warranty and Mike worked with us to get them taken care of after delivery. Very good dealer to work with, one of my best experiences with a dealer purchase. Thanks Mike!
Nicholas Covotsos
If I could give less than one star I would. I live literally 5 minutes from Dana Ford and I choose to go to Premier Ford in Brooklyn. Let me explain why…I was in Staten Island taking my children to the doctor and had a flat tire. My wife and I called Dana Ford to bring the car in and have the tire changed as it was a large gash in the tire. Dana Ford informed us that it would take them a minimum of 2 weeks to change the tire! When asked why, they replied that they “were too busy.” My wife and I said that this was an emergency and had children in the car plus we do not have any other car to drive. Their response was, “that’s all we can do.” We should have realized from the get go that Premier Ford is the way to go. We called them, explained the situation, and they immediately said, “bring the car over we will get it fixed today.” Unfortunately, this is not the first encounter we have had with Dana Ford. When our battery went on our last Ford we were told it would take 2 months to get an appointment. Stay away from Dana Ford…they do not have the customers best interest in mind!. As I have said before…I live right down the block from Dana and we still choose to go over the bridge into Brooklyn. It is worth the trip.
Joseph Barmakian
I have purchased and leased many vehicles in my lifetime and I have never had the experience I had at Dana Ford. This is by far the best dealership I have ever dealt with. The salesman, Nick Russo, was responsive, fair, knowledgeable and honest. There was minimal wrangling and when the Internet price came in lower than my agreed price, they adjusted my price down. The delivery was smooth and without hassle. I was very impressed and will definitely go back. I highly recommend Thai dealership and Nick Russo.
Caroline Layden
Jorge Cornet helped out with a sale to my uncle. He was extremely personable throughout the entire transaction and was able to pinpoint his exact wants and needs. Thanks to Jorge, there were no hiccups whatsoever in finding the best fit for him. He went out of his way in making sure my uncle was happy with his purchase & genuinely made it a smooth process altogether. Definitely recommend!
Private D
“I went to Dana Ford to service my vehicle yesterday as scheduled. The service was 5 stars all the way. From the service reminder email to booking the appointment to dropping off my car through follow up. Everything was smooth sailing. My car was returned serviced and washed. I also commend them for doing their part to ensure everyone’s safety during the pandemic with temperature checks , masks, social distancing and hand sanitizer. I want to thank everyone on the service team at Dana Ford for a job well done from start to finish. I want to especially thank my service advisor Haz for making my “”Pit Stop”” a pleasure. Keep up the good work I appreciate it.”
Eugene Rickle
The folks at Dana Ford did a great job of helping me acquire my new F150. The interaction over the phone/email/text message was direct and no-nonsense, the details mostly worked out before I even set foot in the showroom. Once at their location, the process went fairly quickly, although there were a few delays during the process due to volume (it was a Saturday….) Overall, I recommend them highly!
Mildred Marini
I have been leasing and buying cars at Dana for about 12 years now. My last and current lease, I have been dealing with Mary. She is absolutely wonderful. She is very honest, straightforward and thorough. I walked out of Dana with a brand new lease. She handled everything for me from the new plates to making sure my Lincoln app with the new car was working. I am so satisfied with my experience at Dana with Mary! She is the best!
Kimberly Tinger
I, like probably many people, hate car shopping. However, I am very pleased with my recent experience at Dana Lincoln. I went there on New Year’s Eve to explore their Lincoln vehicles. The dealership as well as the vast amount of vehicles they had on their lot was very impressive. I had a specific Lincoln in mind and luckily they had it. Mary was very nice and helpful in negotiating a great deal for me. Being the last day of the year, it was pretty busy. I didn’t expect to be there as long as I was, but the manager, Alan, made sure to tell me that they would make it up to me by equipping my entire vehicle with all weather mats. Mary also being concerned said that she would make sure to load me up with all the accessories she could, free of charge. They were both very pleasant and very understanding of the value of one’s time. They didn’t have to do that, as our deal was already done, but they said they would. Charlie, the finance person, was also very helpful and pleasant. I am completely satisfied with my experience at Dana Lincoln and would definitely make sure to continue providing them with my business, as the staff there is better than any I’ve ever met at any other dealership. I can’t wait to drive my new car!
Gloria Castellucci
Arrived for a scheduled oil change at 8:30AM at Dana Ford where I was greeted immediately upon arrival with professional and friendly service. Waited in a safe waiting room that followed the social distancing guidelines. All employees and customers wore required face masks at all times. After an hour my car was done and I was on my way home.
Anthony Palmieri
Just picked up a burgundy Navigator Reserve L and had a great experience. The truck is beautiful. Sent all the paperwork a few days before and we were in and out. Guys were great and friendly. Got the best price
Had a nice experience picking up my Mach E. My salesperson was Fonsi, he went over everything and made the transaction a lot easier over the phone. I didn’t waste any time at the dealer. He had all the paper work ready for me to sign once i arrived. I will definitely do business again with them.
Andy Fesler
My F150 purchase from Dana Ford was a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks to my salesman, Thomas and his manager getting me a price I was comfortable with and everyone along the way to vehicle delivery!
I never had the opportunity and experience I had today at DANA LINCOLN ON STATEN ISLAND THEY MADE I VERY VERY Customer I Recommend this dealership if your looking to buy a new car or a used car Thank you DANA
William J Gavin
My experience at Dana Ford was excellent. They took there time with my wife & I explaining all the questions we had. Doug the GM was excellent & very honest. Dana Ford will be the only place I go in the future.
Drew Barton
My experience at Dana Ford/Lincoln was excellent! It started off with a friendly greeting at the front desk and flowed directly into a great experience with the Sales Team. I was very pleased with the whole experience and drove away with the car of my dreams. Thank you Nick S. for such a smooth, exciting, and fun day! I highly recommend this dealership!
Allan Katz
My advisor was great. When the battery died, they took care of it right away. There were some other issues that required them to order parts. They came quickly and got the job done around my schedule.
Ashley Ramos
Very comfortable there. Bought a very nice used car. They did a temperature check upon entering and ensured face masks were on. The sales man Joey B we had was a nice gentleman; patient and respectful. I did not feel pressured at all. I went knowing what I wanted and got exactly that in excellent condition. I would recommend them as a dealership.
Renee Ortiz
I highly recommend Dana Ford Dealership to all. I am continually met with kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit and outstanding service by ALL, when purchasing not just one vehicle but two. Thank you to all at Ford for your exceptional service to me!
Jeff Balcof
I have been leasing my cars from the same person for the last 30+ years. He is the nicest general manager a dealership can have working at Dana. Everybody needs to get their car from Dana. Shout out to Ryder, who is the best Customer Service Representative I have worked with. My experience was easy, fast and trouble free.
Maryann Locher
Paulie Wha Wha
No other dealership, no matter what the make or model can even come close to the service, respect and qualifications that the staff over at DANA FORD exhibit, especially from SEAN ORTIZ. So if you are buying, leasing or financing a new or pre owned car than DANA FORD is THE place to go. I guarantee that you will not be sorry. Thanks DANA FORD, Thanks SEAN ORTIZ and Thanks to to rest of the staff at DANA FORD, You guys are the best and I will be a DANA FORD customer for life.
lisamarie stackpole
I live in Brooklyn and was interested in the Ford Escape titanium hybrid. I read such good reviews about Dana Ford and Lincoln online that I made the trip out to Staten Island. Ching was my sales associate and he was absolutely wonderful. He went above and beyond to answer my 100s of repetitive questions and really made sure I was satisfied and got everything I was looking for. He was never pushy at all or tried to convince me of anything I wasn’t interested in which is super rare for a car sales man. He even gave me his personal number to reach out if I needed any further assistance. When I did have a question a few days later he responded to me immediately and was super helpful. I really am impressed with not only Ching but the whole Dana staff. I will definitely recommend my family and friends give Dana Ford a visit and I won’t be doing business anywhere else! Thanks for everything!!
Jay Roman
Fantastic service. Never made me feel like I was getting the “ salesman “ treatment! We left with a beautiful aviator and could not be happier thank you again Dana Lincoln!
Frankie Morales
Had an excellent experience using Dana Ford of Staten Island to purchase a used Wrangler. No gimmicks, no hassle, no nonsense. Much appreciated, and a genuine pleasure to do business with!
Stephanie Marshall
The salesman who helped us was very thorough and not pushy at all. He listened to what we had to say and helped us make a purchase we were very happy with, the whole process was a pleasant experience.
Melissa Van Dusky
Second car I leased with them and have to say it was another great experience! Sales manager Alan Carter was nice, friendly, and straight forward. Salesman James was such a nice and helpful kid! I have been shopping around for over a month, so I know the deal they gave me was great right off the bat. No BS, no hassle. I was in and out in an hour with a brand new car. Thanks to all!
I would like to say thank you to Jim and his team at Dana Ford. I’ve been going to Dana Ford/ Lincoln for over twenty years!! They always gave me great deals on all my car and trucks that I bought or leased over the years. Dana just dropped off my new Ford expedition platinum right at my doorstep. It’s beautiful!!! Thanks guys, Enjoy the Holidays!!!
Laura Johnson
I had a very interesting time at Ford. Everyone was very helpful and between the sales person and finance manager on point. Would recommend DANA-FORD to everyone.5stars
Nancy Terracino
It was done basically of the phone, efficiently and timely. Nick was great to work with. Delivery was smooth.
Laurie Tamburo
I went to Dana Lincoln for an oil change for my Lincoln Nautilus. I was very pleased with the service. Michael Varela helped me. Michael was very courteous and very easy going. It was a pleasure to deal with him. I hope Michael will be there next time when I need a service for my vehicle.
Dr. Luz Roa
Went to Staten Island Dana Ford after sitting at another dealer in NJ and speaking with someone who was not professional or transparent. I must say that our experience at Dana was very different. We got all our questions answered, saw the numbers up front and weren’t surprised with any hidden fees. Our salesman, Anthony Rivera and Steve were attentive to our budget and needs… and we drove out of the parking lot with a beautiful Edge. Thank you Dana.
Lizzy Wallace
Best experience, great deal and they even dropped the car off to me. Superior performance by the Dana professionals. I will always return to Dana for all my future car buying experiences.
Stephen Rohrbacher
The representative was a bit rude and disregarded my wife’s complaints. We went for a service on a recall. In addition to being discourteous, my wife brought to the representative’s attention that a weird electric burning smell when the air condition is running. He stuck his head into the car and said that it was the air freshener. That was a ridiculous assessment. Unprofessional. Starting to become a habit with Some not all people from Dana service.
Kristianna Maldonado
This is the 5th car myself and my family have leased from Dana and they never disappoint! My sales woman is Mary and she is always amazing! She is so knowledgeable about the features of the vehicle and never steers you wrong. She is also very kind and honest. She and the desk manager Steve gave me a great deal on my beautiful 2020 Lincoln Corsair and I could not be happier! Thank you to Mary,Steve and Jeff for the excellent service as always!
Nick Brest
I live in alaska Mike in used cats made it easy for me to buy from a very long distince. Also responded to my every question in a very timely manner.
Gregory Bonin
Doug and his team gave me one of the best car buying experiences I have had in a very long time. Courteous, friendly and lots of great cars to choose from. Will definitely buy from Dana again.
Michael Blatt
Kaity H. I believe was her name she was very professional and helping me and explaining to me what to expect and how things will work. Felt very satisfied with the outcome Dana service was very very professional I highly recommend them. Coming from Brooklyn it was worth the trip!
My experience with Dana Ford has always been a good one, going back to 2013 when i got my first Lincoln to 2019 when I leased the my car with Tom Annuziata. Chuck was always a big help in the servise department.
Israel Gil
Steve Riccardone and Arsalan Saleem are a perfect combination ! These two guys made my experience at Dana Ford a great experience. I have been leasing for 20 years and not easily impressed but their professionalism and no nonsense attitude made for a very smooth and easy transition for me to switch to a new car brand. Dana Ford was very clean, it’s personal was very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and Steve’s very distinctive signature will most definitely stand out (insider).
Dino Pinciotti
Dana motors makes it easy to schedule and pick out the perfect car for your needs. The facility has a large selection of new and used vehicles on their lot.
Alisa Sciangula
This is my third time getting a vehicle from Dana Ford Lincoln and I couldn’t be happier. My sales rep Ryder was very knowledgeable, patient and resourceful. Best dealership in NYC hands down! A special thanks to Ryder, Anthony R. and Juan – you guys are the best!
Glorisel Lee
Ryan was very informative and accommodating. Helped make our purchase seamless and quicker than we ever expected. We’re so happy with our new purchase!!
chris dePalo
I have to say for the past 2 months my car has been serviced at Dana Ford several times, and everyone has been so accommodating. I want to say thank you to Steve Riccardone, Manager, who is always willing and able to helping me whenever an issue comes up, Colin Romer, Service Advisor, who always takes part in making sure my car gets repaired in a professional manner. He is very considerate and I appreciate that, and thank you to Keith Curran, Service Manager, who gets my car up and running! I give them a 5 star across the board …..thank you Dana Ford for a great job!!!!
Paul Mangano
joseph gabriel
great product, very helpful sales person… Mary G was very attentive and knowledgeable… TY
David Felix
Michael was great and took care of me. He has amazing customer service and had my vehicle in tip top shape. Thank you Michael, you are appreciated. I would definitely recommend their service department. Happy holidays to you all.
Jesse Bartley
The best Ford/Lincoln dealer in the tri-state. I have purchased or leased probably 15-20 vehicles here. The inventory is larger than anyone. They are always very fair and honest. I recommend them to all of my friends and family.
Anthony Sanchez
My sales person nick, his sales manger and the finance team were all amazing. This was the simplest experience I have had when purchasing a vehicle. All the staff at this location were phenomenal and met my expectations
Rich Mineo
After having a horrible experience with multiple dealerships. My friend recommended Dana and my only regret was not finding them sooner. Dana offers a huge selection and an honest staff. When all you want to do is buy a car…. these are the people to see. I was in and out no BS. Thank you guys. You will definitely be seeing me again.
ivan stankov
“Don’t get chrated with the good reviews like me! Forget about this dealership!!! As soon they take my deposit, the sales person Arsalan “”was no longer working with them”” I called with another number and magicly he was back to work. Left over 12 messeges for the Sales Manager Tod. No respond. They can keep my deposit if will make them happy, but never trust this guys.”
Michael Ferber
I always receive courteous service upon arrival. The customer lounge is clean and comfortable and the service writers always come to you with updates and upon completion of service.
Joanna Couvertier
Though it took time because of the holiday. And no available loaner cars. Mike really helped me to get my car back fixed fast.
Katrina Baez
Had a great time at Dana Ford/Lincoln in Staten Island. Ryan was the best.. Very helpful and informative, great character and funny. He made the time pass like a breeze there.. Thanks so much Ryan. 😁
Frank Russo
Great fast sales team who go out of their way to get you the vehicle you so desire
Michael Giordano
5 stars to everyone at dana ford!! including ryan the salesman. helped very patient and did everything to fit my needs
Richard Lauro
Didn’t mind waiting for the service of my car (that was done in a professional way) in a very comfortable atmosphere. Very pleased. Will definitely return
Adam Hoffman
Great experience. Had a large inventory which allowed us to find the exact car we were looking for. Was able to do the transaction over the phone, and didn’t have to haggle because the pricing was already deeply discounted. When done, came into the office and just had to sign some paperwork. Salesperson Nick was excellent to work with, and gave us a thorough training of all car features. Was a pleasure to work with them through every step of the process.
Amir Nelaj
My work van ( my bread and butter) was in the shop for 9 days! Just to do a tie rod and oil change, and i had an appointment. After numerous calls, was told it was extremely busy!! Very disappointing as i lost so much business due to my van being outnof service for nearly 2 weeks. Was planning on expanding my fleet but i would think twice based on my service experience! Shame on uou Dana ford!
Nancy Sprawa
It has always been good experience and the guys were able to fix an annoyance which was helpful. I was told I needed an alignment and the car is driving amazingly. However they said I needed two front tires as well. I got a better price elsewhere so I declined. So should they have done the 4 wheel alignment if I had to get new tires? Also I was told I needed lug nuts! The charge was for $140. I never had to replace lug nuts in my life on any vehicle in 35 years. When I googled cost, if I had bought the most expensive elsewhere it would have cost me $60 so how much is the labor for that? $140 seems ridiculously overpriced and after so much comfortability I have had getting my car serviced there, I now have doubts.
Matthew Devlin
The service was prompt, clearly explained, and complete. The wait was shorter than expected. Excellent service.
R Kee
Ching was very professional. Had a lot of knowledge on the cars I wanted. They make it happen here.
william stroud
Don’t go here for service or parts. Terrible service and always understaffed Jersey has great dealerships
Have never had a better experience prior to dealing with DANA. Simple, straightforward and to the point at every step of the way ! I usually cannot stand the process but this was as different as could be. Additionally, the people involved in the process were attentive and polite. A stress free car buying experience. What will they think of next ? I’ll be back! Alan Baker Sr
John Garay
They had my car for a week! Never let me know how long it would take kept giving me the run around. I’d call they’d say we’ll call you back never call. No loaner! I know its not mandatory but a week and this is my second car with them. I was seriously considering a third. Not so much now.
Martin Levy
I recently purchased is certified pre-owned Lincoln Continental from Dana Ford Lincoln. Text to order car online when I went to see it in person it looked even better than the photos. The car was delivered to me on time everything works in it and I am very happy with my new purchase. The salesman was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous
Joseph La Torre
Everything was excellent service was quick the service advisor Mike is very professional courteous and polite because of people like Mike I’ll continue servicing my automobile at Dana and I will recommend Dana to all my family and friends
Brian Suprenant
Ryan Peters from Dana Ford provided one of the most pleasant and fair car purchasing experiences I’ve had. Great guy and I felt like I was buying rather than being sold.
Michelle Ratiner
We recently leased a truck and Ryder was an amazing salesperson to work with ! He was so informative, kind, efficient and answered every question without hesitation and then some ! He took his time to ensure we knew everything we needed to know about the truck and all the features. Was without a doubt a pleasure working with him. Start to finish , Ryder hands down made the entire experience a great one.. Thank you Ryder, and Doug of course for setting us up with such a great guy!
Anthony Bertolino
John D worked with me an took care of everything i needed,chris S also great help,nice people to work with…i already brought another member of family to buy..
Michael Friedentag
This is the third we’ve got from Dana. The experience has been stress free and easy. The Lincoln service department is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Dana. Mike & Roberta F
Carter Yentis
Went to Dana ford last Friday. Agreed on the lease the car everything, left a deposit like they asked. They had to install hitch on my car, I left the car there till Monday so they can install the hitch. On Tuesday the dealer calls and says the car is ready. My wife goes to pick up the car because I was at work. We agreed on 1 car, they gave my wife a different car. They stuck her with a cheaper model car and with the same lease payments. Never going back there again, and this was the 5 car we leased from them…
Colin your service writer was excellent. We had two vehicles service. He arranged it so that we were able to drop off the second vehicle as we picked up the first. He took the time to call us and keep us in the loop so we knew what was going on with our vehicles. Both vehicles were done as he said they would be. He was great!!!. If you had more reps like him your service reputation would be far better. THANK YOU COLIN!!!
Anthony Sanchez
My sales person nick was excellent and helped make me very satisfied with my purchase, along his with sales manger and the finance guy ( unfortunately I can’t remember his name). Staff was super friendly and my family and I are content with our purchase and experience.
David Monllor
Mike the salesman and John the finance manager took care of me from start to finish. Answered every question I had and got me approved with no hassle. Will definitely return back for my next car purchase.
Christopher Manna
The service team took care of my recall in the same day and service staff was extremely nice, especially Mike.
Sal Martorano
Absolutely fantastic service! Dana Ford is the best you have to see Ralph S!! No nonsense best price incredible service
Carlos Reyes
From the moment that I decided to call Dana Lincoln to find out about a 2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve that they had in their inventory I knew that after looking at their staff reviews here in DealerRater and saw the many positive reviews that Mary Graffeo has been given I knew that I had made the right decision by choosing her as the salesperson that I wanted to deal with concerning the Leasing of the 2020 Aviator. The whole process from beginning to end was flawless. She is very friendly and will answer all your questions and concerns. She will work hard to try to get you the best deal and will never push you to make a deal that you will not feel comfortable with. It was a great pleasure working with her and I will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a great experience with a salesperson that will listen to you and answer all your questions while being friendly and professional. Thank you so much Mary for making the Leasing of my 2020 Aviator Reserve a great experience and most of all for meeting such a great lady in person. My Highest Recommendation and my Best Regards’ Carlos Reyes
Irene Ranasinghe
Brittany Crispino
Car buying is overwhelming, but working with everyone at Dana Lincoln was a seamless and extremely positive experience!
Marylou Colucci
Everyone at Dana was so professional and friendly. The paperwork was ready to be signed upon arrival and I was on my way in no time. Highly recommend Dana!
Jacqueline Perez
The staff is VERY nice BUT they do NOT have enough technicians to service their cars! Had a scheduled appointment for Monday morning specifically to have the clutch inspected. You would think that if you are given a date for an appointment for a specific job, the proper technician would be available within a reasonable amount of time to atleast look at it. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. Was told that they did not know when a technician would be available, could be weeks. Picked up my car Thursday afternoon the same way I left it. Not happy
Jim Haskell
Wanted to buy a Shelby GT 500 and found the color and options I wanted at Dana online. I had a trade and the used car manager Mr Sauber was spot on the value making the transaction an easy one when I arrived it was ready for pick up, they looked at my trade and all the paperwork was already done ! Thanks team !
Nick P
I have been going here for a few years. Asked for a deal I got last time and told it wasn’t possible. Went to a leasing company asked for the same deal and got it. Don’t waste your time here, go to a leasing company save yourself 50-75 a month and a headache. I was blown away with their stubbornness to make a deal. I got an email “ we beat/match any deal on the market” not true. Total scam they didn’t come close.
Andrew Phillips
Simple , simple & simple ! My wife and I Made a deal while driving down the NJ parkway On speaker phone of course ! I was driving and my wife relayed all the info it was that simple No back and forth what so ever ! We hung up 5-10 min later they said when do you wanna come up and get your new car !!! No really it was that simple ! We get there and the system they Have with the their team members was a smooth operation believe me , I haven’t ever had and experience like in my lifetime ! Thank you all for your finally tuned staff , it was truly a great pleasurable experience and my wife and I will forever purchase at Dana Motors LTD 266 West Service Road Staten Island , New York 10314 Andrew J. Phillips Owner operator Epic Building And Remodeling LLC
Patricia Nordin
Great salesperson, Jorge, took time with us and once we decide on a car, going back to him.. Lots of cars on the property to look at as well.
Franklin Ciofalo
Very good service. People helpful and courteous.
Want a great experience, see ARSALAN SALEEM at Dana Ford. It was a calm experience with this gentleman. Told him what I wanted, he teamed up with Steve Ricardone. Finished up with Frank Sinatra in finance. Plates off my old lease and into my new lease in a short amount of time. I would ask for him by name and I’m sure you will be delighted at the results. Thanks Arsalan. See you in 3 years. Mike and Mary i.
Paul Zito
So I was shopping for my 3 Ford Explorer, I leased my last 2 from Staten Island Ford but wanted to shop around after I received my offer from Fonsi Rodrigues and John the floor manager. The offers were fair but wanted to go to other dealerships to get another price, I went to Freehold Ford and was misinformed about info and was not too happy about how they tried to make me pay for overage miles at the time of leasing a new auto but should have been told I could get a bill and pay in payments. Not cool!! . SI Ford then called me back and was greeted by Fonsi and floor manager Allen. Both were very professional and courteous throughout the the whole process. The then offered me a new price on the auto and beat every other dealership. Note I lived in SI for years but moved to Marlboro NJ and knew that I was always treated and received the best offers from Dana Ford! Fonsi Rodriguez did a great job from start to finish and would recommend others to go there too. My experience at Dana Ford is always the best and knew taking a trip back into STATEN ISLAND was the way to go! Thanks for the great experience again!
Charles Zambito
Came in for a check engine light. Service department attended to me promptly and courteously. Service technician spoke with me and explained what went wrong and how he was able to retrieve proper engine diagnostic codes and reprogram the computer. Less than 2 hours my car was fixed and I was extremely satisfied by the whole experience at Dana Ford. Thanks
Ronald Breeden
Dana Ford has amazing and speedy service! Excellent customer service and always a great atmosphere.
Vincent Gallo 3
Dana Lincoln very professional they took my trade in Fairdale got a very nice used car very happy thank you guysThis would be my second Car I purchased thank you again
Ralph Russo
Very easy to deal with, fast and friendly
Simon Kokkinakis
Dana Ford Service has put together a real dream team. When it comes to servicing your high performance vehicles there is No other place to go. Keith, the service manager takes great care of his customers from start to finish. Wouldn’t trust my Raptor or Cobra to anyone but Keith, Mike and Dwayne! Keep it up!
Lorraine Lettieri
Terrible buying experience. Hours to figure out pricing. I ended up leaving after not feeling comfortable with the deal. They are not able to make a deal be easy understood.
Richard Mineo
Greatest experience I ever had buying a car. The day after buying a car never felt so good. Thank you guys.
Rudy Corcillo
Never going there again….thing twice before you purchase anything from them…..
Thank you Dana people were friendly and informative. Thank you Joe Birro for help through this process
David dobrov
Dealership is very pushy on sales to the loint where it’s uncomfortable. Leased a vehicle here to come return it post inspection to be told lease returns are only m-f 9-5 with appointments and i have to bring my car home and then back to the dealership. Alan the. Manager seemed to be happy when i told him he has lost my business due to being rude. Funny part is he said that he would take my lease today if i bought another car from him. Steer clear of this folks. Edit Instead of the same generic response on every bad review why dont you reach out to your customers and make it right?? Leaving a phone number and extension that no one answers does not solve anyones issues with your buisness practices.
Carol Smith
Mike has been my service adviser for a number of years and has always given me the best advice on my vehicles. He is the absolute BEST!!!
Richard Fiumano
Very great service, from Jeff the finance manager to Haz in the service department! Highly recommend.
Julia Holley
Had a service visit, and, as usual, had great safe service by everyone, from Collin, Mario and Loida and anyone i might have missed! All COVID protocols in place and respected. Thank you all for your great service!
Kyle Holden
Bought a certified pre-owned vehicle from them. Go elsewhere. Would never recommend. 1. It took 5 hours to get a “deal” done. We walked in knowing exactly which car we wanted to trade for the car we currently had. It is beyond me that we didn’t walk away from this based on how annoying it was to sit there for 5 hours when you already have a goal in mind. 2. We went for a test ride and noticed some shaking in the car. The mechanic said they’d inspect it before we left. They supposedly did and found nothing wrong. 3. After a week, the rumbling and shaking returned with greater frequency. We took it to a local mechanic who found a problem in the struts and whatever shaft holds the wheels on. It was dangerous to drive the vehicle in that condition. 4. Dana Ford did apologize and offered to do a detailed inspection and a free 40k mile service. We agreed to those terms. 5. But it took DF forever to get the needed parts in for the vehicle and so they never contacted us to come in and did not return our calls. 6. We traded that vehicle into Carvana for something more reliable just 3 months after purchase. The only good that came of this experience was solidifying that I will never work with a dealership again. They are behind the times and provide a poor service to customers. If you don’t adapt, you die. They deserve the latter. I do hope the employees find a way out of there before they collapse.
Brian Needles
The staff at Dana Ford was great to work with. Very accommodating and friendly. They worked diligently to get me into the vehicle I wanted. Highly recommend!
Ronald Paronich
Nothing but the best service from all the employees of Dana, highly recommend this service station
joseph rambhajan jr
It was very professional. Definitely going back.
Kaitlyn McNulty
Great team who was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job quickly processing our lease while making sure we had time to ask questions and make sure we were very comfortable- will definitely return!
Mike Gawron
Was very pleasant working with them. Fast and easy to get new truck. Was in and out in 2 hours with taking delivery of the truck.
Keith Pagan
Brienna calls me all week confirming an appointment for Saturday. All week we talk to confirm everything We come an hour in a half to get the car only to find out the vehicle sold on TUESDAY! No accommodations for other vehicle in lot for inconvenience of this. TERRIBLE BUSINESS. SHADY at best.
Nicholas Baxter
Worst dealer there is on Staten Island. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. All they do is give you the run around. Been waiting on a part for over a month now and still have not gotten a call that my part was there. Service is absolutely the worst they are no help at all. When stuff happens to your vehicle they always clam there are no loaners but of course they have them just do t want to give out. If the had a zero star rating I would give them that.
Anthony Maddaluno
I will gladly leave a review after I receive a call from James. He told me her would call me today and I still have not received his call!
Nick Lamberti
Great price and service. After having a number of poor dealership experiences prior to visiting Dana, I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle.
Bryan DelGiorno
I have been a customer for over 20 years at Dana and they never let me down. I been dealing with Juan Estrella and Nick Squeo for a longgggg time and they are the best. I just got a new 2021 explorer ST from them and I live my new truck. They are like family !!
Jay W
I must say that my experience at Dana Ford/Lincoln was very easy, pleasant and stress free. Juan E. was incredibly adept at what he does and helped me as much as he could with the process. From speaking with him over the phone to meeting him in person, everything was handled quickly and efficiently. The staff there were very friendly and professional. Despite an issue with obtaining the necessary credit for my lease, which took longer than the process should have, (which was not Dana Ford/Lincoln’s fault by the way), Juan handled that situation expertly and skillfully. I’ve been to a few dealerships in my lifetime and I must say, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I didn’t feel like someone was trying to rip me off. If you’re considering any Ford or Lincoln dealerships, I would strongly consider Dana Ford/Lincoln. I would purchase again from them in the future.
Abilash Samuel
Dana Ford is very professional and courteous. Their recommendation in finding defect part and replacing new parts. I would have to wait several days for parts to come in band the labor charge is very costly so I couldn’t afford it…… Now I’m waiting for bank approval for loan to repair my Ford Explorer.
Alex Ded
First I went to a different dealership where my buying experience was lower than 0 stars. Then I discovered Dana Ford. I’m so glad I did! Great people, quick service! Will recommend to everyone!
Anna Inoa
Excellent service! All my needs were taken care of and then some.
Thomas Morkan
My leased Explorer, with less than 750 miles, would not start or go into gear. It was taken to Dana on a Sunday afternoon. On Monday, mid-morning, having heard nothing I called and inquired to the status of the repair or a loaner. By Tuesday morning, having heard nothing, I called back and was told my lead wasn’t available but they would take a message and contact me. That was 3 hours ago and still nothing. Not a word. But I did get a link to leave comments here. I don’t blame DANA for an essentially new vehicles becoming a brick but if this is an example of the reliability of the vehicle and the service I’ll be provided, this will be a long and painful lease. Update – this experience at DANA was the worst experience I have ever had at a dealership – in and out of the country. They don’t call you back, are reluctant to provide a loaner and were unable to troubleshoot and repair my new car. By the third time I had to call a tow truck I just had the Explorer towed to All American Ford in Old Bridge. Recommend you just start there. Ford Motor Corp no help whatsoever. Selling my Lincoln and after this lease will never, ever buy or lease a Ford. WORST SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER
Liliana Carioto
When choosing a vehicle for my family I always know Dana Ford is the right place to go! From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a smile and treated with courtesy and respect! This is our 6th vehicle and are completely satisfied! Thank you to Steve Riccardone, John Daly and my sales agents Michael and Mary!
Litto Mama
After running around through several dealerships, Dana Ford has been very welcoming, friendly, and courteous with the selected vehicle I want- once I made my appointment I viewed the car and was allowed to have a test drive right away. The staffs made the process easy especially if you are a serious buyer and do your part to have your materials ready – getting to the bank and finding the right finance option was stressful and getting the car that you want for a reasonable price without a surge of crazy fees is impossible but this dealership was very accommodating and patient with me. Overall the transaction was efficient and painless, I highly recommend.
Maria De Palma
“I’ve leased two vehicle over the past seven years and have been very satisfied with my decisions to do so both financially and for safety concerns. But, as of late attempting to get technological assistance is impossible. There used to be a man who would solve any technological issues that arose but he’s not longer working at the dealership I’ve leased my cars from, nor has the dealership hired someone to replace him who has the same abilities. I’ve attempted to contact a sales manager but my calls went unanswered and unreturned. I had arranged for the required service which was preformed yesterday. I did not bother to attempt “”in-person”” contact with said sales manager as I’m completely discouraged with him and the dealership he represents and am now researching other dealerships who lease the same make vehicle to see if their customer representatives are knowledgeable about technical issues and if they respond to phone call requests will help n a reasonable time frame. I live my vehicle and fully intend to lease the newest version when my current lease is up next December 2021.”
Anthony Volpe
Purchase the 2020 escape at Dana. Steve and Frank were great and made it an amazing experience. Would highly recommend my family and friends to go there.
Billy Scheer
Great service, clean showroom and friendly staff. Frank Sinatra and Steve Riccardone were helpful and accommodating. I’ll definitely be back for my next car
Eva Marie Palmisano
Traveling from Home from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania I had a blowout on 440. I did not have a spare and it was after hours so I had to tow company bring my vehicle to Dana Ford service. Left my vehicle there overnight put the key in the lock box with a note. Considering the fact that I was out of state I was concerned about leaving my car as Dana was closed when we arrived. However the next day they promptly repaired it and I had my vehicle back in less than 24 hours. Thank you Haz in service for all of your help, professionalism and prompt service!
Sean Jacobsen
Oil change via car pick up went extremely well. Everything was within the time frame I requested!
Rod Rodriguez
Excellent Service, they delivered the car to my home for test drive and I closed 2 days later. Everything was done extremely professionally!! Will def recommend to others.
Kenneth Saldibar
Antonie and Steve were straightforward and honest. I had the stereotypical connotations in mind entering the dealership and left pleasantly surprised with how wrong I was. I am glad I went there, will certainly recommend them to others and happily return for all my service needs.
Philip LaGala
Made an appointment. They had no idea who I was when I showed up. They brought out a filthy car. Salesman was only there 3 months, nice guy, but knew nothing about the car or its features. Took car for a test drive. Had to come back because it had no gas. Salesman told me not to accelerate or put on the AC (90 degrees outside) because the display read 0 miles to empty. Shady business. Told me I would have to wait 40 minutes for a trade in estimate. Really? Waste of time.
thomas paulucci
So easy getting my car serviced here.
john licci
Great service by Mike, took care of all the issues and called back promptly
Mrs. Gioe’s Science
As always we had a wonderful experience leasing our Lincoln from Dana
RG Smith
My name is Roger, I had a wonderful experience at Dana Ford! Staff and service was amazing… wouldn’t of went anywhere else for a truck !! Big shout out and thank you to Steve and the staff!
Rafet Awad
The sales Rep. Arsaln was great. Very professional, receptive and patient with us While choosing the perfect car . After the sale and delivery of the two cars, He even checked in on us and walked us through all the features and Help us set up the app on our phones. We highly recommend Arsaln and Dana Ford.
Nick Domingues
The process was smooth and easy from beginning to end. All the reps that I dealt with were very professional. The only downside was that I waited over an hour from the time I finished the paperwork until my car was ready. Overall a very pleasant experience.
Nicholas Squeo
Collin makes getting service quick and easy i never wait long.
James Dileo
The best experience I have ever had getting my car serviced. The timeframe they gave me was accurate and they were all super friendly.
Jay Pabz
Juan Estrella, Mike d and John daly made it great. I love my new truck
Michael Mascarelli
Frank and Allan were very helpful. Thanks again.
Mike Berger
awesome!! my bank made things more difficult then could have been and Ralph and Billy took great care of me.thank you!
Robert Dimitri
My experience at Dana Ford. Thank god for people like (Harley Schick – Service Mgr) and (Mike Rozman – Mustang Mechanic). They provided me with professional service and were there whenever I needed them. Because of these TWO people, I will …
Walter Jones
We had a five-star experience working with Mike Sauber at Dana Ford Lincoln on the purchase of a 2019 Lincoln Navigator. Mike was always responsive and over-delivered in every way. Mike made the process of purchasing so simple, even from …
Sales were great. Service is a complete nightmare car in 2 weeks after I bought it for 2 weeks to tell me can’t fix it till we get a part that will take another 2 weeks so I had a loaner for 2 weeks while my car sat there untouched. Been 3 …
Jacqueline Barresi
This is my fifth vehicle from Dana ford and I am so satisfied with the service I received yesterday. Anthony R was the best salesman I have worked with. I’m very happy with my new escape.
Albert Albanese
Very friendly and great service, thus visit was for basic maintenance and they even washed my car
Dominic Ciccone
Always great service Colin always takes great care of the customers very knowledgeable and friendly
Guy Trapani
Great experience buying my new expedition, got a great price, and Victor made the experience simple and easy..
Anthony P
Was in the market for a new lease and wanted to get myself back into a Ford and decided to use the fine folks over at Dana Ford again as they were super helpful when I had used them in the past! This time around I worked with Mary and Claudia in Sales and they were both fantastic. Very nice, patient, and willing to answer any question I had, which put me at ease as it always drains mentally when getting a new car. I also worked with Steve and Shawn in finance and they were both great as they were willing to work with me on my monthly payments and I never felt rushed or pressured to sign anything until I was happy with the deal. There ya have it… all in all I had an excellent experience with the folks over at Dana Ford Lincoln and will most likely use them again when this new lease is up in a few years.
Joseph DeMorato
I have my Ford expedition August 2019 and i have been trying since April 2020 to have a loose driver seat and Rear hatch fixed. I was told in April they ordered the part and I still haven’t heard from them . I have called every month and they told me the part is coming and it hasn’t come. I find that Dana’s service is subpar, they don’t keep you up-to-date and I don’t feel they’re doing everything they can to get this part. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DANA FORD!
thomas costagliola
Good job! Quick turnaround for recall, Thank you again for noticing that my inspection was expired Good looking out
dylan campili
Dana Ford Lincoln is awesome ! They gave me a great deal on my 2020 Ford Explorer. The lot is huge and has a lot of cars on sight to see and text. Tiffanie was our sales representative and she was awesome! Most car sales reps are pushy and make false statements. Tiffanie was knowledgeable, very direct, truthful and overall a great sales rep. Dave the manager was also very welcoming and comfortable to be around! Highly recommend to go to Dana Ford Lincoln! Great experience.
Douglas Hansen responded to online enquiry and provided the quote. The sale was finalized In hours with just one email exchange and delivered the car home next day. The process was quick, straight forward with no typical sales pitch. Chris from finance is very helpful too.
Elizabeth Culkin
Amazing experience with James who answered all the questions that we had and provided a lot of information to support our decisions Dana Ford staff was professional warm and informative Just a lovely experience for any buyer 😊💕☘️🌟
Rev21 Post22
Worst car buying experience ever. Mike Sauber had been working with us on a vehicle and had told us to ask our bank what we needed from them to start the process on shipping the vehicle for us, That same day we got everything needed, to only find he sold the vehicle to someone else and wouldn’t return or answer our calls. Completely unprofessional. He wouldn’t even tell us he sold the vehicle to someone else, he made a coworker tell us. This is something I’d expect from a small, shifty dealership. Extremely dissatisfied with this dealership. Would not reccomend wasting your time with them.
larry carr
We couldn’t make a deal but great service
Margie Madrazo
I have gotten 2 cars there before and this would be the last!!! Our experience was HORRIBLE. They lied to us every step of the way. They said our car would be waiting and then they kept us there for 4 1/2 hours during a pandemic . We were shuffled from 1 dirty room to another. Extremely disgusting experience and i would NEVER back there again.
Great service and excellent experience.
Bear Murphy
Very Helpful And Quick Service. In And Out In No Time Thank You Very Much
JP Bravo
As always Great Customer Service by Frank S. Second time coming in for a car. In and out service. Could not have had a better experience.
Jessica Bown
We had a great experience at this dealership! Doug and Mike provided exceptional customer service.
James Campiglia
Friendly and helpful service. Able to work with my budget and make me feel like I got a good deal on a great car. Only negative is the amount of time it took, but understandable considering all the moving pieces involved. Will definitely return for future business.
Robert Dreiss
I don’t have a Ford anymore and I still go to the service Dept for oil changes and inspections for my other cars. The people there always took care of me and STILL DO, great people thanks
Great experience, I like to thank Ryder and Doug for a great transaction.
al tess
Fast and professional service, from pick up by tow service to battery replacement everything was done with customer service in mind.
Jon Esposito
Quick and easy! Went in for an update and oil change. Collin was friendly and courteous! Job well done Dana!
lisa dermody
Nick was awesome. He was so helpful and got me exactly what I was looking for. He delivered my truck in the pouring rain!
Joe Calatayud
I requested an Eco Ford sport at: DANA FORD in State island. I spoke with the internet manager Monday 10/19/20. And she told me that the car was $17.000. Color metallic. I was interested in leasing this car. However either the Sales managers or the general manager did not call me. I did call them 3 times today Tuesday to find out again about the eco ford sport. The internet manager she told me that yes it was $17.000. Either the sales manager did not reach out to me as a loyal customer of FORD. And the General Manger did not reach out to me either. I called this False advertisement. Consumer affairs will know this matter. As a former Vice President Of Operations operations of: Burger King Frenchise and Mc Donals Frenchise. I don’t recommend this dealership to my friends and I don’t recommend this dealership to my former employees either. It’s a total Failure. If I could give them less then one Star I would. So I give them a FAILURE.
panzica ronald
Awesome experience. HAZ took in both vehicles for scheduled oil changes and done within an 1.5 hours for both. Also he addressed the back up camera issue. Flawless experience at the service department. Thank you Haz & Dana.
Steven Klein
Amazing all around. Sales people,managers,finance manager and pick up. Highly recommend
Anthony Fahme
Terrible service. No Loaner Cars. The floor manager told me it’s my fault that they don’t have enough loaner cars. He’s a joke. Doesn’t care about customers. Cars are breaking down left and right. Do not trust this dealership. Just go to the service department and see all the people waiting around complaining about the service.
Jess Kotch
Quickest, easiest and best experience in leasing 2 cars. My husband and I went in, discussed what we were looking for and what were wanted to pay. They worked with us to get two beautiful cars within our budget and made sure to explain everything to us before we left to ensure we knew how to work our cars and the amazing features. They even set up our phones to Bluetooth and set our radio settings for us! Outstanding customer service! Will never go anywhere else!
Eddie Lozada
Quick and knowledgeable customer service, very friendly and they will work with you, definitely will recommend them
Darrell Grant
To be honest I was upset with the wY I was treated. I have a problem with the ac unit and its been 2 months and haven’t gotten it fixed yet The moter to my water pump went out and I was told that I wasn’t covered when I was. I put out 700dollars. When I found out I was covered. I couldn’t get a refund I’m told everytime I have a problem to leave my truck without a loaner car. I need a vehicle to get back and forth to work As it stands my ac is still out. With winter coming I may not have heat niether. There are 2 staff members there whom are the best Keep in mind I love my vehicle. 2015 Ford Expedition But I keep getting problems and it takes too long to get it fixed
gary scalesci
Doug Hansen and Vinny T were both awsome. Love my Corsair.
Phillip Parisi
My first new car Dana Ford staff were very helpful and curious had a good experience
joseph lozito
Best place to buy and service your car. Salespeople and service members are excellent.
Stacy John
Poor service. They act like there so busy to even talk to you. I’ve filled out application 5 days ago and they just been giving me the run around
Brian Golick
Sales and Finance representatives were courteous and efficient. All around a great experience and this place is definitely worth the drive over the bridge to Staten Island if you don’t live there already!
Phil Andersen
Service is very quick. In and out with no issues. The people are very friendly, and definitely look to accommodate your every need. Usually dealer service experiences are hit and miss in terms of satisfaction. I am always pleased when at dana ford. Thanks again for the professionalism, and timely service. Totally satisfied customer!
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