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711 11th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA

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+1 212-594-6200

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David Tournay
Very nice for car spotting. They have a lamborghini centenario
fang bai
Went to this store fix my cayenne , charge me around $3600, and call other PORSCHE store $1500! (All ICD TAX). Same parts! And if you don’t fix , so pay few hundred shipping fee restock fee labor fee. Few hundred .Ok I understand. Manhattan everything expensive. But I already paid around $800, can you wash car clean , NO WASH ! AND GIVE U ATTITUDE!! Before I went to this store for service ! Broken car watch , water in screens, and until now car dashboard back have screws not installed well can heard screw jump noise. And they said oh it’s all cayenne issue. Anyway! NEVER NEVER NEVER COME BACK TO THIS STORE AGAIN!
Mohsina Patwari
I leased a Porsche Cayenne diesel for three years from this dealership. I returned the car and leased a another Porsche Cayenne. Six weeks after the return, the leasing company calls me back to return the car. When I informed the car has already been returned they sent me an bill with ridiculous charges. I tried to call the Porsche Financial at least 20 times. Never could get through. Finally decided to go to the dealership myself to solve the issue. I was charged for front and back damage to the car. Which was totally false. The dealer admitted there was no damage to the front. They will only take that off. They charged me for breaking the lease. Which is ridiculous as I leased another Porsche. I felt I was dealing with a crooked second hand car dealer instead of a prestigious dealership. I still have not solved all the issues. They still charged me for things that never happened. I am still trying to argue the charges. Please let me know if others went through this experience too with this dealership and how to resolve these false claims.
Eric B
Manhattan Porsche stole money from me!
So… I leased a car from Manhattan Porsche and traded in a BMW with a Multiple Security Deposit on it (basically BMW owes me “x” amount of dollars after my lease is terminated). Now I am an extremely honest and hardworking man and feel compelled to tell my story and leave a review!
To make a long story short, Manhattan Porsche, after I left with my new 911s, forged my signature two times onto specific BMW documents and faxed it to BMW transferring the funds from my name into theirs! I only found out after I reached out to BMW (1 month later) and asked why my MSD money (check) was taking so long to be sent to me.
Now I have leased many cars in my life and have never been cheated, lied to, and STOLEN from in my life!
Manhattan Porsche stole thousands of dollars from me in an effort to make more money. It was clearly forged as my signature looks nothing like the one forged. They maliciously forged my signature in an attempt to defraud me of MY MONEY! I was never given any BMW documents at PORSCHE to sign! Manhattan Porsche/ Manhattan Motor Cars are not in the car selling industry rather they are in business to STEAL MONEY FROM THEIR HARD WORKIG CLIENTS. When I spoke to representatives from Manhattan Porsche, they told me that they want their 911s back!
When I received a call from the owner I was politely told to bring the 911s back “immediately” and to do whatever the hell I want to do!
I will never step foot into that dealership again! They forge customers signatures to STEAL money and deceive clients!
Mauro Spini
Gus was very pleasant and easy to deal with , I received a fair price and the negotiation was straightforward and professional, as un added bonus the 4th and 5th floor alone is worth a visit to the dealership
Vici Omni
Frank in Service went above and beyond. What a great shop.
Tai’ Joun Washington
Terrible service here, if they don’t think you’re rich they will kick you out even if you are.
leonid yagudayev
Michael Holland is a great service advisor, very pleasant interpersonal skills, has great attention to detail. Provided superior customer service, also great thanks to Daniel Sene – excellent sales consultant , pure pleasure and outstanding costumer service !
Hassan Mehmood
Went to see some supercars, was not disappointed. They even let u sit inside the Porsches. Best placeee
Turner Bizzle
Super nice staff; let me take pictures and answered questions
Benny Ashurov
Haha nothing special, try to buy a car here wasn’t happy with the service
Jake Reilly
Was offered by an amazing employee to sit in and turn on a few cars. Absolutely best experience ever. I was able to hear a carerra gt, 911 gt3rs, and aventador. These are amazing people. Also got to see 1 in 40 Lamborghini centenario
Kamran Mustafa
They ok . Sometimes they nice sometimes they are horrible. Lol
AJ Franklin
I went here to see some Porsches for my birthday. I love the welcoming staff here and the cars where definitely special to see. I will definitely be buying a Porsche from here in the future.
Boris Ovodenko
I was lucky to have met Manny Quinones. He is a stellar example of what a professional, knowledgeable, low pressure, respectful, and all around awesome sales representative should be. Initially I was considering a Macan and he gave me a wonderful test drive. I then decided on another model and then another one, finally settling on the panamera. I know, it’s quiet a jump. Manny never appeared irritated with my jumping and was very supportive. In fact, I am very grateful to his honesty at his own financial expense, for he knocked off $25,000 from MSRP in options that he thought would not add to my fun of driving a Panamera. You don’t see this kind of level of professionalism too frequently. I then took a 2018 Panamera for a test drive. The sedan is very smooth over uneven Manhattan road, responsive, and quiet. Yes, quiet. I never thought of a Porsche as a quiet car. I love it. I really look forward to getting my Porsche from Manny Quinones. What a wonderful experience.
Ahmed Yasir
The reason why I gave 2 stars because one time I was kicked out because of an accident and they don’t allow us to go inside anymore
Dominic Ross
It was good except for when I asked about a car I thought was there. A woman at the desk said it was at another dealership on 28th and 7th. That’s in Midtown Manhattan, and if you’re from there, you know how bad it is to drive there. About an hour of traffic later, I come to find no dealership. Doing some quick research, I find that the other dealership is down the street. The staff is friendly, the place is clean, but I don’t recommend going there for questions.
Raquel B
Service helped me out when I was traveling- friendly and very professional! And sales staff were so happy to talk about the amazing cars- very down-to-earth and knowledgeable.
Cindy Frazier
This is from Richard & Cindy Frazier. I’ve bought a lot of cars over the years and had dealings with Many Dealers, This is by far the BEST dealership I’ve ever done business with. Our Salesman, Jason Martin was very helpful and took care of every detail. The director of Finance, Gary Price was very so nice and explained everything that we needed to understand. Even the Owner Brian Miller stopped by to shake our hand and thank us. I Highly recommend this company.
Had a great experience purchasing my porsche. Ty Daniel Sene for his service
Most of the staff is pretty friendly and welcoming… I have purchased two Porsche vehicles from this location and the receptionist lady and the service tech, I believe his name was Darcy were wonderful and very accommodating! My only gripe comes from the “front desk security”. Their’s this small Latina(maybe Asian), sorta of chubby, I assume lesbian lady with glasses at the front security desk that made me and my wife feel rushed out of the door and very uncomfortable. She even asked me and my wife where we were walking to when we were clearly walking to the Porsche parking lot to grab MY FULLY PAID FOR PORSCHE…she even asked a service tech guy to escort me and my wife out, as if we were going to get lost??… listen lady I don’t care if the company signing your paycheck sells Porsche’s, I’m NOT impressed and you cannot WOW me ! learn how to treat people with decency … I’m sure you treat all of your fellow subway riders with decency on your way home every day after work. show the same to the people helping pay your salary. The Mercedes, BMW, Honda (even thought slightly eager) dealerships that I visit throughout the years for service to my other vehicles at-least treat you with respect. I was disgusted by her hospitality (Not all of Porsche) and she is lucky I didn’t ask for a manager and make an issue of it.
B. Darius B.
Unfriendly employee was kinda ignoring us. Nice spot to watch Porsche cars.
Rob Strawderman
I had an excellent experience at Manhattan Motorcars. Everyone I met and dealt with was exceptionally pleasant, and I very highly recommend working with Daniel Sene. His enthusiasm and attention to detail – and fairness and transparency in our dealings – made my first purchase from this dealership very pleasurable indeed. Mark Struble, the finance manager, was also outstanding – friendly, professional, fair and not at all pushy. Thank you!
Tomke Janowitz
The staff is very friendly. The Cars are cool.
Gerard Rose
Nice selection of cars to look at, friendly folk at the desk. Didn’t have what I was looking for, but that isn’t their fault.
Alexander Morman
Amazing place to visit
Dan 13
Cool place, I went in to check out some cars and when I asked if I could they were totally fine with it. I wanna go back to see the Ccx they have now!
Bill B
From the start, Preeth and his associates made the whole experience easy and worry free. I can’t say enough good things about him and the dealership. I will certainly be coming here for all my automotive needs!
Chris Drury
Just drove my brand new 2017 Macan S to VT on its virgin drive and it was amazing. The car did everything we expected and more. The entire buying experience was fantastic. Wanted to say thanks to Jake, Michael and Nicole for being totally service oriented. No pressure and lots of patience. You not only made it easy, you made it fun.
Edonis Krasniqi
After many months of searching for the right car. I found it here at Manhattan motorcars with the help of George Gobrial. George took me in without an appointment and treated me with the respect that you can’t find at any other dealership. No matter how many questions, how many cars I asked to see or test drive, he never once became frustrated with me. Instead he understood my needs and concerns and reassured me that I am making the right decision. When I stepped into my Porsche Macan S I was shown all the features and made aware of how to use them. As well as contact information if something became confusing or any other general questions. If you are reading this I urge you to call Manhattan Motorcars and set up an appointment with George. Trust me you will see why I took the time out of my day to write this review.
André Soares
Great service to your premium car. The Porsche staff is amazing and very attentive.
Thomas Carroll
The service department at Manhattan Motorcars is of the highest quality. They go above and beyond to make the customer happy and to provide convenient superior service in a truly professional manner. In particular, Frank has taken such amazing care of us. I simply can’t speak highly enough of this outstanding service department and would recommend it to anyone. They are so great that I only want to own cars that they can service. They are responsive, thorough and do whatever it takes to make sure that the customer is pleased. Thank you Frank and your team.
Mark Wetzel
The place where you know right away you will be taken care of. Some of the finest automobiles you’ll find anywhere.
christine Monterosso
love this dealership! Exceptional service. Every time I go in for service, Ted, my service manager goes above and beyond to ensure that I leave there happy!
Jay Levy
Management and co does a great job to make sure you are happy and get you thru the process quickly.
susy kim
Service was excellent but I couldn’t give perfect score due to the work on my car. I brought my car for body shop but work was far from perfect. Service and attention provided by staff compensated over the fact that scratches was still visible. Overall I will still recommend Manhattan Motors due to the outstanding customer services.
Peter Kim
Freddie Chan and the service department at Manhattan Motorcars are outstanding. They are accommodating and have provided me with a loaner car each and every time I required service. The service is performed on time and has always been of high quality – as you would expect. Freddie has gone out of his way to help me, even when it was his day off. I recommend them highly.
michael ashworth
Frank Pica arranged the service for my lightly used 911 c4 cab. He took the time to understand the situation and then kept me fully informed . When I needed to pick up the car at 7am he made himself available. First class service ! If you want to buy or maintain a Porsche this is the place to go
Bryan Sal
I have purchased a Lotus and Two Lamborghini Aventadors from Manhattan Motorcars. The sales and service experience is beyond excellence. I am very demanding and have made difficult requests of both sales and service and based on the way I have been treated, I will never buy a car from anyone else. I am a very loyal customer and I look forward to a long relationship with them They are the greatest high end dealership in the USA.
Michael Schwarz
Thoughtful Customer support from sales through the service department. Other luxury car dealerships should learn from them. Thank you to Daniel Sene and Michael Holland for always making it easy and painless.
Faisal Mahmood
Great service team. Unfortunately got a nail in my tire and needed a quick replacement. Lenka was able to accommodate me in a timely fashion and get me back in the road without much wait. Very impressed with the service and sales team.
Brian Uckert
Service; we have come to expect quality and value in a very timely manner; we don’t what to wait, we expect perfection and at an affordable price. Typically you can have 2 of the three options but not all three. As a Porsche owner, car enthusiast and business owner I am very detailed orientated and insistent on near perfection that’s what today customers expect.
My recent experience with Porsche Service for my Carrera was exceptional; I was an hour or two outside Manhattan and looked to schedule service when my car broke down – there wasn’t a Porsche dealer within 60 miles that could possibly service my car within the week; apparently they are all booked; with the exception of Manhattan Motorcars. I was able to call them on Sunday and arrange to have the car delivered to them on a flatbed on Monday morning.
Michael Holland of Manhattan Motorcars was very professional, direct, honest and thorough, he provided feedback and status everyday. He managed expectations and was brutally honest, he went above and beyond what most dealers I have experienced would even consider. Never did they try to up-sell me on things that where not required but instead; offered a personal touch as if it was their sports car they where caring for, these guys are real car guys not wanta-be weekend warriors.
I am very glad I looked at potential dealers before I had a problem – because it paid off – I found the best Porsche dealer in New York City and Long Island; quality, value, and well the time, it was worth it.
Saundra Beck
Frank Pica handled my car repairs and my anxiety about them expertly and professionally. The work did not exceed his estimates and was completed on schedule.
When the work was completed, my car looked exactly the way it did the day I bought it. The entire staff treats each customer professionally. I will definitely return when any further service is required.
Faina AcriGarofalo
I had a really great experience at Manhattan Motorcars. Preeth Kumar, my salesperson, was extremely helpful and was able to get me into my car in a day. I was in the middle of a move with a young baby and he made the whole experience effortless for me. All the paperwork was ready when I arrived and he walked me through everything. He even scheduled my maintenance appointment a year from now so I don’t forget. The rest of the staff was courteous, professional, and friendly as well. It goes without saying that I love my new car!
Benjamin Kliot
Pick up was smooth and fast. Car delivery was delayed due to missing component. Lease price quoted at time of order was different than final lease price. Service was great!
Donavan Thomas
I have had now 3 or 4 separate occasions where I have had to make an impromptu visit to Manhattan motor cars for a quasi emergency. On each visit I have had the pleasure to deal with Frank Pica. Frank has been professional,curtesous and most of all accomadating. He has taken the time to insure my car was looked at and my issues resolved, this in turn made each visit a note worthy and pleasant service experience.
Joe Walsh
Purchased Macan S two weeks ago. My representative (Preeth) was knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to find the car with options I was looking for. Visited showroom on a Thursday and they delivered car on Saturday.
Oscar Dotter
Bring a Lambo in for servicing, leave with missing wheel caps and smoking egear. Gets worse!! I buy a Porsche targa 4s, pay for install of clear bra, they advise me at delivery it’s done. I pay for everything on Lambo and Porsche and nothing is done 5 months later they actually recharge my Amex for services and parts they never installed which is crazy since I have multiple emails supporting my claims here. I end up taking both cars to NJ dealerships who to make matters worse tell me there no way Manhattan Motorcars did full service on my Lambo as most fluids are nearly dry and the reason my car was smoking was due to overheating that in fact it looked like they drained fluids but forgot to refill them… What a joke!! Again these are not far fetched claims, I have multiple emails supporting exactly what I’m writing. You’d think buying expensive cars and servicing them with this dealer would be enough to gain perfect customer service and loyal customer base. They not only charge you for service they say they do they charge you for losing parts and not installing parts you pay for on your car. This place is making bank on non service. Good for them bad for customer.
therealegtc something
This has to be one of the worse dealerships I have ever went to the Porches in the front are very ugly and I got yelled at for trying to take a photo of one and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. I was hoping to get to see the other car dealers in the dealership I was told I needed a reservation just to go near the doors. so I was stuck sitting outside looking at the vehicles (while getting yelled at for trying to take a photo)
Gene Pope
Had a great experience with Robert Lebron. He was very knowledgeable and wouldn’t hesitate to get me a second opinion if desired. You can tell he’s an enthusiast and that makes a big difference to me when I’m buying a car like this.


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