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Ricart Ford in Groveport, OH

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5
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4255 S Hamilton Rd, Groveport, OH 43125, United States
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Company description

Ricart Ford offers new and certified Ford sales, lease deals, service and parts near Columbus, Lancaster and Baltimore

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Eric Weber
I took my 2015 Ford Explorer sport to Ricart for a manufacturer recall and for an oil change. Next thing you know I am being told that I have a coolant leak and need a new water pump (always get a second opinion). I voiced my concerns as a new water pump meant an extensive teardown of the motor because it is not external as in most vehicles. I was assured that these technicians were fully qualified to make the repairs and I would receive my car back the same if not better. Took them a week and when driving my vehicle home there was a noticeable lack of power. As I pulled into my driveway, you could hear the engine knocking.. The service representative I dealt with was very accommodating and asked if I wanted to bring it back in but at this point I just did not trust it. I took it to another dealership and was told that the timing chain had not been secured back tightly and was causing the issue. I have even asked if they replace the timing chain because I was told that normally a vehicle with that many miles and a water pump issue that should be done. My car was covered under the extended warranty that I purchased and I basically paid Ricart $160 to mess up my car. The service manager never reached out to me and will be taking my business elsewhere in the future. Sad thing is, I have purchased three cars from Ricart and have always had a good experience until now.
Anthony Pallatta
See ‘Tall’ Dan Stinson Jr if you’re looking for a Ford Truck or Stang. He was easy to work with, flexible, polite and genuine. 👍 2021 Platinum F150!
Shane Clement
They have the best people who know what they are talking about. They are so helpful and will above and beyond to help get you what you want. They have taken such great care of my mom twice now since my dad passed away and both my parents before that. I will always tell people to go here when they say they are looking for a new car.
Fred Oberting
as long as they have a service advisor at Nissan called Myra I will always try to do my business with them she seems to be outstanding over and above anybody else that has helped me at Ricart
Ted Stambaugh
Best dealer I have ever dealt with! Courteous, professional, customer and quality driven. Lauren Conley totally exceeded every expectation A true pleasure to deal with. I am a Ricart customer for life after this wonderful experience.
Christopher Johnson
Great experience. Good prices below below plans you may get through your employer. Sales staff is great and works with you. The detailing group has some issues. As they detailed the vehicle before delivery, they scratched and gouged the paint. Unfortunately I live 7.5 hours away and needed to leave so they were not able to perform repairs. A gentleman’s agreement was made to cut a check to have the repairs done back closer to home. Unfortunately, the repairs will cost more than what they will be sending.
George Noll
They did a good quick job on my service and rotated the tires a lot better than bob boyd
Joey Eringman
I brought my car here for an airbag recall and to fix the emergency brake. Full transparency, there were quite a few frustrations on getting everything taken care of. I have happily bought two cars from their Used Car Factory never had a problem. The Ford Service department was the only time I had problems, but they definitely took care of me and owned up to their mistakes. While it was a frustrating few days, it definitely could have been a lot worse and they definitely worked to make things easier. That was very much appreciated.
Amy Robinson
I give Ricart a solid zero stars! My boyfriend bought several vehicles over the years from Ricart. His 2013 F 350 superduty diesel truck’s engine blew up with only 95,000 miles on it. They charged him $900 to diagnose the problem after having it for 2 weeks! They didn’t want to do anything to compensate him or help him in any manner. They wanted to charge him $20,000 to replace an engine that NEVER should’ve blown in the first place. What a way to treat someone that’s been a loyal customer. I have talked to several other people who have had bad experiences with Ricart also. All they care about is getting you in the door to make a buck then screw you after that! BEWARE!
Irene Stumbo
Friendly and very helpful. Great experience. Best place to buy cars and trucks. Thank you.
Kirk Payne
I drove nearly three hours to purchase a vehicle. When I arrived they had already sold the vehicle. They advertised an additional $3500 over trade value. That was a joke and just a way to get you into the dealership. There was no additional $3500 extra trade. So they said none of this was there fault. Not sure how they are number “1”. Must be a lot of clueless people out there. Do not ever buy from this dealership.
Salesman “Ryon” and staff were very nice and easy to work with. The car itself on the outside was good, not so much for the inside. The detail group may be a issue though. The cars I believe should be detailed better before being presented to the customers. Dog hair, leather seats In need of some cleaning/ conditioning, vacuum the carpets, and clean windows. Simple details. Spent 2 hours, but it is a sweet ride now. Thanks for everything else that was good.
Michael Borelli
Myra Shutts, Service Advisor, was extremely friendly, professional, and helpful with solving my Nissan Morano issue. I want to give her 1000 point score on her customer service review. The mechanic that trouble shot my cars issue was able to correct the issue quickly. Thanks to all involved.
Paula Perkins
James Davison and the whole staff was amazing! They are so easy to work with. Would highly recommend them
Justin Sayre
Needed a new truck due to an accident with mine. Jake Moore was a fantastic sales guy. I knew what I was looking for, thus he led me right to it. I picked the one I preferred, then worked the deal with Josh. Both gentlemen were great. No hassle, straight forward details. Got the truck in a lease payment I’m happy with. Scott was great too in finance. In and out in under 2 hours too, was beyond happy with that. Overall, superb experience and the reason why I continue to return to Ricart Ford when I need a car.
Derek Davies
My 2014 ford focus with the notorious transmission issues has had multiple clutch replacements over the 105k miles on the vehicle my factory car battery finally died I replaced it and then my transmission wouldn’t shift called ricart to inquire about the lifetime power train warranty and that turned into a well it’s thru a 3rd party company and be prepared to show all of your services records even oil changes ok so if I did my own I’m screwed ? As if changing my oil 1k miles over the recommendation would’ve Caused the transmission to not shift after replacing the battery!!! Save your money and go elsewhere folks!
Ruthie Alsup
Totally disappointed with the service. They claim to have a lifetime warranty…. don’t believe it. They even say on their website engine/ power train cover…. well they tell me I need a new engine and conveniently nothing is covered….almost 6 grand to fix it. If I could I wouldn’t even leave one star. Good luck folks if you’re in the market of getting help at ricart
Fredy Perez
I was working a deal with one of there vehicles. Yes i was approved. Me and the salesman were straighten everything out since i was flying to pick the vehicle and drive it back home. I was delaying on time to get the ticket and figure out what day i was flying out. I did offer them to make deposit so i could lock in my deal. Im really upset because the deal fell trough just because they had a local buyer coming in to test drive the truck and buying it. “Hold off on buying the plane ticket unfortunately. Someone is driving in to purchase the truck currently. If it doesn’t happen I’ll let you know so you can buy the ticket and we can hold it.” Here is the message I received from the dealership. I really thought there out of state customers where priority to them also, but i guess they just want to sell vehicles to local people. Still can’t believe they could not take a deposit from me so i could lock my deal in!
R/c S
Great place to buy a car from IF you don’t have any problems with it. Having problems after 2 weeks of ownership. Sales manager is NO help at all has an attitude. The car has a 7500 mile warranty or 6 months and we haven’t even put 800 miles on it. Will update when issue is taken care of. Up date has now been two full working days for service and they still haven’t called back by for this is the worst customer service I have seen from a dealership. My opinion they don’t seem to be holding up to there word at all. Or there warranty. I will also up date again if they ever work anything out.
Kenneth Nicely
This place is completely cooking. Bought a car less than two months ago and they sold it to me with two different types of tires on it. One being an off-season in three of the tires being summer tires. They’re saying that it was sold as is even though I have only driven it 6,000 mi and they sold me it as it’s going into winter. Andre for Uber and they are telling me that I am not able to use you there rental car to work to be able to pay my car payment and are sending me at 100 MI per day when I live 45 mi away each way. This is completely ridiculous especially when I paid $28,000 for this car after all was said and done.
Merv Dunn
I’ve been buying from Jim Moshier since the 90’s for personal and company vehicles. Ricart has always provided great service after the sale. The people learn your name and show you the upmost respect. They have never failed me. I bought my son’s first car there in 2006 and he just bought his second Shelby a 2020 GT 500. Great place to do business.
My wife and I purchased a 2020 f-150. The atmosphere at Ricart is very calm and inviting. We knew what we wanted and the price was plainly explained. Therefore, there was no real haggling. Jake Moore was our sales representative. JAKE WAS EXTREMELY FRIENDLY AND DEMONSTRATED “OLD FASHIONED” CUSTOMER SERVICE, THE KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ONE WOULD ONLY EXPERIENCE FROM A FAMILY MEMBER. WE FELT AT HOME! I have had recent interactions with Ricart and Every time, everyone at Ricart was friendly! We really like our new truck. Jake was able to find the perfect truck for our needs. Hence, that speaks to the selection at Ricart. When you are genuinely treated with the type of care that meets YOUR needs, you can tell that it’s a CULTURE of customer service that must be innate to work at Ricart. Thanks! Jake and to everyone who helped us at Ricart.
Bobby Engel
SEE UPDATE BELOW- Your just a number on the wheel one of the worst dealership experiences I’ve had. Salesman said he’s too busy to answer questions about a vehicle after financing was ready and they had all my info. Customer service is a thing of the past…… UPDATE !!!! SALES MANAGER ZACH BOWENS TO THE RESCUE!!!! It’s no secret that Ford Superduty trucks are very hard to find right now and the fact that 1 guy 3 hours away wasn’t happy probably wouldn’t have hurt Mr. Ricart’s pockets but upon seeing my review Zach stepped up and went to work. He was prompt, curteous, and genuine. Zach gets 6 STARS and should be employee of the month! Zach and his team were awesome from Andrew in sales to Ted in finance! When Zach said he had read my review and he would like a chance to change my mind I thought oh here we go…. He said customer service was important to him and now I am a believer. Zach went out of his way to answer any and all questions I had and if he didn’t have the answer he knew where to find it. When he said I will find out and call you in 20 minutes he called in 15! I asked for pictures of this truck for 2 days he had them in 15 minutes. When I asked for a couple more he got them promptly as well. Best part was no suprises when I got there! Not to mention I was late but he waited. I don’t feel like I’m a picky person but when I am spending my hard earned money I prefer to deal with a person that takes pride in their job and isn’t just there for a paycheck and that’s exactly what you get with Zach and his team!!!
Joseph Kim
Originally posted a 3 star rating due to a service issue I had and was quickly contacted by Ricart Ford General Manager Jim Moshier and Consumer and Community Affairs Lynne DeWitt. They listened to my issue and went to work to resolve things. The Ricart Ford staff is always great to work with and they really do go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of. Thanks guys!
Chaz Davis
The first time I visited, we purchased a truck. Lots of attention from the salesperson, good negotiation and we settled on a fair price. Fast forward a couple years and I meed a new work truck, so I figured, why not come here again. The second time I visited, it was a vastly different experience. They only want to put you in debt. Period. As soon as I told the salesperson I wanted to pay cash for a work truck, their attitude changed completely. They even said I could just keep most of my money and I’d be surprised at what they could do regarding monthly payments. They are dying for you to finance anything they can get you to. I was told the truck had to be cleaned and detailed and brakes installed and that I should call or text back in a couple of days when it was completed. The salesperson gave me their personal phone number. I called two days later and left a message. They called couple hours later, I couldn’t answer but they didn’t leave a message. I sent a text the following day, asking if the truck was ready, still no response. So I decided to just call the dealership a couple of hours after no response and they told me the truck was still in detail but would be done and ready for test driving in another day. After I called the dealership, the salesperson called me back and left a messages stating it’s ready for test driving. He apologized for being too busy to get back with me but he had two days and could have easily left a simple message. First time I’ve ever encountered a salesperson too busy to sell a vehicle. Walked into the showroom the following afternoon to look at the truck. The original salesperson wasn’t there so I was dealing with someone different at this point. Nice person. Before she could even sit down she asked how I was paying for the truck. She was obviously informed of my intent to pay straight up for the vehicle and it was dictating how they were treating me. The vehicle had a KBB value range somewhere between $12,500-$15,000.00, I don’t remember exactly. They had it valued at about $18,500.00. They told me they go by some other source of valuation (just numbers pulled out of thin air) that I had never heard of. Although they assured me it was the best way (for them). I offered them $1000.00 over the KBB and they only dropped their price by $450.00. They admittedly just picked the truck up from an auction. They were poised to make about a $8,000-$11,000.00 profit but because they couldn’t run my credit and tack on 6 years of interest my money wasn’t worth negotiating with. If you are paying with cash, they definitely aren’t ”Dealin” and will treat you like they don’t want your business.
Chris Mcnutt
I bought a 2017 ford edge 4 weeks ago. Andrew in sales was awesome. Josh in customer service is the best. Today, my check engine light came on and I called Josh. He told me to bring it in and they would take care of me. I got there and Amber in service took care of me and got me a courtesy vehicle in under 30 minutes. Also, can’t leave out Matt. He was in charge of the rust protection and appearance of my vehicle. He personally picked up my car and brought it back for service. If all of this ain’t good customer service,,,I don’t what is. Great job all.
Lee Saffold
OMG!!! I just got my car back and it rides like I just bought it off the lot. It’s sounding like a less than six year old vehicle should be sounding. Sounding AWESOME!! I can’t thank Ricart Ford service department enough. Now,I’m a happy customer!! I absolutely highly recommend this place for your car needs. Thank you, thank you,and thank you!!
Vick Demone Jr Jr
Very on schedule and I’m ven gave me a ride home ,appreciate it
Charlotte Lambert
My company purchased a new Ford Transit from the Commercial Division. Our salesman Marty was the BEST! This is the first time purchasing a vehicle that I felt like the deal was perfect for us. It was a pleasant experience. The van is great too.
I bought a vehicle from Ricart a month ago. Had transmission problems on the way to work this morning. Called them today to bring it in to get it checked out. They said it could not be looked at until April 20! Today is March 31. So I’m just supposed to keep driving it with a transmission that’s not working right for almost 3 weeks. That is crazy!
This is the first time I’ve bought from Ricart Ford and I must say that I am impressed. From start to finish the process went very well. Every person that I was in contact with was friendly and knowledgeable. I look forward to working with Ricart on maintenance issues.
Savannah Ball
Just bought a Ford Explorer yesterday from them. We absolutely loved everyone we talked to and who helped us! Mike was our salesmen & he was so awesome! Answered every question we had & didn’t make us feel silly for asking the little questions. It was our first time buying a new car & the experience couldn’t have gone better! Thank you so much to everyone at the Ricart ford team!
Bob Sisson
Went to have my remote starter on my f150 looked into because it does not work. They claimed that because my check engine light is on that I had to pay for two diagnostic fees. The first one to find why my check engine light is on which is honestly probably the old standby emissions code then a second one after so they can diagnose the remotw starter. $200 before they would even look at the truck. No thank you!! I won’t be back.
Greg Bernard
I was in and out of Ricart in about 90 minutes to trade in my vehicle and fill out paperwork on a new vehicle. The sales staff was efficient, accommodating and gave me the best deal, the first time…no haggling. I did my research before going in and knew what I wanted and at what price and they even did a little better than that.
Mike Rubeck
Dealership is clean and everyone is practicing social distancing as much as humanly possible. Everyone is wearing mask. And hand sanitizer is readily available for customers. I am here for a service and was walking the lot. It was nice no salesman came up to me or stopped me at anytime. It might be from pandemic, but still was nice. The service department 9seems OK right now. Expect normal stuff, you need new tires, cabin filter, ect. Only buy when you are ready. However if they mention brakes you might want to think about putting off. Brought the service plan when we purchased the vehicle. It has been worth every penny and absolutely no hassle about it when we bring our vehicle in for service.
Dee Davie
We shopped Ricart New and used car sales before making our decision. The large inventory made for easy comparison shopping. The no pressure sales professionals were courteous and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Ricart Auto Sales
Shelly Hudson
We just bought another vehicle from Ricart Ford. All of the staff are super friendly and helpful especially Dan. It was raining and Dan didn’t care about getting all wet. He took the time to explain some features about our new truck. He’s a great sales rep. and great guy. Thanks Dan!
Ben Eppert
“Recently moved from Cincinnati to Columbus. Ricart was the closest dealership to me, figured to give them a try. Scheduling the service was easy, and I was told I could get a rental car at no extra cost so I could run some errands as they do the work, was limited on time. Got there, dropped the car off for an oil change and tire rotation. After talking to the rep, couldn’t get a rental car and I was quoted $65. I was told they didn’t give rental cars for an oil change, I understood that and it wasn’t a big deal but would’ve rather just been told no. Eventually the car was done. Got back and it took 10 minutes to be acknowledged and finally a lady said she could take care of me. She came out of her way to do that, that was nice. I was then told me the bill was $89.00. I questioned that because it was $65 and no other work was done. She said it was due to the amount of oil I needed. Considering I was in a rush, I didn’t have time to debate the cost. I paid. As I was walking out I talked to the original lady about the cost. She then said it was because of the type of oil and the labor. An oil change and a tire rotation, those are flat charges that shouldn’t increase. There was an additional $30 “”labor charge”” that I pointed out and neither seemed to understand what happened. Anyway, I left shortly after asking a few questions. I called a few times the following day, nobody answered. I eventually ended up leaving 2 voicemails asking if they had a chance to double check the charges. Left my information, never heard back. Not all dealerships are looking up upcharge people or take advantage of them, but in my eyes that’s exactly what happened here. This isn’t an insane amount of money by any means, that’s not the point. The first impression for a new customer was the problem. I won’t be going back here.”
Lisa Boling
Thank you Ricart Ford and Chris for making this a great car buying experience!! I love my new 2020 Escape! This is my second car buying experience with Ricart and once again they made it quick, efficient and smooth! Thanks for taking the time to explain the technology in a very simple and understandable way for me! I will definitely be back for my next new Ford!
Megan Loy
Quick and easy transaction! Kris was great to work with- I drove from 4 hours away in West Virginia, and the people at Ricart Ford make it worth it. I was treated with value and respect. They truly aim to build customers for life!
James King King Lawns LLC
Amazing place and service. I was out of state and needed a company truck that only they had within 300 miles. They mailed the paperwork and had the truck ready for me to pick up. Highly recommended and I will be back with their great selection.
Nabet David
I made my first new auto purchase with Ricart and I had a good experience from A to Z thanks their amazing customer service. If you get there, ask for Jonika. She has truly been an asset throughout the entire process. Thanks for the amazing service.
Michelle Call
We were treated very well at Ricart! They did great job taking care of us there. They had an excellent selection of vehicles there. We got the perfect color Rapid Red Metallic new Ford Truck! They have excellent features on their trucks. Everyone there was kind & helpful. It was an awesome experience!
Donna Moss
Very professional friendly honest and up front on everything. Explained everything needed to be explained. We will be back in our next purchase. Nick and his manager were amazing our experience was awesome..
Kurt Woodruff
Brought my last 3 cars here 2 used 1 new will definitely go back very friendly and work with you not against you
john gerbracht
Very good to work with, well worth the travel from Minnesota!
Riley Tavenner
This is the best dealership! We worked with Drew. We went in knowing I was going to buy a new car. The process was decently fast as I knew what car I wanted, we just had to wait on the bank. You know how it goes. Well, as I was wrapping up purchasing my car, my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and get him a new Super Duty. Drew was so kind and patient with us as we had to run back home and grab our trade in vehicle. This process was again super easy and Drew did everything he could to make it go faster. I’m sure if we had decided to buy the truck earlier, we would’ve been able to get things wrapped up quicker, but because we waited until the end of buying mine, it was dragged out a bit. Drew and the finance team we worked with (unfortunately I can’t remember his name!) had to stay about an hour and a half past their closing time for the paperwork to get wrapped up. The whole time, I felt so bad because I knew these guys wanted to go home — I definitely did, but we were never made to feel like a burden. I think it’s also great that they do not get commission from a consumer position as we don’t feel as pressured to buy. And the sales team don’t push. Again, I can not recommend them enough! When we need to purchase additional vehicles, we will definitely be returning!
Mark Corbin
Sales team was great! Had truck ready when i got there. Worked out numbers quickly and had me on my way. Smooth transaction!
heather strum
Drew was amazing! We love our new car! Great customer service.
Michael Jennings
Great customer service. This is the third truck I’ve brought from Ricart, and every time I’ve been there I’m treated like I’m their only customer. Dan, Zach, and Bill are awesome representatives of the Ricart name. This hopefully will be my last truck, but if not, I definitely know where the next one is coming from.
A.E. WSpoon
Ricart Ford is good at BAIT & SWITCH. I will have to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission so people are aware of their shady practice. Be aware that the online price for the exact vehicle will NOT be the price they list on your finance agreement. It has nothing to do with the potential discounts either, the online details are clear. Just be mindful before signing your paperwork.
Charmine Atchley
I had the best experience today. I was confident that I have chose the right place to purchase my new truck. Christopher franks was amazing he walked me through everything answered every question and concerned I had. Thank you Chris franks for helping me today your awesome.
Brandon McClelland
Drew and the whole team, thank you very much 👏👏 y’all worked very hard. Ricart will always have my business.
Frankie Li
Bought the Edge. Really nice people and good price. Free battery charger.
Melody Barnhart
I will never ever go to another dealership because I am sure I will never get the same customer service. The staff worked with me on everything they met my high expectations and exceeded them. They were super considerate and understanding that I was very set on what o wanted for such a large purchase. They are considerate of social distancing, extra sanitizing and were incredible when it came to making sure the process was easy and as much was done before hand. Go see Dan, Sterling and the awesome customer experience guy who I would have caught his name but he was so patient with me and my wild child I I forgot to ask him it again.
Alex Sitar
Fantastic dealership! 2nd car I have bought there! Jake was awesome and the whole Ricart team is 2nd to none. Will always be buying my cars there
Sommre Marsh
We had an amazing experience today. We have always been treated great. Especially today, we have to say Drew Swiehart has been our favorite salesman. We can’t thank him enough. He was working so hard and still made it as quick as possible for us. We also can’t say enough good things about Bill and Scott who were a big help with the process.
Millie Speir
Everyone there is just great especially DAN he goes out of his way to help !!! Thank you so much Dan it is always good to with you. Thanks. again. Millie
Adrian Kalmon
Ricart Ford is very helpful and easy to work with. The sales team was very responsive and worked to make sure all my questions were answered. He worked out several options for financing and helped me get the best rebates and finance terms. There was no pressure to purchase a vehicle or add on options. They worked with my busy schedule completing almost everything by phone, text and email. When it came time to sign for the vehicle and take delivery they brought it to my house more than an hour away from the dealership. I completed the purchase of my new truck on my front porch in about 10 minutes.
justin Williams’s
Great people! Great service!
Michele La Fallett
Wonderful experience at Ricart! This is our 6th purchase! Great vehicles, great prices, and the greatest customer service team in the world! Our sales guy Drew is the best!
Carla Sandifer
Couldn’t read the machine for wash because of the sun needs a type of system so can pick the proper wash. Vacuum price is great
Victoria Williams
Very nice and professional. Answered any questions I had. They weren’t pushy and were very up front and honest. They had the car ready for me when I got there to test drive and even when I brought her they got her filled up and washed. Very impressed. Would buy from them in the future.
James McAlister
Great experience. First time Ricart buyer. I found the F-250 I wanted online. I inquired about it’s availability and began a text and email dialogue with Zane. He and I hashed out a deal on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon I took delivery of my new Ford. On Sunday I was met at the door by Zack who informed me Zane had the day off but his team was going to take care of me. Zack introduced me to Nick who took care of all the leg work , and Ted who took care of all the paperwork. Super nice group. Comfortable space. I walked in at noon, and was driving home by 2. This was a great experience of why Ricart has been #1 in central Ohio for what has to be at least forty years. Thanks!
Claire Kirk
I had a good experience with Ricart and the salesman who helped me, Nick. The only thing I would have appreciated was further explanation on the stipulations when choosing 0% APR over the Ford rebates. I was not fully aware that choosing the lower APR meant forfeiting all of the rebates. It didn’t really affect my overall payment but it would have been something I would have preferred to have fully understood when going through the process.
Joshua Thompson
I applied her over a year ago and they first told me there was to much negative equity on my current vehicle to trad it and I qas like alright and said I would continue to pay on it and try again and then I try two more times in the past year with a co signer and still no go even know mind you even know my credit isn’t the greatest but I’ve always had income and always have my current vehicle paid up a month ahead !! Even know not at ricart I was able to lease a car with worse credit by myself and with no co signer I dont get it I guess they don’t like money or giving a loan to someone who actually pays and has 0 repossession
Brian Lee
I have been buying new cars for well over fifty years. And this is with out a doubt the best car buying experience to come out of those fifty seven years. They didn’t try to talk me into any think more than what I told them I wanted and Jonika Dennie, was the best sales person I dealt with in those years. She was pleasant and thorough. She even went the extra time and hooked up my phone to the truck and other showed me how to work it. Zak the sales manager was also quite help full saved me some money too.
Ronnie Sprouse
Best experience ive ever had with a dealership .. if your looking for a new vehicle go ask for drew
Angie Elliott
DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE FOR SERVICE!!! Took my car here for a recall on the DOOR. Suddenly I get a call saying I have an oil leak and they want $1000 to fix it. I’ve never saw a leak in the garage or anything.Took my car to reputable auto shop for a second option and what do you know, NO OIL LEAK. MONEY HUNGRY DEALER SHOPS!! BEWARE!!
Malisha Goggans
Purchasing a car …great experience. Getting it service took away the great experience. Never again
Tara Taylor
I called in for my car to be inspected for an issue in the transmission that would be under warranty. If the diagnostic says I have a transmission issue then I won’t have to pay but if it’s not the transmission then I’d have to pay $100 plus tax. I came in at 9:30am. I was initially told the process would take 30mins but they representative I spoke to said that my car won’t be looked at till this afternoon which didn’t make sense to me. She asked me what is my car doing that makes me think it’s the transmission and I told her my car was vibrating and she wrote the information down I gave her and I sat in the building waiting for an update. I called service to the manager for additional information on how long it’ll take to inspect my vehicle for a potential transmission issue and she said it’ll take a few hours and depends when the technician can look at the car. I clarified my transmission issue and made it clear that the information that I was told initially wasn’t that i would have to leave my car for 5-6 hours in advance because I had my 3 year old daughter with me. After expressing my concerns to the service manger that seemed to be understanding at the time, I waited till 12:58pm and asked for an update on the diagnostic and the girl I was working with said I do have a transmission clutch issue but I also need my tires rotated and balanced in addition to the mount which they claimed that what caused the car to vibrate. I questioned her on the diagnostic because it was made clear that if there is a warranty issue then I wouldn’t have to make a payment but the girl stated because I said the car vibrates at 60 mph and initialed it, then I would have to pay because there was more than one issue on my car. We kept going back and forth and I asked to speak to the manager. The manager stated that because I signed and said my car was vibrating then I’d have to pay because they didn’t write anything on the paperwork or notate the system that I came for my transmission clutch. I told them both as they tried to argue with me and belittle me that when I called 2 weeks ago and called today, it was specifically on the open recall I have for my Ford. The manager only hung onto the description of what I said that the car was doing, rather than me saying I want the transmission checked. The entire time that the manager and the associate was arguing with me, I was on the phone with my boyfriend and he told them that they were trying to scam me. I let the manager and associate know that if I called in for my car to be checked for a transmission issue it shouldn’t matter if my car has a missing door or a missing steering wheel I only came to get my transmission checked and I shouldn’t be charged for anything because I actually do you have a transmission issue and at that point they told me that I can have my keys and I’m never allowed to come back to their store ever again and that I need to get out and leave. I will never go to their location ever again as they had poor customer service and nobody practice social distancing and barely any of them had masks or face coverings on. I recommend no one go there unless you want to be charged for them saying that you need a tire rotation and balance rather then focusing on the actual damage that’s covered under warranty through Ford.
Mollie Tooker
Had a really great buying experience at Ricart Ford. Every employee that we dealt with that day was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Would recommend Ricart to anyone looking to purchase a new or used truck.
michael turner
It was a long day, not surprising on a busy Saturday. But everyone did a great job breaking it up and making sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable. It was nice meeting different people and seeing different perspectives. Corey is a great guy and it was obvious he knew the car very well which helped us make, and feel good about, our decision very quickly. Well done, everyone definitely knows what they’re doing and I will recommend your services in the future.
Terri Colbert
We purchased a 2020 Ford Explorer today. It was a great experience working with Jake Moore (our Sales Advisor) and Bill Arnold (Customer Relations Manager). This was our third time working with Bill and he is always very personable and professional. We have purchased several cars in the past from Ricart and have had great experiences with the Service Department. We always request John Frederick because we know he will take good care of us. Thank you Ricart Ford!!
Sara Westbrook
Had the worst car buying experience ever. The car was sold in early July with broken air conditioning. We kept getting the run around about when the part would be available. When we finally took delivery of the car, the salesman was extremely rude and disrespectful when we asked important questions. Even going so far as to lie about several things and then change his story when we inquired further. My husband had to change the license plates himself, as the salesman was placing rusty old bolts on the new car. There was never any apologies for making us wait for the air conditioning, which still isn’t fixed. We were only given 1 key with the car and told if we wanted a second key it was our responsibility to buy it. However, it is supposed to be disclosed at time of or before sale that only 1 key is present at the dealer. This place took what is supposed to be a great experience and made it horrible for us. The safety checks were never completed, as reported. We had to stop at another Ford dealer on the way home because Ricarts never checked the car and the tires had low pressure as soon as we left the lot. Got home and lowered the tailgate to reveal a mess in the covered bed of the truck. Guess no one took the time to check or clean the truck, which they had for an extra month due to the air conditioning situation. Sadly it seems more focused on quantity than quality.
Craig Downey
First time visiting this dealership, was met at the door by Nick Hyland. I had already found the truck I was interested online. He was able to locate and get the purchase process rolling. Nick made the process easy and will be doing business with him in the future.
Bob Price
Stopped in to look at the new 2020 F350 trucks with the new gasoline engine, and was able to walk through the lot without being followed. That’s exactly the way I prefer. Once I saw a couple tricks I was interested in, I went inside and was greeted immediately by a salesman. I was impressed by the selection, by the sales staff and also how the finance guy didn’t beat around the bush. We had some straight talk and we were finally able to come to an agreement.
Dalton Chapman
Great place to get a car very nice staff. willing to help in all ways and they will give you the best deal.
halley Hunsaker
My husband and I both recently got new vehicles from Ricart. They were so wonderful to deal with amazing salesmen. Did everything as quick as possible to get us in and out of the dealership with no problem. Will definitely be going back!
Steven Pritchet
Sales rep was very informative, patient and had awesome personality. She did a great job of picking the right vehicle and walking me through the whole process. Sales manager did a great job of explaining everything in detail regarding the financing, etc. Extemely happy with my buying experience at Ricart Ford.
Fred Collins
Always get good service.
Joe Kaminski
Love our 2020 Mustang Bullitt. Zach and Nick took excellent care of us throughout the entire process. Honest, upfront sales approach and follow through. True class act and one sweet ride. Could not ask for a better car buying experience. We will be back.
We purchased a car at Ricart Ford New Cars and our salesman, Kris Somar was hands down the best salesman we have ever worked with. He was very thorough in explaining about the vehicle and the process in which Ricart does financing. If you are in the market to buy a new car please visit Kris.
cody lowe
I called in advance do you guys actually had the part sitting on the counter ready to go like they said they did was an amazing experience very clean store very polite staff thanks for such a great job
Gary Brehm
Our salesman Kyle Jones made our buying experience super. Very professional, knowledgeable. He explained every detail to us and he did not push out into to buying more than what we wanted. I am extremely grateful.
Loretta Kidd
Most awesome dealership. You will be treated most respectfully. No stress or pressure. Would buy from them again. Pleasant experience.
Daniel Wood
Ricart Ford is willing to go the extra mile for customer service and will put you in a vehicle that you want. It’s sad, to drive an hour away to get all this when there’s a Ford dealer not five minutes away here in Zanesville, Ohio from me that will never come close to the deals and service that Ricart Ford does every day!
Edna Mason
I had an awesome experience at the dealership. Everyone was so nice, friendly and helpful.
Justin Brunney
Jonika helped us get into the truck we were looking for fast and effectively!
Ben Howell
We had a wonderful experience at Ricart today. Kris and the rest of the sales staff were knowledgeable about our new truck and they got us the best possible deal. We’re very happy with it.
Matt Wenning
Great place to get a car!!! Straight forward and courteous!!! Glad to be a part of Ricart family
Anthony Green
Exceptional service from the sales staff at Ricart, they made my buying experience on a brand new car easy and simple!
steve dew
Great service awesome employees. Very helpful and informative!
Jon Lund
Very Professional and Courteous experience! The purchase and closing of the vehicle was painless !!!
Nanette Schimpf
Talked to a Ford service advisor this morning about a Ford vehicle and they were amazing, professional and so helpful. I was calling from Florida about an F-150 and the care he took of me was exceptional. I was compelled to let the Ricart family and management know their service team is TOP notch. Thank you from Florida!
Lynnette Walker
My experience at Ricart Ford was great. The sales person Jonika help me find the Car I wanted. She assisted me and support me through the entire process. She is an awesome 5 star sales person. The team at Ricart Ford is friendly and supportve.
Stephen Nash
Great dealing with the professionals at Ricart Ford once again. fantastic truck and deal…. Thanks Drew….
I had a wonderful experience with Ricart! Dominic and Troy got me my dream vehicle right off the truck! Troy took the time to do a test drive with me and explain all the features of my 2020 Ford Explorer ST down to a “T”! Then he took the time to help me set up the Ford Pass app and got us out the door into my new vehicle as quickly as possible! Thank you all so much!
Paul E Seibold
The staff at Ricart Ford took their time and helped my wife and I to find a truck that we are happy to own. We first went to the used Ford lot looking for an F-150 that was on the website. I had checked the used trucks and found one that fit my wants but unfortunately after talking to Aaron, he worked hard to find us another truck, we found out that it had been sold the night before. Arron was very helpful and as we started to leave he suggested we check out the new trucks and told us to ask for Chris. We went to the new Ford lot and talked with Chris. He sat down with us and listened to what we were looking for and then showed us on the website what he thought would work for us. He was professional and very helpful. He brought up two trucks for us to look at and when I decided which one I liked best he went with us to test ride the truck. He took his time and showed us the features of the truck and explained what they did. We bought the new truck and even though it was after close Chris made sure the truck was detailed and ready for us to leave with it! Everyone we dealt with was helpful and professional. Chris is very knowledgeable about your products and really helped us make the decision to buy the new truck. Paul E Seibold
Christopher Drake
The sales department personnel were awesome. They took their time, didn’t once feel pressured into buying. You won’t regret coming in.
Jason Mossbarger
I visited the Ricart website and found the vehicle I wanted ahead of time. I then called to confirm they still have it available for sale. The salesperson scheduled a time to meet with me and had the vehicle pulled up to the front waiting on my arrival. After looking over the vehicle I said let’s go inside and work up a deal. No BS they made me a solid offer and I was signing paperwork within an hour. I left extremely happy and drove home in my new vehicle.
Zach Robinson
Fantastic dealership . No pressure , knowledgeable and friendly. They do everything they can to make sure you are happy and have a great experience . Huge dealership you can get lost out there looking for something specific. Highly recommend checking them out. With all the options they most likely have what you are looking for
Kyle Hawthorne
This was the worst experience I have had with a service team. I dropped my car off and was told they would give me a call back in the morning. Long story short they had my car for 5 days and put 31 miles on it just to tell me there was no problem with it. The technician lied to me and said that he was working on the car and they had taken it apart, but when I called back the manager stated that the car had never been taken apart or looked at(not informed the tech lied). On top of that gave it back with the fuel light on and the car had mud all over it. I’m guessing the mileage that was put on the car was because it is a 700hp car and the techs enjoyed themselves. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. Save time and hassle and take your car somewhere else!!!
Roger S
The people were great but it’s very upsetting to spend this much money and the interior is falling off. The passenger side trim is broke.
James Young
Car buying isn’t a chore anymore at least at Ricart Ford. Staff was excellent with service they answered all questions did have difficulty with using app for auto start but did fix the issue quickly. I’d recommend buying from Ricart Ford. Excellent service and I thank all who took care of my buying there. Great team…
Daniel Z Adams
Fantastic service. Shopped around a lot. These folks are great!
Peggy Fogt
Everyone we spoke with on the property was friendly and professional. All were very knowledgeable. We got a great deal and we love our new car. I couldn’t find a better place to look for what we wanted.
Michael Robison
This review is not based on my own purchase experience but one I was present for. Jeff was the salesperson my friend was working with. He was very courteous and understanding and was able to get the desired vehicle, same day and in the general payment amount desired. All around good experience and no pressure sales, as the staff here does not work on commission.
Brad Sommerkamp
The only place you should ever buy a car (NEW or Used) from.
holly manshum
My husband and I recently purchased a new vehicle (ford) from Ricart Automotive and we were blown away by the customer service! Dom was very helpful throughout the entire purchasing process and Zane made sure we were comfortable and informed with our cost and pricing. Our overall experience was definitely 5 star! We drove from Detroit, MI for a specific vehicle and would drive down again in the future because of the service we received! Thank you!
James Montgomery
This was my first time at Ricart and my first Ford product. I understand that Dominic (my salesman) is fairly new to Ricart. He did an outstanding job with me, answering questions, and if he did not know he admitted it but got the answer for me. Everyone was very courteous and very helpful. I had a pretty pleasant buying experience for something I never looked forward to before. Thanks to everyone involved involved in my experience with you. I will recommend Ricart to anyone interested in any of your products. Regards: James Montgomery
Jordan Collins
Best prices in Ohio!!!! Buying a car here is easy. Look online, the prices are fantastic at certain times of the year. Bought a f150 and the whole process was simple. Highly recommend
Janet Robinson
We were on a mission for an F-250 Lariat and decided to swing through this dealership. Having never been here before, we stopped by way of recommendation from our brother in law. We ended up finding one that fit our budget and had everything we were looking for! Although it was a strange situation due to the social distancing put in place (no test drive/no hand shakes), it was still a very smooth and easy transaction. Friendly staff and salesmen are key 😊. Thank you for everything.
Marco Sanchez
Working with Kyle Jones and the entire staff at Ricart Ford was a great experience. They truly make you feel like family. You are not just another person walking through door for them to make money off of. They made the entire process extremely simple and efficient. I have purchased cars in the past where I was at the lot for anywhere between 4-6 hours. This from start to finish took about 2 hours and I was walking out the door with my brand new vehicle. They have a great selection of vehicles to pick from and they really work with you to get you the best possible deal. I was in the market to upgrade to a bigger vehicle because my family is growing and Kyle did a great job helping me find the perfect vehicle for me. I would 100% recommend anyone to stop in and speak with Kyle Jones and his team at Ricart Ford if you are in the market for a vehicle. My wife and will be returning to purchase our next vehicle from them! I would like to thank all the people at Ricart Ford for their help in making my car purchase, easy, efficient and fun. You guys are great!
Haley Zell
AMAZING! Working with Joshua & everyone at Ricart Ford was the best car buying experience I have ever had! They were extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helped me find the PERFECT car. Bonus: they got me a lower rate! I would highly recommend buying or leasing your next vehicle at Ricart Ford!
Shauna Brown
Excellent, informed, competent service. Great dealership!
Rob Rayner
Good overall service, But it’s a pain to get all the way out there and they don’t have a key drop. Purchasing the vehicle was a joke. Might as well get rid of the salesman if that’s what they’re still called.
Teresa Phillilps
Amazing experience. Very attentive, friendly and professional staff and sales. Josh went the extra mile to get everything we needed. Bill and Ted worked with us on the different options and packages until we found what we needed. Sterling was equally as knowledgeable. Will purchase future vehicles from Ricart.
Michael Reggie
Prenegotiated price-monthly payment amount via text. Not too hard on the sales aspect. In and out in about 2 hours. Bailey was awesome!
Jjack Webb
Great experience, unreal deals and very friendly sales staff. A minor issue came up with the paperwork (not dealerships fault) and the issue was fixed quickly and to my full satisfaction. Love my new truck! Thank you Ricart Ford—#1 for a reason. Josh Darrah did a great job.
Adam Stover
Took work truck to get it fixed and got it back and still wasn’t fixed
Danielle Pierce
The service is always amazing. Nobody pressures you to make a purchase, and everyone feels like friends you’ve had for years and years. I love coming here and recommend Ricart to everyone
Nadia Gavin
I have work done on my car I had my battery replace and A full details. For the most part good work but as far as staff……..Horrible!!! The two ladies that help me With the rental and taking my car after it was closed at six we’re great but there was one girl that had black hair she always had an attitude when I drop my car off and after Picking it up. Definitely need to work on customer service… will lose a lot of business with staff attitudes
Truth Pursuant
Everyone was knowledgeable, patient, and very kind! They made it possible to get the perfect truck for us.
Bobby Pickett
Sales associate was very knowledgeable helpful to our family and my son Cameron for this was his first time buying experience
Wayne Moore
Great selection and wonderful service thank you to all of the staff
teri hough
My favorite auto mall
Mark Shackelford
Great price and great dealership to do business with. Thank you Ricart Ford team, you’re #1
Nathan Collier
Awesome service and experience. Very understanding of individuals situation.
cody _
Brought a 2012 ford fusion in for an airbag recall. Received the car back with a radio that wasn’t reconnected to the antenna, a rubber grommet that didn’t get reinstalled behind the horn pad which causes it to be loose, and the drivers side overhead handle was also loose when they did the side curtain airbag. Service quality was overall poor.
ann johnson
Had to have recalled airbag replaced. Got in and was out in short order. Everyone was cheerful and helpful.
Quick in and out service no hassles
Ann Taylor
Ricart always treats us great. We have purchased 3 new trucks in the past year for our company. Would not go anywhere else. Thank you
Debbie Hughett
This place is AWESOME! They make it so easy why go anywhere else? The entire staff did an amazing job THANK YOU
Susie Turza
Had a great experience purchasing my new Ford Fiesta. The process took the shortest amount of time I have ever had when purchasing a vehicle. Our sales person Dominic was very helpful and personable. Excellent experience! 😊
Julie Kellermeyer
Great experience! Sales team, management, finance all areas were exceptional!
Stephen Orr
Bought an F-150 in November and traded in another vehicle. Dealership was supposed to transfer the plates from my old vehicle to my truck. When it became time to renew my registration, it appears that the people in Title transferred the …
Danielle Strawser
Josh Darrah gave us excellent service and helped my husband and me both find vehicles we wanted with all of the bells and whistles for a great deal!!! Every staff member greeted us and asked if we needed anything throughout the process! Thank you Josh & Thank you Ricart! Customers for life!
Doni Rodgers
I had a great time buying my vehicle. Thomas Thornton was great and very patient. I have recommended people to shop here for a vehicle.
Pat Phillips
Started out online negotiating either a lease or purchase. In the end chose the lease and the whole negotiation process was online without any human contact in person. Came to the dealership on Saturday morning around 11 45 and by 130 drove off the lot with my new Escape
Jay Tucker
Although I am an A/Z plan buyer and an easy sale with little to no profit or commission from my sale, the Ricart team still does an amazing job with fulfilling my needs and wants. If I had anything negative to report it would be the huge amount of time it takes to close a deal from beginning to end. There has to be a way to make the process quicker and less aggrevating.
Daniel Tackett
Best car dealership I have ever delt with
Brenda Shaw
Quick, professional service. Exceptional customer service!
Jerrod York
Purchased a vehicle with Ricart in 2018. Had some troubles with it (no fault of Ricart), and they helped my wife and I out with loaners and updates throughout. We ended up eventually replacing that vehicle with another from Ricart, and the process was painless. No cheesy sales gimmicks or pressure at any point. I wouldn’t deal with any establishment who did business that way. Would recommend
Chloe Musick
I purchased a new Ford Fiesta from Ricart. I got a great deal and frankly, the deal was far and away better than any I could find among it’s competitors. I was a first time buyer with no co-signer and they were able to still approve me for a loan with a reasonable interest rate, given the circumstances. The process overall was quick and easy.
Lady Python
I went into Ford parts today to get help with a part that I have been looking for all day. I had a great parts guy Romy who knew exactly what I was looking for and had it in stock. He was very pleasant to work with and confident in knowing what I needed. Thanks Ricart for having my part and having someone so helpful. It made my day
Chester Gray
We drove 7 hours round trip because this dealership had the best prices.
Niccole Lynch
It started out good and promising. I knew already I might not be able to get a car that day but I wanted to at least try and see. I went in looking for a previously owned Ford Escape. I told them my price range of monthly payments I want. The salesperson said “that’s fine, we’ll work with that” and disappeared for 10 minutes to bring back an offer that was completely out of the price range I said earlier. Then I thought maybe they misheard me so I said it again. They left again and came back with even more outrageous out of the budget price range I couldn’t afford. At this point I realized they care about making the sale. Not the customers need. And that’s fine, but not how I want to handle business.
John Davis
The entire group I worked with was great – the process was quick and easy, and everyone was professional and friendly.
Jenna Bennett
Everyone was extremely friendly & kind. They understood that I knew what I wanted and got it done quickly & correctly so I could return home!
Johnny Vaught
I was Towing in a vehicle not one person said a word they all watched me drop the vehicle in an area unmarked there is no marked tow in area so they waited till after I dropped it to ask me to move it I’m driving a tow truck I don’t have time for extra moves if you didn’t want it there you should have told me to begin with you should not have watched me drop it then wait till I bring the key to ask me to move it next time I will leave it right there better management would be a good idea the lot should be clearly marked for towing vehicles
Samantha Robertson
Josh was amazing. We definitely will shop here again
Thomas Houle
On June 8, I purchased my third vehicle from Ricart Ford….a 2020 Ford Mustang Convertible. The entire buying experience was outstanding led by Jonika Dennie. I really appreciated the “team” approach which unfolded through this entire process. Kris Somar was there with Jonika to answer some technical questions and demonstrated excellent knowledge and history of the Mustang. Sterling Monk was very accommodating and made sure all our needs were being met. Ted Hanawalt made the financing process and breeze and was a pleasure to work with and even remembered my wife and me from when she bought her F150 last year. Craig Miller was also very professional and helpful. And finally, I happened to run into Paul Duffy who told me he ordered our white convertible with red interior because of how sharp it looked. I’ve managed sales teams for over 25 years at and remain so impressed with the team you’ve built here at Ricart! Thanks for all the fantastic service and always terrific inventory. Tom H.
Buried Treasure Travel
We worked with Nick Hyland and he is very helpful and easy to work with. I will definitely recommend him to my friends that are looking for a new vehicle.
The Ford group was very up front and helpful. Before we went to Ford, we had a 4 hour ordeal with another dealership. They listened to our concerns and were very patient & understanding. They did everything possible to make sure we didn’t have another bad experience. We were informed & addressed throughout the entire process. We left extremely satisfied. Thank you for such a proud moment as our daughter bought her first brand new car. Henry Ford would be proud ;-D
Travis Lamming
Long wait, but they were very nice and gave my friends a fair deal
Blake Charles
I just recently purchased a 2017 Fiesta at Ricart Ford and had an awesome, smooth experience. They made the process feel easy, and I was impressed at how personable the representatives were. This was my first buy, and it was important to me to feel like the dealer respected my desires as a customer and that I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of. I was accompanied by Michael Cuva for most of my time at the dealership. Along with being polite and informed, he took the time to communicate with me and help me find something that fit my needs, amidst the sea of vehicles on Ricart’s lot. As a college student and musician, I wanted a car that was affordable, efficient, and prime for listening to music in. We ultimately decided on the 2017 Fiesta SE with SYNC 3 equipped. Sterling Monk was the name of the finance representative that helped me sign for the car. I appreciated his sincerity with helping me understand the paperwork and legalities of the car-buying process. He even followed up with me a day later on how I was doing and if I had any concerns about the car. I felt lucky that I was able to deal with both him and Michael. I ultimately left with an awesome car and at a price that I considered fair. In contrast to my experience with other dealerships, my experience at Ricart left me feeling confident in that my time and business was well spent and genuinely appreciated. I think that is easy to feel skeptical when stepping foot out onto a car lot, but it was hard to leave here feeling that way.
Andy Maclellan
This is our preferred dealership to purchase all of our vehicles. We have been working regularly with Ricart for the last 12+ years. After contacting them of our interest, and details of what we are looking for they pull 2-3 vehicles for us to choose from prior to our arrival. The experience is seamless, the staff is welcoming friendly and professional. No pressure. We have only left Ricart once without a new vehicle, but that was on us. Five+ stars!
Scott Wisniewski
What a great group of people to work with. Fair and trustworthy.
Micka Dozier
Its really a minus 1. Ladies please before careful, this company has cheated me out of my money. Its so sad. They quoted me a price in writing and did not honor it. They had me there for hours sending multi men to address my price concerns. I am embarrassed to say i was tricked.
Jonathan Meenach
The people at Ricart were a dream to work with. This was our first time buying a brand new car. Not only did we get an amazing deal without all the hassle, they made us feel like family. Well done Ricart!
Would have been 5 star if the finance person had initially gave me the correct trade in value. Everything else went well, smooth, & quick. Great customer service.
Taylor Pritchard
Can’t say enough how great Ricart treated me! I purchased my first car and my Sales Advisor whose name was Dominic Scranton greeted me at the door with a great confident smile and a handshake! He was very knowledgeable and efficient in all areas! He made the car buying process easy and reassuring! He is a great asset to your company!! I will definitely recommend him to EVERYONE !!!!!!
Purchased a new 2017 F450 XLT from you simply because our other truck broke losing a motor. Of course we we’re from out of state (Colorado) hind sight being 20/20 I would of went to another dealer. Felt rushed, some items were mislead. The 3 rd party warranty is a joke. The place would NOT fix the issue I had and claimed I didn’t have enough paperwork? (Everything on this truck is well documented nothing was missing) even my local dealer couldn’t figure out the problem. Just called today to see if I could get a replacement key for it, nope we have had it over 2 yes. Wow paperwork said if it was lost one could be obtained for free. Sorry just not satisfied with all of this. Not saying you shouldn’t buy from them, this is just me.
Mark M
The team at Ricart was great. I needed to move the process along quickly and they accommodated me. Still explained everything I needed to know. Nice experience
Ralph Vorys
Had a very good experience with the entire staff!! Felt that I got a very fair deal. Would definitely recommend to any body in the market for a car.
Abdoulaye Cisse
The car runs good
Alec Ashton
We had a great car buying experience at Ricart. Everything was fast and prepared ahead of time, the salesman was down to earth and friendly, and the team we worked with was very courteous. We have dealt with Ricart for years, as their selection is unbeatable. Car buying sucks, but the team at Ricart helped ease the process.
Marie Martinez
I purchased my new vehicle on may 30th 2020 from ricart. I have to say everyone was absolutely great and made this experience so much easier. I went to another dealership just a couple odlf days before and left in tears… Go with Ricart you won’t be dissappointed!!!
Kelly Starner
Kris was my salesman and he was very friendly and not one to push you to something you didnt want. My wife and I was treated like we was there only customer.
Chelsea Neff
Amazing staff! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Randy Van Fossan
I am a long time customer. I have purchased 4 vehicles from Ricart over the last few years. I have always been treated great, the salesmen have always been straight forward and very helpful. My last salesman (Josh) worked with me for quite a number of days to find exactly what I needed. He really hit it out of the park. Service at Ricart has also been top notch. Everything is handled quickly and very courteously. I am very happy being a customer of Ricart.
Brittany Nicole
I have had my car in the shop for the past 5 months over and over for ny transmission yes it’s under warranty but my problem is i dont even feel comfortable going out of town or fair with my children in the car i never no if my transmission is going to be fine or just go out. In my eyes there should be no reason it keeps going out when i ask why it keeps breaking i get told well its under warranty but that is not my problem i just want it fixed how it should be i am still paying on this car also.
Needed directions to send to my girlfriend
John Foster
Chris Frank’s started. Working with us. He understands we can’t do anything for now but will definitely be buying from him
Kevin Howard
Experience was very different than what I experienced years ago. No heavy pressure, comfortable setting sales guys were very knowledgeable. Close process was quick. Yes they try to sell you extras, but that is expected, but again no high pressure sales tactics when I said no. Overall great experience.
Bill Robertson
Buying a truck every three year for years. Out of all the truck purchased in the last few Zachery Bowens was a great sales guy concreting dealing with my dad and older brother giving him an impossible time. But very happy leaving with a new 3500 diesel truck. Thank you Ricart!! See you in 3 to 4 years for a new truck
Alison Kanaan
Purchased a brand new $60,000+ truck last year – we have had the truck in for service for a total of 3 months. Took over one year for Ricart Ford to diagnose the issue to which is STILL not taken care of. We have already replaced the new transmission, replaced the new engine, to then drive it off the lot yesterday after being at the dealership for 30 consecutive days and get about 25 miles down the road to have new warnings and check engine lights appear on the dash. On top of that, the front bumper was not attached properly after this stint at the dealership so we now have the left side of the bumper hanging lower. I will note, the service department has done exactly what they have been directed to do from Ford Corporate – which can go to show that Ford Motor Company as a whole is flawed. To say purchasing this truck was a disappointing experience is truly an understatement.
Taylor Mulder
I went in to the Ricart Ford Quick Lane today at 2:02 pm to get an oil change and new tires for a fleet vehicle. Typically, fleet does take a little extra time due to the approval process, however I was very disappointed with the service I received. I was told multiple times that they were still trying to communicate with fleet and get approval. About 3 hours in I called my fleet and they informed me that they had approved the tire and oil change a while back. Therefore, I am unsure why I had been waiting so long. After 3.5 agonizing hours of waiting for new tires and an oil change I was told they only completed the oil change due to fleet not approving the tire change. I contacted my fleet program and they verified that they did approve for the tires to be changed. When I informed the employee she went back to “double check” and then told me that they did not have the proper tires to complete the job. My entire wait was a complete waste of my time and I felt very unappreciated and uninformed throughout the process. I will not be returning.
K Anonymous
A+ Great sales and hard working finance department. The sales representative Kate; Dan and Ted in the Finance department were professional and considerate. Most importantly Ted worked very hard to ensure I the customer was comfortable. Thank you Ricart for a professional experience from 7.14.19 – 7.16.19.
Missy Kincaid
Salesperson was great. Finance and paperwork people not so much especially after the fact. 2 months to be exact. Been dealing with Ricart for 4 vehicles and this experience has been not so pleasant. We are considering going elsewhere after this lease is up.
Madeline Sigrist
I was treated with kindness and respect from my initial inquiry all the way through to the purchase.
Sean Bailey
New trucks dept is very good and profesional. The used cars sales people are very good also but the sales managers in used car are extremely out of touch in fact insulting with the deals they try to come at you with. Seems like your preparing for a fight when you try and get a reasonable deal!
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