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Patterson Nissan in Longview, TX

Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
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Nissan Dealer

3114 N Eastman Rd, Longview, TX 75605, United States
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Company description

Patterson Nissan Longview: New Nissan & Used Car Dealership

Patterson Nissan Longview is the premier new Nissan and used car dealership in Longview, TX offering truly exceptional service and value.

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All reviews:

Dawn-Renee Rice
We had an amazing buyer’s experience this week! Thank you to Matt Jackson who worked his tail off to make sure we found exactly what we wanted within our budget, which was the 2020 Nissan Rogue. (We love it!!) He’s extremely friendly and made us feel like a part of the Patterson family. Also, thanks to Raul Hernandez in finance for patiently explaining and answering questions. He’s super personable too. The whole experience convinced us that we will keep coming back! We especially love and appreciate the lifetime warranty they now provide. When we bought our 2015 Nissan in 2016, that didn’t exist and there was some confusion and issues with our warranty. We’re glad to now have everything in place and clarified! When you need a new or certified pre-owned vehicle, I highly recommend Patterson Nissan.
Shelly Clark
Lovely experience as always!! I have the best service writer Donny Bruce always goes above and beyond.
Lacy Toler
“My appointment time was at 12:00. I pulled up to the service bay and was promptly met by an employee (wearing his mask and distanced), who was very knowledgeable about procedures. He told me he would call me in “”about”” and hour and a half. He called in 1 hour, 27 minutes. I was very impressed with their consideration of my time. I love Patterson Nissan!!”
Bill Devaul
I just want to let everyone know, we had the Best experience ever purchasing a new to us truck from Patterson Nissan in Longview Texas, I have never met a sales person more friendly and knowledgeable than Jennifer Skinner!! She is a amazing sales person and was so kind and understanding of our situation! Thank you Jennifer and thank you Patterson Nissan for staffing with such amazing people!!! Bill & Angie DeVaul
Madisyn Hines
I was in need of getting a new car in which I was recommended to look here. I believe the man who helped me was Jerry he was very professional and efficient in making sure I understood everything as this was my first time buying a car from a dealership. He had a great attitude overall, I was very happy with my experience and with my purchase. I really appreciated the fact that a year after I bought my Jeep he called to check in to make sure we were doing okay and that we were still happy with the car and to wish me a congratulations on it being one year of owning my Jeep. I think that goes beyond great customer service as he went out of his way to check in on the purchase. It made me feel like a valued customer and I appreciate that. Definitely recommend Jerry and this dealership.
Jason Singley
I took my truck in for service. I always notch my tires and oil filter to make sure the work is being done. What can I say? I have a hard time trusting people I just meet. Sad to say, after an hour of waiting, I was charged $72 bucks. Went to my truck to find out the work wasn’t done. It’s a sad day when overpriced services aren’t even being performed. $72 bucks to lie to me. Sadly, it also wasted an hour of my life. The manager did refund my money, and the service advisor was really apologetic. However, I feel the dishonesty needs to be shared. Follow up, to the response below, looks copied and pasted from all the other reviews. I didnt even get a survey, much less fill one out. But if you do send one, it will reflect your follow up here.
Roger Arevalo
Sales lady was really nice. We started looking at several Nissan Rogues. We decided on one. I was happy that they dropped the price by $1,000! Didn’t close the deal that day. Once at home I checked their internet inventory, the Rogue was $1,000 cheaper than their best price that they had given me! Did not buy anything there. 😕
Tammy Wall
Our experience at Patterson Nissan in Longview was amazing! We have never experienced so much friendliness and going the extra mile (to get you what your looking for in a vehicle before)!! We would highly recommend this dealership to all of family and friends on top of returning for our future vehicles! Thank you for our new vehicle and your service!
Jan Myers
I prayed for a SUV for several months and I came across Patterson on line , Chris Sheehan reached out to me asking if he could help with my search, from that point on everything just opened up and he made the whole process very relaxing and smooth! A very pleasant experience , I recommend this place for your vehicle needs! May God bless u Chris and your work family!
Tracey Gravley
We will happily give our cash to someone else. We were looking for a vehicle and planning to pay cash. My husband test drove(in the rain) a vehicle we were very interested in. We wanted to wait and drive it and look at it when it was dry. The salesman was SOOOOOO NICE and told him we could keep it for the weekend and that we had first dibs on it. My husband didn’t even make it home with the vehicle when that SUPER NICE car salesman called him and told him someone else wanted it and that he had 10 minutes to make a decision. My husband got home and we started to discuss this LARGE INVESTMENT when his phone rang again and the salesman rudely told him he needed a decision NOW. Zero remorse. Feeling pressured and frustrated my husband told him we didn’t want it. When I took the vehicle back the coward wouldn’t even come out and get the keys from me. I had a few words for him. He had another salesman get them from me. We will NEVER do business with this place. Completely unethical.
Matt McClure
My Sales rep was great. Ben Strandberg is his name, and I enjoyed working with him. He didn’t try to pressure me into making a decision, nor did he attempt to flatter, mislead, persuade or otherwise manipulate my shopping experience in any way. I highly recommend Ben. The finance person, John, was not pleasant to work with. He tried to up-sell me a warranty on a brand new car, insulted my intelligence by implying that I couldn’t perform simple math, and also attempted to misdirect and mislead me with information about the extended warranty. The dealership offers a free lifetime powertrain warranty anyway. John objected to me relying on that warranty because it is only valid if I get my maintenance done. Which would be great, except that the $1900 extended warranty he tried to sell me, ALSO requires me to get the maintenance done. Therefore the objection was irrelevant, but was intentionally misleading and targeted toward individuals who lack the clarity and situational awareness to see the shortcomings in the argument. Furthermore, someone at the dealership had misplaced the 2nd key to the car, and they lied to me about it, saying that the keys were shipped separately and would arrive within a couple days. A full week later, the key was not there, and the service person informed me that the keys are not shipped separately, so they exposed the lie that another person had told me before. To top it all off, the dealership service manager called me and tried to coach me on how I should answer this very survey, stating that my sales-person would lose their commission if I didn’t give a 100% positive review. I knew this was a lie, and I fact-checked that information, confirming my suspicion that this was nothing more than another dishonest manipulation technique. All in all, the sales person (Ben) was the only one who met my expectations. Everyone else I dealt with there was dishonest, arrogant, condescending, and downright unpleasant.
Christina Nickels
Red Green was phenomenal!! I had lost all hope with Nissan with my old car. Patterson, Red, and Robert really wanted to make sure I was in a vehicle that made me happy and met all of my needs. If it wasn’t for their dedication, I may have missed out on my dream car and an experience centered on customer satisfaction!
james shaffer
Everyone was amazing,helpful and they worked very hard to get us the best deal and the car we wanted. Everyone there made us feel that we were important to them,and not just another customer that they were trying to sell another car to. We will definitely be taking our car back to them for scheduled service and maintenance; and just a friendly visit!
Carla Cazares
I had an amazing team helped me get the best car and thanks to Raymond V. I got the best deal and my very first car. I absolutely love it and I recommend coming to see Patterson Nissan in Longview TX. They will give you the best deal of your life on the car you want.
Jeff Bohanon
Service here is absolutely the slowest and instead of calling us to notify us that our car was done they emailed us after 6 hours for a transmission fluid change, oil change and a battery. And the last time our car was here it took 4 hours just for a oil change and inspection. And if you want to find out if your car is ready you’ll be waiting on hold forever or sent to your service advisor voice mail and you’ll never receive a call back. Just our experience with the service department every time.
Airem Smith
Paige was amazing and was very professional, everyone answered all my questions and was very respectfully. Will definitely recommend!
Scott Harrell
Jeremy Hefner was very professional and courteous. Kept me informed. Did a great job making me feel at home.
Nat O
I have bought 4 vehicles from Patterson Nissan and even had some of my family members buy cars from here. The two last vehicles I bought, the financing part was very confusing I had two different guys very demanding who kept pushing for me to purchase some type of “insurance” and I was going to received two years of free oil change and rotation, well it has only been one year and I recently took my truck and I got the surprise that my “free oil change” were no longer free apparently they could only give me six and that’s it. Well I wish the financing people could’ve explained it better because they didn’t say it was limited to only “six” oil changes. I was told two years period with out any other explanation. And I’m not even sure what I purchased for over $2000 . Very frustrating. I hope they fix the financing department with better quality or something.
Mavery Pocock
I had a great experience! Jeremy Hefner took wonderful care of my vehicle. He was so kind, and so helpful! I came in for an oil change and came out with a great experience and my car taken care of! 🙂
Karla Dawes
It has been a dream to own an Armada! Donnie Stanley made it happen for me! He went above and beyond to make it possible for my dream to come true. I know he had to work hard for several days as I was so particular about the color combination. I have been buying cars from him for years and he is by far the GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe without him it would not have been possible for me to own the Armada. Thank you Donnie! You are awesome! I also had the pleasure of meeting Jose and Steve and they were great as well! Never have I had such a good time while trying to purchase an automobile.
Marisol Juarez
Trevor Clark was an outstanding salesman, not to mention the rest of the staff. It was a very pleasant, quick transaction and time being there. I felt very comfortable doing business there and would definitely go back to Trevor for my next vehicle
Sawed Off
Brought my daughter’s car in to be checked out after she hit a curb. Service writer was Donny Bruce, super nice guy. Was very prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Got it checked out in a reasonable amount of time for a drive up. Got some parts ordered for the repair and now we wait for the holiday to be over. Impressed to say the least.
Wesley Leon
I always get the best service. The people at Patterson Nissan are always willing to do whatever it takes to give me fast and efficient solutions to anything that comes up. Thanks guys and gals y’all truly rock
Randy Coddington
Love my truck. Great salesman and good people.
Martha Gordon
Rented a Nissan Rogue recently. The total experience was outstanding. I called Anton, and he set up my rental over the phone. Patterson provides quality, safe vehicles that are clean and easy to drive. The return process is fast and easy. I highly recommend Patterson for any car rental. Thanks to Anton for making it so easy. We will be back soon.
East Texas Feliciano
Absolute best place to buy a car. I highly recommend talking to Wilson Monkhouse when buying a car. He went out of his way to find us the right vehicle at the right price. The lifetime warranty on a used vehicle is unbelievable. The care that Mr Monkhouse took to make sure we were 100% happy with our purchase was very impressive.
Shelby Herrick
The staff were super friendly, understanding and helpful and their service was fast and excellent! I’m very pleased with their performance!
Zerida PEPP
My first certified one owner buy. My salesman: Troy Carmack, was so helpful and patient. As was Raul the financing manager, I got a good buy and Knowing I have the 72 month or 100,000 warranty makes me not worry about a thing . am looking forward in working with Patterson service the next 72 months but hope not to need to more the just normal, maintenance. . Great Job , thanks
I signed up online for an extra 1000 dollars off my vehicle online which I never got and when I got to the dealership the person that I was talking to about it was not working that day. So I got put with Jennifer who worked really hard to help me out in spite of her incompetent boss who kept sending her wrong numbers for the car and then changing them. Once we settled on some numbers they took me back to this little locked room and tried to bully me into taking the extended warranty explaining that they would try to weasel out of the Lifetime warranty any way they could. That if I didn’t come the that dealership and pay 150 dollars for that specialized oil change at routine intervals that it would void the warranty. I declined and that’s when he brought in a bigger more intimidating guy in under the guise of explaining things better to me. This was very demeaning to me treating me like I was too stupid to understand a basic extended warranty.
Hailey Porter
Honestly it was my first time going to nissan for my brand new 2020 Altima. I was honestly concerned because I did hear a few horror story’s from people like for example not putting the oil cap back on. But everything was perfect the price was amazing the service was magnificent and the timing was perfect.
Monty Staton
Was called to come check out some vehicles they were trying to get rid of and they did everything I asked for, so the decision was easy.
Scott Schulik
Very good. Devices completed on timely basis. When I failed to mention state inspection, they worked it in quickly on my return.
Ashlee Salley
Absolutely amazing experience!!! Sam Manning was a wonderful salesman. He sold me my Nissan Pathfinder for a great deal and I’m in love with it. The service department is wonderful as well. Super easy and quick oil change and tire rotation.
Rosie Mitchell
Purchased a vehicle on Saturday paid my down payment signed paperwork an go to pick it up on Monday and they tell me that someone from the other store came and stole it and it was sold to someone else U won’t put the rep on blast but I’m disappointed and thus was very bad business
Jocelan Ramsey
They got my car in and serviced quickly and were very professional!!!
Keith Reiter
I’m actually not a fan of dealerships and sales people. This was one of my best experiences ever at a dealership. Thanks Jerry S!
This Phone!
Our salesman, Timothy Hoag, was very attentive! Signing the papers on a brand new car was not a long process. We were in and out in a jiffy! Thank you Tim! I will be back to get that SUV!!
Frances Denise Kelly
Met with Carlos Ramirez and Robert Darren. They are very personable. They cared about our concerns and kept us within our budget. Gives these guys a raise. They are awesome.
Shannon Jordan
Got first oil change, complained about the navigation screen sometimes doesn’t come on and was told to wait for the recall, I think it should be fixed now since they know a recall is coming. They washed the truck but used a brush and scratched it and didn’t vacuum.
Chaknequa McBride
Friendly staff! No typical feelings of anxiety or regret after this purchase. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Jon Sligh
Matt Campbell was our sales rep. Very professional, friendly and courteous. He was so helpful and responsive to our questions. We never felt rushed. His approach was more like a friend than someone trying to make a sale. We will certainly recommend Patterson Nissan to our friends and will refer them to Matt Campbell for sales assistance.
Meredith Nations
This is the second vehicle we have bought from Trevor Clark. He is very personable and knowledgeable.
Brittiney Tyner
Went in for recall service/replacement. Had to have two appointments; 1 for inspection and the second for the repair (understandable). However, my first appointment was made 5 days in advance and when I arrived (20 minutes early) I was told they may not be able to inspect my vehicle that day. I had taken 2 hours off of work, while we were short handed due to covid to be there and had the text messages from the dealership telling me the date/time of my appointment. They had me in and out within 30 minutes (bravo). When they called to schedule the appointment to have the repairs made, I chose from the dates and times provided to me by the employee that called me. When I had my vehicle taken in, they again said I had no appointment — they eventually “found my appointment” on someone’s desk who was on vacation that day and we were told “it shouldn’t have been scheduled on a day she was out.” Question 1: is everyone told they don’t have an appointment when they do? Or was that only me both times I had to deal with them? Question 2: why are appointments not streamlined in some software program — why is there even a possibility of my appointment being “lost” on someone’s desk while they’re on vacation? Question 3: why would it be an issue if the girl that scheduled my appointment was on vacation? She isn’t making any repairs to my vehicle, she doesn’t need to be there? I will say, this has nothing to do with the physical work that was completed on my vehicle – there are no issues there. More so, this review is in regards the staff of the service center. Do better.
Emily Gibbs
Thank you Patterson Nissan, y’all are wonderful people. We appreciate y’all. Ben was a great help getting us our new Rogue. Thank you very much!
Gwen Guidroz
DeeDee was excellent at keeping me informed of the findings and progress on servicing my car and it is running very smoothly now.
3 weeks ago I bought my 2nd vehicle from here. I managed to luck up on what I actually wanted a Toyota Camry. But even better its a Hybrid, beautiful color. I call her Candie, thank you John Johncock!
Wayne McKay
I took my Altima in for regular service without an appointment. They worked me in and took great care of me and my car. This is actually the second car I bought from Patterson asnd have always received excellent service from them.
Robin Hightower
Jeremy Hefner is your best employee period at Patterson. He is always available and has helped me service my Armada in the quickest manner.
I would highly recommend Daniel Brice for your next car purchase. It was a smooth transaction and he went above and beyond in helping me. I walked or drove out with exactly the car I wanted. Thank you Daniel! I am sure you will be seeing me again!
Lorrie Neal
Trevor was very professional and really helped make it a pleasant experience. He is awesome!
Cristie Massey
Absolutely best customer service.
Sandy Collier
Sam at Patterson Nissan was exceptional! He was very sensitive to not only my needs, but he understood how important it was to me to stay within my budget. He did everything in his power to help me do so. I give this dealership 5 stars!!
Kourtney Money
Awesome customer service!! Daniel Brice worked hard to get us everything that we wanted, including a price that worked for us. He even came in on his day off to get things situated and to make sure that we were happy. We will for sure come back to purchase another vehicle.
Daniel Brice made purchasing my car a great experience from the test drive to finalizing the sale an excellent experience! From start to finish he made spending all my money fun! Lol! If you’re considering buying a car and you want a salesman with a sense of humor and a genuine concern ask for Daniel!
Erica Guerrero
Best experience ever. Definitely buying again.
John Rasberry
Honest and treated us great. I appreciate it Wilson and Mr. John in fiance.
Wilbert Williams
Great visit and very wonderful truck service
Sheli Kipp
Sam Manning was our salesman yesterday when we bought our daughter her 1st car!!! He was amazing!! If you are looking to buy, go see Sam. You will be very happy. Thank you for helping us pick out the perfect car for Shelby. Happy early 16th to her!!
Stephen Heath
Austin Fox was very knowledgeable about the vehicle we bought and very personable also.
Kendra Welch
Patterson Nissan is awesome and I love my new Rogue! Go see Chris Sheehan and he will definitely hook you up! Tell him I sent you! 😉 He’s a great, knowledgeable, salesman and makes the process easy! He is attentive even after the sale to make sure everything is beyond satisfactory with your vehicle.
Larry Buckner
repairs was done on time. Realy liked that the car was all cleaned up
Dorris Vasquez wells
We love to rent all our cars from Nissan Patterson they always take care of us Antoine make sure there were always satisfied
John Woodman
Found I had key replacement in my agreement and was able to replace a lost fob.
Betty Carroll
All personnel were friendly and determined to sell me a car. Pleasant experience in all ways. Really like my new Kicks.
Michael Young
I had made online reservation for oil, lube, filter change and rotate and balance (OLF/RB) for 8AM. I was out by 8:25. They also washed the car. Great service!
Terrie Shaw
I went in to drop my car off to have an issue fixed and it was resolved quickly and I appreciate what Patterson Nissan have done for me since I purchased my car.
Trish Cox-Netecke
Tried to work a deal on a used truck, drove it, my friend liked it. Could never get salesman to get us a out the door price. Told him what we would offer on the truck (which was reasonable) and he told us she would have to look at something else. Really. Wouldn’t waste your time with them. Then didn’t even get a follow up call from anyone. Guess there selling too many cars!!!!! A real joke of a place
Lanetra Crayton
I walked in and picked out the vehicle that I really wanted and my car salesman David surpassed my expectations. Great guy!
Daniel Nolen
Red Green is an great guy. My daughter was car shopping with a friend and he was the only salesman to actually talk to her instead of her male friend that was just along for the ride. Would definitely recommend going to see him.
Rosalyn Glaspie
Brought my 2nd car here , always friendly and very helpful people here. Service dept awesome.
thank you too Daniel Brice! He got me and my wife in new vehicles for a great deal! Great customer service, we will definitely be back!
Nell Shaffer
Austin Fox was amazing ,knowlegable.He wentabove and beyond helping us getting us in a new car.Also Robert Darden explains all we needed to know about our new car and maintenance. Thank you both so very much.
James Ross
Squeezed me in and was able to take care of me and my 2019 Altima and got me out the door so I could make it to my appointment on time.
Amy Proctor
We absolutely love our Nissan Murano & Red did an AMAZING job making it happen. Thank you Red!
Heather Simmons
I Was pleased with the initial scheduling and drop off for service. However, after leaving dealership my car lacked what services were checked off with being completed. For example, when making the appointment I specifically asked for windshield wiper fluid, and it was checked off on the paper work as being topped off -bone dry when I attempted to use it. When things like that happen, I can only assume all the other check offs had actually been done.
Lori Myles
Came in and thought I had a totally helpless case. Left there with a brand new car! Could not be more happy with the outcome!
KC Mckinney
Jeremy (I don’t remember the last name) in the service department was awesome! I had to be at work at a certain time and he got me on my way in no time! Great Job!!
Amanda Smalley
Very friendly and welcoming, serves was fast and I really wish I would of giving this dealership a try last year I been taken my car to the Nissan dealership in Tyler and every time there was issues and they did not care to solve them but only want to change me more when they didn’t Resolve the problem the first trip and because my car is my livelihood I just kept on giving them my hard earned money but never got satisfactory results so I’m very pleased with your Nissan and will be returning and will recommend everyone I know to this Nissan over the one here in Tyler so thank you
shanon brown
Best services ever! Loved our experience here on our second vehicle. Come a few years and we will come for vehicle number 3. Thank you Raymond and Clayton!
Connor Dagamer
Jon Beasley at Patterson Nissan is a straight up guy. If you need a new vehicle with no hassle and straight talk go see him. And the financing at Nissan is easy and straight forward. Would highly recommend Paterson Nissan and Jon Beasley for your new car or truck needs.
Cassandra Mandry
My fiance and I went to Patterson and had a really great salesman. Daniel Brice came in on his day off and handled up on some business and we drove off the lot with the best used vehicle on the whole lot.From the second we walked in to the second we drove off the Patterson crew took care of us. I highly recommend going to see Daniel Brice if you are looking to buy a car. He will do you right.
Ron DuMont
Great sales rep. No hassle. Actually worked hard to satisfy our customer needs. Will return and spread the word about the service
Judy Lamb
My sales lady was the best that I’ve ever experience buying a new car from she not only cared about the sale she cared about her customer and you don’t get that anymore she needs a big raise she is definitely a keeper Patterson or to be thankful that you have her
Amanda Harvey
Jerry was awesome! Worked hard to get us in something that comfortably fit our family! Robert was really sweet and helped where needed. Raul knew what he was doing with the paper work making it quick and painless.
Scott Kaufman
Very relaxed, friendly no pressure environment. We got the car we wanted at the price we wanted. Would definitely come back and recommend to others!
Chris Ellis
I was late for an appt and Chuck made up the time and got me in and out. Great sales, service, and follow-thru.
Gloria Cook
All the Patterson crew were courteous, knowledgeable and patient while we searched and test drove their cars. Yes we bought one Thank you Jon Beasley Jon, Brittney and Robert for your help.
Haleigh Teer
Sam Manning is the most helpful person in the building. Got us a great deal and he is truly amazing. Love this place.
Sara Risinger
Daniel Brice was great and had me in and out before lunch. I love my new car thanks for all the help.
Daniel Nicholson
First class place to buy a car or truck new or used. Ask for Nelson, he still treat you with respect, dignity and find the right vehicle for you. Steve is the man who will make sure you get everything deserved when you purchase your vehicle without the pressure. Then when you get to finance, Clayton is the man to make it fit your budget for alll your family needs. Remember these 3 men are going to make sure that you leave without wondering if the is a better deal elsewhere. Believe me the deals are only at Patterson Nissan of Longview. God bless these all these fine men and I can’t forget about Reuben Perez, he cares even if he didn’t make the sale.
Alisha Vidaurri
Bought an Armada last summer and absolutely love it! Matt Jackson was THE BEST salesman and made the transaction super easy. We have since bought two more vehicles through him :).
Mandi Gordon
Great experience with Matt Jackson, our salesperson! He went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend this salesperson and this dealership.
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