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Subaru Dealer

3 New Park Ave, North Franklin, CT 06254, USA

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+1 860-889-2651

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James Stolaronek
Just bought a certified 2015 Subaru Legacy limited from them. The buying experience was good and I hate dealing with salesmen and car dealerships. My saleman Jesus was helpful, but very low pressure. He was very informative on all the cars features and selling points. I won’t say I got a steal of a deal, but I was on the lower side of fair market value. There detail team made the car shine and they handled all the other paper work. I came back in 3 hours and the car was registered, insured, and ready to roll. I just had to sign the dotted line. Check them out it is worth a shot.
Thom Reilly
I was able to use the Express Service for my routine 6000 mile service. In and out about 30 minutes, great!
Janet Provencher
Had my 2001 Forester repaired after it started leaking gas heavily. Service Manager Kristen Blumenthal was very concise and helpful as well as friendly. All service staff were friendly and helpful. Overall good experience.
ryan boulanger
Had a great buying experience from Holmgren and I love my new Impreza, but not so impressed with service. I just had my first service and everything went well until I went to pay. I think $84 for an oil change and tire rotation is ridiculous. What was worse was the reason I got when I questioned the steep price. I was told it was because it’s synthetic oil and it evens out because it’s every 6000 miles instead of 3000 miles. No manufacturer recommends 3000 miles anymore, regardless of the oil. I was told to just keep my eye out for coupons, but I think I need to keep my eye out for a new place to get my vehicle serviced.
TJ Regan
Although the process was a little slower than i’d like with my particular salesman, the customer service was great! Jason, the sales manager went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Best car buying/leasing experience i’ve had thus far.
Roxanne Harvey
Very calm and caring people. Even when your car is about to fall apart they take good care of you.
Khy Sweetwing
I’m a big fan of this place. I like the staff and their policies. They’re very honest and actually work to save you money on repairs!
Allanah Allard
Had a great experience with Justin. I did bring my veteran car-sales father in law with me and he took that in great stride. Car is beeeeauuuutiful and exactly what I wanted. Definitely recommend working with these guys, thanks Justin!
Henry Gustavesen
I recently bought a 2018 Crosstreck limited from Holmgren and frankly it was most enjoyable car buying experience I have had in over 44 years of but cars. My salesman,Justin Cannady was extremely friendly,low pressure and helpful throughout the whole process. Once I took delivery he spent considerable time going over the many features and even suggested that I come back in a week for a review which I did as there was so much to take in given all the car’s features. Justin was very patient answering my question and was no pressure all the way. I should also point out that Mary Kate jakubec,the business manager wa very courteous and helpful throughout the paperwork process and explained various options available to me. Finally the dealership itself was clean and new looking and all the employees friendly and courteous. In short I would recommend Holmgren to anyone else who is interested in buying a Subaru!!!
Bill Smith
Great experience. Called ahead about availability of a used car I was looking at and showed up half an hour later. Roberto was waiting outside and greeted me, the whole 9 yards. Pulled the car right up front for me and answered all my questions.
Overall a very easy time. Didn’t end up going home in a new car through no fault of the dealership, but am strongly considering it solely due to the quality of the workforce.
Lexi Beckmann
The most knowledgeable and friendly techs in the state, would recommend the shop to any and everyone
Stan Mieldzioc
Excellent experience! I just bought a new car from Holmgren Subaru and was very pleased with the process.
The staff were well informed and helpful. They pretty much matched my best True Car offer. That offer would have required travel out of state and dealing with add-on fees, etc. there. Factoring that in, they likely beat it by a couple bucks when all is said and done. (They didn’t give it away but they are a for-profit business after all.) Once we settled on price and details, they made everything effortless. They chaperoned my insurance, trade, etc. seamlessly. There were no slimy tactics, no “cute” number “errors” , etc. which I’d encountered in a couple other places. Everything was very clean and professional.
Overall it was as stress-free as a significant purchase can be. Thanks to Sales Rep Annette T. and GM Manny F. I was able to stop by mid-day Sunday to look/talk and drove my new vehicle off the lot early afternoon Monday.
Kris Rousseau
Small kids area kept my baby boy happy while we waited and they provided a variety of refreshments
Derrick Pehowdy
My dad financed a truck from this location that was $15,000 and within 3 months after he purchase the truck a few things went on a truck that cost more than $3,000. They wouldn’t fix it at all my dad had to call the DMV to straighten it out to get it done so after that is set and done about six months later which is now the timing chain went on the truck that cost $2,000 or more to repair. It’s a truck that my dad still paying Finance and only had it less than a year and all that stuff happened to it. If I could do negative stars on this review I definitely will my dad is 67 years of age and they took advantage of it
Katie Steele
Came here to run diagnosis on check engine light. I had an appointment but suddenly they’re telling me that even if they run the diagnostic test it’s a) going to take and hour b) cost $106 dollars just for the test when I could easily get it done for free at AutoZone and c) because they were “understaffed” they couldn’t perform any repairs today. I can understand if you’re understaffed but they called earlier in the day to confirm my appointment and none of this came up at that time. I don’t want to tag on them too hard because I have had good experiences in the past but this particular experience has not put me in a good mind set.
Deb Hotham
Great service, friendly employee’s, helpful. All my questions were answered, they were excellent.
Danny Allen
Over priced service center and kinda rude
Alicia Henrikson Lee
Unfortunately, I did not have a great experience with the service department at Holmgren Subaru. I made a 1:00pm appointment to have my oil changed and my tires rotated (one day in advance.) I specifically made a note while scheduling the appointment online that I was using my lunch break to have the services completed (and that was why I was making an appointment in the first place.)
When I pulled my car into the service bay at 12:58pm, I was told it would be at least 15-20 minutes before my car would even be serviced (apparently making an appointment here is pointless.) I asked the attendant how long the actual service would be – to which she responded “15-20 minutes.” In hindsight I should have known that didn’t make sense but this was only the second oil change I’ve ever had with my new Subaru and my FIRST experience with Holmegren – so I handed over my keys and headed to the waiting area.
I noticed that at 1:17pm my vehicle had been moved to be serviced. However, at 2:00pm (clearly more than “15- 20 minutes” later) I finally got up to inquire about my car, expressing concern that it was taking much longer than I was initially told – to which I was met with, “it will be another 10 minutes.” Clearly frustrated at this point, the nice girl in the service department offered me a discount (only reason I am giving this place more than one star is because the employee was so nice.) But, a discount doesn’t really make up for lost time. At approximately 2:08 the same service employee came out to give me the report from my inspection – and followed it up with another “it will only be 10 more minutes.” I ended up ACTUALLY leaving the dealership at 2:20pm – that’s 1 hour and 20 minutes of service time – when I was told this would be a maximum of a 40 minute service.
I will not be returning to this dealership. I’m not sure if the employees are misinformed or if they were running behind, or understaffed – whatever the case this should have been CLEARLY communicated to me, the customer.
Jessica soucy
Went there to purchase a car obviously. Spent 3 hours there just filling out paperwork. Then they tell us the banks were closed (went in on a saturday) and they’d call us back Monday with an answer and our next steps. NEVER GOT A CALL BACK!! Would have called them back myself but figured they must not want our business if they couldn’t be bothered. I would have given this one star but the staff was at least polite when we were there.
Prices a little bit better than some other Subaru dealerships in the area.
Michelle Kaiser
Awesome service section. Great prices and their employees are very pleasant. Customer​ service here in the service section was the best I’ve seen at almost any establishment. Will definitely be going back here from now on for all my service needs.
Ari Shaps
Very little respect for their customer’s time. Unless you don’t work I recommend finding another dealer who is flexible for you, not the other way around.
scott fessenden
Fantastic service. Patient…. Not pushy…. Informative…. Great car buying experience. Jesus Hernandez was spot on. Will buy here again.
Donovan Maguigan
I really like the option for a quick oil change and inspection. A Jiffy Lube pace but trusted as they are Subaru techs.
Kimberly Paul
Everyone is incredibly warm and friendly. From the moment you walk into the dealership, you’re treated like family. The sales staff is pressure free and takes their time explaining everything to you and the finance department is equally as accommodating. Looking forward to many more purchases here in the future!
Karen Corsi-Wolmer
Just love this dealership! Tim, the salesman, no pressure, Manny the GM and Mary the F&I were phenomenal to work with. No issues, no pressure, no games, no gimmicks! That was a plus! I checked out vehicles from all over New England and none of them could beat their price! Special thanks to them all!
Jess A
We purchased a new Impreza recently. This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Everyone was honest and did not push anything on us. They went out of the way to get me the car I really wanted. Even though it was not in stock. They offered an upfront and honest price that never changes throughout the purchase. I would recommend buying all your cars here! It is worth the drive!
michele ryan
Best customer service for Subaru!!! Justin goes above and beyond to make his customers happy !!
John Dufrat
Just purchased a used Subaru from Holmgren. It was the nicest car buying experience I’ve ever had. Absolutely NO pressure, NO BS, and a courteous, knowledgeable staff. They made the transition from my old car to the new one very pleasant. These folks are GREAT!!!
Brought my car in for work. Did a satisfactory job. Friendly helpful staff.
Shylynn Hatcher
Our particular sales associate was wonderful! Sparked easy conversation and felt like an old friend. Thanx guys and gals! Our car is PERFECT for our family!
Bryan Palmer
Excellent place to get a car they work with you very well
Derek Dilaj
My mother was looking for a new car and was her first big purchase without my father. The team at Holmgren Subaru made her feel welcome and took care of her just like she was their mother. Was a great experience and would recommend to others.
keith kerr
Sales people where very nice, worked with me to make a purchase. Would suggest to any one for an awesome Subaru.
Jerry Leung
This review is strictly from my sales experience. They say, if it’s too good to be true it not. Well in this case it was! Hands down the EASIEST car purchase/transaction I have ever had, this being my 6th. The moment I showed up, Shaya, one of the few sales associate was kind, soft spoken and absolutely NOT pushy and EXTREMELY professional. They gave me an Internet price right off the bat, before coming in. I showed up 4 days later during the weekend. Guess what? They HONORED it! No gimmick whatsoever, I was shocked, I went in ready for war! It almost felt like buying a TV at Best Buy, it was that easy. I picked up my car the following weekend. Still with plenty of doubt on the back of my mind. Saying to myself, let’s see what games are they going to play now with the finance dept. Guess what!? ABSOLUTELY NONE! My mind is blown away! It simply couldn’t have been that easy. I can’t even imagine any of the low ratings. If I could I’d give them 10 ☆’s. You know how the sales mngr comes later to tag team you with the sales person…. never even happened. He (Jason) only came to shake my hand and thank me for my business. Told him how much I wanted to spend and I got it, absolutely NO issue. There was no…. “how much do you want to spend a month bs”. (Btw if you hear that, you’d better run, unless you know your numbers.) Funny, I picked this dealership by accident, they are literally an hour away from me in RI and over 2 hrs from NYC. Shaya my salesman, cannot put into words his professionalism and knowledge. Though I already knew ever inch of the car, he still took the time to go down the list with us, was never impatient. My wife even said, she would have gladly paid more for the car after this experience. She wished buying a car was this easy all the time! She is a woman of few words, and extremely short tempered, never uttered a word and it was a done deal. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAYA AND THE HOLMGREN SALES TEAM, FOR PUTTING ENJOYMENT, HONESTY, FAITH AND INTEGRITY BACK INTO THE CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE!!!!!


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