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Koeppel Ford in Queens, NY

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

57-01 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11377, United States
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Ford Dealership in Queens | Koeppel Ford

Koeppel Ford is your preferred NYC Ford dealership in Queens with new & used cars, financing, service, and parts for drivers from Queens, Brooklyn and Hempstead.

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Megan Hoche
Had the best experience at Koeppel. This was our first time buying CPO (as opposed to buying used). Our sales manager Imran took his time and put us at ease. He gave us the freedom to look around on our own, but was always available to answer our questions. We are so happy with our purchase!
Jean Reynoso
Two weeks ago I stopped by the Koeppel Ford dealership looking to change my vehicle. As soon as I stepped in Stephanie Alvarado was very helpful, patient and attentive working with me to get me the best deal. I was originally looking to get the Edge model, but Stephanie was able to get me the Explorer at a better deal. I am very happy with my new vehicle. If you are looking to get a car I would recommend working with Stephanie.
Fast and great service if you stop by ask for Stephanie she is one of the best there. Great personality and you’ll leave a happy customer.
Marianella P
My car was in the shop at Koeppel ford for a month or so because of a simple issue over sensors, when I finally had my car back after a week, I started to have an issue with my car about my low engine oil pressure. So, I took it back at Koeppel and you guys told me that my engine was malfunctioning and that I need to replace my entire engine, that instead I should trade my car in with a new one. I decided to have a second opinion and when I took it to my personal mechanic, he run a computer test to see if there is a real damage to my car engine and come back negative. The engine was perfectly fine. what was bad was the oil pump sensor. And you guys didn’t say that. On top of that my mechanic took that sensor out and he showed me that that sensor was replaced already for an after-market and old sensor. The mechanic told me someone was trying to mess with my car. And the only place where my car was is at your shop. I feel that you guys are trying to play games with costumers so they can pay more money for no reason. So, what if I said ok replace the engine when was not even necessary to be replaced. I don’t know if you are aware of what is happening there but is so dishonest having this circumstance happening in such “privilege shop” so, so, disappointing!!! I will never bring my car again there and I will definitely address this issue to a different department because I don’t think I was the only one being fooled. This issue has nothing to do with my costumer service advisor. This issue goes beyond my agents hand!!
Koeppel ford is filled with extremely accommodating and friendly people, and my experience there was great. Their location is very clean and professional, and their selection of used vehicles is large. I found a car online, and made an appointment to test drive it the next day with no complications! Within less than a week, I drove the car off the lot. They were also extremely fair and transparent with their pricing, and handed the car off to me in great condition. I personally worked with Jose, who was a wonderful salesperson. I definitely recommend Koeppel for those looking for reliable, used vehicles and friendly, covid-safe staff! As a bonus, they have a very adorable bird in the back of their offices named Peaches who belongs to the owner! It was really amusing and entertaining to have her singing at me while I waited to sign papers.
Sean Mc Kivergan
First time ever purchasing with a city dealer. Jose in Sales and Jose and Vanessa in service all get 5 stars. Very efficient and professional dealings with both departments. Best service department I have ever dealt with.
Super impressed with this dealership. Not at all what you’d expect in a “city” dealership. Spotlessly clean, open, bright . . . and friendly. Plenty to choose from. Didn’t feel pressured at all. And they were very flexible (I can be kinda demanding). Great on the price. Highly recommend this store! Very community minded company. Asked about Koeppel Kares . . . involved in many worthwhile causes and charities! I like that!!
kyle chadderton
Spoke with two sales reps over the phone about a Ford Explorer Sport that was listed at a great price. Both sales reps told me it was still available and to come to the dealership to test drive the vehicle. When I arrived after an hour drive, they gave me the run-around, saying the vehicle was already sold. Then they tried to sell me other vehicles around the same trim level for around 5k higher than what I saw. Checking back days later, I still see the same vehicle I tried to buy is listed on their website. Beware of the bait and switch tactics they’ll use.
Michael Seto
Amazing, friendly, conscientious customer service! I drove into the service bay unannounced, having had to google a nearby Ford dealer to help with an EMERGENCY – my Transit Connect was stuck in gear. I could not shift nor put it into park…just Drive. Their service person immediately summoned a service manager (Jose) who was super helpful. They were full with appointments but immediately made room for my car to be parked and promised to take a look as soon as possible. I left my car in capable hands and by the end of the week they had fixed the problem – a failed bushing on the shift – and corrected two recalls that had not been addressed. The called me as soon as the car was ready. No waiting around, people there attend to you helpfully and courteously so kudos to their service team! Do not worry about trusting them with your vehicle. Thanks Koeppel!
Smerfy Lubie
Stay away!!! Worst service department! Went for alignment and wheel balancing. Steering wheel is off centered and car vibrates at 65. Went to mideas and they rebalanced all 4 wheels and fixed the alignment which was total off. I would stay away from all koppeal dealership as they all suck! Trust me. Save your self the hassle and go a dealer in Long Island.
Me Pittman
My experience was a night mare from hell. I went in on March 21st and long story got my car on March 31st. Not to mention the sales associate Allen omg I still don’t have my lease contract. The sales associate was all over the place. I had to call him to ask him for updates. Then he don’t know time what so ever. We where supposed to meet by the mall to sign the paperwork at 10 pm it turned to 11:15. Then I had drive him to my house to sign the papers. Then going say ooo I’m giving you 2 free oil changes I’m just over it. Then called the dealership today to speak to upper management and a gentleman answer saying his name was Steve(I think that was a lie) nevertheless he hung up on me. I will not go there again
Denise L. Catlyn
Please do not go to this dealership they do not repair your car good they take your money they hold your car for a long time. Go to Long island where you get better services. The services people are very arrogant do not know how to talk to you. I have to take my complaint to the Attorney General.
Pasang Sherpa
I heartily would like to Appreciate and thanks to service advisor Mr Jose colons because he is very friendly/helpful good communication, great service also I am very happy with him so this five star is specially for Mr Jose colons.I hope they will improve and provide more great service in future.
Christina Martinez
I can honestly say this is the first time my husband is happy with his car choice Stephanie went above and beyond to get him everything he wanted from the car color to the interior. We are 100% happy with our purchase.
Leanne Clarke
I want to say THANK YOU to Stephanie and Rob for helping me get my first car😁. I first spoke to Stephanie back in July and told her about my apprehension about buying my 1st car sight unseen but she was great and reassuring. And several months later… my car exceeded my expectations. Thank you Ford Koeppel
Matthew Wong
Had a great experience with Tina Wang. She spent much of the day going over different cars with my family. Was very patient in answering any questions or concerns. Gave us advice on getting the best price. All in all wonderful experience.
Scott Costanzo
The worst experience I have ever had while purchasing a vehicle. 2nd time I bought a car from Koeppel Auto Group. The first time was a good experience, although it was for a different brand. I remained a Service client for 8 years at Koeppel spending the value of a car on Service throughout that time period. This time around when my wife and I bought a car from Koeppel Ford, it was truly an excruciating experience. A 4 Day process that should of taken a few hours. Our salesmen was new and did not know the answers to many of my questions. It is okay not to know the answer if you are new, you should ask someone who does.. Here is our experience. Day 1 : We knew the car we wanted and mentioned that I had been a Koeppel customer for 8 years, if they can offer us a discount for being such a loyal customer. After my salesman spoke to his manager Wes Hamden, we were offered $500 which I was told was for being a Koeppel loyal customer. I later found out that this had nothing to do with Koeppel, it was a $500 rebate from Ford that anybody who buys a car from dealer available inventory before March 31st is entitled to. Furthermore, I mentioned that my wife works for a specific company and there should be a discount. They said there is no discount for that company. After doing a little research on our own, we found out that the company is a Ford Partner and part of qualifying Plan that would give us a discount. However when we mentioned this, they did not honor the discount on the vehicle. This was in contradiction to what was listed on the ford partner website listing Koeppel Ford as participating with the discount on that particular vehicle. Furthermore, I asked Wes Hamden, the sales manager and my salesmen Mirza what the lowest APR is currently being offered for the vehicle. None of them would give me a straight answer, they danced around the question before finally saying that Ford’s APR rate will be somewhere around 7.9% APR. that I should go through alternate financing methods for a better rate. After the 1st day, I did my own research and found out that Ford has 0 APR for 48 months and 0.9 APR for 60 months, so I did the preapproval online and qualified instantly. There was a way to send my pre-approval to Koeppel, which I did. I mentioned this to my salesmen on the 2nd day, and he had no response. Not only that, my credit was run again through other types of financial institutions. My impression is that they discourage financing through Ford so they can offer you some alternate method which might get them kickbacks. Even though there were red flags, we really wanted the car and continued with the transaction because it was a limited edition car. On the 3rd day, the day we bought the car, we had an appointment at 4pm. It took 7 and a half hours for the the transaction to be completed, which is completely ridiculous. It was the end of the month. Which is typically the busiest day of the month for every dealer, so why not hire some extra help on that day every month. Our time is very valuable to us, why did you waste out time? My Salesman kept pressuring us to switch the insurance on the car even though I had concerns and told him I wanted to talk to the finance guy first to make sure we would be getting the 0 percent financing or else there would be no reason to transfer the insurance. My sales person left us sitting in the showroom for 45 minutes to an hour while he inspected the car and prepped it to bring over to our location. We had an appointment for 4pm. Why wasn’t the car ready for us. We even had to go back a 4th time because they could not get our license plate off. On that 4th day our salesman offered free crossbars with complementary installation for the roof rack, I took him up on it, but after reviewing the Window Sticker. I realized it was something that I already paid $340 for when I purchased the car but it had not been installed. Pretty Tacky for a company to offer me something that I already paid for, that comes standard on the vehicle I purchased.
Steven Felix
I went into Koeppel Ford thinking ok here goes nothing. Hoping I could afford something thinking this is just another car dealer trying to finesse me into something I’m not looking for but I was wrong. I left that place so excited and happy, they make you feel like family and comfortable about purchasing a brand new vehicle thanks to Jose Rodriguez I am now a proud owner of brand new 2020 Ford ranger
Johnny J Garsiah
I came in looking for a car and Stephanie Alvarado helped me out with all the choices available. I ended up buying a beautiful Ford Mustang and I couldn’t ask for a better sales rep. She was knowledgeable, professional and courteous. If you ever need a car from Ford Koeppel, ask to talk to Stephanie A, she’s the one to see for a well-informed buying experience !
Paul Horne
Worst place/ experience ever. Bad customer service they lie and play games with people. Had a sunroof issue and they didn’t touch my vehicle for about 3 days and never addressed the issue. I had to keep calling them to get updates they would never reach out to me. I left the dealer and noticed a vibration in my steering wheel and shortly after my tire blew out. They are not transparent or take accountability for their faults. Truly unprofessional and unreliable people/place to go to. I rather go anywhere else.
My lease just ended – top of the range Ford Explorer Sport. Arguably one of the worse customer experiences I’ve had to date over the course of the lease. From the outset their sales process took 6hours – clumsy and inefficient. The servicing and support of the vehicle was practically non-existence. There was a technical issue that just was left unresolved because I couldn’t deal with them anyone. Glad to be done.
Just the wrong attitude overall. Wanted us to buy the car before actually seeing it and would not call to see availability until we started the deal? Shady and ridiculous service in general. Waste of time. Three ford dealerships in one day and unfortunately all negative experiences. What is going on?
Patricia Molina
Jose was very nice to us and helped us through all the process since the beginning. We are really happy with the car he helped us find and we recommend him if you are interested in buying a car. He is the best sales person I have ever met. Thanks Jose!
Ronald King -Sheppard
Great service!! From the time you drive into the facilities you are treated as a special customers The entire staff is extremely professional ,who makes you feel appreciated and not just another number. Very impress with their delivery and attention to every detail. I love the client experience! Thank you Koeppel Ford! Ronald K Sheppard
Great place great people working there especially Jesus Alvarez, great sales person and helpful.
Wilmer Pagan Aguilera
My experience at Koeppel ford was excellent, the staff is excellent from service to sales. Very knowledgeable of the products and very clean environment. Stephanie Alvarado is one of the best sales person I’ve known and is very knowledgeable With the ford brand, as well as the rest of the sales team
Nicholas Collado
Jose was very knowledgeable and experienced. He made the transaction easy. I am very happy to have met him and the experience was very rewarding
Jimmy Yang
Jose Rodriguez is a phenomenal salesman. He stayed very late for me and helped me more than I could have imagined. Go see Jose, you won’t regret it.
Vlad Inc
What can I say, the service at this Ford location was amazing. I was greeted promptly and all my questions and needs were satisfied. Most importantly, the sales Consultant Stephanie Alvarado made it top notch. I’ve been to Ford in great neck and was not as pleased with their sales consultants. Stephanie was attentive, hands on, and most of all joyful! She also speaks spanish which helped me because my wife is from South America and english is not her first language. Thank you Stephanie!
David Paré
Horrible experience, sales person was the least knowledgeable person I’ve ever dealt with professionally. When I came to see the car from the preowned selection it looked all right, but as I looked further and further there were a lot of what the sales person called “character” flaws. Despite their claim of 128 point inspection, the car had a broken motor mount, low fluids, and multiple broken interior and trim parts. Next time I look for a used car I will do better to stick to Craigslist
gee bee
Although I did not get a car that day, but The sales rep Stephanie helped me with my options on what’s available for me in my price range. She took the time and effort to make this experience amazing! I did not feel pressured or uncomfortable. I will definitely be back! And I will definitely be telling my friends and family about shopping for cars at this location! And I will defiantly be telling them to look for Stephanie.
Chris Nerad
Would not accept vehicle in service dept. Called on a Tuesday the Lady I spoke to at near closing time in Service told me they were closed Thursday and Friday and are not taking in any more vehicles on Wednesday and then put me on hold in hopes I would hang up. Little does she know I will go out of my way to document poor service. Called back and met with the same cheap as dirt attitude. Moved service to competitor. Get it together.
Charles M
July 2020 was my first time bringing my truck to this Ford location. The staff was very friendly and welcoming when I arrived. After I let them know what I came in for, they gave me a breakdown of everything that needed to be repaired after the vehicle was checked out. I enjoyed my experience with Jose the representative that worked with me that day.
Jonathan Perez
Had a wonderful experience buying a car for the first time in 10 years. Stephanie made us feel comfortable and welcomed during our time at the dealership. I couldn’t be happier, I’m definitely telling all of my friends who are looking for a car to shop with the team at Koeppel Ford.
David Rosario
Jose Rodriquez is an excellent salesman. I highly recommend everyone to see him. Thanks for your help.
Janice Hunter
My son Michael was very interested in buying a Mustang he searched the website and found a coupe at Ford. An amazing 2020 red mustang we called and made an appointment With Angie who was pleasant to see the vehicle . Michael fell in love with the car Jeremy the salesman was the most professional and informative. Jeremy took my son for a test drive and we were sold . Michael just graduated college last year he was able to get a rebate we traded in my sons old car. We met peaches the parakeet and then the financial manager Rob Who was very helpful and we also added a tire package. My son is extremely happy and I feel happy because we left Koeppel Ford it’s a great car that was affordable for him. Thank you again to Jeremy and Koeppel Ford staff for making this an amazing experience for the both of us.
Cynthia Lopez
My experience at quick lane was amazing, Emily helped me from the second I got there to when I left! She was very professional and helpful. Thank you
Abby Rosado
I went to other dealerships and by far this one offered the best customer service and the best numbers. Ask for Savier, he was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was so patient with our family, we had lots of questions, he answered them all. Got an amazing deal on a 2020 Edge! Highly recommend this dealership and Savier!
tsering dorjee
I had a very smooth process of getting my dream truck, everyone is outmost professional and straightforward at Koeppel Ford. I want to give a huge thanks to my sales manager Jose Rodriguez for helping me getting the truck at the most reasonable price. I highly recommend asking him if you have plan to buy your next ride. Thanks Again Jose.
Abul Chowdhury
The staff at Koeppel Ford (Jeremy and Adam) was very patient. Accommodated it to my liking so i can lease a brand new 2020 F-150. A beast of a pick-up truck. I would say definitely get your next ford here. Friendly accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. A+ hands down.
mel p
I’m happy with my purchase of the 2020 ford explorer. The staff was very helpful, especially Mr. Cantillo. He was knowledgeable and happy to explain how to use all the features on the explorer.
ashley martino
Such a great experience working with Sajan! He was very easy to work which we appreciated during this pandemic. The process was straight forward and simple. Due to our schedule we could only meet after work and Sajan was super accommodating and stayed late to ensure we got everything we needed!
Yvette Lebron
Great experience, staff very nice and professional. Service department manager Chris Urena is amazing and professional. He is always so helpful and clear when any questions are asked. Chris Urena is a true gentleman and professional. Thank you Chris Urena.
Alexandra Mena
Oh my gosh, Jose treated my daughter with such professionalism. People, go to the Commercial department, you wont regret it. Thanks Josel😊
Jeanne Fiffe (Grade 2 – Class 2A)
Today’s service was GREAT! I was taken care of right away . I waited while they worked on the car and the waiting room was very clean. My car was sanitized when they completed the work.Angelina was so nice and friendly going over the details.
John Bitkos
This is the only dealer that I have ever been to that was excellent. They were very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. The work was done very quickly. I would highly recommend this dealer for service and the next time I am shopping for a car they will the first place I go.
Gregg Dickens
Great service. Angelina Ortiz was friendly and by the time I got back from walk to grab coffee, my truck was ready. Super fast. It is my preferred place to have all of my service done.
Brooklyns Finest
Service was great, staff was friendly! Ask for Stephanie if you want to drive home in a new car, she is awesome! Thank you for everything Steph
Esan Bobb
Well,maybe bad time or a bad day..service to my truck was done as expected..bathroom was out of service ..but staff was informative and apologetic about situation…good please to do business
Patricia Cinque-Pepe
I was at Koeppel Ford this week for service on my Ford Escape, the service Department was great , I got right in and Chris the Service Advisor was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions, checked on me with updates while I was waiting in their very nice guest area , and got me out quick . He is the best and I think he deserves a raise !!!! Keep up the good work!! Oh yes and thank you Peaches the parrot for keeping me occupied while I waited lol
Angela Mundo
Stephanie sold me a ford fusion hybrid . And I totally love the car. She is amazing !
Doug Guzman
On 6/25/2020 I went to Koeppel Ford. I was meet with a amazing staff member by the name of Stephanie Alvarado. I ended up getting a 2020 Ford F150 she was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and boy! I had alot of them. Please see Stephanie if u want to buy or lease a new vehicle…Thank you Koeppel Ford
Felix Perez
Great place i was there for a recall of my Ford explorer i waited for it in the waiting room
Reliable Security Systems
Service department 5 Stars 👍
diego borrero
I am giving this place a 2 star ONLY BECAUSE OF THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT. Sales person Arturo and front house were great when purchasing the vehicle. Service department has been the worst I’ve dealt with even, according to them it took them almost 9 months to get a camera. Every time you ask for loaners “ they didn’t have any” I was told for months that the parts were on backed order , but every time I spoke to the service department i was told it was just ordered, when questioned about it they said “they changed the store and said yes backed order “ only when I contacted Ford Corp and filed a complaint for some reason the parts started to show up. And still yet my car is not fixed. I expressed numerous times I was leaving the state, they blamed corporation for not having parts available. Horrible horrible service. Very disappointed with this dealership
Darin Rodriguez
Thanks Jose Rodriguez, I love my new car and I know you gave me a great price. I highly recommend that people go to see you.
Robert Caselli
I was very impressed on how easy and smooth the negotiations and understanding went. It was the shortest amount of time I’ve ever experienced in buying or leasing a car. Koeppel is a first to go to place when it is time for a next vehicle. Thank you especially to Stephanie Alvarado who made my experience very relaxing. Love it when there is zero pressure. Thanks again to the Koeppel team.
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