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Volvo Dealer

619 W W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, USA

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+1 888-327-5611

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Jean Gray
I made my first car purchase through Volvo Cars of Manhattan and it was the best decision Incoild have made! Lee helped me out a lot and guided me through the process every step of the way. He answered any questions that i had and was always available to hop onto a phone call. I am amazed by the this company operates and how dedicated their employees are. I am glad I was able to work with Lee and definitely in the future i will contact Lee again when i need to purchase another vehicle.
Drew Geniusauthor
I recently leased an XC 90 from Manny – he was really helpful, explained the different financial options well, took us through all the features of the car and helped us find the right model for our requirements and budget. Thanks a lot for the great service.
Vivek Tiwary
Eduardo Baptista’s attention, diligence, and willingness to find a deal that worked for us was remarkable. He truly went beyond the call of duty to secure our business, and we’re glad he did!
Madison Martinez
I had a great experience at this dealership! My sales person, Wayne, was extremely accommodating throughout the entire processes and consistently kept me updated as to what information they needed from me and when I could pick up my vehicle.
Jacques Gruber
Terrific service! Efficient and courteous. Volvo Manhattan will do everything to please their customers. They have done so with me.
F. Xavier Castellanos
Service staff went out of their way to be helpful, particularly Antonio, who processed my paperwork even though I arrived after he was supposed to be off for the day. He contacted me the next day to arrange my pick up time and followed up the next day to make sure all had gone well. Highly professional.
Alex Mandolov
Bought the car of my dreams. Love the pre owned XC 90 i bought. Staff was very honest. No hidden fees or pressure tactics a big change from Jeep dealer i walked out from. Thank you guys.
Dan P.
I do not recommend working with this dealership. I’ve had experience with Volvo of Englewood as well as Volvo of Mt. Kisco and this dealership is at the bottom – primarily due to the sales department.
I had decided to give this dealership a chance for my business and traded in an S60 for an XC90. They assured me that all costs associated with my previous lease (remaining lease payments, excess wear and tear) would be voided. I was surprised to receive a note from Volvo financial that money was due for wear and tear. The sales agent as well as the head of sales (Mike Dillon) has not been responsive to this concern. I would not recommend work with this dealership. I’m sure there will be a response from a manager to boost the perception of this situation. Englewood and Mt Kisco are a short drive away…..
Barbara Sullivan
I researched the XC90 extensively and visited 2 dealerships prior to visiting Manhattan Volvo. I knew what I wanted and Eduardo was a class above the other sales agents I met with. It was refreshing not to be pitched a sales talk but to be listened too and have all my questions answered. My comfort level increased ten-fold after talking with Eduardo for 5 minutes. He is informative, attentive, a good listener and professional. Good experience all around.
Gregg Horowitz
Luis is a great salesman to deal with. Everything was clear. There were no surprises at all in getting the car I wanted and closing the deal at a fair price. In addition, as this was my first new car purchase in 10 years, Luis had to spend a lot of time with me explaining the essential new technology and the additional bells and whistles that were not available in 2007. All in all, a great experience.
Jay Stebbins
After recently moving to NYC I brought our Volvo in for a routine service interval. The service department hustled to fit into my schedule with the least amount of inconvenience. Great experience and no hassle.
besa haxhaj
Can’t rave enough about the quality of service and the car, of course! Eduardo greeted us the moment we walked through the door, assured us that he would help us leave with a car and that’s exactly what happened. Thank you to Volvo for helping us with our family car and to Eduardo for being kind, informative, resourceful and patient. VOLVO of Manhttan is the place to go for great quality customer service and attentiveness.
Jess Kimball
Nicest, speediest dealership… Makes me love my Volvo even more! Edwardo is especially kind.
Daniel Cohen
Luis Garcia was great. Very patient with me, and was able to locate the vehicle that I wanted, at a pretty good price. He told me it should arrive by the beginning of this month, and that’s exactly what happened. Very happy with the level of service!
UPDATED: On the other hand, the service department is not efficient at all. Got much better service at Toyota!
Joseph NewYork
Polite sale staff, but very high prices for Volvo cars. They now are close to BMW, etc. with cost.
Fernando De León
Great service – sales folks aren’t pushy and are super friendly.
Andrew Buchbinder
Outstanding dealership. Great negotiation, excellent customer service. Best new car delivery experience.
Michael Sudman
Need to get their things together, car was services fine but had to wait for it for 45 minutes after I was told that it’s outside.
Joyce Lemon
I’m a season buyer and found my experience at Manhattan Volvo to be very impressive. My dealer Manny, was excellent and very attentive to details. Amir was very professional, however, Manny is responsible for the sale. Great dealership.
Dan Meredith
We are very happy with the vehicles we leased from Kundert. George was wonderful to work with and made sure he took care of us. Since then we have had our cars serviced and have been extremely happy with the service team especially with Mike Mazzaro. We would highly recommend Kundert Volvo.
Qore Gamer Blog
The trim that I wanted wasn’t available, however, Luis and Management were able to locate the exact trim with the options I wanted and had it shipped to their dealership. Seamless experience with delivery as well. Luis went through the car w/ all options with me in great detail. Amir made the finance aspect easy to understand and smoothly transitioned me to leaving with my car. I highly recommend this dealership and won’t hesitate to come back for my next vehicle as well.
Jason Nunez
My wife and I made a purchase for a Volvo XC90 from this dealership in April and we would have never gone through with our purchase of it weren’t for the feeling that Rich was advocating to get us the best deal he possibly could. He even went above and beyond by allowing us to keep our car parked in their garage for nearly a month so we could keep it in a safe place before we made a cross country move to California. On the day of pick up, Rich delivered it right to our door and did not charge us a thing. Rich deserves recognition and a raise for the way he treats his customers!
W Pagan
“No Customer Service” This place will bleed you dry over charging you for service that they take hours between other vehicles to do. If you spend $240.00 for an oil change the bill will be $600. It is very sad that people are simply taken advantage. Keep your eyes open at Volvo Cars of Manhattan.
Wai T
This review is for Volvo Cars of Manhattan service department. My car’s engine light came on few days ago, and I went there for a service on Presidents’ day early morning. It’s a holiday and I told them I need the car on the same day since we scheduled an out of town trip. Once the service adviser came in office and they work on my car right away. I waited there for couple of hours, and they fixed my car and explained to me what was the problem with my car. I didn’t buy my car from them, but their service department is exceptional. I am very happy with their service. Highly recommended.
Richard Kang
This used to be a Maserati dealership, but it looks like the service manager, William McKeigan, is unfortunately still there. You should accept that there will be some problems with the car, but they were handled SO poorly by him and his staff. After you leave the car with them for 2 days, 3 days, or a week and a half…he’ll call to tell you your car is “done” and “ready for pickup.” You rearrange your schedule, get a ride with a friend to get into the city…then you pick up your car only find out 25 miles later, when you’re back home, no repair was made.
Don’t know what the sales is like nowadays, but keep in mind that even if your sale goes fine, the service dept will be the one to (mis)handle simple things like (not) getting your license plates, for example.
Andrew Schaffer
Steve Prestup at Volvo Cars of Manhattan made the car buying experience enjoyable from beginning to end. Very quick turnaround time on answers to questions we had about the add on packages, timing on the vehicle availability, the approximate monthly payment. We were in our new car within two days. Steve made the process seamless as he returned my previous car to the lessor, even though it was not a Volvo. Financing process was painless. Everything about the car was as promised and on time. We even got a follow up call to see how everything was going. I highly recommend Volvo cars of Manhattan!
Fernando Larez
I love this store! Great service and selection of cars.
I first went online to find a car that I thought would be a good fit. The Volvo Cars of Manhattan site made it easy to look for both new and used cards. I found a used car I was interested in, and on Sunday (their day off), I received phone call from Steve Prestup as well as two of his colleagues to ensure I was served even though they weren’t officially working that day. Finally, on Monday, I went in to see the vehicle and they worked with me to get the best deal for me. I highly recommend this team at Volvo Cars of Manhattan.
Jenny Fu
I bought a used car from this dealership on August 2016, the sale’s person premised me another set of key at the time of the sell because they only have one set of key to offer which I never received. I have called everything week since August last year, the sales person never returned my calls. I also spoke to the receptionist and asked to speak to her manager, I was told I will get a call from him, that is also never happened. I have never worked with any company that is so unreliable like this dealer ship. I am not recommend this company to any one, after all I spend over $70,000 to buy a car, it’s not a cheap car. I was just so disappointed with this dealership. No one deserve to be treated like this.
Eli Shtain
I got my Volvo s60 from volvo of Manhattan. I want to recommend everybody. Jeffry was fantastic, ownest and very clear, got me a great deal. All the process was fast. Thank you guys. Get your car from Jeffry !!!
Serena Ferris
I would agree with the review below. Steve Prestup was a great advocate for me in getting my car. This was my first car, so it was a big deal. He made sure he answered all of my questions and apologized personally when he couldn’t be there on the day of the delivery of my car, which I appreciated. Manny was there that day and he answered all of my questions. He didn’t rush me and took his time, which made me feel like a valued customer. I would highly recommend Steve if you are looking for a great car.
Jill Bobigan
Steve Prestup was a great advocate for me in getting my car. He made sure he answered all of my questions and helped significantly in my lease return. he was an excellent communicator – always answering my emails very quickly.
I would highly recommend Steve if you are looking for a great car.
Abhishek Chakraborty
I bought a used Porsche from Volvo cars of Manhattan on 10/13/16 and this review is a testimonial to the experience.
I found this sweet used Porsche Panamera on the Volvo cars of Manhattan website and was instantly stoked and wanted to check it out. I expressed interest and almost immediately after I got a call to schedule an appointment to check it out. Even though this was not a Volvo that I purchased from them, the sales rep Steve Prestup did enough background study to advise me comprehensively about the car, features, history, service records, etc. Being a first time car buyer in US (being a foreign national), I felt comforted by the reliable advise and transparency of information that I received from Steve, and that allowed me to make a purchase decision quick. I was also assisted in securing financing for the car in the most hassle-free way I imagine it can be done, and the rates, etc. I felt were rather fair.
Since this was a used car, driving it around for a couple of days, I discovered small niggles and before I could get a chance to call up, I received a call from Steve asking about my experience thus far. Hearing that I had a few issues, he immediately got in touch with the nearest Porsche dealer and scheduled an appointment for me to get the car fixed. It was fantastic that Steve called to check with me, before I had a chance to call with my complaints!
Overall I would rate the dealer as a 5/5 as I felt they were knowledgeable, gave a fair deal and all the staff were extremely pleasant to deal with. All the paperwork processing was done very efficiently and that was awesome!
Jay L
Great services! My Service Advisor J.B. did an excellent job helping out in every possible way. Provided me Loaner car when it is a tight schedule, answer calls/emails. I would recommend all my Volvo frds to go there.
kristy H
Purchased a car with Steve Prestup — amazing purchasing experience! Went to another dealer closer to my home…then tried this one. Steve was friendly, to the point and NONE of the traditional “let me waste your time while I ‘talk’ to my manager” line. He delivered on EVERY thing he said he would. The process almost felt too good to be true! This was the easiest car purchase I’ve ever made. Don’t buy a Volvo anywhere until you’ve spoke to Steve at Volvo Cars of Manhattan first!
Jacob Bousso
Our sales person Miss Akua was very patient, caring and courteous. She answered all our questions.
Alvaro Gonzalez
After reading positive reviews on Steve Prestup, I decided to contact him about a Volvo XC90…immediately, I knew I had reached the right person to help us with our purchase. Steve provided us with premier customer service since the beginning. We purchased the vehicle from out of state and he made the process easy and quick, and went above and beyond. He checked in on us even before our flight to N.Y. and after we left with the car to drive it home. If you are in the market for a Volvo in Manhattan, we highly recommend that you contact Steve!
Shaya Mulcahy
Had a great experience with Volvo Cars of Manhattan. Steve Prestup made the trade-in and lease a very easy process. He kept in constant contact, and worked efficiently the entire time to make it as stress-free as possible. I would highly recommend Steve and the dealership.
EdifyOne Another
Due to Volvo’s safety, thor lights, its attractive aesthetics, and ultimately working with Luis in the very beginning stages of deciding which car to choose; Luis exuded patience, friendliness, comfort, and an honest experience.
There are so many horror stories about purchasing a car that it sent me to research until there was no more room to retain any more information. Luis was attentive by responding and checking up to see if the interest for a Volvo was still alive without feeling any pressure. Once our decision to get a Volvo was made, Luis still kept in contact in a timely fashion; never too soon and never too late — right on time. Luis’ calm, friendly sounding voice when leaving his message was the beginning factor to do business at Volvo Cars of Manhattan dealership.
From start to finish, we had a pleasant experience at this dealership. What I appreciated the most that Luis gave was his willingness to deal with me via telephone, text and email; it made the process easy and at a pace comfortable for us. I told Luis that we do not window shop because it is a tease and that we come to purchase; the car was chosen, paperwork completed and by the end of the week the agreement was signed and sealed; the key fobs to a brand new 2017 XC60 Inscription was handed over to us. We are a down-to-earth family; Luis and Amir were also down-to-earth adding to the business experience personality and friendliness.
Volvo Cars of Manhattan was clean, airy, a welcoming front desk Assistant, friendly staff, a comfortable waiting area, snacks and drinks for their customers — it was an inviting place. Not every dealership and dealer works for everyone but this shoe fitted perfectly for us.
Thank you Luis for your professionalism, friendliness, funny personality, and working a deal that suited our family — it worked for me and we had a great experience with you. Amir, thank you because usually in the Finance Department one tends to walk away with all sorts of things not wanted but pressured to purchase. We never felt that when dealing with you in your department. P.S. I parked too too too too close to the curb and I immediately moved it but said “ahhh it’s covered — LOL.” Both of you men were perfect gentlemen and dealt in business as such. Thank you Volvo Cars of Manhattan for having a team work to make this customer’s experience a joyful and exciting experience.
John Aurelio
I flew in from St Louis to purchase a pre-owned S60 R-Design. The car was perfect, as described. Rich and Amir did a great job delivering me my new car. In and hour or so I was on the road home. They are honest and professional. I love my certified Volvo.
Gary Gwertzman
Just purchased a certified pre-owned car at Volvo Cars of Manhattan. I could not have been more pleased. Steve Prestup made the process straight forward and easy, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase.
Tres Ness
Leased a new Volvo S60. Love the car, loved the experience at the dealership. Thank you Steve for making our experience very painless. If you go there ask for Steve.
Samir Shrestha
Picked up my new S60 from here last week. Steve Prestup did a great job of helping me find the car that fit my need. Place is clean and very nice. Overall great experience of buying a car.
Alfred Thompson
Well my experience started off extremely well while buying my pre owned XC90. Steve was very helpful. After taking it home i had another more qualified person look at the car he notice several dents and scratches on the car that was cover up. when i took it back they completely denied it and try to say this was done by me there was also parts missing that was promise to be replace that has not been done. Volvo has got to give customers a much better experience after the purchase of their car. I am very unhappy with my dealing with this dealership.
Carissa Meyer
Steve Prestup was very accommodating and helpful in our search for the right SUV for our family. We were able to drive away with our vehicle that day, which included him helping to facilitate car insurance while we were still in the office. The facility is clean and well lit, and everyone we met there was very professional.
jason chatterjee
Had a great experience buying a new car from Steve Prestup at Volvo of Manhattan. Everything was easy and well taken care of. I would highly recommend Steve and the dealership.
Steve Marchetti
I just concluded a lease deal with Steve Prestup at Volvo of Manhattan. Steve was personable, sharp, knowledgable, and had a great sense of wit. It was truly a bonus to work with a professional who is also a disc jockey!
I look forward to future contact with Steve and Volvo, visiting the dealership for my maintenance services.
Robert Goldberg
They got me the car I wanted at the price I found at another dealer and made the whole process very convenient for me.


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