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Ourisman Ford & Lincoln in Alexandria, VA

Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5
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Ford Dealer

6129 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303, USA
Located in: Ourisman Automotive of Virginia

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Company description

Ourisman Ford: Ford Dealership in Alexandria VA | Serving Washington DC

Visit Ourisman Ford to find new Ford cars, trucks & SUVs or used cars for sale at our car dealer in Alexandria, VA. We offer auto sales, leasing, financing, service, and parts for the greater Washington DC, Arlington, Fairfax & Falls Church areas. Get in touch today!

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This dealership needs to review the Saleman Armen (white male) practices .
I am disabled Africa American .I cameto buy my wife a car, his people still is fair but he sold a car to me that was not fit to be sold. As the car had missing headlight that did not work and a light missing inside. He knew it was late at night an never did a g walk thru. ( I wonder Why ) next day discovered a hole on the floor hidden under papers.Being disabled I guess he wanted a really bad, that he would take advantage of me ….I very slow now due to the disability. I was heartbroken upon discovery. Who trained him? Manger will call I write rest tommorw so u know what he says.
Lincoln Cadillac board 6129 Richmond Highway, Alexandria i Virginia The service service department I would say it’s awful but Is worse than awful The customer service Steph sucks the guy name Rodney where you have to call in and get a loaner car until they fix yours he is awful unprofessional talk to you really nasty and the manager back in the service center where you get your car fixed or changed and etc. he’s very sneaky Say anything they want to say to you and he does not respond to it when you go and make a report this car dealer here is pass unprofessional they all need to be fired back there all him have a very nasty attitude towards customers I should call to let them know how really ford my daughter is afraid to go back there the way they treated her she feel they might do something to her car that’s how nasty they are back there in the back of service center you’re going to get a part They respond to you so unprofessional very nasty obnoxious please someone needs to go back in the service center and just get rid of all of them they’re terrible pastor of them when you’re afraid to go to car dealer They make you feel like they threatening you I feel just like I was threatening this is the worst car dealer ever went to The manager Jose has no control over the loaner car person in the service Center 6129 Richmond Highway makes every Ford car dealer looks bad because of their service all of them need to go either to another Store I’ll get some counseling in retail of professional services I would never buy another car from there 6129 Richmond Highway, Alexandria Alexander Virginia Only ones at professional it’s only two people in the service center out of all those people only two that I know would never go back there to purchase anything or prefer anyone there they make all other Ford Lincoln Cadillac companies Look unprofessional I purchased six cars from the car dealer ship But that service center in the back they are so unprofessional and nasty and obnoxious talk to you like you no one I would never send a person there to purchase a car or I would never go back there again so I hope everybody is looking at this because that dealership service center Sucks maybe I’ll go Will call one of the news channels that’s how awful they are let them know just how it is for company Ford Lincoln Cadillac
Jennifer Hargraves
Incredible customer service at the service center! June was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Our vehicle had an odd mechanical issue (windshield wipers would not turn off) and June helped us not only quickly resolve the issue, but checked for recalls on our vehicle and assisted us with getting a rental car. His empathy and personable demeanor helped make a stressful situation much less painful and is the reason we will continue to return to this service center in the future.
David Fawcett
I was going to let this go but maybe this might help them change their process. I have a recall notice in hand for my F-150 and decide to give them a shot. (I have used Jerry’s but these guys are closer). Peter answers the phone “recalls” so I figured “okay this will be quick since they have an ACTUAL recalls department”. What an absolute waste of time!
He insists on making me look for a “locator number in red” somewhere on my recall. I tell him there is nothing in red. He continues to insist there is and I assure him there is nothing in red. I read the recall number to him but he doesn’t care about that number. He wants to search by my name and nothing comes up. Search by my phone number, and nothing comes up, either. Maybe address? You guessed it, nothing! I ask him “can’t you just use this recall number and we can just schedule it?” He says No to that too. His one last attempt is by my VIN and gee, what do you think? nothing. He finally decides to use the recall number, and ready for this? “Oh, we don’t have the parts”…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Hey I’m no expert, but hey, Einsteins over at Ourisman…How about leading with the recall numbers first? Let me help… “I have a recall notice” “Okay, whats the recall number? It looks like we don’t have the parts for that, so let me take your info and we can contact you when we have them” What would that take? 1 to 2 minutes? And the icing on the cake by this guy? He finishes with “oh, if you haven’t heard from us in two weeks, call us back”…And you took all my info for what, then? I hung up….Just a complete customer service fiasco. I will stick with Jerry’s.
Matt Sullivan
It’s always great to work with kind and honest people who are fully transparent about the car buying process and want to help like those at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln. Lee and the Ourisman family helped me and my family find the perfect car and we couldn’t have been happier with the process and overall service. I highly recommend giving them a call for your next set of wheels. THANK YOU!
Brent Zimmerman
Fixed my warranty covered issue, no hassles, no argument. Did it in 24hrs like they said and it’s been running perfect ever since. I’ll be going back to them for all my work, they do a good job, work fast and take care of you. I’ll probably wind up buying a car from them in the future. Unlike Sheehy Ford in Springfield. Screw those guys. They will try and weasel out of warranty work with any excuse they can think up.
Catherine George
Huey Wyche was the best salesman I have ever worked with at a car dealership. This was our first time leasing a vehicle, and Huey made the process very easy. He explained everything in a way that made us feel like we understood exactly what was going on, which doesn’t always happen when car shopping. I also feel like Huey went out of his way to get us the best deal possible – he was willing to work with our budget and we ended up with a wonderful Ford Edge (which we love). He is genuine, honest, not at all pushy, and makes you feel like you have known him for years. Ourisman is lucky to have him, and so were we as our salesman!
joshua whitaker
Ourisman Ford carried a superior level of customer service across two vehicle sales and went above and beyond to make it a stress free situation. It’s good to have sales people that still believe in making their customers happy.
Mickey Brown
I purchased my vehicle from this dealership. In order to maintain a life-time guarantee on my engine, I must get the maintenance performed at Ourisman. When I made the appointment for my oil change, I inquired if I could get it done at any Ourisman and was told yes. Because the employee didn’t seem certain, I escalated my question to senior personnel and was informed that I must only go to Ourisman locations in Virginia. So I decided to attend the very same Ourisman that I purchased my vehicle from.
I made an appointment for a synthetic oil change 3 days in advance and informed Ourisman that my car was not a Ford or Lincoln. I arrived on time, and after an hour and a half, I inquired why it was taking so long. I was informed that because my car is not Ford or Lincoln they did not have the parts to perform the oil change. They had to order the parts. After a little over 2 hours, my car was complete. The fee was $30 dollars more than I was initially quoted at the time that I made the appointment. The employee named Sophia was very rude and her manager was quite disengaged.
The mechanic placed a sticker on my car for 3,000 miles although I paid for a synthetic oil change and it should state 15,000 miles or one year. Also, my maintenance light came on 3 weeks later, which means that the interval between oil changes was not amended and as a result my maintenance notification was not updated appropriately. With this outcome, I’m not confident that they used synthetic oil during my oil change.
claudia Owens
This was a great experience. I shopped online and came to test Drive the Edge.Best price in the DMV. I didn’t like the Edge so on my out I had seen the Escape. Huey didn’t not hesitate do go back in with me and see if they had a great deal on an Escape.
The Team was very professional and very helpful. Since I didn’t purchase a car for years they made it easy on me.
My Escape was purchase for work and my Financial Officer said we got a great deal. So I would recommend Ourisman Ford & Lincoln in Alexandria to all of my friends and Family. Huey was the Best Car Salesman I have ever in encountered , no pressure at all. Love my Escape !
Vel Eastman
I am so so happy that I chose, Ourisman Ford &Lincoln to purchase my car. The salesman was the best, no games,no going back and forth to talk to the manager. Huey is the best, I will recommend him to my friends and family .
Leonard Blue
The service I experienced was excellent! I was a bit apprehensive because of poor prior experience with Ourisman’s sister company (Ourisman Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge), so I was very surprised to see how great the service actually was. They were ready to receive my vehicle at the appointment time, and Mr Anthony Romano explained the process and took care of things right away. The waiting room was also well appointed and nicely furnished, and the turn-around time on my vehicle was fast. Great experience overall!
Kenneth R
Purchased my brand new 2018 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid . One thing I would say about this dealership is that if you have an issue they will not stop until the issue is either resolved or you have been properly taken care of. I dealt directly with GM Lee whom recommended this type of vehicle because of it gas milage proficiency and Lincolns all American Luxurious look. I also was assisted by service representative Dane they made my experience memorable walking away with the finest detailing that I have ever seen. I walked away from the dealership satisfied with my vehicle. Furthermore feeling assured that I would be properly taken care of if I were to return. I want to say thank you once again and I look forward to doing business with these amazing group of individuals.
Morris Jones
I just had an extremely positive auto shopping experience at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln. I am amazed that I am writing this….but they were just that outstanding!
Thank you Izzy for guiding me through a tremendous buying experience at a dealership that strives for excellence. The Lincoln product line speaks for itself, and is superb in its own right. A dealership striving for excellence is something special, and shows from first line staff through to supporting members (thank you also to Jeff R., Denise P and Mohammad M.)
Mickey Coffman
I spent many hours researching and finally selecting my 2017 Ford Explorer. After finding my vehicle on line at your location, I called and Izzy was very helpful. He understood that I knew what I was looking for and confirmed that the vehicle was available. I asked him to reserve the vehicle and prepare it for sale. I came the next day to the dealership and as promised the vehicle was ready and the paperwork was completed. Total time to complete the deal was less than 2 hours…a big plus for me. I drove 2 hours to get there so I did not want to waste time going through all the gyrations of a new car purchase. They understood that and made sure it was as efficient as possible. I will remember that on my next purchase. Overall an excellent experience.
Troy Bardwell
I found this to be a very friendly and trustworthy dealership with a super staff, one that made my buying experience hassle free. Lee Brooks and his team understand how the game is played, superior service , professional and courteous respect to their customers. They have set the bar on how a dealership should be operated! Our family’s future car business will go to no one else. As a business owner myself, it is hard to find vendors you can trust. I would recommend Mr. Brooks and his team to anyone.
Jeremy Fishelberg
I worked with Mike Powers, who was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive. I was under a time crunch with an expiring lease and Mike worked very efficiently to make everything go quite smoothly. He was very patient and professional and was a an absolute pleasure to work with.
Professional and friendly dealership. I have purchased many vehicles in my 60 years but I must say the salesperson Cindy and the managers Dan and Lee made this one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. They worked hard to make a good deal for both of us, much appreciated of their understanding and caring attitude, would purchase with them again in the future
Greg Cobb
Got a 2018 Mustang GT in April. I was able to walk in and get the car I was looking for at good price and I am loving the car. I plan on getting my maintenance done at this dealership because of there friendly service.
Dog Dot Cat
Ford technicians diagnosed a part that needed replacing free of charge as it was in the same location as the door latches that needed replacing due to a recall. I was able to order the part and fixed myself but this was possible with Ford’s diagnostics. Overall, I’m very pleased with the vehicle I purchased. Thank you
Sam Dunderdale
Worst customer service experience I have ever had. I have been waiting 6 months for a recall part to become available on a passenger airbag. When I called the dealership they said it was available and then when I came in they said there was a mistake and it wasn’t available. I followed up multiple times over the next couple of months and was passed around to different people only to be dismissed. They kept changing the timeline of when the part would be available and whenever I pressed them for answers they would try to pass me on to Fords nationwide customer service line. CHRIS N. AGYEKUM who I talked to on multiple occasions was dismissive and at times openly rude and hostile on the phone. Ford says they care about safety but they have let a recalled airbag problem go unfixed for months and have actively made my efforts to get it fixed miserable.
Cris H
Great buying experience. Left out feeling happy to be in a vehicle I REALLY wanted and not put in something the dealership was just trying to get rid of or what they felt they could get me in. Happy with my purchase. Please keep up the good customer service and DO NOT turn out to be one of those dealerships that tend to discard you once you have purchased a vehicle. Referrals are a great way to keep up your business but only if you treat post-customers the same way when they first arrived at your dealership.
Scott MacArthur
Great service. In and out as promised. Work area/waiting area was clean and quiet. Highly recommend.
Betty Jo Rockwell
Excellent service and very personable staff. They took an interest in me as a customer and explained everything I needed to know about my new car. Highly recommend!
Luselys Lugardo
Extremely attentive the second you walk in. Offered refreshments and top notch service. Super quick and easy and ended up with a car I love! Will definitely be coming back for my step-daughters car soon.
Kyle K
I always take my vehicle here for oil changes because I know I can count on them to get the work done and know they won’t try to pull anything over on me. I’ve had a poor experience at Sheehy trying to rip me off, but always had a really good experience here! They’re friendly and have a very nice waiting area. Highly recommend!
John Nelson
So, I went in to visit with Mike to check out the 2018 Navigator…the vehicle is exquisite. Everything was going fine until I started commenting negatively on features that are included in the Navigator but are not ideal for me and my family. For instance, there isn’t a DVD option to entertain rear-passengers in the new Navigator. Lincoln decided to enable the Navigator to be a wireless hot-spot that has on-going Internet connectivity so you can stream content to devices in the vehicle. However, there is a cost associated with that. For me, that is unappealing. When I voiced my opinion, Mike said very candidly that maybe that’s a good reason for me not to buy the car. Of course it would be one of the things that I would’ve considered in my decision making process, however I did not appreciate Mike telling me this. To me, it came across as him saying – Look, this is what we have if you don’t like it then don’t buy it. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem pretty respectful to the customer. It made me feel like he could careless about my business. I just felt unappreciated as a customer, and I hope that others don’t have this experience. But, if you do and you have read this post, then you were warned.
Elizabeth Morgan
I bought a new 2017 Ford Fusion AWD that DIED in two weeks. I was told that they wouldn’t replace it and I was stuck with it since I paid cash for the car and an 8 year contract. It was around $44,000!!! The car had a defective ACM chip which they were to fix. The repair shop at the dealership had the car for 5 weeks and when I got the car back it was dead and they had to jump it. The car dies every day!!!
They are the very WORST!!!
Steve Pedone
Overall great buying experience. Negotiated the price ovwe the phone. When I arrived to do the paperwork everything was as agreed. Everything was prepared when I arrived and the whole process took only 1 1/2 hours. Hurt went over all details as far as registering and service. I then went to finance to and signed the paperwork and was on my way. Probably the best car buying experience I have had.
Cory Stinson
Without a doubt the best vehicle purchase experience I’ve ever had. Ricky Vance worked hard to make sure I got a truck and he succeeded. Lee Brooks and Chappy Polk were awesome as well! Thanks y’all!
Ashley Swiger
I bought a car through Adrien Henric a few months ago and it was the fastest and easiest car experience I’ve ever been through. He was extremely straight forward, cut to the chase and very knowledgeable, got me what I needed and nothing more and got me out. I’ve already recommended him to friends and I would definitely go back!
Dave Y
Great work helping me troubleshoot and fix a door latch issue I caused. Found the cause fast, fixed it -properly- the first time and did it quickly. Well done.
David Grijalva
The car buying experience here at Ourisman Ford was great! I called to have a certain Ford Explorer ready to test drive upon my arrival. The vehicle was parked at the front of the dealership and ready to go. All the sales people were very helpful in answering any questions I had about the vehicle and they did absolutely everything they could to ensure I got a good deal (including staying well past closing!). Everything was agreed to that night and I took the Explorer home with me. I returned the next day to finish all the paperwork and get the car cleaned and washed. This is why my review is a 3 instead of a 5. I expected all the paperwork to be ready for me to sign and the cleaning to take maybe an hour max. Instead NONE of the paperwork was ready AND they waited till AFTER I was done with the paperwork to start cleaning my car. What I thought would be a 1 hour wait turned into almost 3 hours. On top of that, they left a whole bunch of plastic wrapping in the car, residue of the window stickers on the inside of the vehicle, and no one had gone over the Explorer thoroughly with me to explain all the ins and outs. I will be returning to the dealership the vehicle re-cleaned and have someone walk through the Explorer with me at which time I hope I can update this review to give it more stars.
Kashmere Batchelor
My service representative was very attentive (especially when it came to my eyelashes on my car, lol!) And when the issue arrived with my payment/warranty he called for me and handled it immediately! I haven’t had any major issues with Ford yet and that’s what makes it so easy to work with you guys!
Christel Milazzo
We recently bought a 2018 Escape and 2018 Black Label Navigator from Mike Hughes. When a post-sale issue came up with the Navigator, the service could not have been more responsive. All issues were quickly resolved. The General Manager, Lee Brooks, worked out a great trade and topped everything off with tickets to the 2018 Washington Auto Show. We’ll definitely do business here again!
Tim and Genae Meerstein
This is the best car/truck-buying experience we had, and we would definitely return! Definitely recommend Ourisman Ford and Lincoln!
We had very specific requirements for the F-150 and accessories we wanted; Chappy spent hours searching for the F-150 and located it! Price negotiations were very stress-free (we did our homework before truck shopping) and we got a very fair deal.
Based on our truck-buying experience and the steps the dealership took to prep the truck (installed leather, spray-in beadliner, etc.), I am confident we will continue to receive top-shelf customer service when it is time to service the truck.
Thank you for the great experience!!
Patrick Taylor
When I initially went in the staff was great. Friendly outgoing and ready to make things work best for both sides. I walked out with a new to me car an included warranty and peace of mind that if I needed anything all I had to do was pick up the phone and call. A special thanks to Tony and Logan for working with me and my wife to make this happen!
Dennis Toskin
I had a great experience working with Ourisman Lincoln. The staff was professional, friendly and eager to help. While purchasing a car can be stressful. My experience was anything but. Thanks Brandon, Chappy and the entire staff.
Mardiko Ellison
I had a great car buying experience at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln. Kudos to Bouquet and Cynthia. Thank you, you guys are the best.
Sandy Patarroyo
I really want to thank Mr. Huey D. Wyche, for helping out on the purchase of my first car. I appreciate your patience and honesty ! Thank you so much !!!! 🙂 And the staff of this place is awesome 👏🏼
Reggie Johnson
This was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had, bar none.
The outstanding customer service started with our salesman Mr. Washington, then Mr. Rosenblatt, the sales manager who gave us more than we expected for our trade in, and finally but not least the outstanding customer service and professionalism continued with the finance manager Ms. Hatcher. Ms. Hatcher did a great job explaining everything to us until we understood it. I was very impressed with her professionalism. The reason I can spot outstanding customer…because I am a professional customer service trainer. I train companies to do what this store already knows. So if you need a car and you want this experience this is the place.
Susan Taylor
Terrible service department. I just walked out and refused to let them work on my vehicle when they wouldn’t honor what I was told by another service person – essentially calling me a liar. The person I dealt with kept saying – well the guy that told you the service was covered doesn’t work here anymore and was only here for like a week and a half – making it sound as if he was fired. I then found out the man was not fired and actually passed away. Super classy Ourisman. Never going there again
sean finney
The worst service experience I have ever had. I had a appointment for 10am and waited 3.5 hours for a oil change. That’s all I had done. I would avoid the service department at all costs. Dont bother making a appointment or giving them any of your money.
sean moran
Drove to ourisman to buy a newer vehicle. Prices were way lower then their competition. So shopped here and the salesman we’re great. Had no issues with my buying experience. Would recommend
John Kresslein
I was very happy with the service I received. The staff was professional and we are excited about the MKC we purchased.
Lauren Brand
I had brought my 10-year old MKZ in for service in January and was walking around the showroom, looking at the new cars. A couple of salesmen approached me, but I didn’t want to waste their time and explained I was waiting, so they left me to wander. Then Huey said hello and just smiled when I offered my explanation. He was so relaxed, I didn’t feel as if he would pressure me, or that I was wasting his time. Not only did he answer my questions about the safety features that had evolved in the past ten years, he encouraged me to test drive an MKC, then an Escape to see the differences in engines, features and rides. I took my old car home. Six weeks later I started looking for good deals on a used MKC and was not surprised that Ourisman was offering a vehicle at an attractive price. I called Huey on a Sunday and found that vehicle was sold by the time I arrived to look at it, but was delighted as Huey had found another that was similarly priced with more features and was holding it for me. It was perfect for me! Thank you Ourisman for a very good experience – Huey is a great representative. Your used car manager was informative and friendly and I bonded with your finance manager. I would not hesitate to work with this team again.
Robert Lane
Great experience. I got everything that I wanted. Car, color, trade in, and financing.
Jonathan Kebede
I am wondering if there is a manager or somebody who monitor calls. I tried to get service advisors to get a business car serviced but could not get one. I finally schedule it with just an operator. I am not sure if I should go get this car serviced there or not?! may be I will see if anyone respond to this comment I may take it other wise I will just take to Jiffy Lube
Doc Holliday
My sell representatives, Mike Hughes and Chappy Polk were outstanding. I would buy another car from them anytime. They were professional and very knowledgeable. I did not provide five stars only because I had to take my new car in for service several times before it was repaired. However this is in no way a reflection on the superior service I received from Mike and Chappy. Would should strongly recommend Ourisman because of those two.
Huey D. Wyche Sr.
I found my experience during my purchase to be one of the best in my 40 plus years in car buying. I would give my salesman (Huey), the Management Team and the Dealership the highest rating of all. I highly recommend.
willy alvarado
The entire staff was wonderful to work with, this was by far my best auto purchase experience. I recommend anyone who is in the market for a ford to reach out to these guys to see how they can make it happen for you. Once again super happy with the experience and loving my new truck.
Mary Ann Stillions
Uris Del Pozo is a great sale person he helped me on alot of question and showed me alot of things on my Ford edge that I did not no how to do Antonio Johnson was ok but Uris is the one I think is better he helped me on what I was looking for alot to buy
Michael Ware
I have tried using this dealership many times and have spent thousands here, but almost every time I go there is more problems to both my vehicles after I have gotten any service. The short list:
1. Check engine light on after a windows regulator install.
2. Taking my wife’s 2016 Explorer in for multiple issues (including A Pillar trim on outside flying off as she was driving [car had less than 10,000 miles] and being told they couldn’t replace it under warranty). Had to call Ford Corporate to get it fixed.
3. Missed deadlines for repairs and parts
4. Repairs covered under warranty not conducted because they could not find the problem – had to tell one of the techs to sit in the seat and turn on the seat heater so he could feel the cold air coming out of the back.
This is only a very quick snapshot, and there are many others!!!! Stay away!
John Morgan
Incompetent parts department. After calling ahead to ensure they had the antenna I needed, I dedicated an hour and a half of my Saturday to make it out to pick the antenna up. After waiting for 30 minutes (although no one was ahead of me in line) I was informed they did not have the antenna they had told me was in stock. Honestly, the service department here has always been pretty good, but for parts…fool me once, never coming here again. Time is money and I just got a hell of a lot of mine wasted. Very frustrated right now. And I still have no antenna.
The other thing I must add is that the guy I worked with was completely and utterly unapologetic about the fact that they did not have the part that they had verified that they did, in fact, have on hand. He was also pretty unapologetic in informing me that they would not order it to deliver at my house, because they don’t do that. He was not mean about it, or rude, it just seemed he was: (a) completely oblivious to the fact that time matters to some people, and (b) unaware that in any way what he was saying was indicative of poor business procedures and a failure on their part. The overall experience did not make me feel like I was doing business in the first world.
I will never spend money at this place again.
Marixa Farrar
My experience at Ourisman was awesome and amazing. The dealership as a whole made me feel good when I purchased my car about a month and a half ago. But, the person who does the tags has the poorest customer service and the biggest attitude ever when it comes to getting my tags, which is actually what I am awaiting for right now. I love Ourisman, but with that one exception, keep up the good work with being for your customers. I appreciate you!
EJ Bombay
Great experience I’m am very happy with my purchases!! Ourisman Ford & Lincoln really stepped up and made the impossible possible. If you are looking for a vehicle with class this is where you need to be. I ended up trading in both of my vehicles so now me and my wife is part of the Lincoln family. I think she was more excited than I was, I guess because this is her first luxury vehicle🙂
Tyler Enoch
Getting better with new management, but as usual, after you’ve bought a car from them, they tend to stop assisting you. Antonio, however, has been phenomenal through the whole process and even post purchase. I’d love to work with him again. Better experience than when I purchased a car in 2011, though.
Michelle Cooper
The entire experience at Ourisman was amazing. Huey Wyche and Chappy Polk made the process quick and easy and we got the vehicle we wanted. We have never been to a friendlier dealership and will return for service on our new vehicle as well as any future vehicle purchases!! Thank you Hury and Chappy and the whole Ourisman team!
Belinda Tyler
So me a lemon and did not help me with another car or offer a better deal
Robin Malloy
Love my new Lincoln XKZ that I bought at Ourisman! Our salesman, Izzy Guardado was great! Just came to get my plates and he is having my car washed and vacuumed for me. Such great customer service and an awesome car buying experience at Ourisman!
Ricky Trice
I have gotten all of my cars there by the same lady. You request and if it’s the right brand and available it was there the next day. 😄
Sherry Kohan
Very easy process. Was looking for car for our daughter to drive who is a new driver. Our sales associate was very knowledgeable about the vehicle. Showroom is very nice and comfortable, not a high pressure environment. Would recommend them!
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