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Byers Imports in Columbus, OH

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5
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401 N Hamilton Rd, Columbus, OH 43213, United States
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Alex DiBartola
My experience with this dealership was really very good. I have had somewhat frustrating and annoying experiences with car sales in the past. However the group of people at Byers Audi of Columbus, specifically the sales person Rufus and the manager staff were excellent. They were all very professional and not pushy whatsoever. They were quick to develop a relationship with me and did a great job understanding my budget as well as helping me find a car that was within that. Once again I cannot reiterate enough how not pushy everyone at this dealership was. They want you to find a car that you are excited about that is appropriately priced. In addition they had no issues whatsoever bringing up the Kelley blue book pricing right in front of you and negotiating using those values. I would recommend them to anyone. Furthermore, we made some minor modifications to our car that we purchased new, and they were very responsive and excited to help us. Great experience overall.
Jesse Lopez
Nice campus. Had my car serviced here. It was pricey but they were very professional and game great customer service.
Mary Wissel
I could not have been more pleased with my experience at Byers Imports, especially Porsche Brand specialist Timothy. First class professionalism and helpfulness! Tim took the time to understand my needs and make appropriate recommendations. He was always so prompt, courteous, and pleasant. I highly recommend this dealership!
Kyle McCartney
This place is like your hometown car repair. Almost to a fault. I took my car to mag because I bought it there. For an easy 12k off sticker, so I asked them to service repeatedly. But failed. A two year old problem got fixed in two days at Byers. Basically if you can trick MAG into a ridiculously lo price to buy, do it, but then bring it to Byer’s to service.
Donavyn Montgomery
“I researched and looked up vehicles for about 4 months before I started the test drive experience. I knew I wanted an Audi , but it was difficult and exhausting trying to find one I loved in my price range, with just the right amount of milage for my life style. The big day I was out for a total of 10 hours nonstop from one side of town to the other multiple times test driving when I was about to give up. it was 5pm and I just left MAG with my girlfriend and I was contemplating making this poor decision when she found this A4 at Buyers, yet across town again. She said I had to go and see it before I ruled it out and made a bad decision on a much older model. I called and “”Rachel Paskey”” answered the phone. I asked about the A4 and if it was still available. She asked me to hold because she wanted to physically see the car, before she told me false information. She returned shortly and confirmed that it was still there and nobody had bought it yet. We raced the columbus Friday rush hour traffic to get to Buyers approx. 30 minutes before they closed. She pulled it out of the rain for us. Greeted us at the door, and we was testing driving it within 8-10 minutes. As soon as I pulled it out of the parking lot I knew it was the one. We chatted about the price and different types of Audis, and why it was hard to find the ones that I was interested in. She was really polite and thoroughly honest about everything I asked about maintenance and recalls on them. I told her I wanted it and she had already had the finance people appraise my trade-in and started the process. A little over an hour later were had came to terms with everything and decided I would come get it the next day so they can finish up the detail on it. The Pick up day was so easy. They had it in the show room garage with a big red bow, waxed, and fueled up ready for take off. It was the most pleasant experience I have ever had buying anything in my entire life. Rachel made the long search for a new car, effortless and timeless. I already can’t wait until its time to redo the whole experience over again. :)”
Michael Marchiando
My wife and I just purchased a 2021 CX-9 GT from Byers Mazda and had an excellent experience. We never had any pressure to purchase a car and were left alone during the test drive to explore the vehicle. I would highly recommend Byers Mazda for your next vehicle. Ask for Ryan, he was great.
Lucy M R
I have always loved working with my Audi point person, Ellis, but have lost faith in their service techs. Recently brought in my Audi to look at a check engine light and also because it appeared to be overheating. The dealer let me know there was an electrical issue causing a miscommunication in the car which then caused my car not to receive the coolant fluid…. something along those lines. I paid around $2500 and within days I had new electrical issues. Car engine/fan was turning on, on its own, causing my battery to die and locking me out of my car (even the manual key did not work). I had AAA get into my car and jump start and I took it back to Audi service. They said there was some seal that was letting water into the electrical component causing the electrical to act funny. Paid more money to get that seal fixed. Picked up car and within days, new electrical issue. Now my car hood was alerting me to be open even though it was not and my alarm and lights were flashing intermittently on their own, for no reason. Their other manager Caleb advised that due to the age of my car there was no way to guarantee that one fix would not cause another issue. I understand this but the fact that all issues were related to electrical made me think that the service tech was not dealing with the electrical properly and just causing more issues. Ellis was always a pleasure to work with and was still during this process. I recommend him to everyone! However I lost faith in their techs to get a job done right. I had a similar experience in 2017 where I spent money to have my car fixed at Audi only to have to take it to a separate mechanic after and spend the same amount to have them really fix the issue. At this point in my life I just want reliability in a vehicle/service department. I was open to buying another Audi but their inventory did not meet my needs.
Jacob Hood
Brian Snow and the rest of the staff were very helpful with all my questions about buying a gorgeous used Audi. Amazing first buying experience!
Jeff Gray
Ashley and the service apartment got me in and out in no time. Ashley is very attentive and kind. Impressed with all of those Interacted with. I’ve been a customer for 10+ years, they never cease to amaze me
Kelsi Calliari
Was such a great experience there! This was my first time buying from a dealership and Jerry took his time helping me and talked me through everything.
Kenneth McCrimmon
Amazing team and you MUST go and see Teresa! I bought 2 Crosstrek’s from them and they gave me the best deal!
Travis Durham
Treats me well for auto servicing. Easy to schedule and reasonable wait time. Never had an issue with quality.
Peter Newman
Had an awesome experience here buying a used car! Great customer service and very easy buying process!
Jayson Waits
Can’t speak highly enough of their service department and the service advisor Bob. My 2010 Volvo XC90 is approaching 200K miles and have never had one of bit of issue with it. I give all the credit to their service department to maintaining my SUV very well! But most importantly… I can trust them!
Ron Cooper
Great place to buy a car Chuck was so very helpful and very professional !!!!
Todd Johnson
Just wanted say thank you to Rufus Alexander for excellent customer service. My wife Michele bought an Etron form Rufus. He was polite, efficient and professional. Had answers to all of our questions. I had been in several times after the purchase to charge up the car while we waited for our electrical hook up to be installed at the house and he always stopped over to say hi and see if we had any questions. I know car salesman can get a bad rap sometimes and sometimes deservedly so (we have experienced that recently). Rufus is definitely at the top his field when it comes to auto sales and customer service.
Linda Lollo
About a year ago, when searching for a new vehicle, we decided on a Subaru and randomly went into Byers Dublin Subaru because it happened to be open on the Sunday we were out and about. We walked in and met Atef, who literally changed our perception of the car buying experience. He was patient and kind – walked us through all of the models within our price range and the available options with each. We ultimately decided on and purchased a Subaru Forester Sport. After we decided, he took the time to make sure that all of my options were set up; from MySubaru to even the driver and Bluetooth settings – he answered every questions proactively and enthusiastically…even though by this point. we were one of the last customers in the dealer. After the purchase, he followed up and confirmed that I was satisfied with my purchase. In addition – we purchased the paint/fabric protection – which was worth it to help insure against damage from kids/dogs. I did have to use it once and the service department was fantastic and accommodating – easily locating my account and charging me $0 for a quick repair. Fast forward to December 2020 when I decided to upgrade my Forester after receiving an email from Byers. I contacted Atef again and he worked with me via email/text to align on a vehicle and price that would fit both my lifestyle and my budget. He took the same care and time with me in explaining my options and going through all of the features and benefits of the vehicle. When it came time to deal with the financing, there were no surprises and the final payment was exactly as discussed. He even went above and beyond in helping me with some accessories that were needed for my vehicle (cross bars and cargo net). I’ve already recommended him to several friends and can’t say enough about the positive experience that I’ve had as a Subaru owner and as someone who has purchased two vehicles from Atef at Buyers Dublin Subaru.
Michael Roussopoulos
I always have a good experience at Byers Volkswagen!
Alec Temple
Easy to work with, low pressure environment, and I didn’t feel like I was being sold to. I worked with Derek and he made the process super easy. And when he told me it would be a couple days before I would get my car, he worked with the shop to get it serviced and I got it next day instead! I would highly recommend Byers for a new or used car.
Ive had an absolute dire emergency and put a call into the service center hours ago, got put to voicemail and left an urgent message for assistance. Never called back. Thanks a lot. Feels safe to be an Audi owner when you look to Byers Auto for help.
Michael Park
“Rachel was most knowledgeable when explaining the many complimentary “”perks”” of owning a Byers Audi. The A-3 is a most appealing car especially in it’s Cosmos Blue color. The entire process was most enjoyable with Rachel playing a part in basically all aspects of the deal. 1st Audi owned and from first impressions it will not be the last! Thanks to all involved right down to the individual that cleaned/detailed the car.”
Conner Frey
Great staff, quick service! Waiting area has nice amenities also.
Robert Bobel
Super helpful people. [Follow-up] Tim was super nice the first time I stopped-in and so I went back about two weeks ago and bought one of their cars. Great buying experience in addition to the friendly sales experience! Thanks Tim & Company!
74 black
Jerry was extremely knowledgeable and did an amazing job of finding us the right car. He made the entire buying process as smooth as possible. By the time I left there I felt like we were old friends! I would highly recommend going to Byers, and working with Jerry specifically.
Robin Anderson
Worst experience of my life will never take my car back to buyers Motors $1,000 worth of work and I got $0.02 worth of service instead of being called Byers Motors it should be called buyers beware
My husband just bought me a car from this place and let me tell you they most definitely floored us. From beginning to end their customer service was amazing. My husband dealt with a guy named Jerry who handled the sale. He was great. They were not pushy like alot of car places and you can tell they care. They put brand new tires on the used car we purchased, they touched up all of the little spots on the body of the car, they detailed the car nicely and they even filled the gas tank up completely and then brought the car to US since the car had to stay at the dealership for a few days for these things to be done. . My husband was shocked because normally when you go buy a car it is an all day thing but he was in and out and back home within a couple hours which was so so nice. We are just all around very impressed with this place and very happy with our purchase. We will definitely be going here again in the future.
Rhiannon Light
I worked directly with Eva Castaneda, who was more than accommodating and helpful. After weighing my options I’d finally decided on a car, and she was willing to come in on her day off to discuss details and finalize the sale. She made the entire process feel quick and easy, and at no point did I feel pressured into making a decision. She, and the rest of the staff made the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. Thank you to Eva and her team!
Mary Covert
I had a wonderful buying experience at Byers Mazda. Our sales person Thomas Hooks was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. A very professional team from the Sales Manager to the Service department. They made car buying a great experience instead of a dreaded one .
George Newell
‘‘This was my second new car at Byers Airport Subaru and I am a life time loyal customer and never thought twice about looking anywhere else when my lease came up. I worked with Adam directly but the entire team helped me get the exact car I wanted at an excellent price and did everything to set me up to get me on the road as quickly as possible with great customer service. I really couldn’t have asked for anything better and will never go anywhere else for car buying/leasing again.
William Boden
Derek was great at getting back to me immediately. He answered all of my questions. It was the fastest experience I’ve ever had buying a car. He was not pushy, but just made himself available to help. It was a great experience. He was up front and honest-no surprise fees. Overall, I’d highly recommend him!
Brandon Levine
Fast service. Wish they had a car I could use when mine is in service.
Brandi Pikes
I was a little nervous about my first solo car- buying experience. Jerry made the experience manageable and smooth. He is really knowledgeable and patient. I strongly recommend going to Buyer Imports for your next car and I highly recommend asking for Jerry!
cathy simonton
This was the easiest car buying experience I’ve ever had! Brad was awesome and very low pressure. There was no haggling to get the payment I needed. The finance part was super quick and pleasant which was the icing on the cake.
Jennifer Macleod
I have been a long time Subaru owner, and have taken my car in to Byers Airport Subaru over the years for various maintenance and recall notices. I have always been pleased with the work they’ve done and their willingness to truthfully advise me on what’s best and reasonable for my car. Very comfortable waiting area also, though I’ve never had a problem obtaining a complimentary replacement vehicle from them if needed. They often send out coupons to help with cost, and have been helpful in offering discount coupons to help, even if I haven’t had one. Would recommend!
William Soencer
This was my first car buying experience through Byers. I live out of state. Communications with Jerry in sales and the rest of the team were timely, friendly and professional. I went to pick up this preowned car. It was as advertised. They did a few extra touches to tweak it, and it was spot clean. Would use Byers again.
Rachel Hamilton
Went in around 1:30pm on a Saturday and worked with Rufus. I hadn’t eaten anything all day so about 4:30pm was famished. Rufus offered to get me food! They went above and beyond. Rufus was very easy to work with and would recommend him to my friends and family. The whole experience was extraordinary as we were constantly asked if we were being taken care of from multiple employees.
amy rak
My experience at Byers Audi was probably the best experience that I’ve ever had buying a car. The entire team was kind, thoughtful, and willing to work with me. Rachel, my Audi Specialist, was incredible to work with. She was honest, knowledgeable, and funny. She went above and beyond to teach me about my new car and to make sure that I received everything I needed. I look forward to working alongside Rachel and the entire team in the future. You’ve won my business!
Jamie Summers
I am very pleased with my experience of leasing a new Volkswagen Jetta through Byers Imports. During such a crazy time in life they were so accommodating. This is my third lease with them and they never disappoint! Always a great experience!
Chad Clark
I had my airbags replaced again under recall and the service center was very courteous, accommodating my schedule and providing a courtesy car for me to use while mine was under the knife. I knew it was under the knife because after i got it back, it had several new knicks, cuts and bad spots in the dash. Its a shame they have better procedures for this work. This was the case with my previous recall work as well. If my car was returned in better condition it would be a 5.
scott sowers
I had a great experience with Byers Subaru! David made the whole process stress free and low pressure. He gave me a great deal and was very knowledgeable about everything I asked and was super friendly. I will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends!
Gina Rosshirt
I had an awesome experience buying my first car here. Sean was my salesperson and he was super helpful and didn’t make me feel pressured to do anything. He was helping me decide between a ‘20 and a ‘12 Jetta and I didn’t feel swayed one way or another and I really appreciated that. All the staff was super helpful from the sales to the financing. Definitely a great first car buying experience. Thanks Byers Imports!!
Isaac Barfield
I honestly was not pleased with my level of service. There was minimal communication and upon arriving to pick up my vehicle I was asked to pay almost $200 for diagnostics and work that I was not consulted on. I recently took two well running Audi vehicles for an oil change. Two weeks later the oil light came on for both cars. I was asked to bring them back to have the oil topped off. A little over a week later the light came back on both cars. After bringing my car in a second time I was told I needed approximately $4000 worth of work. My concern is that both cars have the same issue which makes me believe this issue is due to an error on the end of the dealership. If it was one car I would not have this concern. I am very disappointed in this experience. I hope future experiences (should I decide to return) are more satisfactory.
Theresa Joseph
The service department at Byers airport is the best service anywhere. We only take our cars here because they are honest reliable and helpful. There is no better service anywhere. Thank you!
Ali Ottman
Dealing with Byers Imports was a pleasure. I called on 1/17 to inquire about a Tesla and Steve Serrano was very knowledgeable about the entire car. I was in Columbus the next day from Georgia to pick up the car. Everything just went so smoothly. Steve is the man! Do not hesitate to buy from Steve/Byers Imports.
Kris Santiago
I have had my cars serviced here for the last 16 years. The employees is what makes the difference from other dealerships.
Bob Carico
I live 70 miles from this dealership, but they had the only Atlas SEL in Ohio that fit what we were looking for. The closing and delivery was good. Knowledgeable salesman & F& I person. Very organized during this pandemic.
David Lawrence
The staff at Byers has been friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They also were not pushy regarding selling. Great place to go for a new vehicle or to search for a quality used vehicle or take your car for service.
Sean Breckenridge
I scheduled my car for a recall-repair on January 25th. The Staff was friendly and the experience was exceptional. The recall-repair started right at the schedule time and was completed within the 1-hour time frame. I waited at the dealership for the hour and was comfortable and well taken care of. The entire team is very friendly and seem to genuinely care about me, my car, and everyone at the dealership. Well done. Thank you!
Jon Bunker
It’s super easy and every precaution taken during this time of needed precaution. Great price and super easy process start to finish. This is not our first vehicle purchased form Byers it will certainly not be our last.
Hank Langhals
Ever since I purchased my Subaru Outback in 2011, I have had nothing but outstanding personalized service from both the show room and the service department. Byers Auto representatives have been very fair, professional and extremely friendly. Whether purchasing a vehicle or looking for service, I would highly recommend Byers Airport Subaru. Tim in service department and George in the showroom will give you high quality service.
Dan Badia
David Chomm at Audi Columbus was outstanding in helping us find what we wanted. Would recommend!
Sean Morris
From scheduling my appointment to taking my Audi A5 in for service the people at Byers were professional and courteous. Having recently relocated to Columbus my car was in need of its annual maintenance. I called and spoke with Caleb who took the time to listen to me, schedule my appointment, and welcomed me to the Byers Audi family. Wow! Once I took my car in I had the pleasure to work with Tristen who confirmed with me what was being done to my car as well as a brake inspection that I requested. Dreading the worse on needing new brakes Tristen called me and shared that my brakes were still good and didn’t need to be changed yet. Wow! An honest service department! In the past other Audi service departments are always quick to take your money but not Byers. He assured me that my brakes were fine and probably wouldn’t need to be changed until my next maintenance appointment. What a relief! Thanks Byers for having professional, courteous, and customer-focused people.
M Davis
Tristan and Nate were very helpful, courteous, and professional during my visit. My car was serviced in a timely manner and they were able to make last minute accommodations for me. I’m very satisfied with the service that I received!
Ronnie Robinson
The team at Byers Audi are fantastic. They treat us so well and nothing is too much trouble. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Shriram Rao
Very friendly staff, cordial and caring. Please don’t push for excessive changes even after saying no to the wiper rubber. Service crew is awesome every time I receive my car after the service it feels like a new car, never had to go back twice for the same issue. They always call first if they find something that needs replacing and explain me the pros and cons. Keep up the good work guys!!! 🤟🤟🤟
Lori Schumacher
I cannot say enough wonderful things about David Chhom and Audi Columbus. They were very professional and David went out of his way to make sure I got the car I wanted and was comfortable with all of the features! He even dropped the car off to my home so I could have an extended test drive. I couldn’t be happier.
Omar Khan
Huge selection of New & Used vehicles available at fair prices.
Henry Fuford
I was able to get an appointment easily for a couple of days out and the work was completed quickly and at a great price. I’m really happy with the service at Byers and plan on being a steady customer. Thanks again.
Max Ruben
I was very satisfied with the service I received here. I bought at least seven cars from this dealership and the service has always been excellent. Tim works fast and efficiently as does the team that supports him. I was provided with a loaner vehicle while my car was serviced and I’m happy with the results after getting my car back.
B Dubb
Great service… good people!
Lonnie Howard
This is the second visit to Byers. Regular service was done the first time and a list of issues was presented. I was told at that time that a master mechanic would need to look at the issues. The rattle in the glove box door was discussed as a known issue. I would need to bring the vehicle back on a weekday for a master mechanic. Second visit was strictly for my issue list and no regular service. After leaving the vehicle at 8:00 am; I was contacted at 11:14 am the first time by voicemail that nothing wrong could be found. My old BMW had similar issues and they called me 4 times and kept it 2 full days until they found the issue. Disappointed.
C. Ryan
Denied extended warranty that is still valid, blew up my motor after a recall due to tech not following procedures, then had to send it back twice for overheating. Service advisors are a bit rude and don’t seem interested in their work. Overall not confident they’ll do it right next time, as well as not being apologetic for having to come back three times, so I’ll be giving a different Subaru dealer a try for my service work.
Ken Coulter
Update- I bought a 2015 A6 about 6 months ago. I had a great experience purchasing. However, at this point I wish they’d take the car back. I’ve had to put over 3k into it, and it still shudders and shakes. When I asked why a premium car is having issues already- I was told “If you want sewing machine reliability, a Honda is for you”. I’d love to return it and get a Honda, honestly. This is my second Audi, and I’ve definitely learned my lesson.
Vern Walker
30k service. In and out in less time than quoted. Reasonably priced for services done. Did an excellent car wash and interior cleanup. Might end up costing more as the wife liked the Atlas floor display.
Brittany Ford
I have purchased 2 vehicles from Byers Audi and I couldn’t be happier with my experience!!! Rufus Alexander is by far the best salesman I have ever purchased a car from. He goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are getting exactly what they want. Even if that means he has to “move a few mountains” to make it happen. Rufus also makes the car buying process easy and stress free! I have always been very pleased with the customer service I receive from the staff, finance managers, and even the individuals in the service department (especially Ellis) over the course of 3 years I have done business with Byers Audi. I feel valued as a customer each time I visit and I am grateful for that because I have never experienced that at other dealerships in Columbus. Byers Audi will forever have my business!
Bradley Glick
My experience at Byers Audi was the usual. It was perfect! The service crew takes care of you in a first class manor. Ellis goes above and beyond to make my customer experience.
Kerri Rogers
This is the second vehicle I’ve ever purchased and my first from Byers. We had an awesome experience with them and I’m in love with my 2015 Subaru Forester. The process was smooth and much faster than the first time I purchased a car. The atmosphere here was totally different and made me realize how terrible the first dealership I bought from was. The condition of the car was excellent and they did a fantastic job detailing it before we drove off. I’m so happy I found my next car here. I highly recommend working with Eva and George. They were both so helpful and made a big decision easy. The finance office was equally great!!
Mama Keisha
The team was efficient and identified a great deal to include everything I wanted and more! I would recommend anyone to buy their next vehicle from them. Best dealer in town!
Took my vehicle in to Byers porsche for two intermittent issues. Dave and team quickly identified the cause of one and possible cause for the second and will monitor. All was covered under my CPO. Dave took care of me quickly, explained what they were going to do and what they found in simple detail and gave me options. Great experience!!
Timay Swords
“Extremely dissatisfied with the subaru service department. Our service advisor Kenneth Hibbitt was very unprofessional on the phone when talking to him after we took our legacy for inspection and oil change, was told everything was good except the rear brakes. The car was shaking violently on the freeway after we left so we took it to another shop. They said the lower control arm was bad and noticed it right away. We have a 3 month baby daughter who rides in that vehicle. When notifying Ken about the concerns about them not finding the issue in the inspection, he replied “”well it’s not a safety issue”” and “”should have taken it back where you bought it””. We will never be back or purchase a vehicle from Byers in the future”
tamra pfeffer
Great, friendly service!
Carol Mason
The staff at Byers Imports are always respectful and kind. I enjoy doing business with them. My most recent visit just required a computer update and no additional charges were add. There was no cost to me and the problem was solved. It doesn’t get any better than that. I am pleased with the service that I have received.
Danny Adams
They completed the work timely and called when it was ready. Service staff was not the most welcoming or inviting upon arrival or pick up. They seemed distracted. It would be really nice if the service department was open on weekends.
Beth Charnock
I had a very positive experience at Byers Imports with my sales person, Jerry. He went out of his way to make sure that I was completely happy with the vehicle. I would definitely recommend Byers Imports to someone else. Thank you
annette kuss
Byers airport is quick clean, and offers customer comfort in a pleasant lobby or a quiet area if you prefer no distractions. They always have complimentary cold and hot beverages as well as some healthy snacks to munch on. My only suggestion would be to add vacuuming and inside window washing to your complimentary outside car wash.
Haitian Hot Sauce
Tristan was my assigned Advisor. He and the staff were great! First class treatment all around! When my car was done – early btw – they walked me through the work done and answered any questions I had. Loving the service at this dealership!!!!
Emily Tonti
I have always experienced great customer service at Byers! We moved a couple years ago so I started going to a Subaru dealer closer to our new house- I was not happy! I decided the extra time to get to Byers was worth it and have switched back!
The customer service at the Byers Audi and Subaru dealerships has been outstanding in my experience. They have always worked to give me the best deal they can and I’ve never left in happy. I’d recommend the Byers family to anyone interested in a new or used vehicle.
Diane Wenzinger
Jeremy in the service department is the best ,thank you for all you have done.
John Starr
Derick was a pleasure to deal with very polite honest will look him up for future car purchases!
Ash Fitz
I moved to Columbus from Scranton, PA back in January of this year and having used the same amazing mechanic back home since I was 16, truthfully I was nervous to have to rebuild that relationship here. Service here was fantastic and what I loved most about it was that they didn’t do more than needed to be done. They truly provided honest, prompt service, listened to my concerns and assured me my car is in great shape. Thanks so much!
JoAnn Rohyans
There have been notable improvements in the Service department over the last several years: 1). Although I had to leave a message to speak with a Service representative, I received a call back within a reasonable amount of time. 2) I was able to get an appointment just a 1 1/2 days after my call 3) I was informed about changes that the Service department recommended. 4) The complementary car wash was included on the invoice. Good job! Thx
Barbie Angel Wiseman
I had a great experience at the Audi portion of this location. I’ve never had a woman car salesman but let me tell ya Rachel was fantastic. You know usually you go in to buy a car and it’s back and forth and just hours and hours of annoying nonsense right? But not here. I walked in we had a quote within 10 minutes. I was able to do my application online BONUS POINTS bc i have a 5 week old son who was not feeling like being in the dealership. So i walked in and left knowing my options in under 25 minutes. I came back after applying she had everything ready to go and even put a big bow on top of my car! How awesome. The whole experience was quick and painless. I would recommend 10/10 for quickness, efficiency, and ofcourse the way i was just treated in general.
Jason Britenstine
Derek and Rick were a pleasure to work with. They were very low pressure and got the deal done in a very timely manner. I would be happy to recommend Derek Hall and Rick in finance to work with for your next pre-owned vehicle.
Pam Thomas
I didn’t have an appointment but I got an alert that one of my tires was losing air. They checked the tire and found that it had a nail and could be patched. Also, I had recently experienced a near accident and I was concerned about the alignment, so while I was there I had it checked. They were able to take care of my needs quickly.
Eszter Catalano
Wonderful service as always. Prompt and professional, courteous and friendly. The service team is exactly why the Audi experience is valued so highly. Thank you for always making it easy and reliable.
Natasha Morrison
I’ve never had a bad experience! Everyone on staff is great and I always appreciate how well they communicate and explain what’s going on while my car is in for service. Wouldn’t take my Audi anywhere else!
Marcus Leck
Fantastic customer service! Jeremy greeted me as I stepped out of my car. He texted me his number, so I could contact him with any questions while I was waiting. Service took as long as was quoted. Jeremy even asked me if I had time for a complimentary car wash. Looks and drives great! Thank you Jeremy!
James Waterman
Tony and the team at Byers are great. From the first handshake to the final signature, the transaction only took two hours. I would highly recommend Byers to anyone looking for their next vehicle
Paul Weimer
Service provided on my 2011 Audi TT was thorough and staff was very courteous.
Azaria Akashi
Byers service is extraordinary. I have been a customer for 21 years and know I can depend on the service personnel to give my car the care they would give their own vehicle. I have always been treated with respect and my car concerns have been addressed thoroughly. They have gone out of their way to make sure my car was ready when promised and have returned it to me freshly washed! I give Byers Service my highest endorsement!!
Thomas Ward
Honest, professional service personnel that don’t attempt to sell you repairs you don’t need. I don’t normally recommend dealerships for service, but Byers Subaru is an exception. Ask for Matt Cockrel when making an appointment.
Eric Swenson
Excellent no pressure approach. Was very happy with my salesperson Sean and my financing person Tony. Professional yet casual experience. Great price too on my new Subaru!
Aparna Donthi
Called Friday to inquire about an appointment for nail in tire. I was told I could go through the express service on Saturday. I know Saturday is always busy but this couldn’t wait. I was told wait time would be one hour. After 1.5 hours I asked for an update. Was told they pulled the nail and patched, just waiting for it to be pulled around. Still waiting. Turns out it needed a new tire so I had to wait some more. Like I said, I know Saturday is busy but this was more of a lack of communication between mechanics and service desk people. Everyone was nice and my advisor took off shop fees.
Kathy Walters
Having been going to Byers Imports for years! They always do a great job and my car comes back clean from a car wash! It is great! I highly recommend!
Lori Kendall
Fantastic buying experience: low-pressure and great customer service. My sales rep was Monte Curry. He secured a hard-to-get trim and model over several months, kept me in the loop, and made it easy.
Dian Fravel
This was my first visit to Byers by the Airport. From the time I made the call to make my appointment to the moment I walked in until the time i walked out I felt welcomed and informed. I was greeted with a person that smiled and was friendly and waiting to service all of my car needs. When I was checked in he showed me to the very clean welcoming waiting room with coffee, water and snacks for my comfort. After I sat down I received a text from my service tech to let me know I can contact him during my visit if I had any questions. I was only there for a short period of time and my car was complete, I was ready to go and I was completely informed of what was completed on my service call today. When I was back to work I received another text to guarantee my service was completed to satisfaction. I had received a text when my appointment was made, a follow up text when my appointment was getting close and text after. This is whaat I call service! I am very pleased with Byers by the Airport. i could not ask for a better service center for my Subaru.
Cheryl Williams
The Service Dept staff was very accommodating, friendly, kind, personable, and attentive. The waiting area was clean, comfortable, and accommodating as well. My car service was competed in a flash, and at a reasonable price. They did a great job! I’m so very glad that I brought it to Byers VW, will certainly recommend them others, & will be back! Thanks So Very Much!!! 🚙😊
Michael Posey
Service was quick and good overall. When I first arrived it was a little confusing from what I’m accustomed to but afterwards everything was fine and the service gentlemen didn’t seem so uninterested. Aside from that everyone was very respectful and I felt comfortable. I will definitely return to have future services done here. I’d also recommend Byers to anyone!
Sharon G Scaggs
Enjoy using the online reservation scheduler to make a reservation for maintenance. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Nice waiting room. Received a detailed report on my maintenance visit. Great experience. Highly recommend Byers Subaru by the airport!!
Bill Wells
I have been coming to Byers imports for almost 20 years now. I’m a big Audi Volkswagen fan! I have purchased several cars here they are professional they value your time they will take very good care of you. The sales associate I have been dealing with over the last three purchases is Colin Woodford I highly recommend him!
Fly2sxm Concert Channel
Purchased every single car I’ve owned from Byers since 1994. Need I say more? Everything, everyone there at the Imports division is exceptional. Thanks for all you do.
Chris M
Matt was great! This young man helped me patiently and respectfully. First time I didn’t feel that feeling you feel when visiting the dealership for service. They could have charged me the diagnostic fee even though the thing wasn’t actually broke (I had forgotten about the front washer button instead of pulling the mist handle). I was so appreciative I found something for them to find/fix for me (oil leak possibly) and the fee was more than reasonable. Kudos to Matt first for honesty, courtesy, and professionalism, the techs and whoever the general manager is for their policies, their hiring practices, or both.
Mimi McCann
Tyler is always super helpful! He gets my car scheduled ASAP and solves every issue with courtesy & efficiency. I never feel like I am overspending. I bought my car from MAG but I’m a happy Byers convert!
Michael Nagode
Dealer recommended service that was performed by them and they had no record of doing service two years ago. Almost $900 service and when it was done the printer wasn’t working so they said it would be emailed. Never happened so now I have no documentation. I’m glad I have a good memory. Thinking of changing where I get service.
Gayle Bashe
I purchased a cargo mat on website and agreed to advertised shipping fee. After purchase, owner, Michael emailed that due to size I would need to pay an additional $38 (total of over $54) which I declined. He stated his website is run by a 3rd party and cannot guarantee the advertised shipping quotes. Poor Business!!!
Ramon Carrion
Easy scheduling online that allowed me to pick the right services I needed/wanted. The service recalls were automatically added too. Ellis was great in communicating with me before, during and after the service.
Joung Lee
I just purchased a 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish from this dealership, all the way from Los Angeles, sight unseen. From the very first phone call with Steve Serrano, and throughout the subsequent process of purchase, followed by the actual delivery, everything was extremely smooth. I love the car, and it is exactly as advertised. I have purchased many vehicles online over the years, from dealerships far away from home. This was by far the easiest and most pleasant car buying experience. Thank you again, Steve and the entire Byers Imports team. I will definitely buy from them again.
Michelle Campbell
Wonderful experience! I LOVE my Outback. I already own a Forester and thought I would be getting a Crosstrek this time. Test driving was easy and informative.. all the sales associates and personnel were friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend to buy here!
Bill Young
The service team was efficient getting my repairs done in a matter of hours and letting me know. I always count on Byers to do my Subaru repairs and service. Bill
Yaya Cupid
I was more than pleased with the service I received from Rufus Alexander very very knowledgeable of Audi brand
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