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Charles Maund Toyota in Austin, TX

Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5
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Toyota Dealer

8400 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758, United States
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Got my first car today! , my boyfriend and I had an absolutely amazing experience thanks to Alisa Hernandez. As soon as we got there she took care of us and all of our questions and concerns, Alisa was great at walking us through the process and helping us understand what we where singing up for. I left the dealership feeling confident and safe in my new vehicle. 100% recommend. We are very grateful to have had Alisa and the team work with us, thank you.
Robert Brister
Best dealership I’ve ever been too. I’ve bought many cars in my many years of driving. No haggling. I never felt pressured. David Hardy is the best. Yeah, we bought 2.
Nicholas Lacina
“Great experience. Another dealer had told me “”no way they’ll honor that price when you get to the dealership, you’ll see.”” I showed up, we talked numbers, I got the price and got the vehicle. Had a great experience dealing with Jonathan Madrid – straightforward and didn’t waste my time nor his. Definitely recommend these guys.”
Victor Cruz
Went in for routine scheduled maintenance of my car. Great , quick , and efficient service! The entire process was amazingly smooth from setting up the appointment by phone and check in process the day of appointment to the end of process of picking up car. I was surprised when they called me that my car was ready , I expected to be waiting for at least an hour but my car was ready in less than 45 minutes! I truly appreciate the quick service and friendly attitude provided by the entire staff in the service department. Im new to the Austin area and I feel comfortable calling this Location my go to place for car service ! Service advisor Fernando and service technician Brandon thank you so much for providing excellent service !
Jennifer Popoca
My boyfriend and I had the BEST experience anyone could get at a dealership! Alisa Hernandez helped us with all of our needs! We told her want we wanted in a car and we got just that!! We had to go back a few days later due to his engine light coming on and even though she was in a middle of a sale she did not hesitate to help us with our car!! (It was the gas cap) nothing was wrong with our vehicle! She is definitely one of the best car sales person there is out there!! If you go to Charles Maund Toyota, ask for Alisa Hernandez. You won’t regret it!!
Mark Castillo
I arrived at Charles Maund Toyota and was immediately greeted by Caitlin. Caitlin took the time to listen to what I was looking for, what I needed, and what payment I needed to be at. We discussed options, and Caitlin went and pulled around the truck that we had discussed. She pointed out the features, and how the truck looked great. I told Caitlin that I did not want any back and forth with finance, I know what I want and see if they could meet my needs. The whole process took only a couple of hours, traded in my pickup, purchased a new one and was off on the road in record time. Caitlin, and Paco were fantastic. Look her up, she is a wonderful partner when you want to make a deal.
Jenny Brown
I love my new car! I am sure I was a pain in the behind to work with but Kevin Morales keep his cool, was very professional and made sure I got what I wanted. No wonder Charles Maund sells so many cars!
Odalis Hidalgo
Just bought my first car today. Alisa Hernández was very good at explaining the process and answered all of the questions I had. I recommend booking an appointment with her if you’re looking for a new vehicle. She is truly great and talented! I’m very happy I chose to go to this dealership. Thank you Alisa!
I was referred to Charles Maund Toyota and I can honestly say that Mr. Byron West has a phenomenal sales consultant by the name of Juan Ramirez. He is such a gentle soul. He was very respectful, courteous, and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable in my pick. You can tell the leadership here has a domino effect. I appreciate you guys and would recommend Juan Ramirez to anyone!! Thank You for all you do and have done for people like me!!! My family appreciates you sir!!! Great Job on customer service. I am very pleased.
Vance Hoy
Best auto buying experience I’ve had by far. Anthony F. was a real pro, and made the entire process hassle free, enjoyable, and easy. Will absolutely be buying from Charles Maund again in the future when the time comes.
Alexa A
Unfortunately a really bad experience here. I would highly recommend looking at Round Rock or Cedar Park Toyota first. Came in to look at RAV4. The salesman, who I won’t name, was unprofessional. We were left alone for 30 minutes + with lack of communication. If you’re a sales guy why no charisma or eagerness to help us? We were going to buy day of, no financing. The pricing was non negotiable and honestly high for the competitive price Other dealers had the newer make and model but for less. The price wasn’t the biggest deal either but the fact it was priced high when there are better models with all the bells and whistles at a lower price was laughable. Also, we test drove the car and it smelled like cigarette smoke. I highly highly recommend looking at other dealerships and I guarantee you’ll have a better experience.
Anna Watson
Purchased a 2018 CHR yesterday from Alisa Hernandez and she made the whole process so painless! It was so refreshing to work with her versus the typical sales man who likely doesn’t care about your needs as long as they’re getting commission. Alisa was friendly, professional and did such an amazing job! Thanks again!!!!
Greg Loewe
I recently purchased a pre-owned 2018 Tahoe from Charles Maund. Super friendly staff. Hassle free transaction even with trading in 2 cars.. My sales person, Alisa Hernandez was a pleasure to work with. This is the second auto purchase from Charles Maund in past 4 years. One of my favorite Austin area dealerships.
Taylor Adams
I stopped by just to vet the 2021 Toyota Sienna…I’d already made up my mind to get the 2022 Honda Odyssey. Gabriel was my guy, waiting out front for me when I drove up. After taking a test drive, I fell in love with the Sienna! The hybrid, y’all! It drives like a car! Gabriel was so kind and patient, and he went out of his way to help me. Had a weird, not great experience with one of the business managers, and I was very clear I would not work with her. So I didn’t have to. However, Gabriel and the other finance person I worked with were great. I would definitely go back!
Daric Henderson
Salesperson Russell is the man. He is a very professional salesman and went an extra step further to get me a really good deal on a Tacoma. Your awesome, thank you.
Kyle Gudmunson
“The car was great, and they were willing to discount the car to a very reasonable price. However, I was lied to on multiple occasions in an attempt to get me to purchase the warranties and repair package. The sales person included these in the purchase agreement and tried to have me sign the agreement without disclosing this addition. Then – when we went to finalize with the loan officer, he gave us two warranty package options. I asked if we could choose neither and he straight up lied and said “”no””. At that point, I decided to walk away from the car if I had to get a warranty. After getting up, he all of a sudden had the ability to sell the car w/out the warranties. The amount of ‘sneakiness’ in their attempts to sell the warranties was disturbing. However, the car is great and ultimately was a great price, so I can’t argue with that. If you are able to get through their sneakiness about the warranties, this is a GREAT place to find a good car at a great price.”
Purchased a vehicle this past weekend, 2019 Toyota Highlander — Easily best car buying experience!!! I had several dealerships I had been considering, but they had the best/most competitive pricing for what I was looking for. Friendly buying experience, I worked with Caitlin who was helpful and professional, and I eventually learned that the company is family owned. Because of this I felt there was a level of care through the process. I don’t normally write reviews, let alone for car dealerships, but I had to leave a positive review in this case as expectations were exceeded. So happy with the purchase and the overall experience 🙏🙏.
Heath Gober
I made an appointment with the service department for 8:15am for my first oil change (5k miles). I’m still here over 3.5 hours later with no hope of leaving anytime soon. The service rep comes out after I’ve been here for 1.5 hours and let’s me know I have locking lugs on my wheels. He then goes on to tell me that “we don’t have a key that will fit this pattern”. You’ve got to be kidding. I tell them that this is unbelievable and to find the key that Toyota manufactured and put on my truck. They eventually find a key to the lugs and then go on to try to sell me a new tire because one has a nail in it. I tell them to replace the tire and it’s under warranty. I definitely got the B team today and will find a new place for service. This place is a joke today. Save yourself the time and hassle and just find a different dealership.
Randall Butler
These guys are great. I went to a dealer in San Marcos and felt insulted by how little they offered for my trade-in. All I wanted was a fair deal and that’s just what Maund Toyota gave me. Isn’t that what we buyers want? A fair deal? Nothing more, and nothing less.
Andrew Bowlin
On 2/27/2021 my Girlfriend went in looking to drive some Tacoma’s and when we were introduced to Aidan he went above and beyond to not only show us some of the Tacoma’s they had but made sure he did not waste our time, he found exactly what we were looking for and allowed us to make a decision with no pressure, event let us take the truck to lunch while we thought it over. The experience was a pleasant one, if you go to Charles Maund ask to speak to this young man! Thank you again!
Kerry Thelove
Lance Culpepper is my Service Advisor and always has been. I like to stick with him because I never feel like he is pushing something on me and I can ALWAYS trust that he will take care of all my Toyota needs! Great customer service! Just got my 120,000 mile maintenance and my car is driving like new again! Thanks Lance! You are the BEST! This guy deserves a raise! And thank you to all the technicians there too!
Elyse Austin
Something felt off with my car, I didn’t feel save to drive. The service department was amazing, they scheduled an appointment the day of and were extremely polite. Jerry took care of my car, he was awesome and super funny. I took the shuttle service there and back from my office, both drivers were incredibly friendly and talkative! I picked up a washed / fixed car! Great experience.
Gregory Robinson
The entire process from start to finish was a breeze. Caitlin Garcia took her time and even texted me different options of the vehicle type I wanted before even stepping foot at the dealership. Once we were set on the right option I was in and out within a few hours when it normally takes much longer. Such a pleasure working with Caitlin and the Charles Maund dealership as a whole.
Susan Smith
I’m a repeat customer at Charles Maund because they are friendly and professional and of course Toyotas are great vehicles. Employees don’t pressure you and take as much time as you want to look at vehicles and options. Shout out to sales rep Alvin in particular for his great customer service.
Jose Valderas
I really loved this place especially because I was a first time buyer and Alisa Hernandez help me out so much and got me the car I wanted! I went in there thinking I wasn’t going to be able to take out a car with low payment and with a low credit score but she did all could and went above and beyond and boom got me the car of my dreams! Thank you so much Alisa Hernandez!
gavin Cigainero
I worked with Efrain here at Toyota today. He was very fun to work with! Very nice, funny, and trustworthy. I had a good time. Thanks!
Bill Campbell
Worked with Jill. Flawless, fast experience. She’s a veteran of Charles Maund Toyota and you could tell. The communication was open and constant. We went through several scenarios until I had all of the information needed to make an informed purchase of a 21 Highlander. Additionally, to keep everyone safe, we finalized everything in the parking lot having spent only 30 minutes to take delivery! I was super appreciative of that! Thank you Jill and Charles Maund!
Carolina Molano
This place cannot be more convenient. They text your in advance to confirm appointment and reschedule easy if needed to turn needs. Once there the check-in is easy, no wait, always enough people to receive your car and immediately give you an es misted time of completion. Wait room is comfortable and clean and with good WIFI access. Everyone is very courteous and professional.
Mike Chanler
Come here and ask for Mohammed. He was incredibly helpful and transparent about the buying process. I’d recommend him and this dealership to anyone I know.
D Heartwell
“Mr. Stan “”The man”” Sneed was so nice and helpful! He made sure he took his time with me and my husband and gave us what we wanted at a reasonable and discounted price.”
Abena Primo
Friendly and professional sales people. I was greeted from the time I entered the parking lot. This did not happen at other dealerships I visited. I ended up buying a car from them. It’s only been a few days but so far the car seems fine. Hence, I would recommend this place.
Sara Thompson
I bought my car in October, and the sales experience took over 4 hours. The entire experience felt pretty shady, with most staff members walking around with masks half way on or not on at all. My salesman didn’t stay in the room with me at any point for more than 5 minutes straight. I bought a 2017 Rav4, and part of the deal was that I would have roof racks installed within a week of purchase. I had plans to use those roof racks for a couple of camping/lake trips before the warm season ended, so having the racks installed within a week was a big part of my choice to buy the car at that time. Three weeks later, I hadn’t heard anything from the dealership about the racks, so I called and was told they hadn’t been ordered but that the salesman would order them right away and I would get a call when they were ready to schedule the install. Three more weeks went by, and I called the salesman again, and was told the racks were on the way and just to be patient. Two more weeks with no contact from the dealership, so I called the parts and service department to see if I could schedule the install yet. They told me nothing had been ordered for my car. At that point, I asked to speak with a manager. The manager told me she’d try to figure it out and give me a call back. I didn’t hear back from her, but I got a call from the service department the next day to schedule my install. I woke up an hour early the day of the scheduled install to take my car in before work and pick up a rental, and then got a call a noon saying the correct parts had not been ordered. The salesman I bought the car from knew I needed side rails AND cross bars. I also mentioned it to the manager before the install was scheduled, but only cross bars were ordered, which can not be installed without side rails. So 9 weeks and one failed appointment later, I still didn’t have roof racks. When I called the manager back to ask what happened, she said “the funds had not been allocated” for the side rails and I she would have to get it approved by the director and give me a call back the next week. I didn’t hear anything back again, so I called to ask for a status update and was told she hadn’t talked to the director yet. She called back later that night and told me it had been approved, and that she would schedule my install. The night before the install, I noticed my rear windshield defroster was not working, so I called to see if they could look at it while they had my car. There was no appointment on the books for me. The service department made the appointment, and the next day I took my car in and FINALLY got the roof racks installed- almost 3 full months after I’d been promised they would be. They didn’t check or fix the rear defroster, but at that point I was just happy to have roof racks. I had to chase them down every step of the way for almost 3 months, and it was an incredibly frustrating experience. After a while, it seemed like they were just hoping I’d forget what I’d paid for and been promised. To add insult to injury, I just checked my account status a few months later and noticed something that seems pretty scammy. I financed through the dealership, and was told that I didn’t have to make my first payment for 45 days. I guess it’s my own fault for not looking deeper into it, but what the salesman DIDN’T tell me was that if I made the first payment in 45 days, almost the entire payment would go to interest, with only $27 out of about $400 going toward the principal. I had planned on refinancing through Charles Maund later this year as I’ve been working on my credit, but after that last bit of shade, I’m just going to have my credit union take over the loan so I can wash my hands of the dealership. TLDR, be VERY careful with the financial agreements, and if there are any add ons with your purchase, hound them every day until you have them or they’ll just leave you hanging.
Teresa Kelly
I’ll try to keep it short! The sales experience with Anthony Falsetti was amazing. Great communication, effort and follow up. Sadly, from there Charles Maund falls way short. They have no policies in place for following up with customers or on PAID orders at time of sale. Add on team at sale, suggested and allowed to order install of running board add-on. After I called 2 months later to see if part was in they said yes and scheduled my install. 3 hrs after dropping off vehicle for install they call and deliver news that in fact what I ordered at time of sale was not in fact what was delivered, what I ordered can only be installed at factory. They wanted to know if we wanted something else installed that would show a metal plate on inside of door step. Keep in mind I drove 2 1/2 hrs from home for this. It didn’t happen of course. No one offered me a refund. Had to call back and tackle that with 4 phone calls getting passed around and no call backs. Aside from this, the other “at sale” purchase of floor mats from October 2020, was told item was on backlog. Understood due to 2020 fiasco. FF to March 2021. No one for Charles Maund has EVER followed up or called. Upon 3 phone call attempts to find out status and no returned calls as promised. After last call to parts Dept, was told they have plenty of these mats and doesn’t understand. My order is no longer available to see. No one knows at Charles Maund that I have not received them. No one knows anything. No returned call. No call from manager regarding yet another oversight. 2 days after last call I receive delivery to my door. My mats. 5 months later. Take away…order your vehicle here only no service options. Leave and go to another Toyota for these extra add on’s and service. (Sorry, failed on short story)
Mary Ann Van Cleave
Wow!! That place is crazy busy! My salesperson, Terelle, was very nice. Danielle in finance was awesome. Would recommend this dealership.
Illia Halii
I’ve had a fantastic day choosing a vehicle with Charles Maund Toyota. Salespeople are incredibly knowledgeable and understanding. We went through every little detail and made sure I got the car that fits my needs—and also, future services and steps explained. I’ve enjoyed buying a car with Charles Maund Toyota and receiving a lot of help. Significant appreciation for Aidan Casillas. Trustworthy professional who assisted me throughout the whole process. He took my inquiry seriously while researching options that’d best fit my expectations and needs. Aidan followed up with me the next day to schedule the detailing. Clear communication. Answered all my questions with deep understanding and respect. Thank you for making it simple and reliable!
Treavor Treadwell
Josh White was hands down the most exceptional person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not once did he try to pressure me into buying anything and I feel he truly did everything he possibly could to help me get into what I wanted for the lowest possible price. He was very professional and I left so much more than satisfied than I have been with previous dealerships. I am so beyond happy with my experience here and they have earned a customer for life. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.
Billie Sanderson
Had the best car buying experience ever. Would definitely recommend and be a return customer.
Teagan Dees
Alton McGriff is absolutely the greatest, he made my trade in a breeze and fought with me to make it financially stable move from my almost completely paid off Honda into a newer RAV 4. It was the least amount of time I’ve ever spent in a dealership and they were swamped with customers. Thanks Alton!
Brenda Gallardo
“I purchased a vehicle back in November 2020, as of today, March 2nd still don’t have my license plates. They don’t even want to give me another temp tag. They said I have to go myself and figure it out what is going on. Really? When they want to sell, they all are so nice and helpful, after it, they just “”wash their hands””. Shame on this dealer.”
alex tapia
Alisa Hernández at used cars awesome customer service going to the infinity and beyond for customers! Very awesome experience for me and my brother in law !! Speaking for him because it was awesome the way Alisa Hernandez helped with us being first time buyers. Got my dream car and so did my brother in law. Go with her she will do her best to help you out and get you going with the car you want and need !! Thank you !!
Roger Heckroth
Starting looking for a new 4Runner online and got in touch with Travis Smith. He took time to listen to exactly what I wanted and my price range and within 24 hours he found exactly what I was looking for. Working with Travis was like working with an old friend. Travis quickly put a sold listing on the 4Runner to hold it for a couple of days until I could get up to the dealership to finalize the deal. Anyone looking for a great vehicle at a great dealership, go to Charles Maund Toyota and ask for Travis Smith. We will take great care of you!!
Mike Tarbet
I worked with Alvin Reed at Charles Maund Toyota to purchase my Tacoma in February 2021. Alvin was great to work with. We had all the details worked out ahead of time, and he got all the paperwork ready before I went in to the dealership. When I got there, they had a different Tacoma that came in that morning that I liked better. Alvin hustled (literally ran around the dealership) to secure it for me with several other customers already eyeing it. I found Alvin and Charles Maund Toyota to be staight forward and honest, and a pleasure to work with. The entire process, from start to finish, was great. If you need a salesperson, ask for Alvin. He’ll do what it takes.
Bart Ives
Did not have a pleasant experience at all!!!! Terrible experience deserves 0 stars. Run from this place as fast as you can! Bunch of crooks trying to make a quick buck. The service department had my truck for over a month to replace the windshield. After my third attempt at picking up I’m stuck with damage on my vehicle and can’t get help from anyone up there. The lackadaisicalness and incompetence is from the top down. Lance Culpepper,Angel Rodriguez and Whiskey Wes Newman are only trying to upsale you and make a buck. The GM Ty Reed is so cheap I couldn’t get a refund or a Toyota hat. There is absolutely no service in this commission based service department. All you will get is someone passing the blame and then a really insincere apology!!!!! 0 pride in their work and 0 pride in Toyota.
Avery Homer
What a joke. No one here knows anything. I bought my truck here 2 years ago and they told me that none of the staff had been there for more than a month or two and you better believe it no one knew a single thing about Toyota tacomas at this location. The least they could do is learn the vehicles they are selling. They tried to sell me a two-wheel drive truck saying it was four-wheel drive among many other things. Today I came in for an oil change that they said was free as part of my Toyota Care service and turns out that that cost me $80 because the person on the phone lied to me. This whole operation is a joke. Don’t waste your time with this dealership.
Erik Trevino
Just wanted thank sales representative Joshua White for the fast and friendly service on my brand new truck. Mr. White went above and beyond to get me the information I requested and out of finance as quickly as possible. Would highly recommend to a friend.
Hagee Racing
Used car sales team could use some training. We spent 6 hours total doing simple paperwork that was to be an east in and out.
James P
All I can say is Alvaro Guerrero is Awesome. Great salesmen and a pleasure to deal with. We have bought several vehicles from Charles Maund Toyota and this was the best experience we’ve had. Also Ramiro Ferriol and Lauren Clarke were a pleasure to deal with as well. I rarely post reviews but wanted to let them know we appreciate the excellent service.
Shaelan Hill
Stan “the man” Sneed was able to work with me and my less than adequate credit and get me into and brand new Corolla!! I have never been more satisfied with a purchase. I waited for buyers remorse and y’all it never came. I love my car and I loved the whole experience. He answered my one million and one questions and made me completely comfortable. My experience was so wonderful I referred my best friend and he got her into a 2020 Camry with no problem. I will forever have a Toyota vehicle. Thank you so much Stan!!!!!
Barton Thomas Ives
Terrible experience deserves 0 stars. Run from this place as fast as you can! Bunch of crooks trying to make a quick buck. The service department had my truck for over a month to replace the windshield. After my third attempt at picking up I’m stuck with damage on my vehicle and can’t get help from anyone up there. The lackadaisicalness and incompetence is from the top down. Lance Culpepper,Angel Rodriguez and Whiskey Wes Newman are only trying to upsale you and make a buck. The GM Ty Reed is so cheap I couldn’t get a refund or a Toyota hat. There is absolutely no service in this commission based service department. All you will get is someone passing the blame and then a really insincere apology!!!!! 0 pride in their work and 0 pride in Toyota.
Paul Adams
Service was exceptional. Came for regular scheduled maintenance and from the minute I pulled up, the staff took great care of me. Service was quick and I was on my way with a freshly sanitized car and piece of mind.
Tracie H
I want to give a huge shout out to Mario R. and Patsy at Charles Maund Toyota! I had been searching for a used Tundra for several months and when I finally found “the one” it happened to be 1500 miles away. I reached out to Charles Maund and was very fortunate to be connected to Mario. Mario was honest, transparent and provided timely communication through the entire process and even met me at the Airport. Patsy in finance was awesome! She went above and beyond to help me with various details to finalize the sale. She was always friendly, patient, helpful and very responsive through the numerous calls and texts. Purchasing a vehicle sight unseen can be a big risk, let alone during a pandemic, but Mario and Patsy’s open and honest communication made me comfortable through the entire process and I ended up with a fantastic truck that exceeded my expectations.
Laverne M
Colin’s quick response and great follow-thru helped me get a really nice car after mine was in an accident. I simply researched online for the vehicle I wanted, posted a question about it, and he answered right away. It was such a great deal that I bought it the same day. Thanks, Colin!
Chris McEuen
I worked with Derek Anderson on a car purchase. He was genuinely honest, worked hard on my part, took the time needed and we had a great experience with him. It was more of a conversation than a negotiation which was fantastic. Great overall experience.
Geoffrey Perrin
Derek Anderson was excellent to deal with through the entire process. He was very helpful in vehicle selection and options along with availability. He was fair when negotiating price. He was instrumental to get the paperwork signed which involved an out of town owner requiring a mobile notary. Finally, he coordinated vehicle pickup while being sensitive to covid concerns. I highly recommend Derek and would definitely use him again without hesitation.
Veronica Martinez
I was so blessed to have been referred to Juan Ramirez. He was kind and patient. He worked around my schedule and stayed late so I could come pick up my RAV4 the next day. He had everything ready for me when I got off and even stayed after hours to help me hook up my phone! Thank you Juan And Tania. – Team Juan!
Sheri G
I had a great experience here, I got a great deal on a new 4Runner, I love it! Also they gave me a fair price on my trade. Definitely would recommend, way better than autonation.
Pinoy Practical Shooter
I would like to extend my Kudos to Charles Maund Toyota used car sales department. I was there about 4 weeks ago and everyone made sure to greet me and asked me if I have been helped, Special mention to Ricardo Ponce who is my sales person. Easy to deal with, straightforward and even outbid my trade in from the offer of other dealership. Recently I had issues with the vehicle I purchased and Ricardo told me to bring it back and he’ll take care of it, I dropped off the vehicle, no questions asked, and same day called me back and said vehicle is ready for pick up. Now that’s what you call excellent customer service. if you are looking for a used vehicle, check out this dealership and you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Arun Tamang
Very helpful sales people. Ben was awesome in helping me find the exact car I was looking for. If you need a car, Charles Maund Toyota is the one to go to. You won’t return empty handed even if your credit history is not so shiny – that is what I felt after my last visit of Charles Maund.
Joey Hays
Probably could do a better job of scheduling routine services. Probably 25 cars all at 1pm. Not cool. Other than that the used lot will get you in anything.
Alex Navarro
I had an awesome experience at Charles Maund Toyota. I met with Jessica for sales and she worked with me to get a new ride. She was real helpful during test drive. She answered all my questions. She had me in and out of there in 2 hours. Finance was real helpful too.
Sean Alexander
Purchased a car there today and was pleased with the transparency and attention. However, they definitely need to tighten up policy around Covid-19 and work harder to keep their customers safe. Throughout the day I noticed a number of employees and customers with their mask down. I also observed no cleaning and/or wiping of surfaces. I even had to [politely] ask the sales associate next to wear his mark (and his response was ‘annoyed’). And, neck buffs aren’t mask. As mentioned, my sales associate was great and I’m happy with the deal I received. I’m not super paranoid about the virus, but I do expect a business to maintain a policy that protects their employees and customers if they want to operate.
Lyndon Tam
The entire staff is very helpful and friendly. Josh helped my purchase a used car for my son and was attentive to my concerns. I appreciated the responsiveness throughout the entire process. Will shop here again without hesitation.
Seth Tibbit
I bought a new car from here, and was extremely pleased with the whole experience. My sales agent, a retired U.S. Army artillery person named Mohammed, was very good. Though I’m not Army, I did spend a little time on the Ft. Hood Army posting, and I was able to relate to him. He is very dedicated to the customer service aspect of his job. And, he is very honorable, too, sharing his commission with a fellow agent who had called me on the phone just one time. He will ask the finance department to keep your monthly payment as low as possible. And, the finance department will work hard to keep it as low as possible. They will not try to push extended warranties on you if you don’t want them, but, if you do want them, they are very fair with you and just as dedicated to customer service as sales is.The whole time I was waiting for my car to finish being detailed, they were on the phone with the bank negotiating for the monthly payment to be as close to what it would be without any warranties. And, when I got to the finance office and they saw I really did want warranties, they went even further and rearranged some things around to make the monthly payment even closer to what it would it be without warranties. I was very happy with the customer service here, and I would really recommend Charles Maund Toyota if you want a Toyota. The minimum down payment was way less than I was expecting it to be, and I think they would have gone even lower if I had needed. They’ll help you, here, and you don’t have to talk them into doing so. They just will do their best from the get-go.
Ashley Johnson
Terrible experience with this dealership today. I came in for a car and set an appointment with Marvin. I get there and he had another client that needed his attention and took priority over my appointment. Despite the inconvenience, I was understanding. Then I get told “oh we literally just sold the car you came in for.” Ok great well thanks for the heads up considering I set an appointment to see this car and checked prior to coming in. So either they didn’t care about my time or they were just lying to get me in. Then from there, the car salesman seemed like he’d rather be anywhere but there helping me. He pretended to check with a manager on my offer and kept saying that they’d lose money if they offered the car that low. These men were so shady. Cars are overpriced, go somewhere else.
Henry Herrera
Q Jones was our sales person and was very patient and friendly. He worked really hard to help us get the best deal possible. He did not pressure us and we felt like he really tried to understand our situation. Even the financial people were very friendly and helpful when signed papers. The next day I took the car back to get windows tinted and everyone was friendly and it only took an hour to finish the tint. I definitely recommend Charles Maund and especially Q Jones to buy your next vehicle from.
Saurabh Kumar
I recently visited this showroom to explore lease end options for my Toyota Corolla. I must say that I was really impressed by the professionalism and quality of service that I received. Brad Frizzell from this dealership helped me out with all my questions and also showed me a very good new Toyota model. Usually, I do not like spending time at dealerships, but I completely enjoyed my time and conversation with Brad at this dealership. Thanks for the excellent service!
Made an appointment same day. Very accommodating. I was helped by Walter Ortiz. All around great experience! The Rav4 couldn’t be happier. Lol Thank you!!
Jason Ratchford
Oil change there last week ended with driving hundreds of miles down 3 quarts of oil. Their mechanic put on oil the filter incorrectly. Zero empathy or concern over long-term damage done to motor. Maybe you’ll have a better experience than I did.
Allan Traicoff
I’ve never experienced a car dealership to be so organized, pleasant, and thorough. Frankly, I was blown away and want to call out Lance Culpepper as an excellent customer service rep. It costs more than Jiffy Lube, but the service level and quality of care are worth it.
Blake Becker
Had a great experience purchasing a car here today. Kevin Araujo and the rest of the team went above and beyond to give me the best experience possible. I was going to have to drive home to grab the title on my trade in before I could leave with my new vehicle, as not all of the payment information was available since I am from out of state. The team worked to let me take my new car home immediately. Kevin exceeded all of my expectations, even following behind me to my home to grab the title to my vehicle, saving me the round trip. Would highly recommend Charles Maund and Kevin Araujo.
Mitch Solorzano Daly
Went in for a routine oil change and was out in less than 45 minutes. My truck was sanitized at the end which was great. The service was amazing!
Maura Dolormente
“Great inventory and fair pricing. Our salesperson, Terrel, was excellent and we enjoyed meeting the used car director, Brent. Gary in finance also did a great job. Only issue was the “”closing”” manager. His tactic for negotiation was to include features on the car that weren’t there to inflate the cost and justify the pricing. That lacked integrity. Buyers, take time to review the features/numbers he shows from KBB and Nada Guides and use to your advantage. Then you can feel great about your purchase at Charles Maund. PS Don’t go when it’s pouring rain because you can do a good visual inspection on the car.”
Chris Washington
“Bought a car here in 2017. Test drove the car but it took almost 4 hours to complete the process after that. Literally sat in the lobby for that whole time and we didn’t even finish until after the dealership closed. A little over 3 years later that car was totaled in an accident. After everything was said and done I needed to cancel my warranties and insurance. Called to take care of it over the phone, but they told me I had to come in. Fine. Guess they’ve never heard of Docusign. I go in and am asked to wait a moment. 20 minutes later a salesperson comes out and says “”hey they know you’re here, it’ll be a bit.”” I can understand that. Another 20 minutes goes by and another gentleman comes it and asked if I’d been helped. I told him why I was there and why I was waiting and he says “”that’s entirely too long”” and goes into the office again to tell Gary. A woman comes out and says Gary’s just cleaning off his desk and should be with me shortly. Well, you guessed it another 20 minutes goes by and the same gentleman asks me if Gary’s come out and I say he hasn’t. Must be the biggest desk ever. He goes into Gary’s office again and this time Gary comes out. I’ve waited over an hour and he’s apparently known about it but doesn’t even acknowledge it. We go into his office and the process takes FIVE MINUTES. They made me wait over an hour just for five minutes of work! And they DON’T CARE because they have the volume, so another sucker is coming in right after you anyway.”
Laura Parker
Derek Anderson helped me tremendously while finding a new car. I was discouraged visiting other dealerships and salesman but when I came to Charles Maund, Derek made me feel right at home! He was very down to earth and made car buying so easy. I didn’t think I was going to leave with a car that day, but I did! Thank you so much Derek, and if anyone is looking to buy/lease a car, head to Charles Maund Toyota and ask for Derek!
J Shaw
“After getting the run-around at every dealer in San Antonio, Charles Maund came through with exactly what I was looking for. No silly run around or crazy finance terms that assume I can’t do math–just a straightforward, fair price, with competitive lease terms. Even with the round-trip from SA, it took less time to get it, get the deal done, and get home than 2 other dealers spent “”running the numbers”” by their financing Manager. I finally found a dealer as reliable as the Toyotas I drive. (1970 Toyota Corona 150k miles, 2000 Tacoma 208k miles, 2007 FJ 175k miles, 2021 4Runner 109 miles)”
Ted Weiser
I have been doing business here for 20 years best Mechanics in Austin Mention Ted Weiser
Erin Sabrin
Spoke to a technician first thing in the morning, 9am, when they opened. The check engine light was on and I needed a diagnostic. I was instructed to bring my car with in 30 minutes and they could diagnose the problem in 2-3 hours for $139.99 and a free car wash and sanitization was included. After 2 hours I requested an update:nothing. Then at 3 hours, I again had to find the technician to get an update. Finally at 3.5 hours was given an update and estimate. I was told my car would be cleaned and sanitized abs brought around to the front. 30 minutes later I again had to find the technician to see where my car was. They pulled it around and said it hadn’t been cleaned. At this point, 4 hours later, I had to leave. Disappointed by lack of communication and excessive wait times for a someone diagnostic when I was told it would be quick diagnostic. Overall, very disappointed.
Sarah Dumas
I had high hopes coming in here but right off the bat I was disappointed. We arrived at the lot and were told to ask for Travis 2, which we did. We waited in the lobby for a good chunk of time until someone else came out saying “Travis left for family time” but he would help us. He never introduced himself and we still don’t know his name. For 2 months I had received constant calls, emails, and texts from Brody and Travis about coming in and looking at the car I’ve had my eye on. So I finally gave in and gave them a shot. Our salesperson was extremely quiet, didn’t elaborate on much about the car I was inquiring about, and was unpleasant to work with. We test drove the car, went inside and discussed pricing. This “Travis” guy originally quoted me a price (that I have in writing) and was expecting to see that exact price. Conveniently, the price I was quoted was for a car that had “just sold.” I told them I’d like to stay within that price range I was quoted for and they weren’t willing to negotiate with me. I was incredibly let down and feel as though I wasted my Saturday coming in here. When we said the price wouldn’t work for us, all our salesperson said was “ok have a good day” and bolted off while we were still gathering our things. Not even a thank you, or let me talk with my manager once more….. nothing. Definitely a frustrating experience. I will be taking my business to Cedar Park Toyota.
Arsalan Siddiqui
The experience at the dealership was so good that I took my other two family members back to Charles Maund Toyota dealership and make them purchase the vehicles. Charles Maund Toyota dealership sales team and management and finance teams are awesome and willing to work on deals. No chance to leave the dealership until the business is earned and the customer is satisfied.
Chris Moore
My wife and I were looking for a good used vehicle at Charles Maund and we were assisted by Ms. Alisa Hernandez. Her professionalism, patience and knowledge about the process was extremely helpful and very supportive. She showed us at least 6-8 cars and in the end we got a great deal on a 2017 Toyota RAV4. It was a smooth, ‘no pressure’ experience and I recommend Ms. Alisa and Charles Maund Toyota if you are looking to purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle. Thank you Alisa. Also kudos to your floor manager – super supportive and helpful as well (didn’t recall his name).
Buying experience was good but service department was horrible. Had to wait unnecessarily long. They misplaced my keys and no one cared to inform me. I kept waiting for half an hr and when I asked service rep then they weren’t even considerate enough to apologize.
Mo Yube
Charles Maund’s internet special prices are very competitive. Scotty Stephens is a gem in the rough. He helped us select what was best for us and made the experience very pleasant. Will definitely return in future! Thanks Scotty! Special thanks to Ruben Villegas for exceptional customer service!!!
Timothy Bunalski
I worked with David Hardy to purchase my 4 Runner. Of the 4 vehicles I have bought this was the easiest of them all, I think the whole process from walking in and test driving to keys in hand took all of an hour. Can recommend David highly enough. We will be back if my family is ever in the market for a new vehicle.
Manni Magras
Was buying from out of state; they had a car that liked and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get, but they worked with me throughout the entire process and ensured I got the car at a reasonable rate for my current credit situation. Excellent staff, great place to buy!
Jordan Gutierrez
Special thank you to Celeste Garcia at Charles Maund Toyota!! She was able to get me into the car that I’ve been wanting a long while. She made things happen!! Driving to Austin was worth it to every extent!!! Highly recommend 🙂
Val Jones
I stopped at the Charles Mann location just to check out the see what Appealed to me I test drove 2 vehicles The 1st was a Rav4 Which I enjoyed in really liked all the options it was equipped with The 2nd was the Toyota Camry I was more comfortable and familiar with the handling of the Camry since I was currently driving a Toyota Avalon My salesman with most accommodating in finding both vehicles in the colors I wanted With the options I required I was most happy with the Toyota Camry it was a very easy and effortless purchase I chose Charles Maund because of its location and convenience for me and hopefully all my experiences with them In the future will go as smoothly
I had a great experience buying my new 4runner at Charles Maund! I was helped thru the process by ‘Q’ Jones, and he couldn’t have been better. No hard sales tactics, very helpful and genuine. I asked him a million questions while we waited for my car to come in and he answered them all graciously. Everyone else that was a part of the process was great as well, from service to front desk customer service. Highly recommend.
Erik Schiller
Dealership prices, but good, honest people. We took in our 07 4Runner for shift shudder and they diagnosed as a transmission replacement. While that came with the price tag you’d expect (~6k), they did work to offer some discount and a complimentary vehicle in the meantime. We ultimately took it to a local transmission shop for the job to save the money, but I do want to remark positively on the accuracy of their diagnosis and the pleasant honesty of working with their staff.
Gator Tex
We bought a used car from Joshua White. He was very professional. The car values are very fair. The financial signing was simple and also honest. I’d buy another car from them.
Juan Pena
It was a great experience. If you are looking for a salesperson, seek Mohammed Merchant. He will make you feel at home and if you are a military veteran, that’s a plus because you will feel like family. I came looking for a truck after looking elsewhere for about a week and he was a savior in my case because I was about to settle for less and for more expensive. He showed me to a brand new 2020 Toyota Tacoma. For any first-time buyers, i sincerely recommend Mohammed because he understands the common buyer. Thank you Mohammed, for you’re help and sincerity and thank you for you’re service. May God bless you.
Jermaine Banks
Super out standing service, I came by just looking for a car for my daughter. Kevin Araujo provide me with first class service. Provide me with all the answers I needed. My teenage daughter still haven’t made her mind up on her first car. But when we she do I will be back! Kevin really is first class and made me feel the same way!!!!
Maurice Pierce
Great service! My wife and I were very pleased with how we were treated. The staff washed our vehicle and put a little gas in it on them. Never had an experience like that! We highly recommend!
Adam M
We were looking for a new Tacoma for my oldest son and worked with Stan Sneed. Stan was awesome! He helped us look at a ton of trucks until we found the perfect one. He is trustworthy and easy to work with, we would definitely go back to him for our next Toyota purchase. He is The Man!
Jessenia Jordan
This is my 2nd vehicle I’ve purchased from Charles Maund and definitely not my last! Shout out to Terrelle Owens for being such a great salesman man making all this possible. He worked his magic and got me driving off the lot with a payment below my max with a warranty!! I’m beyond content with my purchase!!
Jack ODell
Sales person Anthony Falsetti worked with me first on the phone based on an Internet search for a Toyota 4 Runner Limited. I was hoping to get a good deal on a 2020 end of year model. Other dealerships in Texas would not even discuss rock bottom price on the phone or computer. Anthony told me up front what the deal would be and even ball parked my trade in value. He gave me a better deal on a 2021 than I had been getting from other dealerships all across Texas. When I arrived at dealership, I was greeted promptly, the 4 Runner was parked at the front for me to look at and we worked together to get the best trade in price. After closing, he spent over 30 minutes with me in the 4 Runner going over all electronics, which was great. I will definitely return next time I need another SUV. Thanks to all at the dealership who made me fell welcome and comfortable.
Jennie Coulter
Greg and the team at Charles Maund Toyota area always exceptional, understanding, and truly go out of their way to make you feel seen, and special!
Lita R
Ricardo is a professional, knowledgeable, thorough salesperson. He gave us options and answered all our questions. He made the car buying experience enjoyable. Francisco “Paco” the finance person was also great to work with. Both were excellent!
James Waits
Awesome experience. Sales Associate was awesome. Payments alitte higher then expected. But awesome place. Sales Associate was not like other places. Never did they hurry or pressure us or low ball us on trade In. Been a Covert customer long time and every time we were pressured and hurried us and low balled the trade in value. Charles Mound Toyota gave us 2500 more then Covert Ford or Covert Buick. Twice Covert sold us cars with major issues then try to get you to pay for the repairs. Last experience with Covert was a mess that’s why we decided to try someone else and may best decision ever. Before you get another car check them out you will be happy. Ask for Danielle Kim. Thanks Again for the Awesomeness.
Michelle Pina
Great salesman Mike Curtis. Very reliable, courteous, and doesn’t pressure you into getting something you dont want or cant afford. Great place over all.
Courtney Courtain
I came to look at a couple cars and Kevin Araujo was the sales person to come out and help us. He was very helpful and nice and made the process easy and as enjoyable as possible. I ended up walking away with the car of my dreams as my first vehicle. This is an amazing place to go I’d recommend this place to everyone.
Doug Goessman
Excellent service and a great deal on a 2021 Toyota Tacoma. I’ve recommended Charles Maund to my friends who are in the market for a new truck. Thank you
Joseph Owens
This had to be the most,pleasant,smoothest and easiest car purchase we have made, Muhammad Merchant is a fantastic guy, we worked a deal and I had to return to purchase however someone else had wanted the vehicle I was interested in, he intervened to ensure that I got it. This dealership treats Vets right! Got an amazing deal, the same deal for when I returned later that day, no surprises, straight up deals, what you see is what you get. We will return for the wife’s new car.
Adileny Gonzales
I had an amazing experience buying my first car here. Thank you to Efren Pulido and Alisa Hernandez for taking good care of me ❤️ Muchas gracias a los dos
Emil Balusek
Great experience with the Service Dept at Charles Maund Toyota… Old and with a lot of ailments, getting out to get my Scion Xd serviced was just not in the cards… When I inquired, Jerry (service manager) set up someone to pick up my car and return it when completed. I provided a list of several items I wanted done and/or checked and got a call saying that the car had an issue.. It would begin to race and then run poorly.. I had not experienced that except one time but had written it off as perhaps bad gasoline. He indicated at least 2 motor mounts were broken. Turned out, 4 were broken and it was explained that when the engine tilted a certain way, cylinder 3 would not always fire. Took 2 1/2 days total and more than I had budgeted for but my 2008 is humming again. I think these guys go the extra mile to help out. Thanks for doing that…
Justin Wendling
Lance Culpepper has been my service advisor 3 times now and he’s always friendly. I appreciate that Lance takes the time to explain even minor details and make me aware of any changes or issues right away. Lance doesn’t rush me through anything and typically sits down while explaining anything. It’s minor details like that which makes his service noticeable! I also have a Mazda which I take to Mazda Central for service; I have a very good relationship with the service manager over there that I’ve built over 8+ years and the manager has set the bar very high in terms in service expectations. I’ve only been going to Charles Maund for my Toyota service for 1.5 years, but Lance has quickly approached that high bar!
David Methven
I’ve been to this dealership multiple times over the years and it’s always the old school hard sell tactic. Today they refused to give me a price unless I told them what I was willing to pay!
I bought a honda from here because they had it on the lot. So i can’t attest to any of the toyota’s they sell but i can tell you this…..THEY DON’T LISTEN TO YOU!!!! I have asked since 2012 to STOP contacting me about selling my car back to them. 9 years now. Texts, calls, etc. I don’t know how to report them, but if I am contacted one more time, I will show up and talk to the manager. STOP CALLING ME AND STOP TEXTING ME!!!!!!!!!
D Mar
Went in with a UFCU loan…walked out with a Certified Pre-owned Toyota at a 2.9%. It took 2 hours max to get my car home. Ricardo Ponce, Sergio Ballesteros, and Ruben will take care of your car needs. The fastest car buying experience ever!
M Vargas
Person who helped me was patient and nice. Oil change and tire rotation was completed in a fair period of time. Thanks.
Ammar Qureshi
Went in for car service and that experience was great. While waiting for service went into the showroom to see the deals for new cars. Have 2 Toyota and I am in the market to trade in to get new cars. The manager handed me to his rookie sales person and poor guy was trying but didn’t know any details. He had to ask his colleagues for every single thing. After waiting for 1 hr I just walked out without getting any information of the new cars while he was away from his cube.. very frustrating.. will go to RR Toyota and try my luck there
Moise Julot
“Purchased a vehicle sometime in Jan 2020 and posted a review then but do not see it up anymore! (Yes, I always go back and verify my reviews are still up). Purchased a new Tacoma, the vehicle is great but the buying experience was not so much. Also, taking it in for service is always frustrating. You will always see employees joking around when you’re just looking to get in and out. They skip you all the time (even when you set up an appointment) because again, the employees are joking around and aren’t paying attention. Back to the buying experience, I drove in expecting to buy a truck, knew what i wanted and was prepared to leave there with a truck. I walked around and found the truck I saw online. I waited patiently for a salesman to walk to me but nothing after about 20-30 mins. Honestly felt like I was begging to buy a car from them, it was weird. After waiting a while I walked back to my car to leave. At this point I figure I’d just go to the Toyota dealership across town as I only went to Charles Maund Toyota because it was close to my house. I swear the only reason I ended up going back is because it was hard to get out of my parking spot.. and because I really wanted the Tacoma. Afterwards i decided to get out of my vehicle a second time and a salesman introduced himself and told me to “”hold on”” and went about his business. At this point i was just confused and ready to go home. He eventually came back and I got the vehicle. I did all the work for him, he did not really have to sell me on the truck or the trade in value, I just wanted to leave and not have to deal with them again. unfortunately, cars need to be serviced so I still have to deal with them.”
Laurel Kalina
Charles Maund Toyota has had great service for me for the last 10 years. Saturday, I had to replace my totalled Camry. I met sales Mohammed (retired, U.S. Army ) outside. He made the decision process easy, informative, and professional. Even when he handed over my new Rav4, he made sure I understood all the extra perks.Thank you Mohammed and thank you all at Charles Maund Toyota!!
Sarath Kumar
DISHONEST! I have noticed my car was taken out twice, I just came here regular service. I have never noticed other dealers taking car out in the name of test. I doubt they went for personal work. They kept me waiting for 1 hr 30 min just to get the service started, though I came here on appointment!! I feel now that I might have been lied to for service recommendations!! I would never return back to this service center!! I would strongly discourage my friends too. I may get reaponse that it will be taken care, but I am sure they won’t Update: They just called 3 weeks ago, yet no updates on anything done which I expected and mentioned above
Linda Villanueva
Went Charles maund to find my daughter her first car, worked with Jessica in new car sales .talked with her on the phone since we live so far away, after getting approved with a vehicle of her choice , I told her that my daughter wanted an SUV, she said great come on in, once we got there she first brushed us off to another salesman he also told us about a new car…I told him that Jessica knew we were looking for an SUV, she came and pulled the sales guy aside, told him that the SUV was not possible she told my daughter to come just to get her in. And we heard her say that. Needless to say I was furious!!!!!! Awful customer service she is very deceiving and did not have the guts to talk to us . We headed over to cedar park Toyota where we were treated with respect and honesty and daughter got just what she wanted…. I would advise to not go here but go to cedar park Toyota!!!!!!
“Bought a 2021 Tundra. Highly recommend Russell Dunaho for your salesperson. Quick to respond, no bull and he’s a Vet. Best experience we have had buying a vehicle top to bottom…The Hart””s.”
Jose and Ricardo are extremely professional thank you so much for being there for us couldn’t imagine riding a wonderful toyota Highlander one day ,proud of you guys.thanks.
paul marxuach
So we received a charge that I thought was not warranted. I called and spoke to Josie. Beyond superb service. She listened to my concern and took care of it right away.
Max Witcher
I had the pleasure of getting helped by Mohamed from Charles Maund Toyota. He gave me great customer service and helped me get my dream 4Runner in a fast and efficient manner. If you want to buy a new Toyota, definitely go to this dealership because it’s the best. Thanks a lot guys!
Patrick Cook
Don’t trust these guys. I bought a Certified Preowned Tacoma Sport from Russell that had undisclosed rear fender damage. They either didn’t catch it in their inspection or didn’t say anything, either way it’s a bad look for their team. Dude just straight up stopped responding to my calls or emails. And I still don’t have my second key despite multiple attempts to get it. Go somewhere else.
karwan falamerz
Bought my 2013 Toyota Highlander from this dealership i gottah say they are great people especially Colin he answered all of my questions in very professional way , his candor made me excited to buy the vehicle and his smooth not pushy style made it great experience. I definitely will buy car from them and i will recommend him to my friends and family.
Lydia Munoz
It was a very nice, easy going transaction. The entire staff was very welcoming and helpful. Everything was explained to us. It was an actual nice experience.
Matt B
Derek my salesperson and Brody the manager were awesome! They went above and beyond my expectations. After I already purchased my lease, they were still very nice and willing to help me try to take my Amplifier out of my corolla that I traded in. We were not able to do it, but they tried. They did not have to do that, they had my money and the sale was complete, so the only reason they helped me was out of the kindness of their hearts. Good for them, and good for Charles Maund for not being like the other dealerships that dont listen and waste your time *cough* Toyota Cedar Park *cough*! My dad bought his Camry from them as well and had a great experience, and because they always treat us well we will continue to go to them for years to come. Thanks!
Jon Barnhill
I’m sitting in the waiting room and STILL in shock over the great deal I got! About to drive off in a 2021 Tundra TRS 4×4! Our salesman, Muhammad Merchant, really bent over backwards for us and helped us every step of the way. Very knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and no pressure. He’s an army vet, so thanks for your service, sir!
Kory Murphy
We just bought a new vehicle with Charles Maund and the experience was nothing short of great! From our salesmen, Mike Bui, to the finance department, everything went smoothly. Mike was great and worked with us quickly and easily through everything. The dealership was clean and sanitized and everybody was wearing face coverings. I highly recommend Charles Maund and Mike Bui to buy a car from. Great dealership!
Nawed Ahsan
Mohammed Merchant has provided a remarkable assistance to me whenever I needed a vehicle. I have known him for 8 years and anytime I needed a vehicle, I reached out to him due to his integrity, accountability, and professionalism. He ordered a Tundra for me in dec 2020 and ensured that it was delivered on time. He diligently worked to get me the price I was looking for while keeping the model/upgrades I want. If you are looking for a professional who takes care of you, then Mohammed is your go to guy.
Monica Lindquist-Cain
Got to the service center for scheduled maintenance on my 2019 Camry for which I had a Saturday appointment. Asked if someone could check two small issues while the car was in the garage. I was informed that I would have to leave my car until Monday or later. However, I received a phone call about 30 minutes later about a chip repair at an additional $50 to my bill. Anyway, got my car back the same day. The windows had so much gunk from the chip repair, made it difficult to see. The seat in my car had been completely re-adjusted. I’ve never had a chip repair done that was so nasty. Also, sounds petty but do they really have to mess with the seat controls? It’s not like they’re taking my car on a road trip.
Joshua Fitzpatrick
The only good thing I can say about this dealer is that their vehicles are priced fairly. Other than that, they do nothing but sell you lies and false promises. Lloyd, from sales, is your typical crummy salesman with nothing but money on the brain. Won’t be coming back here for my next Toyota and most definitely won’t be recommending them to anyone else.
Matti Baron
My experience here was bad altogether. I came in to look at cars within my low budget and was immediately helped by someone. The car they tried to sell me was in the shop on Labor Day, so I called the next day and said I would pay full price but I want a mechanic to look at it (its an older model with an accident reported). Immediately I was informed that I could not do that, which is something every other dealer I have visited had 0 problems with, so I insisted on a mechanic. Eventually he agreed and at 4:19 pm told me to come see the car the next day (with an appointment scheduled). Not only that, I went as far as to apply for financing (at his request) and took the hit to my credit score, something that only a serious buyer would go as far to do. Now Brad knew I would pay the mechanic $120, I would have put a deposit down (I have this in writing on texts), and I applied for financing. Lo and behold I arrive less than a day later, and the car is gone AND Brad is suddenly no longer going to deal with me, so I have to restart the entire process. I even messaged him 3 hours before the appointment to see if the car was there, and he did not have the decency to respond. Okay, fine, let’s pretend the customers time is not a huge deal after they have gone as far as financing. No problem, but they show me a newer model that was somewhat interesting. After wasting a few days of my time and effort, they keep switching who I talk to and we eventually lower the price a bit (I would have paid full price on the first car and they knew that). The whole trick with ‘let me talk to my manager 5 times’ was pulled, even though they claim to value time. They then told me that the $250 coupon on their website will not apply to me, which is total BS I just happen to be young and new to buying cars. Anyway, long story short do not go here unless you are naive enough to buy a car the same day without negotiating or looking into it. Cedar park toyota is not as infamous for this
Rolando Besa
“I recently purchased a 2020 Toyota Highlander and my sales consultant was Mr. Mohammed Merchant, U.S. Army (Retired). Mr. Merchant’s skills in professionalism and customer service have obviously reached a level that is nothing short of “”EXEMPLARY””. I highly recommend him if you are considering purchasing a new vehicle there. Mr. Merchant was effortlessly able to reach a GOLD STANDARD of both a seamlessly PLEASANT PURCHASING EXPERIENCE & ULTIMATLEY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. It is apparent that Mr. Merchant is an ASSET to his chosen sales profession with the TOYOTA family, as well as his country. I am proud to say that I now feel like a member of the TOYOTA family, thanks to Mr. Merchant, and look forward to my next purchase.”
Ramallah Gate
Let me tell you my story with Charles mound toyota and warn you of a fraudulent behavior that I was a victim of… July of 2020, I bought a 2020 toyota corolla, my sales persons were Victor who was new at that time and didn’t seem to have much experience in sails and Ephraim who seemed to know how to sell my lies to convince me accept the 12.9 APR with ally finance . Ephraim’s slick lie was promising me to get the car and let the first 6 months of paying $472 a month fix my credit more then return there after 6 months so HE CAN REFINANCE IT FOR ME, I thought that 6 months won’t hurt me much so I accepted the offer and drove home my new car, I counted the months 1 by 1, and gave an extra month then returned after my 7th month so I can refinance it. Once I went back, I found out from the finance lady that the lies I was fed by Ephraim were false and that toyota does not help me refinance but can help me exchange my car for much lower value, and get a new car all over to fall for another 30k of debt for a car that’s worth 18-20k. I might’ve been ignorant with those fraudulent acts, that’s why after falling for their lies, I wanted to tell you my story to save you before you end up buying another lie from Charles mound toyota
Josefina Sanchez
Very satisfied with their service. What I appreciate the most is: them not rush us to buy any extras we don’t need.
Harwood Lee
Mike Bui was our sales rep and was pleasant to work with. Mike was able to find a truck we needed and provided us a good price without the pressure of haggling. We recommend seeking out Mike if you’re at Charles Maund as we will again when we’re ready to purchase another truck. Thanks Mike!
Nikita Krasnov
We had a really great experience. It was a pleasure to work with Saeed Marandi. He and the rest of the team were professional, personable and answered all of our questions. We highly recommend!
Service advisor was excellent! Outdoor waiting area is acceptable, However, during covid 19 time indoor waiting room can be improved. Women’s rest room was unclean and dark.
Matthew Schroeder
Ricardo Ponce told me he had a better deal, could save me money, and would have me out of the dealership in an hour and a half. He kept every word. Very impressed with the way he handled the entire process. 5/5.
Harper Lewis
I actually had a pretty great experience here at Charles MT. I’ve been car shopping for several weeks, and most of my experiences have been either just okay, or straight up awful, and always pretty stressful either way. I spoke with Ally many times throughout the day, and I was very impressed by how straight forward and communicative she was, and how willing she was to work with me. I wasn’t able to get there until close to closing time, due to other events that day, and a 45 minute drive, but she was super reassuring and didn’t make me feel rushed at all. I also appreciated the financial officer’s patience, and willingness to explain all documents presented. I left feeling like I got a great deal on the exact car that I was looking for, with no feelings of being pressured or swindled. I think it was mentioned that Charles MT has been around for almost 100 years, and I would definitely believe that. I could not be happier with both the car I purchased, and my overall experience at CMT.
who knew
Great place to buy a vehicle. No bells or whistles just plain talk.
Irene N
I’m 72 trying to stay safe snd I live in the country alisa Hernandez really made it possible for me to buy safely. She brought it out for me to see snd test drive and then helped me through the online process and then she and Elmer brought me the car and all the paperwork I needed to sign. This is my first newish car in ten years and it’s wonderful. Thank you so much Alisa Hernandez and your supportive co workers I’m really grateful for the service and the 2018 RAV4
Steven Collier
Always friendly reps who remember my name. Have kept both of my Sequoias in tip top shape.
James Owens
Love this place,friendly staff,helped me get my car in a very good manner. Made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Best offers around. Highly recommend going there to get a new vehicle.
Paty Blancas
My mom and I were just looking to see how much the car we wanted would be, and Alisa Hernandez helped us out a lot. She didn’t pressure us, showed us some cars and was patient with the whole process! In the end we decided to get a 2018 Rav4, and we didn’t leave until 10 pm, an 1hour after they close, but Alisa and the finance manager(can’t recall his name) were so helpful and patient!! 10/10 would come back again 🙂
Bill Campbell
Ask for Jill. She’s a veteran. Made the experience fast and safe. Took delivery of a new Highlander in 30 min.
Lindsay Ann
Great experience, I called the Toyota dealer listed before this on google and the girl was so rude. SO glad I called Charles Maund Toyota. I spoke with Lucky and he was so helpful every step of the way. I brought my car in for a recall and he had no problems setting me up an appointment and working with my schedule for pick-up. They even sanitized the car after (cause of COVID). Definitely recommend 🙂
Cameron R
“I brought my 2018 Toyota iM here for an oil change July 21st. July 31st I noticed the photos below. I think to myself, “”no way my 2018 Toyota with only 28K miles is leaking oil, must have been the last person who parked here.”” So I keep driving, and August 9th I notice it’s running rough. I think to myself, “”that’s odd, I was literally just at Charles Maund Toyota.”” I check the dipstick and it’s bone dry…. Not a drip of oil…. I’ve been driving all over Austin in 110 degree weather with no oil, causing irreversible damage to my engine. Currently sitting here as they fix the mistake and comp me for oil change. $75 to cover up irreversible damage to a car I paid $15,000 for…. Moral of the story: go to your neighborhood mechanic who cares about his reputation and isn’t too big to fail and therefore pays attention to his work so mistakes like this don’t happen.”
Rona Joyce
Walked out CMT with two new Toyota’s in less than 30 days. Kudos to Mohammed Merchant for always being so patient, taking that extra mile and having a great rapport. Mr. Merchant will definitely prefer that you explain every detail of your visit such as budget, type of vehicle etc… From there he will definitely get you the best deal and you would walk out with a key on your hand and a smile on your face!
Hamza Faraz
Lloyd Pennebaker remained true to his word that he would never lose a customer over pricing. He matched the lowest quote we received from market, was very courteous and straight forward in his engagement and closed the deal for us in record time.
Steven Rodriguez
Derek and Russell made my buying experience amazing after having a bad experience at another dealership I reached out to Derek and explained what had happened, he assured me that he was gonna make my experience easy and enjoyable and he sure delivered his promise, the patience and understanding of my needs they had even when I asked to see multiple vehicles was incredible, always up front with all the numbers and explain even the details I didn’t get at first, Lorenzo at finance walked me throughout all my paperwork and ensure I was aware of terms, interest rate and monthly payment to ensure it was to my satisfaction. If you looking for an easy and enjoyable experience you need to come see these 3 guys. I have nothing less to say than I’m extremely happy with my 2020 Camry and thank you guys!!
Andrew Kinsfather
I went in not thinking I would get approved, but Alvaro Peres Guerrero and Anthony Falsetti got me into a brand new 2021 Toyota Corolla the same day and at the price I told them I needed. Amazing customer service and really a great team to work with. Not high pressure like the other dealerships. 10/10 would recommend!
fabyana rowley
I have just purchased a brand new 2020 Toyota Camry from the most amazing salesperson! Mr. Mohammed Merchant, at Charles Maund Toyota, was simply wonderful to work with. There was never a moment I felt pressured to buy the vehicle. He, being a retired veteran, was honest, respectful, and straightforward. He gave me a fantastic deal that I just could not pass up and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Mr. Merchant for your service and a great car-buying experience!!!
Tuan Nguyen
Love my shopping experience with this dealership. They are quite busy during Covid19, a lot of people (shoppers, employees and shopper’s family members). This big place is still so crowded with all of the people walking around. Social distance is not happening here, but they seems always find way to calm down things. I wish they can offer more online processing so that they can eliminate some of the crowded of people in there. I am quite lucky that buying a car for only about 2 hours. Anyway, I truly recommend this dealership if you are in search of a new car.
Sandra Salazar
Exceptional service! Greatly recommend. Service for my Toyota Camry was fast and very well done. They quickly replaced my battery for a new one…at NO charge. Love their warranty!!! This location has been by far the BEST Toyota center!
Maurice Leavitt
Kevin at charles maund made our experience great. Super great to get a long with and was open to letting us talk about the vehicles alone. Super amazing personality. He made buying my friends car buying experience so great
Larry Schaber
Friendly, informative. Didn’t have car shown on website.
Matt Gostnell
Bought a brand new 4Runner Limited from Charles Maund in May, Scotty Stephens was an excellent sales man that provided great customer service. The problems began after that when my brand new cars rear bumper melted in a parking lot, not sure why but it appears the sun, somehow melted the bumper of the car. Toyota wouldn’t do anything under warranty claiming that it was from an outside source. I’ve owned a lot of cars and never had one melt from the sun. It seems that the plastic Toyota is using isn’t all that great, I would steer clear of Toyota. This has proven to be one of my most regrettable large purchases.
Trisha Yardley
Pushy and worked over till I was tired and gave in on purchase. Promised multiple things and follow-through did not happen until a called them out. Financing did not bother to tell me I had a service plan free of charge on the car already and then offered the maintenance plan in which I would be paying for that same service that was being provided for for free. One thing after another with the service department and lack of communication. They put you in a rental for work to be done on your car and when asked to give you a call when vehicle done and as soon as done so perhaps you won’t have to drive in rush hour traffic…they don’t. Every time I called the Service guy at 4ish to ask if car was ready and every time it was sitting there waiting. One time I did not call till 4:45 and then with rush hour traffic I almost did not make it to the rental place to return car before closing…Frustrating experience almost every time. You have to babysit and follow-up on things or possibly things won’t get done. They caused damage to my bumper on one said occasions and I pointed it out. They agreed to fix it including buffing out the paint scuffs-what did they do? They got a paint touch-up pen and filled in the scuffed paint…so, now it looks like I tried to cover up damage. They advertise they sanitize every car and that everyone will wear a mask…I witnessed twice people moving cars in service without a mask on…and seriously question the car cleaning. I won’t go into my long list of frustrating visits, but touched on a few.
Mariah Solum
I did NOT have a good experience at this dealer at all. I felt pushed around and manipulated because I was there by myself & wasn’t ready to buy anything, just looking to test drive and talk about what would be good for me. They pushed me into putting down money to “hold” a car I didn’t even want and couldn’t afford, talked me out of what I DID want, and they shotgunned a credit check to who knows how many banks and knocked my credit score down by 55 points. They ignored my calls for over a week when I tried to get my deposit back, and FINALLY someone at the desk answers and gave me a refund. I would never go back
Mark Otte
We had an unfortunate experience with this auto dealership. We looked up a vehicle we were interested in on their website, and then set an appointment to meet with a sales rep to see it. When we arrived at the designated time the sales rep was unavailable, so we got someone else. Then they could not locate the keys to the automobile we were interested in. So we were unable to open the doors let alone take it for a test drive. We had to leave frustrated. While we are sure that this is not a common occurrence, we still felt that it was not a pleasant experience.
Stephen Hoxmeier
In and out in 2.5 hrs. Good experience. My son bought his car here last year so I found the car I wanted at the price and financing I wanted and made the deal. They gave me a fair price for my trade in.
Keith Crawford
Just wanted to express how happy I was with Mark from the body shop. EXTREMELY nice guy, AMAZING customer service. Mark went out of his way to help me out as much as he could. He got my new Corolla SE into the shop and out as fast as possible. Repair was done before expected date, and was an overall pleasant experience. I would HIGHLY recommend his service. Thanks again Mark!
Barbara Algere
Stan is definitely the man at Charles mound Toyota. If you’re looking for a brand new car at a great rate ask for Stan over at Charles mound Toyota, he won’t disappoint.
Robert Mayfield
Honest and to the point. Great trade in value and great price. The branch manager took the time to speak with me. I will be buying from them again in the future.
Yvette Santos-Wissel
We went to several Toyota dealerships to shop around and we came back to Charles Maund because of the way we were treated. Brandon was our salesman and he really took the time to hear us out and wasn’t too pushy. He gave us the facts, his opinion but didn’t push us around the way other dealerships did.
Jasmine Peterson
Jim Dimeo and his team… Dave Hardy and Tom in Finance… seamless transaction…. thank you so much for getting us into a new vehicle …
GetN2 A’s Bizznez
Had an awesome experience! Ally was so kind and finance was very detailed and quick. Everyone had a mask on so I felt safe!! Loving my new car 😍
Corey Z
Kevin Araujo is a real pleasure to work with. He was professional, personable and answered all our questions. The test drive was helpful and we never felt pressured or rushed. Highly recommend him as a salesman!
Charles Peters
Great sales experience with Terrell buying a used Nissan truck. Terrell was professional, responsive and courteous! Thank you Terrell
Jay Shields
Ally Leem was by far the fastest, most detailed, accommodating car sales person I have ever encountered. She made this process incredibly easy, even making multiple trips to my home in the wake of the virus. The experience with Ally was memorable and over the top and I will 100% be recommending and using her in the future. This was the best car buying experience in my life. To the dealership, do everything you can to keep Ally! She is unique, courteous and talented!
Jonathan Stott
Great experience at this dealer for purchasing a new Rav 4 Hyrbid. Jessica was a delight to work with. Not pushy, but very supportive. If you’re looking for a dealer that is sensitive to public health guidelines and will work with you to support a safe transaction, I would highly recommend as well!
Jill Yonnone
I’ve been in for service intervals 3 times now. Disappointed or annoyed every time. Either someone is rude or they take for ever. My car has been complete for 20 minutes but I can’t leave until the paperwork is done. Awesome, Not. Just hoping no one hits it in it’s illegal parking spot blocking two other cars.
Jeff La Force
Amazing, thoughtful, patient and extremely kind . . . I left Charles Maund in a state of astonishment. I haven’t the words to adequately express my grattitude.
christian dieterle
I have purchase 3 4Runner’s from Maund . First & foremost, they have always given the most competitive price. Second, they have always been respectful & professional in getting to that price (no high pressure sales tactics). There are 2 other Toyota dealerships that are closer & more convenient. It has been worth my drive to use Maund. It was even quicker & easier now with COVID: did the negotiation over the phone and they delivered the vehicle and paperwork to my house the next day.
Nick H
Everyone in the service center (Especially Mark Peralez) was extremely helpful and well mannered. Will use them for any future needs for my car.
Cory Engdale
This purchase would not have happened without Dereck Anderson. Such a great salesman and overall great person. He knew what I was looking for and listened to my budget. Dereck got me into a truck with more than I expected at a price below my requested budget. Thank you Dereck Anderson
Sam Wehaib
I was so happy to deal with this dealership, I had a great experience, and I recommend Charles Maund Toyota if you think to buy a new car. Shannon Brady was a great help, accurate and straightforward information provided, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Yvetta Cleveland
My experience at Charles Maund Toyota was amazing customer service was great and courtesy, I got the Vehicle I wanted. Not a long wait on paperwork signing everything was just amazing.Thanks to Mr. Alvin Reed and keeping me safe of the Covid 19 by wearing his Mask at all times during the whole process as well the financial dept, Mr. Gary Beckford Jr, for wearing his Mask.
Paola Romero
Purchases my 2017 Toyota Camry here, I was very upset to find out my car only came with one key, after conversing with my sales person I left the building aggravated but did not left the lot before the Director Brent Williams stopped me to find out the issue and made the situation all better. I was very happy once assisted, I can say that the managers definitely make sure all customers leave HAPPY! I recommend this place if you’re looking for a new edition to the family 🚙
Abed Abdelaziz
Most efficient and transparent car buying process in Austin. Mike Bui is the guy to go to for a new Toyota- he’s extremely responsive and will work to get you the best price. Fantastic experience.
Nico Saldivar
“I didn’t buy my car here, but I do live in Austin so this is my go to for maintenance and service. My first impression was, “”Wow, they’re busy, but no one looks unhappy so they must be good!”” Well, I was right. Most times they have my car finished before their estimated time. I’ve never been there for much longer than an hour. Friendly staff, too.”
Ann Clawson
I went to Charles Maund to get my car serviced for 30K maintenance. The staff was pleasant and caring. I noticed that the staff used the hand sanitizer every time they passed the station and all were wearing their masks. After my car was done, it was washed and sanitized. Very positive experience.
Glausy Hernandez
Awesome person I met there with excellent work and kind attention his name is Kevin Araujo. I recommend to who are interested to buy a car to ask for him he will assist you with love and respect. Thank you.!!
Sue Bell
I bought a car there from Mohammed Merchant yesterday. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. It was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Mohammed Merchant and Charles Maund Toyota.
Dan Thompson
WATCHOUT NEW CAR Salesman Aaron Garcia LIAR/LAZY. I came looking for a New RAV4 XLE for my son before Christmas. It was in stock from the inventory online. He couldn’t locate the vehicle an went to help another customer. I called the sales department an another salesman located the the vehicle with in 15 mins. Christmas Day my son was so happy.
“Shady pricing and shady salesman, will not buy. went in to test drive a Toyota. I created an excel sheet with payment calculator that included TTL, form this calculation I told the salesman about our target payment and price and that we will not buy 1) shady tactic, he kept our trade in keys in the back to make us feel like we had to go through him to leave 2) shady tactic, he made it seem like the car had included bumper to bumper 7 year warranty because it was certified (which it does not only powertrain) 3) came back to our table 4 times with “”this is my managers best offer”” which is a giant waste of our time and does not value us as a customer 4) the numbers do not add up, I have a business degree and I calculated already what the total loan cost and payments would be, and the numbers they gave us did not add up, and there were no extra line items to explain the 2,000 difference, turns out he had hidden the extended bumper to bumper warranty. I cant imagine how many people they have tricked into buying these extra hidden line items 5) I had already used their trade in valuation tool online before we visited to get an idea of what they would give me, the price they initially told me was several thousand less than their tool, why even have a tool online if they do not even give accurate values or honor their “”trade in certificate”” 6) after we were not budging on the price we wanted the salesman attitude changed completely and his responses became very rude and short. From the beginning I told him the price we wanted to leave with the car, I did not engage in the negotiating games, I showed him my print outs from edmunds and kbb”
Mohammed Merchant
Phenomenal service department at Charles Maund Toyota. I am a retired U S Army soldier and have lived in the Austin area for the past 20 years. I am amazed at the fast friendly service provided by Jerry Hernandez and will continue to have him service my vehicle in the future. Being a retired soldier, I have had my cars serviced all over the world and I am happy to report that the service department at Charles Maund Toyota is by far the very best that I have seen. Thanks Jerry, you are Awesome!!
Ivan Escobar
Where could I start, I have to say this has been the best experience I’ve ever had so far at a dealership, Mario and Ruben (the manager) took great care of my mom and I, we walked in with a budget in mind and walked out with an awesome car that met that budget thanks to them! I greatly appreciate all their help hooking me up with a great deal on a 2017 Toyota Corolla SE, I’d blindly recommend Charles Maund Toyota just because of the awesome staff!
rosio arce
Went a couple months ago to check out cars and was greeted by the sweetest young lady Celeste N. Garcia, I wasn’t planning on getting anything but, Celeste did such an amazing job showing me what I wanted and giving me precise details about my vehicle. I ended up walking out with a RAV4, if y’all are looking for a help picking your vehicle I recommend Celeste 100%!
Antoinette C.
Absolutely the BEST car buying experience ever!!! Take it from someone who used to sell cars and always dreaded the experience, I was shocked at how wonderful they are. From Robo & JR (salesmen)to Brent (Sales Mgr) and Humam (Finance Mgr), I couldn’t ask for better. I definitely recommend them for your next vehicle!!!
S Wahl
Jerry Hernandez is my go to guy when I bring my truck in for service. I highly recommend him.. Honest and always able to answer my questions.
Leila Bahrevar
My experience yesterday (12/22) left me extremely frustrated. My Bluetooth audio is no longer working in 2019 RAV4 and I scheduled to have it taken care of, as well as just some maintenance work to be done. When I made the appointment, whomever I spoke to acted like this was going to be no problem, set my appointment, and that was it. Fast forward to my arrival, I’m greeted in a rather rude way and condescendingly was told something like needing my Bluetooth audio fixed would take up to four hours and they weren’t going to fix it. Instead of trying to schedule for me to come in another time they proceeded with my maintenance and sent me on my way. I was disappointed no one took the time to figure out how/when I could get the issue fixed and even after getting my car back to me when they finished with the maintenance, I was simply handed a piece of paper and told to go the counter (zero explanation on the condition of my car, what they did, etc). I think great businesses stand out most when they are the busiest but still show their customers great service. Also, as a nurse sitting in your lobby, it’s very disheartening to see how many of your employees aren’t wearing their masks properly. Unfortunately, I will likely take my Toyota elsewhere because I did not appreciate the service I received yesterday.
Alex Lyssy
“Bought a used truck a couple weeks ago with a 5 year Bumper to Bumper warranty. Its currently sitting on the side of the road for 24 hours now since Friday evening and will be until at least Monday as no one I call recognizes my alleged “”Warranty””. Charles Maund Toyota has been less than useful after more than 15 calls ranging from Finance, the guy who sold it to me, and even managers all quoting “”Well we show you bought a warranty””. Very cordial on the phone sure but the fact that my car is still on the side of the road and will be for several days until maybe they can get the paperwork fixed on Monday is unacceptable. Never expected this to be a issue anyways as you don’t really expect trucks you buy from a “”Reputable”” dealership to break down less than a month after purchase.”
William Bakel
Jessica P. was amazing in the sales process! Requested a online quote of my old car and she reached out instantly and got me taken care. Showed me the car I wanted and let me test drive and made it the easiest buying experience I ever had! I walked out with a awesome car and a great deal! I will be coming back to Jessica and the dealership for everything I need. Thank you for all the help and getting me the car I wanted!
Great truck and great dealer…. Shannon Brady is awesome.
benny meltzer
The staff is friendly and informative. If you can, ask for Mr. Mohammed Merchant. He’s honest, a U.S. army vet, and he made the process of buying my new vehicle very easy.
Andrew Cummings
Austin Tex Preimer Toyota Dealership is Charles Maund Toyota The Best in Toyota Sales And Service in All Of Central Tex So Stop in At Charles Maund Toyota And Enjoy The Wide Slections of New And Pre Owned Toyota Cars Trucks And Vans & CUVs And SUVs Shop Charles Maund Toyota Of Austin And Save Drive away in Style
Sam Ho
WARNING: STAY FAR AWAY! Charles Maund Toyota did not perform the services on my car they were supposed to. Tire rotations (3 different occasions) were NOT completed but they still invoiced for it. Be sure to mark your tires with chalk/nail polish before taking your car in to this shady service department to be sure the tire rotation is actually done. Or better yet, stay far away from Charles Maund Toyota for car services! As a result of their negligence, my tires were prematurely worn and caused my car to slide frequently. This is a huge public safety hazard. I have complained to upper management but they dismissed my concerns and took no action. They also fraudulently invoiced for reimbursement and got reimbursed for the service not performed. I only knew about this because they sent me their reimbursement invoice when I complained. It’s crazy to think how many times they’ve gotten away with this with no one knowing. Not only this, my services were documented under the WRONG CUSTOMER. Not only is this invalid documentation, Charles Maund Toyota released another person’s private information (they released this other individual’s address and phone numbers) and to this date, they still have not corrected this despite numerous complaints. I can’t imagine how many times they have wrongfully released personal private information! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS! You and your vehicle deserve better.
Jennifer Starrett
This is my 2nd Toyota purchase in 2 years. They make it a very simple process, fair pricing, and no pressure to buy. I will be back to buy again.
Courtney Farmer
I had the best experience at Charles Maund Toyota with Mike Bui. He was prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and organized. This was the most enjoyable car buying experience I have ever had. There wasn’t a question Mike couldn’t answer, he went the extra mile to make sure I was happy and comfortable, he was patient and understanding when I needed time to make a decision, and he was so organized and efficient throughout all of my visits that none of my time was ever wasted. If you’re in the market for a car, I highly recommend finding Mike!
Ace Bailey
Anthony was a fantastic salesman, I got $5000 off my new 2021. Love it! Always up front about costs and don’t add on markups when closing.
Cecilia Cortez
I recently purchased a new 2020 vehicle from Mohammed Merchant, a retired solider. I overall had an amazing experience. All very professional, organized and very helpful. Highly recommend to all, a great experience and get you the car you want! Best service you can receive from Charles Maund Toyota.
Marie Casimir
Took my car in for an oil change. Everyone was courteous and the service was fast. My car was even given a carwash. Also, the facility was being cleaned constantly. I was happy with my service.
Ivana Balic
My sales representative Mohammad Merchant was amazing to work with and got me exactly what I was looking for. Mohammad ,a proud military retiree who is very honest and understood my families needs and desires. He listened to my needs and was not pushy at alI. I would highly requirement him.
Red Cat
Jerry is the man, always a first class experience with him.
Brittany von Oldenburg
I had the fortunate opportunity to be referred to Mohammed Merchant in helping me purchase my TRD Off Road 4Runner. Mr. Merchant is a remarkable veteran with a handful of knowledge and experience among Toyota vehicles. I real appreciated his efficiency and thoroughness in answering all of my questions around my first vehicle purchase. I felt that I was well taken care from both a vehicle safety and education perspective, as well as getting a real good deal, Mohammed went and battled for me in getting the best price for me, and being a recent grad that means a lot to me. He made my first car buying experience easy and quick. I am beyond pleased with my 4Runner and could not be more excited for the adventures this car will take me. I highly recommend Charles Maund Toyota, they offered a feasible and generous trade-in with my Wrangler and made the buying experience worthwhile. This my first time coming to Charles Maund, but certainly not my last. Thank you.
Anna Givens
This past Saturday, we bought another Toyota from Mohammed Merchant. It is the fourth vehicle we purchased from him over the past 15 years. His patience, experience, and knowledge of the Toyota product allow him to make the buying process as smooth and efficient as possible. Even though other dealerships are closer to us, It was well worth the drive to Charles Maund Toyota. Mohammed, thank you for your help and thank you for your service to our country.
Karen Hooker
Took new truck in for first maintenance. Staff was great!! In and out! Even got a wash😀😀
John Pieper
Mark and his crew at the collision center are the best. As busy as they are, they are always immediately available to provide updates on the progress of your repairs. They return your calls as soon as possible If they miss your call. They provide constant updates on the progress of your repairs and even use texting to get you information you need. It might seem like repairs take a while to complete, but Mark and his guys will not release a car until it meets or exceeds your expectations and meets Toyota’s high and demanding standard. When I first bought this car we took it to a competitor for repairs and had a horrible experience. From that day forward, any body or collision work we have done is always at Charles Maund where we bought the car. I don’t know where Mark gets his patience because I know I was calling him frequently and I noticed others were too. His phone never stops ringing and no matter how busy he is, you feel like his only customer. He also remembers details about your car if you happen to contact him when he doesn’t have your file right in front of him. When I picked up my car this week it looked brand new. Although when I drove it off the lot I noticed that my window tint had been badly scratched during the replacement of my driver’s door. I took it back and Mark was very apologetic and said he would have his guys repair it whenever I had time to take it in. Once again, meeting or exceeding Toyota’s standards and reputation. We never take our car anywhere else even for routine and scheduled maintenance. At the service center Will Mannella and his crew provide the same high quality service you come to expect from Charles Maund. We won’t let anyone else touch our car. Whether for scheduled and routine maintenance, or body and collision work, these service crews treat your car like it’s their own. You are always given personal attention until your car is ready for you to drive it away. We bought our car here and they will care for it until it can’t be driven any longer one day. Great Job, guys!!! John Peiper and Ray Falcon
Daniel Manrique
New to Austin, just bought a 2020 4RUNNER in San Antonio less than 1,000 miles on it. Looking for a service department near me. Found Charles Maund. Made a 10:00am appointment for today showed up at 9:30am and was told it might be a couple of hours. So they gave me a ride home. Tried calling my service advisor Nikati Luckey four times no response. Finally six hours later he returns my call to tell me they just drove my vehicle and confirmed what I had told them. The drivers side tire is vibrating and so is the steering wheel. But it will probably be tomorrow before they get to it because they have to many recalls. So why did I make an appointment? Totally disappointed. Why was I skipped for all your recalls. Not very professional. 10-6-2020 Hopefully my information doesn’t get lost!
Jaime Falco
Honest, competent, awesome team in the service department. I am grateful for both the good service for my vehicle and also the great customer experience. Update- my service was unsatisfactory upon leaving, causing me to have to come back 3 days later but Will took care of it. Thank you.
alfredo g mosqueda
Came early for oil change and walk around trying to upgrade my highlander nobody help me,some of the agents look at me but never said if I need help,NOBODY!!!!!! couples of weeks ago they don’t stop call me saying I got a higher credit and I show up and the CHARLES MAUND TOYOTA SIMPLE KICK ME OUT OF THERE,maybe because I look different!!!!!! Shame no Charles maund !!!!!
Wyatt Brown
We just leased a new RAV 4 from Charles Maund Toyota and it was a wonderful experience. Mr. Merchant, a retired Veteran, offered a pleasant, friendly, and transparent experience that made the entire process stress-free, time-efficient, and easy. Mr. Merchant allowed us the time and space to examine exactly what we were looking for while readily answering all of our questions and concerns. Mr. Merchant treated us with the dignity and respect he practiced every day in the military; his honesty and diligence were both welcome and appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Merchant and Charles Maund Toyota for your buying or leasing needs – this team offered the experience everyone dreams about!
Ariana Bre That’s Me
I was being helped a nice salesman, however, when he got the manager to negotiate the manager was very rude and pushy. As a woman car shopping alone he made me feel very uncomfortable. When I went shopping with my boyfriend I was shown more respect and lower deals which is a shame. Car shop elsewhere!!
Ashton Smothermon
Josh White was nice, helpful and professional! He made my buying process easy, even though I showed up way before my appointment, and was in a huge rush. I got the car I wanted at a great price. I would absolutely recommend buying here, and especially buying with Josh!
Mohammed Merchant was fantastic!! He was very calm and cool, not pushy at all. He listened to my needs and went above & beyond to honor them! Made buying a new car as easy as possible- I will use him in the future. Also, he is a veteran- if you need any help in purchasing a car, he’s your guy!! A Million Thanks!!☆
Ken Turman
“Please consider Travis Smith and his manager, who must have trained him and also provided exceptional Courtesy, Efficiency and Job Knowledge and effort for Incentive Awards. The visit provided us with a new Corolla that we had not been able to achieve in the DFW area. We live 4 1/2 hours away from Austin and Travis’ cold call for our accidentally getting on your website and “”building a Corolla”” really gave us a good deal. Thank you. Ken and LaVelle Turman”
M Bailey
This is the 4th new Toyota Sienna I have owned since 2007. I contacted Mohammed Merchant (US Army veteran, retired) in hopes of finding a 2020 XLE in silver. Mohammed not only found the exact vehicle I was seeking but had it ready to pickup shortly. Once I arrived at Charles Maund Toyota, Mohammed welcomed me and made me feel like the most important person in the showroom. His attention to details and ever warm and friendly nature easily made this purchase the best car-buying experience I have ever experienced. It certainly made for one satisfied, happy customer! I would recommend Charles Maund Toyota and especially Mohammed Merchant to anyone seeking the ‘real deal’ in vehicles and the purchase of same. As a side note: I could have driven less than 1 hour to the nearest Toyota dealership but instead I traveled 3 hours each way – with NO regrets.
They took a week to properly arrange a rental car for me and even at that I spent about 3 hrs on the phone making sure they did it right, very unhappy with their service. 10/10 would not got back or recommend to anyone
Selene Cuevas
Brent at Pre Owned and all the guys in the Service Department do an Amazing Job!!! Thanks for all your kind attentions. I keep coming back to Charles Maund for our Toyotas!
Ivette Ramos
I had a great experience buying my first car there, about two weeks ago. I worked with Alton W. through the process. Not only did he have great knowledge of the many questions I had, but he also got me exactly what I wanted in my price range.
Teola Guyton Durham Bryant
Manager informed me the the tow service in route and My sales person Grant came and picked us up in 20min…Put us in a Optima have it until my car is fixed ….Towed the car in all in [email protected] safe….Hope to have my car back on Monday or Tuesday…My son & I drove pass the location where my vehicle stop after leaving Charles Maund Toyota and the tow service was already there. Excellent Service..
Kev Yow
My experience with Charles Maund was phenomenal!!!! I reached out online in regards to a specific vehicle, and was contacted immediately by Joe Buantello. Joe made my buying experience an absolute pleasure!! I was very firm on my price and expectations, and Joe 100% delivered! It was the fastest transaction I’ve ever experienced with purchasing a new car. I drove off with my beautiful new 4 Runner in less than 2 hrs! I will absolutely be telling everyone to go see Joe!!
Vitalii Zabaznov
Just leased new Toyota Venza, my experience was really great, the easiest deal ever, got great discount, they took care about my previous lease with zero down, special thanks to Samael Mawani
Michael Matusiak
This dealer was very nice to deal with with our first car from them went back to get a second one but they just didnt have what we were wanting in all the features yet. Will continue to watch there website for others.
Jeff Heinzelman
Lloyd Pennebaker was the first car sales person that ever sat down with us and asked us why we needed a new car. Lloyd carefully and thoughtfully explored our needs thoroughly before even talking to us about what kind of car he thought we might like. He was genuinely interested in our needs and ensuring that we were satisfied with our purchase. The entire experience was an A+ thanks to his careful attention to detail. We will gladly return when the need arises, couldn’t of asked for anything more.
Brenda Young
I had to fastest, easiest and stress free car buying experience with Charles Maund Toyota. My salesman, Mohamed Merchant, made all this possible. His knowledge of the Toyota product is extensive. Mohammed is also retired US Army. I highly recommend Mohammed for your car buying needs.
Hayden Knox
Great dealership! Very friendly professional service. I had to bring the car back when 15 miles from the dealership to see why the tire indicater light on the instrument panel was on. They immediately jumped on the problem & had me back on the road in 10 minutes! Super service, friendly staff.
Kendra Wallace
Hi my name is Kendra Wallace and I just recently bought a car from you guys September 12 I have a RAV4 I really love it.Danielle Kim has always been my sales associate she’s a great person she help me get the best deal and cars from you guys since day 1 she very great personality always keep her word and make sure that she gets the job done I appreciate you so much Danielle for all the help that you have ever help me with thank you.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
judith garner
As new customer of Charles Maund Toyota,I was greeted at the door upon my arrival. Within less than 5 minutes a sales representative was at my side to help me. My sales representative was Mohammad Merchant. Mohammad ,a proud military retiree did a very good job of explaining each cars different features and explaining the monthly payments that I could expect based on my finances. Buying a car takes time and is a big decision. Mohammad was very patient . I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to “buy”. I will send my friends and family who are interested in Toyota to Mohammed.Thank you so much for making the car buying process pretty stress free!
Radwan Ktesh
Horrible service my partner go to buy I used car he wait for 4 hours and they had his current car key and keep him on hold , after he signed the deal they told him the car will be ready on Monday and that was Friday, Monday no body call and he text and call the guy on the deal 3 time no answer , we had to talk to the sale manger any he say tomorrow the car will be ready , next day at 7:00 pm the call is to get the car but we have 45 minutes to be there we get there some guy gave us the car and say you the office close you will come tomorrow for signatures, 2 days later they call us to return the car because the bank that’s finance the car turn the deal off , after the already pay off his old car and take it , now we still back and forth…… just be carful and never let them finance for you , get your bank lone separate
Andrew Bowen
I bought my car at Charles Maund. When Toyota had a recall, Charles Maund got me in quick and the repair was done quickly and without any hassles. A Charles Maund employee even made a quick and simple repair for free which was welcome as the purchase experience there had been less than exceptional. Based on this employee’s ability to do this without having to ask mgmt for permission I will definitely consider Charles Maund for my next vehicle purchase.
Recommend it place, for all Toyota users. Very friendly staff and professional mechanics.
Adam Uccello
BEWARE – SHADY PRACTICES. Management refused to honor price of vehicle listed online. In regard to your response, I just want to be clear that I did more than ‘inquire about the vehicle’. I sent the price that was listed online to your salesperson, and told them that I would like to come test drive that vehicle. I took time out of my afternoon to go to the dealership and do the test drive with your salesperson and was about to purchase. It wasn’t until he came back to the desk that he told me that you would not honor the price that you had listed and that I had confirmed with him. (I can post the communications if you’d like, but I’d rather not put your salesperson’s name in the public domain.) At that point, I told him that if the dealership was not going to honor the price that I would take my business elsewhere. I did receive a message from the dealership in the days following the test drive saying that you would then honor the price, but am frankly not interested in pursuing any purchase with your dealership after that interaction. I spoke with your salesperson and told him such over the phone as well.
Rocky Walters
I have bought Seven cars from Charles Maund Toyota. I continue with Charles Maund because all departments have strived to excel my experience and expectations. I would highly recommend them to everyone. I want to give special thanks to Wes Newman who I have had the privilege to know since day one when I purchased my first vehicle and he among others keep my cars in great working condition and Mark and Lance who also I appreciate who all make me want to continue using Charles Maund.
Aaron Lancaster
I don’t usually post reviews but I felt so taken advantage of that if this saves someone from making the same mistake it will be worth my time. About a week ago went to get my oil changed here, I’ve had a maintenance plan since I bought my 2017 Tacoma from them and everything had been great up until this day and I’m still under 50k miles, this was my first visit since my maintenance plan expired and I suddenly needed over $1000 of work done. My original service advisor let me know that none of it had to be done right away as long as I aware and didn’t go too much longer without getting some of it done. He said the most important thing was my power steering fluid and brake fluid but could both wait along with the rear differential fluid and cleaning of the fuel injectors but those two were much lower priority. Also said the rear differential change would cost $276 when later i was told it was actually only $170. I had a 215 appointment at which time I declined any additional services other than my oil change and tire rotation which was supposed to be around $140 plus tax which I agreed to and they took my truck away. 45 minutes into my appointment I was in the waiting room on a work call when an entirely new employee calls my cell phone urging me to get the extra services but he said that the rear differential was the most important and had to be done right away along with the cleaning of the fuel injectors. He then sent me a text asking me to approve $523 of work but there was no explanation or breakdown of what the funds were for, the first advisor did a great job of explaining the prices but this one did not. I was on a call and didn’t have time to research pricing much less actually see the pricing but i assumed they had my best interest in mind and I made the mistake of approving the work, and I do admit that was my mistake. About an hour later, less than two after my original appointment they let me know my truck was ready. When I got my bill it was for $560 and over $300 was just for labor and my truck was there barely two hours and at least 45 minutes of that was an oil change and tire rotation. I left without saying anything but the next day I priced the same work at several reputable shops around town and found that I could have got the same work done for under 300. I called and spoke with a manager and at first they acted as if they were as confused and concerned as I was and they would look into it and get back to me which they did. The next time we spoke I was told all they could do for me was give me a free oil change with no explanation as to what happened, why it happened, what was being done to make sure it was not done again. I was simply ripped off and then brushed off and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. I understand the dealership is going to be more expensive but this was ridiculous both in regards to the price and the fact that I had already clearly declined the services but was then pressured into moving forward. I will never buy another vehicle there nor will I ever get anymore work done there. I didn’t share any names bc I’d like to be as professional as possible but had to share my experience.
They have done an amazing job!
Tim Lee
Shannon was great to work with and the whole experience went well and quickly. Highly recommended.
Kara Electric
Always had fast, friendly service here. Angel R. did a great job and had great customer service. Now going in for service isn’t a chore. Thanks!
Cenica Ringgold
Everyone at Charles Maund Toyota was so kind and helpful from the start of my experience to the end. My salesman, Brad Frizzel, was patient and listened to what I wanted. The team worked together to get me out of there in a timely manner and with a great deal! I’ll be sending all my friends and family their way!
Joseph Cantu
I set up an appointment to view a vehicle. The sales representative called me and wanted to know if I had any questions about the vehicle. I went to see the vehicle a few hours later. When I arrived they informed me that the vehicle was already sold. The manager said it was sold a couple of days before and apologized that it was still on their website. They tried to sell other vehicles that were higher prices but were very similar to the vehicle I was looking at. I hate this. It is very shady salesmanship. It is very disrespectful and a waste of my time.
Kris Butler
I always request to work with Lance C because he always takes care to see that I understand what’s happening. He doesn’t try to trick me into paying for stuff I don’t need. He’s always straight forward and kind. He’s got a great sense of humor too which is a bonus.
Dusty Hamilton
Great service, clean environment, all the staff was friendly but professional.
Alex P
Don’t go to their used car division. Treat yourself, go to other dealerships.
Heather Parker
We went to this dealership to check out a few used cars that they had on the lot. Unfortunately with the salesman who came out to greet us I wasn’t even able to look at anything that I wanted to look at. He took us right inside and tried to put me into a brand new car that was out of the price range I told him that I was looking at. He also divulged my private information to others without my consent. He called me to follow up and I told him that we ended up going somewhere else and purchasing a car. He then proceeded to ask me what I got and from where. I just stopped engaging in the conversation as at this point I didn’t think that it was any of his business as to what I got, who sold it to me, or from what dealership I ended up doing business with. We were very put off by our experience here. Based on my experience, I would not recommend looking at vehicles here.
Jose mejia
For the most part I’m usually satisfied with their service, but today they let me down. Went for an oil change and they asked me about other routine maintenance (which is great that they look at what is needed to keep the cars going). However, upon delivery there was a loud clacking noise coming from the engine. I drove it home hoping it was just something caught under the car, but it wasn’t. I had to eventually drive it back to have them fix the issue (they missed connecting something). I just wonder if they were too quick to send the car out that they neglected to listen to the clacking noise. Wasted gas and time in the process. They did address me when I returned which is why I didn’t rate lower (they took care of it second time around).
Symphony Bagsby
Looking for an exceptional car buying experience? Well look no further! I had the pleasure of working with Byron West and Stan Sneed. Both took the time to educate me about rates and options that best fit my needs. Their patience, transparency, and overall customer service exceeded my expectations. CMD is very fortunate to have Byron and Stan as they are definitely value added assets to the team and culture.
Kathryn Burns
I just needed to have my car tuned up. It was routine. I did have to wait quite a while before someone took my car, but everyone was friendly and helpful.
Cynthia Hughes
Matt my sales guy was great,but I can’t give 5 stars though because I’m still waiting to hear back from Charles Maund Toyota about getting the ding in my cAr fixed as was promised during the sale. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jessica Whitlock
A friend knew I was in the market for a used car and recommended me to Jenny. Jenny has been so hands on in helping me find exactly what works with me and made it so easy to find a car for me,even with all of the many details and struggles in my situation. She made everything so easy and clear for me as a first time car buyer. She is so wonderful at what she does and puts a lot of effort into finding the best fit. Thank you SO much; I love my new 2016 Toyota Corolla
Abhay Rajan
I worked with Efren Pulido. His service was beyond awesome. He went out of his way to provide me with a fantastic buying experience. I am really happy with my purchase.
William Wallace
The place was very busy but I got good service from them. Their mechanics are always very reliable.
Dilbara England
Me and my husband both had problems with our cars at the same time. Usually we are big on DIYs. But eventually, you just get to the point that you’ve done all you could do and to save yourself a headache and tons of stress you decide to buy a new car. This is exactly what we did. We went to Charles Maund Toyota. This was our first and last stop. I want to acknowledge the wonderful people who made this possible. Mohammed Merchant was our salesperson and he was amazing! He listed to our needs, because we had a certain budget to meet. I just wanted a reliable car that I can drive worry free. Mohammed, being an ex- military personnel, went above and beyond! Not only we were able to get military discount, but we also got an amazing financial offer. Brandon got up a great APR and a payment plan, that offers you to split one monthly payments in two. We didn’t have to put any money down as well. I can keep going on and on about them. The whole process was transparent and easy. We both ended up buying cars. They even took my barely running car as a trade in. They were amazing! If you decide to go there and you have a military background, go find Mohammed. I will recommend this place to anyone ❤️.
Daniel Huang
I’ve bought my third vehicle from this place, and each time I feel like I’ve gotten a fair deal. And each time they’ve made sure to go over and beyond to make sure that their customer service after the sale is excellent. Which is why I’ve …
Jacob Dadson
Most horrible experience I have ever had at a dealership. They were rude and very dishonest. I signed a deal for a trade in and when I returned from my bank with a $25K check, the managers reneged on the deal. I had to tow my trade in car …
Mohammed Austin
Today I went to buy a car, the sales lady was not professional and the manager shows some attitude it’s surprised me because I bough my first car from them. I did not like the way that how treated me as a customer. Hopefully if they train them with some sales techniques and customer service courses.
Thomas J
Scam. Claims Nothing wrong with car and wouldn’t help me. Tricks you into buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Then when I asked to talk to the manager the rep had the nerve to hang up on me. This is the most unprofessional service center I have ever experienced in my life.
shenwari najibullah
Appreciate Anthony it was a nice deal with are a such a nice person.
ashley guerra
I purchased a brand new 2020 Toyota Tacoma on October 3rd. I had great service from the young man who sold me the vehicle and from finance. I believe I got a good deal.. or so I thought. After leaving the lot my truck started making a …
Scott Tabhan
– We just couldn’t resist! Within 30 days we bought another brand new car from Charles Maund with of course Mr Mohammed as our salesman! We went there right after work and even as it got closer to their closing time we were not rushed or …
Douglas Powell
I have never been a fan of maund but today takes the cake. Did you know there is a difference between an appt and a reservation.? I have an appt but not a reservation. To fix a recall that requires no parts. No reservation means I have a4 hour wait.
Chris Coffin
Best Experience Purchasing a Car I’ve Ever Had. Y Lee the Salesperson was top notch. The Sales Manager Oz Top Notch. I wont buy a car any where else except from Charles Maund Toyota. I Love Love Love My Car. Thank You All So Much
Christopher Pyle
We arrived with our daughter to buy her college graduation present only to find out that the vehicle we were going to look at and most likely purchase was sold and we watched it drive off the lot! Oh no, this is a bad review right!?!? …
Ivonne DE LEON
I drove to this dealership in very bad weather conditions, but Jessica was very patient. She is very friendly and made the negotiation process very comfortable, not pressured and fast. I am extremely happy with my Highlander, the price I paid and Jessica’s willingness to help in answering all my questions! Overall the entire process was excellent!.
sandra perez
Colin was awesome 👏 Thank you so much for everything. Matt & Sandra
Antonio Calderon
After purchasing 2 vehicles from Charles maund ,This will be the last vehicle I buy from them. I’m attempting to collect what’s MINE (gap coverage refund from my previous vehicle ) I get ran in circles. No communication among departments. I was told the check would be ready in 3 days . A month later they don’t know how I can get my money. Crooks
Daniel Lathers
Easy, flawless and fast! Shannon Brady was completely honest and transparent and quickly got and located and got me the deal no one can beat on a 2020 Tacoma dbl cab. Total time at dealership: 45 mins, sign and drive!! Do not hesitate and go directly to Mr. Brady! He will not disappoint, take my word!!! Call him now!!
Jody Green
While shopping for a vehicle I had to demand and cus at the sales manager to give me MY CAR KEY back. They were holding the key to my own vehicle hostage in order to keep me there to continue negotiating on the trade/purchase of a new car. This is completely unprofessional and unethical. I would NEVER go back.
Lowell Herlinger
Mohammed Merchant was very knowledgeable and patient to let us decide at our pace as we decided what our family needed. The finance staff too was a great Blessing. I would greatly refer this team to anyone of my family of believers
A. N
Well I got my car serviced today and asked for specific things, they tried to add extra services I didn’t ask for and charged me for them until I called and requested to cancel/drop the charge. They advisor also told me that they washed the car, which i don’t care if the car was washed or not, but when I picked up my vehicle, it was not washed. Disappointed with how I was treated today and I will promise myself not to go back their again for anything but a recall.
Julienne Amekoudji
I appreciate the service with Anthony F. who was very helpful. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Stephen Pulvirent
My wife and I are in the process of moving across the country and needed a larger, safer car – and we needed it quickly. We showed up at Charles Maund and got so lucky to work with Mohammed Merchant. He’s a 20-year Army veteran and it shows. He fought so hard for us, worked through a number of issues that could have prevented the sale, got us incredible trade-in value for our 2013 Prius, and sent us home with a beautiful new Rav4 Hybrid at a really competitive price. The outcome was fantastic, but the experience of working with Mohammed was even better. We cannot recommend him highly enough. Most car dealership experiences feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. With Mohammed, we felt supported, guided, and taken care of the entire time. He was fighting for us, not against us. This is what buying a car should be like.
Ruben Griffin
A on going review got my first van with them so far so good. The crew in charge of detailing the inside missed a alot but nothing important for a used van. The staff was a little pushy about getting it sold the same day but that’s to be expected. Only real complaint is very little parking for customers but they can’t really control that. I’ll update if something changes.
Amal R.
I visited the Charles Maund Toyota dealrship today to buy a Toyota Corolla. I plan is to pay cash and do not need a loan. My overall experience was disppointening. The sales agents were not very nice or encouraging. They showed me 2 cars and gave me fixed price and refused to negotiate. Their prices are higher than other dealership in the area. One of the car was corolla hatchback for 20k . They refused to make any dsicount. I checked their website and saw the same car listed for 19,700k (which is $300 less than the price they gave me, that is before negotiation) . I will never visit this Toyota dealership again.
Carol Britain
Brandon did an amazing job helping me find the perfect car! He is very professional and willing to go the extra mile to make his customers happy. And the finance team is awesome. Great experience from start to finish!
Nancy Moriarty
My husband and I worked with Mohammed Metchant and purchased a 2021 Toyota RAV4. He was so knowledgeable and excellent to work with. Thanked him for serving our country in the military and for his helpful wonderful help buying our car!!!
Miguel A Laboy
I was trusted and treated quite well. The young lady went the distance in order to sell me a car.
Brandy Drumm
Purchasing a Toyota at Charles Maund was an amazing car experience. Mohammed Merchant is one of the only car salesman I will buy a vehicle from. He is honest, helpful and will go above and beyond to find a vehicle that meets all your must have features. I couldn’t have asked for better service and the quality and look of the 4 Runner was exactly what I was wanting to get for my wife. I know Mohammed is retired military and he carries himself with that professionalism and anyone, veteran or civilian will love working with him. Thank you as always and I will continue to send Friends and family to you. I will not buy from anyone else.
Danielle Kim was absolutely phenomenal to work with. She is extremely patient, personable and works diligently to accommodate all of her customers needs. She streamlined the vehicle buying process and made it an effortless experience. I would recommend anyone in the market to purchase a vehicle to work with Danielle. [email protected] – Michael
benjamin Cook
I went to buy a new truck and my salesman was Mohammed Merchant (U.S. Army retired). He was extremely helpful and straight to the point. I highly recommend requesting him for assistance. Thank you Mr. Merchant.
Sherri Hammack
Shannon was exceptional in helping us confirm our purchase and making a even more feasible offer to a better model! Highly recommend Shannon!!
Eddie Maruri
Just purchased a 2020 Tundra from Charles Maund Toyota, Mike Bui was excellent. Worked hard to get the best deal and helped transfer some items from the old truck to the new. Thanks Mike!!!
Tom Klovert
My salesman, Thomas Bright, helped me find (almost) the exact car I was looking for at a price that is fair.
Carrie Wright
I recently had the privilege working with Scotty Stephens at Charles Maund Toyota purchasing a vehicle from him. Within short notice, he was able to provide for me all the information I needed to purchase a specific SUV at their dealership and he was always available to reach by phone 24/7. He was quick to respond and went above and beyond to help my transaction go smoothly and see to it that my vehicle arrived in perfect condition. Being an out of town buyer, and not knowing this dealership personally as an Austin native would , I could not have asked for a better experience! I would 100% recommend their dealership, but MORE specifically, ask for Scotty Stephens if you want someone who cares about his customers and will take care of you as if you were family.
Carrie Wright
I recently had the privilege working with Scotty Stephens at Charles Maund Toyota purchasing a vehicle from him. Within short notice, he was able to provide for me all the information I needed to purchase a specific SUV at their dealership and he was always available to reach by phone 24/7. He was quick to respond and went above and beyond to help my transaction go smoothly and see to it that my vehicle arrived in perfect condition. Being an out of town buyer, and not knowing this dealership personally as an Austin native would , I could not have asked for a better experience! I would 100% recommend their dealership, but MORE specifically, ask for Scotty Stephens if you want someone who cares about his customers and will take care of you as if you were family.
Demetria Martin
Thank y’all so much for the assistance with my new car! I drove all the way from Houston to purchase a vehicle from here all because of Alvin’s customer service! Byron, thanks again!
Mark Vela
Angel in the service dept was amazing. I would highly recommend him and Charles Maund Toyota!!!
Tim morales
Hello,Charles Maund Toyota is a good dealer ship they hooked me up with a good looking car,great dealers.Thank you!!!
Alex Tabora
Came in to look at a new RAV4 and was immediately greeted by Caitlin. She is very good at her job and will make you feel very welcome. I specifically said from the beginning I was not interested in buying but wanted to review prices and get quotes. While sitting with her, she started to take my information which led me to believe she was simply making my profile in the crm for contact details but then proceeded to ask for social security number and other credit info. I asked about if she was doing an application and she said she was doing a soft credit inquiry that would only last for 30 days. This is untrue however as I found she made a hard inquiry on my credit that lasts up to 2 years. They also stress they are giving you a great deal but do not go beyond the manufacturer discount of the customer cash offer. Don’t expect dealer discounts without saying no 4 times and even then it was only a little over 1k off msrp but they did offer window tints. I admit I considered it and would have been interested in doing business had I not been jerked on the credit situation as now when I do want to buy if at another dealer, I have to get another hit on my credit.
Haleigh Pirzadeh
Mr. Walter Ortiz went above and beyond…. (FYI, I tried on FB page twice to leave a review, but I think something may be going on with the FB settings, it’s not allowing me to post anything?) … Given this effort to leave a review goes to show how grateful I am of how genuinely caring he was… When I first I came in Friday for an airbag replacement for my 4-Runner… with my two little boys… honestly I was on edge about needing space because of my husband’s severe chest issues… It was also a juggle with the two boys especially since I had to rent a car (paperwork…) with baby crying in the background and older bro running in parking lot … Long story short, Walter went out of his way; he didn’t let my rudeness get in the way, and instead went above and beyond to make it easiest for me… He actually let me leave my Toyota at the rental place and picked it up himself, and then once my car was ready, he let me just take my repaired car and leave the rental with him to return– basically I avoided major logistical back and forth with my little boys. I can’t imagine how tough a job it must be dealing with customers more on edge about space/health precautions…customer service cannot be easy… But his genuine kindness shined through and I won’t forget it.
Bryan Spencer
Mohammad Mercant was our sales man and he was outstanding. He was very attentive to my wifes questions and very knowledgeable. Even though the trucks were flying off the lot, he was determined to get my 17 year old in the Tacoma, he wanted. I am a disabled vet and his attention to my issues were also addressed swiftly since Muhammad is also a retired, disabled Vet. If you prefer no nonsense service with a great attitude, go to Charles Maund. I will be suggesting your store to my friends.
Jake Frankel
Worked with a sales rep to try and find a used car. Sales rep said she understood what my needs were and understood what I was looking for. She then proceeded to try and sell me a car 6k over my budget and pushed at least 10 times to get me to make a bigger down payment than I said was possible. The vehicle had a check engine light that I asked about several times and was told they would let me know what it was about after the inspection but then tried to have me sign the bill of sale prior to the inspection. These people do not care about your needs or wether or not they are getting you into a good car. They only care about making their commission and getting your money.
Tabatha Newby
Amazing customer care!!! I was very happy that I didn’t have got stay there for hours.
Ty Marion
Deep in the heart of camptown USA. The saleman was a very aggressive. Showed me vehicles outside my price range. When explained my budget, he didnt seem to care. Showed vehicles without the features requested. Acted like his inventory was the best at the best prices. Just going to take my business elsewhere.
nay beautiful
I am so thankful for me 2019 Toyota Camry I keep falling in love my car thank you Danielle you are a awesome sales consultant!!!
Shaq B.
I came in pretty late with my mom honestly just to browse and see if anything caught my interest. I’d been doing a little research on a Nightshade Camry SE, but wasn’t completely sold on it. That soon changed once I saw the car which the guys had pulled out pretty quick and ready for a test drive. From there Q and Kris did a heck of a job on selling the car to me and letting me know why it would be a perfect car for me. They were more than fair and patient with me being a first time car buyer. I’m grateful for those guys , and will return for my next purchase in a few years!
Tara Cooper
Mark was great and super helpful. My car was finished quickly, and they cleaned it up before returning it to me.
Joshua Love
After a terrible experience at Autonation South, I took my late 2006 Rav4 here for service, which was exceptional. The Crashed the car 3 days later. I ended up purchasing a used car from them. Overall, good experience.
I had an awful experience as a customer every step of the way. Some days it is hard to get full benefits and warranties at the service center. Be careful of overpaying. While waiting in the lobby, the family next to me was overpaying for their car. For reference, I bought a new Toyota Corolla LE Silver for $19,000, 0% interest. I’m unsure if I got the best price, but I hope this info helps someone. ONE STAR BECAUSE They didn’t inspect the car before selling it to me. THERE WAS THICK CAKEY MUD UNDER THE HOOD. I am not picky, but it was A LOT of mud. I brought the car back within 12 hours, they did not believe me. After much arguing, they let me exchange it.
Josh Lee
Jamal and Brody helped me find a very specific Rav4 Adventure (the only one available in the state!) and I couldn’t be happier with my buying experience. This was my 6th Toyota and easily the best experience at a dealer ever. Also their service department is excellent!
George Miller
Had a great experience test driving a corolla, but when I returned to the dealership I saw a Charles Maund employee leaning on my car casually talking on his phone. That was all I needed to decide to spend my money elsewhere. Pretty disrespectful and cost a fellow employee a sale.
Karla Gonzalez
First Time buyer, Mohammed Merchant! Just absolutely amazing! He was super calm and collective with asking all the right questions and genuinely tried to assist me and my son. He was patient and had the best smile and was so polite. You Can buy any car anywhere but it’s about the experience and the way that car salesman makes you feel, and I can honestly say he made us feel like this was the best decision at Toyota! Very fast and even helped with roadside Assitance #. Thank you again! 😊
Mealea Thou
I bought a car in October and per the sales contract, I was supposed to receive my accessories within 30 days. It’s been almost 60 days and I still haven’t received my accessories. I called about 5 times and each time they said they have mailed it. Every time I called back, they still havent mailed it. DO NOT LEAVE THE LOT WITHOUT EVERYTHING THEY PROMISED IN THE DEAL.
Cecilia Hasdorff
Purchasing a Toyota at Charles Maund was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Mohammed Merchant was professional, honest, and helpful throughout the entire purchase. I couldn’t have asked for better service and the quality and look of the Tundra was exactly what I was wanting. I know Mohammed is retired military and he carries himself with that professionalism and anyone, veteran or civilian will love working with him. Thank you, and I will definitely be purchasing with you again.
Elizabeth Carruth
I had a very unfortunate experience buying a used car at this dealership. I went to the dealership excited to buy a car. Shortly after finding a great car and negotiating what I thought a fair price the real colors of the dealership started to shine. When looking at the invoice for the car I noticed that the APR calculation seemed off. I asked the salesman and he stated this was because the line items didn’t include the car warranty they had just lobbed on. Conveniently they decided I needed a ~$2k warranty for my car that was only worth $13k. Then when we were made to wait 2 hours for the financial manager to finalize the payment. Shortly after the purchase I looked further into the warranty conditions, as well as my insurance, and realized I could save the $2k. I called Charles Maund to cancel over several days to no avail. One time the receptionist told me that everyone at the dealership was “too busy” to talk with me. So then I arrived in person. When meeting with the same financial manager, he asked me why I was cancelling the warranty. I said I had spoken to my insurer as well as my father and it was the right decision for me. He attempted to convince me to rethink the decision. Upon finalizing the cancellation, the finance manager, Gary, responded, “I hope your daddy is gonna pay if anything goes wrong with this car”. As a young woman, I was shocked. I responded courteously but over the next few days, I realized the magnitude of this statement and how it epitomized my entire experience with this establishment. I would not recommend anyone to go here, especially young women looking to be taken seriously. I’ve tried to contact the dealership via email, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone from customer service.
Vicki Vesa
Russell was our salesman and he was AWESOME!!! We’ve had a couple of minor issues with the used Lexus we bought and he’s been nothing but wonderful in assisting us in getting them fixed. I would recommend the Pre-owned department to anyone interested in purchasing a used vehicle.
Craig Boyle
I went in for routine maintenance on my truck, but they identified a recall and took care of it for me as well. Excellent service and they were finished an hour before their estimate!
Ping Li
The service was great! There is nothing to complain about. I was shopping around for my first car and came across Charles Maund Toyota. Jeremy Brumley has helped and updated me frequently on the progress of getting the car ready. Overall, it was a very quick process. Will definitely come back again.
Charese Lande
I had a great experience with Mark Marek in service as a service advisor. He helped me get the service I needed , was professional, efficient, caring and did everything with a smile. I will go back to Charles Maund Toyota service because he is there. A 10+ in the service area. Thank you, Mark Marek
Brianna Rincon
Had an amazing experience at Charles Maund Toyota, with the help of retired veteran Mohammed Merchant! He was super informative, helpful and made the experience so easy. Mohammed put us in the Tacoma of our dreams today! I highly recommend him to anyone shopping for a car, being in sales myself on of my biggest things is having a no pressure sales experience and he provided that 100%. I’m happy to say we will be coming back to see him soon for another car! Thank you all so much.
Aziz Shakarzahi
I had a Great experience of professionalism online salesperson Mr Anthony Falsetti. He is very respective person and sales care person. I definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you very much Anthony.
Mary Dawson
I have never had such an easy, streamlined buying experience in my life. Please understand, this is probably the last new vehicle I will buy in my lifetime, so there have been many other experiences, some taking days or even weeks. This time, I did my research online, selected the vehicle I wanted and the dealership that seemed to have the best inventory selection for my needs, all because of the Covid-19 quarantine. Then I contacted the dealership, again online. Within one day, I had driven to Austin, met with Jill, test drove the car of my dreams and had it financed on the spot. Late that afternoon, I drove my new beauty home. Thank you for such a painless experience in a very confusing time for our world! I will definitely be recommending Charles Maund Toyota to all my friends and family!!!
Oscar Zertuche
I went in thinking it would be an annoying experience buying a car, like I have had in the past at other dealerships, but I was wrong. Mario made it very simple. He definitely, exceeded my expectations and I was very happy with the outcome. I would recommend if you go give them a visit, ask for Mario. I’m sure he will take care of you.
Bridget Slocum
Promptly contacted me when issues arose. Detailed options so I could make an informed decision, even sending photos to help make a decision. Very pleasant interactions. Jerry was great!
Marie Zolnosky
Took in my Toyota Corolla due to a fuel pump recall. They had to order the part. They called me and we scheduled a time to take it in. We left it 6:50am and we got the car around 2pm. Glad we got the car back early.
Emily Augustini
Thomas and Ruben were great to work with! Happy with my purchase.
Words can’t even describe how happy I am to have found my brand new Rav 4 XLE at Charles Maund Toyota. Mohammed Merchant worked with both my fiancé and I in buying our new vehicles. We ended up purchasing both vehicles in the same day because we were so pleased with Mohammed. We spent a great deal of time at the dealership with Mohammed and he was extremely thorough. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He was truly a pleasure to work with. He was not the typical pushy cars salesman, which impressed me immediately. When I went to pick up my new car he also gave us a gift card to show his appreciation of our business. I was blown away by his willingness to go above and beyond for his customers. I highly recommend Mohammed at Charles Maund Toyota for your next car. He is a retired Army soldier and is extremely knowledgeable about the cars on the lot. He cares about his customers so much and will do his best to make you happy.
Mary Allen
Far better than the rest. (So far)
Tom Benz
Replaced battery that was covered under warranty, no issues. It took about 2 hours, a little longer than expected.
Lee Tourgee
Small dealership, but they do a great job. Got me in the car I wanted even when I had set some lofty expectations. I didn’t like the original offer and was ready to walk away, but they were eager to get my business and understand my position. Tried to sneak an extended warranty into the financing, but it looked to be standard practice for Toyota dealers. Really positive experience. Highly recommend. Grant was our guy, and he was a pro.
Jennise Burgos
Just wanted to give a shout out to my car dealer, Ricardo Ponce. After going to multiple dealers and looking at several cars I finally found the one. Ricardo reached out shortly after contacting the dealership about wanting to check out some corollas. He took me around to see aaaaalllll of the corollas (in the back and front) vs just showing me 2 or 3 like the other dealers did. I appreciated his time and giving the option to check out multiple cars. Also, my plates came in super fast! I was super surprised! Just ask for Ricardo when going here! He’ll help find the one!
Erick Gloria
I came on fully expecting to get rejected. Instead, I drove off in a new 2020 4Runner with BY FAR the best trade in value on my old truck. Everyone there was amazing!
I went in for a recall fix. Mr. Ortiz was a nice dude and everything went smoothly. I’m impressed by how smoothly they run such a large operation.
Matt Seigel
Tried to change the price on me as I went to close the deal in the financing. Will never be back.
Tori Trowbridge
Always friendly and courteous! Shannon Brady is the best!!!
Jacob Pruitt
The purchase of my 2017 Tacoma could not have gone any better. The Salesperson Constitn Swines was honest and caring making what can normally be an anxiety ridden experience totally relaxed. Then Danielle the girl who handled all the contract signing and processing was super kind and welcoming. I felt like I was taken sincerely and credibly as a potential buyer and it made the process all the more enjoyable. I wld definitely recommend this dealership to anyone I knw looking to buy a new or used vehicle
Dido Ar
Best dealership in Austin. I have been dealing with Charles Maund Toyota since 2014 and never been disappointed. I recommend Charles Maund Toyota to everyone who is looking to buy a new or used vehicle or getting their vehicle serviced, everybody there is really nice and they will do their best for you. Thank Charles Maund Toyota.
Kerry Stevens
It was a bit noisy, chaotic, and jumbled. Many people approached to help us while we waited, which is a good thing. At least one was not wearing a covid mask. This is an incomplete review since we did not drive or buy a car. It’s only an assessment of the lobby and people in it.
Keith Braud
“spoke with a “”Mario”” about financing a specific used vehicle. After communicating via phone, he urged me to come down, and “”wouldn’t waste my time””. Upon arriving, I waiting 15 minutes, when i spoke with “”Mario”” he informed me they just sold that vehicle. In a span of 3 hours, they sold it, and he didn’t notify me. THEN after that, he pushed me onto another sales rep, who did a fine job showing me their stock. But ultimately after 2 hours sitting in their office, it WAS a waste of time. Don’t ever buy used from Charles Maund, waste of time, and unprofessional. I walked away empty handed.”
Eric Fannin
Had a really nice experience in their used car department. With our loan pre-approved from the bank, we knew what we wanted, took it for a test drive and was out the door in about 2hrs. Danielle and the finance guy were awesome! Never pushing anything extra on us and just helped us get what we wanted. We really appreciate the great service and recommend this dealership for anyone in the market for a used car or new Toyota!
Debby Callazo
Great atmosphere and Shannon help me find exactly what i was looking for all in one day!
Lupe Gonzalez
I walked into Charles Maund Toyota with my sister, who works with the school district which means a tight budget and we met Travis Smith the salesmen. He went above and beyond to help her with what she has to get a great car on her budget. Very very grateful. If you need a great salesmen call Travis Smith.
Tommy Hampton
Very professional and quick. Appointments with Charles Maund are the rare kind of appointment I don’t actually dread.
Travis Yarborough
My daughter and I recently purchased a 2021 Toyota Corolla from Charles Maund Toyota. It was her first time purchasing a car in her name. Our sales person was Mohammed Merchant. I can’t get over how nice the whole experience was. Normally, I dread purchasing a new car. I can’t stand the back and forth between the sales person and the floor manager. None of this happened. Here’s how it went. We set an appointment, arrived on time, and met with Mohammed. We explained what we were looking for as far as vehicle, downpayment, and financing. We walked outside and looked at everything on the lot that met what she was looking for. We test drove it. Then we worked on the paperwork in Mohammed’s office, walked over to finance and signed the paperwork. We were out the door in time for lunch. It was by far, the best experience I have ever had buying a new car. I still can’t get over how smooth the whole experience was. I have bought many cars over the years and have never seen anything like what they have going on over there. You can’t go wrong with these folks.
Emma L
Joshua White is phenomenal! He worked very hard for my price range and is very kind to the first time buyer. This dealership is unlike any other—they have integrity! They hold to their word and do everything they can to make sure your purchase is correct. Cars always come detailed, checked by maintenance, and with a full tank of gas. I went in a couple times to turn in paperwork as well and Josh and his manager Trey advocated for me every step of the way. They have a lifelong customer!
Yvonne Blackwell
Did oil change, checked my car found s small chip on windshield, I could not see. I knew something kicked up on car on highway. Anyway they contacted my insurance fixed that same day. Much appreciated. Appoligized as car was was down so could not wash car. Also was notified of recall on my vehicle ,I called said they will notify me when Toyota has fix figured out. Good deal! 😎😁
David Goldberg
Was aghast when my service sales rep (who was wearing only a handkerchief mask) put my life at risk by bringing me into a small, narrow office filled with employees and customers who were not physical distancing at all, to try to get me to pay 2K to fix a minor oil leak. Shame on management for not making sufficient changes to the business for coronavirus for the sake of the employees and customers! Disgusting and frightening!
Francisco Reyes
Alisa hernandez gave me good service she was kind ,she is amazing…. Toyota what else can you ask for
Sara María Woody
Came in today with a deposit on a Land Rover. Jeremy Brumley showed me all the reasons I deserved the Toyota. Extremely wonderful customer service — in and out with a new car…also worked extra hours to show up and get things sorted out for the purchase. I was blown away by the ease and efficiency of the service. 1000/10 recommend.
I had a good experience here for a dealership. Danielle worked with us and she was very nice. So far so good with the quality of my vehicle. Also worked with the manager Sergio who was easy to work with. They didn’t negotiate much at all unfortunately none the less pleasant experience.
Philip Vescovo
10,000 mile maintenance. Easy appointment fast courteous service.
Caitlin Laycock
Horrible follow through! I bought a used Highlander on July 10th. I needed to have a tow package added and a map card for the navigation put in. Once they had my money I became an afterthought. I can not get ANYONE to retune phone calls. The person that sold me the car didn’t complete the paperwork to have my tow package ordered so that took me a couple of days and multiple phone clas to get going. They parts were supposed to be delivered to the dealership on July 22. It’s now Aug. 5 and I have not heard from the parts department about the status of the order. I have called once this week and was told someone will call you back tomorrow morning. Of course that didn’t happen, so now I have to take more time and track someone down who can help me. Now onto the gentleman that sold me the car. I have sent repeated emails to him asking about when I can expect a map card or when I can come to have that installed. Apparently I will call you tomorrow is his way of saying don’t expect anything from me. I have three email from this gentleman saying I will call you tomorrow and yet there are no phone calls. I am so very disappointed in how this has all been handled. The car buying experience was actually very good but that is being totally and completely overshadowed by how horrible it has been trying to get the things that should have been in the car and the parts that I ordered when I bought the car. I can not recommend this dealership and will not give them my business again.
Pamela Humble
As always the staff at Charles Maund Toyota was exceptional. Welcoming, informed, and careful with my Camry.
Sandy Moore
I wasn’t happy with the service received at Toyota Auto Nation, so I contacted Charles Maund and, luckily, worked with Jessica. She got me the exact car I wanted and stayed in contact the entire time we waited for it to be delivered! She’s hilarious and so sweet! If you get the chance to work with her, jump at it!
Cherie McMillan
Great experience here! I was buying from out of town and Syed took complete care of me as well as Christian in finance. It was quick and easy and my Toyota Corolla Hatchback is phenomenal.
Kaitlyn Pompa
David Hardy was fantastic! If you’re looking to buy a new car definitely reach out to him!
Rachel And Rey Mindieta
Wes Newman always takes care of me and my boyfriend when we need anything thank you so much!!!
Michael Coffin
Drove right up to the bay doors. Was greeted right away.
Lloyd Pennebaker
Had my truck detailed by Jonathan. Best my ride has looked since I first got it.
Sylvia Jacobs
Mario Remdon was excellent! He was always very professional and eager to help me find the perfect vehicle at the best price. Couldn’t of done it without him. Mario made the entire experience amazing!
Romeo Rubiano
Mohammed Merchant at Charles Maund Toyota is the man! If you are looking for a new Toyota, ask for Mohammed. He will get you squared away proper.
Kelsie Hernandez
My husband and I recently purchased a RAV 4 from Charles Maund. We had an amazing experience with Mohammed Merchant; throughout the whole process he was very open and patient with us. We test drove a couple weeks ago without any pressure, and when we returned to purchase, he was very willing to have an honest conversation that led to us buying a car. He went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable while waiting, was very attentive to details, and had great advice. Lastly, Mohammed is just a great guy – he’s laid back and respectful and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a Toyota.
nJames Smith
I scratched the fender on my new Red Avalon Limited. I took it to my excellent Service Consultant – Lance Culpepper. He took me to Scott Branum in the Body Repair Dept, who buffed out the scratch, and now my car looks like new again. Great Job, Lance and Scott.
Rich M
I’m not writing this review because they asked me to buy because I want to. I will definitely be returning to Charles Maud. I never thought I would own a Toyota truck but crazy things happen. They helped me get out from under a lot of negative equity due to my poor decisions. I now own a 2020 Tundra with 0% interest. They aren’t joking about the 0%. I finally found a vehicle that I’m absolutely happy with. Efrain was my salesman and he was great. He had an answer for every question I had. My pet peeve is salesman who have to constantly get on a computer to answer a simple question for you. I could ask Efrain the horsepower for any vehicle and he could tell me. Great experience and will be returning.
Dale Shaw
Great Experienc! Thank You Travis Smith for being a Professional.
Ellen Noble
David Hardy and the service department go above and beyond when taking care of my Prius ! This is a very friendly atmosphere . Great customer service!
Laolu Onabanjo
Luckey was absolutely exceptional from the timeliness to being extremely fast and helping me with the 2 recalls on my car. He called to check in on my availability, convenience, and honestly I couldn’t have had a better experience
Wonderful car buying experience. Sony the sales rep was upfront and transparent, which is not something you always find at a dealership. Car was purchased during COVID where operations are a bit adjusted, but process still went smoothly from start to finish. I’m sure other salesmen are good, but if you want a great experience ask for Sony Bala.
Karen Oden
Blake and the rest of the service department were extremely helpful and friendly. Was a good experience from start to finish. Brought my Corolla S in due to a recall on airbag issues. Issues was taken care of and my car was washed, vacuumed and sanitized when I picked it up. Stress free repair during stressful times. Thanks so much! Karen Oden
Tuhin Mahmud
Express service needs quicker turnaround time. I get good customer service. professional service folks are very friendly.
Great place to buy a car. Mario Rendon was very helpful and honest when buying my wife a car. We will definitely be back soon after my daughter graduates for her car
Alexandra White
This review is specifically for Travis Smith and Lorenzo, who both helped us so much in buying my first new car. I came to this dealership after feeling pretty disrespected at another Toyota dealership in town. You can tell this entire dealerships works hard for the CUSTOMER, and not the sale. Travis knows the inventory incredibly well, and I felt like I got an incredibly fair deal on a new 2020 Rav4. He was clearly excited about the product too, and easily answered any questions I had. The car buying process with them was as seamless and quick as it could be, and they weren’t just trying to shove us out the door and finish the sale. I would happily recommend these two guys to anyone buying a car!
Sarah Brown
We were lucky enough to work with Mohammed Merchant on our new lease and couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience. My husband is active duty military, and Mohammed is retired military, so the fit was perfect. He went the extra mile for us, but I believe he would have done so with or without the military connection. I’d recommend seeking him out whenever possible.
arnulfo gomez
I was dreading the new car process, but Mohamed Merchant, with his no pressure approach made the process efficient and bearable. He listened to my concerns about the type of vehicle I need for my daily commute. After discussing vehicle types, he thoughtfully guided me into purchasing a vehicle that addressed my driving needs. He along with the other staff I encountered made the process pleasant. I say this because, I have dealt with other dealerships that that have made the new car process almost unbearable. Arnulfo Gomez
Gary Glazier
We had a great experience with Charles Maund. Tito was great. He was very knowledgeable and easy going. We felt no pressure at all. They had the best prices in town! We love our car!!!
Amanda Nguyen
Lance was extremely helpful and kept me updated on any changes in the timeline of maintenance!
Maria Soriano
I was very upset was not treated well i felt discriminated i was going to get my van checked out coz i was concern of a noise i didnt mind paying for what ever i was going to be charged i just wanted my vehicle fixed i even felt like crying for the was i was treated very poor vehicle is not old its a good vehicle it it only that noise i even bought my vehicle there at Toyota.iam very upset 😡.
Ian White-Gittens
“I was interested in a very well priced Pre-owned Mercedes. Got a good price and was forwarded to the Finance Department. I offered to get my own finance but they said they would be able to get me a “”great rate””, so I agreed. I put in my information and they did a hard check on my credit and I sent in the requested paperwork. They even asked for a small down payment, since I was out of state, which I agreed to but no one ever followed up with that. I waited the entire Friday evening for a call back and heard nothing. I told my bother to who lives in 2.5 hours away in Houston to go check on the car the next day (Saturday), because I don’t live in Texas and I was sure I was going to buy it anyway. Saturday mid-morning, I was called by finance and told that I did not qualify to finance because I had no proof of address to where I was moving to (yes you read correctly). My credit score is excellent, I have a good job etc. Within 60 mins I got approved by CHASE bank over the phone and informed the salesman. Also during this time my brother is driving to Austin. By the time he gets there, the car was SOLD. This is the worse case of unprofessionalism I have ever come across in my life! How does my address equate to my ability to pay for a car? They did not even submit my file to any financial institution or anything. They kept my file overnight and decided to do nothing! Now I have a loan approval for a car that is sold, an upset brother and a credit score that is 18 points lower!!! A shame that the incompetence of a few people in finance can make the whole place look bad. The only positive in my experience was the young salesman Mr. White who really helped me to try to get the car, but lost a sale (and commission) because of the finance department’s incompetence. To all those reading this, be very mindful of the jokers in their Finance Dept!”
Katie Jordan
We always get the best customer service from Shannon Brady at Charles Maund Toyota!
Michael Huy Tran
Jessica Parnell was the most helpful and kindest car sales person I’ve met and would definetly do business and recommend her to anyone! Andre’s the new accessories salesman and Amy in finance were as equally great! I had just bought my second Corolla from this dealership and would give five stars to the mentioned above and the dealership all day!
Eddie Garcia
Brad Frizzell was great to work with! He is very knowledgeable in Toyotas and made my Rav4 purchase at Charles Maund Toyota a great one! I almost traveled out of town to make my purchase, but ended up keeping my business in Austin, which was highly influenced by Brad’s professionalism and genuine kindness.
Gary Hill
Jenny Brown is an awesome sales associate. Great listener and problem solver. Found the exact car and deal I needed, coordinated everything with her finance team, Christian Pepping and Mirt Medina. This was a quick, seamless and painless process compared to my experiences at other dealers. Fantastic five star experience all the way around. Call Jenny and get that new Toyota!
Alex A
Rude salesman; wouldn’t recommend to anyone. When I reached out to the dealer. They did everything they could to not address my concerns. Lauren acted like she never got my message and the Manager Ty Reed does not return phone calls in a reasonable amount of time. Go with a more professional dealer.
Craigs List
My car was totalled due to a large metal object that was in the road on ih35 and shredded the under side of my car. Geico totalled it and was left with money due on my car loan. I inquired about a used Corolla and Anthony Falsetti went out of his way to get me in to 2020 Corolla. I highly recommend Anthony. He went out of his way to get loan approved and negotiate the best interest rate. I can not believe what comes on a Corolla L.
Erich Geiger
Angel was great, gave good information and kept me updated with the progress. Courteous staff through out – Covid protocols were present and followed
Carol Conlan
Terrell was very patient with us. Got a great deal on a Camry. Thank you Terrell!
Pepper Oliver
I had put off buying a new car for a long time because I really hate the whole process – the bargaining, the salesman going back and forth to his manager, etc etc. That’s not a business model, that’s a bad habit! That’s not what happened when I worked with Mohammed Merchant at Charles Maund. Mr. Merchant is an absolute star. I ordered a Prius Prime, and Mohammed kept track of the car as it traveled to Austin because the Prime is in such demand. Ordering and waiting 10-12 weeks is pretty much the only way to get a new one. Other salesmen wanted to take the car, but Mohammed got the keys when it came off the transport and kept them in his pocket until I arrived! If you need a new car, go down to Charles Maund and ask for Mr. Merchant. He’s a military veteran who will treat you like family and make sure the buying rigamarole is a painless as possible!
Chris Trag
Great service and honestly no hassle. Juan in the main building was great, sold me a 4Runner and we will buy from him again.
Konrad Bouffard
We bought five new cars with the help of an extraordinary salesman, Mohammed Merchant. He gave us outstanding trade-in values for our existing four cars and provided access to a number of rebates and discounts Toyota offers, as well as bringing in cars from other cities when they didn’t have the color we wanted on the lot. Mohammed made the experience of this dealership worthwhile and pleasant. He’s an army veteran and I recommend him If you’re looking for a new car.
Larry Tmmons
They always do a great job but expect an hour and a half wait for a scheduled oil change.
Ryn Scull
My salesman, Aiden was very kind and helpful in the car buying process. We are grateful for his guidance and happy with the care and attention shown during my first car buying experience.
Chris Clark
Brake service gone terribly wrong. Short story – brake service on an older 4Runner completed incorrectly and caused a huge headache for me and my family. Ultimately fixed by another Toyota dealership. I’m probably the outlier that just had bad luck with the service department but I would look elsewhere, especially with an older Toyota. I wanted Toyota parts and the warranty Toyota extends to its repairs. If you want to know more, read below. I brought my 1998 4Runner in for brake service – front and rear. The experience with the staff during the repair was pleasant, everyone was nice while I waited on the repairs – they informed me of an axle leak, which would effect the new brakes if not addressed and I happily agreed to the additional repair at which time I took advantage of their curbside shuttle service, which was great. The technician incorrectly resurfaced both the rotors and rear drums causing a violent vibration throughout the truck. I brought it back to have the repair, repaired, and even after leaving a second time the issues appeared again but this time I was out the cost of a rental car, which they offered no resolution for other than a free oil change during the next visit. I was in Austin for vacation as I live and work in Mexico; I trusted Charles Maund with not just a repair on a second or third vehicle, but my family’s (myself, my pregnant wife, our 2 year old son, and our welsh terrier) primary mode of transportation through two countries. I was told to drive back to the dealership in Austin (7 hour drive from my home) so the service department could look at the problem a third time – this was the only solution offered until I made mention that I was concerned for my physical safety (which I genuinely was) once the rear brake shoes started to make a terrible grinding and clicking noise. After being ignored initially through email the service manage did approve the idea of me getting to the closest dealership for repair but unfortunately, Mexico doesn’t carry parts for older 4Runners so… Ultimately, I had to make arrangements with a Toyota dealership in Laredo, TX a month later where I drove from my home in Mexico, rented a hotel and stayed for two days to fix the issues Charles Maund created. Attached are copies of my invoice from the initial repair, re-do work, and the final work completed by the Toyota dealership in Laredo, TX. My brakes are working perfectly after the repair by Toyota of Laredo. All in told I’m out about $1,600, which includes the rental car, hotel, and the sick day I had to take at work to drive back into the US for the repair at Toyota Laredo. Clarifications: I have no interest in bashing individuals so names are covered up on the invoices except for my own, dates, mileage, and VIN #’s to verify my experience. Also, this 4Runner is originally from the USA and not a foreign vehicle I brought to the US for service.
T. J. Hardy
Every interaction that I’ve had with Charles Maund has been decidedly negative. Their sales staff is unprofessional, they’ve been rude over the phone several times, I’ve gone in to actually purchase a vehicle and was ignored, I’ve even watched their sales staff get in a fight over keys on the sales floor. Just yesterday I called to put an order in for a vehicle and when I said that I needed their help and was ready to buy, the sales rep said “everyone is.” And summarily hung up. Gladly giving my money to Toyota of round rock.
Masoud Zabihi
I had a 98 corolla, and trade in that car for a 2014 camry in Charles Maund Toyota. I had a great purchasing experience there! The staff were friendly and transparent. Danielle showed me the camry and she was very helpful by answering all questions I had and showing me the related information (e.g. Carfax). Overall, I am very happy with my trade in and that’s why I am leaving a 5 star review!
TinksTheMetal G
Great Car Buying Experience!! Our 1st Toyota.. We Bought our 4Runner, from Mohammed Merchant Ret. US Army Vet.. Mohammed was Great !!all-around Salesman.. The Maund Family.. Should Feel Blessed To Have Him On Board..selling cars for them… Mohammed , made buying the 4runner..Fast & Easy!! Everyone from accessories to Finance..was Great!! Postive Stress Free Buying Experience..
Jeff Gerber
Unlike other dealers, they actually had the used car I saw advertised truthfully on Carfax, got it ready before I arrived, and offered me best trade in value. No tricks, no run around. Salesman Josh a true professional. Extremely happy with my CPO Camry so far.
Carolyn Tuber54
Juan Ramirez was exceptional as a sales representative. The easiest vehicle purchasing experience I have ever had.
Alberto Deras
my experience in Charles Mund Toyota was exelent. After wasting time going to different dealers where they juggle the prices back and for. I remember this one not to far and gave them a call early morning they David Hardy was available to recieved kindle even when the time was not up for the public yet. I was honest and told what I exactly need and ask what would be the best price, and took him less than five minutes and I was happy and amazed by their upfront honesty and professionalism. Short story short I went after I told my wife we returned to the Dealer within 2 hours and all paper work was about 10 minutes and we recieved a clean and perfect Rav4 hybrid with bell and whistles. I 100% recommend this place they will gave offer you their best price at the door and you won’t waste your time at all it was a blast experience 😀. Thank you! To all the staff of Toyota Charles Maund.
Dee Edgar
I am writing to let you know about the great service I recently received from Mr. David Hardy. During this trying time, my lease was expiring on May 24, 2020. Living in Corpus Christi and always a customer of Charles Maund Toyota, I was concerned regarding my return of this vehicle and the leasing of another fine car from your dealership. Mr. David Hardy went out of his way to provide me with all the information via email that I needed to select my new lease. He gave me his cell phone number and answered any call I had concerning questions on the new lease. When I finally decided on the vehicle, Mr. Hardy knew that my husband and I were going to have to drive to Austin and were concerned about the risk of the virus due to our age. Without me asking, he offered to have the car driven to me and to pick up my former lease car. He made this whole situation so much easier for us that I just had to let you know that is because of people like Mr. Hardy that we continue to come to Austin to lease our car. In a world where complaints are more common than kudos, I just wanted to take the time to tell you that Mr. David Hardy is really a super guy and has given me more reason to always recommend your dealership to others. Thank you once again.
Joni Harvey
I recently purchased a used Audi with Jessica Parnell as my salesperson. Jessica was professional and did a great job! I highly recommend her, along with Trey Jackson and the finance manager.
Matt Sanders
I recently purchased a Highlander at Charles Maund. I had a great experience with the salesperson but was very frustrated with their finance department. I would highly recommend you arrange your own financing before showing up to purchase your car. I was presented with horrible financing options (despite having a 780+ credit score) and lied to about the cost to refinance my loan away from Toyota Financial. Not lining up financing beforehand will probably cost me about 1000 over the life of the loan. Dont trust the finance guys here.
Katie Holtman
I had the best experience with David and Shannon. They were extremely professional and helpful. Will always buy my future vehicles from them!
Chris Kocks
I generally do not write reviews, but the service I received from Blake Ward was above and beyond. He was very clear, responsive, and professional. He made the process of getting my car worked on painless. Thanks Charles Maund and thanks Blake.
Andrew Lomeli-Padilla
Negotiated, with Josh White & Management, no pressure sales, but they were great and provided great customer service. Although we did not come to terms on a deal but felt the staff was very knowledgeable and stood their ground and I appreciate the great service. Will definitely come back to this dealership anytime.
Shawn Rosenbaum
Fast, smooth experience. Would buy from them again. Josh was a great salesman. Not pushy at all.
Katelyn Hickman
We had a good experience buying a used 2018 Highlander Hybrid Limited on Black Friday this year. Joshua White listened to my list of requirements and found two cars that would work for us. We were able to come to a fair price agreement on both my trade-in and the new car, and everyone walked away happy. I did make sure that the vehicle was detailed before we drove it off the lot, after hearing other people’s experiences. It definitely helped that I was pre-approved for a car loan and that we walked in with a specific list of wants in our new car.
Ruth Cox
Purchasing MY NEW car from here was an AMAZING experience!! PLS go see Jonathan Madrid.. GREATEST personable salesman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!! THANK YOU so much for making my dreams come true!! Would recommend YOU to anyone!!!
Jade Garcia
I have been buying Toyotas from Mario Rendon for a decade now. I met him at the Toyota dealership he worked for in San Antonio in 2010. He has delivered excellent customer service, and he has advised me on how to make the best purchases and how to improve my credit as well. He goes above and beyond to get me the car I want for a price I can afford. I trust Mario as a car salesman, and I will not go to anyone else to make my vehicle purchases. I even drove all the way from San Antonio to Austin to buy my 2017 Camry. I highly recommend him and Charles Maund Toyota to anyone looking to buy a car.
Prasun A
Thank you Terrelle and Simon for your exceptional customer service and making my experience at Charles Maund Toyota a memorable one! Best, Prasun
Dude Elsberry
“I recently bought a used 4Runner from Charles Maund. The entire experience was shady… We we negotiating with one dealer, who was very personable and easy to work with, when he suddenly, without a word, walked out of the office. We saw him walk across the parking lot, take off his shirt, and throw it to the ground, and continue to walk off site. Then another dealer, J.R., took over. I was told by J.R. that I would be getting a call to schedule to have a new key fob and to have the windshield repaired, a call which never came. I was also told that the truck I was trading in would be sold at an auction out of state due to high mileage, but now have received a toll bill for that truck being drove with my Veteran Military Plates still on it over a week after the sale of the vehicle. Yesterday I saw the truck in Kyle with paper plates on it. I feel like they lied to me the entire time and would not recommend anyone use this dealership. The finance guy even stated “”I tell my people that they don’t have to lie to sell cars.”” Why would you have to tell your people not to lie, that should be a given. Two weeks later, we had to buy another car out of necessity. We obviously did not go back to Charles Maund.”
Michaela Mendez
Just brought my black 2018 Toyota Camry Se in for a 25k miles maintenance today. They gave me a wash after the service(which I didn’t ask for) and left the watermarks everywhere on the car I just cleaned 2 days ago. On my way home I noticed the car made a little squeeze noise when I make a turn, until I realized they damaged my bumper when I got home. I drove back and talked to Kevin Coyne about the damaged and he told me that I might of hit something on my way home. Then he told me to go home and they’ll give me a call tomorrow morning because their service is about to be closed. Right now I’m still waiting and see how things gonna go but you guys please be sure to give your car a quick look around when they handed the key back to you, otherwise they’ll blame you for the damaged they created. I’ve never had a problem with this dealership’s service before, until today, and my family purchased 3 cars here already.
Zach McDowell
Buying experience was all about the customer, making things incredibly easy.
Catalina Solis
They’re we’re a really big help. I left with a great car, no problems. Best service here!
John Gilani
Very friendly and efficient service.
Juan Garcia
Exceptional customer service. No haggle prices. Best buying experience anyone could have.
Marco Vaccarella
Great sales experience and Fantastic service ! Go see my guy Michael Bui when you’re ready, he’ll take care of you!
Angel Salmeron
Very nice customer service, I went there few days ago, everyone greet and answers all my questions. Thank you!!!
Amy Arnold
Highly recommend Charles Maund and Josh White. We walked away with a used Tacoma that we knew would sell quickly and felt like he really worked with us to give us the best deal possible.
Dirseo Garay
Best Black Friday ever!! Went out and bought a new car had the pleasure of working with Jenny Brown who at the time was busy so she then introduced us to Alton Williams Jr who made the deal happen😊😊. Very pleased with their professionalism, answered all of our question with a smile (and I had a lot of questions). Thank you for the best car buying experience!
Paul Carlson
I took my Tacoma to the service department at Charles Maund for oil changes over the course of a year. When the Tacoma developed an oil leak, the service department told me it was the timing chain cover leak and gave me an estimate of over $3000 and also offered to buy my truck from me at 20% of its value (citing the major repair as the reason). I took my Tacoma to an independent shop and it turned out the oil leak was coming from a stripped oil plug and faulty oil plug seal. The shop charged me less than $5 for the repair and the oil leak ceased. Charles Maund’s service department stripped my oil plug and failed to replace the seal when changing my oil. Instead, they tried to charge me for a huge repair or leverage that fraudulent repair to offer me an unfair price for my truck. I loved my Toyota and never had an issue with it or the dealership service departments in other places where I lived (CO & WY), but I switched to a Subaru after this experience. I would never go back to Charles Maund and would recommend you use extreme caution or get a second opinion when dealing with its shady service department.
Telly Lee
Had a solid buying experience working with Shannon. Even before face masks were mandated in the area, this was the only dealership where tests drives were conducted with both masks and gloves to maximize safety during these unique times. Of the 5 dealerships I visited, this was also the most competitive when it came to initial offer (negotiating always comes after), so I appreciate that I was wasn’t being highballed with MSRP.
Nona Farris
They checked in the long line of cars at opening very quickly, yet were friendly at the same time. My car was ready when promised, and they were careful to disinfect the interior as well as wash the exterior.
Tomas Rodriguez
Excellent people good atmosphere
Bojack Novak
got my car here easily and for a great deal
David Wade
These guys are awesome I strongly recommend buying from them
olga rivas
Syed really went above and beyond with his exceptional customer service, extremely helpful. It was an awesome experience
Adell Cruz
The customer service is excellent! Martin was super friendly and professional. The customer service lounge was nice, quiet, and super clean. They even had a children’s area. Coffee was good quality. Time spent for an oil change- an hour and 20 minutes. I also made an appointment prior though. I will definitely return to this location for future car issues!
Alex de Sorgo
I should have gone to Charles Maund Toyota first, best car buying experience I have ever had! I worked with Robert and he was down to earth, professional, and understood my needs. I had a terrible experience with another Toyota dealer close by which had me very gun shy about going to another dealer. I explained exactly what I wanted, what I needed to get for a monthly payment, and what I needed for a trade. Two other dealerships wanted to give me $1000-$2000 trade in on my car Charles Maund doubled it which was based on above average fair market trade according to NADA and Kelly Blue Book. When I got there Robert had the car ready for me, we took it for a quick spin, they did a quick look on my trade in, then showed me the numbers that I was exactly looking for based on my research. The quickest deal, no haggling necessary, no other dealer in the area had prices come close to theirs. Their prices are rock bottom. I can’t urge anyone enough if you are considering a Toyota GO TO CHARLES MAUND! You will be extremely happy you did. It’s a family run business, it’s not like the corporate run facility the next town over. They are fair, patient, and don’t push you into anything. I’m loyal to amazing customer service, I will be shopping at Charles Maund for the rest of my life.
kate bost
I had an excellent experience getting into a new Toyota with the help of Stan Sneed at Charles Maund this month. My Rav4 lease was ending in August and I had been putting off the lease-end conversation due to COVID… it was just the last thing I wanted to deal with right now. But I felt like Stan and the management team really had my back throughout the whole process. He showed me great options even when the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a smaller vehicle. He walked me through multiple scenarios of leasing and buying, and worked with management to find exactly the right car at my budget once I’d settled on the model and package I wanted. And Stan went out of his way to show me all the fancy new features in the 2021 Corolla, get my phone synced, etc – it’s a big tech upgrade from my 2017 Rav4. I don’t think I would have explored all those functions without the 1:1 walkthrough! If you’re buying a car right now and wondering about safety, they had hand sanitizer *everywhere*, everyone was wearing a mask – from the service team next door to the sales team to the other shoppers (thanks, y’all!), and even on a busy Saturday there was plenty of space to maintain social distance. The whole process felt safer than being in a grocery store, and was still highly personalized.
shannon hancock
The salesperson tried to convince me the other dealerships were lying about their offers and that I should buy from Charles Maund. They didn’t even attempt to price match. Manipulation is neither professional nor ethical. And yes, the other dealer (Killeen) did stand by their offer.
Chloe Nguyen
Usually decent service but my last two (service) visits here have been subpar. I had an appointment set for 1pm and arrived 10 mins prior. I drop my car off and head back home to wait for a call with any updates. 3 hours pass and no call, so I call them to check in on my car. I’m informed that my car was just pulled in 30 mins prior to the 3rd hour of waiting. I’m also informed that no one will be able to get to my car before they close, and that it will have to stay overnight. That can’t happen, I need my car for work in the morning. So, I go and pick it up since there’s no point in having it there any longer. I can understand being really busy to where you can’t get to every car, but I don’t understand the lack of communication and lack of customer service.
Kristin McGrath
Great services, despite all the extra challenges due to the pandemic. My car was disinfected, and I got the same friendly service that I’m used to at Toyota.
Victor Munoz
“Good place until you try to claim a warranty or a bad work, also the difference between a regular customer and a customer claiming warranty it’s very obvious they don’t walk you to your vehicle they bearly give you the keys and only pointing to your car and said “”it’s there somewhere in the parking lot”” not good to a huge prestigious company .”
Xiaoqiang Wu
Very satisfied with my car scheduled maintenance, everything is perfect. Staffs are very kind and my car looks like new again. Booking is so easy and done in a minute.
Litzy Alarcon
The service team is great always welcome you with a smile. They make you feel like a valued customer, and take well care of your needs
Ken McFarland
Shannon and Erik were awesome. Great buying experience.
Bobbi Olchesky
Everyone was friendly and helpful . Thank you, JR, for making our auto purchase a very pleasant experience. We are enjoying our Rav 4.
pamela perry
Brandon Testa Is a very good sales person you need to Raise hes awesome I will sing his praise all day long
Went to the Service department to obtain past service records on a ’04 Camry I just bought, and a Mr. Nate Newman was very kind to print them out for me without charging me a dime. The place was mobbed so they are definitely doing a healthy business, even so, Mr. Newman gave me the printout inside 15 minutes. You know when a place like Toyota is mobbed with clients and their cars never break, the dealer must be a great deal for routine maintenance. I was happy with the price I got: FREE
Aaron Jay
Alvin was so helpful, and all the employees are super nice and helpful! Love this place!
Bobby Erickson
What a great experience we had today at this Toyota location. When I walked into the building I kinda just looked around aimlessly for about 5 minutes until I was saved by a pleasant man named Mohammed Merchant who approached me and asked if I needed a hand. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to accomplish today but Mohammed made it extremely easy. From the moment we met until the final handshake goodbye, I felt like I was working with someone I had known for years. A veteran of 20+ years and with comparable years of Toyota experience, I knew I was in good hands. Thank you Mohammed, for making the car buying experience as easy as possible.
Jose Ruiz
They make you buy gap insurance and extra warranties in order to get a decent interest rate. After you have purchase the vehicle if you need help with something wrong with the vehicle forget it they don’t know you. 👎
Geoffrey Marshall
Traveling to visit family in Austin. Had a mechanical issue on my Sequoia somewhere in Louisiana. Got on line, scheduled a drop off 7:00am Monday morning. KP, my Service Rep, kept me posted on what was needed to be done. He pulled up my maintenance records from dealer in Ohio so got routine maintenance done as well. Truck was ready to go on Tuesday afternoon for 16 hour drive back to Cincinnati. I couldn’t have scripted a better outcome. Thanks to the team at Charles Maund!!!
Julie Huckman
A great car buying experience! Danielle was personable and professional and I would definitely recommend her as a salesperson .
Jennifer Wingard
We are from Houston, and had taken out Prius to a Toyota dealer here and were told everything was fine. Our car starts giving warning lights on a drive to Austin, and Charles Maund discovered they issue immediately. Big ole shout out to this Toyota dealer! Not only did they have a full day of service appointments on a Saturday, but they also identified our brake issue as a major one that is covered by an extended warranty. But that’s not all! The parts will take well into next week to arrive, so they provided a rental car at no charge. And they plugged a slow leak on one of our tires. And discovered another out of warranty but significant issue with our lights. This is what a good mechanic does. Fixes the major problem. Knows how to work the warranties. And gets you on the road if it will take multiple days to fix your car.
Cheryl Kozielec
Will Manella helped me out with getting an oil leak covered by my warranty. It wasn’t easy and I know he had to communicate back and forth with them in order for this coverage to happen and save me from a very expensive repair. Very professional, great service!!
T.J. Rollings
So I bought a used 2017 Toyota Corolla iM last week, in the purchase was a warranty for 7 years that covers everything except wearable parts. So today I was leaving a drive thru and car stalled because I let my foot off the clutch too fast, this happens with a standard. The problem is the car wouldn’t start again by normal means. I had to pop the clutch to get it started. The car started after work so I drove to the Charles Maunde Certified Used Car Lot and was told I would need to leave the car there which is fine if they had something for me to drive….the only problem is they would need to keep the car for days to diagnose the problem. Only when a problem is diagnoses can I claim a rental through the warranty, so I would have no car to get to work in the mean time. They have lemons at this lot and they will give you a hard time to remedy any problem. Watch out for the over priced warranty they try to sneak in there, which isn’t helpful at all.
Damilola Oyedele
Can buying a car be a fun and dare I say empowering experience? For weeks and months I have been thinking about how great an experience I had buying my car at Charles Maund Toyota. Car buying is nerve-wracking, exhausting, and I met my share of icky car salesmen in my search at other dealerships. This, I walked into and left with my car keys, happy and confident in my choice. THANK YOU, Constatin and the whole Charles Maund team.
Kate Terry
I came in to get a check engine light diagnosis and was a first-time customer. I was quoted a window of time to hear back on the diagnostic test and gave them an additional half hour after that and still hadn’t heard from anyone, so I had to track down the person to get the update myself. They identified the issue, which was a couple thousand dollars of work between the part and labor. However, on top of this they outlined another $4k of work they said I needed or the car would eventually be inoperable. I felt I was being unnecessarily pressured and wasn’t happy with the service level I received so I went to a competitor and got a second opinion. This second business recommended the first part of work and some other minor repairs — no scare tactics (and not another $4k of work).
Kady Weatherby
Alvin Reed is the bomb dot com! I told him what I wanted and he made it happen. No games. Excellent customer service! Highly recommended.
Tenice Bedford
I went to Charles Maund Toyota and had an GREAT experience. I learned so much and they worked hard on making sure i got a great deal. I wanna truly Thank God and Stanley Sneed, Byron West and the Finance management team for helping me . If I could give more stars I would
Jacques Wooldridge
Had a great experience. Jessica was a delight to deal with. Got exactly what I wanted with no fuss.
brandie munoz
Anytime I went to other car dealership they would pull me around and try to haggle me. Didnt listen to anything I said at the beginning and honestly didn’t want to take the time to work with me considering my limits. However Joshua White took care of me. Kept me in the loop. Didnt waste my time and heard exactly what I was looking for. While other dealerships took days to get back with me Joshua got me taken care of in hours. He was great and so was the financing team. I’ve told all my friends and family to go to them if you are looking for a new car. I recommend the same for anyone else thats not looking for a hard time with getting a brand new car. It was painless, I did it by myself and with no questions asked.
Megan Helm
I’ve been to this location (service dept.) twice and the entire staff is very rude. Tried to give it a second chance, but won’t be back.
Luis Mauricio
Terrible service throughout the sales process. They only care about their sales. They push you to buy unnecessary things. You need to read carefully your contract because they add extended warranty without informing you. I will never recommend this place.
Jennifer Wissmann
Art Rivera was so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend working with him!
Blake Ward
My review is coming from the perspective of a former employee which is myself who recently parted ways unexpectedly with the service department at Charles Maund yet I have nothing but praise for this dealership and their staff. I started as a porter a couple years ago after spending many years in the mortgage business. I wanted something that was simple, stress free and that I didn’t have to take home with me & that’s exactly what I was given. I later moved into a service advisor role even though I had very little history or knowledge working with cars. My bosses Wes and Fernando both believed in me that I would put in the time and effort to learn the role and they gave me every tool to be successful. They also have some very seasoned veterans such as Jerry, Angel, Lance, Mark, Will, KP, Walter, Lucky and Kevin who each bring many years experience to the dealership and were helpful to me picking it up so fast. These are advisors that any dealership in town would love to have on their team yet most have many years tenure at Charles Maund which says a lot for the way they do things starting with their leadership. I must say that I came into the role of advisor intentionally looking for the ways that the advisors get over on customers and vowed that I would not be that guy & I would be the whistleblower/hero to customers however I never had the chance to do so cause I never saw any of this go on. All the misconceptions I had about mechanics and car dealers being shady and to beware just simply weren’t true at least not with this dealership. Dealers can be a little more expensive on certain services yet you also get what you pay for. At Charles Maund you have the luxury of knowing that a certified Toyota tech will be working on the car that works on nothing but Toyota’s all day. I found that even with that luxury, the prices at Charles Maund were still comparable to any other mechanic or service center In town. Wes and Fernando ask a lot of their employees but always expect for it to be done the right way always reminding the advisors to be transparent so that there are no surprises to customers. They take pride in being number one in their field but only if it’s done the right way with honesty and integrity and with no corners being cut. Now as you’ll see in some of the reviews, the dealership doesn’t always get it right and I had my fair share of mishaps which aren’t fun because every employee takes customer satisfaction very seriously. No ones wants to be the cause of a customer having a bad experience but everyone there is human and will make mistakes but they definitely strive for perfection and will always do their best to make it right when they missed the mark. The whole staff from the mechanics to the cashiers to advisors to managers take it hard when a customers expectations aren’t met. It’s not a good feeling to be a part of the reason why a customer had a bad experience but I can say those instances are rare based on the volume the dealership does and that the management team takes the overall customer experience very seriously and will do their best to ensure a mistake isn’t duplicated but understands that the people working there are highly skilled yet human. I know this is a lot to take in and I could write so much more which some could say is biased but I’ll remind you I’m no longer there and could just as well write a negative review yet it wouldn’t be accurate. I’m simply coming from the heart on what this dealership has done for me and the impression that was left on my heart. Wes and Fernando both cared about me as a person and my health and wellbeing more than they did me as the employee and any numbers I could potentially put up which means a lot and I think is a rare thing in competitive businesses these days. Although I’m no longer at Charles Maund, I left with so much passion for the way they do things and would never consider sending anyone that I at least cared about anywhere else other than Charles Maund for service or to purchase a vehicle.
jeyner lara
This might have been the worst dealership experience I have ever had. It’s been 8 months since I was in a car crash. Insurance paid $12,000 to cover for the damage. We have taken our vehicle in to Charles maund be fixed 4 TIMES! Each time there’s always an issue with the car. We took our vehicle to Round Rock Toyota to have It evaluated by their mechanics, we come to find out our tires were damaged in the incident along with the roders and charles maund did nothing to resolve our issue. We have not felt valued as customers even though we spent 30k buying from that place…8 months and 4 trips for our vehicle to be returned in bad condition is just insane.
Anyone who is interested in buying a Toyota at the best price around the Austin metro area, without haggling, see David hardy. In less than 30 minutes David provided a great deal on the exact 2020 tundra I wanted. In all the many years I have been buying vehicles, I have never experienced this level of professionalism. So simple, so painless. So gratifying
Dianna Keown
Alton and Danny were awesome. They made my horrible past experience with car buying good again. I liked that they were not pushy and that they were open to our thoughts about things. The place is not new, but just like a lot of places I know-you don’t have to be fancy to still get great customer service. After visiting other Toyota dealerships around the Austin area, I definitely recommend this place. They had plenty of vehicles that were there to look at and the website was pretty accurate on what they did and didn’t have. I’m so happy with our purchase from here:)
Great service!
carlos aramburo
I picked up my RAV4 from Toyota on May 21st from the auto service and I noticed that there were 2 significant scratches on the glass behind the steering wheel and they claim it was not them. Keep in mind that the reason why i took the car to the shop in the first place was because of the side mirror so there was no reason for the plastic inside the car to be touched. My SUV is brand new and there should be no reason why they shouldn’t take responsibility for it if it wasn’t there before I picked it up. It’s so disappointing knowing that they don’t want to fix the issue when it’s clearly their fault. I would like to have a solution for this ASAP
Jack Stremler
I have leased and purchased several new Toyota’s over the past 15 yrs and I’ve always enjoyed the experience.
Jonathan Coleman
Toyota is the worst!!! After my two experiences with two salesman Danny and Jamie.. I am done!!! One salesman sold my car to someone else even though I was already on my way to pick it up and the other threatened to kill me so I can join my loss loved one in heaven. Wow, unprofessional and not ever going to buy a Toyota again! Toyota are just toys and they’re cheap. If you want a good reliable car, then go get a Honda! I’m team Honda now from here on out!
Hanna De Hoyos
The team was outstanding in helping me walk away with a new vehicle. They ensured I was taken care of and that I bought a high quality vehicle.
eric crump
Mohammed Merchant was great! He very much takes care of Military. If you need a vehicle he is the one to talk to.
rudolph zapata
amazing experience and process at used car department. when i purchased vehicle at maxwell ford the vehicle was out of gas and i tried to contact personnel after purchase to no avail. very bad but this place was so different alvin reed, aiden casillas and conrado galvez very professional i will return to purchase again and i will tell my friends thanx
Rochelle Hart
My car was recently stolen. I have recently moved to Austin so this is my first appointment with your company. I asked the service folks to please check for anything unususal (because of the theft) . They were very good and checked the car over completely, as well as performing my regular service. thank you
Larry Mellette
I have been called and text for 6 months daily from these people, they are hounds. I asked one of their sales men should I file a restraining order against them, they did not care and still text and call me daily to this day. It’s insane. will update review soon with call logs
Linda Fleming
Just Outstanding Service..
Carlos Eduardo Morales
The best experience so far – Jessica and Ruben are the best on what they do as sales representative and manager respectively. Higly recommended. (They had tasty donuts for the clients also)
Frank Ramirez
i have an extended warranty through Charles Maund Toyota and have always received great service. sometimes the wait can be longer than expected, but you get that with any auto service provider anywhere. in my most recent visit, i had great communication from my service advisor, Lance. he went the extra mile from when i called to book my oil change appointment. due to the high mileage on my vehicle, he arranged to have my car looked over (in detail) by a technician for warranty issues and me over the phone, before coming in, that this would require a longer visit. they did find 2 leaks in my vehicle (covered under warranty) that required them to keep my car overnight, so he set me up with a rental car. when one of the parts he ordered arrived damaged, requiring them to keep my car longer, Lance again was in communication advising me of everything that was happening. thanks.
Sylvia Sanchez
My first oil change on Snowflake. 😀😉
marian necula
Everyone was super nice and polite. Lance our consultant is very professional and customer service oriented.
Frances Prewitt
“I took my car in for service appointment on June 20, 2020, three days after City of Austin issued ordinance requiring businesses tovreqire not only employees, but customers, to wear face coverings. Customer in front of me in bay got out of ask employee to ask mhis car unmasked. He spoke to masked employee in close proximity. Customer was directed to waiting area. Knowing I was entering the waiting room right after him, I asked employee to ask him to put on mask. Customer said no to employee and was allowed to continue into waiting room. I rescheduled my appointment. I spoke with general manager who said businesses could service customers without masks. When I disagreed, manager said, “”I’M DONE WITH YOU.”””
Terry Quigley
Easiest car buying experience ever Dealt with salesman Shannon Brady entirely by phone and text as I live over five hours from Austin I feel like he shot it to me straight at all times but best of all once we made the deal he did everything he said he would and kept me updated each step of the way. Very impressed with my Charles Mound Toyota experience.
Mary Long Geil
As always Charles Maund met all my needs and more with grace and courtesy! Thank you! I’m never going anywhere else because the last 11 years, since I bought my 1st Toyota, they have been the best ever!
Amante DAlbora
In my experience so far, they are very knowledgeable of their work and they do a great job at explaining whatever issues there may be and what the process will be to get it done. My only issue would be the amount of time things take. Even with appointments you are looking at about a 4 to 5 hour wait until you get your car back on minor things. But all in all, I have no complaints about their actual service and professionalism.
Anthony Manupella
Tito was a great sales manager to work with and I would recommend him to anyone.
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Angela Missildine
Charles Maund Toyota really took care of us and quickly diagnosed a problem and were able to fix it same day! Thank you!
Francelle W
“I don’t know where to start. I am very disappointed with Charles Maund Toyota, and I feel lied and robbed. In 2016 a signed up for a lease (first time in my life) and one of the leasing points was that the contract would be for 3 years and I all was responsible for was to pay the difference if I went above the mileage on the contract. They said, any repairs, maintenance, oil changes, etc. it’s on us, “”you don’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket””. What they forgot to say it’s that they included in the lease $2k for a maintenance package. Now that I traded-in that vehicle at the new Toyota in Cedar Park, it turned out I didn’t have to buy that maintenance package. Toyota offers free maintenance for the first 2 years (or 25k mileage, whichever comes first) on all new vehicles, so they charged me $2k for the third year. I traded-in sooner and I just wanted to cancel and recover anything for these warranty that I should had never been forced to buy to begin with. They made me go to their office, I was only going to get $65 back but they had to charge a convenience fee of $25 for the cancellation, so I only ended up with $40. This is a joke. I am very upset with this company and I will NEVER buy or recommend any friends or relatives to this company again. If you are going to lease, make sure to go over every single charge and ask why do you have to buy a maintenance package for $2k when the first 2 years are for free. It does not make any sense.”
Samuel Bryant
Lance, my service representative, always present an honest review of the needs of my Tacoma. The options are always thoroughly explained and the outcome is always positive.
Conner Fry
I arrived knowing exactly which car I wanted and it was mine two hours later. The process was quick and painless.
Mo Awadalla
A week ago I get a call to remind me to set up my 10k mile service. It was followed up by a email where I booked a appointment and had the opportunity to write down what services I wanted to be done. I get a call the day before confirming my appointment but they had none of the service details I had submitted online. I show up to my appointment and for the 3rd time had to detail what I wanted done to my new car. I chose to wait for the service to be done. 2 hours go by and no-one has come to update me on the statues of the car. I find my service tech and he informs me it will be another 2 hours. He offers their shuttle service to drop me off in South Austin where I work. I asked to be picked up at 3:30 to try to avoid some of the traffic. at 4:30 I call my driver who is supposed to pick me up and he says he is 15mins away. He must have forgot that link they send you allows you to track where the driver is in real time. He was still at the dealership a whole hour after the scheduled pick up time! Now i have to wait for him to come to south Austin so he can take me back to North Austin in traffic. This was a huge time suck today and some of the worst customer service I have received from a dealership. I understand not offering loaner cars but a time estimate when I dropped my car off would have made it where I could make the appropriate travel plans. I was left in the dark and waiting and now will have to spend over a hour in prime Austin rush hour rather than be at home. I am left wondering why I would continue to utilize Charles Maund Toyota for future service vs other Toyota Dealerships closer to home?
Ruth Boyd
Our service consultant, Angel, always does a great job. I really appreciate that he remembers us and our cars whenever we come in for service. He goes above and beyond in making sure our needs are met. Thanks, Angel!
Eamon Bizray
Worst service ever. Good luck getting your title and licence plates after you pay. They’ll give you the run around. They will lie about trying to contact you. No one will call you and no one cares. They’re super nice until they get your money. Wish I could do 0 stars
Claire Grant
I was in the market for a new car, it was time to let go of my favorite GMC and move into a reliable vehicle. My ideal was Toyota, so I gave Charles Maund a call and so thankful I did. From the online appraisal, someone reached out and quickly arranged a convenient appointment for me to stop by in-person. That’s when I was introduced to Mike Bui and I’m lucky I was. He was extremely nice, explained the process – we’ll test drive and then the in-person appraisal will occur. I went in after work, service was still top notch. They treated me like a human, did so much to earn my business and made me feel valued all throughout my visit. It took about 3 hours total, test drive, appraisal, paperwork and finalizing with finance and signing contracts (worked with Ramiro on that – who was awesome, and I’m lucky to have had his guidance through that process). They are reasonable and really value your business. They have a great inventory, where your ideal should be easy for them to meet. They are conveniently located off 183 and are there to help you get all settled into your new car. I’m excited to enjoy my new RAV4 for many years to come, with a Platinum service package for a peace of mind. Lucky to join the Toyota family with Mike Bui’s help – check out Charles Maund and I highly recommend asking for Mike and Ramiro!!
Madhumitha Sakthi
Awesome service! We came here looking for a good deal and Mr. Ty Tarver got us setup with a really sweet deal. I appreciate the hard work he put in to make sure we got what we wanted and beyond that.
Herlinda Rodriguez
Today I visited the service team for my vehicles regular maintenance. I was assisted by Mr. Rafael Montalvo. The quality of customer service Mr. Montalvo provided was exceptional. He provided me with a break down of the suggested services to maintain my vehicle in a good condition. Instead of simply providing me with a piece of paper listing a long list of jargon and prices he reviewed the services one by one and the price estimate. HE PROVIDED INFORMED CHOICE which is something that many associates fail to do. He listed the different types of merchandise available, pricing and assisted me with prioritizing services to ensure I stayed within my budget. He gracefully answered my questions and ensured my concerns were addressed. After the service was provided, Mr. Montalvo ensured his work was completed with my vehicle and moved on towards addressing other customer concerns and incoming phone calls. Upon leaving I remembered I had a couple more questions pertaining to my vehicles warranty so I returned to the service department. Mr. Montalvo was still occupied addressing customer calls but acknowledged me immediately. After his phone call he addressed my question and made me feel as if I was a priority in his obviously busy agenda. He could have easily directed me to another individual but instead he not only took the time to explain the warranty but ensured he printed a copy for my records and retrieved it from the building on the opposite side of the department. He went above and beyond to provide me and all of his other customers with great service! I could tell by the interactions between Mr. Montalvo and the other customers that they were happy campers. He made us all feel like a priority instead of a nuisance. Thank you Mr. Rafael Montalvo. Toyota Service, Mr. Montalvo is the standard all your employees should be held up to.
Kelly Ramsey
THEY DON’T TAKE COVID SERIOUSLY, in spite of what they tell you. This has been my regular service stop since 1982. Went in for an overdue service. I called in advance to ask what their sanitation policy was. They assured me that they took every precaution, employees all wore masks, steering wheel and seatsto be covered in plastic, and a disinfectant spray would be the last step before returning the car to me. I felt that was a good policy since I didn’t want to bring covid back to my whole family who have all been quarantining together. Half the employees had masks on when I returned to retrieve my car, others didn’t even have their masks over their noses. The girl who drove up INSiDE MY CAR had the AC cranked up, the windows closed, and no mask on. She definitely put her respiration into my AC ducting, so what good is the sanitizer if that happens. This place is NOT safe. That ends my 36 year relationship with you guys. That was all Toyota!
R Buckner
I would have given 5 stars if the service writer hadn’t proposed a $5000 upcharge on a $9000 automobile. Should have tried to sell me a car instead.
Worst web site ever lack of actual real pics of vehicles, pricing missing on over half the vehicles thank goodness there’s two other Toyota dealers close buy
Ben Gilbert
The whole experience was pleasant, but Mohammed Merchant goes above and beyond to set you at ease – a true professional. Could not recommend enough.
Alyssa Lauer
My first here was superb! My service advisor was friendly, actively involved in my vehicles servicing and incredibly sweet. He walked me through the entire appointment from stepping out of my car to stepping back in it. Amazing. Then, on my second visit, eh. I find it incredibly frustrating when service advisors try and push a bunch of maintenance repairs down your throat. Sorry Toyota, you’re great but I’m not paying $130/hr for a spark plug replacement and air filter. I can do that myself. I felt as if I was being talked down to on the second visit. The automatic assumption I don’t know anything about cars because I’m a woman. Typical and disappointing. The redeeming fact and why I’m still giving 4 stars is because they did contact me to let me know that there was a recall on my vehicle and wanted to get me scheduled and because the first service advisor did such a great job.
zaviya grill
Our salesman Mohammed Merchant did a phenomenal job in taking care of myself and my family. He listened to our requirements and recommended the perfect Camry for us. He gave us a reasonable monthly payment that was within our budget. Mohammed Merchant is a retired U S Army soldier and was extremely polite and professional. I highly recommend Mohammed Merchant and the entire staff at Charles Naund Toyota, a phenomenal dealership!!!
After I found the car that I want and it was Toyota Corolla 2018 Used and agreed on the price and sign the paperwork the manager changed the can and the price and tried to make me sign the new contract with $3000 deference than the original price!!! And the car was replaced with another car that has 27000 miles in it and the car that I want was 10000 miles only. I can’t remember the managers name but he was short man and he has a big head. He was so un respectful and so rude. Toyota is a great company and should be professional with customers.
Carlos Colindrez
i have not complaint just a misuunderstandig regarding the service call that my took the truck 300 miles shy off the 25000 miles mark Thanks
Leslie Jobe
This is a great dealership! Not only was my experience buying my car easy and amazing but the two times I have taken it in for maintenance, everyone was professional and friendly as well!
Ron Batra
“One of the more arrogant dealers in town: 1. In 2014 they did some recall work on our 2008 RAV and forgot to tighten the steering wheel which came off just before we got to 2222 downslope before River Place. My wife was in the car and fortunate nothing happened – I walked her through to stop the car just across from the Target store and then she got to safety. Imagine going down 2222 and the wheel coming off….. We towed the car at our own expense to another dealership to get it fixed. Even then the manager told us “”how about we get you in a brand new RAV ?”” Heartless and cold, instead of asking if we were safe. We have receipts to show what happened. They offered to pay us tow charges, but I was so disgusted that didn’t even want to go for a minute in the store. Perhaps should have consulted a lawyer. 2. Fast forward today to May 29, 2020. Time to change the RAV and i want to come in tomorrow to test drive one with the goal of buying sometime in June. The chat software switched me to 2 sales people and they said “”If you are not going to buy one tomorrow””, then maybe come later in the week. “”What if we could make the numbers work ? “” All this before I have even tried one to see how the new ones drive. Then and now, we are going to Classic Toyota in Round Rock, where I am not treated like a commodity. Or Cedar Park Toyota – Anywhere but Charles Maund. Nothing has changed between 2014 and today. Why did I bother even consider doing business with them ? #Votewithmywallet #NoCharlesMaundToyota was”
Maria Emerson
I just bought a 2019 Toyota Tacoma and it was the best experience in my auto buying years. Most of the time I go away frustrated because the sales representative has a hard sell approach. My experience with Charles Maund sales rep and finance rep was the best. They were both very professional and their sales approach was soft and I was able to negotiate the price and the finance rate to my satisfaction. I love Toyotas.
Amy Magness
This was the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. I had an appointment at 9 am and driving away in my new car by noon. If you are looking to but a car ask for Shannon Brady. He is straight to the point and is not the typical car salesman. He makes sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. I went in, told him what I wanted and gave him my budget. He was completely honest with me and stuck to my budget. All other departments have top notch customer service as well.
jose brito
Great Sales team and overall great experience buying with Charles Maund Toyota! We’re from out of town and had been shopping around and found best deal with Charles Maund. Scheduled an appointment and our sales person got the ball rolling to where all we did was test drive choose our vehicle and sign paper work! Would recommend 10/10!
Alex Hudson
BEWARE. SLEAZY CAR SALES PEOPLE. They don’t care about helping you. They only care about their commission. Why? 1. Misinformation. They broke my trust. 2. They kept me waiting for 4 hours. 3. They did not listen to me. 4. They made me feel ashamed for asking them how the process worked. 5. After I told them no, they had the nerve to call me the next day and still try to sell me a car. They even went so far as to text me pictures of several different models. To the people at CMT, you did not get my sale because you did not listen to what I wanted. I repeatedly told you and you ignored me and kept shoving irrelevant information down my throat. My credit score went down because I was dumb enough to let you go on as long as you did.
morgan hollingsworth
Jenny Brown and Dale were both so helpful! I had an amazing experience! Jenny worked so hard helping me find the perfect car. Thanks so much guys
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