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Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Kirkland, WA

Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5
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12828 NE 124th St, Kirkland, WA 98034, United States
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Rairdon's Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Kirkland | Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Dealer in Kirkland, WA

Our Rairdon's Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep dealership strives to offer every customer a car buying experience that caters to each individual’s needs. Browse our online inventory or visit us! We serve Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Everett and Seattle areas.

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Naty Rabin
Great service! Karl and Justin that went out of their way to get me the best offer possible (and I shopped around…). Super nice and helpful. Even the finance guy was great. Would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone.
Quinn Naughtin
Had a great experience with getting my first jeep here recently! Jara, the salesperson who helped me was happy to answer my questions, offer input, and steer me towards the right jeep that fit my budget. Would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a Jeep!
Dayla Griffin
We found a vehicle for 8,000 online and called ahead. We first spoke with Taylor and he was nice and trying to be helpful. First he said he was going to push for 7,300 out the door for the cars worth. We then spoke with another lady who called and said she could do 8,000 out the door with paperwork settled. After going to multiple dealerships today we thought this was the best deal and said we were coming in. Upon arriving the car was ready and we were able to test drive it. Then they started changing the numbers. After them rambling trying to get me to finance the car they said they could do nothing and it would be 9,280. After declining because they had already promised a lower number they settled on 9,000. We promptly left and the boss Bill was rude and spoke down on us throughout the negotiation. Edit- after posting this review I was contacted by the manager. He wanted to fix the issues we had so he went down to the original asking price. I would’ve given them 4 stars but there was an altercation between the sales manager and my boyfriend (he tried to step up and got in my boyfriend space). After sitting for multiple hours waiting for it all to be settled we just wanted to go home.
Travis Hair
I just had the same experience as the commenter below me with the same employees(seems to be a pattern by looking at other review sites). We had used Rairdon’s website to figure out the trade in amount and when we got to the dealership they tried offering $7000 less! Then they started with the typical predatory sales tactics by changing numbers around, including taking rebates we qualified for and trying to take our tax credit for the trade in. At the end, we left because they couldn’t get the numbers right. That should have been the end of an unfortunately wasted afternoon, but they called me the next morning asking how we could make a deal. I told them all they had to do was honor the original trade in value. They agreed! Great!…Not so fast. I asked them to email me the out the door price before I went back in (I live an hour and a half away). They refused and after hours of back and forth their numbers were still shady and at least $2K more, which they could not explain where the cost was coming from. To add insult to injury, they talked to me like I backed out on a deal. This type of business practice should have been dead long ago. Warning to others, if you go to buy a vehicle, know your numbers through and through and do not let them bully you with their predatory tactics. If the numbers don’t work, walk away.
Went for a service for my Ram 150 Rebel and wanted to recognize Forest C Clark for his amazing customer service, especially his patience with my ignorance and my “not so good English”. Plus the oil change + inspection was only 65 dollars! Go there if you want to be treated right.
jordan biggs
Karl, Jordan, and team all worked with me through my buying process. I saw on their website a beautiful Red Pacifica Hybrid and knew that was my next vehicle. I was able to take the vehicle on a no pressure test drive. I enjoyed seeing all the features and no pressure sales. That day I was not able to buy it, but came back a few days later and purchased the vehicle. They accommodated my needs and delivered the vehicle fully fueled, cleaned and ready to drive. We had some issues, but they got worked out. Thank you for the vehicle, I will enjoy it for many years to come.
James DeJoy
They did a great job on my recall. I’ve had service from another Jeep dealer in the past, but Rairdon’s was much more organized and efficient. I will definitely use them in the future!!
Nathan Smith
Brought my Renegade in for an oil change and inspection and the staff were friendly (I was attended by Alyssa) and had my car back to me within the hour. I give them the highest possible rating. Highly recommend!
Sonia Campos
Worst Dealership I’ve been to, very bad customer service. I would have put zero stars if possible. I spoke with about 4 different people and they were all rude, finance people were pushy to make a deal. They also try to trick you for their convenience. I tried buying a truck there and they said “if you don’t buy the Warranty we won’t sell you the truck”(extended warranty would have brought the final price up $3,000). I know that is illegal since it was “AS-IS”. I tried arguing it to them, they didn’t listen. so I ended up not getting anything. Overall if you are not informed well they will scam you!!!!
Luis Vargas
Best dodge dealership in the state of Washington. Customer service is on point and we organized. I live in Tacoma and I travel all the way to Kirkland for their services. Good job guys🙌🙌🤜🏻🤛🏻👍
Allyson Lohrmann
Easy check in and loaner car process. Far exceeds the experience of where I bought my car. This would have been 5 stars if there was a car wash or vacuum thrown in.
heather robinson
They worked hard to give me the best price, highest trade in value and a low interest rate. Jordan made me feel as though it was all about finding a Jeep I loved. While I signed my paperwork, they detailed it (even though it only had 31 miles) and topped off the tank. He waited while I adjusted my seat and mirrors in case I had any last minute questions and was generally just kind. Inside was very clean and they were sanitizing throughout the short time I was there. Several people checked on me to make sure I was being helped. The finance guy (I don’t remember his name) was polite and professional with a great sense of humor. I felt very comfortable there and hope to keep this Jeep Renegade for a long time but I will go back there when I need a new Jeep. 😉 My experience couldn’t have been better.
Robert LaVergne
I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the sales people at Kirkland Dodge for trying to upsell us an extended warranty, a maintenance program and for telling us the price of the truck was valid ONLY if we went with dealer financing instead of our own lender with better rates. We decided to purchase our new truck from another Ram dealer that actually listened to us and respected us. So, Thanks, Kirkland Dodge!
Chris Ruef
David was an awesome service rep however you folks missed my engine oil change and filter. I’ll wind up doing that myself
Kevin Pontecorvo
The entire team at Rairdon’s was absolutely great to work with. They made sure I was comfortable with the jeep I was purchasing from features to prove abs made the entire experience great.
Phillip Wills
My Jeep had big engine problems. Rairdon’s service was excellent. My service advisor, David, kept me informed on the progress and worked with my (non-Mopar) extended warranty company to get everything covered. They even found a couple problems with the axel seals that I want aware of.
Mike McBride
I was expecting your average new car dealership. Big showroom with ample parking,tables and chairs with salesmen in suites and ties trying to win your business through friendly, lay back business.Not so much here. There was one parking space in front,no showroom,little cubicles everywhere, in a sheet metal building with all sorts of people going very fast and it took three of them to complete the sale.I had a quote for the car I wanted,and trade in but sale ended up being much more. The old saying of buyer beware is alive in Kirkland.
Elise Jones
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jordan G. when purchasing my first car. I had a pretty specific list of things I was looking for and he helped me find the perfect car! He was extremely helpful and so personable! I 100% recommend Rairdon’s of Kirkland for your car purchase, and if you can, ask for Jordan! Thank you again for helping me find such a wonderful car!
Mike Cleek
Don’t trust their offer to purchase your car! I bought my car from them 4 years ago and had a pleasant enough experience. They called me and said they wanted purchase the car from me, I told them that I wanted $22,000 for it and they said that they were really close so I should come in for an inspection. I came and they said they could get me $17,000 max. I sad no. 3 weeks later they sent me a letter that said they would pay $20,683 for my car pending no major issues with it. I brought it in and I have 15k miles less than expected for my vehicle, it’s in good condition. After making the trip in they said they would give me $14,500 for my car. I pointed at the offer the mailed me (for 40% more than their offer) and they said “Would you buy your car for that? We can’t pay you that much.” Totally unethical practice, wont’ be going back to them, you just can’t trust them.
Waste of my time… got a call to see if I could bring my vehicle in a day early, so i adjusted my schedule for the afternoon to make that happen… had a hard time finding a parking spot, finally got to the service counter and the advisor started asking me 20 questions for a service I purposely called to schedule a week ago if there were questions to be asked why not aske them then? Then when he was done asking all his questions he has to go ask his manager for permission to have the work done on my car?????? I lost all confidence at this point and left without having my car serviced… very disappointed.
Mahmoud Elshafei
Very aggressive sales tatics made talking with them very stessful. When we called they said they would only give us a price in price. When we got there they wasted a whole lot of time although we communicated exactly what we wanted. Then they didn’t want to give us the numbers on paper until we first agreed to buy. How can we agree to a price we don’t know. We are not the kind of people that take a 50k purchase lightly, so we wanted some time to think about it. We ended up walking away as I didn’t feel comfortable buying from a business with such sketchy practices. They do a really bad job of earning customer trust. Mind you their verbal offer was decent, and they were down to a price I was happy with. But if you are not comfortable with the person selling then just walk away.
Courtney Rhule
I bought a new Jeep Compass in 2017. A week after purchase I had to return the car as it had been recalled for safety reasons. I was given a similar replacement (not the car or color that I had wanted); however, that was just the beginning of the problems. The entire navigation system went out, the start/stop battery has been replaced twice, 2 safety recalls and the gas range has never worked. I am now being told that despite the obvious malfunction with the range sensor, the manufacturer says it’s to “spec” so they won’t pay to replace it. I have to open up a “cares case” to try to get them to fix a basic issue. Staff doesn’t listen to your complaints and it takes so long to get even basic work completed. Will never buy a Jeep again.
Erez Benari
Had a great experience at rairdon and left really happy. Totally recommended, and particularly working with Jerrick, the sales associate. Thumbs up!
Lei Wen
Showing a decent price over the phone/email/website, get me there, when I am ready to pay for the car and sign, add 5500$. They are just showing fake price you will never be able to get on the website. I was talking to Irwin Harris all the time, and make it very clear that we both agree with the deal, I will just pay/sign and then leave. When I got there, he said he got business to do, and someone else showed up, he seems got mad at me that I don’t want to buy the 3000$+ extended warranty. Then told me they can only offer 5K trade in value for my car, without looking at it. In the phone/email, I told them the VIN and millage, they say it would be around 10K. If I want to trade in as 10K, the car has to be sold to me as MSRP. What a joke! Plus when I got there, Irwin Harris asked for my title, I have to go there next day to get it back. He refused to answer the phone. I will totally avoid this dealership and all Rairdon’s auto.
John Klasell
Took my Jeep Grand Cherokee in for its regular oil change and multi-point inspection. Service adviser did a very good job checking me in and answering questions. Service tech however did a very poor job. They took a short but and did not remove the filter housing, just the little inspection hood. It was explained to me by another service tech that they immediately removed the filter prior to letting it sit for a few minutes so that the old oil could settle. They pull the filter off and dumped the entire contents of old oil all over the entire engine block, front of the engine and brush guard pan. I discovered this after returning home and then had to drive the car 20 miles back to the dealer and show the service agent the mess that was left me.. He personally apologized and got them to wash the bulk of the mess up the best they could. Again, the service agent did a great job chasing this issue. Hopefully the service tech will get an earful for being lazy. I was in the process of looking into a new dodge truck to replace mine but now I’m going to have to think about it as well as reconsider other service options.
Fresha Peppa
Great staff and experience and Rairdon’s Dodge. I went for an Express oil change and was delighted to find out they provided a complementary inspection and offered fair pricing for excellent service. Highly recommended
Pete Voss
Avoid the services department at all cost. If you have no choice, make sure you’re clear on the price and what you’re committing to. I went in for an oil change and asked them to take a look at the windshield wiper fluid pump as it wasn’t working. I committed to ~$500 which I thought was a little high, but worth it to me to address the issue. 3.5 hours later, I got a call saying it would be $2,200 to fix. Later I found out $500 was only a diagnosis fee. So I got the old bait and switch. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Go elsewhere.
Will L
Just leased our second vehicle through Rairdon and worked with the same salesperson, Jordan, on both occasions. Strongly recommend. They are all responsive and transparent around packages and finances. Jordan in particular has been great, answering questions and running down leads over text. Great service.
Malkit Upal
Erwin is the man, he has great customer service and helped us out with everything we needed. Anytime we need something, we will call him!! He’s the best. This is a great dealership.
Brian Rush
Personable, professional, informative, clear, and to the point respecting me and my time especially. I’m very appreciative of Kirkland Rairdon’s great customer service. The work was done just as requested and done cleanly. Again, much appreciated. Thank you.
Amie Parkhurst
Fantastic experience, friendly non pushy sells men and very informative. A huge shout out to Jared and Justin… I love my new Jeep
Kirsti Rochon
Other than our initial contact with David at check in, our experience was horrible and we will not return. We came in with an older car with a warning light issue, which is all we wanted to fix. We proceeded to get a document outlining nearly $5500 of “urgent repairs” that they recommended for us and felt high pressure to do these but ultimately decided against. In addition, we were quoted one price but charged a higher price without explanation. When asked why, the desk person didn’t know and wasn’t willing to ask anyone. Upon pickup, my husband then waited for them to bring our car around for quite sometime, even though he could see our car from the window. He said he’d just go get it, but they didn’t want him to. Odd and disappointing all around.
Deena Docter
Person helping me very polite and friendly. My car was ready in a timely manner. They sent me a text letting me know it was done.
P Sutherland6
The sales team was very kind, helpful and professional. They were quick to locate the exact vehicle I wanted. I will update to 5stars if my Jeep arrives when they said it would!😉😎 seriously, great people! We’ll, Taylor “Red” Hahne delivered as promised!!!👍 Thank you!
John Yeung
The service department opens on the weekend including Sunday which is very convenient. No appointment is even required for the express service. Use it once for oil change and once with an issue with water in the taillight. Service representative kept me up to date on the repair status. First time owning a Dodge and surprised with the quality of service when comparing with European brand dealers.
Laurie M
I very much appreciated the courteous attitude of every person I interacted with. Especially Drake in the service dept. He was so helpful, understanding and professional. He made the process very easy and I felt confident I was at the right place. I will be back for service and to purchase my next vehicle. Thank you Drake!
Carissa Mangini
Wait time was a little longer than usual but understandable with the current COVID situations. I had an appointment to ge my kiddo to and was running late, the manager Kevin, said just to take a loaner car while mine was being serviced and when I came back from my appointment everything was fine and my car was washed. Thanks guys. Great service.
michelle hunt
They were very accommodating and not pushy. The sales person was friendly and made our experience enjoyable. Everyone worked together seamlessly. We love our new vehicle and will be back to buy from them again. We would absolutely recommend them to our friends.
Painful buying experience. We new the kbb of our trade and had a good offer on the car we wanted from another dealer. We didn’t share this with them until after their initial offer which was $5k less the minimum kbb for our trade and at least $10k more than the offer we received from the other dealership. After much negotiating, they came much closer but in the end, I wish we had purchased someplace else. Now we’re just hoping their service is good
Robert Bartman
David helped me out with setting up my car service and I’ve never been more satisfied with customer service! He was very helpful in all aspects
I really have to thank Chelsea in Rairdon’s Service Department. She really took the time to listen and help me through a few additions I made to the purchase of my new jeep. Whenever there was a problem, she came to me with a solution. Easily made decisions on the spot and anticipated my needs to help me through any challenges. Also thanks to Randy in parts for taking the time to answer my questions and help me make informed decisions.
Stephany Velasco Garcia
I’ve been meaning to review how awesome this dealer and it’s team is. The staff there is incredibly welcoming and understanding. I initially stopped by Rairdon’s to browse for my dream car. Needless to say, that same day I signed the next few years of my bank account away! Apart from a discrepancy—that was rectified two days later—I can say this dealer is transparent and cares more about its customers than their profit. I totally recommend it!
hunter grelle
Had a great experience with Red helping me out and helping me find the perfect car and also he helped to work with me to get the payment where I needed.
Andrew Sheldon
Edit: Aaron, the new service manager called me directly to address this issue and I feel heard and acknowledged. Very professional. It sounds like he took over recently and is working to improve the customer service in the service dept. For now, they get 4 stars for properly handling a situation that I don’t think should have happened in the first place. Will update after next service.
I visited the dealer for an oil change a week and a half ago. While I was waiting, I thought I would look into upgrading to a 2500 for the increased towing capacity. I was introduced to a sales person (Gage) who showed me a beautiful 2020 RAM 2500 at about 10:30 am. I made the decision to purchase the 2500 based in part on some assurances Gage made. He told me that the cab on the 2500 was the same as my 1500. It is not. The 2500 is at least 4 inches shorter in the back seat (Crew Cab vs Mega Cab). Gage also told me that the winter tires I purchased last year for my 1500 would fit the 2500. They will not, which will cost me about $1,000 next winter. After closing the deal and waiting *5 hours* for the truck to come back from “detailing”, I finally left the dealership at 5 PM, a full 7 hours after I arrived. When I got home, my wife noticed some scratches and dents on the vehicle. I called immediately to speak to Gage but he was “unavailable”. I left a message for him to call me back,. He did not. I called the next day and left another message. Gage was not working that day so I left a message for the manager to call me. No one called. I called the next day, and the day after and left messages for either Gage or the manager to return my call. I still haven’t heard from anyone on the sales side of the dealership. Horrible Horrible customer service and post sales follow up. I am still waiting to hear from the *service* side of the dealership on some post sales add-ons the salesman agreed to provide. I will write another review describing that experience in a few days. assuming Jorge Arzeta calls me back ( I have left 2 messages for him also.)
jerome fletcher
Not a honest sales team. They lure you in with rebates and deals just to add “other” items to make up for it. Disappointed and a waste of time. Brought in all the print outs which the dealer and Chrysler promised and yet they don’t want to honor it with out adding add on items which I didn’t want. To top it off the guys at the front desk were mocking and giving an attitude. Do not trust this place. Definitely don’t recommend them.
Liat Bandiel
I love this place! Getting great service every time! Lance was very attentive & professional!!
Chris O
Lease came to an end with the expected price to pay of $23,375. Vehicle was then sold to me for $25,971. Not to mention the over priced vehicle warranty that was forced on me to get a “lower interest rate” which brought me above $33,000 all said and done after tax. If I didn’t love my vehicle I would have walked away right then and there. The whole situation felt wrong and I felt taken advantage of when the process was over. Cant wait to refinance when the time comes.
Johnny Boi
Rairdons Chevy Chrysler Jeep dodge is the place to go. I had a vehicle which I was upside down on and they were able to still take the trade. The man I worked with was Mr. Reos. Great service all around! Paid attention to what I was looking for in a vehicle and did not force me to buy something I didn’t want. The finance guy was very friendly. Quick as well. Definitely recommend this place to everyone! Thankyou Mr. Soza for getting me a brand new pick up that my family and I will love for years to come!
unepomme chat
Red helped me purchase a Nissan Leaf the other day, and he has been incredibly helpful and patient throughout the entire process. He was really transparent about the specs of the car and very informative since it is my first electric vehicle- I feel that he prepared me well on this journey and I am forever thankful. He has also made the entire process very pleasant by cracking jokes and being an overall very easygoing guy. I really appreciate him and would strongly recommend him to anyone!
Katelyn Kavanagh
Red is awesome and got me a great deal on my 2015 jeep patroit!!! Newest car i have ever had and I am so happy!!
Robert Cruz
Rairdon’s staff and team were absolutely amazing! They were not happy until they could place me in the jeep that I wanted. I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends.
Sandeep Kumar
Customer Service Could be better. The guys in front are very Stubborn and do not show any empathy. All they need is money. No complains on the actual repair work 🙂
Donna Bannister
Let’s start with the positive … The finance guys were trying to do everything they could to get me the best rates possible. I appreciated that. BUT…. I feel as though my sales guy wasn’t as knowledgeable as he should have been. I am trying to purchase a very expensive vehicle and I don’t feel like he gave me the quality of customer service I should have gotten. I felt like things were chaotic and everyone was scrambling. When I asked questions, i felt like he was giving me answers that I wanted to hear because he had that confused look on his face And was hesitant at first. I initially went to their sister store in Monroe. The sales man John was absolutely amazing!!! Although I got the truck I wanted (which was brought in from the Monroe store) I feel guiltily John from the Monroe store didn’t get the credit.
Taryn Richardson
I purchased a 2020 Jeep Renegade as a graduation gift for my daughter today. It was a no Hassle car buying experience.I was thrilled to see all the staff following distancing guidelines , sanitation guidelines and wearing masks.My salesman Justin listened to our requests for features we were wanting in our vehicle and addressed all of them. Justin also walked us through the features of the vehicle. I will return in the future for any car buying needs I have and will recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a vehicle.
Darius Steele
They fixed my car today and I thought they did a wonderful job created they write polite and friendly so to change from the Bobby location. I will be using this dealership again even though the otherwise much closer to my house.
Mark Ensign
1 star because I can’t give them no stars. My back hatch had a stuck handle, was quoted $1700 by Rairdon’s Service to fix. Brought the vehicle home, sprayed some WD40 on the internal portion of the handle and it it’s now functioning perfectly. This is what gives dealership service a horrible name. Look elsewhere to buy or get your vehicle serviced. This type of behavior is taught from the top down. I called and left a message with Aaron the service manager and asked for a call back, heard nothing.
Jeffrey Guth
After submitting my info for interest in a pickup and getting a trade-in estimate via their online trade-in tool, I received almost daily calls and emails from the business. Today, I received a phone call from Karl Henry wanting to follow-up. I informed the caller I had decided to move forward with a different option. The caller replied over the top of me “Great, glad you finally picked-up your phone.” And hung up while I was still talking. It was exceedingly unprofessional, suggests a culture of poor customer service, and a money over people mentality.
Cammy Emmons
Jara and his crew at the Kirkland Rairdon’s site made every step along the way smooth and inviting. Great energy! They listened to everything I wanted and needed in a vehicle. My experience was amazing guys! This is my second car from Rairdon’s dealership. Everett site and now Kirkland. They were all so helpful. I will definitely recommend anyone to them in the future. Thank you Jara and your team for being so helpful. I love my JEEP Renagade!
Gibbs Mona
My seller was perfect he sold me 2029 grand Jeep Cherokee. It was my dream car and he made my dream come true . Thanks to him and please give him promotion or raise . He deserve it and amazing friendly seller . Helped me saved money helped me w my dream . Thank you very much .
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