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Clay Cooley Kia in Irving, TX

Overall Rating 4 out of 5
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1247 E Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062, United States
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Kia Dealer in Irving | Clay Cooley Kia Service | New & Used Kia Dealership

Clay Cooley Kia in Irving serves the Dallas Fort Worth area for both new and used car sales and service. Come see Clay. Buy with assurance with our Family Guarantee.

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Just had a terrible experience with this dealership. I’m in the market for a specific vehicle and they had a few on their lot. I’m out of state and willing to pay for delivery, so I’ve expanded my search area. I’ve also got my own financing so I’m essentially paying cash up front. They came up in my search with what appeared to be reasonably priced vehicles, so I went ahead with contacting them and beginning negotiations.I worked with the Internet Sales manager (who was polite enough) and we settled on a price and got a quote for delivery, over a period of a few hours. Pretty usual car buying experience.

Suddenly I receive a message asking if they can call. I’m on the road at the moment but accept the call. The overall sales manager is on the other end and he demands to know when I can come in to the dealership. I had already explained to the other salesperson that I’m out of state and will not be able to come in, hence arranging shipping costs. The sales manager continues to demand that I have to come in before I can buy a vehicle, because of some vague “fraud” reasons.

So the deal falls through because apparently there’s no other way to verify my identity aside from me travelling hundreds of miles to complete a purchase?? All while essentially being called a fraudster by a pretty rude sales manager. Real bad look, Kia.

Either way, if you’re looking at this place for buying I car I advise you watch out for some really sketchy behavior and are probably better off buying a vehicle from a better run business. These people don’t deserve your time or money. I’d give them zero stars if possible, worst treatment from a dealership I’ve ever experienced.

Arriss Woodard
I came here inquiring about trading my car I for something else. I ended up having Sydney as my dealer… I should of left when I had the chance. I ended being approved for a vehicle but they wouldn’t trade my current vehicle at a higher price. This wasn’t the problem at all, but rather Sydney and the manager Chris were constantly encouraging me to voluntarily surrender my vehicle and send me to their own “Creditor” to ensure it wouldn’t hurt my credit. Ultimately it was my decision, but they took beyond advantage of me and my trust just to make a sale. Before, I was at above average credit score …but now it’s beyond below average and a “creditor” who has all of my personal information. It makes my skin crawl that I give Clay Cooley Kia my money every month while I deal with the lies, deceits their associates they lead me to believe. Buying my last car through Clay Cooley, I had high hopes in dealerships..but this proves all the negative ideas and beliefs we have about dealers/dealerships are right. I was just another number, you will be too. I will NEVER buy from Clay Cooley again, if something similar happens to you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s plenty more dealerships in DFW to choose from.
Daniel Foster
Because i don’t have much that’s this year has be coming unreal……..Love the service ..the People are so friendly…Great place to buy a Car…Thank You so much…
Dani Henderson
I love that they were honest and kept their word. My biggest fear was that they would tell me one price over the phone and then switch it up once I get to the lot. But that didn’t happen. I was able to do pretty much everything over the phone/online. They make the buying process very easy. Stephen was very professional and attentive. Thanks for your great customer service and my new car. I would definitely recommend !
Fentress Carroll
The Team at Clay Cooley Kia Service Center are AWESOME folk. Outstanding customer service. They are so professional and have warm personalities. They really have you feeling comfortable and reassured that you’re in good hands. Love those guys…. To me they are the best!!!! When I take my car there, I know I’m going to get “Top Notch” maintenance and service…I don’t know about other Kia Service centers, but I sure can say Clay Cooley Kia is one of the best hands down!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR CLAY COOLEY STAFF ! You Guys ROCK!!!!❣️
Dee Jay Rosales
My experience was great. Dylan in sales listened to our needs and we walked out with what we needed. Mr. Manning in Finance was great as well. Highly recommended.
Nathan Arom
I purchased my car there before, great experience. However, I scheduled an appointment with a sales manager who had called me several times trying to trade-in, but I was more interested in refinancing, so he told me he can guide thru it. When I got to my appointment, I found out he is not longer working with the company and another guy “helped” me out. He asked me to fill out a form, which I asked if that is to run my credit report because I do not want that. He said it was just a control sheet of walk-in customers. He did run credit report, affecting my score since even after he pulled my report, he declined to move forward with refinancing because I didn’t want to be pushed to buy a new car. I have been 5 years customer of this dealership but the only great about this place is the Service department. They don’t oversale items you don’t need. They are pretty straightforward. Yes, I will dispute that inquiry.
Phillip Wint
The service was so bad we sold our 2020 Telluride on the way home. Our car battery froze during the terrible weather while we were away. We were told that the car had to be towed to the dealer in order to change the battery. All five tow companies we contacted said they could not tow it because it could not go into neutral to be pulled onto the flatbed. KIA would not help us even though we offered to pay them extra for sending someone out to replace the battery on a new car. We spent five nights at the Grand Hyatt DFW trying to get a battery. The ladies at the front desk knew of our plight because we kept extending our stay with them. They got a hold of a mechanic who contacted us and within an hour of our approval had a battery installed in the parking garage (it took him 8 minutes). You would thing KIA would have thought of that because we were in contact with them every day about the battery. They said to call KIA Roadside Assistance, which is free. After spending over eight hours over the four days we worked on this problem we never got to speak to anyone. Lots of nice music was all we got. We had even asked Kia service department if they could contact their roadside assistance people for us and they said NO! How about that for service? Oh yes, forgot to mention that Kia did suggest I call a “mobile mechanic” and gave us a number for him. We left a message for him and late that Saturday afternoon a delightful young lady called us back to say she was not a mechanic, rather a college student, but offered to help us in anyway she could. So, we were stuck all day Sunday. All the people at Kia service we spoke and met did say they felt real bad for us. I called and spoke with the manager Monday morning, who said he would see what he could do. Never heard back from him! Great Service!
Mattie Johnston
If you’re looking for great service and the best staff to help you with a car sales I would highly recommend Jasmine D. She is the best person to help with your car needs. She was great! She made it easy and got me into my new 2021 Kia Forte LXS at a price I could afford and is the friendliest and all around awesome person when it comes to sales. She listens and understands your needs. You can tell she loves what she does! I want to also say thank you to Justin in financing who really went that extra mile to make sure my payments were in my budget. He was great and very good at what he does. he was friendly and explained all details great. A big Thank You to Chris in Finance who made my dream car possible! You are the greatest staff I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend you buy your next car here! These guys ROCK
Reagan Renouf
They DO NOT wear MASKS. Salesmen and Mechanics. Took more than double the time they estimated. Go to a different place.
Raigan Thompson
I had a great experience with salesman Octavia W. He was extremely awesome and helpful and was so willing to help me in my search for a car. He was nice from the start and helped me from start to finish. Thank you Octavia! I highly recommend you use him to get your car!
Laurissa Sorensen
We only started coming here because of location, its on the way to work and we needed maintenance. We never had experience with Clay Cooley groups before. Now, even though there is a closer kia to our home, we come here. The people here are just so awesome! Wonderful customer service, communication, and time management. Now, whenever we discuss a new car, the only thing we can agree on is Clay Cooley.
Matt Duncan
Original: Rating solely based off half the staff was not wearing masks. Updated response: With all due respect, you should consider taking a hard look at your strict rule regarding wearing masks because it was not the case. The gentleman at the parts checkout counter was not wearing a mask when I walked up and even after I started a conversation with him, he still did not put a mask on as he checked me out. He then proceeded to walk me through the waiting room to the cashier AND STILL DID NOT PUT A MASK ON. This isn’t a joke in these times.
Karien Powers
I am giving them a Rating of 5 stars because They worked together to complete my Deal and made my Dream of Purchasing my car choice come True. A Great Big Shout to Everyone who worked on my Car Deal. Thank you all for all the Support and Time working with me. Ricardo Iracheta-My Salesperson Tracy Brown – Financial Services and All The Other Team Members *Chris Singleton- Sales Manager * I Sincerely Thank you for making my Dream Come True. With Prayers and Dedication you all made getting my Deal Successful and to continue to able to get to get to Work A Hold LOT Better than Before……………….. Many Blessings to you all and may God Continue to Bless your Works Daily
Jessica Bryant
Probably the biggest let down since I was put out on the street by my husband of 13 years with absolutely no warning. How can you have information for the signer and consignor and tell them to make a 2 hour trip because everything is good when in all actuality it isn’t. Thank you for the disappointment and for wasting my time and gas👎
M Carrell
Catalytic converter stolen off my Sportage. Yes that is a thing. Insurance totaled so I had one day to get approved for a loan, test drive and sign on the dotted line. Jerry made the loan process effortless with a purchase order. Terry has been in Texas exactly 4 days, but he knows all things Kia. They were a huge blessing in my time of uncertainty.
Samantha Moss
Much quicker experience than the last dealership we went to, spent a little over two hours there. The last dealership we went to took us to the cleaners on interest and payments but they worked with us much better. I also had a medical issue while in the financing office and Mr Brown and the other manager were quick to respond to help alleviate the situation. Sorry if I seemed rude and thank you so much for your help!
Clay Cooley Kia is definitely the way to go! My husband and I were in to just browse with no real intention to buy. After meeting Jasmine, we found ourselves driving off in a new Optima! She is an awesome person to work with, very courteous and knowledgeable. Later we had a small problem with a sales manager that is no longer working for Kia BUT it was resolved by Chris Singleton. He was VERY helpful in making sure we were WELL taken care. We are pleased with Clay Cooley Kia and will definitely use them again! Thanks so much Jasmine and Chris! Jamie, we look forward to working with you! Thanks Clay Cooley Kia!!
“Worst dealership ever. Michael the sales rep is the exact reason why car dealerships get a bad name for being sleazy salesmen and nothing but the most money for themselves. I came in looking to test drive a new Forte and online sale price shows $24K. He brought me a paper with a $33K price tag and when questioned I was told “”oh we can get you the $24K price but you need to sign this first””… THEY WANTED ME TO SIGN LEGAL DOCUMENTS FOR $33,000 DOLLARS BUT PROMISE $24,000. Then I was told “”well we can get you the military discount and first responders discount I’ll just gave to fake some forms and have my GM sign off on them”” so they also do illegal shady business apparently by filing fake paperwork. I’ll be taking my business to a different Kia dealership. Oh and lastly if you do go here expect a wait time! The car I was testing had a dead battery and after charging it still wouldn’t start so I had to test a different car than what I came in for. Very pathetic on their behalf.”
Bobby Garza
Big ups to Kia of Irving! I bought a Kia Optima in 2013 still running very well. Recently out of nowhere my motor started making a noise ( knocking) turns out it had a recall. My service representative Jason handled my situation from start to finish. I want to give a special thanks to him for keeping me informed with phone calls and emails with up to date information. Turns out my motor was replaced free of charge not a dime out of pocket so happy with Kia overall and customer service experience that I have received here thank you Kia!
Aubrey Laurent
Great place! The salesmen are very nice and motivated to help get you in the right car. Definitely the place to come for used vehicles!
bret smith
“I was not impressed with the GM. He told me he really wanted my business and was willing to work with me. After getting quotes from other dealerships to show him (at his request), he would not answer or return my calls. I decided to take my business elsewhere because it didn’t seem he “”wanted my business and would treat me like family.”””
Jake Teague
One of the sales guys is so entitled he Parks his Aston Martin on a Kia dealership lot in the middle of everybody’s way. He is too cool to actually put it in a parking spot… it has to be in the actual turn around. What a joke a of sales person. I went in for service. No notes were left on my ticket and they didn’t put a oil change sticker in the window.
myronn owens
Had a good time here for buying my first car. Shoutout to Stephen, made the experience one of a kind. Very friendly and personable. I recommend Stephen if you are looking for a new car, he’s very knowledgeable as well. Jerry the sales managers also took care of me!
Rose Suhr
Best car buying experience ever! Entire transaction handled by phone/email. Everyone I dealt with was awesome. My initial phone call I spoke to Darrius, he then had me speak to the General manager Joe, finance was handled by Justin. Once everything was completed Darrius delivered my new 2021 Soul to my house and helped me set everything up with connecting my phone, playlist, etc. I would give 10 stars if that were an option! Highly recommend!
Ryan Levasseur
Really enjoyed coming here. Michael helped set me up with a car and Stu went through all the financing with me. Best dealership experience I’ve had, everything was quick, detailed, and easy!
Harold R
My visit to buy a car didn’t go well. The sales tactics were….well,, I don’t have anything positive to say about the visit so I will leave a three star and move on.
Jesus Rea
Extremely poor service skills. I had my vehicle serviced and it wasn’t fixed right the 1st time. I had to take it back out to the dealership and I still have no answers. I have had my vehicle serviced at other mechanic shops and I’ve never had this much trouble. They are also telling me that they only have one service tech for the whole dealership, another communication failure. This is something that they should communicate with the customer instead of holding the vehicle hostage for up to a month. Clay Cooley has had my vehicle for a month now!! I don’t recommend Clay Cooley for anyone!
😀😀😀😀 Daniel is the man to see he takes the time and effort to fight with his managers to get you what you ask for and man this out this our 6 🚗 we buy from them we will for ever be grateful for their hospitality and service that they reindeer in the process.
Patricia kolb
The staff at clay cooley kia in irving is amazing. Very personable, not pushy and goes above and beyond to help get you in the car that you want. Joe fernandez listened to what i wanted and made it happen. If you want an easy, stress-free transaction with incredible customer service definitely visit the kia store in irving, you wont regret it!
Jack P
They took care of everything that the car needed. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
John Post
“Don’t go see Clay! really need zero stars option for this dealership. Drove quite a ways expecting about $15k as car is listed under $14k on website. Daughter loved vehicle. Salesman (Justin) hands us price and it’s almost $21,000!!! Completely dishonest. I was ready to BUY the car and my daughter told salesman we would be paying cash, yet he still wanted me to fill out credit app, and the two prices he laid down had W.A.C. written next to them, which tells me he either didn’t listen to her or didn’t care. Justin introduced us to manager (don’t remember his name) when we went inside 2nd building but but when I complained about price he kept leaving us and going back into office, and didn’t think to have his manager come talk to us until we were already out the door and walking to our car which was 3 buildings away. My daughter stood up before I had even seen the 2nd price as Justin was trying to justify the price he was showing us and laid price on table while showing me “”normal selling price at other dealers.”” As soon as I looked at the price on paper on desk, I realized why she stood up and I stood up as well. Clearly they have no interest in selling a car for a reasonable price, but playing games and being dishonest. Games dealers play? I’d be embarrassed if my name was Clay Cooley. My daughter really liked that car but said we would not be buying from this dealer even if they call tomorrow with a reasonable price. It’s really not hard to be a decent human being. They choose not to be. Don’t go see Clay! Edited to add: My daughter told me today that this salesman has called her several times since then and she hung up on him once and told him to stop another yet he called after that. You lost the sale Justin, leave her alone. Are there ANY decent human beings working at Clay Cooley who could tell this guy to stop harassing her? You chose to be crooked, you lost the sale, we never want to hear the words Clay Cooley ever again, and will remember this experience next time anybody in the family needs a new car.”
Leticia Salazar
Clay Cooley lured me in by telling me that they had a buyer for my car that was willing to pay over the appraised value, a 2019 Impala Premiere, however when I got there they were only interested in getting me into a new car, and then brushed me off when they ran the numbers and said I would be upside down and had to carry too much from my trade, which I thought they already had a buyer for. Very disappointed with Clay Cooley whom I bought the car from in the first place; sales guys were Sydney and Louie. Don’t waste your time.
Corina Castillo
I am so happy with the service I received. The finance manager went on and beyond so I could get my 2020 Kia Sportage ❤️
Shana Conover
Oh my word! If I could give this place ZERO stars I would! My car had less than 8,500 miles on it and it came back to me I WORSE condition than when I took it in for a warranty issue. The staff from the receptionist to the service manager could NOT HAVE DONE A WORSE job in customer service or fixing the warranty issue. Seriously, DO NOT trust this dealership! I took my car to Peltier Kia in Tyler, TX and THEY not only fixed the warranty issue but also were absolute professionals! The Tyler Kia dealership takes care of customers whether you bought your car from them or another Kia dealership. AGAIN, CLAY COOLEY KIA was the WORST dealership experience I have ever had (and I buy a new car about every 3 years)!
I did not end up buying anything, not for their part. Bree(?) Was super friendly, courteous, and professional. They were my first stop in my journey. I ended up finding what I wanted at another dealer. This is a terrific dealer with a good collection. Based on my experience I’d say you can’t go wrong here.
Richard Hipsh
The sales staff were pleasant. Obviously they wanted to make a sale, but were kind through the whole process and had great offers on their vehicles. This is in contrast to other dealership were the pressure was high, even if the deal was not good for you.
Shannon Earles
I went to the dealership yesterday looking at a kia sorento. My sales rep was Bre and she was great. My financial worker was Steve, him and the financial team worked hard to get me a great monthly payment and a low interest rate. I will definitely be coming back and recommend them to anyone:)
Jana Coble
Great selection of automobiles. I was fortunate to have Ahmed as my sales agent. He is knowledgeable, polite and professional. Not, in the least bit, pushy. He is someone you would want to help you when buying your next auto. Recommending him to all of my family and friends.
arrianna Scott
Coming up here was a great idea and for Sydney the sales man to sell me a 2021 Kia Forte ,is a great sales man he will try his absolutely best to get you in a brand new car if not any type of car you like , he will not give up on you until you get what you want .He will try his very best for you .If you come here ask for Sydney !! Thank you sooooo much Sydney !!
Jeremy Parlington
My sales man Stephen was awesome finance was awesome I was in and out within two hours. I had a problem a few days later and the sales manager took care of me.
Ilyas Khan
stay away from this dealership. They use bait ads to bring you in and then check your credit history even before price negotiation. Then they take you for a nice ride!
Hector is the person who contacted me. Set up a test drive with him. Arrived and had to ask front desk to page him twice. Never even saw Hector. Manager came up to hm help just to be informed that the vehicle was not even on the lot anymore. Given I had set up drive an hr n half earlier. It was shipped to auction. Lies all came from this Hector. Waste of time. But everyone else was nice, on a good note. Disappointed.
Ka’Deshia Hardeman
I work in auto financing and I have also purchased two cars from this location. This experience was by far THE WORST customer service EVER!! My mother and was already pre-approved by Capital One the company I work for and decided she wanted to trade in her car. She had spoken with James Bowser the night before and he set expectations that he did not meet AT ALL! He was very unprofessional. We arrived, she had asked him if he got her email he blatantly stated he did not care to read it since we were coming in anyway. She was instantly given a credit application when she stated she wanted to trade in and she knew the vehicle she wanted to get. The vehicle was not ready to test drive, he was lying about her negative equity and the amount still owed on the vehicle. because I’m the agent who prepared the offer for her. He then proceeded to tell her he would only help her if she got a new vehicle because he did not want to do the work for a trade. Tried convincing me that I needed to take over the payments of the vehicle and that would be her only way option of him helping her. He is just as lazy as he looks. Cause a hit to her credit and malicious practices. Absolutely horrible and unacceptable and I will be forwarding this to a corporate office!
David Stephens
Clay cooley is the epitome of shady sales practices and quantity over quality services. Even with the red flags early on we went against our judgement to purchase and we still regret it months later. Our contract was not completed properly, our cash rebates were not processed and they tried to tell us they did not owe anything even though it was in our contract, the tacked on extra fees that we fought to have removed, botched window tinting twice even though the services took 4 plus hours to do, were going on 5 months of ownership and still do not have license plates. The worst is that no one other than the secretary will answer the phone, no call backs, no emails, nothing. Now after complaining the secretary said they sold us our vehicle without an inspection which why they have not registered our vehicle and sent us a 2 week extension plate through a personal email which has her nude in the ID photo. When we finally spoke to Jerry the manager all he says is that we should talk to him only but he refuses to answer calls! We’ve given ample time for issues to be resolved now it’s time to go further. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this place and any other Clay Cooley dealerships. That price they advertise as so low really isn’t so don’t be fooled!
Monali Parikh
Over 10 employees were not wearing masks during a global pandemic. I asked the car salesman that approached me to please go put on a mask and 10 min later he still didn’t come back. Went inside and asked for another agent who is wearing a mask. While waiting I see more people not wearing a mask. Shame on you all. People are getting exposed and you are breaking the law by being a business that isn’t mandating makes for all. Will not be returning.
Joshua Vanison
I came to Clay Cooley Kia because I heard the customer service was A1. Jasmine was a great sales rep she made the process smooth. We had a slight issue with what they said would get done to the vehicle with a small dent. Chris the general sales manager fixed the issue with no problem.
Kelsey Johnson
We were happy with the friendliness and of the management and staff. Our salesman John was nice and accommodating. Managers Jerry and Chris did their best to work with our budget, and offered us a great deal. We only gave 4 stars because at first we were told firmly but not unkindly that due to our budget that we should look at individual/private sellers. They did eventually find us a car we liked, but the process took 5.5 hrs. We understood the wait, but we felt like the time could have been better managed. Every time we suggested leaving for a bit to go pick-up some food and bring back our trade-in we were told it wouldn’t be much longer which was not accurate. We wished they’d been more upfront about the wait time. Also, we suggest that should there be a long wait time, that you offer more than bottled water, coffee, and chips from a vending machine. Ultimately, we liked the staff and are happy with our purchase. Budget-wise, it’s a great place if you’re in the $10K range or higher.
Julia Shah
Jasmine Dixon was great! Professional, able to answer questions, and fun. Ask for her for sure! She knows what’s up.
Rody Clark
The absolute BEST experience we have ever had buying a vehicle. We came from over 100 miles away for a specific used vehicle. Met with LOUIE— and we can not even express how outstanding he was to work with. Louie was so nice, listened to our needs, and interacted with our 3 children. We also met with Jerry and Chris- also both very nice. We never once felt pressured in our entire time at the dealership. We would highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia. Make sure to ask for Louie because I promise he will make your car buying experience the best you’ve ever had.
Andee Rodriguez
I know how people tend to feel and think of car sales people. Rightfully so, but this is not that place. Everyone has been nice, courteous, informative, and patient. Above all they aren’t pushy. Since I purchased my second car from them, they have always maintained amazing contact with me and offered exceptional promotions and deals to keep my car maintained. Even lower priced than most big name body and tune up shops. I love Kia to begin with, but buying from this store has made me a repeat customer. Good job! Also; I went in during the covid-19 crisis. Very clean! Everyone I saw kept their distance and used masks. Very reassuring for someone like me. 🤎
Just a small note of gratitude to the entire Kia of Irving family… I am so pleased with my new Kia and furthermore, I’m so relieved that the search is over!! My only regret is that I didn’t make this my first stop (and despite Clay Cooley’s slogan, I did go to other dealerships of his…) For the last two weeks, if I wasn’t sleeping or eating, I was either online browsing every dealership in a 50 mile radius or visiting some in person. Some people hate going to the dentist but for me, give me a root canal every day if it means knowing that anytime I need to deal with any vehicle related needs, I can go to this dealership. Those that went above and beyond for me were Chris and Steven on the front line who made my purchase today smooth and painless and also, a shout out to Kevin in Finance for his time and attention to detail! I work in hospitality so I often look at other how employees in another businesses interact. Based on my amazing experience, it was not surprising how well all the cogs in the machine worked together and the sense of teamwork and dedication were evident. Thanks again to all; I can’t recommend CC Kia/Irving enough. Much gratitude….
Craig Firestone
Did not expect the level of customer care I have received. Timely and thorough without being pushy, their process is excellent and signals a positive experience over the entire ownership period. Thus far, superior++ to American mfg dealers and every bit equal to German mfg dealership experiences, a “customer for life” service culture.
Wanza Moore
I bought a car from here 2 years ago and it was the worst buying experience ever. I said I would never get another car from this dealership. Well, never say never. I bought another car from this dealership. My salesman, Sydney Dean, was exceptional!! The customer service was topnotch from beginning to end. Thank you Sydney!!
Blake Mondragon
I traded in my car 3 weeks ago and got a new Kia. I was told the payoff check would be overnighted to the bank I was financing my old car through. They have not received it. I have called the dealership and left 3-5 messages with various people and still have not gotten a call back. To top it off the seatbelt on the new car was broken I had to bring it in to get fixed and they could not provide me a loaner car even though this was my only vehicle so I had to sit for 3-4 hours and wait for it to be repaired on a Monday. Not a good experience. Just want a call back and to get my old car paid off so I don’t get any late marks.
Eric Harp
Fantastic service department. Very well managed and efficient.
Gabriele Presby
I bought a 2020 Kia Soul at his dealership mainly because I had a good experience with their service department. Well, now that I bought a car from them, they are no longer interested in helping me. I tried to make an appointment to have a rattle fixed in my brand new car, which I am sure is due to some loose screws in the back seat dome light. When I called to make an appointment to have this looked at, the service rep on the phone, his name is Jason, did not seem interested in helping me. He would not make an appointment for me, instead suggested I just drop by, but I wanted an appointment so I went online to do so. Still no luck. I am really disappointed. The only thing they seem interested in is selling me a car.
Nicholas Presley
I have worked with this Kia Dealership for a couple weeks. I will not mention names in the review of who I worked with, but I told this specific internet salesmen what I was looking for, what price I wanted and what I wouldn’t accept and that was paying 10k over MSRP. I had an appointment set up today to go to the dealership and look at the car and the sales manager calls me and offers me the car at 10k over MSRP when every other dealership in the area is selling them at the MSRP, nowhere near 10k over. At least he had the MF and RV correct, but his price was completely off. I would not trust this dealership with the purchase of my vehicle unless you want to pay more than everyone else in the area.
Maz Rahim
Stay away from this place!!! Very unprofessional and dishonest staff!! P.S. Barely see staff members wear mask to protect their customers!!
Arlene Chance
Not very honest. I didn’t buy there.
Robert Robinson
I love the setup while you wait
Christopher Sorensen
Excellent experience.. Out of all the times I have been to a service center for a car issue..The people here actually place customers above the sale.. Great job everyone in the service center..
James Wiley
The service advisor, Kyle was really great. I was there for an oil change and emissions recall. I was originally going to wait for my car but I was offered a shuttle to take me back and forth to my house so I took the up on the offer. Rene took me home and brought me back to collect my car. It was ready in the time they promised. Very pleasant experience from start to finish.
Samuel Van Brunt
So far so good. Experience has been excellent.
Chef Joe
Kinda pushy when I was there, but I got what I wanted. Trying to call after the fact is a joke, as I got hung up on several times after being transferred without being answered or greeted.
Jeany Kim
“Worst experience ever! One star is too much. Would like to give -5 if available.. Sales representative has no knowlege on any of the cars, and manager “”Mike”” was very unprofessional and rude. Offering 10,000 miles driven car as a new car with full value, took off his mask, eating chips and saying “”I didn’t know”” with full of chips in his mouth when customer is complaining about it . Wasted my time but good to know this dealer is ‘NO’ for my new Telluride.”
Kelly Storts
Stephen was awesome to do business with from the moment we spoke on the phone, to coming into the dealership. He’s a complete gentleman and professional. We didn’t expect to leave with a new car that day but left ecstatic when they worked a deal we couldn’t refuse.
Didn’t buy my stinger here bc they didn’t have a gt1, but the sales ladies were wonderful. Jason in the service department helped me replace my battery. Smooth process and he kept me informed throughout.
kristyn young
My experience here was awful. I went in last week a first time car buyer looking at a car that was listed online for 22k. By the end of it they quoted me almost 29k. Telling me taxes and fees would be 2k, gave false tax %info telling me sales tax was going to be 6.52%. Told me tags/registration would be 2k and had an add on feature for 2k that you “have” to get. The saleswoman was writing all the numbers down on a sheet of paper and when I asked if I could take a picture of it she “rewrote” it and left out numbers she had on it before. I had set up an appointment and was there for almost two hours and didn’t even get to see a car. Classic Kia Carrollton is so much better and has no hidden fees and I had the best experience buying from there instead of Clay Cooley Kia.
Sheila Landry
I was lied to about my credit score and the price of the car. I would be very careful dealing with this dealership
Toya Jones
It’s a lot of game playing here I have called several of times even spoke wit a supervisor on did I get approved or not first they say I call bk never do and then when I reach out to them they say o I have a list of cars for u to pick out I call u right back it’s very unprofessional and if someone gave u they personal information at least talk and return the call I wouldn’t do anything over the ph with these people lack of communication
clay mcfarland
Stay AWAY! These people are unscrupulous, lie and will bait and switch you in a heartbeat. I called to set up a deal for my mother in law, who just lost her husband six weeks prior and was assured by Sierra and the sales manager we had a firm deal. When my poor mother in law arrived to pay in cash, they made all the excuses in the world to try and get more than the original agreement. She drove all the way from Temple to be embarrassed and mistreated. It is sad that this kind of behavior is allowed by a major dealership. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them!!!!
danielle rueter
Clay Cooley Kia has some of the most amazing people there !! First there’s my man Sydney, he hooked me up with calling me in regards to an inquiring I had about a telluride online. He proceeded to tell me they just received some in if I wanted to come check them out. (No Kia has telluride a just in… so I hustled over there right after work) and he went through the whole 3 + hour processes with me to make sure I got the telluride I wanted for the price I wanted !! He waited out through all of the math I did and triple checked everything, without ANY pressure to buy (he was a trooper!) and I walked out of there with my dream car for my “dream realistic price”!! He was amazing to work with and a kept me laughing the whole time! Absolutely 0 pressure, even though he was there for 3 hours or more even at the end when I still wasn’t sure with the price he said if I wasn’t positive then I didn’t have to get it, he truly wanted me to get the price I wanted and feel great about my decision! Now folks next is my girl Jamie and her team! So I had quite a few custom things I wanted to add to my telluride and let me tell you Jamie HOOKED ME UP!! She helped me pick everything and gave me options of things I never knew I wanted and made my telluride absolutely AMAZING !! She had great knowledge of off-roading equipment and options for what would look best with my vision, helped me pick a bike rack, as well as sill lights and changing all the silver trim to orange on the outside of the vehicle (orange is my FAVORITE color)! I truly got my dream car with her thoughts/knowledge and my vision! I can’t forget the help of her team to make it all happen !!! She dealt with me changing my mind and asking sooo many questions all with as much excitement as me!! She was truly incredible!! If you’re interested to see the sick final product I believe they are going to post pictures on their Facebook page soon!! While Jamie and Sydney are the two I worked with most, everyone at Clay Cooley was super friendly and helpful with any questions or anything I needed !! So THANK YOU CLAY COOLEY KIA!! You truly hooked me up with my dream car !
Sheeraz Siddiqui
don’t follow social distancing at all, no masks were used by inside staff, matter of fact the only thing they follow is switch n bait. Car wasn’t ready even after appointment, reason NO GAS, really??? True dealership definitely
Mary McGee
I had a very pleasant, wonderful and professional experience with the service department. I would highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia to anyone.
Johnny DeLaGarza
Getting my DREAM car was easy but once I got it, it’s as if I no longer existed!! The Customer Service is the WORST ever and even the GM, Joe Fernandez, after hearing my issues, wouldn’t even take the time to do anything to make it right!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!
Keith Kneeland
My wife and I went to this dealership in December 2019 to purchase a Stinger GT for $32,000 with $10,000 down payment. Our credit wasn’t great but we needed a car after her accident a few weeks prior. Now that our credit is better we are ready to trade up to a Stinger GT1 at a different KIA Dealership. We knew that we had about $15,000 equity in our GT. After working numbers and getting ready to move forward we found that we had negative equity of $10,000. WHAT? Once the new KIA Dealership Salesman and I took a closer look at the paperwork, Cooley Kia increased the price of a 2019 Kia Stinger GT to $45,000. This dealership is crooked and I will not stop until they refund my money that I am owed or I will take this all the way to the top. Do not buy from this dealership.
Jerry Griggs
Great service nice people!
Mark Garcia
I bought a vehicle and it hadn’t been inspected, so i told the sales person and manager, the tires were bad bald on the inside and rubber was peeling off and the windshield wiper blades were falling apart!! So if a proper inspection had been done it would not have past inspection. I asked them to replace the tires the sales person said he would get the manager to replace the tires. I went back up there to talk to them because they wouldn’t return my call. So the manager say he wouldn’t replace them, and insisted it had been inspected, so i was left with bald tires and iv discovered that the front suspension has alignment issues and steering assist issues. Highly considering calling D.P.S. and see what they say.
David Gonzalez
Very professional very satisfied everyone was like family to me and with respect, I’m happy new vehicle . And you will be too . Thanks again Clay Cooley Kia
Yesenia Rodriguez
They should be looked into for false advertisement. They advertise a price online and when you get there they tell you the online price only applies to certain people. Than they tack on all sorts of fees for service they claim have already been done to the vehicle so they can’t be removed even if you don’t want them. Why not say that up front on the advertising if it’s already part of the vehicle? Almost 2 thousand dollars and I still haven’t received any paper work for said services. Not only that but the car I purchased had a mechanical issue less than 90 days from purchase and they cant do anything of course.
larry brewer
The clay Cooley auto group of dealers are all crooks you be better off buying uour cars from run down tote the note lots atleast you’ll get better customer service… and if the corporate monitor that reads this wants to know why i put a low rating they can call me…
Lance Auguste
If you’re ever looking to buy a vehicle, ask for David Taskman from Clay Cooley Kia in Irving. I am not someone who enjoys the wrangling associated with car buying. So, what I appreciated most was David’s genuine honesty and willingness to negotiate with management. When it all seemed bleak and I was ready to walk, David found a way to get me a deal. Great Experience
Rohini Mehta
Went to this dealership yesterday. It seems like they don’t know there is a pandemic. Every customer who came in had a mask BUT we only saw one employee with a mask. Our sales attendant did not wear a mask or have one on him. He didn’t even wear one in the car we test drove with him. While we sat inside we could only count one employee in a mask and this place was busy. Honestly I would not buy from there or go back if they can’t get their act together. It was the strangest thing.
George Kane
Without a doubt the worst car buying experience of my life. The contract was not ready when I arrived even though we had agreed on price from my prior visit. I quickly found out why. The Clay Cooley staff would not stop trying to up sell me on $1950.00 upgrade package that included a vehicle location service. The price dropped from $1950 to $1500 to $1000 and so. Each time sales person had to go the manager for “special approval”. After settling that, my sales person refused to sell me the car unless I did financing them since they gave a $500 auto body shop credit. Finally, agreed after investing 3 hours of my time at the dealership (side note: paid the car off the very next week to avoid their interest charges). Then my car sat in their auto shop for 8 days when I was old it would only take 2. After the GM got involved it was ready the next day. I will never buy a car from Clay Cooley again. STAY AWAY!
Celeste Ferguson
Just moved from Tennessee to Texas and never needed a second license plate on the front. The service department was so helpful. They came out with my baby sleeping in the car and mounted it for me and even put the sticker in my front window since I didn’t know anything about this . Also met Hunter from sales. Everyone is so nice! Go here for anything Kia!
If you come here see Stephen and then tell him 2018 Kia Carlos sent you. Stephen was my sales person and did a great job to get me close to exactly what I wanted. Professional, knowledge, and polite, a perfect balance of sales and soft skills. I spoke with the manager Joe also a couple of times that made my sale experience great. I would love to return for my next new car purchase.
Great and fast customer service ✌️
albert lopez
Great sales person. Great service. They really try to get a better deal.
Joshua Stan
Went in to buy a Telluride which many dealers are charging over MSRP. I don’t necessarily like it, but it is supply and demand. Used TureCar and Clay Cooley showed an upcharge for a connected and protected package around $1K and then a discount of 2.7%, which on higher models washed out the upcharge. This is how my relationship originated with Clay Cooley Kia. Went through the motions of buying a car – the phone calls and emails and went in yesterday. Everything was pretty normal and they said here are two Telluride options you can reserve. Ok, not a problem. Then they nonchalantly said they would put the numbers together with the $10K surcharge!!!! I flat out said I am not paying that. Bait and switch and clearly illegal advertising through TrueCar is par for the course for these shyters. I can say there are two reputable Kia dealers that were fair, so I went with one. Do you research and do not even waste your time with this dealership.
Edward Hill
We scheduled a delivery for Tuesday. I purchased on Saturday thinking that plenty of time to get it ready. I get a call on Tuesday telling me they are on the way. An hour later they call me and say it is not ready. We will deliver it Wednesday. I call on Wednesday to confirm it is ready and they finally get back to me and say yes it is done and we be delivered to me at 5:00. I get a call a little after 5:00 to tell me it is still not ready it will be tomorrow. -Update- They did deliver the vehicle full of gas, clean and with the minor repairs completed.
Alonzo Pettiford Jr
Amazing Buying experience today. Went in at 10am and was out by 1pm with my keys in hand. Daylon R met me at the curb when i pulled in and didn’t hesitate to get me in the car i came looking for. From the beginning of the process he was going to get me in the car i came for and I LOVE IT !!! Kevin in Finance helped me get the car i have been dreaming of for the last 2 years!!! Happy customer here and i will be sending more people your way!!! 10/10 I will definitely be back for my next purchase.
Nagesh RNR
I got Telluride from this dealership. I had my entire transaction online and car was delivered to my home. Mr. Steve, the sales man was so friendly and helpful. He drove vehicle all the way to Austin and delivered to me early morning to my surprise. He explained all the features so clearly. Great to work with the dealer and especially Mr. Steve
Kasey Gantz
We purchased 2 cars from this dealership. The Sales experience was good. Quran and Antoine were good salesmen and knowledgeable. The finance experience was ok, thoroughness of what was in my financing was not clearly explained. Also, my first experience with service was rough to start, but they did get them job done.
Becca Mercury
After previously long searches for a car, KIA was very helpful and understanding when it came to assuring that I was happy with a car I loved. I definitely recommend speaking to David Tashman, he was very knowledgeable and wasn’t just trying to “sell me any car” unlike various dealerships. 10/10 would recommend.
charles bowden
I had a great experience at Clay Cooley Kia. I will forever look at the KIA brand differently. Stephen did a great job working with me. Thanks Clay Cooley for your hospitable staff and all of the rebate offers. This has truly been a wonderful, simplified experience!
Ashanti Turner
“Absolutely the best! Those are the words that come to mind when I think about my car buying experience at Clay Cooley Kia in Irving. My Sales Manager David Tashman was awesome to work with. Upon my arrival and during my initial visit we discussed what my options were and I had an amount that I didn’t want to exceed and David did everything in his power to make that happen. He was very knowledgeable and more importantly honest. But it didn’t just stop there…from Trey Taylor (Finance Director) and Joe Fernandez (General Manager) they all deserve a round of applause! But it all began with my new friend David…he rocks! If you’re ever in the hunt for a new or used vehicle go see David Tashman at Clay Cooley Kia Irving. The absolute best car buying experience ever. “”Shop them first, Shop them last, either way go see Clay”” Thanks again for everything David!!! Ashanti”
Tameki Griffin
Joseph Martinez while he’s very talkative and very personable, he wants to help you only if you get the car that he suggest. I left and went to another lot and got the car I wanted at a lower price
Steve Slaco
Disappointing experience with Clay Cooley Kia yesterday. Expressed interest in a 2013 Kia Soul, which Autotrader and Kelly Blue Book rated as a great deal at $6800. Hired Auto Critic to inspect for $200, and condition was good. Drove in from East Texas to test drive and buy. Car was detailed inside and out and looking great. Sit down to do paperwork, and then told I’d have to pay $2,000 more because I want to pay cash – not finance it. Autotrader and Kelly Blue Book both rated it as a “Good Price”, without the $2k fee, of course. With the fee it was a very bad price. Bought same car from North Central Ford the next day without the games. They honored their “the price you pay is” advertised price. Can’t believe they can get away with this practice. Also shows they hope to earn 30% you when you finance. Very shady – lesson learned. Beware Clay Cooley!
Maria Torres
I made a last minute appointment for an oil change. My advisor gave me an accurate wait time and my car was washed and vacuumed after. Many dealerships don’t even bother running your car through the wash and vacuuming. I was very happy with my service on this visit.
Brandon Revels
Comical pricing on their website. They have a Kia Telluride S listed as $46,990 MSRP but they’ll give you a $10,000 dealer discount and your final price is $36,990. The Kia Telluride S on Kia’s actual website never even exceeds $40,000 with everything included. All the bells and whistles on a Telluride S never gets over $40,000. How they came up with $46,990 MSRP is hilarious. This is a prime example false advertising. As long as we are pulling prices at random why not just say that car is $100,000 MSRP and give a $63,000 dealer discount? Shoot let’s start at $200,000 MSRP and give $160,000 dealer discount to bring in customers. BRILLIANT! LOL
Regina Townsend
Coron & Stu are two straight up guys..Didn’t WASTE MY TIME, didn’t take ALL DAY to get me into a NEW 2020 SORENTO. I UPGRADED from a 2011 Sorento, I scheduled a 2:30pm appt. with Coron, he asked specific questions about what mattered most & what was important to me. THEY MADE IT HAPPEN 🤩 GO SEE THEM!!!
Dustin Nevins
I wanted to take a moment to thank Jamie in the service department. I have a 2016 Kia Forte Koup with 54,000 miles on it, that I bought new. Part of the fuel system failed and I could not put gas in the car. Kia only covers the parts for 3yr 36k miles and my extended warranty would not cover it. She called Kia corporate and they agreed that they would cover this as a good will , even though the parts were no longer under warranty. I have owned 3 Kia’s and 3 Hyundai’s and I have to say bar far that the customer service at Clay Cooley is the best I have ever had. Every time me or my spouse brings one of are cars here for service they get it done quick and right the first time. They have never left us stranded. I have not purchased any of my cars from them but after the way that the service department has treated us my next car will be purchased here. Thank you for all that you do Clay Cooley Service!
Daniel Moore
Mr. Cavey met me at the curb, we traded a few questions and within 10 minutes we were test driving the car I came to see. Negotiations went smoothly and I met a manager for paperwork (forgive me I forgot his name but he’s a new guy, and was outstanding to work with). all-in-all a pleasant experience.
Haley B
Awesome 1st car buying experience! Daylon made the sales experience comfortable and quick. Kevin in finance was quick and super friendly and made sure we got the best rate possible.
Evonne Hill many CARS to choose from.
Keona Colbert
Stephen was amazing throughout the whole process. He was very patient through my skepticism of getting a new car. He answered all of my questions and walked me through all of my options. He was never pushy and let me walk away when needed to think through my options. All of the staff here is amazing but, if you are in need of a new ride work with Stephen.
Ruby Cook
I was worried if would be safe to go take my Kia Sedona to Kia Dealership for oil change, tire rotation and air filters changed. My Kia Advisor Jacob Salazar was very excellent in making me feel comfortable and safe.
Lisa Wills
I’m am shocked at the first class service I received from the service department at Clay Cooley Kia. It was excellent and I highly recommend them. Lisa was our representative and she was professional, thorough and courteous. You’ll be surprised by these folks! I know I was. Good job Clay Cooley!
Travis Whittington
They listed a 2019 Kia Niro EX with features it didn’t actually have on True Car. Salesman blamed it on True Car, but True Car just has what the dealer says about the car it’s not True Car’s fault they didn’t write the listing. If you’re looking online, confirm with whoever contacts you that the car you’re looking at has the features they list online so you don’t waste your time. To be fair, it wasn’t the salesman’s fault and it may very well have been a clerical error but that still caused me to waste my time.
Rob Pr
“A tale of two sales. Bought my first Kia from this dealership last year. They gave me a price, gave me a list of all the discounts I qualified for, signed the paperwork, and was on my way. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. My Kia was proving to be problematic so I decided it was time to trade it in. It was a rainy day and I had been at work all day. Didn’t stop the salesman from playing his typical dealer’s “”greatest hits””. “”Let me talk to my manager””, “”if you can pay this much more, will you buy it?”” I was really disappointed that after buying one car from them, they felt it necessary to play their games. Very bad experience, and they only gave me ONE SET of car keys, claiming it was their new policy. I probably should’ve walked out right then and there. I’ve bought 3 new cars in 4 years, I don’t think my next car purchase will be with Clay Cooley. Oh and as of 2 weeks, they still haven’t paid off my trade-in. Added a star as the lady that responded to me was helpful and their service department is better than average. Now if the sales team can perform like their service team, might make for a nice dealership.”
Kandice Crawley
Jacob was amazingly kind and welcoming. I also appreciated the technicians advisements and hard work on a 3+ hour job. The lounge was comfortable and staff were friendly during my wait. I’ll be coming back for my next routine maintenance.
Rufus Thompson II
I had a great experience this morning with my salesman Stephen. He made me feel comfortable, we had a few laughs and he provided me with great options. Today I left the lot with a brand new 2020 Kia Soul GT-Line. I would definitely recommend working with him. Thank you for all of your help Stephen.
Frank Miranda
Went in to do an oil change. Very excellent customer service. Very Happy at the way I was treated. They turned a situation into a good experience. I will be coming back.
EveryOne here was so friendly and eager to help, it was such a blessing! They went beyond my expectations and help me find the perfect car for myself and my family! I would definitely refer them to anyone looking To purchase a new vehicle! Hands down deserve a 10 stars ⭐️!
Janel Cassorla
I was there yesterday morning to purchase a car. They listed a car that was not ready to even test drive. They tried to say another couple was looking at the car and no one was there. We waited around for a long time to speak with a manager. All the managers and employees where just standing around. They told us the car was not able to be driven today, but still wanted to sale us the car. Then they said they could get it ready. They moved us to the back and we waited for another hour. All the employees were sitting around and having lunch. We had been there for 3 hours at this point and forgotten about. So we left and ended up purchasing another car yesterday. There was clearly something wrong with the car they were trying to sale us. No one even called us to let us know if the car was ready to drive. Terrible service. Rip off dealer. We bought an amazing place in Dallas called Central Autohaus. The employees and owner where professional. We literally waited our entire morning at Kia Clay Cooley and I will never go there again. Rude, arrogant, and they play games…. seriously!!!!!!
Jamie Singleton
Stephen Samuel my Car Salesman was the absolute best!!! Best Car Salesman Ever..personality, patience, was a blast to car shop with, ..made it stress free and enjoyable and fun …Recommend Stephen for looking for what you really want in a car shopping experience..☆☆☆☆’s..Thank you..for Everything!!
Agnes Garcia
Isahias Reyes in car service is the BEST!!! Asked for him!!!
Jana Jennings
I had a fantastic experience with my salesman Darrius and financing with Trey at Clay Cooley Kia. There was a small hiccup with the ELO system in my vehicle and they were attentive while I was waiting and put in the time to make sure I left there with everything set up correctly. Highly recommend my salesman Darrius too. I came from out of town and when I got there, he had already taken care of everything for me to get going and secured the financing quickly and within the terms we had discussed. Very friendly and professional.
Vicki Jackson
Finally after I start fussing yelling. I was spoke with the Gen. Mgr. Mr. J Fernandez personally and problem was solve. Mr. Taylor the Finance Mgr. is clueless.
Khaliyah Carter
I came here with my friend after she received a notice in the mail about trading her car in. After hours in the dealership with Stephen, she left with a beautiful car! Stephen is the absolute best and made the wait worth it! Let him hook you up!
John Hill
“Extremely disappointing (attempted) car-buying experience. Clay Cooley Kia reinforces the stereotypical “”used car salesmanship”” approach, with what ends up being deceptive, bait-and-switch pricing. In an attempt to buy a used starter car for my daughter to learn in, the dealership would not sell the car for the advertised price without the “”Connect & Protect”” $1950 add-on (which amounts to ~16% over the listed price.) Both the sales manager and general manager attempted to defend that the package is “”clearly noted it is required”” on their website, to which it is not… it is only referenced on one page (the search page) and does not state it’s required. Nor are there any asterisks or caveats on the price listed, and not addressed at all on the details page for each individual car. The Internet Sales Manager was very snarky at the end of the process, and while the general manager did reach out after the fact to understand why I was upset, still stood by only selling the car above the advertised price. If you appreciate transparent, honest businesses, I would steer clear of Clay Cooley Kia. If you’re ok with unscrupulous sales tactics, then this is your place.”
Lauren Struck
I highly recommend buying a car from here. I have never owned a Kia before, but my experience here with my new car and the staff has been awesome. I love my new car! It is a perfect fit for me, and it drives so well. It is well made and I don’t see myself not buying a Kia again! The sales team, specifically Anthony, was friendly and helpful. They made sure that I had the best deal, and I very much appreciate that.
chris chris
Saw many people here walking around not wearing masks I would not recommend car shopping here
Zachery Cardona
Josh and Kevin were fantastic! Less wait than anticipated, positive attitude, perfect customer service and very friendly! If I could give Clay Cooley Kia more than 5 stars, I would!
Bobby Garza
Jacob my service advisor was very helpful friendly and professional from the very beginning and to the end of my visit. Definitely coming back for service and another vehicle soon
Carlos Negron
I just wanted to take time to give a good rate in my recent experience over Clay Cooley Kia @ Irving, Tx. I gave them a 5*, this was a nice transaction from the beginning to end. More in details 4 weeks ago when I went there for the first time inquiring for a vehicle. I went home without a vehicle but with a huge satisfaction that the salesperson Stephen Samuel never imbed pressure, didn’t rush me, the opposite, never have a salesperson with so much enthusiasm on showing a car and explained every single details of the car KIA Telluride. I would like to give him a huge praise. Still I left the dealership without a car, but I was impress with Stephen prior to leave he recommend the KIA Sorento, weeks later he called to said hi and to check on me and my search of a vehicle, he mentioned that received a Sorento that fit my needs. We figured out price, trade in, and just like that with the asssitance of the Manager Jerry and the Finance personal Tray Taylor that made everything possible I get to leave with the Kia Sorrento. Thank You!!!!!
Ramona Taylor-Kadiri
In your face,Clay Cooley! My son got approved at Vandergriff very next day April 24th!!! Send your college hard working kid to Vandergriff Hyundai!! With NO co-sign, he was able to get approved with only 2,000 down and under 300 a month 60 month term!! I did not have to co-sign Clay Cooley finance manager just yesterday tried to LIE and tell me he needed to make double the income to qualify and I couldn’t go anywhere and get him approved!!! (I knew better). My whole family has always shopped Vandergriff and now I know why! We spent 3 hours with Bri (she was great though) at clay Cooley and got approved the next day at Vandergriff in 90 minutes!!! Hyundai Elantra limited edition with leather, 9000 bucks!! No hidden ridiculous fees. Send your COLLEGE kid this way to Vandergriff Hyundai in Arlington! Parents, STOP going into debt for your kids!
John Dixon
Need to find a way to install their own drive for them. Other than that great friendly staff.
Kaylee Skaggs
I had a terrific experience! Stephen was very helpful and helped me with all my questions about car buying and now I’m the owner of a basically brand new car!!
King B
Lisa in service was amazing! I was able to come in right before they closed and she was so friendly and so helpful even though it made them stay a little late. Lisa and the entire team were nothing but genuine to me and im happy to know I can lean on a service team like that!
Dana Glaze
Great customer service from Anthony; but such a looooonnnng drawn out process. It wasn’t busy, maybe 6 customers is all and it was over 3.5 hrs to get the car we had picked out online. This was a first purchase from them, we’ll see how service after the fact goes.
Dirk Nielsen
“If the laughably unprofessional pre-sales experience is any indicator, I can’t imagine what the purchase experience must be like. I was following-up on a quote from one of their sales people earlier in the day. Ended-up on the line with a manager. During this short conversation was told the prior quote wasn’t accurate. Then, without provocation, his tone changed and I was – “”talking to a manager now”” and he was “”putting me in my place”” (his words) with respect to their pricing. If I’m being kind, what followed could be described as a patronizing lecture – but more accurately, it was a berating. And I was ultimately hung-up on. Had I been angry or otherwise improper, perhaps this would be more easily understood? But I was just making a simple inquiry on a quote *they* provided … still shaking my head and chuckling a bit. Though I have no way of verifying if the glowing reviews of this dealership [on Google] are genuine, before buying here, I would recommend searching Clay Cooley Auto Group or read a few of the Dealer Rater reviews … those seem consistent with what I encountered.”
Tejas Ken
👍 Customer Service = Customer Satifaction Today 9-13-2018 I called this location (Irving) actually was trying to call Arlington to get a copy of my bill of sale. Was sent to finance dept . was not imoressed with the rep that answered the phone . I hung up on him. I called back . I was greeted with a pleasant young lady Her name (Iris = ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) for her excellant customer service help and me going off subject about California and me callin her and anyone DUDE ! I informed her that i needed to talk to a different rep. She patctched me to Sunny . We had a good chat . We agreed that the young rep shouldnt get in trouble . This is. Business one bad review can loose yoy more than a sale or revinew . Hope that kid was just having a rough day. Long story Im specific on places I do business at . Even though I bought my truck from the Arlington location . I would recommend this location just on quality customer service . Thx Mz. IRIS You put a smile in my ❤ You will B Blessed . 💪 ⛪ ❤ ✌. Tejas Ken #TheRealTejasKen
Cristina Rich
Excellent car care for regular oil changes. They wash and vacuum your car whenever they do a oil change.
Jose Abundiz
Great customer service and super friendly. Thank u Jason Poyphom keep up the great customer service U GUYS ROCK!!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
Aylin Alban
Amazing customer service from Jason in Service, he kept me updated with everything at all time and was so friendly. Also Jamie the manager was so professional! Thank you guys !!
Morgan McLaughlin
This dealership wasted 3 hours of my time today. First we called about a Soul I was interested in, and Bria told us she would run out to the lot after we hung up to see if they still had it, and that she would text us (she never did). This morning we started heading over and I called a total of 6 times trying to see if they had the car. Nobody answered. Right before we got there, she called and said they sold the car at 8:45 the previous night which she could’ve called or texted us about. We gave them a chance anyway and told them our situation and how much we needed our payments to be. They kept raising the monthly payment price and how much they would need down. What a joke. I’ll never be back and never go to another Clay Cooley.
Run!!!! Very dishonest!!! They tried to hide extra charges, a few thousands. When I pointed out and asked them to explain in detail they told me that a total of 4,500 was coming from two extra warranties. I told them that I don’t want them and to please remove them and they told me straight to my face that NO because they won’t make enough money and they only sell the car if I buy the warranties because they’re part of the deal. Simply put this is unethical and illegal. I wasted so much time, but I’m happy I could avoid being scammed.
Ronnie Loyd
Whenever you see anything associated with Clay Cooley, just move on and don’t waste your energy or time. In recent weeks I’ve tried Clay Cooley Jeep Dodge Chrysler to look into getting a new vehicle but no one there seemed interested in selling me anything. In fact my texts or calls or emails were ignored. So after I just didn’t bother. Same with Clay Cooley Kia, they just did not seem to have any interest in replying to my inquires. I mean it’s not like I have horrible credit or anything. I have a great paying job with many many years on the job. I have excellent car credit history and even have two current loans in my name on two different cars. So I must be doing something right. But my mistake was thinking this Clay Cooley Auto group would be worth my time. I was way wrong. My advice to anyone looking to buy a car, go anywhere else and don’t waste your time with anything Clay Cooley.
Pedro Camacho
My experience here would better be described as a hostage situation. Wouldn’t take no for an answer, wouldn’t understand that I couldn’t just walk in and take a car the same day without even considering other options, and on top of that took my keys for an overly extended period of time for something that takes less than five minutes. Not to mention that they seemed upset I wasn’t buying then and there. After all of this and attempting to coerce me into buying, they go and get the manager to somehow add another layer of what felt like a power play to try and get me to buy. Honestly just shop online for a car so you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness and the unnecessary dealerships. I’m getting a Tesla after this experience.
Brittany Sanders
I had a great experience here at Clay Cooley Kia. Fantastic customer service all the way around! This is the best car buying experience I have had. I didn’t have a ride to this dealership so the manager arranged for me to be picked up from my house and driven to the dealership. Rather than haggling with a pushy car salesman, I had the pleasure of working with Jaylen Green who kept things simple and made the car buying experience fun. Jaylen is honest and personable.
Elida Perez
The staff at Kia were really friendly and great to work with!
Salesman was Stephen Samuel- I had a great experience with this guy and he really helped me work out the prices of my car and if you guys need a great sales men so you some trouble and go to Stephen Samuel
Diana Lujan
Stephen was a great Sales Consultant. He helped my husband and I out when we were looking to purchase two vehicles. I highly recommend him.
Kevin VanGundy
Everyone was so helpful and I love the new whip!!!!
Elaine M Rodriguez
I had a wonderful experience on Saturday with Stephen Samuels during the process of purchasing my daughter’s new Kia Soul. Stephen was fantastic, professional and very courteous I recommend them to any person interested in purchasing a car.
Armando J.
Jerlonda Ross
No STARS if I could. Run!! I came in to get my car serviced due to a tire blowout and decided to replace two of my back tires. When I went in the Rudy asked me if there were any additional issues with my car and there were NONE! The Nexen tire brand is what Kia uses as a factory tire in which he recommended I get to match the existing tires. When my car was service was done Rudy also CONFIRMED that everything was fine with my vehicle. One week later I come back to Kia because my CAR has started wobbling in the front. Again, I had no issues before my car was serviced. Rudy along with the technician now tells me that I need to replace my front tires due to “air pockets”, dry rot, and the tire belt lifting. How is it that all of these issues arise now and NOTHING was a red flag or alert during my tire change. I will never go to Clay Cooley Kia and I’d even recommend purchasing a different tire brand. This entire experience was a finesse! Horrible!
patrick payne
Was a great experience working with david and the whole kia team, they really went above and beyond to help me and my wife! Deffinatly recommend david was a wonderful sales process working with him.
Matthew Hunter
“My car buying experience was mediocre at best, given it was 4 years ago. The salesman acted angry/reluctant that he had to sell me a car at a price lower than he wanted (I simply said BLANK is my magic #, meet it or I’m going somewhere else). However, I’m writing this post for an entirely different reason. Soon after buying the car, I began getting letters, texts, and phone calls offering to purchase my vehicle back because my 2015 Kia Soul Base Model with a manual transmission was in “”high demand””. I politely asked to be taken off the list, because I did not plan no selling this vehicle or buying another Kia. Since then, I receive either a letter, text, or phone call AT LEAST once a month (for the last 4 years). Despite being told repeatedly that I would be removed from the list, I am continually bombarded with communications begging me to sell the car back. I’ve been told a variety of lies about why this happens, and have escalated it to management multiple times, with no relief. I still get the calls, texts, emails, etc. Finally one manager admitted to me that they simply can’t remove my information from the system because it wouldn’t let them. They can’t even change it. This also is most likely a lie. Seems like a really lame reason not to buy from a place… but in a world full of spam and telemarketing, I don’t need to be harassed from the place that I bought a vehicle.”
Danny Breedlove
My experience today at Clay Cooley was amazing took my mama been searching for a cash car past couple weeks and meet this awesome salesman Stephen was very patient and explained every detail to her thank you Clay Cooley if you come buy ask for him
“This was the single worst car buying experience I have ever had. We can in looking to purchase a car in cash to take off the lot that day. We were told that they could not find the car that we were looking for, and when I asked for the two men that I had spoken to on the phone only 30 minutes prior; I was told that neither of them worked at the company anymore! So we now go on a search for the vehicle all the while not finding any information for 2 hours while they attempted to sell us other cars instead!! Eventually they “”managed to find”” the men that I had spoken to on the phone earlier that morning! It appears that they most certainly were employed there. Then more of the run around from them. Now finally when I have had enough, I let them know that if they do not have to vehicle that I can looking for then I was leaving. All of a sudden they “”find”” the car that I was looking for and said that it had been sent away for service and that they did not know when it was going to be back. These are some of the sleaziest and most mentally degrading sales tactics that I have ever seen. I am unsure why that treating someone so terribly and lying outright to them would, in the slightest, make them believe that you would want to purchase a vehicle from them. I walked away empty handed and I hope God that I may never return to this place.”
Stephanie Castellon
Josh was great! I told him all the features I wanted on my Kia Sportage and he took care of it. Everyone was nice!
Curtis Franks
“Our poor salesperson, Darrius, did his best to follow the Clay Cooley dirty-tack-on-costs policy while still empathizing and cheering us through a stressful haggling process. The price we saw on cargurus and discussed by phone, increased by almost 4k when we arrived at the dealership. Their policy appears to be, “”tell the customer they are responsible for two large extra charges, a Clay Cooley warranty package of @$1990, and a fee for inspecting, cleaning, and treating the used car of @$1900.”” Before going to dealership, we called to tell them we were interested in the car at the advertised price, but would need to drive 3 hours. At no time did they discuss these extra fees until we arrived and they ran our credit to present figures. The fees totaled to about 36% of the $10,848 advertised price. When we first informed ‘the next in charge’ that we couldn’t afford the unexpected charges, we were told the charges were REQUIRED and non-negotiable. However, after several rounds of stating our frustration and getting somewhat lower new numbers we started to leave, extremely stressed and frustrated. They stopped us and offered the car at the cargurus advertised price without the extra @4k charges. What should have been a fun night, turned into a stressful emotional rollercoaster. Compliments to Darrius for balancing between pushing the company policy and remaining a customer advocate. It would have been a one star review if not for a final price that rated as GREAT on cargurus and Darrius.”
Dariana Valle
This Kia is completely unprofessional and I would never recommend anyone to buy a car from here. I left this place embarrassed, disappointed and with tears. I was told to leave in the cold with a seven year old. They do not know how to handle their business and need better training.
Torrey Kendall
Great dealership. Great service. Best prices on new and used cars. The staff here is the best. Best Kia dealership hands down.
Jeremy Hallock
Everyone at Clay Cooley Kia were so helpful. They worked fast and efficiently to get us the best deal. We will definitely be back! Justin and Jeffrey were both great. Thanks everybody!
hope elem
Mo in finance is the best he got my payments less than what I wanted to pay so please come and see him he will get you a deal! Stephen Samuel was my sales person he was straight to the point got me what I wanted and delivered.
Young Kim
Stopped by Clay Cooley Kia on my way to another Kia dealership, as it was closer to my home. After speaking with Darius, he matched the price from the other dealership, and most importantly, Darius was super nice, and I never felt pressured or uncomfortable throughout the process. It was my very first new car purchase, and I would recommend buying a Kia from Darius to anyone. Great dealership, and great salesman. Thanks Darius, loving my new Sorento!
Ali Radoncic
I bought my car from here over the weekend and I cant say enough great things about the team they have up there! Very Professional, kind, and they made my first car buying experience feel painless. Joe Fernandez helped me find the exact car package My wife and I were looking for. Affordable and had all the bells and whistles, great work. Daylon Roberts helped educate us about the actual vehicle from top to bottom, especially the technology! Jeff Manning helped us through the paper work in a professional and very educated manor! My wife is happy and I will be coming back to trade in my current vehicle to snag a new Kia! Thanks team!
Andrew D
Very professional and efficient from start to finish. I was very impressed with the entire experience. I had to go in for a mandatory software update in my car, and worked with the service department. The phone was answered promptly when I called to make the appointment, and the person answering was very friendly and helpful. The service took less time than I expected. It included a free multi point check and car wash. I will definitely go here when I’m in the market for a new car. Highly recommended.
James M. Sims, Jr.
I only come to Clay Cooley Kia to get my car serviced, they get it right everytime. Their customer service is outstanding. I’m always satisfied with the outcome.
MsMonique Love
For a first time visitor, I came in to get service recall repairs and service was awesome. Steven, the Service representative was very professional and knowledgeable. Everything was explained to me. Other staff was courteous as well. My car was repaired within the time frame they gave me. They even offered me a ride back home and to pick my vehicle, Larry and Ernesto had great customer service skills. Thanks for taking care of me and my vehicle.
Robert Lann
Worked with Eric Tharp while buying my Son his 1st car. Eric did a terrific job in finding a vehicle that was affordable, spent as much time with us as we needed, let us get the car checked out by a mechanic before purchasing. I’m very pleased with how everything went… Go see Eric!
Omar Gonzalez
I when yesterday I want test drive the new seltos 2021 u was there for 2 or 3 hrs I not sure the car price was $23,700 I want tray in my 2020 kia soul they wan give me $14,000 for my soul and add the rest to my new loan so the total cost for the new car was $38,000 or more I dont know remember I never going back to this place ist a scam this people unprofessional poor service the sale ist Joshua they tray to rip you off
Xander Mac
Service department has a new director and she’s making really great changes. The new team is awesome
Robert Lewis
Just purchased a 2020 Sportage and worked with Hunter who was very customer oriented through the whole experience. Very pleasant and helped to keep the process from taking so long as often happens at car dealerships. 2nd purchase from Clay Cooley Kia and very satisfied with them.
Ally Burden
Go see Daylon! Beforing meeting Daylon, we had just left another dealership and they seemed uninterested and not really helpful. We stopped at Clay Cooley Kia on a whim, just to see what they had. Daylon greeted us as soon as we parked our car. He listened to what we were looking for and kept us within our budget. On top of the personable experience, Clay Cooley made buying a car really easy. It is by far one of the easiest and quickest car buying experiences we have had. Thank you Daylon and Clay Cooley.
Nupoor Dave
“I am giving them a 1 star because that is the least. We were at their dealership to buy the new Kia Telluride, the popular SUV and so on…the customer service we got was beyond belief once we said we decided to buy the car. It was horrible, they forgot to give the temporary license plate and then asked us to meet. When the keys were handed, I asked for second set and they said, we couldn’t find it but will send it on Saturday to your house. Saturday no one calls, I call and get no response and then got the dealership directly only to know that they are still looking. Sunday no keys and Monday I get a text for address. Keys finally arrive Tuesday and they don’t work. I call the dealership and they say “”sorry””. That’s it?? Where are my keys??”
Millie York
Very friendly and eager to give good service. I was very pleased with the time I had to wait and the respect I was shown. They are very efficient. I am driving my second KIA. The car gives good service and the Clay Cooley employees do as well.
Kelvin Darden
David Diamond was very helpful and likes to connect with the customer on a personal level! Great service!
brittany reynolds
I love Clay Cooley Kia. The service is always exceptional and everyone is always professional and nice. 5 stars!
Cathy Justice
Very friendly staff! Didn’t take long at all for my oil change. Great job!
Miguel Guzman
Do not waste your time here. They will try and rip you off for every cent they can. They tried selling me a car that’s worth after taxes 21 thousand dollars and when it comes time for financing the total loan amount was 26 thousand. I’ve seen this happen to multiple other people where they get charged more for what the car is really worth. In the end yes the bank will loan that much to you but THEY keep the difference in price and in the end you’re left paying it.
Graciela G.
Honestly, despite reading some negative comments I have to say our experience was amazing. Daniel Barretto is wonderful at his job and had a great big smile the entire time. Which kept us very hopeful. We’ve gone to different dealerships in the past and took all day and left with nothing. With Daniel he got us a deal we could not refuse in 3 hours we left with a car. If your in the market for a new car I Highly recommend Daniel.
Jordan Goode
Sydney and Stu were a pleasure to work with!
Absolutely terrible buying experience. Came in to look at a Jeep for my girlfriend and was told that the vehicle was not on site but moved to another dealership facility. We went to go look at it and the sales man said repeatedly I don’t know anything about these vehicles and never offered to get someone that did. We wanted to take it for a test ride, but the car was on empty and the salesman said “oh we can just go around the block, if you get serious about it, then I’ll go fill it up so we can go on the highway.” We then came inside and sat at a table where the salesman filled out what kind of car we had to trade, a “max” budget, and then slid the paper over for my girlfriend to fill out the rest which was just basic information like name/phone/email. He then took her keys and supposedly took the car to get appraised. He then came back and said he had two other appointments he needed to take care of back at the other location but someone else could help us, then turned us over to another sales guy who was not updated on anything that was going on with our deal. Before he left to go back over he told us the car was 32,500 before our trade in which that number was never given. The second sales man after introducing himself said actually this vehicle is 40 grand and are you sure we could afford it, if not he would pull a different vehicle for us to look at. I said “well we are serious enough about it to be here, test drive, trade in, and look at numbers which we still haven’t got.” He said sure I’ll go get those and never returned. After 40 min of waiting at this table, I asked a passing employee if it was possible to talk to a sales manager about our deal. He said everyone is busy at the moment sorry. I looked at my girlfriend and I said it was time for us to leave, so we went back in the parking lot to look at the car. A third salesman then came and asked us what was going on with our deal and that he could tell we were frustrated, we updated him and he convinced us to come back in and sit at his desk while he finished up his current deal. We sat and he then told us a third number that the jeep was about 38 grand and our payments were going to be “like 6-700 dollars.” I said thank you for your time but we would just like the keys back to her vehicle that we had spent 2 1/2 hours without ever getting a actual number with her trade in or payment options for financing. As we walked back into the sales office to get her keys, the original first salesman is sitting there on his phone and looks up all confused about why we were leaving. The head sales manager asked about our experience and I looked at the first salesman and said “not trying to throw you under the bus man, but I’m going to let him know how terrible this buying experience was for us.” For all the reasons above I explained that both me and my girlfriend work In the automotive sales industry and how ridiculous it was that no background information was asked, we were turned over 3 times with three different prices on the same vehicle, and acted like this was nothing more then a transaction instead of a positive buying experience. We got the keys and left very unhappy and no matter how bad we LOVED the vehicle, we will not be returning to purchase, and will let everyone know how unorganized the staff was and disappointed we were with this dealership.
Mzglam K
I worked with josh at clay he put me in a 2019 Kia Optima did a great job along with mo in finance and trey I had no complaints at all I was in and out in a good time and everything was explained well and no surprises
Kirsten Dahlgren
Salesman Tristan Rojas helped me find my dream car and did all possible to get me in it normally at other dealerships I’m there all day but I was only there for 2-3 hours and I was out with my new car and a better deal than I expected
Chris Sanker
Great place and great staff!! Courtney John Zak and rest of staff were great!!!! They got my payments where I need it and worked hard to get me their!!! I really enjoyed working and visit I g with them and the other sales people. Will go back again!!!! Great place to buy a car!!!!
Kelani Palmer
I bought a Kia Optima 2016 on February 25th, 2019 that runs PERFECTLY along with the great customer service Darius Hart provided to me. I love that his main purpose was to help throughout the entire process and I got exactly what I needed. Thank you Mr. Hart for your services! I can’t wait until my kids can buy, we will be looking for you again! THANK YOU.
Justin Nail
Entire process went very smoothly. Darius attended to me. The car selection process was very quick. Then I was allowed to test drive by myself. There was very little running back and forth when it came time to discuss procreate which was a very welcome difference from the norm. Thai was the financial advisor. He was easy to talk to and did a very through job ox explaining the warranties and how they worked. I never felt pressured to add on any additional features or options during that entire process. Overall a very smooth, painless experience. From diving into the dealership until the moment I left in a new car took less than 3 hours total.
Calandra W
Great Service, Nice Environment, Friendly Staff. David Diamond is a great well rounded person & also a great salesman.
Jessica Reinartz
Very upsetting experience when you are trying to markup a vehicle $10,000 over MSRP. Not a good business practice.
Delandro Combs
Today my wife, Destiny and I visited Clay Cooley Kia and we had a great experience. Our sales representative Iran was fantastic, we enjoyed the laughs and most of all his professionalism. Thanks Iran for all your help!
Theresa Anderson
DK is the best! I told him what I wanted and he made it happen. He found me a black on black Tulleride and gave me a deal of a lifetime as well. Get with him for your next purchase.
Portia Dunn
I purchased 2019 Kia Soul from Darius Hart. He displayed excellent customer service , I couldn’t get done at any other dealership and he worked hard to get me in a car. He was very knowledgeable about the Kia Products . I’ve referred several customers to him . Very Easy Car buying experience
John Pepelnjak
As a first time car buyer, navigating the car buying process was overwhelming and exhausting at first, but that was not the case when I visited, and ultimately purchased my first car from, Clay Cooley Kia. The team was knowledgable and transparent. The entire team took an honest, consultative approach in addressing my buying needs. The process was smooth from start to finish, from stepping foot on the lot to closing out with the financing department. A special thanks to Daylon, Zach, and Tray for making my first car purchase a seamless, ethical, and pleasurable buying process. I would recommend Clay Cooley Kia to everyone in the market for a new car at a great price!
Cindy Martinez
Daylon, Joe and Trey were extremely helpful! The whole process was simple and flawless. The website pre-approval process expedited my time spent with paperwork. My new Niro is beautiful and quiet. I have already had a ton of compliments on the look.
Thomas Shively
I love this place and we will not buy a vehicle unless we get them at Clay Cooley Kia. We have bought 5 cars from them now. Katy Parks our Sales Lady is the best ever to deal with. We always deal with her and have on the last 3 purchases. I would like to thank Jason by the way welcome back. I would also like to thank the Loan department for getting us the best price on the Stinger and the Cadenza. Also the Sales Manager as well. You were right the Stinger was worth it. Wife loves it. And I can not forget Greg our Finance Guru who made the paper work a pleasure. He even stayed late to make sure everything was done and made it very enjoyable and very pleasant. Essence in the Service department thank you for taking care of the Tint on the Stinger and all that you do. And thank you to Clay Cooley’s Son for taking the time to say hello to my Wife and I. I really do love everything about Clay Cooley Kia. I hope I did not forget anyone. But just know that all of you there have a Customer for life. Looking forward to cars 6 and 7 in the near future. Thank you all from: Thomas And Christiana
Woohyoung Jang
I made a deal with Justin Cavey. He was the best sale man I’ve ever met! I also did trade in my car with value that he promised. He kept his promise and persuaded his manager for me. It was a big support!! I have 5 times purchases of car and this time was the best. If you need a trustworthy and want to have the pleasure memory of purchasing new vehicle, please find Justin Cavey!!
Jose Gomez
Bought my first car here and it was a great experience, specially since Jose Manzo was helping us out. He has a lot of enthusiasm and is more than interested in my needs and wants! Thanks Jose and thank you Clay Cooley Kia!
The worst experience you can ever imagine!! Do not go there!! My wife and I went on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 8:30 pm. As soon as we opened the door somebody direct us to a salesperson named “Jay or Jaylen”, after a cold handshake he immediately said that he was about to leave (even though they close at 9 pm…) soon after that, he requested our information (name, phone number, email, etc.) he mentioned the info was needed for his manager. We told him that we were interested in the Kia Soul and we were looking for some options either new or pre-owned. He turned his screen and gave me the mouse to scroll down on the available options. I asked him if those cars were available there and he said, “yes they are in the back”, I said OK, would you please show us this grey one? We want to actually see it, and he said “well if it is not automatic I do not how to drive stick…” The car, by the way, was automatic and I showed him that on his screen… I told him, OK, can we look at the blue one that is here behind us? While we were walking to the new car, he randomly mentioned that he’s been working there for only a few months. The doors of the new car were closed, and I asked him to open the car. He said, “I can’t open it”. So, I asked: How is it possible that we come to the dealership and we cannot look at any car from inside? The only thing you are showing me on your screen is the same thing I can do from my computer. He just raised his shoulders and smiled sarcastically. We went to see the lady at the front to ask for the manager, but she said he was gone. I asked then for his business card and said that she didn’t have any… Mr. Manager: How is it possible that you have such incompetent staff working there? This guy was wearing headphones the whole time we were there and was completely useless, unprofessional and disrespectful, he should immediately be fired, and you should at least have some business cards at the front desk to get your contact information. This was the very first and last time we step into a Kia dealership. If this is how you treat potential buyers, I can’t imagine the nightmare of getting into the process of buying one or needing service. We’ll remain with MiniCooper.
Eldin Nikocevic
was searching for a car for two months and was starting to believe that I would never come across a car that was affordable for me as a student, reliable, and with excellent gas mileage. However, all of that changed after checking out a 2014 Toyota Camry that was listed on the Car Gurus app, I immediately fell in love!! Upon entering the dealership lot, I was greeted in a prompt manner by my sales person Kathy Parks. She was very enthusiastic and knew everything I needed to know about the car plus MORE!! She is a very talented and exceptional sales person which made the entire experience of buying the car more comfortable for me. When I had gone to other car dealerships around Dallas, I would feel pressured into the buying experience and did not feel comfortable at all with how they did business. However, this is not the experience I got at Clay Cooley Kia!! After taking the car for a test drive, I came back to the negotiation table with Kathy Parks and began discussing how I could pay for the car of my dreams. She was always understanding and made sure that I was getting the best deal possible as I am a college student! I loved the experience that I had from Clay Cooley from beginning to end!! If you are looking for honest business and beautiful cars come see Clay!! You won’t be disappointed!!
Jim Johnston
Clay Cooley Kia so far has done good work for us on our Kia Soul But Clay Cooley Dodge right next door is one place I will never go back to Had a starter go out on my 2017 Dodge pick up they replaced the starter which they say was covered by my warranty the mechanic and service advisor tried to tell me that that the starter had shims between it and the block I said ok ( most starters use shims so what’s the problem) They tried to tell me that the lift kit that was put on by a company that does that to every truck that comes through there (That’s all they sell is lifted trucks) Is what caused the starter to go out and charged me $141.00 because the mechanic forgot to put the shims back in so someone needed to pay for his time cause the dealership was not going to eat that Since when does the suspension have a effect on the starter which is not connected anywhere near the started and to top it off was told by Tony the service advisor they would not replace it if it went out again The funny thing is not only am I a mechanic of 25 plus years every other mechanic is scratching there head on this one
Briana Streit
I purchased a pre owned Kia Sorento and am really happy with it. I took it in for service today, and they were really nice despite my naivete. So far my car buying experience has been a positive one.
Tammie Morgan
The last few times I’ve needed to bring my car in I’ve driven from South Texas, over 4 hours away, and brought my KIA here. They have been amazing! Sad that I have to come this far to get great service, but it’s definitely been worth it!
Tony Copeland Howard
It was the Saturday after Black Friday, and I had made it to the dealer just in time to see about a Forte. I was able to drive away with satisfactory, with the vehicle I’ve always wanted. The experience was pretty lengthy, but it was worth it in my opinion, and I got to meet fabulous people who helped me realize what was possible. Let’s just say that I will be counting on Clay Cooley Kia for my vehicle services from here on out…
Sarahi Castro
Service here is great. I want to specifically thank Rudy. He is always so helpful and gets me in and out in no time. Previously was waiting 1 – 2hrs at Dodge service for an oil change. Now I don’t think I ever want to take my car anywhere else! Exceptional customer service here at Kia.
Sherita Baker
I’ve loved kia for years upon years. #1 Fan and loyal buyer. 4 vehicles and was shooting for #5. But after today’s experience at the dealership, I’m done. Looking to take my loyalty elswhere. I LOATHE underhanded, non-transparent dealings. Don’t let the gym look of a customer fool you.
Armando J
Jae Coon
I had a great experience leasing at Clay Cooley. Everbody there (manager, finance, salesmen) were kind and friendly. Car shopping is not my favorite thing to do, but this was relatively easy!
Melissa Kimberlin
This is my second vehicle I’ve purchased from Joe Fernandez at Clay Cooley. My purchase experience has always been great. It’s a fun car buying experiance. Today my sales person was Jose, i felt so comfortable sand loved the experiance. Thank you so much guys for everything you do. I’ll be back time I’m sure.
Gary Schaefer
Stopped in just as a thought while going to work to check about a recall that was sent out for my 2014 Kia Optima. I met Steve in the service department and took it right in. He arranged a ride for me to get to work in plenty of time. And Steve came back and picked me up at work when they were finished. This is top notch, class a service. Thank you very much.
Lauren Becker
My previous review was based on my car buying experience, this review is for the service department. As the customer service is good, the overall service for the price is not as good. They don’t top off fluids, like windshield washer, the complimentary car wash is horrible. My car looked like they just sprayed what dirt they could off and was done. For the last 6 years I have bought and serviced my vehicles with Clay Cooley, I will be making a change for my next vehicle.
Stephanie Gonzales
I am very happy with my purchase. I had a number in mind in my head and that was my limit, no matter what. Darius was very nice, didnt feel pressure at all with him. Russel also came in at the end and made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Overall I am happy with my purchase, Not only myself but my family love my new car!
Cynthia Wilson
I would like to give Jose my salesman and Jeff in finance a giant thank you. These men made purchasing my car a great experience. In fact i rate them both a 10.
Terri Kilgore
The wonderful people at Clay Cooley Kia made the car buying experience painless. No pressure and lots of knowledge. A wonderful combination. I would recommend Clay Cooley to everyone. Thank you.
Josh C
Wish clay would go back to running the business like back in the day. Just buying a car from clay period sucks now. Back in the day you bought a used or new car get a free take of gas and a referral check for refering family and friends to buy a car not anymore. My family and friends has bought 9 cars from clay. I even personally shaken clay’s hand but intell you go back to the original clay cooley customer service no more cars from my family or friends will be bought again from clay.
Andreina Trejo
Apparently to go there you have to be dress in name brand clothes and look like you have money cause if not they won’t give you the time of day they where so rude to my brother in law just because he was in work clothes when he had an appointment with A girl name Alejandra she said she was gonna come to the door and I guess she took one look at him and said he not worth her time since he was in work clothes so he was told she only works the phones but she said the appointment was with her so that was a bit of they also told him to go to the preowned side.
Lane Hudson
Jose Manzo was my Sales Specialist and his boss Russell gave me the best possible deal on a 2010 Toyota Corolla trade in that I had a lot of negative equity in. I was able to get my payment lower, get the car I wanted and they even threw in two years of bumper to bumper free maintenance! I couldn’t be happier overall with my experience at Clay Cooley of Irving and I highly recommend them to anyone considering buying almost any brand name of a vehicle! deal with Jose as he has been in the industry for 16 years and not only knows sales and cars backwards and forwards but has worked in finance and management in previous dealerships!!!! I’m ecstatic with the entire process and couldn’t be happier with my new 2018 Kia Forte!
James Bishop
Service rep was presonable & very helpful. Concerning sales team, Tom Holland was incredibly knowledgeable & also a very talented salesman. Furthermore Myron Mitchell, with whom I test drove the GT2 really knew & explained the cars features. Very fun! Also, I feel that not enough was said about service experience but wow that test drive.
Thomas Nelson
Great service overall
Sierra davis
Great group of people. Very friendly and accommodating. Honest and sincere.
Madelayne Predes
Excellent service !!! Best dealer in town you won’t regret. Everyone was so kind and helpful. We love our car !!!! Thank you Clay Cooley Kia
Mary Tamargo
Buyer beware major fraud happening at this dealer! Went there yesterday to look at a Telluride. We wanted to lease the vehicle and had all the information Kia already provides online so we thought it would be an easy transaction. When the sales person brought us the lease deal they priced the car $4K above MSRP, added a $1900 charge for connected car and didn’t provide the rebate Kia is offering in new leases. That’s as far as I got on the price sheet before I got up and walked away. Don’t know what other erroneous charges were listed. When I asked why is your sale price more than $40K as listed on the sticker the sales person said at this dealer we sell our cars above sticker price. When I asked what was the $1900 connected car fee for, he said for all the technology in the car and I said that’s part of the car already listed in the sticker. So this dealer was clearly looking for ways to charge for things the car already comes with and sell above the sticker price which is illegal. I will be reporting them to the FTC. ——————————————— Edited to address the response from the dealer: It is illegal to post a sales price (sticker) for the car and then charge a different amount on the buyers order. Especially when nothing else was added to the car that was not already listed on the sticker price. You can explain your fraudulent practices to the FTC.
Egor Chabala
“I hate this dealership – they waste 5 hours of my time. I had to go there two times with no success. First attempt (3h) – agreed on the car and trim. Agreed on the price. Salesman (Eric) confirmed that everything is OK. At the end they gave me a bunch of papers where I discovered that the car has 3k milage. When I asked “”what’s going on”” that said “”we gave you a good price because we offer you this demo/special car””. After another one round of discussions we finally agreed that price will be the same as at the beginning. Second attempt (1.5h) – I came to their location and almost sign in the financial. When I asked what will be the price – try guess… – they gave me $1.000 more than our agreement. When I asked “”why”” they said “”we told you that since you want a car with 0 milage, the price will be different”” Unacceptable level of services. If you want to spend you time for nothing – you are good to go there.”
B Irvin
Both of my experiences with Clay Cooley Chevy and Kia were bad. I was sold a piece of junk at Chevy. 3 mos later received a text from Kia to come in. My interactions with Justin were sub par. It was like pulling teeth to get him to tell me about the car. I received 5 different figures from him. He wasted my time on 2 visits. First visit I told him do not waste my time I am leaving work early… yep he wasted my time. Next day HE WASN’T EVEN THERE…and then never heard from him again. I heard back from a mgr who said the price was going to be $700 when Justin told me $630. I’m done with Clay Cooley. DONE DONE DONE. I am going to meet with someone at Patterson Kia today and just from our conversation I feel better. But I have learned car salesmen are some of the snakes!
Michael Hauffe
Great experience purchasing my 2019 Optima S from Anthony. He was very knowledgeable, great to talk/work with, and made it a generally pressure free deal. Thanks Clay Cooley, love the new Optima!
Rick Gomez
This morning someone ran me off the road and caused my car to be towed in to Clay Cooley Kia. Thank God for Rudy Ramos made me feel relaxed and gave me options for repair of my car. Parts had to be ordered from two locations but job was completed in 3 hours, my man Rudy Ramos can make things happen in short amount of time. Thank you! Rick
Zachary Fleming
Car buying experience was a fiasco. Salesman tried to bully my wife into paying a price higher than what was posted on the site. Even worse, we just found out from the tire store that the brand new car they just sold us had a poorly installed hole plug and have to buy a whole new tire!
Kris Portmann
Called first to set an appointment date and time, with Rudy. When I arrived another service man found Rudy for me. They needed to order a part, and we set up the next day a time to have the part installed. I found Rudy to be a good guy and honest—-> very important in the car business! I will be back! Five stars!
q mac
This location need better experienced salesmen. I wen in at 8 am and didnt leave til 230pm. Still didn’t get a car . No wait they showed me a car went over numbers with me and told me to bring info back with down the car is mine. Brung info back supposely ran my app back by the banks and they want a extra 500 down. Come on they play with numbers too much and dont stand by their word. Word of advice you cant make someone pay a arm and a leg for something they dont want.
Really glad I came here! Daniel was very patient in helping me find the best car at a very affordable price! Will definitely recommend coming to Daniel to family and friends.
Lafi Moore
Going to this place was truly a blessing for me – I had to get into a car on Saturday in order to help my family – I even brought cash for a down payment – but by God’s grace they got me a 2019 with NO MONEY DOWN I cried I was so happy Thanks Donald and Jose u r angels to me! The finance guy gave me very helpful information – thanks again
Sean Gonzales
They were great helped me get the right tool for the job thank you guys. Stu was the bomb
Angel C. Murphy
From the moment my husband and I walked into this dealership everyone has been exceptionally helpful and nice. Our Sales Associate Kathy Parks was such a blessing to us. She was patient and very informative regarding our vehicle of choice. I am so glad my husband chose for use to visit this particular dealership. We were truly blessed by coming here. If you are in need of a vehicle this is the place to come. The staff is friendly and EXTREMELY helpful.
Joe DePucci
A service nightmare I have a 2018 – brand spanking new. Doesn’t get any newer– Bought it last year. Great car. Great price. About 4-6 months ago (6000 miles) or so- had my wife take it in for its first oil change- free no less. Which i’m like ok… sure thing… Here we are current day- no more freebies which is understandable so i decided to change the oil myself. I’ve been changing my own oil in my motorcycles and vehicles for over 40 years. To my dismay– i got under the car and was horrified when i seen oil all over the bottom of the vehicle. The idiot who changed the oil did not replace the crush washer. A brand spanking new vehicle that has oil all under the plastics and starting to work its way down to the drive train. Not to mention the oil filter — Good thing i had a ratchet filter wrench to get that damn thing off. Any monkey knows oil filters are supposed to be hand tight. Its a good thing i decided to change the oil myself. Never again will I let anyone from this place touch my car. ever. The service manager takes complaints seriously as i have not heard back from him from a message left earlier this morning. Changing oil is a brainless job.. To see your brand new car leaking after they got done with it is very disturbing. Don’t bother with the call back mister service manager – I won’t be back to this shop. I’ll do myself a favor and go visit Patterson. At least they have qualified technicians.
manuel lopez
I highly recommend buying a car from here. I got approved on my dream car which was a Dodge Challenger.The sale man Jose O. was nice and really helpful with getting stuff on needed to get the car I wanted .If you really need a car or looking for one go to clay Cooley Kia and ask for Jose O. With he willing on helping you getting a car.
Tyneka Randle
MoeToto is the absolute best! Very helpful, the service was amazing!
Abriana Palumbo
Ron Jackson with Clay Cooley contacted me after my inquiry of wanting to buy a new Kia Soul. He was absolutely fantastic. Ron connected me with Cedric Blackburn (salesperson) and he did a phenomenal job. He was informative, personable and friendly. The entire dealership was friendly and warm! I am so excited about choosing Clay Cooley Kia and driving my new car. When I get ready for my next car, I will definitely be coming back to Clay Cooley Kia to see Cedric & Ron.
Anton Williams
Had a great experience at clay cooley kia irving, they helped me in every way they could.Manager darius and sales person dawson great service couldn’t got better anywhere else.
Mallory Pyles
I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I would love a car dealership so much. Seriously. For years now they’ve helped me with my 2011 Kia Optima when it needs to be serviced, and I always feel so well taken care of when I’m there. As a young female, I’m always skeptical about trusting car places, but I 100% know that I can trust Clay Cooley Kia. They are all a joy to work with and I always leave there with a smile, which is really nuts, but it’s completely true.
I worked with Kathy and she really listened to me about what I needed and didn’t push me towards something I couldn’t afford or didn’t need. She was calm, thorough, creative and really made my first experience of leasing a car good. I want all of my friends and family members to go work with Kathy because she’s great! Thank you again to everyone who helped get me in a wonderful, safe and new car!
Sam Warriner
If you need a car for a good price come over to Clay Cooley Kia in Irving! Talk to Daylon Roberts, he is super knowledgeable when it comes to Kias and he helped get into a really nice 2020 Kia Forte! He worked with me and worked throu ghb the process! Being this a first time buyer he made it even easier! Great guy and great place! Five stars all around!!
Rajasimhan Varadharajan
Kia -> kudos to you for having such a great people and dealership. As always the experience was great. Thanks a bunch for taking good care of your customers.
Kami Hayes
Ariel was great very professional through the entire process. Most sales associates hound you and get frustrated with the process She was awesome and I would recommend her to others Finance dept great as well fast process in and out
Tracy Brown
They took the time to help and listen to me. And working very to have a 🚗 before I lefted. Great Job I’m happy and enjoying it. They were Super friendly
Emily renteria
I had an awesome salesman Daniel Barretto. He helped me with every question I had and I walked that day with my brand new car that same day. I can’t thank enough Daniel. You are a Blessing.
Christina White
This was our first car buying experience, and if we could do it all over again we would go to Clay Cooley right away! Daniel is awesome! He is super down to earth and so helpful. We couldn’t have had a better salesman. He made the entire process simple and enjoyable. We found the most perfect little Kia Forte Koup, and we love it. Best place ever!
kimi acosta
Our experience was the absolute best! The customer service is impeccable. Our salesperson Kathy was so helpful and made everything easy and smooth. We are so excited to buy a couple of more cars for our other daughter and ourselves. We found a new great dealership. Can’t say enough great things about Clay Cooley Irving. God Bless
Ervin Lynn Daye
Desiree was extremely helpful
Tina Hernandez
Daniel is very professional. I’m extremely satisfied with his service. Every question I had, he had answer and was willing to go above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I will definitely very referring my family and friends to him in the near future. This has been the easiest and fastest approval process I have ever had. I was in and out with a new car in under 3 hours.
Justin Baker
Met with Jose Manzo. I knew the car that I wanted and he helped me get as fast as possible. Highly recommend his knowledge to anyone looking for a car
Tiffany Lopez
The new facility is exquisite, the staff is so friendly and welcoming, and the customer service is superb! Honestly, it is the best KIA facility I have been to thus far, and I will continue coming here from now on. Essence, David, and John were amazingly helpful in providing information and accommodating me in any way possible! Thank you so much, y’all! Greatly appreciated, Tiffany
Brad LaP
This was the worst car buying/leasing experience I’ve ever had with any car dealer. It all started when certain fees were not disclosed during the deal but popped up in the business office. The sales manager Chris said he would reimburse us for these fees via check since I was going to walk on the deal. Lo and behold, the check never arrived and when I question them about they either hang up in my face or never return my emails. Buyer beware!
Susie Gregg
Great customer service. Spacious comfortable customer service waiting area. Very thorough staff in keeping customers informed while their vehicles are being serviced.
Dee W
I was very disappointed I was hoping to drive off with a new car and trade in my car which is a Nissan. I have made many attempts to trade my car in, but Nissan will not make an acceptable deal. The banks that they use do not try to help their customers. The salesman waa nice and he tried to help, but the gm could not get the finance department to cooperate. I’m thinking of going to another dealer other than Nissan.
Mom-Tamika Moore-Miller
Went look for a vehicle and the dealer was very nice as the dealer worked with us to make a deal. He thought of us as family should have a roomy vehicle. During the test drive, he bought my kids some snacks and we drove back. as we are arrived at the dealership, we began our negotiation, we got a good deal with a small down payment, we got a new 2016 vehicle. we are happy with a new vehicle. Clay Cooley Kia is a great place to buy!
Dolce Beat
I’m not from TX, I wasn’t sure of where to go or how to get my vehicle’s A/C fixed. I’m traveling due to military orders so I’m in a timeline. Mr. Rudy Ramos understood our situation and went out of his way to help us find a solution. We dropped off the car on Friday and received a phone call to pick-up within 24hrs of drop-off. Mr. Ramos was very honest and polite (traits missing in the car business nowadays). He explained the prices and gave us options. Definitely will recommend this place to anyone who needs car service in the area.
Stephanie Ngadja
“I don’t usually leave comments, but I had to this time. I just got off the phone with a “”financial guy Jeff”” and he was RUDE! He showed no patience even though I was not rude to him! I expressed my issue and he rushed me off the phone and pretty much hung up on me. I can understand if there is nothing else you can do, but still have patience with a customer that was misguided by YOUR COMPANY! There are nicer ways to get off the phone with a disgruntled customer, I know because I have to do it all the time with my job!! Learn some manners and stop being disrespectful!! We will for sure not be back for our next purchase!!”
Robert Anderson
Joe Ybarra
Big thanks to Jose Manzo! For helping me purchase my vehicles! If anyone needs to buy a car, I recommend Jose at Clay Cooley Kia. He took his time worked hard to get the best deals and enjoyed a laugh along the way. Couldnt be happier with my purchase
Jason Bussey
Kathy Parks is a super super sales lady!!! She sold us TWO cars today. We were excited about the first purchase, she then explained how the second car would benefit our family. After her recommendation, my wife and I talked about it and decided the second vehicle would be a great idea. We didn’t plan on buying two cars today, but we are thankful for the professionalism and knowledge that Mrs. Parks showed us. Clay Cooley Kia is the best!
Kandi Kane
Love it. They are always willing to make my sister HAPPY. She had a 2014 Kia . We went in to put air in her tires and drove out in a 2019 Kia. Love that place
Michael Reen
BUYER BEWARE!!!! I stopped in to have my Kia Soul serviced. The engine light had been on and it was determined that two sensors were bad and needed to be replaced. Although I was treated very nicely by the Service agent and the evaluation of my vehicle was serviced properly, it was very expensive compared to local repair shops. I don’t mind paying extra for the Kia parts and trained mechanics, but I was charged more than double. My biggest complaint was when I was waiting for my vehicle to be serviced the salesmen were speaking to each other and using very foul language. This is very unprofessional I would never buy any vehicle from these salesmen. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL SALESMEN! The GM asked me to respond to him below and I did. No Response! It has been a month since I have emailed the GM about my poor experience at your dealership. He ask for me to email you with the details, and I did last month. Being a manager of a country club, if I ask someone to email me with details, I get back to them as soon as possible. I am apologetic and empathize with anyone who has an unfortunate experience with my staff. Based on the way you have handled my situation, I have to believe that your staff is allowed to act rudely because you don’t lead and instruct them properly. I guess my review of your business is spot on.
Teri Andrews
Our saleswoman Courtney was AMAZING! I definitely recommend seeing her! Thank you for your help today!
Bill Gar
The finance department was the worst part of the whole deal. They force things on you even though you don’t want them so the finance person can make up bonus .. now we are forced to go back and get the worthless extended warranty removed You could get a better deal at another dealership. The salesperson works with you but that is it Never going back
aurora mcmills
Daniel Barrett’s did a great job getting me into a car! It’s was fast and easy and in my budget.
Tyler Gregg
“Do NOT buy a car from here! We pre-ordered a new Telluride and waited around 45 days for it to come in. We already had an agreement and signed it. When the vehicle came in, we came in the day we were notified, extremely excited, just to find out the APR had doubled and the incentives were dropped because of the cars popularity. The manager told us “”I do not care what you signed last time, this is the deal now.”” The “”best”” they could do was $5k over MSRP and double the APR from last time. We were LIED to. We have bought a vehicle from here before and they did not care. They just look forward to scamming someone else. The same manager openly admitted the advertisement in the mail was a gimmick to get people in here. Extremely shady dealership and lackluster customer service. Edit: Been over a month and even though Customer Relations responded to this review, no resolution. The General Manager, Joe Fernandez, sent me his cell phone number but will not return any calls or emails. Customer Relations said they reached out to the dealership/Joe, but no response. I very much doubt they want this resolved or care. With a line out the door for the Telluride, why care about the experience of one customer? DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. FIND A DEALERSHIP THAT WILL NOT SCAM YOU.”
alice ross
Anthony Gareau is a very knowledgeable salesman. My experience at Clay Cooley Kia was great compared to Clay Cooley Dodge Jeep which did NOT have the vehicle after making an appointment with me to come and check out. I drove far for that disappointment. Mr & Mrs. Ross
Radhika Ojha
I went to Clay Cooley to get my Kia Doul serviced. The service was prompt, the staff was polite, and I got my car back within the stipulated time. My questions were answered and I got my car back in better shape than I came in with.
Katie Rangel Almendariz
Our family has purchased 2 vehicles from here great service our salesman Daniel B. Is fantastic made us feel comfortable and like family cant wait to go pick out my daughter’s graduation car if your looking for a deal this is the place to go 👍👍👍👍
David Pham
“Myron, the salesman, is the very reason why people hate stepping into dealerships. Rude and lack of mannerisms from the very first second he walked up to us. He was on the phone with somebody when he was being introduced to us as our replacement salesmen. Didn’t even acknowledge my girlfriend who was beside me the whole time. Nor did he even know his own cars that he was selling, since he forgot there was a whole trim of the vehicle he didn’t even know existed. Then he was overly aggressive and rude the moment we sat down at his desk after the test drive. Apparently he didn’t understand the phrase “”we don’t plan to buy immediately today”” through his thick head. He eventually came back with a note he wrote himself saying “”WHAT STUPID REALISTIC PRICE DO YOU WANT FOR THE CAR???…..”” He even included a nice condescending smiley face at the end. Pair that with his rude and unapproachable pitch, we will not be returning to do business with Clay Cooley Kia. Aaron the manager is the only reason I’m giving 2 stars instead of one. He came over afterwards actually introducing himself professionally to my Gf and I, and was willing to explain everything with us. He even offered to have us take the car home for a day to test drive it. I would’ve taken the offer, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’d have to be potentially dealing with Myron again. Thanks, but no thanks.”
Alyssa Caruso
Worked with a handsome salesman, Alex Beeler. Alex was very friendly and articulate, not to mention had great style for a guy! I had a lot of questions, as I do not have much automobile knowledge, and he was very patient with me and forthcoming. I definitely recommend Clay Cooley Kia, they seemed to have a great supply of all types of well maintained, used vehicles. I will definitely choose to work with Alex again. Two thumbs up!
Bobbie Laster
I’m overjoyed at the knowledge and professionalism of Kelsi The Car Queen here at Clay Cooley especially being so young. She communicated with me to learn what I needed and wanted and made it happen. I am one satisfied customer!!! 💜 I will share with any and everyone that will listen to come see this Beautiful Car Queen named Kelsi if they want Excellant customer service with a smile. Come see Kelsi The Car Queen Today!!! 💜
Alicia Land
My experience with Clay Cooley was AWESOME…Michael Williams was Excellent, he knew all his car info with Every car he showed me, VERY enthusiastic and paid attention to what I was looking for. He took VERY GOOD CARE OF ME as a CUSTOMER. HE also helped my son Purchase a Vehicle as Well.. He is a Very Satisfied Customer Too!!! We Love Mike!!! 👍👍👍
Jordyn Wilson
Milton is the best salesman we’ve worked with! He was upfront and honest the minute we walked in! We told him our budget and he stuck right with it! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the lobby could be a little more updated but that’s it!
Kelcey Perry
I went through Kelcey to get a car and it has probably been the best car buying experience I have ever had. Shes very helpful and will get you anything you need. She will always answer any calls or text and make sure you are taken care of. Such a blessing.
Service department was quick and professional.
Elexus Price
Went there yesterday was told I was approved for the car I wanted , then waited 2 hours before they told me that I would have to get something else. On top of that I mentioned that I didnt want my credit ran multiple time they told me not to worry that they only do it once. And now 4 new hard inquiries were put on my credit report, so thanks for the lies. I’m honestly very disappointed in this company.
Johnny Garcia
I only take my vehicle to Clay Cooley Kia for Oil changes. The prices are good and the service is second to none. The new service department waiting room is pretty darn nice too….
Tim Mathew
Novlett sold me my car and was very helpful. Joe, the manager was very courteous. I brought my car in the following week to get a part added and they took great care of me. UPDATE: I had to lower this to 4 stars because they constantly call me asking me to upgrade my vehicle, after I told them I have no intention of upgrading. They said they would update the records and not call me, but they still are. UPDATE: Still calling, lowering again
Jeffrey Thiebeault
I spent two afternoons @ Clay Cooley KIA Irving area, eventually purchasing a 2016 Forte. Justin, the sales representative, was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to patiently answer my questions and explain my options. I am very pleased with the deal that I received and am enjoying the car that I ended up with. It was a great experience! Thanks, Jeff Thiebeault
Hattie Hilburn
My husband and I were loyal Moritz Kia customers, however when we tried to do business with them recently, they did not want to work with us. So we came by Clay Cooley Kia. We were promptly greeted by Alex Beeler, who assisted us throughout the entire process. He was very helpful, courteous and even went and brought the vehicle from another dealership. We are proud owners of another 2016 Kia Optima. We previously purchased 3 cars with Moritz and now all of our business will be coming to Clay Cooley Kia! Thank everyone at the dealership who took great care of us!!!!
Paula Davis
Courteous and knowledgeable service. The waiting area is clean and comfortable. Definitely 5 star rating.
TiffD Willis
Came in to support my mom LaMesa and everything went smooth sailing for her. She didn’t even need me! Jose Manzo made sure he broke everything down to her where she understood, gave her the best deals and options and she walked out with a 2019 Kia Soul. Thanks Jose for all your help!! You’re Amazing!
Christina P
Brian the sales manager and Eric the salesman were a real pleasure to deal with. Financing was a breeze. Can’t wait for my Telluride SX to hit the lot!
Vernessia Giddings
Mryon Mitchell did an excellent job in helping me with my vehicle, he was very courteous and professional I really appreciate everything he did for me.
Raghunath Rajendran
Felt rude manager. He never ready to talk. Went to purchase used vehicle. Before visiting through online contacted. Got message saying Wallin and test drive to get discounts. I got message too on mobile. He simply refused for any discounts and said if you want buy else go out. After sometime he started saying I even don’t want to sell it in online price. Felt he handling very rude. But the car I liked so thought to go ahead. After I said ok he seems behaved normally.
valerie thompson
Daylon was great. Very patient and personable. I test drove like 4 cars cause I couldn’t choose and he helped me the entire way without pushing me to a decision.
Jack Ormbrek
Despite problems personally and with my insurance company, Steven Palmer was always helpful and patient. A lot more patient than I was with my insurance company (USAA). The work was done in a reasonable amount of time, to my complete satisfaction. I have no suggestions on how Mr Palmer could have been any more helpful than he was. Thank you. Jack Ormbrek
Pastor Jacqueline Rivera
They have excellent customer service.. they treat you so respectfully it’s amazing..
This was the best experience I have ever had when dealing with having car work done. I dealt with two other Kia dealerships before going with Central Kia of Irving, they were courteous on the phone and got me an appointment quickly to drop my car off and on my request got me a loaner car to drive. They found my problem and did the work the same day and I picked my car up that night. The price for the work seemed very reasonable. I hope I never have to have work done on my car, but if I do I will be back to Central Kia of Irving.
Ciesha Anderson
My experience was great. I was assisted by James Guerrero and Mercedes, they guaranteed me that they would put me in a car regardless to my credit situation and suspended drivers license. I was there about 5 hours which seemed like a long time but they made it the most comfortable wait. They kept checking on me to make sure I was okay. They found me a 2010 Toyota Corolla that I am so much in love with. Not only that since I have gotten the car I have received calls from Clay Cooley’s office everyday checking to make sure that I am happy with the selection. I have referred a few people and I know they will be satisfied as well with the generous service! even got to meet Chase Cooley and he has a wonderful upbeat personality and asked me how was I doing everytime he walked past me. I can appreciate everyone in the office just kind and helpful! Professional environment also! You will not find too many places that you actually wanna spend your money but here you would love too!
As always very pleasant and nice staff. Brady and Essence were outstanding. Got my car service and inspected in no time
Regina Parker
Kathy Parks was a tremendous sales associates. She was very easy to talk to explained the pricing, how to work the GPS, how to work the seats, showed us the trunk of the car, talked about the spacing, how to move the seats frontwards and backwards. I would recommend any person who is looking for a car to ask for Kathy. You cannot hired a better person. She has a wonderful personality has a genuine kindness that truly attracted us to purchase our 2016 Kia Optima. Thank you Kathy for all of your great help. Regina & Michael Parker
Deja Jenkins
Just got a car from Darius Hart !! I absolutely love him . He had great customer service skills , highly recommend him.
Andrea Milner
Stu and Jon are amazing! After a long day, they made it simple and easy for me to make a decision on the car that I wanted. They went above and beyond my expectations of this experience! Thank you guys and I will continue to send customers your way!
jeff cottongame
Really enjoyed working with Kathy. She made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable. Everyone who was involved with my deal was also great. I’m horrible with names so I apologize. I highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia. Thanks again for awesome experience.
Lena Seukunian
I called ahead and informed them of my needs. They went above and beyond my expectations to get me into the car I wanted. Ron Jackson, the manager was professional and courteous. My sales lady Kathy and Justin made our lease process so easy! I am definitely going back to them for my next car!
Desiray Arriaga
Daniel B definitely helped make my first car experience as smooth as possible and helped me get into a great car!
Linda Buendia
Amazing service! The team was supper helpful through out the whole process! I will recommend it time and time again!
Great customer service and helped me get in a car that a loved for an affordable price! Definitely recommend!
Carmen Carter
Awesome customer service! David Cleesen was very courteous, knowledgeable and communicated professionally. Love the upgraded customer amenities. Last,but not least the techs do an incredible job in service diagnosis and washing car!!! I’m a happy customer 😋
Sonja Blacksher
Time wasted! I came there TWICE and my time was wasted! Jose contacted me to come in and see what he can do for me. I came in one day, I was greeted by Donald and was told he would get Jose…no Jose. So Donald took me…well come to find out I was not able to get a car at that time. Few days later Jose called me and asked me what was the reason why I didn’t get the car. I explained to him and said he would call me back cause u wanted me in a car. A few days after that, he called me and ask me was I still looking for a car and ask if I could come in on a raining stormy day. I said no at first then he convinced me to come out IN THE RAIN! Get there I was greeted by some guy and told me he would get Jose….I’m waiting and I see Donald and he was surprised I was back. Donald said to me ‘ you need $1000 down’ and I told him well Jose told me to come in cause he can get me something for less down. Long story short…NO JOSE!! I left. How can u ask me to come out and ask for you but you don’t show up?!! Don’t play with my time! Never will I be back there again!! Damn sure not going to se JOSE!!!
Ladell Gore
I went in for first oil change on my Forte. I had a coupon, that included tire rotation. Great deal! David also helped me get my second car fob, that I had not yet picked up. All of the employees were very friendly and helpful. Thank you.
Bruce Rhoades
Stay far away from anything that says Clay Cooley. Going to have legislative session to outlaw these kind lender predator lending practices. Tried selling my son a car 25% above NADA value then tells him he has to take GPS when I called the Lender they said they don’t require it. Then having him wait for 4 hours before returning his money and Driver’s license. That’s just down right shameful and should be against the law
daniss jenkins
It was a great experience with Darius Hart I highly recommend him I was a first time buyer and he was able to get me approved with only $500 down.
Araris Valerian
Over the past few days, I’ve bought myself and my sister-in law vehicles. I was in the middle of purchasing my wife a vehicle when I ended up at Clay Cooley Kia. I reference the fact that I’ve been purchasing vehicles to make it clear that I’ve been dealing with a lot of dealerships lately and it makes a comparison all the more glaring. I’m just going to list, very quickly, a handful of issues I encountered with this dealership, you can make your own decision on if they deserve your money. Lies – I was told they had a new 2018 Sportage that was in the desired color. The vehicle presented on arrival was a 2017 Sportage with 5000 miles. Lies – I was told, clearly and repeatedly, that I would have access to the 0% APR. This was a lie, as the APR only applied to 2018 vehicles, which they knew prior to my arrival they were not offering. Lies- Even after my arrival, they continued to try and fabricate the reasons for payments that made no sense. It was only after pressing and explaining that I understood math that they admitted the 2017’s not being applicable to receive 0% APR. That’s basically it in a nutshell. They will lie, scheme and generally be dishonest in every way to get you in the door, so they can continue to lie you into a vehicle for more than you should pay. If you want a Kia, I highly recommend visiting Richardson Kia and speaking with Jeremiah Foster. He will treat you right and only give you the facts. When he couldn’t find a vehicle that fit the description I was looking for, he offered alternatives, not lies.
Rachel Begovic
The dealership isn’t anything fancy, but the customer service is 5 star! They did everything they said they were going to do from taking my trade in to getting my loan pushed through. I bought my car while their internet service was down and they still managed to make it a pleasant experience. Kathy Parks (sales) is phenomenal. I never felt pressured and she treated me with so much kindness and respect. She really went above and beyond for me, even after the sale was completed. Esmeralda (finance) was also wonderful and I have just confirmed that they paid off my existing car note in the time frame they told me they would. These are good, honest people and I feel comfortable recommending anyone to do business with Kathy Parks specifically!
Paige McCabe
Justin Cavey was a wonderful salesman and the finance dept made it easy and quick. Great experience!
Ise Smith
I had an AMAZING experience working with the Staff at Clay Cooley Kia in Irving, TX. I submitted an inquiry online and within minutes I received a text message from Karen, the sales associate. I told her what I wanted and she spent hours searching for the perfect Dodge Ram that met my request. Karen was patient (even after I changed my mind several times after deciding to move forward on a vehicle) and she did not give up…she even stayed late after hours to work with me. In addition, Mike the general sales manager, David another sales associate, and Bruce the finance manager all worked to ensure not only did I leave with the vehicle I wanted but structured the payments in a way that met my needs without hesitation. I could not have worked with a better group of people. They ALL went over and beyond and I am so blessed and thankful for them. Thank you all for making this car buying process seamless, friendly, and rewarding. There is no such thing as a bad car salesman with these guys. Go see them…I promise you wont be sorry. I told you so:)
Anissa Kitchens
“My review is pretty long…so in this review I’m just gonna talk about my first experience. I bought my Kia Soul in Jan 2016. In August of 2016, I received a voicemail from someone at Clay Cooley stating they had an extra key for me to come pick up. It was perfect timing because I was needing it at the time. I didn’t see the voicemail until a few days later, but I was out of town. A few weeks later I called and asked about the key so I could come pick it up.. The person that answered the phone acted like she had NO clue what I was talking about. She said there was no key for me. I told her I had a voicemail and called her back to tell her the gentleman’s name. She said, “”Oh he’s not working here anymore, so I don’t know what to tell you…””. She made it clear there was nothing I could do. It has now been about a year and I got a package in the mail from Clay Cooley a few days ago with the EXTRA KEY. No message, no note. Just the key.”
Shana Walton
False advertising. Lying salesman. And rude manager.
Donny Dorsey
“We bought a 2017 Kia Niro from Clay Cooley. Kathy was great. She has a great personality and really made us feel like family. We test drove the car and sat down with her to go over the information which she took to the finance guy. That is when the problems started. Before I went to the dealership, I thought completing the financing application would be a good idea and save time. Of course, they ran a credit check then and I shortly received a phone call telling me that we were approved. So, I was surprised to see two additional credit inquiries appear on my credit report. What is the point of doing that up front if they are just going to run the credit again? Now I have three hard inquiries on my credit which has a negative effect on my credit score. The guy in the finance office, I think his name was Chris, talked about how he was sick and he just wanted to get this stuff done. So he hurriedly said sing here and here, sign this, sign this, etc. I did manage to spot the interest rate before signing the purchase agreement. What I failed to notice, though, was the extra charge of $3,821 for some service contract I guess. I say I guess because it was NEVER even mentioned to us. I still don’t know what it is. I have called and left a message for the finance guy to call me back. He has not. I have called two subsequent times only to be hung up on when they “”tried”” to transfer my call. Even Kathy, the saleslady, could not explain what “”The Mechanic”” is and/or how it works. I am very disappointed in the whole process. We do like the car. Just wished we would have purchased it from a dealer with better customer service.”
Johnny Baldridge
Our car’s engine light came on… All of a sudden we found ourself in need of a refrigerator because our groceries were still in the car.. Robert was very kind and took our cold items and put them in the cooler next to the service area.. That’s what I call customer service.. If I could give this place 10 stars I would.. and they had my car fixed within 2 hours.. Kudos to Robert and his team 🙂
Haricharan R K
Their sales guys just try to rip you off. Keep away from these dealerships.
While I love my new car … I’ve been back and forth with them with slight issues.. I’m not going in depth with everything but I do want to thank Martin from the Finance Team for his transparency, input and advice. I was pissed coming in there because I had some questions about my recent car purchase and he calmed me ALL THE WAY DOWN and was very professional. Thank you. Service team is ALWAYS very nice. I’m still not too sure about the sales team, I get the impression that their only care is to get a car sold, I’m guessing it’s for compensation. I just wanted to thank Martin for helping me and addressing all my concerns. The person who runs this Facebook page is a waste of time, left my message at read but whatever. I feel slightly better with this company. I’ve realized tho, the only way to fix things is to go in office because the service received via messenger of over the phone was ridiculous. Good day.
Daniel Nelson
Good customer service
Lynn Weaver
Excellent from start to finish. We will be back to purchase again. Best Deal, Best Warranty, Best Financing. To include the Cherry on Top. Thank you Clay Cooley Kia!
Lisa Hagar
The service at Clay Cooley Kia in Irving us always the best. I only take my Soul there for service, inspections, etc. The people are great & the work is always the best.
Nicole DeLeon
Very fast and polite. Daniel was extremely helpful in getting me what I wanted.
Matt Miller
Ron & Daniel were attentive, knowledgeable, and first class in the way the worked with me to get me in the right Kia Soul for me. They listened to my questions and added value to my consideration on which vehicle to pick. Would highly recommend either of them to help family, friends, or co-worker with purchasing a Kia.
David Chapa
Originally got a call from a Mr. James Reed! I came in the same exact day, James was in a meeting when i arrived but instead Mr. Wichman and another one of his team members pointed me in the direction of my awesome new car and i couldn’t be happier. Thank you guys, y’all were awesome!!!!
Frank Sanchez
Great business was in and out with the deal I wanted!!! Will definitely be going back! Ask for Daniel Barretto!!! Best in the game!!
Andrew DeLeon
I’ve bought 4 cars from Clay Cooley Kia … Not all have been Kia’s but that says a lot about the car salesman. I’ve only dealt with Daniel B. The service and sacrifice he does for his customers is refreshing. I’ve even recommended people to him to go buy a car from and they are always pleased by his service. You can buy cars from any dealership but it’s the customer service that really closes the deal and Daniel goes above and beyond Everytime. I will be buying another car in the future and I can only hope Daniel Barretto is still there, if not then I’ll go buy a car where ever he’s at but for now Clay Cooley and there vast amount of choices in cars has my business.
Teezy Da Tea Baby
It was a great experience! Mike Williams at the store in Irving goes above and wayy beyond the call of duty to make sure you are not only in a car. But that you are satisfied with your choice, price, and payments. Also follow up to make sure everything is fine! I will do business with them again. And will refer all of my people to him and the Kia family!
Sherita Dyson
THE BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD!! Truth is, I’m back to purchase another vehicle for my Daughter!! She is away at college and needs a safe, reliable vehicle. I didn’t even look at another dealership! Mike Williams and the rest of the crew at Clay Cooley Kia Irving have earned my repeat business…you guys rock!!! #MYBOO’S
Steve Harkins
Good prices on parts, and the staff was friendly and helpful. Oh, and free bottled water and snacks.
Giovanna Scott
Great customer service, Darius was excellent! Great sales person and truly dedicated.
Nichole Medrano
I had the best experience purchasing my first car. I was a bit nervous but Daniel assured me that everything would be nothing but good business!! I am extremely happy with my car. I couldn’t thank him enough for putting his all into his customers. Looking for a car? Ask for Daniel Barretto.
Yasmine White
Kris Porter was my dealer and was amazing. I went in on my birthday, he worked with what I had and got me the best deal possible. Even more amazing, he was able to get my mother a new car the same exact day. Everyone at the dealership was extremely friendly.
Tynarria Simmons
After working with Darius I would definitely come back to this location and recommend them to others. My experience was amazing . Fast and reliable service very knowledgeable and an amazing personality that made my experience well worth it.. I love how patient and polite he was he didn’t pressure me into making any decisions and was very patient. I really appreciate all of his help and making sure that I was a satisifies Customer .
melane mayorga
The price you see isn’t the price you pay why not just sell it for 15,000 instead you tell me it’s 12,000 online but it really isn’t.
Elizabeth Santamaria
First time buyer and had a great experience and learned a lot from buying a car thanks to Jose Manzo
KeAmber G
I was truly pleased with the quality of service I received from John at Clay Cooley Kia. He was very personable and adamant about assisting me to the best of his ability. He went above and beyond to provide good service and assure I received the correct part. I will definitely return to this location for any Kia related needs I may have!
Geannette Figueroa
The best experience ever!!!!!!!. Mike Williams is the best, I was frustrated and with no hopes when I called Clay Cooley store in Irving, I told him my story, the amount of money available for the down and my view about car dealers, and for the first time I felt there was someone that cares for me, someone willing to work with me and help me build my credit, for the first time I felt I was being helped..,…I did not have the feeling that the salesman was working for his own interest and never felt I was being played. He never asked for more money, Mr. Williams really took care of me. As long as Mr. Williams is there, Clay Cooley have my trust and I will recommend my daughter’s to go to him. Thanks Mike and thanks Mr. Cooley!!
Lucy Dillard
These guys are AWESOME, from my salesmen to the finance department EVERYONE went above and beyond to satisfy my wants. I was able to get the car and payments I wanted and left very satisfied with the experience. Ask for James Guerrero or Michael Williams, these guys are great to work with, you will be glad you did!! PS…I LOVE MY CAR!!
Deborah Morgan
Very friendly and gracious professionalism. Salesman was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the vehicle and the process. He made sure we knew what was taking place every step of the process and that we were comfortable during our brief wait time. While documents were being made and the car was being made ready for us to take possession Paul took time to visit with us and answer any questions we had.
Rolando Garcia
I Have bought 5 cars from Daniel Barretto and not one single problem ! Always good business!
Jaret N
Worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. I made an appointment for 9am, when I got there no salesman were there for almost an hour. When I did get help they had lost all the information I had already given them for the car I wanted to trade in. The manager and the salesman jerked me around for 3 hours. I literally had to walk out of the dealership before they would work with me. They tried to tell kelly blue values were wrong because they didnt want to give me anything for my trade in. The manager didnt have any respect for the customer. This set the bar for horrible customer service.
Jeffrey Manning
Best place to BUY A CAR!!!!! 2018 Stinger GT2 …LOVE IT
Aldo Guerrero
Went in for service and they were great, and the snacks are not bad either.
Yvett Garcia
The best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Milton was amazing! From the moment you step out of your old car and drive off in your new one, everyone at Central Kia of Irving made you feel welcomed. Milton worked a miracle and got me into a 2015 Optima with a monthly payment I can afford. If anyone needs a car, Milton will bend over backwards and jump through hoops to help you get the car you want. I am very impressed with him and will recommend Central Kia to everyone I know.. just ask for Milton! A+++++ Service!!! Thank you Milton for everything!
Stephanie Rodriguez
Daniel B made the experience well worth the long wait. I am very pleased with me new car all thanks to him. So ask for Daniel! I promise you will leave a happy person.
anthony Tucker
“I truely say!!! upon visiting “”Kelsey the CAR👑 QUEEN!!! at Clay Cooley Kia Irving was both an WONDERFUL and RIVETING experience that changed mi life permanently!!. OH also the plus is that the Management and staff was very courteous👆.HAPPY BIRTHDAY N MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MI. Thanks again KELSEY “”The Car Queen!!!!”” YOU ROCK DOLL✌✊❄⛄❤💚🎅”
Kendrick Williams
Mike was great. We absolutely love our new vehicle. Defiantly made the right choice in doing business with him. I recommend anyone to go see him. He will get you in a car not just any car but the car you want and absolutely love. Thanks Mike!
James Colbath
I came in looking for a Kia Optima. Alex Beeler was my sales rep. As a sales person myself I like when the person selling to me looks like they care about their job. He was dressed super sharp and was very professional throughout the process. I left with an even better Optima than what I was looking for. I’d def recommend this place and Alex! Thanks again!
Shera Callahan
My appointment time started on time , all the extras was a plus washing and vacuuming. I was informed on all that was happening with the car until the moment they brought it back to me this is the kind of service you can appreciate!!! Thanks Clay Cooley Staff Service Department Mrs Shera S Callahan
Larry Fine
Fast and prompt service.
weirdo sunishine
They didn’t seem like they wanted my business. Also their slogan that of of they can’t beat a new car price they will just be give it to you is a lie. They will just say they can’t beat it and doesn’t even try to get you a good deal. I took their quote to a competitor and they beat it by 500 for the same car. With a better warranty. Also the interior is horrible. It feels dirty. Also don’t sit underneath the railing on the top. If you do watch out!! I saw two men standing up top picking their noses and dropping it over the railing. Gross.
Bella L
This dealership only cares about money. They will force you into spending more than your budget regardless of what you tell them. After spending hours there and having even their finance personnel try to talk me into buying an out-of-budget car I wasn’t interested in, he told me that buying one of their cheaper cars would break down on me in 6 months and I would come back begging them because I’d have no warranty. That says it all! Beware.
Magnify Your Results
Excellent experience, easy negotiation. Alex Beeler was awesome explaining all the details of the transaction. I was prepared to spend a long time to finalize the purchase and to my surprise, I finished in record time. WOW!! Everybody is very friendly, welcoming and professional. I recommend Clay Cooley Kia to everyone.
Rafael Pagan
It has been a great experience here! The entire staff treated me very well! Mike Williams is an awesome salesperson. Shout out to the whole crew…LD, Milton and the entire staff was such a pleasure to work with. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! COME TO CLAY COOLEY KIA for GREAT SERVICE and GREAT CARS!!!
Stephanie Gomez
I went in on Friday and was working with James Guerrero & Chance Cooley. I was close to driving away with a used car but James managed to get me into a brand new 2015 Kia Optima. They were both patient with me. Awesome customer service. James, thank you for all your help and for making my car shopping experience so easy and fast.
tisha samules
Once again lied too .. thinking I was going to get a new car with no money down. If I knew I neede money down I would have drove off with a Chrysler 300.. But Mr. Daylon Roberts tried everything possible to get me into a car today. Thank u for keeping it real with me the hole time. You will be the only reason I be back in 2 weeks.
Latanya Palmer
“I would definitely recommend Clay Cooley Kia to anyone!! Kelcey “”The Car Queen”” Perry is a hardworking multitasking woman!!! If she says she can do something, then mark her word she will! I will always come back here for a car. 🚘”
Whitney mulliniks
“Let me start by saying, I have had 2 engine replacements on my Kia Optima SXTGDI 2011. I had my SECOND engine replacement done here. The same day I left, the, “”check engine””m light turned on. I took it back. I was told there would be nothing done until I pay a diagnostic fee, NO SIR. Absolutely ridiculous. Went to Autozone to have the code checked. Said minor evap leak. Fast forward to when I can afford to actually have this looked at. Turns out my intake tube to the turbo was completely disconnected and damaged (probably from improper installation of new engine). KEEP IN MIND KIA WAS THE LAST to be under the hood of the vehicle, during engine replacement. Maybe the tech messed it up, didn’t want to say anything and taped it back on (tape is present). I am absolutely at a loss with Kia, not only the dealership, but the entire corporation. Avoid at all costs. Customer service at this location has gotten somewhat better, but quality of service on the actual vehicle itself, has not. Steer clear, save yourself the headache, AND MOST OF ALL THE TIME AND MONEY. If you don’t own a Kia, and are looking to buy, go elsewhere. I have NEVER had such issues with a vehicle in my life.”
Ashlee Bell
HORRIBLE PLACE!!! My husband and I got have 2015 Kia Sorento from here in June of 2016. We went up there and picked the car we wanted and they had to deliver it to us later that evening. First, he delivered it to us with a low tire. The low tire light was on! His excuse was he didn’t pass any air pumps! REALLY??? It’s a hr drive from there to my house AND there is a QT on the corner! Anyways, turns out there was a nail in my tire and it couldn’t be repaired. So I had them give us a new tire. Then in December, our battery went out! At this point I hadn’t even had my car for a year yet! I had to go up there and buy a new battery from them. Fast forward to today… I am having to get my first inspection done and it won’t pass! Turns out, they did not reset the computer correctly when they put the new battery in. They bypassed what they were suppose to do AND they disabled the check engine light! I mad beyond belief! I can’t not believe the horrible experiences I have had here! I encourage everyone to go to the Patterson Kia in Arlington to get things done to your Kia! They are nice and respectful and so very helpful! Stay away from Clay Cooley in Irving!
Evan Engwall
The service department got my recall work done quickly and professionally. Robert was excellent!
Wow, the run around, lack of follow through, and just flat out lying that I heard about regarding the remote start install of my friends stinger was terrible. I would not ever use or recommend your service department.
Sherry Upshaw
Fantastic service! They made car buying easy and stress-free.
Gabriella Christina Perez
I got into a car accident a month ago and was planning on getting my car fixed but it was totaled at the last minute and my rental car was no longer gonna be paid for by my insurance company, so I had exactly 2 days to buy a new car or I would be left walking and taking the bus everywhere. I called Clay Cooley Kia because I knew they could get me into a car but I only had $500 and I needed my payment under $400….. I literally can’t tell you how many times I asked the salesman not to play games with me and that I needed this payment or I couldn’t make a deal. I maybe told him 5 or 6 times before I drove an HOUR to get there. Of course, they played me. I get there and look at the vehicle and I’m in a rush to finish the deal and leave because I had to go to work. The salesman comes back a few times with a $525 payment. Once again, I cannot tell you how many times I told the salesman I CANNOT do that payment. I told him every time he asked for more money or a co-signer that I cannot pay more than what I said. It got to the point where I told him I would not repeat myself for the 20th time. I told him if he could not get to my payment, why would he let me drive an hour just so I can be disappointed? He just kept saying “I understand” but clearly he didn’t.. I told him more than once that if he couldn’t do the payment, to please not waste my time because that was the only day I had free to buy a car and if I didn’t get one, I would be without a car period and would have to figure out transportation for the next week until I have another opportunity to go out and look for one. A finance manager then comes in and says they can’t do the deal… I left in tears. Because I wasted my whole day, missed a day of work and drove an hour just to be lied to and played. Now I’m sitting here wondering how I’m gonna get back and forth to work for the next week. Thank you to everyone at Clay Cooley Kia for lying and manipulating me. You guys have no idea what’s going on in ppls lives, and for someone to take advantage of a situation and bluntly LIE to you to get you to buy a car, it just sunk me into a even lower feeling than I had before I went in. I’ve worked in the car business for 3 years and Clay Cooley has a very bad reputation FOR A REASON! My experience is just one example of why.
Kevin Medrano
Bad experience after bad experience after bad experience. Did not honor previous quote. Service people flaked back window tint and want to charge me to fix it. Previously changed an engine part twice before realizing there was a callback for the engine. Did not refund 2 separate services. Performed package service of $400+ after specifically telling them not to work on anything unless I authorized the work, did not offer payment plan. Maybe the managers are undertrained, maybe they are over pressured about the bottom line. Regardless, if you come here you will spend money unnecessarily and have to manage frustration and injustice.
Steven Ruiz
Sales Department has worked with us to get the deal done and the service department has been good. Not satisfied with the 2018 Stinger I bought, we have had it in the shop 3times in 11 months
Gary Shannon
Was buying my mom a car and wasn’t too sure about it but I met Anthony and he is the only reason I bought that night, not pushy and gave me exactly what I wanted, keep Anthony around he is a great asset to your company!
Larry T.Lover
All these bad posts are true. Clay Cooley Kia tried to bait and switch me. Told me one price even had written proof then upcharge me. Recondition Fee 4K, Certified 2K, leaving PRICELESS!!!!
Sandy Scoggin
1st I didn’t go to Clay Cooley Kia, I was at the Nissan dealership. Which too almost 2hrs to get to.Probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. My salesperson was very nice, but his mgr or whatever he’s called was very badgering and rude. I don’t think he knows what the word NO! means. Then had the nerve to ask if he could have a relative’s ph# so he could call them and then had the nerve to be upset when I said NO again. Gave back my keys tirned around and walked off in a huff. At least Juan was nice enough to shake my hand and say thank you.
Debbie Shea
Everyone was helpful and very nice. Went in to get a little used car for my grand-daughter and within 2 hours was done. They even brought the car down to my office. I highly recommend them.
Michelle Jackson
The services was great the wait was not long and I have told my family and friends to use Clay Cooley Irving.. They are awesome and I will use them again.
fernando santamaria
Just got my first CAR!!! Thank You Jose Manzo everyone check out this guy his great!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Latasha Banks
I love Central Kia of Irving. I own my 3rd Kia and look forward to purchasing my next one here. I live only a couple of miles from Southwest Kia and prefer to take my vehicle about 20 miles to Central Kia. Everyone is friendly and professional. They always wash my car when they return it to me even if I bring it in for something simple. The waiting room is never crowded. I would not take my care anywhere else to have it serviced.
Tayla Green
Darius from Clay Cooley Irving has great customer service! He was very helpful and understanding. He made sure everything was taken care of before leaving the lot. Process was very smooth, overall a Great car buying experience.
Consquella Gardner
There are not enough words to express my experience with Daniel Bareto at Clay Cooley in Irving. Daniel was awesome to work with. While I was skeptical, Daniel remained positive from the beginning in getting me approved. He believed in me when others didn’t. His determination, perseverance, and positive attitude goes far beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with at a dealership. Daniel have set the bar high for others to follow. Thank you Daniel for believing in me!
shangla hobson
I went to this dealership expecting to be turned down. I trusted my salesman Mr Mike Williams. He made me feel like I was at home. The service department was fast and friendly. My safety was their number 1 priority. As if i was a sister or mother. I really like that. It may sound cleche but I’m a customer for LIFE!
David Hamer
Helped a friend get a lease on a new 2017 Sportage EX today. Great service, great deal, no hassle or haggle, very friendly and knowledgeable staff and managers. Treated us like family. And the new STINGER is the sexiest damn car. GAME CHANGER
Kelcey (the sweet, patient and knowlegable sales lady) and Steve ( professional customer care oriented GM) helped me with the purchase of dream car for my son at a reasonable price and payment term. I really appreciate them. However, there is obviously inconsistency and lack of communication through managers and sales people. Kareem needs more coaching.
David Hagood
If you buy a car from them and you are out of state don’t expect good service. Have been calling for three weeks trying to find out where the tags are to the car we bought. No one ever calls you back and when you do get to talk to someone they just transfer you to someone else who never answers the phone and then it just hangs up on you. Finally talked to a lady there that said she overnighted the info to the revenue office so I could get my tags. I went to the revenue office and waited in line for a hour and a half just to find out she had not sent the paperwork to them. Four days later and five more phone calls they final sent it. Good luck with Clay Cooley Kia
Lonnie Meaders
Visited for an oil change and for recall service on my car. The shuttle they offer is very convenient and much appreciated.
Joseph Baggett
Always completes maintenance ahead of schedule and makes my car look great.
Laverne Mornes
Very good experience
Richard W
Came here for servicing since my Kia Optima was not blowing cool air during the hot Texas summer. Found out car was out of warranty but Nick Mims took care of the issue and was able to throw in free oil change as part of a recheck on a recall. He was responsive, kind, and very helpful. Very impressed and I will be back when my I’m due for a new Kia.
Jasmine Edwards
Romeo was awesome. He found me a 2016 Kia with only 42 miles and even helped with the insurance. So happy that my family finally has transportation around the city. Thank you so much!
John Cho
First time on my Sorento(2016) very good service and will continue to come
lisa diaz
Ineficiente as it best customer service is no where to be found. Tags have been waiting for over two month they never return calls. In other words they suck. Big time.
Dede Cook
I got my car 2months ago and I’m super happy with it, first car that hasn’t broke down on me in weeks time… Mike was totally awesome even played with my baby while I sign the paper work! Mike also got my little brother in his first car so that a bigger plus lol!!! I be getting my next car from here when it’s time thanks guys
Ken Kramer
Love the new dealership! Service department does exactly what I ask. Highly recommended!
Jason Holloway
The experience received from Jose Romeo Sosa was impeccable. He made the buying process fast and hassle-free delivering some of the highest quality in customer service. Being in the financial services industry myself, it was a pleasure working with someone who is also dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. Thank you Jose and Thank you Clay Cooley Kia of Irving!
Maritssa Guzman
Daniel Barretto is the man to go to if you’re in the market to purchase your new vehicle. He goes beyond expected for his customers, Daniel is patient and makes sure to put you in the car you’re in love with with a payment you’re comfortable with. With no hesitation I send all my friends and family to him.
Zeeshan Ali Rauf
Hated that place sales people are super super pushy thay just want to apply for cradit. Dont get pulled into the trap their cars are over priced you can find a better deal somewhere else
Lamesa Oliver
Jose Mando was great! I’m the proud owner of a 2019 Kia soul! Thanks a bunch Jose!
Deidre Carter-Briscoe
“We went to the dealership to purchase a car for my daughter. Mike Williams was such an amazing person and not your typical salesman, we came away with two vehicles. Although the process took a while because Mike is so busy with many people requesting him, plus I kept changing my mind about what vehicle to purchase; there was too much to chose from. Mike found what I wanted at another dealership. Even though were there for several hours, Mike’s personality and “”not the usual”” salesperson attitude made it not seem like it. I had my 9 month old grandson with us and Mike got snacks for him and food for us. MIKE WILLIAMS IS THE BEST!!!”
David Brown
Excellent service experience
Kathy Cantu
Friendly folks, awesome service. They do a good job and they are fast. I was surprised to find that they actually washed it too. AND did I mention a nice new key chain.
His Vessel
What a great place to purchase a vehicle… Leo Amaya was awesome and so was his supportive crew. They made my buying experience joyful. They went out of their way to ensure I was given the best quality of service and as of right now I still get treated the same. If your looking for a car central Kia is the place to go!!!
Antoinette Lutostanski
It was nice dealing with my salesperson. They listen to what you want and go from there. I especially like the low key approach to purchasing my car. I didn’t go in to buy but purchased the same day.
Robert Tuttle
I do not know how you can get away with Bait and switch tactics in today’s market. Clay Cooley KIA You send, via email an internet cost on a car. Then when someone shows up to buy the car you come out with a higher price. You then claim that that cost is the lease total cost. Nowhere does it say anything on your email or on the site that the cost is lease total cost. NICE job on old school sleazy cars sales tactics. Glad to know that some of you have never lost that skill.
Andrea Carr
Thanks to Essence in the Service Dept. She is on top of her customer service skills. Thank you for listening to my dissatisfaction with who took care of me my last visit. Asking for you from now on if I don’t see you when I roll up.
Chris Campbell
great experience! As all car dealerships the time was a little long. HOWEVER…..Cedric was so GOOD!! They gave me more for my trade-in than I thought it was worth. Will come back again!
Heidi Nugent
Kyle was very sweet, understanding and made sure we got everything we wanted within budget. We are now a 3 Kia family. They never disappoint.
Jessica Torres
The mechanic David and Sales Associate Cedric got me out of my old car into a better One with no hassle… I needed no co-signer and they worked with me… The customer service was impeccable
Brittney Nicole
Great company!! Awesome workers.. They let me take my time.. didn’t rush me to make a decision.. Peter Anonyei was awesome!!! Ill definitely recommend them ☺️
Tina Shields
Darius was a very nice salesman. He helped me out alot and he also made sure that I had something to drink he is awesome and I’m glad that he was here to help me. When I come trust I will have more people with me so that he can help them as well. Darius is a true gentleman and I’m very appreciate his services. Thank you, Darius
Jackie Domino
Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Car was advertised at one price and a salesman confirmed that price. I ended up with a payment higher than what I wanted because they increased the price of the car by $3000. They wouldn’t disclose any numbers like interest rate with us and only payments. I didn’t find out until reviewing the paper work the next day that the price of the car was higher than what I was originally told and they added on warranties that I specifically asked not to put on. I went back up to the dealership and was told that they had to increase the value of the car by $2000 because of the work they put into the car. I can’t see how that spent that much on a basic model car with 18,000 miles on it, but they then said they would send me a check for the remainder $1000. I waited 2 weeks and no check. I called to try and speak to the manager that promised me this check and was told that he was no longer with the dealership. I then got transferred to 8 different people before getting ahold of Sunny who told me that I would have my check ready this afternoon. I then proceeded to head to the dealership that afternoon and waited almost 2 hours just for them to tell me my check would be ready the following morning. On top of that when I went back to the dealership the following morning I was told that I could not receive my check. They had to send the check to the bank that was financed through because there’s a lean on the car. Well of coarse there’s going to be a lean on a car I bought 2 weeks ago. I live a hour away from this dealership and had to take time out of my busy day to go to the dealership and tried to get this resolved. Sunny showed no compassion or remorse for the fact that I had not maid 3 trips to the dealership (6 hours plus gas and mileage) . I understand that he was trying to help me fix someone else’s problem, but the was he talked and treated me was absolutely horrible. I had originally planned to go back and purchase the new Kia stinger that the finance manager was showing me, but after this experience I will definitely take my business else where.
A l p h a M a l e
This Clay Cooley Kia Dealership is very lucky to have Essence Hunter and Kanethia Dobbins on their team. Essence Hunter not only improved the Service Department by bringing on her professional skills, but has also somehow managed to strengthen the team dynamics. Undeniably, Essence has always passionately tackled problems and answered questions that other customer service representatives could not answer. Ms.Hunter’s level of confidence, technical expertise, professionalism, problem solving skills, and critical thinking has influenced me to continue to be a loyal customer. Essence has become one of Clay Cooley’s most valuable assets. Another person I’d like to recognize is Kanethia Dobbins who always has my paperwork ready and makes sure that my vehicle gets washed and cleaned. Best Regards, M a t e o
Sheree Crow
The sales guys here are little bit Shady but the service department is awesome. Have a lady that works in the service department that I trust every time. I wish there were more women working in the car business, especially in the sales department. I even have a hard enough time finding women salespeople to sell me a car.
joel carrillo
“I was lied to about rebates I qualified for. Then the car that I told them I went to look at was out as a loaner when we got their. When had made a deal with Darius(sales person) and the finance guy tried to change the payments. When he changed the payments to what was agreed upon, they changed the length of the payments. Was told they would repair a ding before we left the dealership but they only put “” white out”” and it washed away. We were on a schedule and they didn’t care. That is one of the manty tactics they try to use against you of. Prices they post on autotrader are all lies. Reviews with 5 stars are fake. keep searching and you will see how many bad review people give them. Bet they just hire people to post fake reviews”
Ri Todd
I made an appt at 6p and drove off the lot by 8:15p with a 2018 Kia Optima. My salesperson Kathy P. was AWESOME and so was Greg in the finance department. The transition was smooth. I didnt know what to expect but they made my car buying experience stress free. Considering I received news of death in the family, they were sensitive to my needs.
Roman Rangel
I recently purchased a 2018 Kia Optima at Clay Cooley and honestly I could not have asked for a better experience. It started with the my salesman Daniel Barrientos. He was an absolute professional throughout the entire process. Not sure of the names of the two men who just as friendly. I believe they were the GM’s of the store. Finally I had the pleasure of working with Bobby Parker and he was patient, very professional and easy to work with. I would and will recommend friends and family to Clay Cooley Kia.
Danny O.
We purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in May 2018. There was never any mention of warranty and now I know why. Just 5 weeks after our purchase the control board went out costing $1500. Now there is something else wrong cause it wont crank. We asked about manufacturer warranty but they won’t help. Seems unethical to me so I am going to let everyone know about their dishonesty. DO
Marcella Rainey
Darius was a good salesman he take care everything in a fast-paced I am thankful for his service. Now I have a 2017 vehicle to help me build my credit to find something better.
Arthur McIntee
They were very friendly and helpful and took their time and only repaired what I had ask them to.
Deneshia Alexander
I’m giving Clay Cooley ONLY because Mike Williams IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! I would recommend anybody to HIM!!! He made the process quick and simple and didn’t force or rush me to make a decision. His customer service is awesome and he always goes ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR HIS CUTOMERS!!!! Way to go Mike you need your own dealership!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce Kruckeberg
Everyone was very nice. Daylon is a super salesman.
Angela Valadez
Our experience with Clay Cooley Kia was great!! Jeremiah and Daniel were very nice and helped us a lot. We couldn’t have made a better choice! Thank you so very much!!
Cam Sta
Excellent customer service. Darius Hart was very knowledgeable and professional. The SUV that I test drove was flawless and I’m looking forward to purchasing from here!
UPDATE: i wont remove stars but after a month+ we were having trouble with the car trade in payoff. Please provide more detailed info to customers before wrapping up the sale so people won’t get charged an additional car payment because the dealership sends the payoff check later than the date it was traded (dealers get 20 days to do so) we weren’t aware or informed of that! Its been a headache and now we have 2 payments weeks apart, 1 for the trade in and 1 for the new vehicle. Now we have to wait for a payment refund etc and I’ve had to call numerous times to the dealership and toyota financial. Please inform customers to cancel automatic payments and that the check processing will take almost a month. Also, calling the dealership…nightmare! You get transferred to the wrong person/dept or get sent to voicemail, not fun either having to call 6-8x within 20 minutes. Its been such a hassle honestly.
Candace Stone
Luv this place! Kathy Parks got the job done when 3 other places told me NO. I highly recommend anyone needing a vehicle to stop here and your search will be over!! Thank you Clay Cooley Kia, I will definitely be returning 😊😊😊
Becky Clontz
I worked with Kyle Bennett at Clay Cooley – he was very professional, answered all my questions and made it an overall good experience. Everyone was easy to work with and I was very happy with the price too! I highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia!
Annalisa Batley
Great Dealership LOVE my New Ride – GOT ME THE BEST DEAL
Ron Pope
Great customer service and fantastic people that go above and beyond to make sure that your buying experience is special. I highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia!
Veronica Rojas
I recently traded in my sedan on 10/6/2015 for a 2016 Sorento. So far I have no complaints about the car or the dealership. Our salesman, James, came in on his day off (which I didn’t know about) after we had to reschedule from the previous day. The process to get into a new car was easy and fast. Other staff members were also very friendly.
Annie M.
“I bought a 2015 Acura TLX from them 2 months ago, paid $2,500.00 for tag/tax/title on site, same day. They REFUSE to send me my tag and registration papers. I have called every week for 2 straight months, begging them to send me the documents and items I paid for & they flatly refuse. They blatantly lie & tell me, every week, that they are in the mail to me. I still do not have my license plate or my registration papers, but they have kept my $2,500.00 and continue, as recently as this morning, to lie and say they are taking action on this issue. They are not taking action on this issue. I have also filed a better business bureau complaint. As a follow up – It’s now June 11, 2018 & I still don’t have my tag. Shocker! Someone replied to my complaint & gave me an email address – “”[email protected]”” or something & that’s a bogus email address.”
megan Wright
My experience with clay Cooley KIA was the best for me being a first time buyer. My sales man James Guerrero was the best and got me in what I needed and worked with me to the payments I can afford and have a brand new car. I lOvee my KIA Rio and it fits me perfect and is the best on gas. All the sales men and the people that worked there are great and is there for you right away when you have any questions or need answers. If your needing a new car and think you can’t afford it take a drive to clay Cooley and see how they work. Ask for James Guerrero 😆
Dhruv Kota
“Made an appointment for a test drive of the Kia Stinger GT, and when I got there they said I need to show my credit history to prove I can afford the car, which is insanely stupid, because I was able to test drive BMW M2, Mercedes c63 AMG, Porsche 911, and more without doing that, as I am in the market for another performance car. I was finally able to “”test drive”” after an employee let me drive HIS stinger GT. The car was amazing, but the service of the dealership is terrible. I was actually going to buy the Stinger GT, but this dealerships senseless policy led me to buying a used BMW M2 the same day. Thanks for nothing, Clay Cooley Kia!”
Paige Gomez
Getting a car for an affordable price can be a struggle, but thankfully for the help of James Guerrero I was put in an amazing car for just the right price! ASK FOR HIM he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy! I love my car.
Lady Loor
Okay my sales person was TOO NEW, no prepared for the sales floor ATM, that’s why I rated 2 stars before. Because I hate that about dealerships. Hiring and just throwing inexperienced people on the floor. I was a buy here, pay here. All I can say is I have an overpriced car but at least I have one, and I’m fixing my credit. No dealership that respects itself should do business with U.S auto credit. Ask before you sign.
Jim Gist
Jeremy Wickman and his crew went above and beyond what I expect from a dealership. I did not get the same old rigmarole or BS that you get at most dealerships. I want to thank them God bless Godspeed.
Jimmie Williams
I had a Great time at Clay Cooley. Mike Williams was superb, he answered all my question and made me feel comfortable about buying a car. I would recommend Mike Williams to anyone.
Marissa Talamantes
If you are looking for a good car especially a good deal go to this place and ask for Daniel Barreto he’s a great salesman he always looks for the best deal for you !!!! Y si hablas español no tengas miedo de ir , pregunta por Daniel y el te ayudará!!!
Troynesia Ford
They are very nice and courteous! The process was quick and painless lolzz!! Highly recommend!!!
Torrolyn Taylor
Rudy assisted me in the service department ! I was super excited how fast and smooth things went on my first visit! Very clean and friendly atmosphere!!
Jill Smith
Kelcey Perry helped my fiancé and I get into a 2014 Hyundai Accent. She is great and worked with use to help us find what we wanted!! By far the best car saleswomen I have ever dealt with!
Hildur H
Two weeks ago I started calling the dealership, as my temporary number plates were about to expire. At first I was able to speak to a clerk who was helpful, and told me my permanent license plates would be at my address a few days later. They were supposed to arrive Monday, now it’s Friday. I just got off the phone with the tax office and it turns out the dealership hasn’t even filed the paperwork so I will have to go to the tax office immediately and pay them $30 for an extension. I’m still trying to call the dealership , they transfer me to all different departments, even payroll! Worst customer service I have experienced in my whole life!! There is no point in leaving your phone number or your email because they never call you back
Maghan Isom
Love this dealership!! Bought my car here & they are great in the service dept!!
This place has a very bad customer service! The manager is rude and unhelpful! They lied and do not try to fix their mistakes. They do not help customers and explain things well. The manager doesn’t keep his promises, and he just ignored the problem! I absolutely encourage no one to buy from here. It was a nightmare!
Lamar Parks
I called Clay Cooley the schedule an appointment for my 15 Optima because I had a recall letter in the mail. I spoke to a service and he said that they would take care of everything once I got there. Here’s where the 1 stars come in at. When I arrived, I wasn’t greeted by anyone and service drive empty. After about 5-10 mins, someone finally helped me. The service advisor that came out looked in the system and didn’t know why I was there. I asked where was my service advisor I talked to on the phone and he said “ He’s not here right now “. So now, as this new advisor scrambled to get me logged in and my car pulled in to the shop, I’m left with the thought of “ What was the point of getting the service advisor name when they weren’t even going to be there. This has been the most unorganized experience I’ve ever had at a dealership. Then, I was told that I would receive a multi-point sheet so I would know what my car needed, NOPE…didn’t receive that. I took my car to another dealership and they told me I need a oil change, I had 2mm left on my front brakes and my front rotors were badly Corroded. This should have been caught by Clay Cooley Kia, but it wasn’t. I haven’t return to Southwest Kia because of there Unprofessionalism and lack of communication to the customer. I didn’t think I would have almost the same experience here.
swack 2004
I can’t begin to explain the constant stress these people have caused me and my family. You always hear about car dealerships ripping people off but I wouldn’t think that a reputable dealership such as this would do any and everything to steal from its consumers. Not only did we get 2!…thats right 2 junk cars back to back but we also got scammed into purchasing a used car opposed to paying the same payment for a new car. We purchased a Kia optima last year on a Saturday. Before we even made it home it was already making a strange noise under the hood. We really didn’t get to test drive it like we should’ve because of course they didn’t put enough gas in it. Well by Monday the car had over heated and was engulfed in smoke. We took it back to Clay Cooley in which they constantly insisted that it just had too much oil and that the car was fine. Well being a mother and someone who drives on the highway to and from work I didn’t feel safe in the vehicle. So finally after I had to basically argue with them because I was frustrated and my kids were tired of being up there all day they put me in another optima. Well fast forward a few months later and to no surprise the new Optima they put me in has over $1,800 worth of mechanical issues. Which of course supposedly isn’t covered under my warranty or extended warranty. The saddest thing about all of this is we were looking for a bigger car for our family but really didn’t need to get one right away but we took a chance with Clay Cooley instead of Southwest Kia which we never had a problem with them with our previous car purchases. If you are looking to purchase a Kia go to Southwest Kia. They won’t put you in a junk car or swindle you into buying one. And to the salesman who pressured me into writing a review right away…here you go!
Alexis Castillo
My girlfriend and I went to the dealership not knowing what to expect. We went with a mind set of maybe getting an used car, but our good friend James talked us into a 2015 KIA Optima. Great car loving it!!! Great customer service!!! Thank you James, you the man!!!
Mark Richman
These guys are the best! I requested quotes (from many Kia dealerships by email) asking for the best deal on a 2017 Kia Forte S with the technology package. Most dealerships replied asking me to call them to set up an appointment to see them. Some dealerships sent me pictures of cars in stock (which were not the model I was interested in) and their corresponding MSRP. Then I received the email I was hoping for. It was from Daniel Barretto at Clay Cooley Kia in Irving. The email was simple, direct, and concise. The email subject was “BEST PRICE ON NEW 2017 KIA FORTE S W/TECH PKG”. The email contents consisted of a discounted price, a hyperlink to the information about a car at that price (which was exactly the type of car I had inquired about), and his name and phone number. The discount was good, so I was concerned that the discount price might include some rebates that I would not qualify for. I called Daniel and he assured me that the discount price would be honored, so I immediately filled out an application online. Within 30 minutes, I got a call (from Ron Jackson) about the current rebates. I qualified for the customer loyalty rebate (because I was trading in a Kia) and was pleasantly surprised to find out that, due to the rebate, the price was reduced another $500. I then headed to the Clay Cooley dealership in Irving and picked up my new car. Those guys are great. Friendly, no hassle.
Will Lian
Worst car dealership I have been to. They charge an extra $1200 service fee that no other dealership I’ve been to has to buy a car from them. The staff are incompetent and disinterested in helping their customers. When I finally sat down with an employee they didn’t know anything about the cars on their lot. Huge waste of time.
Horacio Moreno
My whole experience was great from start to finsh. James Guerrero explained and really helped me get into a new car, and I have extremely poor credit but he did it and got me into a car… So go and ask for James Guerrero and say Horacio Moreno sent you he will definitely do everything he can to get you into a new car…
Michael Howell
These guys are GREAT! I wasn’t planning on trading, but ended up taking home a new car. Renee’ Fandre spent almost an entire day being patient and helpful, and we eventually found exactly what I was looking for! And absolutely NO PRESSURE! It was a very smooth transaction, and all of the staff at Central did their best to make sure I was happy! Thanks Gang!
Terica Siner
I was determined to get myself a jeep wrangler for my birthday I visited two other car lots prior to Clay Cooley Kia Irving and nobody was able to help me but as soon as I came here my dreams were fulfilled Michael was the salesman who helped me and he is absolutely amazing he was able to get me the exact jeep I was looking for along with the price that I wanted to pay if you are looking to purchase a vehicle definitely come here and asked for Michael he will take such great care of you the whole staff that works here is incredible I guarantee you will be satisfied.
Jim Richards
“I made an appointment on the internet to look at a pre-owned car at noon. When I got there Justin, the internet manager spent about 3 minutes with me asking some questions, then said he had to pull the car around. Someone else came in and asked for my ID. Latter Justin walked in and just handed my ID to me and walked away. I asked if the car was there and he said yes and that was all. After waiting a total of 45 minutes I took my ID and left and sent an email to Justin why I had left. At 1 pm I got an email from Alexis Stewart confirming my noon appointment ( no idea what that is) Then at 3:30 I get an email from Justin apologizing saying “”the battery was out”” I was never told why I was sitting there waiting. Not a good example of customer service”
Gabino Hernandez
Nathan was very courteous and helpful .We are enjoying our new 2019 Kia Sportage .
Pamela Taylor
My Salesman were very helpful. He made sure that I was pleased. He was very considerate when helping me stay on my budget. Will definitely recommend!!!!
Amber Sloan
Amazing Experience – I love Kia! 3rd purchase here and Rabecca is the best in the financing department! She explained everything in detail and was very fast as well! She made this purchase much easier!
Laylay and mom Cornelious
This review is for Cindy and clay smith , managers of the fleet department . I’m am writing this due to the disrespect I continue to receive , I have been making payments as well as keeping my car up to part , I have been to the fleet department twice and yes they do an exceptional job of trying to get you in as well as fixing your vehical ! But I am constantly givin horrible customer service , yesterday I spoke to Cindy about my check engine light she did speak to clay smith about getting me in after basically telling me that my check engine light isn’t her problem because my vehical was sold as is . ( I have had my vehical since July ) . I was thankful for the next day check up so I took that and disregarded the way Cindy talked to me , I went into the service department 27 mins late due to not being able to find the address online I got it from the number I pay my car note to , well after waiting two hours and 27 mins the service dept gave me my keys back and said make another’s appointment ,(I called Cindy because I was not happy with this all this can be verified with the fleet departments secretary as well as manager , I don’t have space to tell how the conversation with Cindy went but I was told by the manager Sonja that it was recorded ! I am hoping that someone will go listen to them ! At the end of the convo Cindy directed Sonja to give me the keys and go somewhere else ( was recorded ) after me and Sonja got off the phone with her Sonja told me that she would still help me and understood my frustration she gave me a total plus 50 percent off as what was originally stated In my notes the day before , after leaving 30 mins later I got a call saying I would have to pay in full , then another call saying clay Cooley would allow me to pay the 50 percent off , I think this type of service is totally unfair nobody should be getting bullied around just because management has the authority I am sure that clay Cooley wants quality over quantity because this was told to me by him I told Cindy that I would be calling someone about this and she said that it’s going to come across her desk !i am hoping to receive a phone call from someone because I am not happy that I am being treated unfairly . My name is Asia Cornelious
Kechelle Holmes
i wish i could give no stars. they constantly transfer your call if they don’t want to deal with you, and they’re always rude over the phone. i get transferred an average of 3 times before i reach someone i can speak to about making my car payments every month. i was a day late on my payment and i called to get my account up to date and even after telling Indiia she could authorize the payment, she did not take out the payment and turned off my car instead. the call was “disconnected” so then she had the nerve to text me and say, “i believe we got disconnected, i’m here till 5pm if you’d like to make a payment. i hope you have a warm day.” and when i tried to call back she refused to answer my calls or texts, and gave me no indication whatsoever that my car would be turned off, so later in the day when my car wouldn’t start i thought there was something wrong with it. it wasn’t until AFTER calling a mobile mechanic and PAYING him $50 just to look at it to find out there was nothing wrong with the car, they had turned it off.
Renn Castrillo
“My experience here purchasing me first new vehicle has been a blessing, I’m very blessed to have had an awesome car dealer help me so much kelcey “”The Car Queen”” Perry she’s been very helpful and succeeded with helping me find the right vehicle and that’s reliable. I appreciate you. Thank you for everything.”
Markus Holbert
As soon as we entered everyone was so helpful! Daniel helped us tremendously! We were definitely going to buy a car, Daniel was able to get us the best deal and find the car that best fit our needs!
Jeannie Alliston
“Central Kia of Irving has been great – I just bought my 3rd car from them …. and, as usual, they out did themselves. Torrey Kendall rocked and he kept his promise to me “”no bs and he wouldn’t waste my time””. He’s low key, answers questions with honesty and integrity. I appreciate all his time. Additionally I’d like to mention the guys that work in service as they are the best …. anytime I brought in my Kia Rio5 they were all over it. I know they will do the same with my new 2015 Optima. Lastly, but certainly not least, a shout out to Bing Crosby – he is my American Ninja Warrior. All in all it was pretty much a one stop shopping trip. Thanks again Torrey – you are a rock star!!”
Brittoni Wordlaw
Jeremiah worked wonders. I definitely recommend him. He is thoughtful and truly wants you to have the best car buying experience possible.
Kyla Halverson
Worst place to buy a car! Negotiated for 3 hours only to go back into the finance office to say, “We will not honor that price. They mis-spoke.” It was written down and signed. Then was told by said Finance Manager, “Well I make the final decision. And I’m not feeling good about this.” Do not give them your business!
alexis chavez
James was a great salesman. He worked hard for me to get in a vehicle that day. He got me in a 2016 Kia forte and it was my first time buying a car. I strongly recommend you to go here for your next car. Thank you clay Cooley!!
Charles Stein
Kathy, Ron and Milton will take great care of you. Awesome buying experience with courteous people. They earned my business.
Jack Boomer
I think kelcy was very helpful with answering every question I had to ask, she provided excellent customer service. She took very good care of me… Kelcy was awesome and very helpful from the first moment I spoke to her.
Dianne Gray
I ws told it wld tk longer than stated as they were short staffed. But they got me & out sooner than expected. Staff were very pleasant & made me feel important. Thnks for the awesome service
Charles Honeycutt
Scheduled appointment online for an oil change for our Kia. Two minutes later extremely stereotypical salesman calls me saying I inquired about buying a car. I told him, no, just scheduled a service appointment online. The salesman said the lead went to sales. He was extremely stereotypical and off putting. I was reluctant to have the car serviced at Clay Cooley anyway because of the horrible reputation of their sales department, but the service department has been fine. However, after dealing with the salesman today that is still stuck in the 1980’s we’ll go elsewhere. That old school stereotypical approach may still work for those without choices, but for those of us that do have choices Clay Cooley will not be the place.
gwendolyn mitchell
Pleasant staff, friendly fun environment. I hit the gong because I bought a new car..Very clean facility. .will return again.
Carrie Vargas
If I could give it no stars I would. Horrible experience. Management is the worst. Customer Service only means that there is no customer services. I deeply regret stepping through their doors.
James Parcus
All these good reviews seriously have to be fake because I worked for Clay and you guys have no idea!!! Gonna say that again… NO IDEA who these people are! 3 weeks was all I needed to see how horrible these people are.. Manager’s having affairs when they are Married! All kids of stuff that’s happening to customers that they don’t know! Clay is too good and his nose is too high if it rains he will drown! I’m warning you don’t go here
Priscilla Fuenmayor
Since the change to Clay Cooley, I was not as satisfied, I already had a service consultant I felt a could trust before . This is the third time I have gone as Clay Cooley, and the first time I left feeling satisfied, that’s why I’m not giving five stars. I have to wait to see if it is going to last, I hope I found my new trusted consultant. Besides that people is nice, and helpful as much as they can.
Judy Gates
Kind friendly and very well taken care of. Would recommend to anyone.
Chantel Cail
Mr. David was AWESOME! He didn’t try to get over on me being the fact that I am a female, ( yk how that goes), he actually took the time out to make sure that my car was safe enough for myself and my kids. Thanks Mr. David 😉
Carolyn Stacy
This is my 4th car from Kia. My first from clay Cooley. Highly recommend.
Monica Massoud
I am very pleased with the professional customer care and quality services. They also will give you a complimentary car wash with a provided service which I think is awesome.
Gloria Leftridge
Danny Morales service was with no pressure and provided A plus service. I believe he’s a one of a kind sales person….Thank you Danny
Rachel McCall
“Kelcey “”The Car Queen”” Perry Was Every Helpful && Such A Great Person. Got Me The Car I Wanted… I Would Most Definitely Recommend Her”
Lucky Abrego
Great service, very friendly environment, excellent coffee haha. All in all a great place to get a vehicle, James helped us out to the very end and got myself and my family into the vehicle we wanted at a price no one could refuse. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone, go see James.
DeAndra Hawk
Daniel Barretto was my salesperson and he did a fabulous job! I am so happy I went to Clay Cooley Kia in Irving. They took great care of me and facilitated my purchase with great service!! Thank you Clay Cooley Kia!
I Cass
Ashton was awesome! Very patient and had his hustle on that night. We did not feel rushed, he and everyone else were very welcoming. Thanks again for a great experience!!
Makayla Sanders
This 5 star review is for CRESHA (she works at the Nissan Clay Cooley on Lyndon B Johnson Freeway) I came into this location with BAD CREDIT. NOT A LOT DOWN. BARELY ANY JOB HISTORY. (SOMETHING SLIM TO NONE OTHER DEALERS WOULD HAVE LAUGHED AT AND SENT US ON OUR WAY) just being honest. She was more than AMAZING! IN EVERY WAY. IF SHE WASN’T SITTING with us, helping us. She was letting us know what was being worked on. She was knowledgeable of everything! Even the cars and what came in them, where everything was, etc. She went completely above and beyond not only in the customer service aspect but in every aspect! She is the woman you want on the front line of your company interacting with customers because she is not only going to gain their trust , but also not abuse it , and she literally sets the bar for what your company should be about to their customers. I have went to OVER 5 CAR DEALERSHIPS just to see my options before I chose 5 dealerships! 5. Out of all 5 and all about 15 people I dealt with SHE WAS THAT ONE. THAT ONE THAT LEFT AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. Although due to monthly payment pricing (again…. at fault of my credit not anything she did) we were unable to complete the sale and finance. But SHE DID COMPLETE THE SELL! I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT! THE SELL WAS COMPLETE SHE HAD ME AND MY BOYFRIEND A CAR EACH! SHE WORKED 2 DIFFERENT FINANCES AT ONCE AND MADE IT WORK! SHE IS AMAZING! SHE DESERVES A HIGHER POSITION THAN WHAT SHE IS IN BECAUSE I’VE SPOKE WITH MANAGERS AND PEOPLE HIGHER THAN HER AND IF I COULD I WOULD HAVE HER DO IT ALL because not only is she going to keep the customer happy she’s going to get the job done right.
Adam Lucart
Not impressed. I bought a car from them and we negotiated for hours. They finally agreed to knock off $500. When it came time to sign papers, they never took off the discount. I was so tired from being there til 11pm that I didn’t notice it. I called back after a few days to ask for the extra money I was charged and they said a manager would call back (which he never did).
john saco
worst service ever poor management dont care about the customer
Edgar Brown
This was an absolutely great place to get car service done
Kathy Baker
I had my oil changed and serviced yesterday and they, as always, were very nice! I was in and out in an hour and they even cleaned and vacuumed my car.
Eduardo De La Cruz
Bought two cars in one day and it was so nice and easy. We had no problems at all, such a great staff.
James Robert
I had an amazing car buying experience at Central Kia in Irving. They answered all my questions and helped me pick our next family vehicle. I’ll be back to get something fun for me. I’ve bought a lot of cars over the years and seen all the ads for this and that but these folks really took care of us. Thank you Central Kia in Irving!!!
Jennifer Ocon
Well everything was great until I got a report saying that you guys checked my credit score twice and I bought the car cash.
Ronald Jackson
“Possibly the easiest and most hassle-free car leasing experience in my life! Request lease quote online and get this… THEY GAVE IT TO ME IN DETAIL AND SIGNED! Included copies of Factory/Finance Incentives & Invoice. Listed all incentives that I qualified for & even found one I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT! Daniel & Sheila and the rest of the staff at Clay Cooley Kia were fantastic! Did everything online & over phone & when we got there our New Snow White Pearl Optima SX-L was as promised & shinning ready to go! No waiting hours… we were done with paperwork in Finance Dept (Rebecca ROCKS!) in MINUTES & driving home in less than an hour! THESE GUYS ARE THE “”REAL DEAL!”” No more shopping for us it’s “”Clay or NO WAY!”””
Peter Domoracki
Very accommodating. No high pressure tactics. Our salesman (Alex) was very knowledgeable about the Kia Soul. He was very helpful.
Kim Causey
I came to Clay Cooley Kia to purchase a car. I was promptly greeted by Kris Porter, who did a fabulous job. He was very courteous, attentive and knowledgeable. He was very straightforward. Joe Merritt was the sales manager and took good care of me to give me the best deal. I would highly recommend everyone looking for a car to visit Clay Cooley Kia and experience great customer service. They really care about the people they work with. Thank you guys for putting me in my certified pre-owned Kia Sportage! I am extremely happy!!
Ryan McFarlin
From the moment we set foot on the lot, Sales Rep Daylon Roberts, treated us with professionalism and respect. He was well-versed in the features of the car and willingly negotiated two different models at the same time so that we could compare costs/price. After our initial test drive, we told Daylon we were going to look at another brand’s dealership and he asked us what car we were cross-shopping. To our surprise and delight, Clay Cooley also owned the Jeep dealership and Daylon went to get us the Jeep model for a test drive and we didn’t even have to leave the dealership! After the test drive, we left to think about the options and Daylon didn’t use any of the well-known tactics to get us to stay. Over the next day, we negotiated price via email, then came back to complete the sale of the Kia. Kevin, in the finance department, was also respectful and professional and was able to beat the finance deal we arrived with from an outside bank! Though I am always on guard when going to buy a car, Daylon and Kevin did a great job and gave us a fair deal for all parties involved. Good job guys!
Karen Gil
My prior experiences buying vehicles were always the same – Torture – lengthy process, not the best customer service and bad sales people. However, this time the tune was completely different. My husband and I went to Cooley Kia and Torrey – the sales person was nice, honest, to the point and clearly understood what we were looking,Torrey, thanks so much for your great service!!
shanna price
Very easy to work with Great communication Fast results
aji paul
I had a very bad experience with clay cooley kia today The price that they mention in their website for the certified used cars is no way the same as what they sell ..They come with too many charges ..I went cor a toyota corolla listed in their site for 12995$. The final price turned around 15872. They will be charging detailing charges apart from what they mention in th website and the sales managers attitude was really bad when I asked wby it is not listed correctly in the website
Connie Vega
Very helpful group of people. I continue to come back and I’m very satisfied. Romeo Sosa can help you out. Go and see him!
aaron herrera
They were able to get me a loan when nobody else would. Average score with 10+ years with same employer. They delivered as promised. Thank you Mike Williams and the whole staff!
Becca Carrizales
Everytime I’ve come here service has been awesome. Once the service manager noticed I’d been here longer than usual so he gave me a complimentary oil change. Based on the service and speed of this service center, I’ll always come here.
Brittany Green
I wouldn’t go here they scam people out of money.
El che garaje
Very good
Ashly K
Don’t buy a vehicle here!!! Your car value will depreciate for half of what it’s worth in a year. They will tell you come back in a year or two to trade it in for something greater, just to find out you don’t have any value on your car and try to put you in something 2 years younger then the car you already have. On top of that they will try to hit you with that you need a cosigner TALK clearly when my car I got last year was worth more than what they were trying to put me in this go round!!!
Noel Youngblood
!!!BUYER BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!! Classic bait and switch tactics are still in use by their Sales Manager. I felt very sorry for the young sales associate who was helping us yesterday. He had a car sold to us for the price listed on Clay Cooley Kia’s website (not a third party website) and when it came time to do the paperwork, the sales manager had a higher MSRP (by a couple grand) than it was listed for on the website. He refused to budge on the price and tried to say that the price on the website was a mistake; even though my husband pulled the current listing up on his phone and showed it to him. I told him that if that is what he is publicly advertising it for, then he needs to honor it, but he refused. I have a screenshot of their listing (with their URL, the stock #, VIN, and price listed) and a copy of the Finance Payment Options with the higher MSRP. Since others have reported this same tactic, I am considering filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. That Sales Manager completely blew that sale for that young Sales Associate. Such a shame, too. I’ve owned two Kia’s in the past, my husband and I are both gainfully employed, and have excellent credit. You would think that they would want to make life-long customers of Kia owners. *Edited to Reply to Owners Response* There was no miscommunication that I am aware of. The current listing was shown to the Sales Manager and he refused to honor it. Classic bait and switch.
Bianca Pennell
We went in today to trade in our 2015 Optima for a new one. Darrius immediately helped us once we got there. He took his time and didn’t make us feel pressured. Which was a great feeling. We walked in knowing what we wanted and Darrius made sure we left with that and more. He took great care of us! Gregorio & Darrius were both very friendly and personable. They made our car buying experience one of the best we’ve ever had. Thank you guys!!
Brenda Carrasco
Highly recommended it great service Mike de Leo was very helpful in everyway to make sure we got in the vehicle we want it my husband Johnny Perez and I love our new 2018 Forte 5 it’s our first time owning a Kia..
Doyle Tolson
Well not only was my response ignored from my last review but this time they lost my plates for my car then tryed 2 tell me i was going 2 have 2 go 2 dmv and pay 4 it. Well after stating my case i was told they would take care of it but boy oh boy alot of smoke and mirrors then this with my plates after droping a chunk of money at this place. For sure will not be coming back
Crystal Mueller
Andrew was amazing he constantly reached out to me and made sure I had the vehichle I needed. Cathy was working behind the scenes and made sure that I definetly had a vehicle to fit my family correctly. They made sure I got a great deal and did not get ripped off. They are an amazing team and would for sure recommend this place!
Heather Hollis
Worst car buying experience I’ve had. Once they have your money good luck getting ahold of anybody ever again to take care of things they were supposed to do in the first place like paying off your car or taking care of issues with the car you bought. Will never buy from a Clay Cooley dealership again (go to Don Davis and save yourself a headache)
Shawndi Filby
Robin Mainer was perfect! She had already done her homework on the car that would not only meet my needs but fit my lifestyle. The Central Kia Team was great to work with!
joe kohr
Everyone greeting and friendly. Our salesman (Ashton Broadnax) was very polite and positive trying to be in our corner. Ashton has good product knowledge and answered all our questions. Will be back!!!
Charles Terrell
Take very good care of my car.I like the lady that waits on me.
Tom Herrin
Good customer service and communication. Kept me informed at all stages. Service performed in a speedy manner.
Brett Smith
Such a great buying experience. I will be back.
Emeka Ochei
Bad experience unprofessional employee and untruthful
Angel eyes
First time buyer! I purchased a wonderful Kia Spectra with incredibly low miles from Central Kia in Irving. Randy was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process and he answered every single question of the tons we had! The only reason this dealership didn’t get all five stars is because of the wait times when dealing with the wait times of the finance department and the antics of a finance employee named Mike. He added us into the smart buyer program, without our permission(which is where you have payments automatically deducted out every two weeks)and literally rolled his eyes when we informed him that we did not want to be enrolled in the program, and to remove our information from it. The tension in the room from that moment was so thick you could cut it with a knife! Moving on I just want to say, thanks Randy for all of YOUR help and we love our car!
Carlos De Herrera
It was good and fast processing in less than 3 hours Justin Cavey was able to put a good deal together my wife and l drove out in our new car and very happy. Kudos to everyone at Clay Cooley..
debra stirling
Wonderful service!! Salesman Cierick was the best😄! In Kia Irving. Had my car waiting for me. Such a great experience.
Rene Sage
Kelcey The Car Queen was great. Very helpful and got me in and out with the car I wanted. Thanks.
J Castaneda
I came in search of a truck I had viewed online. Daniel helped me out, he knows the meaning of great customer service. Also was real patient and guided me through my first veheicle purchase. Would definitely come back when I’m ready for my next veheicle.
Richard Weidel
so beautiful facility great selection I bought four cars there
Bridney Stewart
Kelcey the Don DIVA QUEEN hooked me all the way up! Im definitely going to refer everyone to her. She was absolutely wonderful. The whole Clay Cooley Team!!!!
Janae Johnson
These guys are the truth ! I was helped–wait, more like RESCUED by one gentleman in particular, John. He was polite, knowledgeable, efficient, and above all was able to get what I needed taken care of and done the RIGHT way ! I trust that he will do the same for any customer needing his expert services. Thank you again !!
Elizabeth e
Great. They delivered exactly what they said. I was instantly approved. I worked with Kelcy Queen of Car Sales and was in and out
Meghan Somampong
Wish I could get away with leaving 0 stars. I’m literally taking 15 minutes out of my day to write this. My experience here has been a nightmare! I bought my optima in October and I am satisfied with my vehicle, but the customer service here is terrible. 5 days after bringing in a $1500 cash deposit the dealership deposited the check I initially gave them. I was told after dropping off the cash that they would get my check back to me. Never happened and in turn I suffered an NSF fee from my bank. Came up here to be reimbursed and was told I had to wait for a check in the mail. Then 4 days later their bank attempted to pull the funds again causing another NSF fee. This time I spoke with the manager of the dealership and he ensured me he would get a check for both fees. I got the check. Then last week their bank attempted to pull funds via electronic check twice causing more NSF fees. This time my wife called and spoke to the GM of the dealership who told her that WE needed to put a stop payment on the check. Why? Why Should I have to be charged to fix your mistake in the first place? He ensured my wife the check would be ready last Friday. It is now almost a week since they phone call and we are standing here waiting for the check. The GM said he was out of town, when my wife asked him why he couldn’t have handed off to Another manager all he could say was he didn’t think about that. This has been hell and I will NEVER do business with any dealership with Clay Cooleys name on it nor will I refer anyone here. These employees are only concerned with making a sale and putting money in their pockets. They could care less about the customers. After all the cars we buy do contribute to their paychecks…
D. Glen Sanders
Great service and good communication from David Cleesen and the Clay Cooley company. I could not have asked for more. You get all my business as long as I own a KIA.
Andrea Hernandez
Daniel my sales man was awesome. He made sure that the purchasing process went well. He was very attentive to what I wanted to purchase. Thank you Daniel!!!!
Adam Stamper
Hands down, the easiest buying experience I’ve ever had. I had really low expectations when I arrived and saw the quality of vehicles on their lot. I thought I would never qualify. But Kelcey brought me in and got me started. And I could tell from the moment we began that she had no doubt I was leaving there with a car. You could tell for her it was a done deal. Although for me it seemed too good to be true. I kept waiting for someone to jump out of the back and say haha nevermind or sorry we made a mistake. It was so simple. I filled out the easiest application in the world, took my time and looked at cars, picked one I liked and drove it home. No hassle. No pressure. Kelcey laid everything out on the table and said this is what we’re going to do. And then she made it happen just that easy. She is definitely in the right line of work. And they really can get anyone in a nice car if they can do it for me. Thank you thank you Kelsey! And all the staff. Would recommend this place to anyone. My only regret is not going there first!
Dave S
I have been to the service department several times. I would recommend that any kia issue you have to take it to them. They are knowledgeable and quick. As for the sales its like any car lot where they are trying to make tons of money by devauling your trade and marking the sale vehicle up!
Kaliche Canada
Friday February 24 2017 I came to your dealership and i welcome by the saleman Mike. He made my experince the best. I got the car i always wanted with everything in it also. I will recommend this dealership and Mike to anyone i came in counter with that need a second chance with a car.😀😀
Tater Tot
Be careful false ad got me there. Following up on this review. This review was about a month ago and ive tired 2 contact the person who responded no response. So if anyone wonts 2 work with people who dont learn from there mistakes this is the place. All about the mighty dollar i guess good ole bait and switch do ur own research people dont depend on them 2 be up front especially with info on any wed pages pertaining there vehicles
Italo Texano
Great job guys. Keep it up.
Chris Dealva666
Well here’s a know the comment for Kia and hopefully I’ll get some results pretty quick my grandson went to Kia to take his Kia 2016 Rio for a check-up and apparently once again three times in a row they said there was nothing wrong with the Kia but apparently my grandson cannot use the key or when it’s a hundred to 300° human heart with his kids because the AC when you have the AC on to the Kia the car does not want to go with the AC on they said it’s normal but apparently since he took it over there they said again and there was nothing wrong with it so now I guess I’m going to have to take it to Pepboys and I got to Pep Boys and I spoke to the people they check the car they said they can fix it but it’s going to cost money so why should my grandson take it to Pepboys and get it fixed if Kia cannot even do their own work on their own car that’s bad for business for them but I don’t call Channel 4 and tell it to Tim so everything that’s going on with the Kia Rio will send all the information to tell it to Tim and if we go to Pepboys and get it fixed that we can’t even have the kids in the car because we can’t use the AC cuz the car doesn’t go with the AC on what about the AC the car drives normal with the AC on you can’t even speed the speed limit of the car so now hopefully I’ll get everybody’s attention about Kia and why they keep saying that there’s no problem there’s nothing wrong with the Kia as they say so what I’m going to do is all the information I took it to tell it to Tim and if I go to Pep Boys to get the car fixed they’re going to have to pay us back or we can take them to court so hopefully I get a response from Kia really quick
Nahirsha Portes
It was a great experience! Daniel help me SOO much! If you’re looking to get a great deal, this is the place for you.
Tonya Alexander
We have bought 3 cars from here and would recommend to come down and speak with Mike Williams. Our experience was awesome.
Kevin Lee
It was amazing we worked with Kelcey the car queen and she did her thing. We needed a car ASAP and she made it happen if anybody want a car make sure you come here and ask specifically for her.
Lindsey N
They had very good customer service. We had an active toddler they put up with. Justin and Mike , our sales guys, were accommodating and stuck to their word about our trade in value written to us after expressing interest online. The finance guy (sorry, forget name) was also very nice and straight forward. The only bad thing was our wait time to meet with finance (day before Christmas Eve though, so they might have been extra busy). This was the only dealership (after visiting 6 others and talking with many more in dfw) that was able to meet our wants and needs. I would drive the 1.5 hours to buy at this location again. Thanks! Ps– can I suggest getting a little kids corner with some blocks or something 🙂 3 hours is a long time for a 1 year old!! Maybe in a room you can shut the door. (Sorry about the temper tantrum but he REALLY wanted to go up those stairs!!!)
The service center atmosphere, timing and thoughtful consideration is worth the construction on 183!
Michi J
Nice place. Excellent staff.
This score would be lower if it weren’t for Garrett Mize. He went out of his way TWICE to make sure I had the truck and deal I was seeking. The sales manager and one other manager almost messed that up by changing numbers around 2 different times. If you think Clay Cooley Kia has the best deal for you, don’t hesitate to call Garrett Mize and make sure you know your numbers.
Jessie Vasquez
Bad salesman with bad attitude, manager didn’t even try make a sale we had good credit and they tried to rip us off saying we were getting a 10% rate with interest of $15000??? We’re not dumb definitely not recommend this place…
jose cruz
Beautiful and modern kia
Jamie Ristau
Daniel Barretto was fantastic, did everything he could to help get me into the car I wanted! Great service from start to finish! Thanks Daniel!
Mark Simbulan
Essence & the Clay Cooley service team consistently provide great service. I won’t be taking my vehicle anywhere else for service for as long as I own it.
Shayron Smith
I was a loyal customer for six years and bought three cars from Clay Cooley Kia in Irving. I decided to trade in my 2017 Kia Soul for a Sportage. Of course I wanted to give Clay Cooley my business, so I started inquiring and shipping online. On August 23rd, I placed an inquiry to Clay Cooley about a Sportage they had on the lot. On the morning of August 24th, Isis called me and told me she was going to get me set up with their most experienced salesman. I had inquired with other dealerships as well, but planned to give Clay Cooley the first chance to wow me. I called the afternoon of August 24th to say I would like to come in the morning of August 25th to look at the Sportage. The lady answering the phone said she knew about me and couldn’t figure out why no one had contacted me yet. I told her to have the salesman call me and set up an appointment with me for first thing August 25th morning. At no time did I ever give out my social security number or give permission for anyone to run my credit. I was only inquiring about sticker price negotiations and trade in negotiations. At 7:15 am August 25th I woke up all excited to go look at a sportage and then checked my credit score only to find 7 hard inquiries from Clay Cooley and other Banks initiated by Clay Cooley. I was upset and called the dealership to report this and spoke with the GM Richard who said he understood and would get with his managers and find out what happened. After an hour and a half of waiting for him to call me back, I fdecided to call back and ask for Richard again. He finally came to the phone and said he had been busy with customers. He said it in a way that made me feel like I wasnt important because I had a complaint. Throughout the conversation, he said it was impossible to check my credit because they didn’t have any information on me. They have ALL my information, because I have been a customer and bought three cars from them. I said look man, imI looking at my credit report right now. He argued with me and then started yelling at me telling me his name was not man , it was Richard and I didn’t have the right to call him a man and I better respect him. I told him to stop yelling at me and if he didn’t remove the inquiries from my credit I was going to get a lawyer. He told me to do whatever I needed to do. I decided to purchase my new car from Patterson Kia in Arlington. I bought a 2019 Kia Sportage and will now give them all my business including the rest of my family. I keep getting text messages and emails trying to get me to purchase a car from Clay Cooley and respond with why I won’t and not one single person from that dealership has bothered to contact me asking what happened or what they could do to make it right.
milton thomas
it was great. I had such a great car buying experience. Everyone should go there and buy a new Kia!
Timathy Castillo
Purchased a brand new car from Kia of Irving on March 27, 2017, and then found out on May 17, 2017 that the paperwork for our registration and license plates was lost and never sent in at all. On June 1, 2017, I called the Dallas County Tax Office and found out that the dealership still waited to send in the paperwork for the plates electronically on June 1, 2017, 65 days after our purchase date! Customer service is horrible when you call, because you just keep getting transferred around to different voicemails. In addition to all of that, when they brought our vehicle back from being detailed on March 27, 2017, the whole car smelled like cigarettes and we still have not been able to get the smell out all the way. I complained by email about the smell in the car and of course, NO RESPONSE from the dealership. I will never buy a car from this dealership again and probably any Clay Cooley dealership.
Under Ground
Came here the first time they pushed me out the door said we cant help due to credit I then went to Clay Cooley Suziki in Dallas who got me into a car no problem. Got the car and ac went out, belt squeeks, still paid 500 dollars a month on a 2014 dodge dart with an end cost of 24000. So after 6 months they sent me an e-mail wanting to trade me out into a newer car yet when I came in they said due to your credit even having a financed vehichle with us and the condition of the car we gave you we need 5000 dollars down goodbye. I asked to speak to someone that was not a duche bag and the employee cut into my conversation and started yelling, cussing, and acting like a gangster said at least he makes money to pay his bills though I make 5500 a month. Clay Cooley has 3 times now disrespected me as well as gave me a horrible vehichle.
Christina Hasenfuss
When I first called James At Kia, I had my doubts. . He was very helpful on the phone and told me exactly what I needed. I took everything I needed thinking I was going to get thrown to the dogs. He was very helpful, and found me a car right away. After not being able to make up my mind and having him run back and forth to different dealerships he finally made it happen. I cant thank him enough for making me a happy woman. Everyone that I was introduced to was awesome. Thank you all for putting up with me and dealing with my shenanigans.
John Shumaker
Thank you Steve Dodge, Kathy did great! My Son and his wife love their new KIA
Kelly Smith
Love this place, I have bought 4 KIA’s and my experience has always been awesome at Central Kia of Irving. The staff and sales people as well as the service area are all amazing. Thank you KIA.
Mr Viq Mr Vic
The lady at the service department was wonderful. David on the sales team is awesome
Amber Harrison
These guys worked so hard to give me the best deal. Donte Mozee is awesome and made sure I left with everything I wanted. He’s awesome!
sheila philips
Rabecca Saleem was very knowledgeable and very courteous. I would highly recommend her to assist you with your auto financing at Clay Cooley Kia in Irving, TX
Joseph M.
Jeff a sales mgr told me to go back in so he could give me a better price on a used camero ss. I made the drive out of my way to hear what he had to say and he gives me the same exact price. He wasted my time I don’t know if he thought he was funny or something but I wasn’t laughing. Update 11.1.12 turns out this Jeff guy isn’t even a manager there, just a salesman playing games. What a joke! Still angry with them.
laura murphy
Kathy was so amazing!!!! They were very helpful and made my first new car experience awesome. I went in not thinking I could even qualify for a new car and they made it happen. I would definitely recommend them to anybody!!! Ask for kathy!!! She is sweet and wants to make it a great experience. She was not pushy or an annoying car salesmen lol…. she actually cares and wants her hiesy to be happy.
Andrew Oram
So I came only to meet up with a friend who was dropping off a car (but later learned he was at a different location). However, knowing I wasn’t there to buy a car, Daylon was still extremely helpful and nice, and helped me by checking with other employees to see if my friend was somewhere on the property. While waiting on my friend, we did discuss different cars, and he was very knowledgeable and super friendly. If you’re actually coming here to buy a car, make sure you ask for Daylon!
Cassandra Johnson
the customer service here is outstanding took my car in for repair 2008 kia and service consultant David Cleesen went over all the total service history and helped me weight my options. He took me to sales associate Kathy Parks and she was amazing in under 3 hours I am the proud owner of a 2017 Kia Forte. These two are an asset to Clay Cooley Kia Irving
Save Souls Not Gold
Great experience if u need a new car under20,000 u should go but they also have the premium packages to Daylon help me he answered all my questions no scams thanks clay cooley Kia
ilda Cano
Jeremiah listened intently to my car needs and financial situation. Hoping his good outlook translates into a great buying experience. ,
Faith Hudson
Darius was great with helping me find a car! Service was great and quick. Thank you!
I went in for a diagnostic at Clay Cooley Irving to start repairs on my 07 Kia Sorento while waiting in walked Mike Williams who kindly offered to buy my car. Long story short with the help of Mike I left with a brand new 2017 Kia Niro with no hassle and great customer service!!!
Steven Michael
They added a warranty to the price and didn’t tell me then the manager comes in and tells me it’s a by as is deal with no warrenty.. Then they took it off but the price of the car stayed the same.. The car had 3000 miles more than the written odometer part of the contract. I paid in full but the repoed it 2 days after i bought it. Then they stole my cell phone and prescription sunglasses. Two months later they havent sent me a check as they said they would. They repoed my car stole my property went back on their word to pay for my stolen property…DO NOT BUY FROM HERE…
So Crazy Christian
Turns out I’ve been spending a lot money trying to get my car fixed, don’t get me wrong the Service department is amazing, I never took my car somewhere else but here for the past two years. However I spent alot and never got good deals, its pay or don’t get your car fixed tactic that they use here…. Never I have been happy coming here but I had no option because my car is a hybrid and it can only be fixed at the dealership and most KIA dealerships are far from me that’s why I was coming here. Thank God all changed last month when I had a flat tire exactly infront of Classic KIA in Carrollton. I was mad at myself why I hadn’t been there… Classic KIA service department is out of this world, they are much amazing, fun and takes good care of you. Not advertising for them, this is the reality. Clay Cooley KIA needs alot of changes and needs to give customers what they need. The staff seems unhappy but they’re good people. This is just my opinion, but you should go with your heart and do what makes you happy when taking good care of your car.
Jerry Knowsmorethanyou
Bought a car, pretty good experience BUT the temp tag expired on 5/31/2017 and I still do not have my tags or registration sticker. I called the dealership and asked for the General Manager…apparently he quit. I asked for the person who handles the license plates…apparently they quit…. I asked for the salesman that sold me the car….apparently they left the dealership as well. I told the lady about my temporary license plate issue and she said they have been having problems with the tax office being slow and that she would overnight me another temp tag. Never got that tag lady!! So I was at the Tax office Thursday and I gave the rep my Vin # on the car and asked her if Clay Cooley had paid the taxes so I could get a plate…. guess what….they just paid so I should get tags in the next 4 to 6 days. I hate lies.
Nikki Benefield
It was wonderful Kelsey the Car Queen went over and beyond for me,it was a speedy process,she was very nice and i loved the conversations we had outside of talking about the cars.
Daniel Miller
Wow this place is awesome better then the on in denton. They helped me with the car and kept me in the loop and what was covered by warranty and what wasnt. Had some minor problems with my car like the horn went out and shaking issues told me that my motor mounts were a little loose and tighten them up service department were really helpful. …
Laeeq Ahmed
I went there all prepared to face any pushy salesman and how to tackle their games. All that preparation went down the drain when they assigned Mike Williams to us. First I remain cautious and waited for him to start something but he didn’t. He was honest, friendly, and most of all he got us what we wanted, how we wanted, and for how much we wanted. For the first time I walked out of car dealership smiling like a winner and I want to thank Mike Williams for this. If you are in the same boat as I was before I went to Clay Cooley then you definitely have should go see Mike because he will change the way you see car salesmen.
Elder Janis Zimmerman
My experience with Lil Mike Williams was extradinary. He was professional, well dressed and well spoken. He was well versed in Kia products and features
Naz James
I have been looking at trading in my vehicle for a few months now . This is the 3rd dealership Ive dealt with . With this being said I knew the numbers and my interest . I was called and told they had a good deal so I came in . When I got there I was shown a jeep compass 2018 with 23k miles on it asking for price was 23k . Mind you on their website they adveristed a similar vehicle for 17k with 1,500 miles . (Yes the 17k didnt inculde what was in the small print in regards to taxes and fees ) so I told the gentlemen working my deal thats crazy when I could go next door and buy a brand new one for 24-25k not inculding any rebates they would have . As I’m walking out the door they decide to sell the car for 18500 . I’m like yes perfect this will work with my trade my negative equity and my interest rate . So they have me sitting for hours the guy takes me back to fiance like we have a deal and is getting everything preped . When he tells me the payment Its way over what we discussed and the reason is because “ they added all the extend warranties in which i declined “ I was told the bank wouldnt fiance the car without warranties which is a lie . And basically I wouldnt be sold the car without taking the warranties because the dealership “NEEDS TO MAKE MONEY” . So basically their just waiting for a deseparate dumbass to walk into the dealership and RIP OFF . After leaving the dealership I called the bank I was approved with and wanted to just go directly through them . I was told since I didnt go through their application process intially that I couldnt be approved again because I already had an application open and would have to deal directly with dealership . Needless to say thats clearly not option . So now ive ran my credit when I asked repeatedly before I gave them my info if we could do business with my numbers I was VERY TRANSPARENT AND CLEAR ABOUT MY PURPOSE AND INTENT FOR TRADING IN THE CAR AND I DID NOT WANT MY CREDIT RAN UNLESS I WAS LEAVING WITH A CAR AT A GOOD PRICE SALES PERSON ASSURED THAT I WOULD . I have worked in sales before its a tough business but where you find your ground is making sure your taking care of your customer as long as thats being done referrals and business will drive its self . Not pressuring customers to get extended warranties .
Armilda Salazar
The staff was absolutely nice and helpful they went out of their way to make the deal we wanted , they stayed open until all was finalized. Thank you Kathy Parks and the entire sraff I recommend Clay Cooley👍👍👍👍👍…
Honey Love
Great customer service here! Got the car of my liking, without a hassle. I recommend, if you’re looking for a car? Come to clay cooley kia! 😊
Kametrice Shelby
Peter Has Great Customer Service And is an excellent Car Sales Man, I appreciate him so much he made me happy With My First Car 😍😍😍
Kana Ferguson
Quick, efficient, & courteous service department. Glad to have found a great dealership to service my Optima
Anna Pedroza
Second time buying here my experience was excellent had me in and out in less then an hour even though I was indecisive Daniel Barrett provided me with all the info made sure everything went by quickly like I desired best finance director got me approved and the Gm made sure they made it happen for me AWSOME STAFF 😀
Austin’s Mobile Car Wash Detailer
Well deserved couldn’t be happier glad I finally have a car will definitely be sending my friends here and having them ask for you
Jesse Warmanen
Helpful and friendly staff, helped us buy two excellent autos. Note: Review was for previous ownership. Have not purchased from CC.
Miguel Pedroza
Daniel was extremely profesional he help me to get the truck I want I recommend Daniel to all my friends and family if you need to get a car truck or SUV that’s a great place to go!!
Carol Williamson
Just be sure if you find a car on their website that you like, PLEASE call first and make sure all the info on the car that is showing on the website is accurate, before you take a drive out to the dealership. Save yourself a little headache later.
D Ashley
BAIT AND SWITCH! BUYER BEWARE! Asked about 4 cars and they were loaned out. The Salesman was great
Riketta Russell
My experience was great! With salesman Mike Williams I would decremend any and everyone to Clay Cooley Kia, Mike Williams gave great customer service and was really fast we were in and out in no time and left with a car
Jason Wright
“On December 13, 2017, I had my vehicle serviced at Clay Cooley Kia for the first time. I normally take my vehicle to Southwest Kia. On this visit, I requested an oil change, cabin air filter replacement, engine air filter replacement and recall completion. I thought everything was going well with my service visit until Dec. 22, 2017. I was heading to Baton Rouge, LA to visit my 81 year old mother for the holidays. I was traveling on I-49 south approximately 12 miles south of Shreveport, LA when my oil pressure light came on. Shortly afterward, my vehicle started losing power and then the vehicle completely shut down. I got out of the vehicle and immediately checked the oil level. There was not enough oil in the vehicle to even lightly coat the dipstick. At this point, I contacted Kia Roadside Assistance to arrange towing my vehicle to the nearest Kia store which was Ray Orr Kia in Shreveport, LA. Beth, my service advisor at Ray Orr contacted me on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 and confirmed what I already suspected. She advised that the technician stated that the oil drain plug was missing and apparently not tightened during my oil change at the Clay Cooley Kia Service department on December 13, 2017. Beth quoted me a price of $5700 to replace the engine. I gave her my consent to replace the engine. Upon receiving the diagnosis and cost estimate, I immediately contacted Frank, the Service Manager at Clay Cooley Kia. Frank advised me that he needed to make some calls and he would recontact me. After hearing nothing from Frank, I contacted Beth at Orr Kia on 12-27-17. She advised me she had spoken with Frank and he told her not to start any repairs because a representative from Clay Cooley was going to “”inspect”” the vehicle to insure that there was no physical damage. I immediately recontacted Frank and asked him why a Clay Cooley representative needed to “”inspect”” the vehicle. Frank told me that it was their company’s policy since the repair was over $1000. I accepted his answer reluctantly. Consequently, I spent over 20 years in the automotive industry as a District Service Manager for Ford Motor Company and General Motors. I was also a Service Director at a Ford dealership. Therefore, I totally understand how this process is supposed to work. Getting back to the “”Inspector,”” This person was supposed to be at Ray Orr between Wednesday and today, 12-29-2017. As a matter of fact, I spoke to Frank this morning and he assured me thay the “”Inspector”” would be there by 12 noon and he would call me by 1:00. When I didn’t hear back from Frank by 1:45, I called Beth. She advised me that the “”Inspector”” never came. Of course at this point, my patience with this entire week long ordeal is exhausted. I called Frank back and asked him point blank is an inspector coming or not. He again said he was going to make some calls. I never heard anything back from Frank again. I called Beth to see if she heard from Frank. Beth advised that Frank told her to take pictures of the underside of my vehicle. From this I surmised that the “”Inspector”” does not exist and I have been lied to for the past 3 days and that my expectations have been mismanaged. I was supposed to be going back home to Dallas on Jan. 1, 2018. Beth received the replacement engine for my vehicle yesterday but cannot do anything until Clay Cooley Kia approves it. In the meantime, I am accumulating rental and fuel expenses with no clear repair date in sight. At this point, I am demanding follow up and immediate resolution from Clay Cooley Kia senior management. I have been without my vehicle for a week because of technian negligence during my December 13, 2017 service visit. What is really sad is that this was the first time I had my vehicle serviced at Clay Cooley Kia. I normally have my maintenance work done at Southwest Kia since they are closer to where I live. They were unable to service my vehicle becuase they had a full appointment schedule. I am seriously regretting my decision to have my vehicle serviced at Clay Cooley. I eagerly await your response.”
Veronica Ortega
It was very irritating to see the way my girlfriend was treated today at Clay Cooley. She went in because the car she bought there a little over a year ago is physically falling apart for NO reason. And all they tried to do was make another sale while trying to put down her self esteem over how much money she makes. That may not have been the sales womans intention, but if my girlfriend had been a few shades lighter, I guarantee things would’ve ended differently.
Severa Scott
My experience is one I’ll never forget Kelsey the sales Queen did an excellent job very polite sweet she takes her time and help I would recommend anyone to clay Cooley.
Timothy Sheppard
Great experience from this dealer would recommend this dealer to everyone the service was top notch and kelcey the car queen was the best and very courteous and got us the car we wanted 5 star service all around
Oscar Vanderkooij
I went to purchase a Kia Optima and had a great experience at Central Kia of Irving. All the staff was awesome from the time I submitted a request on their website till the moment I drove away in my new Kia. I recommend anybody in Dallas looking for a Kia.
Cortni Glover
Clay Cooley has the worst staff with understanding how to direct a call or anything since dealing with them for the past two months! Jenny at the front desk must be dumb as a dog for directing me to someone I didn’t ask for multiple times like you have one job, and that’s to direct a call! I’ve been trying to contact Rick with finance for the past week with no response to obtain time sensitive papers for gap insurance that was set up with them! Not to mention, there’s THREE managers and not one has contacted me back. Total BS! DONT DO BUSINESS HERE, GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE. The staff is not cordinated. Trust me, you can find a better deal elsewhere that is straight up with your monthly payments and quality car as well.
Sam Blount
Best car buying experience ever fast and very detailed oriented made sure everything was perfect Thank you Michael Williams great job
Toriunna Marshal
Yes David And the whole service department was great , really love they energy
Malcolm Headen
Cedric was excellent and didn’t waste my time, he was clear and concise. I would recommend this place to anybody
Humberto Alvarez
Experience was amazing!!! There was Romeo Sosa, giving us such great service attention!!! I recommend him
Esmeralda Arispe
Daniel Barrento was very helpful an made sure we got the car we wanted an left of the lot with same day.
Fred Smith
I came in to make a payment and it was fast and easy. Also the customer service was outstanding.
Shannan Beck
Worst dealership experience ever. Sales manager lied about everything and sales person never followed up with me after purchase. They still have not paid off my trade after 6 weeks even though they were paid for the contract over two weeks ago. I still haven’t received my plates for my new car that I purchased on 3/25. Very poor customer service!!!
Mark Alexander
“I am what one you describe as a “”car nut.”” To date I have owned or leased over 25 cars, including a Nissan 300ZX, 2 Corvettes, Acuras, an Audi, etc. Recently, I leased an Optima from Central Kia in Irving, TX. I am taken back with the standard options and the unmatched warranty provided, as compared with the price of this vehicle. The comfort and driving are great. Moreover, the manager at this Kia store, Richard Schindler, and his staff were outstanding. So much so that I am seriously considering leasing a Kia Cadenza for my wife.”
Diamond Artica
Bought a 2016 Kia Soul , not only did I not have to wait 3 days to get an answer like at another dealership . Justin Cavey Got me approved within 2 hours !!! Great people and amazing cars !!! Thank you Kia & Justin couldn’t have done it with out y’all !! 💕💕
Graycen Mashburn
Recently purchased a 2012 Mustang GT trade-in from here and I was very happy with the experience. Herman Mansel was my salesman and I would deal with him again in a heart beat. I found the car listed on AutoTrader we proceeded to make a deal. I drove all the way from Oklahoma City b/c he made me a better deal than anyone local could offer with a similar car. Highly recommend giving Herman a call if you’re interested in a vehicle from here.
Designer Bodies by Hope
The service department is TOP NOTCH, and the service manager David M. is fantastic! I very highly recommend Clay Cooley Kia… ALL areas of their business!
Ashley Rudd
Clay cooley Kia was very helpful and friendly.Frank came to pick me up and helped me pick out my car which best fits me. James made sure everything was good he had me in and out to me my car in no time I recommend to anyone who’s buying a car…make sure you ask for James!!!!!
Jessica Faulkner
I had a awesome experience with Darius Mcgregor…. he greeted me as soon as I pulled up and walked me thru the whole buying process ! I love my new car!
Joe Krumrey
Great service. Overall positive experience. Worked with Marcquinn Fletcher. Super nice guy!
Tina Smith
I enjoyed Mr Mike he was a wonderful saleman he answer every question he gave me some great deals i will say clay Cooley is the best
Laney Van
This place lies and rips you off! Everyone there are helpless and ignore your problem. I would NEVER come back to this place!
Tara Padilla
“Absolute worst car buying experience EVER from beginning to end. They do not honor internet prices, they also add “”reconditioning fees”” on top of any used vehicle they sell, but don’t ask how much because it’s different for each person, some people pay $300, some people pay $2000 ( This came straight from the manager’s mouth. I asked around at several other dealerships and they do not add these fees on top of their listed price). Once you get approved for the vehicle it doesn’t stop there, you head to finance, 3 hours later might I add, and get harassed with extended warranties and add-ons. Finance does not take no for an answer regardless if it’s 10 30 at night and you have been there for 6+ hours and repeated yourself several times. There are a million other places to go, DO NOT GO HERE. UPDATE: Karla in the customer service dept. has been great after this terrible experience. Karla did help me cancel my forced extended warranty however when I called back to check on the cancellation 6 weeks later, as they stated it would take 6 weeks to cancel, I found out the person who handled my warranty was no longer there and just so happened to not turn in my cancellation of warranty. So even 6 weeks later I am still having issues with this dealership.”
Clay Cooley Kia has awesome customer service with wonderful staff members. I highly recommend them.
Great group. From sales to finance. Extremely helpful and professional.
X Factor
Kelsey The Car Queen is amazing she really does help her customers to the fullest
D Dson
My dealer James Guerro had so much patience and positivity during the whole process. It was my first purchace and I don’t have any complaints. Thank you James and Clay Cooley Kia for your hard work.
Queen BB
My boy frank at clay Cooley held it down me and my BF got our car I appreciate it
David Norsworthy
“I was in the market for a new Kia Soul. This would be my second Kia Soul purchase. I had to see for myself whether or not the Clay Cooley television advertising lived up to its promises. I’m Internet browsing on my cell phone in a parking lot. I connect with a lady named Ms. Destiny in charge of internet sales at Clay Cooley in Irving. We had a brief discussion and I agree to come in. It’s after 7 PM, a little too late for me. I wish I had shaved, worn a proper jacket but I decided to come as I was. Upon my arrival Ms. Destiny introduces me to Mr. Mike Williams, my sales associate. I was already sold on a Kia Soul. Mr. Williams showed me three on the lot. My hardest decision was the color. We began the paperwork late Saturday night. On Monday morning, everything was ready for processing. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cooley and his son. Both are fine gentleman and have a great sense of humor. I shake Clay’s hand and tell him “”Sir, you are right. I’m glad I came by.”” I was left with the impression that this is a family oriented business. All are welcome and you’ll receive the attention you need. From the customer to the employee, Mr. Cooley has a fine establishment. I recommend Clay Cooley Kia and “”I’ll be back.”” David Norsworthy Dallas, Texas”
Joby Leahy
Service department is wonderful. Only thing I don’t like is the marketing calls and mail they keep sending.
Triple T Family
Experience with Peter Anonyei was great. I enjoyed the process with him, he made the car buying experience fun and entertaining.
Monshea Williams
Frank made sure I left in a new 2014 Chevy Sonic LT… It was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I will be referring everyone.
Rebecca Risalvato
“Truthfully the Saleswoman Cathy was the only good part about my experience the rest has been complete BS. Ive had my car for 2 months and have had an issue getting a contract from the dealer EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THE CAR. No one will help. The financial manager Blake is constantly MIA even though he’s the only one that seems to be able to help with this issue. I severly regret purchasing my car here. You guys have lost a customer. 3 weeks and all they’ve done is give me a runaround of excuses and point fingers at other KIA departments. Completely ridiculous. Update: It was stated by JR the sales manager that since they have “”cashed out”” on their end so they will not assist me further. They basically told me that they took my money and will no longer help. Terrible after market service.”
slow Williams
Very great service the best yet thanks
Vx _
Had to get my car worked on due to chk engine light. From my first call to Kia that day, to diagnostics, and check out, David Cleason and crew in the service department were exceptional! They even shared their pizza with me, which was a real life saver. I observed that all customers were treated with respect, and knowledgeable professionallism. Big thanks to you all! Rock on! – Isaac
Betsy Mangalath
I purchased a 2017 Nissan Murano from this dealership in February. If I had not fully intended to purchase a car that day, I would have left after dealing with all the incompetence. We were greeted upon entering and then ignored for the next thirty minutes. Our sales person, who we had an appointment with, while extremely nice, was exceedingly slow. It took us over two hours to test drive the car we wanted, people couldn’t find keys or get the car out of the lot, etc… once we had decided on the car we wanted, the haggling began. We found a decent sticker price online from another Nissan dealership in Dallas and while they agreed they should be able to meet the price, they soon reneged and said that the advertised sticker price was not completely accurate due to other potential discounts that could have gone into the sticker price. In the end we found a comprise and went to financing, three hours later once fees, tt&l and various hidden fees came through, we walked out with basically the same price that was on their sticker before negotiating had even begun. When we purchased the car we ordered a bumper protection sticker and were told that as soon as it came in we could make an appointment and they would put it on for us. It should take at most 3-4 hours to put on the sticker. My husband made an appointment on Saturday morning to install the sticker and for a loaner vehicle. He arrived on time and dropped off the car, but had to wait 3 hours for a loaner vehicle. After waiting for several more hours and not hearing back from the dealership, we called for a status update. They admitted to messing up on the installation and that they would have to take my car to the body shop which did not open until Monday. On Monday evening we called for another status update only to find out that they still had not fixed the car and that the vehicle would only be ready the next day. Essentially it took 4 days for us to get a 4-hour job done. Our license plate was yet another issue. They said they would send it via mail. It was never sent, three weeks later after calling twice, the manager, Vincent, said that there was a misunderstanding on their part and he could mail it to us again or we could pick it up. For obvious reasons we chose to pick it up. Today we went in and signed the paperwork that authorized them to release us from the warranty because our credit union was able to refinance us at a quarter of Nissan’s interest rate (we had excellent credit) and provide us with the same warranty for half the price. I hope that is the last we will have to deal with Clay Cooley in Irving
tiffany carter
Great people worked miracles for me 0 down on a brand new 2016 Kia Forte kris was excellent if u go there ask for him he’ll get ya hooked up regardless of you’re credit great people I promise go here and say Brandon billiot recommended you and I promise he’ll get you right great people
JR Reza
It’s a fun and friendly place to buy your next vehicle, you should come and visit!
maria jones
The worst place to buy a car. BEWARE! they have habits of claiming your car was worked on to close the ticket, yet nothing was done to it. No matter the location. There is a reason you can get more for your trade, you get what you pay for. Trust me, you dont win here
Yuri Slimp
Had a great customer service by Jose Romeo Sosa defenitely worth my trip to KIA. Thank you Kia.
Nina Capel Cope
Steve Dodge, the GM helped me personally and I had a great experience.
Jorge Perez
Good service if you need anything ask for daniel.. good and fair person
Janise Walker
Darius gave us great service and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new car
Forever Gymnastics
LOOK AT YELP TO SEE THERE TRUE RATING! Obviously most these reviews are fakes! Just simply look at yelp and see there rating.
goodgirl Powell
i literally call my salesman Daniel and explained my situation. He had me in a 2016, 24 hrs later ! I would recommend this clay cooley to any one I know!!!!!
Chanel Mack
Never thought that i would own a 2016 with my credit…they are excellent salesman and ill recommend anyone to them even if u have challenged credit
Nick Parrillo
I purchased an Optima recently from Clay Cooley Kia. Not only am I very pleased with the car, but the options for the car are on par with any luxury brand at a practical price point. The sales staff at Clay Cooley were very professional and not pressuring. They were very accommodating and able to service my needs so that I left feeling very satisfied. I would definitely return to Clay Cooley for my next car and would recommend them over other dealers in the DFW area. This is my 4th car purchase in DFW and Clay Cooley by far made the process the smoothest and most enjoyable.
Jesse Silvas
“””James P. Guerrero”” who is a salesman at Clay Cooley Kia. I meet James at another dealership Dodge Jeep Chrysler on 09-30-15. He was working on a car deal for me. He was so professional, knowledgeable, and the main thing that i really like he listens. Do to things that’s were out of this control he parted ways. But reassured me that the management at Dodge Jeep Chrysler pre-owned was going to take care of me. After waiting 4 1/2 hour and a day later NO CAR, NO PHONE CALL, NO ANYTHING. DO NOT GO TO DODGE JEEP CHRYSLER. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole time James was keeping in touch with me. He said that he was at Clay Cooley Kia. James told me that he remembered the deal I was looking for and that he had some car’s for me to look at. I went the next day and now I’m a proud owner of a brand new 2016 KIA FORTE. Great place to buy a CAR. James P. Guerrero Is the salesman to go see at CLAY COOLEY KIA. Thanks for a great deal BRO. P.S. Finance Manager Rabecca Saleem YOU WILL LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jesse Silvas”
Joe Rosales
I was in and out in 3 hours. I was very pleased with the whole buying experience with Romeo Sosa
echo jireal
One of the easiest purchases I have made in a long time love cedric greatest salesman ever and milt on customer service so glad I came already refered two people who I take tomorrow love it
Ashley Davis
I had a good experience with Darius. The process was slow. My overall experience was Ok, not bad or great just ok.
Francisco Rojero
“I purchased a vehicle here last month, the process was a little lengthy but I understand they were busy. My car salesman Daniel did a great job! The only thing that bothered me a little bit was the finance lady who did not take her time to explain anything on the contract she was in a rush and would just stare at me when I tried to read the documents. My car salesman needed me to get a copy of my insurance and my phone was off, so I was going to plug it in to charge and the finance lady told me that “”that can wait”” to sign the papers first. I think she saw I was young and thought she could be authoritative towards me, I felt like I was back in school being told what to do. Thank god I received a call from the finance department a week later and they explained everything to me after I told them the experience I had when signing. I didn’t know I had extended warranty and that the car had a GPS among other things. Overall great experience aside from the signing.”
Mippitty Bippitty
THESE GLOWING REVIEWS ARE MOSTLY FAKE. Statistics show that angry and upset people leave online comments at more than twice the rate than satisfied people and for their to be only glowing reviews or mostly glowing reviews of these CON MEN I know these reviews are fake. Here’s the deal. Black folk listen up. I’ve lived in Dallas for several years. I’ve heard horror stories from so many black folk who have bought cars from Clay Cooley and been ripped off and sold LEMONS. Some people paid on their cars faithfully for YEARS and still owed the same thing if not MORE on the car. Others bought lemons that gave them problems within a week of signing the papers and Clay Cooley refused to acknowledge the problems. Clay Cooley is a RIPOFF. This is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.
Nicholas Jones
Daruis McGregor was a great salesman to get know. He cares about helping people get a new car. I would always recommend Darius to people i know.
Danielle Davis
Mike Williams customer service was by far the best in the DFW metroplex. He knows his cars inside and out! I would reccomend anyone who needs a trust worthy car salesmen to go see him!
OS Herrera-O
Herman Mansel was the best dealer, his professionalism and patience was extrodinaire! I’ve read other reviews and the negative ones, all I can say is if they had Herman as a dealer they would not have had a bad experience. Thank you so much Herman!
Marty Edwards
The service from my sales person after was lacking when I had to return because the car I purchased a month earlier wouldn’t start. Ended up being a. Ad battery and the dealership didn’t even offer to replace it at no charge. A month after purchase. Was and am disappointed.
mario jimenez
Very rude Customer service… didnt even help me out at all… straight up told me couldn’t help me I needed a cosigner
Sarah Pagan
I got a great deal on my car! They provided great service!
Christina Wiseman
I have always used the service department and felt like I was getting amazing service. I took my car to another location today and was made aware of bad alignment and bald tires…this happened in 5,000 miles since it was taken to this Kia location…NOT.
Ken Bloomberg
I am most impressed with Central Kia of Irving. I found that the staff could not have been more professional and helpful. In addition, really impressed with the quality and features of the Optima and Sorrento.
Rachel Grantham
Kathy did an outstanding job getting me the exact car I wanted. Thanks lady!
Morgan Welch
I purchased my first car here just under a month ago. The service was IMPECIBLE. I originally went to Vandergriff Hyundai in Arlington, and the service I received was very poor. When I walked into Central Kia of Irving everyone was very helpful and patient. My credit situation isn’t the best (due to being incredibly dumb at the age of 18 with a credit card) and Marty, helped me out with finding me a great deal for my interest rate and payment each month. All in all, my experience was wonderful. I did not feel pressured at any point. I love my 2012 Kia Fore Koup, and will return to this dealership when I am ready to upgrade. Thank you Central Kia of Irving for your outstanding customer service!
erica rayson
This was my best car buying experience ever everyone was so nice greated me at the door made me feel like i was part of the Clay Cooley family already an when i thought their was no hope for me to get a car salesman Daniel Baretto was so kind an comforting i recommend clay Cooley kia when you purchase your next vehicle !!!!
Frederick Smith
Terrible customer service Very unprofessional Discriminated against me based off appearance Would not allow me to test drive Managers need to be coached and developed This is why I only buy cars from Park Place or Sewell. The Cooley Dealerships are a joke.
Kelly Ann Buddecke
“If there was an ability to do less than 1 star, I would. This dealership had a sleazy mail campaign tricking people into coming to the dealership as “”a winner”” with winning numbers only on the scratch off to come in and pick up the $25,000 prize, iPad, or big screen TV. Called in since I was skeptical and was enthusiastically told “”you’re a winner! You have to come in tonight!”” Once you drive all the way out to their random location, they hand you a $5 Walmart gift card and remind you that they sell cars. If they are this sleazy and manipulative in their advertising, one can only wonder how they conduct the rest of their business.”
Jennifer Rouse
Everyone was very helpful and eager to do anything to help the customer
Treasures Box
Frank was the most best saleman i have ever had . Thanks to him i got a new Nissan Altima
Debra Perkins
I recently purchased a 2016 Kia Soul at Clay Cooley Kia. There was an issue getting a document to the finance department . REBECCA was/ is AMAZING!! She relieved my stress and we completed the transaction. I cannot say enough of how Rebecca and the entire Clay Cooley staff turned the experience into a delight. I am sending all my friends here! Shop Clay Cooley first and ask for Rebecca!!!
Kyle Nadler
I got sucked in to visiting this dealership from one of their mailed ads advertising a forte for 13,000 and an additional voucher for 2700$ off any vehicles sales price. No where did it mention the prices already included the voucher but with cash in hand, they were adamant about not selling me the car at that price and received mixed stories about it being out of stock and actually 18,000$ for that same car. When the sales manager went through the ad with me, he said if I wasn’t going to buy a car from him today, I can just leave ! To top it off, they had a marketing gimmick going where if you brought in their flyer they gave you at least a 5$ walmart gift card. Not that I cared too much about it, I figured it would make up for the gas to get there. Well, after the disrespectful sales manager was too darn lazy to get off his high chair and talk to me on the floor told me that the add isin’t misleading and implying I’m too stupid to understand it , when I asked about the card he said he they were out and he’d mail It to me. I replied he didn’t have my address so he took my flyer that he had just thrown out held it up, said he did, then tossed it again. Sure I look young, but I’ve purchased about 3 new and used cars for dealerships in the last year and this time I was looking for one for my gf. Never have I had such a horrible car shopping experience. That being said, there are some good salespeople and some less good ones. Good luck
2A Forever
Friendly. No hassle. Car was ready on time.
Ragen Maynard
It was fast and easy and Kelcey got us appoved with zero down 😄
Rene Sage
Kelcey The Car Queen was very helpful. Got me in the car I wanted. Definitly reccomend her.
Christian Wells
Well, I went in here to just look for a car. I was pretty sure I couldn’t wasn’t able to be financed for a new car. My current vehicle was not in the best shape, but it was my baby. It got me through college, back and forth to work the last few years, I wasn’t sure I wanted to part with it. And then I came here. Rabecca was absolutely awesome helping me understand where I stood with my credit, and fought for me to get the payments I desired, and I left with my 2017 Sportage. I can’t thank this dealership and Rabecca enough for helping me through this scary process.!
Ra’Shaun Carthorn
Love clay Cooley and Jose Romeo Sosa is a great salesman who values his customers
Tijanae Jefferson
Jeramieh Williams was very polite and he made sure he kept me inform with my car….!!!!
Carolyn Dixon
Kathy is FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for helping me get the car I want!!! And thank you to David in Service, Ruben in Finance, and JR in Corporate – you all ROCK!!!!!! 😊
Olga Green
Jeremy is Avery honest and friendly person if you are looking to buy a car with good prices I would go to him and his internet team is very good as well
Leslie Armstrong
They were very friendly and helpful
John Ross
Terrible. I wish I could give 0 stars. Be careful. What they say and what the write down are sometimes two different things.
Anquanette Sims
I love them all literally !
Kevin Wolf
Kelsey car queen was very nice in assisting us with our time at Clay Cooley. She wants pushy but showed us different options for when we may be ready for a new vehicle.
Lindsey Dillon
On September 27 my boyfriend was in a wreck with a 18 wheeler and passed away. I was totally devastated! I had been getting the run around with my insurance company as well as the police department in order to get the documents needed to purchase a new car. I came into clay cooley hoping to be able to walk out of there with something. Unfortunately the bank that financed my car (which was purchased from here as well) was not willing to work with me at all even though I am stilling paying the note on the car. Long story short Mike and the two managers on duty exhausted ever option until they got me into a brand new 2016 Kia Forte. This is definitely the place to go if you want great customer service and to work with people who care. THANK YOU
Moneyy Mike
My girl bought a car from them and not even 3 weeks later its wouldnt start its 2013 Sonata. It wouldn’t start at her job. We gave it a jump and when we got home it wouldn’t start at all not even with a jump. Smh people work very hard for they money last thing people need is they not being able to make it to work… Lord please bless this company. I wish i can give negitive stars.
Ashton was great, they had a lot of obstacles but they worked hard and I am a proud owner of a 2017 Kia Forte!! Thanks to all their hard work!!
billy cooper
“If anybody wants to get out of their in house Financing and away from sorry clay Cooley and wants a new car text me “”New Car”” at 469-859-oo41 I’ll hook u up”
Donald Berk
I knew what I wanted and the salesperson, Kathy Parks, was knowledgeable, friendly, and great customer service.
Jesse Lowe
Absolutely Horrible! They completely lied to me to my face…REALLY?!? If you want corrupt and dishonest people, then by all means buy a car from them.
Juny Ann Sam
The worst experience you could ever imagine. Stupid! Pushy with no Integrity and will lie about anything to get you to buy a car. I would definitely shop elsewhere.
dee collins
Had a gud salesman that look out for me got me and a ride fast f u looking for a car hit clay cooley kia
Teena Guenther
I can not say enough good things about my experience with Clay Cooley Kia and Mr. David Cleesen! My mom bought her Optime here and it is the only place she will take it for service and now I see why. Today the car battery died while we were out running errands. We received a jump to the battery and took it straight to Cooley Kia for a new battery. My mom has health issues and relies on oxygen. We had already been out so long and she was so tired and not feeling well. All the service techs were busy but Mr. Cleesen (whose job was to greet us and check in the vehicle) went the extra distance when he saw my mom was having a tough time of it. He changed the battery himself so my mom had a minimal wait and could get home ASAP and rest. Thank you so much for your kindness and help!
Mike Houk
Easy sale for them..poor follow up and customer service
Chelle Myers
Quick & Friendly Service
Michael Sean
very happy with my purchase 2015 Sportage – the staff and sales very good
Krystal Wilson
My experince was great, Darius Mcgregor really helped me with what im looking for, for me and my family and I would definitely reccomand more people to the company…
Rebeca Castillo
I enjoyed the excellent service I received today at Clay Cooley, Kelcey A.K.A The Car Queen did an Awesome job in making sure I was satified, she worked with me and got me a car I like especially considering my circumstances and how picky I am.. Thank You..
Frank Bell
David Newbury was great..I had a bad experience with Elizabeth Siapkaris at Moritz Kia in Hurst…there was a recall on my wife’s Kia Optima, on the steering column…my wife is scared for her life driving this car…She blew us off said it would be weeks before she could get us in…I came to Clay Cooley and David Newbaurer was very tentative and concience of our problem and fixed it immediately and washed it…Great Service Consultant …We own 2 Kia Optima, really considered never buying another one after my experience at Moritz, but thanks to David Newbaurer at Clay Cooley, our next new Kia will be from Clay Cooley…Your team was great…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CLAY COOLEY…..VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER.. THANKS DAVID YOUR THE BEST
Anthony H
Great customer skills.and personally..your lucky to have him
Jenni Denson
Although I did not purchase my kia here, I will not take it anywhere else for service. John Monigold, David Cleesen, and Essence Hunter always make sure my vehicle is top notch and provide outstanding customer service. Steve Dodge, Sheila Schneider, Kathy Parks, Paul Morgan, and LD Upton in the sales department are phenomenal. They treat me like family every time I come in, and I will not purchase another Kia anywhere else. The level of service they provide their customers is 100% worth my drive from Wylie to Irving. THANK YOU! #ComeSeeClay
katherin english
My experience was amazing! I recommend them to everyone. Everyone that help was so nice. I was in and put with a brand new car in such a short time! Im glad thats the place i picked to go! Also ask for james, hes such a kind person and is determind to get you into a car!
Krissia Fuentes Sherry
Jose Romeo Sosa díd an excellent jodas qualifying us
Victoria Barnett
Awesome dealership they helped me purchase my new Kia forte !
Paige Mitchell
Great customer service, highly recommended!
Now when i am trying call them, they are not even bothering to answer my call. Its worst experience i had with them. Will never ever suggest any people i know who want to buy a car that has a name clay cooley. Sorry to onwer for the harsh comments but that is what i feel.
Bella Yvonne
Daniel barreto Im very happy with my new car thanks to clay cooley kia and daniel barreto nice and very helpful …
Carlos Gonzalez
good afternoon….we can say that we very sastified by attentio from mr JoseRSosa…he made a very good job in customer service with us….we have some a doubts by to buy a car…but Mr Sosa clarified all. Thanks CCK.
Sabrina Amieva
The customer service for the service department is bad! The people that answer the phone act like they don’t even want to talk to you and they will continue to transfer your call and never answer.
Lynette Woodall
They are very nice and David .N was very helpful and awesome!
carolyn stacy
I had an appointment to buy a car but my car wouldn’t start, they sent my salesman to my house got my car started. We drove back and I purchased my new car.
Francisca Fierro
“So my bf went in today to get a car that we seen online. He specifically told Mike Williams that he needs to see the car before anything so we wouldnt wast our time. He asked like 3 times to see the car and Mike would walk away and say ok like if he was going to get the keys. My bf told mike that he wouldnt get accepted but we have a co-signer, Mike still made him fill out an application. The Car was going to get bought by us no doubt thats what the purpose was. My bf didnt get approved (which we already knew) and he told Mike Williams that we have a co-signer and the bank was going to help us out. He said thats fine, so Mike left idk where, had my bf waiting for 1 whole hr before telling him that someone else sold the car, and my bf turned to the other saleman and he was just nodding his head up and down Grining. Like if it was a joke to them. After all that happened I called the dealership spoke to Asia and she told me that the car is still there its not sold, she even updated the inventory because she said it changes all the time, she asked me if I wanted to go see it so I made an appt to go see the car. I had someone else call to check if they had the car and of course they said they did. They called my friend back and stated they sold the car, then I called back and asked if the car was still available. Asia said yes but it’s the only one they had so the faster i get there the better. Out of curiosity I called Asia back and asked her if they sold the car? Then out of the blue she said she had just gotten off the phone with her boss to answer my call and Yes the car was sold so I hung up. And if you go online the car is still in there inventory for sale smh. Im guessing you guys just wake up thinking “”Hmmm lets see how many people we can make wait 1hr just to tell them they sold the car”” today. Mike you lame and wack asf, mad cause you werent going to get any commission. Fake rolex wearing ass.”
Samantha Reyes
Where do I even begin with this place after going to many and I mean many dealerships this one just made me feel extremely welcomed the staff was very friendly and welcoming my dealer was James G he is such an amazing salesman he made sure I absolutely love the car before I left and he was also able to get me an extremely great price on my 2016 Kia Soul hands down 5 stars just isn’t enough stars for this place😆😆😆😆😆
Franshall Jones
Customer service is horrible,they want you to get what they want you to have instead of listening to the customers.I would not recommend anyone to do business with them.The typical games car dealership play they play them worse.
Melonique Lister
Jerimiah was an outstanding salesman. Great personality
Texas Dipper
Clay Cooley kia, is by far terrific ! Me and my wife had such a wonderful life changing experience ! We traded our old beaten down truck , which was a 89 Chevy Silverado 1500& got us into a brand new 2016 Kia Forte !!!!!! With low and affordable payments each month !!!!!!!!! Clay Cooley Kia is the best to goto !!! You won’t regret it ! Thanks clay Cooley Kia and James !!!!!!
Yasma Hawkins
The absolute only reason I’m giving this company a 3 is because of the great customer service I received from Mike Williams. Mike was very professional and sold me a great car with a good deal. The bad…. My first experience was with Frank Osarigo. I spoke with Frank on a Thursday, he had me apply online and told me he would look into everything. I waited 3 days and no contact from Frank I called him on Saturday he responded that he was waiting on the bank. So by Monday I still hadn’t heard from him and called he stated he was suppose to tell me something from his manager but couldn’t remember so he would call me back and never did. So I gave up and 2 days later I get a call from Asia Legget asking if I was satisfied I explained this situation to her and she promised to get it handled and apologize for the I professionalism from Frank Then I met Mike on the following Thursday.. I went in by noon and by 5 Mike had me approved and ready to go. As Mike was assisting me he agreed to drive me home bc I drove someone else car to the dealership and I was able to come back to get my new car! 😍 On the ride back I get a call from Frank upset bc I didn’t ask for him and hung up in my face! He was very rude and shouldn’t be in a position where he deals with people. So if you need a car don’t ask for Frank! He will screw in you! And he’s a lier he just wants the commission. So thanks Clay Cooley for having professional and honest dealers like Mike Williams!
Den Hdz
I just want say James guerro and Daniel are the best they really helped me get my 2011 kia.. They worked with me something with in my budget . Iam pleased with the service i recived and will recommend to anyone 🙂
Jeffrey Hoover
Service department was very friendly (thanks TJ), kept me informed through the whole repair process, even brought me a chair when they ran out of seating. Highly recommend
Contesa Jackson
Awesome. Fast. Courteous. Nice new facility.
Jessica Terrell
i had a great experience here with mike very helpful and friendly
Teriah Johnson
David in Service Department is very knowledgeable and fast at what he does. I will always take my car to Clay Cooley Kia to get serviced.
Henry Jimenez
If anyone is looking for a good car salesman, go speak too james at clay cooley kia he is ,patients,and awsome too work with . He even came too deal with us on his day off . 😊😊
Baby Gurl
I will start by saying Milton Roberts, sales manager is exeptionally top knotch at Clay Cooley of Irving !!! On point , very driven , great with numbers and shows you the numbers at that !!! I was close to leaving without my car , left with my choosing of car . So happy and very impressed. I also must add another great sales manager, Vince Kaska great knowledge and very helpful to us. Karim very funny person . For future reference i will be recommending clay cooley of Irving and specifically directing them to Milton Roberts and Vince Kaska Kudos ! Standing ovation ! Applause!
Ron hughes
Great Experience Darius McGregor Handle everything PERFECTLY……
Courtney Mason
Don’t waste your time coming here, go to another dealership.
Ken N
“This was very disappointing. After a day of shopping at Honda, Hyundai, and Ford dealerships, this place seemed like a joke by comparison. I still like their cars, but their service was virtually nonexistent. When we were ‘helped’, the salesperson knew less about their cars than we did from the 10 minutes of research on a smartphone. The manager came out to lend a hand, but only suggested that we “”walk the lot and see what looks good””. This is after we had said the exact models and trims that we wanted to drive, and specifically said that we didn’t have time to meander. After our salesperson disappeared, we asked two others to help us. But they both said they were “”currently helping other customers”” (i.e. Texting on their phones). I still love Kia cars, but I would strongly suggest you buy them elsewhere.”
Robert Thrash
Great people and my salesman was there for me.
Veronica Shorter
Love the Customer Service here and free snacks 😎
Joe Pauley
“Updated review: I just bought my third vehicle from Central Kia of Irving, and once again came away impressed. Every dealing I have with this business increases my enjoyment and respect for their professionalism and enthusiasm for customer service. I’d like to especially thank my salesman, Jeff Warfield, for his persistence in finding me the right deal on the right car. Once again, I got qualified for a car I never thought I would have any chance of getting, let alone for the price and payment. I’m absolutely thrilled with my new Kia Optima Hybrid EX. It has the ride, the handling and the luxury beyond my expectations, and tons of thoughtful little extras you don’t expect in a reasonably priced car. The entire staff at Central Kia of Irving made the process easy for me, displayed a welcoming attitude, and thanked me for my loyalty to Kia and to their specific dealership. I really feel like this is a relationship between business and valuable customer, rather than just a transaction. Once again, special kudos to Jeff Warfield, a car salesman who defies the salesman stereotype with his personality and professionalism. Also, a special shout-out to “”Miss B”” in finance. This lady is someone special, always welcoming, always smiling and always willing to add those special touches to the usual drudgery of pouring over paperwork to close the deal. As long as I live in the metroplex, Central Kia of Irving has a customer for life! After a bad experience with a Ford dealership in the area late last year, my experience at Central Kia was excellent. Randy in particular was a joy to work with. He listened to my concerns, followed up with me through the process of deciding if I really wanted to trade in my truck, and showed me several options. He addressed some reservations I had, got me a great deal on my trade, and even surprised me by recommending a car I hadn’t really considered, but turns out to be just perfect for my needs and taste. Everybody at Central Kia, from reception to sales to finance, were unfailingly friendly, professional, and best of all, communicative. When working on a major financial decision and transaction, the worst part is the waiting for answers. Other car dealerships have left me hanging for hours or even days with no communication or consideration for my time. The staff at Central Kia were very respectful, and I’m thrilled with my sharp little Forte Koup. I’d recommend this car, this company, this location, and Randy to anybody looking for a new vehicle. These folks really “”get it””.”
Sean Dougherty
We really enjoyed the service at Central Kia. Jeff Warfield is a straight shooter and helped sell us a certified used Sorento. They worked with us on a price and were really up front about what the contract did and did not include.
Jared Sandler
I recently was in need of a new car and quickly, due to some unexpected circumstances. A colleague recommened I visit Central Kia in Irving. They were very professional and were able to accomodate my needs and budget (the warranty is unmatched). I have since shared my expereince with some friends and family and as a result, 2 of them visited this same dealership and had the same WOW dealings with them. I typically shy away from writing reviews whether good or bad, I feel strongly of my expereince. Central Kia in Irving is a very well run and organized dealership. Thank you to Richard Schindler and the rest of the Cenral Kia TEAM!
Shazon Hurd
I had Daniel as my salesman, he worked with me, promised to help get me in a car and delivered. He was great!
Patricia Chavez Rivera
Even after purchased, Romeo Sosa customer service is great
Selena Luna
Love the company my second time getting a car
Sean Dillinger
Great service! Thanks Essence!
quincy goree
Quite possibly the easiest car buying experience ever
Billy Cooper
This is the most sorriest dealership I’ve ever seen that offers in-house financing not only do they sell the car for 3x the value but they’re trying to screw you by refusing to offer Gap plus the car they sell you is a piece of junk had it for 2 weeks and now the engine Knocks took it to a shop and they said Lucas was added to the engine to keep it quiet I should have knew when I bought it and they did not want me to test drive it on the road now stuck with a car that I owe 3x the value with no Gap
Lee McLeod
Everyone was friendly! All very helpful!
Allen Lawler
I sent them my information they asked for and never heard anything back from them would not use them
Colleen Sherman
The salesman don’t show you how to use the features in the car.
Manuel Rodriguez
Rebecca in finance was great! She helped me with all my questions.
Jose Guereca
I got my truck last March from James first time buyer n they worked wit me great staff overall Went in this month to refinace they got me a great deal like they said no lies or trucks go see clay Cooley kia n talk to James for a great deal
Ian Andrews
Would rate it a zero if possible I take my car to my mechanic and they order parts for my car and they ordered it Monday. Then you claim you lose the parts. How in the world do you lose two parts for a car I swear this is the worst …
Will Christopher
Service center is very customer service oriented.
Olatunbosun. A. Oyedele
I was attended to fast and easy
isabel zuniga
They have the best customer service!
Brought in with flat. They took care of it . Washed car. Very friendly .Professional. Rudy is a doll
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