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Jeff Wyler Columbus Auto Mall in Canal Winchester, OH

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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5885 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110, United States
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Jeff Wyler Columbus Auto Mall | New Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ram Dealership in Canal Winchester, OH

Jeff Wyler Columbus Auto Mall sells and services Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ram vehicles in the greater Canal Winchester OH area.

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Tyler Combs
Andy the sales rep went above and beyond to get me behind the wheel of the truck I exactly wanted. He was more than professional, knowledgeable, extremely understanding and did everything to help me get exactly what I was looking for. I was never once pressured into anything. I’ve been to 10 dealers over the past 3 months in Columbus, trying to find the perfect truck and I am more than satisfied with my choice and how the staff at Jeff Wyler treated me. Shout out to Shelly in finance as well. Thank you guys!!!
Eddwena Glover
Huge shout out to Madison Turner at Jeff Wyler. She is amazing to work with, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the the purchase of a 2021 Ram. She had a whole team behind her making the process smooth for us! I would like to also thank Troy Glover, Joe Fox and Jim Babcock. You guys rock👊🏻
Rhonda Moore
I very much appreciated Greg’s professionalism and his interest in finding me the perfect truck for my wants and needs. He was amazing and made the 8 hour experience as enjoyable as possible. I dreaded the buying process because I know it takes all day to buy a vehicle-which is the part I really dislike.
Brianna Sowers
I have been waiting to get air ride suspension and lights in back of my bed for 6 months and no one will return my calls or texts. We also emailed the manager and she didn’t return my email. We do not recommend them to anyone. They want the sell and that is it. When we signed the papers, that was it with anything from them. All they want is a good review on the sales person and that is it.
Jason Probst
We were not planning on buying a vehicle anytime soon however my Jeep with almost 200,000 miles ended up needing a new motor. I reached out and spoke with Marvin about a specific vehicle and gave him all of our information and told him where we would like to be on a payment. I told him before he ran our information that because we were down a vehicle and my wife was at work, that if he could get close to our number and could bring the vehicle to the house I would sign the paperwork that day. Well, a few hours later he delivered and then some! We will absolutely be back!
Christopher Dimos
Its hard for me not to give a 5-star as nothing really went wrong and customer service was on point. Shout out to Don and Maddy that took care of my deal. Only real gripe would be the detail was mediocre, but not enough to give a 4 star as Maddy asked if I wanted it done again the next day. No stress. I had an unexpected “odometer discrepancy” on my trade-in title and they handled it the way it needed to be handled. I can only express my appreciation for the great positive energy from both mentioned above. Thank you! New Rubicon owner 🙂 🙌👍🍻
Jonathan Erb
I had the most horrible experience with Jo(h)n who claimed to be a manager of the Jeep Service Department at Jeff Wyler. I believe I have a wheel bearing issue and when I called originally without taking any information other than me introducing myself as Jonathan, he told me that the issue was not covered under warranty. I called the Jeep Manufacturer Customer Service department who told me that my wheel bearings are covered under my power train warranty. After speaking with the Jeep Manufacturing Customer Service team, I called the Jeff Wyler Service Department back with the new information I was provided. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Jo(h)n again. While talking with Jo(h)n despite the new information he continued to deny that my issue was covered under warranty. He actually tried to inform me that the people who work for Jeep Manufacturing Customer Service don’t know what they are talking about and told me that I needed to call them back. I asked that he call them so that there isn’t this back and forth and that he get the information directly from the source. He refused to do saying that he did not need to do that and that I can and have them reach out to him. I asked what he could do to help assist me in this process and make this a little easier. He took this opportunity to tell me that there was nothing that he had to do, that he already informed me that the part was not covered under warranty and that there was nothing else he had to do. I was shocked, he works in the service department and part of his role especially as a “manager” is to give expert customer service. I told him I was disappointed in his lack of customer service and that this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened with the Jeep Service Department at this location. He said that it wasn’t his problem then disconnected the call on me. I will NEVER use this location for the service of my vehicle again, more will I be inclined to purchase another vehicle from this location again. The lack of customer service and compassion for their loyal customers is atrocious. I’ll make sure to go somewhere where I feel appreciated and valued next time!
Anthony Williams
My salesman Greg Scott went above and beyond to get me into my new truck. Best car buying experience ever. No pressure, answered all my questions with knowledge and even pointed out thing I would have even thought of. I have bought about 10 or more cars from different dealerships and I just can’t stress enough about how he mad it so relaxed and easy. Greg Scott rocks!
Do NOT go here for anything! I just bought a used car from them and was told that it would be detailed and ready for me to go on Monday. The dealership called and said they wouldn‘t have it ready until Tuesday and then when I picked it up on Tuesday it still hadn’t been detailed! fast forward two days from then and one of the front headlights is out, the power locks aren’t working on TWO of the doors (one being the driver side), and the radio skips due to a lose wire. Not to mention, before purchasing the car I asked about the tint on the windows and how dark it was/if it was legal. I was told “oh yeah that’s pretty dark, but I’m sure it’s fine”. I had my mechanic scan it and turns out it’s waaaay too dark to be legal. And so one of my favorite features of the car (and a big reason I bought it) will have to be removed. Long story short; this dealership will take advantage of you and will lie or keep important information from you in order to get a car off their lot. I am EXTREMELY frustrated with my purchase. And to add to the frustration, after contacting them multiple times about these issues, I’ve been told I will receive assistance resolving them, however they are now dodging any calls regarding them.
Linda Lee
The service was Friendly, fast and efficient and took care of me even though I had purchased my vehicle at another dealership last year during the pandemic lockdown. I was quite impressed and very pleased.
Teresi Wiley
Rude, discourteous service person-Brandon-, unhelpful, unprofessional. Chaime was the only personable & helped me when I talked to him, probably because he’s NEW. I will give Chaime 5 stars. I’ve been a long -time loyal customers for many, many years. I will No longer go there nor recommend to my family & friends & will let social media know how loyal customers get treated there. I would like the owner to know so I will take measures to get my issues conveyed to the owner of this dealership.
Jason Miller
This is the second Jeep my wife and I have purchased from Jeff Wyler and salesman Andy Wilson, and it has been a wonderful experience!!! Andy is knowledgeable, polite, prompt, and accommodating throughout the whole process. With both purchases, we were were impressed with the selection in our price range and with the professionalism of the staff in general! Thank you for making a tough decision simple and worry free! We love our Jeeps!!!
Jacqueline Storts
I recently went to Jeff Wyler’s to get my oil changed and made an appointment online. My appointment wasn’t in their system but the technician was very friendly and helpful in getting me in right on the spot and the oil change was completed very quickly. Everyone was very friendly in the shop even the cashier was exceptionally friendly! This service is a big change from 4 years ago, I will continue to get my automobiles serviced here. Great job guys/ladies!!!
Adam Haser
Good buying experience and a big thanks to Andy Wilson for helping things go as smooth as possible.
We were in a unique situation and wanted to trade in a car we were upside down on. Didn’t know if it would be possible, long story short we’ve been working on credit, credit is way better from time of purchase of first car, so just wanted to see if we could trade in and finance at a lower interest rate while tacking on the amt we were upside down on. Unique, we know. We weren’t expecting miracles, just information. We stated several times if we can’t make it happen with staying at our current payment (which is already astronomical) or lower then we weren’t interested, because our whole purpose is to try to lower our overall DTI. They repeatedly came back with offers WAY higher than we said we were willing to go. Wasted 5 hours of our day by not actually listening and kept pretending like someone can make it happen, if we just bend and pay $300 more a month than we want to, and put double the money down we wanted to. This is why I hate these places, and had we not been in a upside down situation with our current vehicle, I would’ve opted for Carvana. We will finish paying our terrible loan and go that route next time. To top this off, they reported an employer that my husband does not work for to transunion while they were running our credit, and now have to figure out how to get that removed. Nice.
Jaleesa Lee
I worked with Mark Jr. He was very kind and took great care of me. The entire staff at the dealership were extremely welcoming! I am very satisfied with the experience. It was a breeze from beginning to end. They are accommodating and take great precautionary measures in the midst of COVID. All staff wore masks and they even have delivery service for those who aren’t comfortable with going inside the dealership. I highly recommend Jeff Wyler.
Bill Eagle
The service staff at Wyler is exceptional. Ron Brown is very professional and works hard to make the customer feel welcome and taken care of. Though I’ve had a few issues with my new truck the staff does everything they can to make it right.
Katie Currier
We went here just browsing trucks for my husband. Vince helped us and we really appreciated his “non car salesmany” approach with us. He never pushed anything on us and understood what we were willing to spend and didn’t push us on it. We went home with a beautiful truck and recommend seeing Vinny is you go here!
Megan Richardson
I appreciate the ease of the deal to purchase my vehicle. The finance part is the worst and even that was not too bad. Everyone was easy to work with and made the experience very nice.
Misty Darby
James Noel was our sales team member and he was extremely helpful. The entire team worked out to get us the truck we wanted at a good deal. Would highly recommend.
Michelle Miller
Madison(Maddy) Turner was amazing. Her bubbly personality makes the whole experience a lot funner. We have had her as our saleswoman for both of our new vehicles, one in Sept 2019 one in Oct 2020. I will recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying a new vehicle. She knows her stuff and all of the optional features on almost every vehicle on the lot. Thank you Maddy for making our buying experience one (twice) of the best experiences we have ever had in our lifetime.
tim shaw
These guys rock! Mark and Kyle got to me asap online and on the phone to help me get my dream car. Within 3 days of my first email my Camaro was delivered to my house with absolutely no hassle and at the payments I asked for. I would recommend ANYONE looking for a new car to go to Jeff Wyler.
Kathryn Meyer
Ethan Fisher was amazing. Before we even met he had sent us a virtual video of the truck the night before. I felt he put so much effort into his part. We spent the entire day with him test driving and work the numbers to where we could live with ourselves. He was beyond patient and not pushy like most salesman. He was honest and very imformative. Great experience. I will definitely recommend him to anyone
Bevelyn CARTER
My car was in your shop for 6-7 days due to my sirus radio not working. I am 65 years old and have had many new car. I never have had a radio to go out. I was informed that I needed to purchase a new radio for 1200. That is too much money for a radio. The next day radio was working and presently is still working. So did I need a new radio??? Makes me wonder.
Monica Peterman
Kevin A was my sales guy today and he was fantastic! A horrible day turned into one of the best. My car broke down and Jeff Wyler was the closest. Didn’t make sense to repair and Kevin helped me and my family through leasing my first car! He offered so many options to make sure we understood all choices and helped me find a gorgeous Jeep to take home. Very patient and understanding on a stressful day – I would recommend everyone come here! Not your average dealership experience.
Alyssa Jenkins
I bought a brand new Chevy Tahoe High Country December 30th. Less than 2 months later my check engine light came on while i was about 3 hours away and my car wouldn’t let me drive over 60mph. I called them and asked what I should do and they told me to drive it and if it broke down to just get a tow. Now less than 3 months later it was overheating and making a terrible humming noise as we arrived at the airport for a trip. We called them and had it towed to the dealership; they said they heard the humming but needed more time to figure out what was wrong. Then they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it was fine, even though they confirmed hearing the noise and smell
Melanie Elfrink
Salesmen friendly and knowledgeable. Good to work with. My son loves Jeff Wyler Chevrolet and John Allred. I worked with him and Ken Logan. Very happy
Patrick Ferguson
Went in to just look around , I met a salesman named Ryan. He was extremely helpful .. answered every question. It was almost like I was talking to a friend instead of a salesman. Long story short. I would and will buy another car from him in the future..
James Milazzo
Best Experience Ever. Looked at all the dealerships on east side of the USA for a truck I wanted to buy my wife with a very specific list of options. I was in Gatlinburg at the time and this dealership had the car. Called up, got best price over phone. Agreed to price. Filled out application for credit. Was approved. At the end of our vacation, we drove 6 hours to their location and there were no surprises. Everything was correct, vehicle ready and had the best buying experience ever. Drive back to Florida with two vehicles – well.. that wasn’t fun !
Darlene Fields
Our salesman, James Noel, was outstanding! He worked diligently to find the exact Silverado we were looking for. James is definitely a valuable asset to your dealership! He is very congenial, patient, knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. In honesty, we had been interested in a used Silverado at another Chevrolet dealership in Columbus. However, after having James recommended to us, we sought him out. With his guidance, we soon realized that a new Silverado was an option within our budget. We couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to the opportunity to recommend James to automobile seeking friends and family. Thank you James.
Ryan Davis
My wife and I went to Jeff Wyler looking to upgrade our car to a newer model as we are expecting our first child and want a safer vehicle. We walked inside and immediately were greeted by a sales rep who started taking our information. As soon as we sat down, we couldn’t help but notice at least 10-15 employees that were either not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. We got up and left after 5 minutes as we did not feel safe in their dealership. I wouldn’t recommend going there until covid is over.
Chris Strait
Jeff Wyler Chevrolet needs to follow through when they promise something. My service advisor Chaime failed to provide me with the window sticker that indicates the mileage and date of my next oil change/service checkup. The technician who completed the LOF failed to put a new sticker on my windshield. When I contacted Chaime on 4/5/2021, three days later about the issue, he promised that he would put a sticker in the mail and send it out the next day (4/6/2021). As of the evening of 4/16/2021, I have not received the promised sticker.
The main reason for the great review comes down to the tech that serviced my vehicle. His attitude was fantastic. He is courteous and friendly, and I got the feeling that he was genuine. That gentleman is fantastic.
Verne Ord
Very attentive to my needs. Excellent communications and attention to the details that I was interested in. Had nothing but an excellent experience with Jeff Wyler and their sales team.
Mark Durgin
I came in Friday looking to buy a truck found what I needed at Jeff Wyler GMC Florence (my company has bought 5 trucks from Canal Winchester) to my surprise instead of helping me get the truck they passed me off to a salesman in KY who acted like he didn’t care if I bought from them or not…… Not happy with Jeff wyler dealerships right now
mindy chambers
I just purchased a Jeep. Mark Jr was amazing and they even delivered to my home. Did everything virtual and had a very smooth experience!
Kim Shanks
Fantastic to deal with. On the money with everything they told me. No hassle easy going! Would definitely recommend Ryan! Great to deal with! I came 2hrs to buy the Colorado and I am glad I made the decision to choose Jeff Wyler Columbus!
Dallas Jones
Friendly, clean, and organized facility. Pleasant people to work with that helped me get everything I wanted in a Colorado Z71. Greg Scott new car sales manager helped me get the best deal available and answer all my questions about the vehicle and some I didn’t ask. I would recommend Jeff Wyler Chevrolet to anyone looking for a new vehicle.
I bought a new 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV from this dealership and I will never shop here again. The sales team harrassed and threatened me everyday by phone after the sale to provide them with more paperwork that they should have taken care of the same day that I purchased the car. The entire experience felt more like a drug deal than a car sales deal. Definitely would not recommend.
Maxwell Shawver
DeShawn was great to work with. He was knowledgeable and understood what I was looking for. When I said I couldn’t afford something he didn’t continue to pester me, he found something he knew would work. All of the staff was incredibly helpful and I will never go anywhere else to find a truck. Thanks for all of your help!
Dana Krull
Easiest most pleasant vehicle purchase we have ever experienced. Vincent Selby Jr. is the exact kind of salesperson we always hope for but rarely get: he is friendly, knowledgeable, and not pushy at all. He helped us get the price we needed and we are thrilled with our new car!
Matt Scarbury
The only issue I had was the charge for the Pulse lighting. I specifically ask about it not being on the vehicle and having the $900 fee removed. I was told this was not possible. Although when I looked at the vehicle the light did not work. There were conflicting answers. The Pulse did not work on the truck I purchased so they removed the price. I was told that if it worked there was a charge, if not there was no charge. This seems pretty shady to me. Why would you charge $900 for an item that may or may not work. Because of this I was really left with the feeling that maybe I was getting hit for a $900 fee to pad someone’s pocket. Not sure why, but the entire thing didn’t seem like it was right. I find it hard to believe that I can buy a $67,000 truck and the brake light flasher may or may not work. I mentioned it to the sales manager and he blamed the service department. I feel like had I not spotted the fact that it wasn’t working I would have been hit with an extra $900 charge for no reason. This part of the deal made me feel like there was a little dishonesty going on. Which made me feel a little uneasy. Although I would recommend someone to your dealership, I would tell them to make sure they look over the deal very close because this isn’t right. I did like Brad Mays, he seemed like he was working hard for me.
Joe Israel
Service experience was great. The only drawback was the customer that was allowed in the waiting are without a mask and he was coughing without without regard for the other people around him.
Elizabeth Allen
It was my first time bringing my car in for a service. The guys there were great! Very friendly and sociable
Adelia Manley
Sean Williams was awesome. Made me feel comfortable during the whole process. He got me exactly what I wanted ! I couldn’t be happier!!
Bill Sharp
Joshua and Vinny were fantastic to work with on a used car purchase!! Jeff Wyler Dealership is very professional!! Highly Recommend
Brent Eaches
This makes the second purchase for us from Jeff Wylers We had great experiences both times. When just went 3 days ago and purchased a 2021 Jeep Compass. They have really came along way and look like a mini Jeep Grand 🙂 We meet Madison and knew from the start we was in good hands. She got our humor and was alot of fun to be around. We went to test driver a new chevy trailblazer but we just did not like it. But Madison realized that maybe us looking at the Jeeps might be a good option we honestly we did not realize they was so many Jeeps… lol No matter how many times we changed our minds or did not like a color of one of the Jeeps Madison was upbeat and cheerful… made us laugh… and in the end she wanted us too love the new SUV we got 🙂 Which we do….. Thank you Madison we both appreciate you 🙂 … and Jim in Finance was great.. he was easy to talk too and he was very helpful and informed and actually took the time to talk to you – Rachel who did our paper signing you was alot of fun – we all laughed and talked and signing the papers went fast – Like I said this is our second purchase from Jeff Wylers and we will always come back 🙂
carson Meyer
Ethan Fisher at Jeff Wyler is amazing. He helped me all day to find the truck i was looking for. He worked diligently to make it as smooth as possible. I highly recommend this dealership and especially this salesman.
David Weber
Tim was fantastic to work with. Patient and accommodating. Customer service was outstanding and being a busy business owner he worked around my schedule and answered questions in a timely fashion.
The staff was very friendly and inviting. Had a great experience here definitely will recommend this dealership to family / friends. I drove an hour and 25min to get there even though I have a chevy dealership in my town.
Travis Curnutte
Was perfect, wouldn’t change a thing! Ethan was the best sales rep to work with.
Jeffery Yanai
I want to thank Rachel Riggs and the Jeff Wyler team for make the purchase of our 2021 Ram Bighorn a seamless experience. Hats off the Rachel for coming in on her day off. Highly suggest her and the team!
Jesse Hill
Andy Wilson helped me out with the selling of my 2016 Toyota and with the purchase of my 2015 Chevy Silverado. He was by far the best salesman I’ve ever worked with. He was able to meet me where I needed to be and was extremely patient and kind. I would highly recommend this dealership and ask for Andy when looking to buy, trade or sell! Thanks Andy!
Moriah Kemp
The fact that nothing was communicated about my breaks the last time I was at the dealership for an oil change is disappointing. I showed up for my oil change to be told “oh your breaks were low the last time you were in and did you do anything about those?”.Seems like a very money driven move. I’ve had other problems with this dealership and customer service since purchasing my car here. I expect better customer service where I’m spending my personal money no matter how little or how large the amount. This dealership is lacking. I’ll be looking at different dealerships when it’s time for me to purchase a new car instead of repurchasing here.
amy winrod
Kevin was great! He went above and beyond to find me a vehicle that met my needs and has continued to follow up too
Amanda J.
I purchased my vehicle from Jeff Wyler and I have an extended warranty.. My radio is currently acting up and I reached out to the sales associate to pull the deal so that I could make sure the radio was covered under warranty… No one has responded to me at all… The radio malfunction is killing my battery… in order for them to look at it and complete a diagnostic I would need to pay $150… hence the purpose of the warranty… I’ll keep calling hopefully someone will reach back out to me
Jack Hout
My service advisor was very courteous and helpful in getting my truck in promptly. Also very thorough in checking for any recalls and service reminders such as my tires were due for rotating. Got me in and out as quickly as possible. Doing a great job during these trying times and added stress of dealing with this coronavirus epidemic.
Ro Ware
Lea Evans Was Absolutely Amazing.. When I first got here I was nervous.. I had just filed bankruptcy, and going into this “car buying” stage.. I was not feeling very lucky… When I tell you Lea and her team are Miracle workers.. I left with a 2020 and I couldn’t be happier.. Lea And the Jeff Wyler family.. Thank You…
Rita Manglona
The staff here are absolutely friendly and professional! From the moment your foot steps out of your car you are greeted with a smile and respect. They go over and beyond to make sure your needs are met, Thank you 🤙🏼🤙🏼 Ryan and Andy
Meg Bitterman
Derrick Jones made the purchase of my vehicle smooth. Mr. Jones is professional and knowledgeable and prompt with communication. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a smooth vehicle purchasing experience.
Tammy George
Just left and had an absolute terrible experience with sales Rep Andy. He was so worried about the used vehicle my sister was test driving that he lost a sale with me to purchase a vehicle at Jeff Wyler. He told me it was rude for me to come there and check out a Jeff Wyler vehicle when my sister was test driving a vehicle from another dealership. We are from from out of town and I’m not going to travel any farther than I have to to look for a vehicle I want. I would think not once, not twice but three times before dealing with this sales rep because he definitely wasn’t interested in selling any vehicles off the lot.
Mitch Pezzi
One of the best car buying experiences I have ever had, excellent.
Brittany Stewart
I bought my first car from this dealership. Incredible service. I worked with Andy and Mark to make my automobile dreams come true. I would HIGHLY recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a great deal and friendly staff who give great advice regarding choosing the right car for you.
Walter Allen
On November 27th 2020 I purchased a 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat from Jeff Wyler Columbus Auto Mall, and I wanna thank my amazing sales consultant Rachel Riggs for doing an awesome job and getting the deal done. Great place to shop for new or used vehicles.
Andrea Kiifner
We had a great experience working with Ryan. He was very patient when we had a lot of different vehicles we were looking at, and explained the good and bad of each vehicle to help us find what was the perfect fit for us. He was very helpful and answered all of our questions, and helped make the purchase seamless. Highly recommend asking for him!!
Daniel Bloch
Just bought a used Mazda3 from Andy at Jack Wyler online during COVID. The experience was great and super easy. Andy was super responsive to every question I had, sent me a video of the car, pulled the CarFax history for me, gave me their best, no-haggle price up front, had the brought the car out to me (which was just as clean and well-taken care of as he described it…and with new tires when their own inspection showed they were towards the end of their life), and I signed the documents and wrote a check in my kitchen, was done within half hour.
Brian Hankins
Easy buying experience, everyone was professional and friendly. Ken Logan was awesome.
Daniel Messer
We could not have asked for a better experience at Jeff Wyler in Canal Winchester. Our sales professional was Ryan Davis. He was polite, attentive and thorough while I looked at a new Traverse for my wife. We ended up keeping him late and her never lost interest and made we were satisfied customers. Highly recommend Ryan Davis at the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family.
Feliese Stephens
Five stars for above and beyond service after the sale. We recently bought a 2017 Camaro. Unfortunately, the clutch went out shortly after the sale, but the dealership took care of the problem. Not all dealerships would step up like this for such an expensive repair. Hats off to Jeff Wyler!!! This is a place I would trust to do business again for sure.
Tazzie Leonard
My husband and I experience with this dealership was fantastic. We love our new 2020 Ram. Ryan Davis was awesome. He took care of everything we needed. He stayed until 10pm and was very patient with us as we were deciding what truck to get. He explained everything thoroughly and got us the deal we wanted. We will be returning customers over and over again and we look forward to working with Ryan and Jeff Wyler with future vehicles.
Corbin with Guitar Rocks
Our experience with this dealership was fantastic. We love our new 2020 Ram. Ryan Davis was awesome. He took care of everything we needed. He stayed until 10pm and was very patient with us as we were deciding what truck to get. He explained everything thoroughly and got us the deal we wanted. We will be returning customers over and over again and we look forward to working with Ryan and Jeff Wyler with future vehicles.
Virginia Hatcher
DJ was a really nice person, he treated me with up most respect he was very pleasant, things that I didn’t understand he made sure that I did.
ryan ridge
Great salesman, great staff. Purchased a used vehicle from the auto mall. After returning home, started noticing a noise coming from the front. The manager returned my call and is going to get me fixed up. Being a single dad of two, working mad overtime, and now with a new truck payment, they’ll never understand how grateful I am for their service. Even setting me up with a loaner car until the repairs are made. If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, look no further and give them a shot.
Derrick was my salesman and was great. He was patient and very friendly. Mark was my finance manager and was also friendly and was very fast in the process. I would recommend Jeff Wyler to anyone. Thanks for selling my Vette, made my dream come true.
mike johnson
Good friendly customer service, fair prices and professional sales staff make Jeff Wyler.
Kyle Hammonds
Bought a 2012 outlander from them, within first week had a transmission problem, tried to contact them to see if we could work anything out, left a voice mail with my salesman and two different managers to never have a call returned. I bought it as is and its two old for the lemon law so I’m up the creek without a paddle and I understand that but they could have at least called me back, paying on a car I can not drive.
Alicia Davis
I scheduled an appt for one time, they didn’t look at my car for another 2 days costing me more fees in a rental car I had to pay for out my own pocket! Then my gold chain was stolen out my car once I picked my car back up! No one seemed to care, no one called me back!
daniel gresh
my brand new truck with less than 500 miles is having transmission issues and I am told that the transmission needs to be replaced. No one can give me a date when it will be fixed. that is just bull.
Ella Williams
Team was running behind, promptly called me to let me know. Team was very apologetic and proactively discounted my service without me having to request an adjustment, which was really appreciated!!!
mary swann
Melvin Carrell Jr gave us THE BEST customer service experience I could ask for. His knowledge, attitude, and years of experience helped make my visit fun and I got a better deal than expected. I love my new Sonic and will recommend him to anyone in need of a vehicle.
Bill Philput
“I spent 2 hours to have a technician pull on my seatbelt (recall notice) after I had a set appointment. Couldn’t check the radio or the backup camera that has been intermittent. I drive 35 minutes each way so if I needed to drop it off (I would think you would offer a courtesy car since this is a brand new truck) I have to wait. On my receipt, it says, and I quote “” I pulled on the seat belt and it is attached…”” 2 hours wait for that??? My experience overall with this location is beyond words and not in a good way. I will never come back unless its for the extended warranty which I purchased. I wish I could sit and talk to Mr. Wyler about my experience, I’ve purchased 2 vehicles from Eastgate previously with nothing but great service. I guess I should have kept shopping… BP”
DIY Tony L
Brought my 2020 Camaro in for its first oil change. I made an appointment but it still took over one hour which I feel was a bit long. They did catch a mistake with my tires being on the wrong side from the factory which may account for some of the extra time. My two rear wide tires we’re on the driver side and the two narrow front tires were on the passenger side. I do complement them for catching that mistake which I did not notice myself. I was assured that there was no damage to the tires.
Fred Baum
Rachel was absolutley awesome to work with! She was professional, very knowledgeable and energetic. She was willing to listen to our needs and wants. This was by far, bar none, the easiest and most enjoyable purchasing experience we’ve had in over 40 years. No wonder she’s been number 1 the past several consecutive months. Thank you so much! Great Job Rachel!
David Miller
“I’ve been In the market for a new truck. I’ve been watching local Ram dealers websites for trucks and deals that I like. I went onto google and typed “”Ram Dealers Near me”” It comes up with several of the local Ram dealers. After this I click the dealer I want to look at and then click “”Website”” and then I can look at new and used inventory. The URL for this website was. I noticed a truck that I liked and it checked most of the boxes I wanted in a new truck. The MSRP was $73,405 but after “”dealer discount”” and “”Employee Pricing for all”” and “”bonus cash”” the “”final Price”” advertised was $55,073. On the website, I clicked a link where I wanted a sales person to contact me about purchasing this vehicle. A few hours after I filled out the “”contact me”” I had a sales person by the name of Neil Brown contact me. I screen shot the price of the vehicle and the vehicle I was interested and sent it to him via TEXT saying “”I would like this vehicle for this price listed/advertised””. He messaged me back saying “”The price with employee pricing is $64,239. One of our websites which is controlled by Chrysler has doubled up on rebates. The $9166 discount is the employee pricing rebate. The website has added an additional 8166 off which we can not do. Our Main website at is accurate. Also if you are first responder or an actual employee of Chrysler you can get more than tha.”” I was disappointed because I finally found a truck I liked for a good price. I figured because it was a 2020 and we were only a few days away from 2021 they were trying to get rid of old inventory to make room for the new 2021 coming in. So I contacted the manager at the dealership and he was of no help. All he said it’s a 3rd party website and he isn’t responsible to honor the price on that site. He said he would like to earn my business but he couldn’t honor that price listed. I was confused because when Neil Brown E-mailed me his signature sent me to this which they say is the 3rd party website. If you go to the website they tell you to go to “””” you go half way down the page and click the “”Ram”” logo and it takes you to a webpage. And the same truck is listed on that website for the same about $55,073 which they cant sell for that price. I looked back at other complaints and it looks like someone in 2018 had a very similar instance where they pass the blame onto someone else. It’s false advertising/bait and switch where they lure you into the dealership with a sweet deal but cant sell you that vehicle for the advertised price.”
Tyler Pabon
I stopped into Jeff Wyler to test drive a Chevy trailblazer. I’ve had the same car since I was 15 years old (11 years), this would have been my first time ever test driving a car, let alone looking to buy one, which I told to the salesman, Ken. That was a mistake. At first, Ken was really nice. He had the trailblazer up front for me to test drive (though it was out of gas, they had to fill it before I could leave on the test drive). I took it for a test drive but felt underwhelmed by the car and wasn’t sure if it was right for me. When I returned I told Ken that I had a couple more cars I wanted to test drive before making a decision. Kens demeanor immediately changed once I said I wasn’t signing that day. He became overly aggressive with his sales tactic and was too pushy. He showed me several payment options for the car, all of which were over my budget, and none of which reflected my preapproval rates from Kemba. I told them I had my own financing and Ken ignored it and tried several times to allow him to run my credit anyway, saying he wanted to “get me the best rate” even though the prices he told me were $150-200 more than the monthly payment my bank quoted me at. He almost seemed upset that I came with preapproval from a bank. Ken got up and walked into a different office, a glass office, and said he was discussing pricing of the car with his manager. Although, from my point of view, he looked like he was fooling around and looking at his phone, wasting my time. When he returned, I said I wanted to leave and think about my decision about the car. I asked for my car keys back, which Ken had because they were assessing the appraisal value of my current vehicle. Ken responded by saying “no” and kept trying to push me to buy a car with payments I could not afford and had said I didn’t want. He got up a total of three times to go into the managers office, and the last time he came back with the manager. Upon explaining that I had been mislead by the pricing of the website (as I said this was my first time looking at car pricing) the manager actually had the audacity to laugh in my face and proceeded to try to tell me why I was wrong. I asked for my key back again, and again. At this point, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. I want to leave. I’ve said it several times. They, in an attempt to force me to listen to their sales pitch, tried to hold my car keys until I was finished listening to them. I actually had to scream in their face to get my key back, and they actually seemed surprised that I got up and left after they handed my keys back to me, even though I said 4 times that I wanted to leave. As a female, car shopping alone, I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. Their behavior was not only aggressive, it was predatory. I was made to feel uncomfortable and unsafe in this establishment. I’m shocked by the treatment I received by this place, not only just because they didn’t listen to what I wanted or what I could afford, but when I said I wanted to leave their response was “no?” I waited for an apology email or call and never received one, but the next morning I did receive an email asking about how they could “make the sale happen” but they didn’t mention how upset they made me or their behavior. I sent an email to the manager saying I would be shopping at other car dealers due to the treatment I received. They did not acknowledge or respond to my feedback so I’m leaving a negative review.
Nikki Taylor
We went there unsure if we’d be able to get anything, but Lea was amazing! She went above and beyond to get us into a brand new car that we love! We will definitely recommend her and Jeff Wyler to everyone we know! We will be back in the future. Thank you so much, Lea!!!
Surajit Mukhopadhyay
My recent experience is very poor. Scheduled servicing via website. Got multiple reminders. On the day of the appointment, Mr. Joey Cordova, service manager, called me and requested me to reschedule because he had less staff. I obliged his request and he promised to rescheduled to the following week. During the week I called and left him VM to reconfirm that I am counting that modified appointment. Never heard from him. On the day of the appointment, I came to know that I have no appointment and hence cannot be serviced. Sorry to inform – you lost me as a customer.
kim reed
Lea is most definitely the best, she worked really hard to get me into a vehicle and I drove off with a 2021. She’s awesome!
scott stenglein
Just purchased a used SUV there from Andy he was great called me back every time And addressed all my needs.He even called me after I bought it to make sure everything was OK. Ryan the manager was outstanding also followed up on everything that needed done. Great experience.
Latosha Sanders
Lea Evans help put us in the cars we wanted we truely appreciate how much she help us out.Thank you for everything.
Monica Tellez
Service from the time we pulled into the lot to the time both my husband and I pulled out with new cars was phenomenal! Vinny Selby was our sells guy, he was so great, very patient and honest! The financing processes was so quick and painless thanks to Alex Murdock! You can tell both these men are dedicated to the job and want the best for the customers! I will definitely be referring anyone in need of a car to them! Thanks for being so great guys!!
Just came in moments ago with my Pontiac for a wheel lock removal and return because I lost my lock key. It has Chevy Cruze wheel locks on it that I installed on the car myself and I even showed them the original packaging, so figured they’d have a master set (which I bet they do). I’m an experienced mechanic myself who’s worked for several manufacturers and we’ve ALWAYS had multiple master sets in case a customer lost theirs (which happened alot!) I think the service writer just wanted to con me out of an hour of labor ($130!?) for a 20 second job. Parts guy tried to track down a spare key laying around but couldn’t find one so they’re the reason this a 2 star and not a 1!! And for that this dealer has forever lost my service and trust…unless its parts related
Sean Heery
If you are looking for a great selection from a dealership who cares about their customers then you must hit up John Allred and Marvin Carrel, Jr. These gents will be straight with you and with no funny business. This is my third purchase from Jeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus and through it all John Allred has been my ride or die. However, I will say this: I do not care for the online pricing structure that car dealerships use these days in regards to stacking rebates and advertising a price that includes discounts that not all customers are eligible for (employee, first responder, etc.). I think this needs to change industry wide but I just call John to get the best price and ignore all that clutter online. I am more shopping for the vehicle I want (color, trim, etc.) over pricing. I know they will get me the best possible price if they have what I want. I wish the dealerships would return to actual photos and not the computer generated pictures. I skim right over those. I want to buy a vehicle, not a rendering!
Debbie Pryor
I called the Dealership November 5th and asked if they could reset my Airbag and Check engine light.(thought they were both related)( I just had body work on it and that business said that the airbag light came on while they were doing the body work). Wyler told me I could bring it over anytime, So i went over that afternoon. Once I got there they told me they would have to do a diagnostic, and would have to have an appointment. Made an appointment for Monday the 9th.I dropped the truck off at 8:00am, No word from them till I went back at 3:00, was told they would have to order parts. I picked up the truck on Thursday morning. When I started up the truck to leave , the check engine light was still on, They said they did not diagnose for that only the air bag. They did not even mention that fact , no good communication during the whole ordeal. Bought my last car from them , but NEVER Again
I came in on a scheduled appointment to have two tires changed. Got there at 11am and left at 1:45pm. To me that’s unacceptable. Before I left, everyone in the lobby was going to the service area inquiring about there vehicles. Waiting period is way too long.
Jimmy Howson
Awesome experience with my salesman, Ryan Davis. He was very informative and explained everything very thoroughly. If your in the market for a new vehicle, ask for Ryan personally. You’ll be glad you did.
Tami McCallister
Marvin was great to deal with & helped us. Honestly, he was the reason we went to Jeff Wyler.
Ryan Osborn
I had been searching for a Jeep Wrangler that suited my needs and met my preferences. I was put in contact with Ethan Fisher when I called Jeff Wyler in search of a 2019 4 door wrangler unlimited Jeep Sahara. Ethan was amazing to work with. He got me set up quickly with the perfect vehicle, informed me on all the specifics the vehicle had to offer, and subsequently worked hard to get me a great deal with a low interest rate. I not only plan to do business with him in the future, but have already referred some family to him based on my experience. Thanks again Ethan!
Cody Leist
“For those living within the limits of Canal Winchester, it would be worthwhile to offer pickup and delivery service to customers (flatbed?) and offer sanitation free of charge during this pandemic. Also, charging me to have my tires rotated on this oil change and charging me for a new battery in my key fob when I was told on the phone that “”It would be taken care of”” is extremely maddening. Lastly, I went to pick up my car and found the “”coverings”” promised by the service department were nowhere to be found. How do I even know if the sanitation process was even conducted?”
Sar-Ann Nelson
I want to thank Andy Wilson @ Jeff Wyler Chevrolet for being so amazing, he was so patient with me ( I was kind of picky) he went out of his way to get the vehicle I wanted, and I loved that he never try to pressure me into something I didn’t love. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Andy at Jeff Wyler Chevrolet.
Robert Schepman Sr
Vince was a great sales person. I ask about a certain vechiel and set test drive appointment, he called back and said it was not available and took the time to help me find another vehicle. When we got there he had two wonderful choices we picked the second one. Financing was quick and easy. I had a wonderful car buying experience here will come back when I’m ready for my next vehicle.
Santina Graceffa
I worked with Maddy Turner at Jeff Wyler, and I had the best experience. This was my first time buying a vehicle on my own, and she was very helpful and supportive. She was patient and did everything possible to make sure I left happy. I was at the dealership almost all day being indecisive and asking a million questions. She was gracious, stayed late, and helped me find my perfect car!! Thank you so much, Maddy!
Ashley Nichole
My car malfunctioned in traffic,lost power steering and could not accelerate over 15 miles an hour, it was something wrong with the computer but apparently it reset when the car was turned off,My car was towed Friday and I did not get it back until Monday and I did not receive an answer as to why my car was miscommunicating, it’s a 2020 Trax with 12,000 miles I don’t think it should be malfunctioning this early on with no answer as to why it’s doing so, I was not kept updated about my car through the whole process, DJ was rude, Everyone made it seem like an inconvenience to them, very poor customer service and when I went to pick up my car Monday they LOST my car in the parking lot, we had to drive around for almost 20 min looking for my car. It was a big waste of time and an unpleasurable experience, I still don’t know what made my car malfunction and now I’m driving a car that could malfunction any time with no answer to it. Will not recommend.
Jerry Page
Major kudos to my salesperson Khalin, and Shelly for working with me to get this deal done. Both A+ people! Had a few kinks trying to get this deal done during a pandemic but I had a great experience all in all, and highly recommend both Khalin and Shelly! Major shoutout to Josh also for helping me to get this deal done while dealing with a time crunch. Best car buying experience I’ve had.
Larry Whisman
I bought a vehicle here that I found online, I live over a hundred miles from the dealer, rather than having me drive all the way up there to look at the vehicle we did everything over the phone and two gentlemen deliver the vehicle to me at my house and gave me time to check it out and take it for a test drive. The whole process was very easy and painless and very happy with the service. I noticed a couple minor issues with the vehicle and they were promptly addressed. I definitely would recommend and myself would by there again.
Joyce Morris
I was somewhat anxious about buying a car at my senior age. I was Greeted by Kevin who was the kindest and knowledgeable salesman. He wasn’t pushy and listened to my needs and not what he thought I needed. The whole experience was smooth and professional. Love my Jeep Renegade
Mike Harrison
long wait but service was good
Rodney Hook
Great service, easy to schedule. In and out quickly.
Everett Rice
Just wasted a Saturday traveling from Cincinnati to Columbus to hopefully purchase a new truck. I based my decision to travel to Columbus based on the pricing that was published By Wyler Chevrolet both on their website and After taking a test drive and having my 2017 Colorado trade in valued we sat down to go over initial pricing. I was quite frankly surprised and dismayed to see that their initial starting price was $8,000 above what I had estimated based on THEIR published pricing. I got up and left.
Todd Beebe
Service manager I worked with went the extra mile and I give him the highest kudos he can receive. Thanks. 👍
Tory Worstell
James Noel and the rest of the staff at Jeff Wyler went above and beyond to help us through this purchase. James ordered some pizzas and personally went to pick them up for my 2 young kids, wife, and I while we were waiting to sign paperwork.
Lisa Gallegos
They made the buying process easy. Kevin was great to work with.
Brian Hildinger
My sales professional James Noel was outstanding. I’m not the easiest buyer to work with and James was very patient and knowledgeable of the truck I ended up buying and the GM incentives (which are plenty). Overall it was a great process at Jeff Wyler and the massage chairs were the cherry on top!
Jared M Oliano
If you enjoy shopping at a place, where the manager who runs it, will sell your potential vehicle for a grand more AFTER you’ve sent them a security agreement document from an outside financial provider, than by all means shop here. Or you can finance through them and pay way more than is reasonable. Again, your call, but the people running this business are trash.
Crystal Langley
“Kevin was absolutely amazing when working with us. He kept everything simple. He was totally upfront and very knowledgeable. The remaining staff was also extremely friendly. When the deal was done they said “”Welcome to the family!”” As friendly and sociable as Jeff Wyler Automotive is, I truely felt comfortable just like being around family! Great experience and great vehicle. Thank you all!”
Lance Twilley
Went in and asked Joe Jackson if they had any used Jeeps available and right away he and a coworker got on their golf cart and went to see if there was one in the back of the dealership. Me and my wife are now a proud owner of the Jeep family. Great service!!! Also it was about 10 minutes to closing and Joe was able to get the Jeep checked for safety as it was just traded-in. Great salesman and customer service from Jeff Whyler!!
Sarah Yanni
First of all, we LOVE our new truck!!!!!! Also, Kevin was extremely helpful and patient with us and our busy schedules. He went above and beyond any of my expectations for a car buying experience. He didn’t make any promises that he couldn’t deliver on and didn’t try to “sell” us. He listened to what we had to say through the entire process and was very down to earth. I purchased my other vehicle from there a few years ago as well. We have zero need to purchase a vehicle from anyone else. Anyone car hunting, ask for Kevin!
Allen Mulford
Jake did an amazing job helping me get the gladiator I was looking for and helped with trade in. Great experience dealing with him on the Jeep. overall experience was good also. Would work with them again for another vehicle.
Snapple43isthebestyo hi
Ryan Davis was amazing got us into a brand new Chevy trailblazer. Everyone was super nice and made you feel at home. 10/10 recommend.
Falen Nutis
Truly the most amazing service. They did everything possible to get me the best Jeep, fit my budget and price range, and met all expectations and standards. They went above and beyond, Don was amazing. He took my calls all hours of the day and did everything in his power to make my husband and I so happy!!! Don is the best at Jeep!!!
Jim Stephens
James was great to deal with and will recommend him and the dealership in the future.
Troy Dempster
We were very please with the down home service provided by our salesperson Jake. He was very friendly and eager to answer all of our questions. The entire transaction did take longer that we expected but that had more to do with the day we decided to visit the the efforts of the sales team. We love our new Gladiator!
mark lytle
I was wrong. Changed price after agreement. No help with anything promised at time of sale. Held paperwork – been almost a month. Don’t buy anything there.
Daryle Walker
The salesman Tim Smith was amazing. He went out of his way to make sure I was happy with what I was getting. Although; the truck I really wanted was not in stock, Tim was going to go to Cincinnati to get the one I wanted, if that is what it took. Thats awesome! I would recommend Tim Smith and Jeff Wyler to anyone!
damien palombaro
Overall good experience. 1st place we went to look and drove away with used vehicle for son. I just didn’t like why they couldn’t tell me interest rate approved for until after I told what I could get and then beat it by .01. Which means there was more room to work but not really talking much money. It was a pre-owned under 10k. I will just refinance after 1 month so whatever. Very kind salesman. Not overwhelming or pushy at all. Which is what I like. Thanks
Staci Smith
If your looking for a new car go see Ryan at Jeff Wyler in Canal. He is amazing and was able to make the buying of a new car awesome. Thank you so much Ryan.
Shawn Highfield
Marvin came in on his vacation to help get the deal done. He did a nice job of facilitating the deal. I would definitely recommend him and Wyler Chevrolet.
Antwyan Reynolds
Horrible customer service. Car was in the dealership for several days with no call or follow-up. I was hung up on when I called and asked for a loaner vehicle. Seems like issue was missed when during previous service less than 2 weeks ago.
Andi B
Experience with this company was totally great. I was referred to them by a friend and she told me they were easy to work with, reasonable and detailed. Vincent was the gentleman who assisted me in purchasing my vehicle and he was freakin great. Vincent gave me the opportunity to express what I was looking for and he delivered. Also I want to say everyone in there was hospitable as well.
Morgan Hickman
Kevin sat down with us on Sunday. We had no other available times. We were so grateful.
Steven Beyer
We purchased a new vehicle at Jeff Wyler Chevrolet on May 27, 2020. The sales person, Mark Bowman Jr., was very friendly and helpful and did an outstanding job outlining the features of the vehicle and guiding us through the process of the purchase. The finance person, Mark Bowman, Sr., thoroughly explained the finance process and was very helpful and friendly. The overall experience of the purchase of the 2020 was excellent.
Harpreet Brar
I was very happy with the purchase process at Jeff wyler Dodge ram. Brad went out of his way to find the vehicle that I needed. In fact he drove an hour to Dayton to get it for me personally. This is definitely a 5-star experience .
Charles Hall
Had an all around good experience. Andy Wilson was the salesman that I dealt with he was very helpful and was willing to work with me during negotiations until we came to an agreed upon price. Happy with the vehicle and service I received.
Joshua Wayt
I purchased a great used truck from Josh H. (who I highly recommend!) in the used car department at the Groveport location. The price can only be described as way beyond fair and they took excellent care of me before, during, and most importantly, after the sale. In short, the truck, the price and the treatment were all fantastic.. so it’s a rare, full 5-stars from me. It was my first experience with the Wyler family of dealerships… but it won’t be my last.
Angie Hughes
We got there a little early to get our oil changed and they were finished with our truck and we were on our way 6 minutes after our actual appointment time.
Kori Devoll
Great overall experience! My salesman Will was laid back and helpful. The finance department was easy to work with. Will definitely return for future purchases 😊
Imani Price
Kevin helped me find my first car! He was very nice and helpful and made sure that I got just what I was looking for. He answered all of my questions and left me with no confusion. Thank you Kevin for helping me get my first car!!
Rachel Reed
“The absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. My husband and I purchased a 2017 Dodge Ram (the man selling to us told us if we walked away from the truck to look at anything would be sold) and within 15 mins of getting it home had at LEAST 5 issues when they told us there were none. The next two weeks of dealing with these people was absolute hell. The service depart is a joke (told my husband when he went to pick up that his “”truck”” was way out back and had him walk to go get it. He got to it finally and the main reason we brought the vehicle in had not even been handled), the inability to communicate between departments and to customers is astounding. We have told everyone we know to stay far, FAR away from this place. Absolutely terrible.”
Got a used car here. I guess the price was fair. We soon noticed one of the tires was leaking. We have to air it every week now just to keep it working. The agent was the nicest person in the world before we paid. We called in to ask about what to do with the leaking tire several days after the purchase. He all the sudden became really mean and rude. We did not even ask for a free new tire. We only asked what options we had to get it repaired. Very speechless. He even asked us to refer friends to purchase cars from him. yeah, of course. Good luck.
Gabby Hulse
Great service. Employees are great. They have excellent attitudes. Very helpful;.
David Bondurant
It was easy from initial contact to signing papers. We are excited about our used vehicle and feel it will take care of our family for years to come. Great dealer to work with.
Matthew Edler
Our salesperson, Ryan Dixon, was outstanding! We purchased a truck earlier in the year, but we decided we need a bigger truck with more towing capability. Wyler and GM has some great prices on a truck that we wanted. With the rebates, …
Christopher Dean
Gregg Scott was an excellent salesman, he was very patient with us as my wife was picky on what vehicle she wanted. Greg didn’t try to pressure us to make the sale. It was a very pleasant experience.
Dody Myers
Chad is always friendly and quick to get you taken care of. I have had great customer service at Wyler.
Mike Petrey
Had a very pleasing experience at Jeff Wyler. James Noel was very courteous and professional. Will be back again.
donna beck-davis
It always takes to long to get a new car, but Ryan was extremely nice and helpful
mark bennington
The experience we had was out standing. I can not give higher mark to the staff at Jeff Wyler. The treatment we received did not make us feel like a customer it made us feel more like family. It’s nice to know we still have a business …
micheala thomas
The best car buying experience I ever had. Josh was very patient with us. The car was a good car for a great price! Would recommend to all of my friends.
Kaleb Kibbey
I can honestly say that this visit is the best car buying experience I have ever had! We found a car we were interested in outside and were greeted (No immediate sales pitch made) just simply greeted and my personal vehicle complimented …
Derek Burkholder
I bought a car from Andy and the day I purchased it the front left tire pressure was a bit lower than the other three tires. I didn’t think anything of at the time and filled it with air the next day. The tire though kept leaking air every …
Linda Davis
Not detail oriented in service. Got my oil changed and tires rotated. A day later my tire psi is at 27. No leak. Now I have to take my time and energy to go back. They need to pay more attention to details!
Buckeye D
I had a great car buying experience. I am very pleased with my purchase. My salesperson Andy was great and the whole team was easy to work with. The entire process was fast. Most of all my wife is super happy!
Brianna Byas
Work my entire deal with the salesman and the sales manager Joe over the phone and they made it very easy for me too seriously swing by pick my car up & papers quickly. Thanks Joe I’ll be back for my third vehicle in a few years
Chris Haddox
Bill Moore was awesome to work with. Took the time to give us different options. Helped us with decisions. Answered all our questions.. Financing also did a wonderful job. All around great experience. Will definitely recommend Jeff Wyler to friends and family!
susan truitt
I called ahead to let the salesman know what we were looking for. We went in a couple hours later and John had a car sitting outside for us to look at and test drive! Of course we fell in love with the car but we had a ton of questions for him. John was so patient with us us and answered all our questions thoroughly. Please if you are interested in a car, ask for John! We called ahead and gave them our information to get the process started. John was prepared when we got there and was very professional and very friendly too! John answered a lot of our questions clearly and concise. We bought a Chevy Trax and have fallen in love with it. We highly recommend John in new car sales, you won’t be disappointed! Shelly took care of finishing up our loan paperwork and she is a gem! Explanations were clear and concise and she answered all our questions! I hope you get Shelly when you’re ready to finish your paperwork. We say thanks to Shelly!
Stacey L Moore
Tom Adams was wonderful to work with! He helped me out alot! I will always send people to him and the dealership! Everyone was very polite and welcoming.
Larry Liggins
Ryan Davis was very courteous, professional and quite knowledgeable in his products. I personally recommend asking for him at Jeff Wyler Chervolet
Eunika Jordan
We had a great experience at Jeff Wyler. Jay was very helpful in answering all of our calls & questions.
Laura Slobodian
I shopped online for a used car and fell in love with a blueberry Jeep that was over 100 miles away from my Jeff Wyler location. I called in to the Canal Winchester location and was transferred to Mark Barrow, sweetest man ever! I asked how I could look at this particular vehicle that was listed on their auto mall website. Long story short Mark personally went down to Cincy to bring my new Jeep up to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The logistics of me making a trip to Cincinnati and back with a new vehicle purchase was highly unlikely but he went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I wanted. I think Mark is technically in commercial sales so how I managed to get him as a car salesman is again beyond me but it definitely worked in my favor. Thanks again, Mark and Jeff Wyler for my Jeep Renegade that I simply love!
Robert Taylor
The staff at Jeff Wyler Chevrolet in Canal made buying my truck very easy. Marvin Carrel, Jr. went above and beyond as a my salesman. Sales Manager and Finance did fantastic jobs as well. The easiest experience I’ve ever had buying a vehicle. Thank you to the staff!!!!
Keyonna N
I took my car in for service on either my auto stop or my spark plugs for a 2014 Chevy and I was told other things was the cause so I get those taken care of to get my car back for it to still be doing the same thing it was originally doing before I took it to get serviced. Now here I am dropping my car off again for the same issue and you all is expecting me to pay 145+ tax which is a $20 difference from what online say. 120 for diagnostic. A complete get over on someone who paid $900 bucks two days ago to get the car fixed for it to not be fixed
justin mcgowan
Great Marvin did everything he could to get me into a truck
rayetta sims
Matt and the team was wonderful. I was worried when my car started acting up. I had it towed over. Matt called and let me know they received my car. He kept me informed on the status. They kept my mind at ease.. My car is back to running good. The are professional and polite. It’s hard to find good customer service.. But I found that at Jeff Wyler.. Thank you!🙂
Charles Kelly
Great car everything the add said was true. Very pleased with my sales person Andy, very nice and helped me get the best deal possible. I would reccomend getting your car here !
Elizabeth Mason
Amazing experience. Marvin was fantastic to work with. Definitely recommend going to him. I will be coming back in the future for all my car shopping needs. Extremely happy with my purchase. 😀
Haze Massey
Always great customer service. Thank you!
Danielle Ulintz
DeShawn was a wonderful person to work with! I recommend him to anyone!
Matthew Thorrez
My wife and I had a great experience at Jeff Wyler. We had been looking for a specific car for a while and they had it. Our salesmen Chris McDowell was very helpful in the entire deal. We arranged almost everything over the phone and exchanging emails. We made the 3 hour drive south, traded off our car which they gave us a generous amount on, and then gave us a killer deal on our new one. Chris was great to work with! Extremely professional, timely, and knowledgeable. Our entire time spent at the dealership was great. Both Used Car managers were very much involved with our deal as well, all good people there.
Willie Canter
We had a great time at Jeff Wyler! LA was helpful and knowledgeable, and he even stayed late to say goodbye to us. The finance guy we worked with was awesome too. I don’t remember his name but we hope he has fun on vacation!
Danielle Dinnell
Terrible customer service. They claimed to replace the cabin filter and they didn’t but they put they did on the car fax. Couldn’t get a manager to call me. I had to go back because they had the odometer reading wrong by 10,000 miles on our title work. While I was there I “tried” to go get my car cleaned and gas refilled (because they promise to do that when you are negotiating ) of course no one acknowledged my husband and I, we never received our fill up and car cleaned. Also, I was over charged by a few hundred dollars, didn’t know until we got the loan papers from the bank. Went into Jeff Wylers to ask and the lady said the bank will fix that??? I would give them no stars if I could. We have too many GOOD and HONEST car dealerships around Columbus you can go to, don’t waste your money at Jeff Wyler
Logan Teague
Likes to jump prices. I went from being approved for 1500 down. To 2k down to now 3k down for a 13k car… every time you call for sales no one picks up. I’ve been trying to get a steady answer all day and haven’t really received one.
Kelly case
Greg was great and patient! Love the new Tahoe High Country!
Laura McGuire
Wonderful experience. Everyone was very nice. They transferred the vehicle we purchased from another branch so we did not have to drive 100+ miles away to go look at it. Everything went very smoothly and we got a great deal! Would definitely reccomend!
Kyle Decot
Don’t ever bring your car here. I brought my 2017 Chevrolet Volt in to have the radio replaced. It’s been over 1 month and I still don’t have my vehicle.
Tammy Swain
I had an appointment. I was there for about 45 minutes waiting to see a car I requested ahead of time. I ended up leaving due to poor customer service and not getting to see a single car during that 45 minutes.
Tom Kuhn
transmisson problem covered by GM
Beau Bakerstein
Total waste of thine and energy.. Don’t trust the advertising as it is t exactly as stated. It’s 2020 not 1953 just be up front with folks. Best to shop up in Columbus .
Rachel Healy
We had an awesome car-buying experience at Jeff Wyler. Our sales person Rachel, took great care of us. She is hardworking, knowledgeable and fun! She will definitely be my first call when I’m ready to make my next purchase.
Brandon Schimmel
“Received a letter in the mail regarding the heavy need for cars like mine. With no need to purchase from them to get this offer. With the code given to me (in the letter) I was able to go to my profile and obtain the estimated range that they would buy my car for. (see attached picture) . Long story short I was offered over 3000 less than the lowest range on the estimate. I showed the sales manager this and I got the “”no dealer follows Kelly Blue Book””… I was like “”wait, this is from your site””. Was then semi pressured to get a new vehicle because they could “”tighten up”” the numbers and be at the lowest range of this. Listen, I get you have a business to run but honesty and being up front carry a lot of weight for myself and others out there. Do better and if you don’t plan on honoring the letters that you send out than maybe you shouldn’t. Feel free to reach out to me (you have my info) if you have any questions. Thanks”
Jennifer Simmons
This dealership consistently overpromises and under delivers. I purchased a brand new Jeep Wrangler on 6/26 as well as custom leather to be installed at a later date. Jason Rosebrough, New Car Director, indicated that the leather would take approximately 10 days to get in. Well after the 10 days and no communication from the dealership we followed up with Marvin Carrel, Jr, sales person. Marvin promised he would find out what the hold up was and get back to us that day. The day comes and goes and no communication. We followed up on 7/16. Marvin apologized for not getting back to us that day and indicated the leather had been back ordered and he had a tracking number with expected delivery on 7/28. He also asked whether we wanted to drop the Jeep off for a couple of days (leather would be installed in between other service tickets) or if we preferred scheduling for 8/5 and it would be installed that day. We choose 8/5 and confirmed on 8/4 that the service was scheduled. We dropped our Jeep off after hours on 8/4, as instructed by Marvin, and waited for a call on 8/5 to pick up the vehicle. At approximately 2PM on 8/5 we called to inquire and ask for an update to only find out that Marvin was on vacation, and John from service wasn’t aware of why our vehicle was there. Long story short the Jeep sat there the entire day of 8/5 without being touched. After a few back and forth phone calls and conversations with John he said he would have JP, a Manager (I didn’t catch his title), call us. A few hours go by and closing time is nearing so we call the dealership and ask for JP. Left a voicemail and also left a message for him with Tammy the receptionist. (We still as of 6:45PM on 8/7 have yet to receive a call back from JP. ) Because we worked with Jason on our purchase (he was standing in for Marvin that day) I sent a detailed email of all of the above on the evening of 8/5. After no communication from Jason, we went to the dealership on 8/6 around lunch time to find someone to talk to. Jason promised he would personally take care of everything and would follow up with us the morning of 8/7. No surprise, but Jason hasn’t reached out today. We did get a text from John at 2:32PM today saying the vehicle was in for service and the leather was done. (The vehicle has a couple of service items to look at as well as the leather install.) When John was asked if the vehicle would be done by the end of the day he said he’d try his best. It is now 6:50PM on 8/7 (a Friday -Jeeps been there since Tuesday night) and we still have no Jeep and no indication of when it will be ready. Every person we have talked to has overpromised and underdelivered (even simple communication/phone calls). A lot of this could have been avoided had there been open and honest communication about what expectations should be. Because of all of the above, I cannot recommend this dealership until they change their practices and have better customer service. Update – It is now Wednesday, August 12th and I’ve had zero communication from the dealership since Monday, August 10th and still no vehicle. They didn’t /haven’t even offered a loaner vehicle for the inconvenience. I was told on Monday my vehicle will be ready tomorrow, Thursday, August 13th. It’s has taken almost 10 days to install leather seats, replace a bumper and investigate a noise. Their service is unbelievable… a bad way. Steer clear of this dealership! Hopefully my review will save others from headaches like this.
Joel Gilbert
Took 6 days to do a 2hr job and over charged for parts and labor charged $968 could of had it done somewhere else over 50% less and 1 day max.
MIke Parsley
I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team, especially Sean Williams, for all his help in helping me with the purchase of my new car. I know I’m not an easy guy to deal with, my ex-wife reminds me of that all the time. I live a pretty hectic life being a divorced dad with four kids. Sean was patient with me. He worked with me. He helped me find a car that I not only could afford, but I also liked! He spent more time helping me, then I think any other person would have. There were no high pressure sales tatics , no sales pitches, just honest and open communication. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I have been to many dealerships, but I have never worked with anyone who I felt genuinely cared about me as a customer or person. Sean, has gone above and beyond what any other sales person has ever done before. He still continues to do so after the sale!! Which I find even more impressive. I have two kids that will be driving soon. I already know when it comes time to purchase a car, where I am going to go and who I am going to deal with. Sean has earned my trust and my business as well. I will be referring my friends and family to Sean for their vehicle needs.
Amy Woodruff
So happy with my purchase and my experience!
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