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Oregon Auto Group in Springfield

Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5
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1300 Main St, Springfield, OR 97477, USA

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+1 541-603-2277

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All reviews:

Good prices, happy people and very good all together. Everyone put a smile on my face, which I am really happy they did. I love them so much and I would recommend them to all my friends. Not one thing was bad here. I honestly love them so much and I would recommend them to everyone I see. Oregon Auto Group has to be the best people out there. If I could, I would rate them 6/5 stars. Love them so much!!! Thanks Oregon Auto Group!!!!!
Reginald Amaru
The service here is timely, thoughtful, and well priced. My family and I have purchased our third car from Oregon Auto Group, and we can all agree this place is top notch. We were able to secure a new car (with financing), in no time at all. This is truly a family friendly establishment!
Highly recommended! Courteous service and affordable pricing! Worth checking out, thank you!!!
Stephanies Threads
We spent 6 weeks trying to replace our truck. We went through numerous dealerships and dealt with the typical salesman. We became absolutely hopeless in finding anything and became so sick of salesman. We honestly went into Oregon Auto Group expecting the same. To only be pleasantly surprised. We weren’t pitched one sales technique. Mychal worked hard to get us into the truck we wanted. Not the truck that just worked but the truck we wanted. They went above and beyond and keep us within our payment range. This sounds like I was paid to write this, but I really was not. We walked out of Oregon Auto group today with our new to us truck. Took a few days because we were a difficult case but they didn’t give up on us and worked hard to make this work for us. When at least 8 other dealerships couldn’t deliver their promises. They did. I hope to buy in the future from them again.
Nate Lakritz
After looking around for a used car to replace my old, broken-down minivan, I settled on the Oregon Auto Group. I’m extremely satisfied with the pricing, variety, and service that I received here. Quickly, I was able to decide on the right vehicle for me, thanks to the wonderful staff. I highly recommend this dealership!
Lyn Geck-Moeller
I highly recommend Oregon Auto Group. A few weeks ago, my son was geared up to travel 300 miles south to purchase an F 250 in Sacramento.. When the deal fell through the night before we would hit the road, he searched anew and came across something about the same distance away in the opposite direction–Oregon Auto Group. These folks turned out to be our good fortune. Salesman Michael arranged to meet us on short notice and after hours the next day, then took care of us every step of the way: test drive, dealing with our bank, arranging for passing California smog and then delivery close to home. My son had ordered special rims and tires as part of the purchase, but rather than making him wait when they hadn’t arrived in a timely manner, Oregon Auto Group got the truck down to us. A week later, they made a special trip–a six hour drive one way–with the wheels and tires mounted and balanced. All of it at their own expense! This kind of service is hard to come by, I think we all know. These guys are the real deal. Quality product. Quality people.
Michelle Henderson
Oregon Auto Group has been amazing to me! From the very beginning they were unbelievably helpful, and did everything they could to help me get into the car that I wanted. They go above and beyond for their customers. They aren’t there to scam people out of money like a lot of other places, and they have proven that time and time again. I don’t know anything about cars. AT ALL. I know I want a cute one. That’s about it. But Adam sat down with me and explained everything I needed to know in great detail and helped me through every single step of buying my first car. Even now, it’s been a little over a year since I purchased my beetle from them and if a problem pops up I take it into them, because they make the process easy, painless, and UNDERSTANDABLE for people like me. :p
Collins Kipketer
I have and will recommend buying through Oregon Auto Group to everyone interested in purchasing a car. The salesmen were very easy to work with and they fed us as much information as possible so we could make an educated decision.
Gahlen Yahn
Fair pricing, quality cars and a friendly staff. Extremely helpful with answering questions and a very low pressure environment. Would buy from Oregon auto group again!
LilMiss PlantLady
Fair pricing, friendly staff. Was able to bring the whole family to shop for our new family rig. They had a kid-friendly spot inside with refreshments.
Sarah Beers
Rating 1 star because when we purchased our truck we also bought a very expensive warranty and were told to bring the it to them for the warranty work. We waited for about 2 or more months for them to get back to us on warranty claims for 9 different issues the truck had.. some of them existing when we purchased the truck. In total, we have left the truck at their shop for 1 full month in the last 7 months we’ve owned it. And the only thing that’s been fixed is brakes & a tail light housing. We were very upset that after the most recent 2 weeks they had it, only 1 small issue was fixed. The truck has multiple existing safety issues such as malfunctioning windshield wiper motor and speedometer, both of which they said they fixed but did not whatsoever. And because we were upset, we got told they wouldn’t deal with us anymore. Very unprofessional and we absolutely would not have purchased through them, or bought an extended warranty had we known it was only going to be a hassle. Even though they’ll work with bad credit, I wouldn’t purchase through them unless you take the vehicle to the brand dealership and get a used vehicle inspection. It’s not worth all the trouble you’ll go through later.. currently looking into getting a lawyer to look into lemon laws. & also, their ratings are not accurate because most of the reviews or 5 stars, are put in by their own employees.
Quintin Kreth
Bought a great car here with great customer service. I’d recommend them to anyone!
Henry Duryea
Oregon Auto Group was fantastic. They treated us well, were flexible and dependable and very concerned about good customer service. They helped us with financing when other dealerships wouldn’t. They went above and beyond to give us the most money for our trade. Very pleased we chose Oregon Auto Group and will be recommending them to everyone we know!
Chester Motownz
Garbage service and not the greatest vehicle quality.
Cynthia Haney
Nice staff and great customer service. Definitely had the caring family feel to it. They cared more about getting me into what would work for me rather than selling me the most expensive vehicle. You can tell they really care about their customers and the community. This is the go to place if you want a quality vehicle and honest customer service.
missey jane
Awesome experience, with honest sales people, courteous staff. And Dan went above and beyond to ensure my daughter was financed for the car she wanted.
Krista Hyatt
First off, I want to say I was less than responsible when i was younger and ruined my credit (same goes for my husband). We have been working on improving our credit for the last year now. We knew when it came time to look for a 2nd vehicle, that it was still going to be a challenge to get accepted for a loan. In the past we have always had to use something for collateral or borrow money for a down payment. We came to see what Dan could do for us. He was not only a nice, genuine guy, but he had that 2nd vehicle for us AND got us a loan without collateral for the amount down we wanted to pay. Thank you Dan!
Aaron Hargis
Super great service, management made it a point to take care of us and get us the loan and car we wanted. Highly recommended.
Great people and very helpful. Bought my first car there today.
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