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Texas Auto North in Houston

Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5
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11655 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77060, USA

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Company description

Texas Auto offers quality used cars and pickup trucks for sale in Webster and Houston, TX. Call us today for more information or browse our online showroom!

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All reviews:

Matthew Briley
Really nice cars at affordable prices. They brought a Jaguar from another location for me to test drive and were very attentive to ensure that everything went smoothly. No overbearing car salesman, just straight up low no haggle prices.
Christopher Thompson
Worst car buying experience ever. They never answer the phone. No one greets you upon entering the building or ensures you’ve been helped. Do not buy from this place. I wish I could return the vehicle due to their poor customer service and quality of service and vehicles.
don kilbourn
Took some work and negotiating by both sides, but finally agreed on a price, and sold my trusty old Dodge to Texas Auto. I hope whoever buys it takes as good of care of it as I did. It’s a strong truck. Never let me down.
Courtney Rogers
The folks over at Texas Auto were easy to do business with. The info online was accurate, sales staff (Star) was very personable, and the financial team was legit.
They truly do have cars you wanna drive! Our purchase was for our first time driver, and she was not disappointed.
Although they are pretty firm on their prices (like almost all used car dealers), the value is excellent!
Billy Henrich
Great experience with Texas Auto. They make shopping for a car easy. Their website is easy to navigate. Salesman made me the best deal, I got financing at only 1.9% rate. Top dollar for my trade in. Best car buying experience I have ever had!
Brandon J
Purchased a truck from them last weekend. Price was fair, salesman was polite, and they were able to get me a much better rate than my bank. They also spent an entire day removing some aftermarket parts that I did not like. They did this prior to me buying the vehicle. I simply gave them my word that I would purchase it if they were able to remove the parts I did not like without damaging the vehicle. Not many dealers would do that. Had my 6 month old child with me so they rushed to help me get the purchase done quickly. Thanks Texas Auto!
Michael David
Thanks Javier and Troy, I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase, it did take a bit to get the car I wanted, but it was worth it and the long drive there as well, they also were able to match my bank rate.
I would like the thank Texas Auto North. I personally had a fun experience, smiles everywhere I went, starting with Javier who was always very nicely attentive with us. His enthusiasm really motivated me. Couldn’t have asked for a better person.
Stefanie Devenney
Had an amazing experience at Texas Auto North!! I got an awesome car and deal!! Adam Harkins, Phillip and Adrain were amazing to work with and got me the best deal possible! Thanks guys!! Love my new car!
Latanya Walker
I bought a 2013 Jaguar XF. It is 5 months later and I have already put $5000.00 into this car. I understand that used cars will have problems but not like this. I have bought used cars before and have never had as many problems like I am having now. I feel that this company is a rip off and they don’t care.
William Selman
Sales staff was very easy to work. I did not buy the car I was there to see, but they did not try to pressure me like other dealers would have done. They even offered to keep looking for something that fit my needs.
Joe Lopez
Thanks for Javier for helping me get the truck I needed for my business. Going to recommend my friends to get their trucks here! Awesome selection of trucks too.
Bryan Clark
If I could go lower I would. After working thru email and on the phone for 3 days (should of been flag one that it was taking this long) and TEN minutes after I handed over my Credit card info, which I was asked for at least 4 times, every time I responded with you will get that when we have a deal. I was informed that the car i was after had in fact been sold. But I was in luck because they had another vehicle that I could buy from them. Of course this one was THOUSANDS of dollars more than the original vehicle. DISHONEST BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!!!!! AVOID like the flu. Javier was confused during most of the process. Seemed like someone was behind him feeding him what to say next.
Christopher varga
I highly recommend Texas Auto to anyone in the market for a quality used vehicle. They gladly took the time to answer all questions and concerns and thoroughly walked me through all the steps from start to finish. Plus all of their vehicles are of high quality. Thank you for a great car buying experience. I purchased a 2013 Audi A8L plus the extended warranty.
MAD Thomas
The sales people are knowledgeable, friendly and put no pressure on you. Best car purchasing experience ever!
Caution Keelen
These salesmen lie to get you to come to the lot and then they change it up on you when u get there. Fake ass sales. All a gimmick. I will never go back or recommend anyone there, I suggest going to a dealership that has what your looking for.
Kent Dallas
I had a incredibly easy and pleasant online buying experience! My sales representative, Brodie, did an outstanding job …. from his initial late night response to my online inquiry, answering my many questions in the following week, to the ‘close’ AND with post sale follow ups! Simply great customer service and a vehicle exactly as represented. Additionally, the rest of the staff I dealt with (sales manager Brandon, F&I Shawn, and the porter, Alan who picked me up at the airport, were all great! Not a single ‘sour note’ to this car buying experience! Thank you, again, Brodie!
Taylor Chance
I was waiting for the auction on my car at repokar to end and see for how much I can sell it but at the same time I was looking for a new car already. At Texas Auto North I was approved for the car I wanted with great payments. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks for helping me get back on the road!
Rob Schnell
No heavy pressure. Allowed us to look around and enjoy. Pricing seems competitive.
Allen diaz
Well I walk in with the need of a vehicle and, in less than what I expected I was walking out with this beautiful pick up truck, what can I say, a dream come true, thanks to everyone from Phillip my sales guy and now my friend even the person who detailed my vehicle did a wonderful job. Thanks for all and hope you guys help more people with their dream cars. I did buy a Dodge Ram ecodiesel
Tim Harmon
This a pre-owned dealership that operates like a new car franchise. Really this place is first class that cars are amazing your building was a new car dealership and they keep it up to a T from the clean showroom windows to the shanty black marble floor. And the gentleman that waited on me was very professional doing its job doing its job and then he really knew the product this place has Corvettes Lexus SUVs BMW used tons of Audis Porsches every kind of Mustang I got in the front there’s a huge white Dodge monster truck gathered by a bunch of other really nice trucks really nice you guys check it out I’m going back at 3.
Keyvan Zarghami
We arrived and was helped immediately by David Melendez. He was welcoming and knowledgeable about the vehicle. Highly recommend checking this dealership out, great inventory.
Paul Young
Bought a truck from these guys and had the best experience. Brodie was my sales man and he is very knowledgeable and kind. He even stayed late after closing hours. Took very good care of us. When you go, ask for Brodie. You will not be disappointed.
Millard Smith
If I could give no stars I would! Bought a 2012 Audi A6 in late September. The car had right at 60,000 miles and we thought it was a good deal. When we purchased the car the sales person said he would go fill the tank for us. Cool. Well we drive off and get home and noticed the tank was around 1/2 a tank. Ok, we found it weird that he wouldn’t do something as simple as filling the gas up as he said he would, but no big deal. Until the next day my wife had her boss in the car seeing customers and when she stopped to get gas the gas door wouldn’t open. Oh, that’s why he didn’t fill the tank! Well she had to rush to an Audi dealership to fix it. Btw, the entire door and latch had to be replaced $500!
Just be honest.
Then we had oil leaking in our garage about 1 1/2 month later so we took it back to the Audi dealership and they said it was several leaks that needed repairing, $750.
Then December came and all hell broke loose. The car’s engine stopped firing and the mechanic said it would be $15000+ for a total new engine. We stopped by Texas Auto and spoke Shawn Beckwith on Wednesday December 27 to see if it was anything they could help us with. He said he would call us within 24 hours….it is January 4th and we still haven’t received a call. I’ve called 3 times and left messages, no response.
We understood this is a used car and we might have some repairs, but with only 60k + miles and to need a new engine is a bit much. Even if they could do nothing, call back and let us know that. If they had no intentions, say it to our faces. Worst experience I’ve ever had with a vehicle!!!
daniel gonzales
The buying experience was commendable at Texas Auto. They truly work with you so that you may enjoy driving off in a beautiful vehicle. And are willing to assist in any way they can after the purchase. Their interest in giving the customer the best possible experience is visible and is deeply embedded in the corp of their organization.
Heriberto Mendoza
I just left the dealership. One, I have been communicating with a sales rep most of the way. Informing him what time I’ll be there. When I arrived he was with someone else. They had me talk to someone else. Two, the person I ended up with did not know anything of the truck I was interested in. Did not even want to negotiate nor try to run my credit. Very unprofessional.
brandan powell
Was pre-approved and starting out great, David did everything he could to help her me in the right truck until the contract was signed and then got a wall. Called and visited multiple times and kept being told they where waiting on the bank. Over a month later the contract was sent to the wrong address. After the issue being addressed by management, Texas auto took responsibility for the error and when above and beyond to rectify the situation. This was an difficult deal due to circumstances so much that other big time dealerships would not even attempt to do with business under the circumstances. TX auto above any other and I will be back
I had very easy and pleasant journey over at TA North Houston! Brodie was great and helped me every step of the way. Special shout outs to Brandon, Sean, & Brodie, those guys are all gems! Thanks Again Fellas! Y’all are Great!
Kristen Gladden
Usually, buying a car is an all day affair. Not here. Philip made it easy and enjoyable even. Price was fair, and I will definitely recommend this dealership to friends and family.
100101 0011010
“This dealership was top notch! Samuel went above and beyond to make sure I purchased the truck I was most comfortable with. He gave me suggestions and his advice, but was in no way pushy what-so-ever. After I decided on a truck the process was absolutely painless. So quick and professional. I felt like family by the end of the whole process! I would recommend Texas Auto (Sam in particular) to anyone who is looking for a new or used vehicle.
After am few months and finally going around the salesman to the Sales MGR and Finance MGR a resolution we agreed upon and I wouldn’t mind buying from again !!
John Kiltz
One of the best used car buying experiences I have had. My salesman Dee was professional, knowledgeable and extremely courteous. He even went out of his was to return my rent car for me so I could get on the road with my new purchase.
Would highly recommend Dee as a guy you should ask for when you are ready to but a car.
Carmen Petersen
Thank you #texasautonorth for the amazing experience and making the ” chore” of car buying everything short of A “chore ” feeling. Michel and Brodie made magic happen!! Hands down , best experience!! Great deals and great costumer service.
Michelle Gomez
I’m a first time buyer and just purchased a BMW at Texas Auto .. my salesman GEORGE was awesome , he took the time to show me all the features this car has .. George also made the sale a smooth transaction .. he was up front told me exactly what I needed to close the deal .. very highly recommend George .. thanks to him I very satisfied with my purchase 🙂
Brett Day
Mr. Brodie Scott was a HUGE help from day 1 with my purchase at Texas Auto. It was a month and a half long journey, but well worth it! He, and the whole staff there were extremely helpful! This was my first time buying a vehicle online, from 1700 miles away, and they made me feel like I was on their showroom floor the whole time! I would recommend this dealership to anyone! GREAT experience!!
Ben Martinez
I recently purchased a truck from Texas Auto North and had an excellent experience with friendly down to earth salespersons and no hassle. Samuel and Brodie both helped me find the truck I wanted. Samuel accompanied me while I test drove a few of their vehicles and while doing so helped me narrow down my choices by answering important questions I had. Brodie offered other options that were available each time I returned from a test drive. He had trucks and prices ready for me to drive each time I returned. Their team work was great and their effort to find a vehicle I wanted paid off. Once I found the truck I liked they went as far as to let me take it home for the night so that I could test drive it with my wife and kids in it. During my drive home I stopped to pick up my son from school and was not able to turn the truck back on. I thought it was either low on gas or had more complicated problems. I called Samuel assuming the truck was bad and he and his manager immediately sent out someone to pick me up. The guy they sent out realized the mistake was that I was not using the right device to turn the truck on (I wasn’t aware that the push button device that locks/unlocks the doors was also the ignition device). I was happy that’s all it was and was impressed with them sending out someone right away with no hesitation. The guy even followed me to a gas station and added $20 of gas to the truck to make sure everything was fine. The customer service was excellent and the price on the truck was good (they dropped the price down some so that I could purchase new tires since they were almost ready for replacement) that help closed the deal for me. It has been a few weeks now and I’m very pleased with the truck. Samuel, Brodie, Brandon, and the rest of the team were all outstanding.
Travis Kepp
Philip Lockhart was fantastic to work with. No pressure sales at its finest.
Oleksandr Klymenko
I spent 50 min. to get at this place because Robert on a phone told me they have exact car I’m looking for. When I came it was no car and he tried to sell different model. I asked his manager. Robert went to his office. I was outside office door was open and I heard everything. Than manager start talking to me like he was next to Robert at the time I called him. They asked me downpayment $500 for nothing. They don’t care about your time. Do not go here. Do not give them any money.
Kevin Wynn
Although I did not get the deal for the car I liked, working with Dee Brown was awesome. I had my fair share of recent car dealing experiences in the past month and he was very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him if you do decide to purchase a vehicle.
Joe Paddio
I have needed a vehicle for the past fews years. So I decided to try Texas auto north out. I found a pick up truck I didn’t even know I wanted but feel in love with. Everyone was very helpful, however Dee Brown made my feel like i received the best deal possible. He answered any questions I had on the truck and got it in my price range without a hassle. When I buy my next vehicle I will be visiting Dee Brown and the Texas auto team. Thanks guys
Jasper Sanks
is was the best car buying experience I ever had. They treated my family and me with alot of respect and brodie was the best salesman ever.
Amber Stallworth
They were very responsive and quick to answer my questions. Everyone there was very courteous and helpful throughout the process.
ryan prillman
D brown was fantastic. The Finance manager was great also. Very easy experience and tons of cars to choose from. Very nice cars. Never had a faster car buying experience before. Greatly appreciate the service!
Allison Witanek
Long story short – I was not in the market for a car (had been driving a 2010 RAV4 that I LOVED), but had been helping a friend browse for used cars. Came across a beautiful 2012 RAV4 Limited at Texas Auto South. With all the upgrades and with less miles, I knew I had to at least test drive it.
George was incredibly helpful in getting the car moved to TA North from TA South! At no point did I feel pressured to purchase! George was very helpful and kind about working with me to ensure I was able to have a dreamier version of my dream car at a dreamy price!
From online listings and cars on the lot at Texas Auto North, this dealership has lots to offer and at great prices! My trade in was competitively valued and the car buying process was comfortable! Texas Auto is doing it right!
Oscar Perales
Bunch of unethical thieves from sales to financing steer clear I can refer you to better places !
Kim Stubbs
Texas Auto North is a great place. They were professional and knowledgeable. My car salesman Gilchrist answered any questions I had, Jimmy and Billie were outstanding as well. Oh, I can’t forget Victor. He was very personable even though he wasn’t assisting me he made sure I was okay and just made general conversation during my wait. If these gentlemen are still there if I’m ever looking for another car, they definitely will get my business again.
William Shrader
Awesome experience. George Castillo had the Jeep Wrangler ready for me and had a Carfax printed and waiting. Brandon the sales manager made it easy as well and the finance manager found me a better intrest rate than my credit union. I highly recommend this place. Quick and easy.
David Bradley
The typical “used car dealer” the are not. I showed up before their official opening time to look at a car my son saw on line. I was immediately greeted by Sam, a salesman. He was cheerful, smiling, and very positive.
Sam made sure all of our concerns were addressed throughout the process and called upon others when needed to be sure I was satisfied…David, in particular was there whenever we needed. They allowed us to take the car to our private mechanic for a couple of days for an independent inspection. The car was in great condition, priced fairly, and they went well above what any other franchise/brand dealership would ever be willing to do. The customer service was excellent. BRAD SCHREIBER
David Cannon
Great buying experience. No pressure and friendly sales and finance dept. staff. Alec Pihlman did a great job on our transaction & made the process of trading in & getting a newer vehicle an enjoyable experience. Thanks Texas Auto, we love our new car!
Steven Williams
Worked with Alec Pihlman and couldn’t be more pleased. He was patient and answered all my questions and when he couldn’t answer he would get the help I needed for answers. I was not a local buyer and flew all the way from Ohio for this truck so you can imagine the numbers of texts and calls I made with questions! I would recommend Alec for your salesman! Everyone I spoke with on the day I picked up and closed on my truck were friendly and willing to help. Thanks Alec and Texas Auto North!!
Guisseppi Galvez
On Friday, October 13th, 2017 I called and made an appointment with Kevin Norris. He was eager to listen to what we were looking for and offered to show us all of his Jeep Wranglers in stock. I was looking for a low mileage Jeep Wrangler with little frills at NADA retail pricing for financing purposes. He was friendly, courteous and offered us water and invited us inside to cool down since it was a hot Texas afternoon. We told about our bad experience with another dealership he tried to address our needs and make assure we would not have that experience at his dealership. We found a Wrangler that was close to our price and we tried working with Kevin. The pricing we were looking for was the official NADA Retail pricing that was also offered by the other dealerships in the area. Once again we were looking for fair pricing. Kevin had to get his manager involved for that amount of a concession. Michael Martin stepped in. He spent less than what seemed 3 minutes with us. Michael interrupted me several times and tried to say that the pricing on the model we were looking for was too low. We showed him our research on NADA values on the retail price and we offered more than NADA but lower than their price. We even showed him what he received on a trade and or auction. And that they would still make money on the deal. That is a win -win for their dealership and for me. Kevin understood what I was looking for and tried to work with the resources he had at the time. As soon as I told him I was pre approved for 4% with my credit union he stopped listening. He proceeded to show me other models that were not even at that location that had much higher mileage. Michael only saw the price sensitivity and showed me other models that were close to the price. He never asked the right questions. What are the most important things you are needing in your purchase? If we can provide a solution for those needs are you ready to make the deal today? He never even offered a counter offer. Who does not even offer a counter offer?As a business owner I know I sometimes have to work with clients, negotiate the deal to make it happen. He started acting as if I was wasting his time. Avoiding the issues I was bringing up, avoiding eye contact. He handed me a Carfax report and said this is what we can do on a vehicle that is not even on the lot and is at auction and walked out of the office. How unprofessional is that? He gives a bad reputation to honest sales people who really do care about their craft. I would avoid working with Michael Martin as much as possible. This is no fault due to Kevin or their dealership or their inventory. I purchase the exact Silver 4 Door Wrangler I wanted and needed for my family and lifestyle from another dealership that wasn’t even a Jeep/Dodge Certified Dealer. They Sold GMC and Chevy… Michael truly owes Kevin an apology on this one. I feel bad for Kevin because if we could have just negotiated a little more we could have bought the same jeep from him instead.
russ creath
My wife and I recently purchased a 2008 Hummer H3 from Texas Auto via the internet. We immediately noticed the large amount of H3s to choose from, and each one had several photos, and a Carfax listing. Since we were shopping remotely, all of this information really helped. We got in touch with Alec, the salesperson, and he was very helpful. After a couple of communications bumps in the road, my wife took delivery of the ’08, and we couldn’t be happier. Alec and Jeremy, the service department manager in charge of getting the H3 ready, were outstanding! They were very forthcoming with information and helped my wife get through the paperwork very quickly. I think Alec was a little conservative in his description of how nice the H3 was. We appreciate his straightforward and candid explanations and descriptions and will strongly recommend him to any of our friends if they should want to look to Texas Auto for their next car or truck.
Martin Rosalez
Didn’t plan on getting into a vehicle the same day but these guys made it happen. Brodie was awesome and I’m glad he made a point to contact me. Purchased a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2011. Definitely a car I want to drive, thanks again.
Steve R.
These guys were great! Both Dee Brown and the Manager Todd Morgan were very helpful and got me and my wife the car we were looking for at a great price. You can’t go wrong buying a car from Texas Auto North.
Joe Colotta
I worked with Dee Brown here at Texas Auto North and had a great buying experience. I found the truck i wanted online and went down to the store and in and out within an hour and a half. Dee was able to have all the documents ready upon my arrival. At that point the only thing left to do was test drive and sign. Will come back for my next purchase, possibly a jeep for the wife. Again, great friendly staff. Dee is awesome!!!
Sydney Hefner
This dealership blew me away. I first went to the dealership in webster to look at a car that i found online but turned out it was at the north Houston location. I went to the dealership in north Houston that same day and met with Dee Brown. He already had the car pulled around for me to look at and knew all the answers to my questions about the car. He was incredibly patient and very understanding. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Chris Gee
My experience at Texas Auto North with Phil Lockhart was excellent. The car I wanted was at the South dealership and he didn’t hesitate to go and pick it up. He worked hard on my deal and I walked out with my car not feeling hustled. Thanks to all of the staff that stayed until 9pm to finish our deal. The front desk, the managers and porters treated me well! Thanks again Phil!!
Sharon Mendenhall
Michael Martin, my salesperson was the best! He was very helpful, personable and prompt and new his product very well! He made sure that I was satisfied before and after my purchase. I would definitely recommend this dealership and Michael Martin to family and friends! I’m very satisfied!
Michael Yanochik
Very positive experience and a total team effort! Brodie took care of us from start to finish — and even after the purchase, by tracking down an accessory for the vehicle. Brandon worked with us on the price, and Jeff took care of the Finance side efficiently and professionally.
The experience was very good, brodie was a very forward-looking and very professional person, I hope to do business with you as soon as possible. thanks
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