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Toyota Direct in Columbus, OH

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
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Toyota Dealer

4248 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43230, United States
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Toyota Dealership in Columbus, OH | Cars for Sale | Toyota Direct

Toyota Direct is your go-to dealership in the Columbus, OH area. Click to get started today!

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S Jordan
Thank you Melvin Jiles for all of your help today. Melvin was the absolute best salesperson ever. Never any pressure. He was very down to earth, laid back, and a straight up person. Melvin worked to get a great interest rate and a great deal on the vehicle. He did it!!! I highly – highly recommend asking for him if you need a Toyota.
Dan Nguyen
Ask for Susan Fisher! Buying my 2021 GR Supra 3.0 Premium online from out of state was a breeze. I was shopping around for a decent price for a new Supra and my local dealership did not want to budge on their 2021. I saw that Toyota Direct met the asking price I wanted with their advertised Internet Price. Put in a request and Susan answered that she would honored the price advertised (no bait switch). It’s a 2021 model and it’s still 2020!!! Susan was helpful and patient explaining the purchase process since I’m buying the car from out of state. It was refreshing not to get pressured by a salesperson. She provided sound advice on the difference in model trims and glad she did. The model trim I originally wanted (A91 Special Edition) did not have the Head-Up Display compared to the regular model. I’m glad I listened. From the comfort of my home, we did all the paperwork online from putting down a reserve deposit, loan paperwork, and purchase paperwork. Notably, Susan made sure that I was taken care of to include making sure the Supra was prepared for transport to where I live. Buying a car out of state, purchasing a car from the comforts of my house and no typical sales pressure. I would buy from Toyota Direct again. ASK FOR SUSAN FISHER!
Jessica Inman
Nasir is the sales person that worked with us. He got us in the car we wanted in less than a week. He was easy to work with and made the experience amazing. The whole experience and everyone who works here was fabulous. I would definitely come back in the future.
Rocco Tocci
We have leased vehicles from Russell Doddroe for the past 6+ years. I love talking to Russell and enjoying a cup of coffee with him. He treats me like family. I feel relaxed and welcomed with him. He is supportive and always listens to my questions and concerns. I’m never rushed. It is easy for me to see why Russell is so successful. Thank you, Russell, for your dedication to my family, your hard work, and the great conversations!
Kevin Williams
Thanks to Jacob Early and the Toyotas Direct staff. You have far exceeded my expectations with the service and commitment. Went above and beyond to get me the vehicle I wanted. Thank you
Dwight Nippert
Jacob Early is an outstanding salesman. Goes the extra mile to make your shopping experience the best. I really can’t say enough good things about my experience shopping for a used Camry for my son because of Jacob. I wish I could select more than 5 stars. Thank you Jacob you are a class act!! Dwight and Derek
Rebecca Smith
I purchased a 2021 Corolla Hybrid here with the help of Derrick Palm and the rest of the Toyota Direct staff. Service was great and very personable. Communication in the beginning was a little much, but worked itself out on its own. My interest rate was higher than I expected with outstanding credit but thanks to the finance team we were able to make things work as I needed them to. I really enjoyed my time during this large purchase!
Robert prichard
Great price on auto and no haggling over trade in. Easiest auto purchase i have made. Highly recommend
F Fuller
I love the vehicle I purchased. The downside: I have learned, always be sure that there is a second key, when purchasing a used car. Before the salesman ran our credit application, I asked that he be sure the car has two keys. Needless to say, they ran our credit with approval and then proceeds to tell me the car only has the one key and that I can purchase another for $300. I was not happy! I had to haggle with the salesman who went back and fourth with the manager 3x about a key that I already asked about. At the end of the day, I had to pay $150 for the key. They already had me roped in by completing the financial application. Buyer Beware: Do not fill out a financial application until you have a deal in writing! It was a great experience until it came down to a $300 key! Not good customer service. I would not recommend buying here.
Ant B
Listen, listen, listen, if you’re trying to buy a car, Shannon Smith is your guy. Excellent communication with keeping in touch and making sure you’re in the loop with what’s going on. Plus, he’ll try to get you your maximum trade- in value. He sets a target and aims for that throughout the sale. He was great! 10/10 would repeat business with, Shannon.
Blake Dean
We drove a couple hours to look at a car in Ohio that was an awesome deal, turns out it was junk. So we went down the road to Toyota Direct and SHANNON SMITH set the bar across the board for a perfect customer experience. From the moment we got there he turned our terrible experience at the previous dealer into the best car buying experience yet. He was extremely knowledgeable, not only about the vehicle itself, but in walking me through the entire process. It could not have been more seamless and made the process very pleasant. Their attention to detail and my satisfaction was unparalleled- going above and beyond in every aspect!
Valerie Barrera
Shannon helped my family and I out with picking me my first car! Super understanding and kind and goes out of his way for clients. I’m glad to say my first experience buying a car was a good one! 🙂
Luke Johnson
“Terrible service department. Short version: 1) Brought 4Runner in for warranty repair of moon roof rattle, tech couldn’t diagnose, brought back later when rattle was more noticeable, couldn’t fix under warranty anymore due to mileage. 2) Incorrectly documented the services performed on my 4Runner and told me there was nothing they could do about it. 3) Created a vibration in the steering wheel during routine maintenance, told me to come back so they could “”make it right””, when I got there they said all they could do was “”un-rotate”” the tires, wasted my time and should have told me this over the phone. Details: 1) Visited while my 4Runner was under warranty for a rattling moon roof, tech was unable to hear the rattle. I ensured they noted that I brought the 4Runner in while still under warranty and that the tech was unable to hear the rattle. The rattle slowly worsened and I brought it back in once it was bad enough and I knew the tech would be able to hear it. They could not perform the diagnostic or repair under the warranty since the 4Runner was no longer under warranty, even though they see their own notes about the previous visit. Told me to diagnose the rattle it would cost $132. 2) Asked to have the 30k mile service performed since it covers a more in depth inspection. When I checked out they noted that they performed the 45k mile service, I spoke with the service writer and he told me they did the 30k mile service but could not note that since my mileage was around 44k. I explained I wasn’t asking them to mark down incorrect mileage, just wanted to ensure the proper documentation on what service was performed, he told me he couldn’t note that the 30k mile service was performed. 3) Part of the service had them rotate the tires and change the oil. After leaving there was a vibration in the steering wheel on the freeway. I called and explained that this was not present before I took the 4Runner in for service. I was told to bring it back in and they would “”make it right””. When I got there they told me all they could do was rotate the tires back to the original state….. What a waste of time, this could have been told to me over the phone and saved me a trip in for no reason. I would not recommend and will not be returning.”
Freddie Schindler
Haven’t had to deal with purchasing a used car in a while, but our son inadvertently gave us that opportunity after a recent accident. Shannon Smith was simply excellent throughout the process. Very patient and responsive to emails and/or texts. Made sure the vehicle we eventually chose was prepped and ready to roll. Down to earth, laid back, no pressure kind of guy willing to work with you and let you shop around if needed. The type of guy you’d share a beer with, you know now that we can do those things again. 🙂 He made the process painless-highly recommended!
Dr. Doom
Yesterday had to have been a record time for purchasing a new car (new mustang at that), special thanks and shoutout to my rockstar salesman Mr. Shannon Smith! No fluff or bluff, just honest, genuine and strictly about business. He also made me and my family feel comfortable by being himself. If anyone buys a car from here Mr. Shannon is the first face you’ll see to the left as you enter the north side of the establishment. If his personality and professionalism wasn’t as authentic as it was I’d still be looking for a car today elsewhere but I was sold on him and his sales ability, I wish you many more sells in the near future my brother!
kirsten corcoran
I went to Toyota Direct to assist my son in getting a car. He was on a tight budget, but had very specific desires in want he wanted in a vehicle. Dakota Berridge got us exactly what we were looking for, and was able to hit my son’s budget. I know were weren’t easy customers since my son had no credit history, but Dakota put forth the effort, and my son drove off with a car he loves! Thank you very much, Dakota!
Will S
“I have bought several vehicles from car dealerships! This place is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. They wouldn’t accept “”no”” for an answer when we couldn’t come to an agreement on a price and payment. I gave them my license for a background check and they did not return them for 4 weeks. Like I said pretty much walked out due to them not taking no for an answer. They lied to me several times about mailing me my license back. Kept telling me that a manager sent it out in the mail. The only way I was able to get it back, was by threatening to send Columbus police to the dealership for a stolen license. I Will never deal with this company ever again.”
Pamela Stone
Melvin Jiles was such a great help. He was so patient and kind. The next time you need a car. Come check out Melvin. Thank you for all your help.
scott mortland
My Son was looking for his First Car. We found 2015 Nissan Altima at this dealership. Nice Car and made fair offer to purchase.We were willing to make a $4000 deposit (on an $11,000 car)to hold the car for less than 24 hours when both my Son and I could be there to sign paperwork on Saturday. We could not do it that day(Friday) because we were both working. We had pre-approved financing in place and were willing to have the dealership do the Financing directly with our lender. They would not hold the car for this short amount of time and wasted my families time as my wife and son had to drive over an hour from where we live to get there. We were willing to buy this car but obviously they had no interest whatsoever in earning our Business. I would strongly recommend taking your Business elsewhere.
Julie Turner
We had such an awesome sales person. His name was Shannon and he was so down to earth and so much fun. It felt like we had known him forever. He is very thorough and knows his cars! Stop by and see him. He is a great guy and made my son’s first experience buying a car a great one!
Brenden Barker
Got a used vehicle here 3 years ago. Great experience, still love the car. Keep up the good work 👏
Austin Blair
David was a really big help in getting me my dream car. An 09 Dodge challenger R/T. He really went above and beyond. Even taking the time to put the car on a lift for me just to get pictures of the underside that I requested. I’ll definetly be going back when I’m ready for another vehicle. THANK YOU DAVID!
Chad Brown
What a great experience purchasing a new Tundra. Shannon was great to deal with and made the process very easy. He found the truck, answered my questions and was very thorough. How buying a car should be.
jesicca miller
I worked with Shannon Malone and he was great. I was pretty picky and had literally never had a good experience buying a car, but I was able to get the perfect car almost to exactly the payment I was looking for in under two hours after work one day. I test drove several cars and he was the best sport with me. He was a salesman that I actually felt I could trust to get me the best and smartest option. I no doubt will be back whenever I decide on upgrading. Thank you everyone again!!!! I love my 2014 Honda Civic !
Adam Kirkland
we were essentially detained here for 5 hours even though we came into the dealership knowing exactly what car we wanted to buy. This is completely unacceptable. We are happy with our vehicle but we have no intention of ever buying a car here again.
Art Krueger
“I ordered several parts for my Toyota that showed on Back Order. After waiting a number of days, I sent an email canceling the order and also left a phone message. Well, they shipped that same day after I had ordered the parts from another vendor. I paid FedEx to divert the shipment back to Toyota Direct and notified them of my action. A quick refund of my $434.00 was promised. FedEx delivered the parts to Toyota on 11/9. On 11/14 I had not received the refund. Sent an email with the tracking number and received an excuse email that he had been working elsewhere at the dealership and promised quick action. On December 1, no refund so I filed a disputed credit card charge with Visa and informed Toyota. Return email was in my opinion BS and reads in part: “”The refund was processed a few days ago for some reason it took some time for it to go through …”” The credit was not posted or pending on my Visa. My reply to Toyota said in part: Excuses began and continue. OOPS for some reason it failed to process. BS on top of BS. I believe you are not telling the truth, and that this is a case of “let’s see if he forgets the refund.””
Guvanch Muzapberov
Dealt with Joseph, from used cars department. Was pleasant to deal with. Understanding salesperson. Explained everything and made sure we were taken care of. Happy with the purchase and good experience.
Travis Pittman
They are not nice people there they try to add all these hidden fees in on the price of the car 😒 They lie to your face saying well you have to pay that won’t work with the price of the car. Left there went right to John Hinderer in Heath ohio got what we wanted, they worked with us on a good price on the car. You get a full tank of gas and 4 free oil changes and they treat you like a person
Ashley Ross
I just bought a 2019 4Runner from them! Candy S. was amazing! She was very knowledgeable about her products, super friendly, and quick to respond to my text messages. I will definitely be back for another purchase in the future!
Eleni Santarelli
I stopped in yesterday to test drive a Rav-4. Although I am undecided on a vehicle I thought it should be known that Jacob E. is fantastic. He was professional, helpful and very easy to talk to. I would recommend him to anyone!
Dusten Grier
My experience was amazing. They met all my needs and kept my wife and I comfortable through the entire experience. Nic Edgell went above and beyond to get me what I was looking for in my vehicle.I will be dealing with Toyota Direct with every vehicle I purchase. You can’t ask for better service.
T. Fo
Always question what they tell you. On more than one occasion they have told me I needed something done, when in fact I had already paid them to do it lol. For example, today I checked in for my appointment with the assistant service manager Ashley and was told I needed a tune-up and steering fluid (both of which I had paid to have done about 3 months ago. When I asked if I could look at the computer screen I miraculously didn’t need it done anymore because her monitor clearly had my service history. Honest mistake I guess, but I ended up working with Aaron, whom I had never worked with before either. Despite him not being present for the blunder he told me that Ashley had “done her job right” and seemed dismissive of my concerns. Scary to think that someone else in that situation may have ended up paying $600 that they didn’t have to pay! Lastly, they didn’t update my service sticker in my car from my oil change, so I’ll get creative and make my own. Toyota recommends an oil change every 5,000 miles right?
Nancy Barcalow
Jesse provided EXCELLENT service, by keeping us posted on our Highlander’s repair status every step of the way. Our car was inhabited by mice that destroyed an airbag, air filter, insulation, etc. … and one died inside the door frame. Toyota Direct restored it perfectly. And, the car smells like new! 🙂
Dale Beck
I have had two very excellent experience at Toyota Drive Direct in the last ten days. I purchased a certified Toyota Sienna and a 2018 Toyota RAV-4 and the sales people and financial people could not have treated me better and fairer. I specifically want to call out Joseph Richardson, C J Smalls, Chris Harrah and Drew Newman for their knowledgeable, friendly and professional service. The new Drive Direct sales office is stocked with an excellent and extensive inventory. In addition their prices are very fair.
Bala Bayyapureddy
I went for an oil change and asked them to do the inspection on brakes. They took 1.5 hours and finally when I asked them to provide me the inspection sheet and the sales person says that there is system issue for my account. This doubt me to think on them that they even did oil change service and inspection on my car. Being a number one in this region, Toyota direct should not be doing this kind of service for customers.
Stephanie Stratmoen
First time buying a car from a dealership, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process was. I had found a car I was interested in online, and Toyota Direct was so easy to work with once I showed up to check it out. I was able to get the car I wanted at the price I wanted, with a couple of things repaired before I picked it up. Nathan was awesome, I recommend working with him if you’re able.
Jonathan Gerardi
Standard (maybe slightly below) average car dealership. Hopefully there are better Toyota dealerships in the area.
Paul DeLakis
“Bought a used car from here. Sales team was really professional and easy to talk to. They helped my through my first car purchase. Little did I know there was an electrical issue with the lift gate. Although Toyota Direct said they would work on it for me and that I should not worry about it, Toyota Direct service department looked at it and “”couldn’t find an issue”” after I have explained the issue many times. I got home that night and found the issue was still occurring. I have called many times and no one has gotten back to me. I have been trying to get ahold of them for about a month now.”
Richard Hault
Service writer John Bucci took the time to review my service record. He found he had taken care of me on a recall recently. He listened to my concern today. And got the work done. Check in at 0845 out at 0920. Good deal.
Rajat Chauhan
Avoid Nathan Weekes as your car salesman at all costs. Condescending attitude, full of himself. Sold me a vehicle without the SD card for the infotainment system (which rendered a lot of features useless) and refused to do anything about it.
Dawson Hoover
I felt like I was very let down in my experience with Toyota Direct. It started on Friday when I put in an inquiry about a used vehicle I’ve been hunting for and finally found one exactly how I wanted it at Toyota Direct. The responsiveness from Pattie Street in sales was awful. She was not at all tentative to my requests and would apologize to say that she has customers at the store. Why not have someone else help me or have a manager step in? It’s now Monday, so it took the whole weekend just to tell me that they were going to give me $3,000 less than another dealership for my trade as well as not budge on the price of the car I was after. I showed proof of this pricing and apparently management wouldn’t give me any more or come down any less. I wanted to make a deal and drive out on Tuesday, my only day off, from Virginia. Overall a really bad experience, I wouldn’t recommend.
Shane Abram
A great experience. Shannon found us the truck we wanted at the price we wanted. There was zero pressure to buy. We were in a time crunch and they made it quick and easy. We will definitely be back! If you’re looking for a new vehicle go see my guy Shannon!
Heather Maciejunes
We worked with Schneider today for the purchase of my 2019 Highlander. He was great, professional and informed but also low pressure and relatable. Their finance person Justin, was helpful and informative and also a pleasure to work with. This is the second time I have purchased a car at Toyota Direct due to their superb customer service. I highly recommend buying your next used vehicle with these folks!
Joud A
Great people in service section. I like bringing my toyota to them. All the customer service clerks are very good.
Hal M
We purchased a 2021 highlander we were told it was a all wheel drive and it wasn’t. We realized this costly nightmare when it snowed in our state . We drove 12 hrs to negotiate something reasonable since we missed work and drove so far. General manager Ryan said “ he signed right here, he should have shopped for what he wanted” the car is urs . The salesman himself didn’t realize the vehicle was not a all wheel drive . When we asked for Ryan we could here him mocking the salesman and yelling at him . Ryan didn’t treat us well or even act as if he cared an once for the troubles we encountered. I honestly thought Toyota was better than that . To hire a general manager who is just plain rude and unsympathetic. I would never recommend these crooks to anyone . Take your money elsewhere.
ebenezer aluma
Wonderful wonderful salesman, Schneider is. He was extremely courteous and helpful. Absolutely delightful and made the entire experience great. He is very personable. I thoroughly recommend Schneider with absolutely no reservations!!
Alamen Emselah
Worst experience I ever had… if your seller is Bob carver please don’t wast your time, he gave me the offer and because I need to sale my current car I told him will contact you in 2 days, I sold my car next day and I text him and call him many times left voice messages and he decided to call me when I was sleeping and I returned his call and text again.. I heard nothing even I contacted another seller her name Lori and I left her message to work with me instead of Bob she never respond.. I decided to go to Germain Toyota and I will give them the best review they never got. Manager you are seen this please check with your seller maybe they need more training because I am not going to recommend anyone to buy form you.
Steven Harrington
Bought for a second time from Toyota Direct. It was pouring the rain and I forgot to look at the tires on the car I bought. They sold us a 2018 Toyota Camry with nearly bald tires we had to replace, and dead keyless entry remote batteries. Just to name a few things. I called to talk to someone and I was told I would get a call back which I never did. After that I emailed my sales person with no response. We will not buy anymore vehicles from Toyota Direct due to the poor service and the money that had to be spent directly after buying a car from them. I guarantee if I told them I was buying another car I would’ve got a call back within minutes.
Maria Brown
Getting our car from here was a great experience. If you go here make sure Melvin is your salesman!!! He was so great and went above and beyond for us. Brandon who helped us with financing was great too! We went to a few dealerships before Toyota direct and I am so glad we came here. Everyone made us feel right at home, so thank you!
Jeffrey Honeycutt
Salesperson was very. Nice and non pressure. He even helped with getting my rental car returned
Victoria Lloyd
I had a great experience overall here. I bought a 2015 Honda CR-V EX-L with only 65k on it and the price was great! I worked with Chris Cochems and he made the process very easy. I did have a problem with my display that shows the radio and backup camera but I brought it back in and they are replacing it for no additional cost! I’m super happy with my new vehicle and I’m glad I found what I was looking for😊 Edit: Radio display still not fixed…they ordered the wrong radio part so now I have to wait even longer to have my car fixed. Also my tire light is coming on and let’s hope they fix that. I feel like I’ve had nothing but issues with this car and I haven’t even had it but 2 weeks!
Steve Schilling
I loved this place for car shopping! Talked to a man named Joseph, he showed me the cars in the price range I wanted, and helped me until I found what I wanted. No run around or trying to get me to buy something I didn’t want. He was upfront and on top of any and all questions and made it a very good experience! I will return here any time I need a car and recommend anyone needing a car talk to him!
Danielle Horton
Great service! Friendly and accommodating.
Elizabeth Tromler
We came in stressed, looking for a new vehicle for our growing family… and had the most incredible experience with the most amazing salesman, Shannon a.k.a Spicy Malone! Right from the beginning he had our best interests in mind. I will 100% recommend Toyota Direct and Shannon to everyone! We will be back in the future! Side note: from my mom, “It was a bonus that he’s easy on the eyes”
Angela Ervin
Service advisor Jesse was amazing very professional, honest and upfront so needed in the repair industry. It has been a long time since I been comfortable with an advisor at any service center. Please ask for Jesse you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Angela
Candice Rathburn
Loved the service I got from Rich Persiani and the rest of the financial team at Toyota direct. They did a great job helping me to stay within my budget and get the SUV I really wanted
Bill Tittle
Easy, quick and best price for a new Toyota within 100 miles, Nick was great along with the rest of the staff. Thank you Toyota Direct!
Barbara Fersch
Always friendly, courteous service. Nice waiting room.
Horror Fan
Do not give this dealership your real phone number. I bought a New Camry from them in 2014, car was great service was fine. It’s just when you fill out the paper work don’t give them your real phone number all you need to do is just change one number. To this day I still get calls on a weekly basis from a 3rd party warranty extending company, so annoying. No matter how many times you block their number the same company(s) will call you again and again again. I’ve block probably 20-40 different numbers over the last few years. Sometimes it stops for a few months but they will come back. I’m upset that they sold my number to a 3rd party companies. I’ve called once to talk to the manager at the dealership but it didn’t help at all. Good luck.
God’s Daughter
Toyota Direct is a great dealership but a lot of wheeling & dealing and fast talking salesmen! They play alot of games with the numbers, lies about YOUR credit score, and try to treat you as if you’re 21yr old fool shopping for your first car! I did all my homework to get what I came to get, and after all the lies to my face I walked out and drove down the street and purchased what I came out for last weekend for the price I came to pay! Smh… They got to do better!
Jay Brooks
I found a vehicle they had online, confirmed with an employee over the phone that I would come over for a test drive. When I arrived, I had to introduce myself to an apathetic sales team member. The salesman looked up the vehicle, and confirmed it was out of stock. He didn’t offer to show me any other vehicles, nor express any interest in exploring alternate options with me. Between the lack of website management, poor customer service, and uninviting building layout I would not recommend this business to anyone.
Mason Wilson
Shannon was the salesman that I worked with and there were plenty of belly laughs, things in common and bartering that was enjoyable and productive during my purchase. I bought a VW Golf GTI and am VERY happy with what I bought. 10/10 recommended and I would come back again!
Eddie Rodriguez
Scammed me out of 3,000 dollars. Added warranty to my contract before I even asked or was offered it. Salesman didn’t really care. I told him I was coming from out of state and was gonna be there at a certain time and I had to wait 1 1/4 hour. Would not recommend buying from here at all considering I contacted my salesmen letting him know my car was in a wreck and to see what we could do and he never even replied. Bad experience all around
Nyt S
“I have called and left 6 voicemail for Jonathan Smith (finance) since all of last week but none of my calls have been returned by Jonathan. This is very disrespectful. I experienced the same thing in 2016 when I bought my car from them. The only time I got a call back from Toyota direct was after I posted my reviews on different platforms online. After the 2016 incident I vowed never to do business with them again but this time my friend convinced me to work with a salesman (Rich) who won’t let my previous experience happen again. I texted Rich on 10/22 asking “”who I can talk to about canceling my vehicle service contract”” but today is 10/26 and he still hasn’t responded. The last time he contacted me was 10/21 because he needed some information from me to complete the sale. Every institution holds its staff to a certain standard but I believe this Toyota direct respects money more than people. Take your business elsewhere if you want to be treated like a human being. I have some few days to resolve this issue yet nobody in the finance department is willing to fix it since Jonathan Smith is the person I worked with. This is very frustrating.”
Renee Coley
I do all of my shopping for cars online and only contact a dealership if they have something I’m interested in buying. When I contacted Toyota Direct about a used car, Thomas Andrew Brownlow was the sales associate that responded. I sent quite a few questions via text and email and he answered every one in a timely manner. After getting some answers about the first car I was interested in, I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted. Andrew did not nag me with texts or emails. When I saw another (better) car a few days later, he was able to gather all the info I wanted, come up with an out-the-door price I felt was fair, and personally find time to be at the dealership to show me the car. He was honest with his info and explained everything thoroughly. As a woman, I have had sales associates at car dealerships ignore me to talk to my husband or talk down to me. Andrew was nothing like that and was great to deal with.
Marcus Sampson
Great experience with Schneider Lincifort. Very friendly, courteous and professional. He was prompt and responsive to my inquiries and my requests. Made the usually stressful experience of buying a used car a good one!! I would recommend working with him.
Matt Cellura
This review is specifically for Joseph in sales. Although my wife and I did not decide to purchase a vehicle at this time, Joseph was top notch! He was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and listened to my concerns and needs. He did not rush any part of the process and followed up in a very professional manner. I really appreciate the high level at which Joseph conducted our interaction, and would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. Thanks!
Charles Amos
This was our third vehicle purchase from their used car department. Sale associate Eric is a wonderful person to work with. There is no pressure and pretty straight forward . Personally I hate to haggle on numbers but you do need to know your values but in the end I’ve always felt the price was fair. The folks who handle the final paper work are also very helpful and no push to take offered add ons. No issues with any of the vehicles and I appreciate that they provide a copy of the carfax during process. Over all fair pricing and good purchase experience.
Fabio Painter
Sales dept. Is ok, the gentlemen we talked to couldn’t care less if he sold a car BUT the service dept. Knocked it out of the park. Took our mini truck in for a clutch. They put 2 mechanics on it and it took them an hour. Nothing but cudos for service. Killed us with kindness. I will use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks service, you made up for the lack in sales.
Chadwick Hall
“Professionalism, integrity, courteous service and a clean, well-looked after environment. All this blends for a “”high trust”” environment at Toyota Direct. They’ve got things figured out — and it shows. John Bucci is my Service Advisor and he does an outstanding job. I always seek him out and prefer only to deal with him because he’s honest, attentive and extremely reliable. He’s also easy to get along with and does what he says he’ll do (not always common nowadays). John has your best interest in mind at all times and you’ll know it. I highly recommend Toyota Direct and John Bucci for service and repairs!”
Brittany S.
Hands down the worst car buying experience of my life. Walked in with the window sticker of my current 2018 Camry XLE V6. My lease was ending and I wanted the EXACT same car in 2021. I fill out the online financing get approved, they find a car in Arizona, I go into finance and SIGN papers and initial on an iPad for the vehicle that will be arriving within 10days. Get a phone call 2 days later that they car I signed the papers for was actually sold. Will have to wait 2months for the exact car that I want to be built. No problem, ask what they can do for me in the mean time, they say nothing, just to extend my lease 2 months. I called Toyota Brand Management to ask a few questions about this process and formally complain abt the dealership. 3wks later after they had told me my car was ordered and would be arriving in 2months I get a letter saying they will not finance me a vehicle. Odd considering I was approved through Toyota financial and everything was in place and previously signed (my credit is OVER 760). Now I’m stuck with no path forward to the vehicle that I want, paying for an extended lease, and have given up on Toyota as an entire brand because of this experience. After driving Toyota for 17yrs I am done after this. WORST experience and handling of a customer I can even imagine. If I had more room to type I would keep typing. Do NOT do business with this dealership.
Z. Z.
I purchased a CPO vehicle from Toyota Direct earlier this year.Overall my initial experience with Toyota Direct was fine. The sales department and my sales representative were great; easy to communicate with and knowledgeable. However, my experience with the finance department has been terrible. Poor communication and definite lack of follow-up. My issue is currently ongoing so I am hoping that the Toyota Direct staff help (satisfactorily)resolve said issue. If that occurs I will provide an update. Until then, I am chalking my experience up to a good transaction turned bad. Update 9-4-20 I am downgrading my original review from two stars (see above for original comments) to a one star review based on CONTINUED poor service from the finance department. After attempting to seek assistance with resolving the issue at hand with the Toyota Direct finance staff, I have taken matters into my own hands, as this is the only way the issue will be resolved. I would have recommended others to buy from this dealership. However, after TERRIBLE communication and follow-up from staff members (everyone at Toyota Direct is eager to answer their phones and promptly respond to your inquiries while you are actively looking to purchase; they just have a strange habit of avoiding you after you buy a vehicle and something goes wrong) I would highly advise potential customers to shop elsewhere…unless you want to deal with completely unnecessary poor service from the finance department. This will be the first, and the last, time I (and everyone I know) will buy from this dealership.
John Ketz
Sales people were nice, finance just tries to scam you. Straight lied about how our car finance would be set up. Make sure to have a financing plan before you go because they will scam you.
Trish Boysel
Our experience at Toyota Direct was hands down the best car buying experience we have ever had. Mel was a great salesperson. We didn’t feel pressured to buy and we didn’t feel like he was trying to pull a fast one on us. This dealership has a great inventory compared to others, and if you make an appointment, they’ll have the cars waiting for you to drive right on time. 5 stars!
Kelli Hinkle
“I bought a used truck from Shannon Malone at Toyota Direct Columbus January 8,2021 only to find out it is unsafe and not roadworthy. I contacted him and he replied via text,””it is what it is “”. I contacted Toyota Direct via email and voicemail and received no response. BUYER BEWARE! HORRIBLE. UNETHICAL. ZERO INTEGRITY!”
Larry Poland
My service was great the people were great I give them 5 stars but nothing’s perfect
Beckey Sparkles
Matt Ours was great, he helped me with my estimate of damage for my Jeep Renegade.
Pete L
My wife purchased a car here because they had the car she wanted in stock. Another dealership in town was very low on inventory, we also didn’t like the customer service there. Overall the experience at Toyota Direct wasn’t too bad. We’ll be back in the future if we need another car. We’ve already recommended this place to family and friends. We’ve also told them to avoid another dealership. : )
ashok thapa
Good staff for services but waiting too long and expenses.
David S
Watch out for Chris Harrah from the Finance department. I was pre-approved for 2.59% from Bank of America for a new vehicle. He told me that I got the best rate possible. When I looked at the paperwork, it said 4.99%, nearly twice what I was pre-approved for! He changed the paperwork to 2.59% but it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. We had agreed to a fair price on the vehicle and it wasn’t enough. He tried to scam me out of more money. I was literally the only customer in the dealership at the time (Tuesday afternoon). I should have just walked out and made them lose the sale. I will say that I appreciate the salesperson Susan Fisher for helping me locate the vehicle (it was an unusual trim). Some of the post-sales stuff was kind of a mess. Had to hassle them to finish the paperwork. Just how long does it take to do paperwork when there are no customers? They had to mail the extra key and manuals to me. In the end, I got the vehicle I wanted at the price I wanted, but I would never go back to Toyota Direct.
Fantastic dealership. Bought a new 2019 Camry last year. They had a better selection than any other dealership in town. Very pleasurable buying experience. Would definitely do business with them again.
Abhijeet Das
I would recommend not to go there. This toyota direct provides one of the worst service. I took my 2011 toyota corolla car for servicing on 09/08/2020 as my fan blower not working .The service team gave me a quote of $4300 which includes $2300(heater box replacement),$1300(9 hour of labour charge) with taxes .My car would not even worth 6k if i sell.since the service charges was huge , I declined to do the service but also had to pay them $132 of labour charge .I came back home very disappointed. I decided to take the car to another renowned service center in coulumbus .they identified the issue in mins .they found a piece of plastic bag got stuck in the fan and removed it .they called me to pick up the car with in half an hour and didn’t charge even a single penny.. This shows the character. This shows why they are good raters than you guys because they don’t treat customer like this
Rick Green
THEY MADE IT RIGHT. We’re Toyota Direct multiple-car customers – overall experience has been good – especially service, they’re always great. We had a bit of a ‘hiccup’ turning in one of our leased vehicles – a communication issue behalf of the sales staff. Toyota Direct management listened to our issue – asked questions – did some research – and corrected the problem right away. Kudos to the management team for making it right quickly & fairly. Thank you. We will def continue working with Toyota Direct when it’s time for new (or new-to-us) cars. Thank you.
Got a really good deal on a brand new Toyota Corolla and got what I wanted for my trade in on my old car.
Shawne Kirkland
Schneider L. was Super professional! He did everything he said he would do in a timely manner. Love my Truck!
Chris Calovini
The sales department looks like a 3rd rate buy here pay here dump. Tacky mismatched furniture and its dirty too. This was a pretty spectacular dealership in the 90s but those days are over.
Hawo Mohamed
It was my first time buying a car and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I made the initial request online where Nasir reached out to me and gave me the different options. I chose a car but when I got to the dealership the day of my appointment, I decided I wanted a different car, same model just different features and Nasir took the time to show me the different options even though he already washed and prepared the car that we initially discussed. He walked me through my finance options and all the features of the car. The experience was 10x better with the help of Nasir because I never once felt pressured, he asked me what I wanted. After purchasing the car, Nasir reached out to me and asked how I was liking the new car and if there was anything he could do for me. I definitely will recommend Nasir to all my friends and family! I’m so glad that he was the one that sold the car to me, the experience was top tier.
rob creel
“I’ve bought many cars over the years and I’ve never been told “”I can’t give you my best price unless I know you’re gonna buy from me””. This is what I was told by the salesman after he led us all over their property looking for a truck that apparently wasn’t even there. This dealership may be the largest in 4 states and do big volume numbers but they were very disorganized, impersonal and not customer centric in the least. Additionally, to advertise as having 27 Tundras on the lot and then only having 5 is also ridiculously deceptive. We drove 25 miles north to Byers in Delaware and were actually treated appropriately. Yes, we’re making our purchase where we received excellent customer service and weren’t treated like herded cattle.”
Alisa Bachus
My family and myself love our Toyota’s. I only shop at Toyota direct with our sales person Melvin, who has become like family to us. Melvin offers the best customer service and works hard to get you into the vehicle you want. We love Melvin and Toyota Direct
Larryn Nye
Hands down the BEST experience a 17 year old could ever possibly have. I went there and Shannon helped me. He was amazing and made sure everything was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me find the perfect car. I recommend 10/10! I most certainly will be returning in the future!
Carson Hoover
Danny Davis
Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Ask for Schneider. He’ll go the extra mile to get you what you need.
Ashu Asabankeng
Just the right place for you to do your car service! Reliable and on time! Customer service very satisfying!
So far not so good. Salesperson seems scared of the sales managers. No room for negotiation. Does not look like a deal is to be had here. Not impressed with the dealership so far on many levels.
Art Olgin
Very nice people No complaints.
Josh Burns
GREAT service. Bought a car here from Nathan Weekes about 2 years ago, and I’ll stop by for the complimentary car washes once in a while. I recommend them to anyone I talk to that’s looking to buy a car!
Meagan B.
I went to test drive a ford Flex Sept.9. Pierre was very friendly. The car looked great on the outside. I asked Pierre would he drive the car from coast to coast tomorrow. He said, “Yes”! My mechanic asked why was there water on the outside of the car. Pierre said, “he had just had the car washed.” When the passenger door was open the inside was flooded with water. There was a leak coming from under the hood. Pierre said he would have the issue fixed, but my mechanic worried about rust and other issues the leak could have possibly caused.
Andrew Como
Jacob Early was very helpful and answered a lot of questions for my wife and I. We will be back for future purchases with Jacob.
Daniel Hall
Parts sales guy was nice, knowledgeable and helpful, but never had an interaction I was happy with from both car sales and service department.
Deb Brown
My service guy is great. His name is john. Honest . And does great job . And the job gets done at the time line he tells you . Awesome . He goes above the job paid for to satisfied customers.
LInda nevil
Went to Toyota north , for oli change and tire rotation, service writer took credit card to payment window, as this was a first as customer always paid at window, service writer proceeded to tell about he checked.battery , bla, blah, Realize now it was a ploy to distract payee, Customer left, with in 45 min got fraud alert On card. Went back to Toyota to see film , they dont have cameras. everbody has cameras ? And service writer had left for day another odd thing, card used at Targrt at town and country. For $276 then Kroger when fraud alert stopped card use couldn’t identify with camera at target because of hat and mask. Not saying service writer stole the card but he either passed it off or another employee picked card up and used it. BEWARE OF TOYOTA NORTH
Nina Booker
Quick, right to the business! I called and spoke to Rod Wolfe in sales about a specific car, the next he put me in the exact one I asked for easily. No aggressive shake down. Very friendly place and people. And their financial manager helped me lower my payment, very friendly guy. Everything I asked for I got and then some. They easily stayed late and gave me a real peace of mind and under my budget!
Alyssa DeLong
If you are considering buying a car from this dealership, RUN!!! I purchased a car (from Mo), paid my down payment and they were going to have my car to pick up within 3 days I was told. The day I am supposed to pick up my car comes and goes and no call or email. I call them multiple times asking for different managers and no one can tell me where my car is. After calling 5 times and not getting anywhere I told my husband to call (he was not with me when I bought it and not on the title) the manager told him all about my deal and that the car I purchased was gone and it was sold to someone else. They locate a similar car and I have to resign all the paperwork. Fast forward to my temp tag coming to expire and no one can tell me where my title is. If I could give them zero stars I would because they definitely don’t deserve one. The worst car buying experience of my life. I have had to facilitate all of their work taking up hours of my time. They should be paying me commission for the work I have done to purchase my own car.
Susie Kramer
Nasir and Hari were really great to work with! They worked hard for my business and found the car I wanted within 24 hours of me leaving the dealership. I was within 1 week of needing to turn my other vehicle in so was under a time crunch but didn’t feel pressure to buy. I would highly recommend working with them!
Makandi Mukiira
I worked with Shannon, and he was great! Thank you so much for your patience and kindness
Nicole Headlee
I had a great experience here! I worked with Jacob Early and he got me the exact truck I wanted! My truck had to be delivered from another dealership, but Jacob communicated with me often and I got my truck within a few days!
Tadd Clark
It’s nearly impossible to get someone to answer the phone here. If you do by chance get an answer, the lady answering sounds absolutely miserable working there! She sounds like she would rather be doing absolutely anything other than working at this place. Then, I get transferred all over the place and ultimately left on hold for an extremely long amount of time only for the phone to begin beeping and hang up or someone answers and transfers me again to someone else who doesn’t answer.
Jerome Wilson
My experience with Toyota Direct was quite amazing due to the fact of the expert professionalism displayed by Shannon Malone. My wife and I went there to look at a 2017 Toyota Highlander. This was the vehicle she pointed out to me after we saw some pics online. As soon as we arrived and shortly after I sent him a text he was bringing the vehicle out to us for a test drive. Everything went beyond my expectations and by 6:00 p.m. my wife and I were driving our 2017 Highlander home. What a wonderful job done by Shannon to make our experience one to remember.
Roberto Hinojos
Drove from Dayton. Salesman Pierre knew we were on our way. When we took the car for test drive he said it was out of detail but had gotten a little dirty from test drives. The car was trashed from previous owner from their dog, headliner filthy and scratched/torn up. Found some dog food under rear seat. Sunroof dripping water. Filthy car. Wasn’t a 3-5k car, this was a $20k 4Runner!
Kendra Board
I have been working with Toyota Direct for over 20 years and will not buy a car or have service anywhere else. They are kind, considerate and superb at what they do. Definitely recommend them to anyone.
Dru Batte
Awful experience. Schneider L was supposed to be helping me, first thing he does is insult me by telling me Dru isn’t a woman’s name. And he, along with a large amount of other staff, was not wearing a mask indoors. Either he has problem hearing, or he just refused to listen to me when I tried to tell him I needed to come back the next day to take a look again. He was begging for my business, and maybe he would’ve gotten it had he treated me with any amount of respect.
harsh patel
It was great working with Fadi Hamid he’s the one you need to work with to get the best deal on a new Toyota
Shion Ito
I visited this place twice during pandemic for oil change, it does not meet the Ohio covid guidelines, most employees wear the masks either below their noses or no face covering at all. The waiting area floor is also not clean, it’s easily observable. Also, my husband lost his YETI tumbler during his visit, very dishonest employees or costumers in the store!!!
Eli Hannoush
Terrible customer service my car is under warranty and yet they provided me with lousy service don’t go there!!!!!
Tony Kilic
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the truck that I wanted after driving 7 hours from VA to Ohio. The sale manager was rude and blunt. Did not care if we bought the truck or not. Our sales guy Joseph (a really nice guy) tried really hard to make the deal happen but they kept coming up with excuses not to push the deal. If I were you I would not even talk to the sales manager when you are putting the deal together. He will try hard not to make the happen. Better yet, I would take my business elsewhere where they appreciate their clients.
Laura T. Sowards
Job done in an hour but I was told I would be greeted at the service line but there were a ton of workers, on phones, talking to each other, telling family stories. Not paying attention to who came in first so completely unorganized. I was told there would be a loaner when I got there and there was not. I waited for an hour and when I went back up to the service area I waited another 10 minutes and my car was done. I needed to use that hour doing things I planned on doing not sitting inside a building with people which I haven’t done since March 13 when the Governor sent me home to stay. Fast, don’t know how well it was done rushed when I was told 3 or 4 hours done in one hour.
Jessica Curtisi
“My husband and I recently purchased our first used car together from Toyota Direct. We had an overall good experience with the purchasing process and appreciated how they transferred the title from our trade-in all for us. We were firm about our final budget and they were honest about all fees and what the final, out-the-door price would be. Our greatest issue was that we were told 2 of the tires on the vehicle were new and 2 had over half of their life remaining. We thought the tread looked more worn than that, but believed what we were told. After purchasing the car we took it to 2 different shops who both told us we actually needed to replace all 4 tires before the winter and that the tread depths were 2-4/32″” on each tire. I reached out to Toyota Direct to clarify why we were told 2 tires were new when that was not the case. It was difficult to get ahold of the manager after calling several times and leaving voicemails, and I later learned there may have been a call forwarding issue. Once I got in touch with the used car sales manager Drew, he was accommodating. He said their computer records showed that 2 of the tires were new, but they would see what the tires actually showed. Drew asked me to bring the car back in; he had the tires inspected and then replaced all 4 for us. We appreciate Drew and his team taking care of us and making the situation right.”
Dualeh Hershi
Come in for oil change but spent 20 min talking to service rep to sell me all kinds of stuff. End up buying alignment for $ 129. After waiting for 2 hours something they say will take 30-45 minutes, I walked over to the service counter to check and he says your car battery died, it was week but it is dead now so you should buy a battery. Their explanation was your battery was week when you got here and after starting few times to move the car it died.
Anand Nanduri
I can’t say enough great things about the service at Toyota Direct. We’ve been buying cars here for almost 30 years and the service is always spectacular. Most recently we bought a 2017 Audi S6 from them this week and Shannon couldn’t have been any better to work with. I highly recommend both Shannon and Toyota Direct for your next car!
Sean Jones
Waste of everyone’s time! I test drove a used vehicle there that was in great shape, tried to work some numbers. I was prepared to be flexible and they gave me a take it or leave it scenario. Didn’t even counter my offer. I was pretty shocked they weren’t willing to budge a little on price as large of a dealer as they are. I definitely won’t be back!
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