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2803 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10469, USA

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+1 646-470-2886

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Eddie James
This was the best used car purchase I’ve ever made. Phil provided full service, a remarkable car and at a fair price. They were very attentive and even followed up with me after the purchase. I highly recommend this dealership and have decided to use their repair shop as well.
Daphne Price
So awesome! I knew they were reputable because I teach right there at P.S 76. For 11 years I have seen them do a brisk business, and now I know why! The nicest most respectable men, Phil and his dad. Thank you so much for an amazing experience after we had been burned at a well known dealer not far away. My daughter is ecstatic with her SUV. When the time comes for another vehicle, I am coming back to you!
maurice yapp
I dont think their intention was to try and rip me off. I brought my car in because it wasnt shifting right. The guy took a ride with me to test it out. He drew the conclusion that it was the clutches that were bad. He said $1300 to rebuild the transmission. I was going to do it, but the way he just came up with that diagnosis just like that made me skeptical. So i took it to a mechanic my friend recommended. He said it was the kickdown cable. The part was $150 from Germany and $150 to put it in. Low and behold the car drives like brand new and i saved $1000. Point is, just like going to the doctor always get a 2nd opinion because not everyone knows what they are doing.
Tom Lellis
The best foreign car repairsI have found for my Volvo is New York Motors. Phil runs an honest repair shop/used car dealer with his father and was recommended to me by a Bronx friend and long time customer. I drive to the Bronx from Brooklyn to have him repair my car, which says a lot right there. I’m thankful for the recommendation, now passed on.


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